Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 12

As per usual a big shout out goes to Vurbyl Khent for drafting up these fantastic memes, much appreciated brother. Enjoy:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Delivering Multiple L’s To The Black Witch’s Coven At A Very High Volume

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 12

  1. Love the clap backs, its funny no other race need to try to bloat themselves up but its never ending with these simps and hoes. Oh and btw the foreign girl i have is wayyy less of a headache than any of my black ex’s ijs 😂😂

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    • Hijab Hamed,

      Having seen pictures of your girlfriend I can say that you did extremely well for yourself, a clear example of what quality women your everyday rank and file brother can obtain when he decides to walk away from the black witch.

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  2. My all-time favorite Penny Clapback is when a black female attempts to use hair extensions as
    so-called proof that large numbers of white women wear hair weaves. Penny does her clapback and informs that white women do not wear hair weaves.

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    • Her WM husband left her and they have no children because she is infertile, it was speculated that was the reason why he left her. Either way he cleaned her out financially and is supposedly with a WW now. He filed for divorce after 20 something years and cleaned her out but she was still on TV talking about how much she loved him.

      When the thugs and WM are done with them and there are no good BM that want them, lesbianism is their last option.

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      • James S.

        I fully agree with you bro. The funny thing is that black women worship white men and thug black men like gods but treat us good black men like shit. It’s good that her ex husband Jeff Tietjens cleaned her out when he divorced her and this is equality at its purest form. Women wanted equality now they got it and they don’t like it. The funny thing is that Aisha Tyler said that she still loves her ex husband despite the fact that he divorced her walled up old ass. If a black woman divorced a decent black man she will make his life hell and tell the world that he ain’t shit and the whole female population will support her but if a white man divorces a black woman that same black women will make excuses for that white man and will let him off the hook especially if he has given her mixed race children with those blue eyes and pretty good hair.

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      • @James S

        Exactly, so in other words she was “DL”…LOL

        Typical pathetic Black Females, they’re literally running out of dating options because no one wants them.

        But here come the funny part, and we’ll see just how deep into the hypocrisy pool her fake ass dives when they bring up the subject of Black Men dating White Women.


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      • James S., you are correctamundo.

        Aisha put her white boy through law school and the first thing he did when he passed the bar was file the divorce papers himself. He’s also got her on spousal support and the last I saw had moved on with a white woman on Aisha’s dime. Hahahaha, these white dudes got these black chicks back sharecropping.

        Degenerate black hoes will fuck with literally ANYTHING except a good black man. This news that Aisha is now cunt-bumpin’ comes as no surprise.

        To what depths will these black hoes sink??????

        Hate these bitches, man.

        SYSBM all day everyday.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        Yep. I realised that there is a growing trend of black women becoming lesbians when their relationships with men doesn’t work out because no decent man of any race wants their fake ass.

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    • I was lmao when I saw this. I was thinking “How predictable”. Father time and the wall is undefeated. This was a major blow to the sisterhood of Euronasia. One of their prime examples and role model have fallen from grace.

      I mean really, not that many White men are checking for a 47 year old washed “D-list” celebrity who’s looks are fading, past prime fertility, and is paying her ex husband about 2 million dollars in alimony over time. What could she do really? She’s beyond a bed wench fetish. And only white men around Robert DeNiros age will only check for her. And that’s of they aren’t traveling to the Far East.

      Her time, looks, and revelance are DONE!!! Trust me when I say she will fuck that lesbian relationship up. Especially with a White Woman. In due time, she will get tired of her sheets smelling like IcyHot and Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish.

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      • “Her time, looks, and revelance are DONE!!! Trust me when I say she will fuck that lesbian relationship up.”

        Yep, lesbian relationships tend to be short and volatile anyway. She is likely an emotional wreck and looking to get some relevancy by putting her lesbian relationship out there for the world to see.

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  3. On man. You guys weren’t lying when you said these Ls are stacking up for Black Women in 2019. Over in the capital of Euronasia (Swirl City),apparently one swirler has been murdered at a party in a fully known racist county in Georgia with her boyfriend tampering evidence. In New Jersey, a Black Housewife with 2 bi-racial children has murdered her 2 year old toddler because of “PTSD”. Can’t make this shit up.

    Ummm…how does a black-slut housewife have PTSD when her husband supports her and makes probably well over 100,000 p/year in a high-middle class area in New Jersey? How does a southern bumpkin swirler have a relationship with a suspected racist red neck and party in a house known to have his racist kinfolk at the residence? Hmmm…I thought black women treat their mixed children like gold and flaunt them for the world like an accomplishment. Get this… the baby killer even had a YouTube channel spewing irrelevant negress babble.

    See, what these swirlers and negropeans don’t get is swirling is not working out to well for them. And that’s why they hate when black men do it. We do well and have no discrepancies usually or weird stories or casualties like this. Even white men aren’t getting any benefits from having black women as wives and/ or mothers. They are absolutely shit in that category and regard.

    This reminds me of that former playboy model who jumped out of a hotel building window in Manhattan because she wasn’t going to get full child support or custody of her son.

    Like Tommy Sotomayor says, “Black Women are the worst stewards of children”. It doesn’t matter if they are dark, light, mixed, or passing for white. Most of them end up single mothers or fucking up everything (or everyone) around them.

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    • PLAYBOY PLAYMATE —– A black woman posted recently that black women marrying white men have low divorce rates. As an example, I brought up the black Playboy Playmate that jumped to her death with her child. I posted that for many black women they would rather die before they get a divorce from a white husband.

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      • Black women marrying white men have low divorce rates because white men be murdering their black asses. “‘Til Death Do Us Part”, usually the black bitch’s. Oh, well.

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  4. I posted this yesterday but it didn’t show up, just wanted to share this new L article with the brothers:

    Why I Dated A Guy Who Fetishized Me For Being A Black Woman

    Cliff Notes:
    She was insecure about her black features and secretly wanted to be white. A WM saw this and exploited her desperation for attention in order to get sex from her. The WM kept her a secret from his family, had sex with her, and then dumped her and tried to get with her black friend afterward. Now, like other BW who have been used up and ghetto gagged, she is looking for sympathy. Keep the Wall up, these chicks can no longer hide their desperation.

    They are currently in “Dear Black Man” mode and looking for sympathy from the brothers they spent decades saying that they didn’t need. They are becoming so desperate that they are willing to be mistresses (which is something that is shameful) just to have a man who is worth a damn to call on when they need him, married or not.

    Also, notice the woman who wrote this has long braids and a tattoo, she also has a nose ring, all the markings of a ho/feminist/swirler. At least these chicks make it easy to spot and avoid them.

    “I was shocked at first, but then my shock turned to anger. All this time, the only thing I was to him was a sexual conquest, and now he was looking for another black girl to fixate on.”

    Keep the Wall up.

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    • “is your white girl outraged and ready to go to war for u?”
      Possibly, but at least she isn’t going to war AGAINST us, like many modern day BW aka “The White man’s lieutenants”.

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      • “is your white girl outraged and ready to go to war for u?”

        Heather Heyer, a white girl, was killed in Charlottesville, fighting Neo-Nazis, the alt-right, and white supremacy.

        Name the last black woman who died on the front lines on black men’s behalf.

        I’ll wait.

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  5. Lord this is too funny. The L’s of these black women is so hilarious. Black Women and simps are starting to get a taste of their own medicine. These Memes are breaking the spirit, but I like it though.

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  6. That Aisha Tyler meme got me laughing this morning, because the image itself says a lot. Here’s a black witch that is a former swirler, and she failed at that relationship. She gets raked over the coals by her former white husband, yet doesn’t have a negative bone about him. Then, when she comes out the closet and starts batting from both sides, who ends up being her lesbian partner? A white woman. You just can’t make this up, and black women keep losing like no tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, Verbs, I’ve heard some black witch, who can’t seem to keep her cleavage to herself, wants to sue this site for defamation. I find it funny how these women claim to be so educated, yet they can’t seem to get a simple lawsuit going because their claims are beyond dysfunctional. If we thinking brothers were to show them how a real lawsuit works, they would be running to the hills. Nobody takes these buffoons seriously.

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      • >Another “L” on dispatch from the warehouse, delivery by 3pm today.

        L Express trucks, trains and planes are delivering ‘L’s worldwide 24x7x365.


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    • Sigma Jones,

      Christelyn Karazin attempted to go down the DCMA legal route with me very quickly found out that she needed to show and prove, I don’t play when it comes to free speech on my own website. Irene Yvette just like Nylah isn’t going to do anything, as I stated on Obsidian’s show yesterday, these gossiping hags instead need to focus on looking after their children and stop trying to embark upon frivolous and empty law suits.

      Black women are always threatening black men with lawyers and attorneys, they think they know the law, however they know nothing, lol.

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      • Someone need to get a picture of these scraggle daggles and post next to the word “Insanity”. They keep failing at the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results each time.

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      • After listening to you and taz “debate” on obsidian’s show, can we all admit that taz is certifiably insane or just damaged beyond repair????

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      • Robert Chavis,

        The dude is a very bad look for American black men especially when they encourage the fool to roll in his stupidity. Of course as per usual the bootlicker tried to X me out of the conversation by using the “you’re a foreigner” line, the dunce even went as far as stating that I wasn’t black because I’m not Afro American. Taz is your typical 12 Gauge Mike/Trap House Jim type character from the block, looney tune bootlicking simps like himself need to be checked and put in their place whenever they speak out of turn just like the black witch, they should not encouraged.

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    • Things like this are the reason why house n…s and welfare queens stay losing guys, another reason to keep that Wall fortified and let them both rot in hell for what they did to the community along with the pro-wack, Gestapo dick-policing simps they love so much.

      You don’t see Natasha, Amika, Ling and Akiko engaging in this type of foolishness and utter stupidity, there is a reason why Detroit, New York and Chichago have become Mega City One and Singapore is the literal combination of Wakanda and Metropolis in real life.

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    • >Jussie Smollett’s character to be written out of the show “Empire”.

      Special delivery from L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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    • That’s karma. These stupid women that support #MeToo and #TimesUp don’t realize the fingers they’re pointing at other men can easily be turned toward their own sons, brothers, fathers and uncles.

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  7. I lied when I sad sex with that Kenyan escort I didn’t cum i have delayed ejaculation. Mission accomplished I’m on day 112 of no fap I had sex with a Zimbabwean escort £180 it was the first time I cum she finished me off with a hand job and blow job. I was suprised I cummed I didn’t think my dick would work. Is it normal to feel tired after sex, and I felt a sense of euphoria and I felt really happy?

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    • Black British Guy,

      Feeling tired is normal for a man after sex especially as you get older. Don’t forget, you lose zinc when you ejaculate and zinc is a vital mineral associated with energy production, erections and sperm production. Like I said before, because you are young you’re able to reset the damage caused by watching porn a lot easier and quicker than say a 40 or 50 year old man.

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  8. You can’t make this shit up. Its the some old story when its black women and these simps. Black men in the United Kingdom are in interracial relationship by 55 per cent and the reason for this is because we have seen the dysfunctional bullshit with black women on display for a very long time so its like the hell with it. We goanna date outside our race and the thing is black women don’t ask this question of “why these black men are dating outside their race? I thought they love black women. I thought they love the dark skin, the brown sugar, the big booty and curves.” No black women don’t say that. They will call him a coon, uncle tom, house nigger, sell out and all that nonsense. And the simps as well. My thing is this.Why they are questioning a black man who is dating outside his race “Why are not with a black woman?” If these simps love these black women are not with one of they love them so much? The only time they love a black woman is when she has kids with these worthless cockroaches known as thugs. They don’t care if the women has 20 kids by 20 men, they will still try to be with them calling them queens and calling the black woman is God so they will continue to side with the ghetto whore and can’t wait to sleep with them.

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    • The two main reasons for interracial dating from black men, 1. Most BW are damaged goods estimated 85% 2. Interracial dating is less taboo but still taboo to a degree.

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  9. Alot of the black guys I know who are jumping ship (dating non black women), is we do prefer BW including myself but most BW are damaged goods. You can’t build with the BW. If I was going to date only foreign BW E. G afroColombians or afro latinos I have a thing for them. If BW where on point again there would be far less interracial dating

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    • The damage done in my childhood was thanks to black women, so no I want them as far away from me as humanly possible. White women are far kinder, more cooperative and feminine

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    • Yes. I HATE to stereotype people based on one’s race. The bottom line, however, is that USA black women are all essentially the same.

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    • I can’t lie. Although I love white and Asian women, all things being equal, I would prefer to be with a black woman. I just have a natural affinity for them. I can certainly be happy with a non-black woman, but if I had my way, and could find a black woman who wasn’t bat-shit crazy, I’d prefer to go that route. But I know finding such a creature in 2019 is pure fantasy. The reality is, non-black women are a better option for black men going forward. The black witch is too far gone.

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      • Morpheus,

        And other guys this is the thing you can still date and have a black woman who is not American. They have black women all over the world without this crazy mindset. So you can have a black woman.


      • Sean —- Foreign black women are often a problem. The media has spread the conduct and lifestyle of USA black women throughout the world. There are videos about women in Kenya digging through garbage dumps looking for hair weave. USA black women seek to imitate the hair of USA white women. Foreign black women seek to imitate USA black women who are imitating USA white women. Use care with foreign black women.

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    • I did but didn’t see anything that worth looking at, but I did realize something. The entire page is dedicated to gay relationships. Now let someone create a web page dedicated to black men and white women realtionships……

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  10. Those clapbacks are gold, Jerry, gold. I guess he gets those original screen grabs from private black groups on FB. Big ups to Vurbyl Khent, dumpster diving so we don’t have to.
    Also big up Ryan above coming with the video receipts. Black hoes used to try to gaslight you and claim their fuckery wasn’t true and it was somehow your fault, but social media tells the tale of the tape in 2019.
    Unlike some of you brothas above I prefer white and Asian women exclusively and have no intention on going back to the plantation ever again. Hate to break it to you but so-called “foreign” BW aren’t checking for your ass, either, they are the first to try to swirl. Remember this guy from Kenya who had the black bitches all over him…when he pretended to be white on Tinder:
    Know your enemy. SYSBM

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    • Exactly – if you think coming to the UK with that “I’m keeping it real by going foreign” mindset, you’ll be in for a very rude awakening. BW dysfunction is worldwide, the internet and news broadcasts it worldwide. No corner of the world is isolated, even Russians can easily follow it on TV.

      I go where I’m wanted, White/Euro girls want me. Period.

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      • >I go where I’m wanted, White/Euro girls want me. Period.

        Word. So let it be written. So let it be done.


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    • Schadenfreude,


      “Hate to break it to you but so-called “foreign” BW aren’t checking for your ass, either, they are the first to try to swirl”.

      That is a true statement if ever I did read one, African women are much more on the swirling tip than black women in the west, African women also have no problems whoring themselves out to white men for the lowest price, one only needs to look at the multitude of porn sites with white men “touring” Africa dicking down black women left and right.

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  11. No sweat off my back. I’m not checking for them either. Black women stink, literally and physically. Most are either gay, bi, or attempting to swirl(and failing miserably). Or at the very least they are open to such fuckery. They are the worlds court jesters and I’m laughing right along with everyone else. Dykes, hoes, baby mamas, and ghetto gagged sluts do not appeal to me personally. Unless I’m the one doing the GGing. Lol! No plans to return to the plantation in this or any other lifetime.

    SYSBM till it hurts!

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  12. Gregory,
    You have Afro Spanish women as well yes some parts of Africa have their issues but Check out Ethiopia there are options As stated there are brown and black women in South America that still have core moral values and not corrupted believe me I have been all over South America Dark and Brown Brazilians and also Afro Colombians are some beautiful woman.

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  13. I truly do not care if I date white, Asian, middle Eastern, Indian, Spanish or whatever, I am not dating no black woman with a westernized mindset or anybody with that mindset. I am just saying to the people who want to date a black woman you have some options does not have to be a AABW or a woman in certain parts of Africa with a westernized mindset that is all I was saying if you want that skin color and a woman with core values you can find that.

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