Black Women Have No Respect For Other People’s Property – The Mentally Ill Black Witch Strikes Once Again.


This is the typical behaviour that retarded children engage in which is why I have no problems referring to the overwhelming majority of black females as spastics simply because their behaviour fits the demographic of such individuals to a T. Again, notice the modern day black female common mentality of being unreasonable, refusing to engage in thoughtful or productive dialogue, being aggressive, confrontational, attempted censorship and taking it upon herself to destroy other people’s property as if she has a right to.

As much as I have certain issues with white conservatives, I must say that I cannot fault them with the way that they dealt with this blonde weave wearing crazy black witch destroying their protest signs, the fact of the matter is they already know that the overwhelming majority of black women are mentally retarded and so they simply left her to her own devices. As I’ve stated many times before, it’s such a pity that more black women aren’t being clocked and busted up side their heads whenever they engage in disrespectful and destructive behaviour like this, they’d soon fix up and fall into line.

And to think that these are the same women who dare to talk about violence being committed against them, yet we already know that black women as a collective have become the most violent individuals on the planet, this is now an observable fact. Time and time again we come across incidents of black women taking it upon themselves to destroy other people’s stuff, here are some other examples of black women believing that they are a law unto themselves:

This is the problem right here and black women up until recently had been freely sponsored by the state and were given a sizeable amount of immunity to boot under Obama. Again, what we see in all of the above videos is yet more proof of the emotionally unstable and mentally broken mind state of black women as a whole. Now, black women at this point will state that “white women do it too”, however as talked about previously, white women DO NOT engage in the same level of destructive behaviour as the black witch.

Again, going back to the first video, this will be the same black woman who will claim that white women are trying to look like her, yet behold the fangled blonde contraption she has upon her head. Who is trying to look like who here, I think the answer is obvious. Until black women completely discard of the weaves and their addiction to wearing them(which is never going to happen, not en masse anyway), they are in NO POSITION to claim that non black women are trying to look like them.

At least if you are attempting to claim that somebody else is trying to emulate you then be sure that you first present yourself in your own natural state. This is the problem with black women as a collective in 2018, they remain the laughingstock of the world in that they claim they’re being copied by other races of women, meanwhile they are actually trying their hardest to look like other races of women, make that make sense.

Once again, looking at this situation from a black male perspective, apart from the low self esteem and practically non confident pro black simps, who on earth would honestly want to deal with a woman like this? Just look at the theme video once again and notice how the white girl was taken aback once the black witch got round to violently ripping the protest sign out of her hands.

Notice also towards the end of the video how she really got in the man’s face, aggressively pointing her finger at him, cursing at the dude and talking down to him as if he was a child. This is the typical black female method of communication, in fact most black women don’t know how to effectively communicate, this is why in the majority of cases when all is said and done they will typically resort to shouting and thereafter violence. Notice how most of the boys they raise exhibit exactly the same traits.

If you want to know what normal liberalism looks like, just observe your everyday, garden variety modern day black female. Many white conservatives as of recent have been expressing their shock over just how violent white liberals have become, however we in black society have forever seen the ugly and violent side of liberalism in the form of black women and the devil spawn seedlings they produce by the truckloads. Experiencing violence from liberals is not new to us, black women for years have been going out of their way in their attempts to censor opposing commentaries especially as it relates to their off the cuff behaviour.

Gentlemen, you already know what the deal is, you are under no obligation to rehabilitate broken beyond repair females especially black ones. Most black women are destined to hit their graves being single and miserable and they did it to themselves. They honestly believed that the government trinkets, treats and benefits would go on forever, however the chickens are now coming home to roost and black women are being left out in the cold naked and barefoot.

Finally, I don’t believe that the sexual assault accusations levied against Brett Kavanaugh were true, I believe that the move was simply another Democrat wild boy antic in order to prevent him from taking up position in the Supreme Court so that Trump wouldn’t have a majority support on the bench. Obviously the Democrats are worried that certain pieces of controversial legislation that have been passed might be brought up for review, Rowe vs Wade anyone? MeToo failed to get Brett Kavanaugh, however Cosby unfortunately fell victim to this contrived feminist garbage. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Keep Your Distance From Crazy Women

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “Black Women Have No Respect For Other People’s Property – The Mentally Ill Black Witch Strikes Once Again.

  1. Great post Verbs. Most of us could probably fill the comment section with videos of BW being violent and throwing fits and also point out that people will have a hard time finding an equal amount of videos of BM doing the same. As you said until there are the same consequences for BW acting out as there are for BM they will continue to act a fool in public.

    On another note:
    Black feminists and gays are currently taking heat on twitter because they went on bashing straight BM for weeks because we said that we didn’t believe Jussie Smollet and didn’t support homosexuality. Now that he is on the verge of being exposed as a fraud the gays and black feminists are backpedaling and deleting tweets. The gays along with their BW allies will continue trying to force people to accept or practice sodomy and using lies and hoaxes to do it. We have to keep the Wall up.

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    • Not to repeat friday’s Topic, but notice again how black men, despite being bombarded by liberalism and feminism like no other group, are still ambivalent at best concerning outright acceptance of homosexuality and the lgbt pandemic. On the contrary, white men, even the most conservative of them, are ironically limp wristed in their opposition to the lifestyle.

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    • That fucking fruitcake flat out lied and deserves every bit of scrutiny and criticism coming his way. That faggot falsified an assault in order to bridge the gap between black and gay issues and I’m not going for it.

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      • Exactly. He’s earned every negative, nasty remark heading his way. Even hardcore liberal friends of mine on the plantation are rightfully roasting this guy.

        That in itself tells you all you need to know regarding this subject.

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  2. On an unrelated topic, please pray for Vic Mignogia. He is going through a #MeToo situation, but he has already been canned from Funimation and Rooster Teeth.

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  3. Verbs, please talk about this Jahleel Addae. Here is a video defending him and one against him. Now notice Verbs, last few weeks Black Americans have been making this wave about being ADOS, American Descendants of Slaves. Presumably for reparations and being a stronger political force. But if you pay attention, they spend less time on how to get power and more time on a soapbox about how Black foreigners ain’t shit. BMiles simp.
    Now here is where it gets interesting; if I were ADOS, I would only focus on ADOS issues and some ADOS people even said the same. And YET, the bulk of them are whining about Jahleel Addae (Ghanaian and Virgin Islands) and his White wife toasting to light skinned babies. Me? I would never do that, babies are babies. But yet, the same ADOS who say hold your own nuts to foreign Blacks are incensed that a foreign Black man is with a White woman.

    Furthermore, the person from the 2nd video said foreigners need to hold their own, but is simping and mad about this NFL player. How can one be only for his ethnic group, but turn around and get emotional over a man from different Black ethnic groups? This is why they will fail. And furthermore, the simp in question panders to Black women how White women ain’t Shit, but he’s been exposed for secretly lusting after White and Latina women. They don’t know what they want!

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    • Foreign blacks will ironically get it before American blacks: they can not build a society and legacy with this black QUEEN.

      Also, you do not see Chinese people referring to themselves as the descendants of railroad builders. Black people, even when “working”, are just looking to be seen as victims. It’s like saying, “we wuz kings n queenz”, as if that reverses our poverty now.

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      • IMHO, the whole idea behind #ADOS is in response to the ethnically-ambiguous/racially-mixed politicians that are acceptable to the mainstream, Obama, Harris, Booker, et al.

        It’s also common for those politicians to fold BLACK issues in with those of “POC,” LGBT, foreign-born blacks, etc. Or target black WOMEN specifically and overlook black MEN.

        ADOS is for American blacks who are descendants of slaves, exclusively. What is being done for blacks specifically? No double talk.

        Not all US-born blacks are of slave stock, many were Freemen and “colored.” But I do agree with the concept.

        Blacks en masse are questioning their allegiance to the Dems while the ghetto remains unchanged if not worse. Much of it is blacks’ own fault, much of which we already discuss on this forum. but that’s a subject for another day.

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      • Schaedenfreude,

        Thanks. I was just about to weigh in and correct some of the knee jerk reactions but you beat me to it.

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  5. Notice you actually saw white women who were rallying as conservatives. Now, you could argue that they’re just parroting, but then why do they typically oppose abortion and many times the lgbt moreso than their male counterparts?

    Conversely, the black woman could be spotted immediately in that ramen noodle weave, and yep, DARK SKINNED!!! I don’t get mad all for the football player saying “more light skinned babies,” hell, he should’ve just said “less born insecure, self hating babies.” It’s child abuse to create more children with black women, as they become exhibit A above.

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  6. Now, if one of those people punched that weave headed whore in the mouth, two things would have happened. 1) I would have laughed my ass off, and 2) they would have been classified as racist. See, this is why I have no sympathy when these bitches get the shit beaten out of them. Being black and woman does not absolve you from being a responsible, respectful human being. And it certainly doesn’t give you the right to destroy the property of others just because you don’t agree with them. And these are the “queens” we’re supposed to uplift and defend? Yeah, I’ll pass.

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  7. Verbs 2015.

    If a black woman or anybody destroyed my property, I will beat the shit out of them. That black women with the blonde wig on the above youtube video is fucking ugly and its no wonder why black women are the least desired women on the planet. The majority of black women are ugly due to that fact that they are fake looking from head to toe but they go on like they’re all that because of their fakeness look and their education because they think that having a degree makes them better than someone who hasn’t got a degree level education but these same black women end up making the dumbest choices in life when they become single mothers with multiple kids from the ruff neck man but they think they are still valuable as a childfree women. SMH.

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  8. I have something to say. The black woman is like a runaway train that is on the railway track and its out of control destroying everything in its path. And black men are the unfortunate passenger of the runaway and the only escape is death. These women they will put on this blonde weave, they causing havoc and destroys everything in sight. This is the most dangerous woman in the world and with the weave in her hair the most insecure in the world. Things has now gone worse now because of this dysfunctional dumb blonde known as the black woman.

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  9. Man, her voice was super deep. Any thinking black man with a brain should stay far away from overly masculine female behemoths like the one in this video. At some point, it became okay in “da communiteh” for women to become less feminine. And people look at me like I’m strange because I’d rather be alone than deal with women from “the matrix”. 20 years to go, sadly. And then I’m done, moving abroad to never return.

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    • The actions of that ultra violent witch shows that black women and racist white men are truly beyond repair. This is just the same as some drug addict fool attempting to go out in a blaze of supposed glory, when was the last time you saw a white woman or a black male doing that crap?

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  10. Notice how the black witch, with the ridiculous looking weave, who was tearing up people’s personal property, was in a frenzy because of some left wing, feminist, man hating witch hunt, that has absolutely nothing to do with black women, other than typical ‘I’m a woman, I supporting women’ nonsense.
    Black women, as I’ve said many times before, would be jumping off of buildings if white women suggested that was a way to fight the ‘patriarchy’. Notice how it wasn’t a white woman, or any other nonblack woman, who felt compelled to physical destroy signs because she didn’t agree with the message.
    It was the typical stupid, irrational, reactionary, violent, aggressive black woman who believes she can do ANYTHING she wants to simply because she feels like it. No nonblack woman in sight conducting herself like an animal in public. Just the black woman who really believes she is walking hand in hand with white women fighting for their ‘rights’.
    It NEVER ceases to amaze me how absolutely insane black women behave in every area of society, and continue to conduct themselves in this manner, never seeming to look inwardly and realize that they are the laughing stock of the world for the way they conduct themselves.
    Black women would rather talk about how white women are jealous of them, how black women are the most beautiful women on earth, and about how black men need to be ‘man enough’ to ‘handle a strong black woman’.
    Until society stops tolerating black women’s nonsense, black women will continue to behave like animals. But society allows black women to behave this way because the group of people who are on the receiving end of the majority of this black female nonsense are black men.
    Any black man who chooses to be involved with a black woman deserves every ounce of madness that comes along with dealing with a group of women who belong in mental institutions. Avoid black women at all costs.

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  11. Had someone smacked this weaved up treasure troll upside her useless ass head, they’d be wrong. Black women feel they have every right to destroy things that don’t belong to them, disrupt peaceful demonstrations they don’t agree with (usually in a non peaceful manner), and say whatever they want without any reprisal or consequences.

    What they are failing to realize is more and more people are becoming sick of their horrific behavior and attitudes, and the kid gloves are slowly coming off when dealing with them, and can care less if they’re called racist.

    I have no sympathy for any dumbass black woman who gets her ass slapped around, or berated when they act out like it undisciplined children. I have even less sympathy for any simp (regardless of race) who defends these wastes of life.

    Keep that wall up and fortified. Most black women are pathetic all around, and need to be avoided as much as you can help.

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  12. Where is Left Hook Harry, Officer Ben Fields, or Jun from Jun’s Beauty Supply? They know how to put these black beasts down.


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