Burn The Coal Pay The Toll, Really? Insecure Racist Dick Policing White Men Attack White Women Online Who Date Black Men




https://dailystormer.name/tag/coal-burning/ – Notice who’s picture they have as the new mascot to the website, enough said.





It seems that racist insecure white men along side their black female flunkies must throw their rubbers duckies out of the bath tub every time they see a black man dating a white woman. As contributor Michel stated in the comment section of a previous article, all black men have to do is simply show up and these guys immediately start running around like headless chickens in a frenzied state of panic.

The term “burn the coal, pay the toll” invented by right wing, insecure white men implies that white women who choose to date and marry black men at some point will pay a heavy price for engaging in such activities ie black men as a collective are no good and the said relationship will end in disaster. Of course these dudes who call themselves the “coal patrol” which is really a fancy name for dick policing unit will search the internet for any stories of white women being injured, harmed or even killed by black men and advertise these as their “see, I told you black men are no good” banner. As well as the links above here is another example of what I’m talking about:

What these benighted, insecure, racist bootlickers fail to mention is the fact that most white women are either injured or killed by WHITE MEN, not black men, however this inconvenient truth doesn’t slot well into the “black men are savages and wild animals” mantra, and so just like the black witch racist white men choose to quietly ignore any information that doesn’t bode well with their favoured narrative.

In 2019 western white men in general are weak and they have weakened themselves through the continuous promotion of feminism, misandry, homosexuality, transgenderism and all other anti male related flavours. The most masculine white men in the world can be found in Russia and Eastern Europe, areas where patriarchy still rules and feminism, homosexuality and such like are frowned upon and NOT promoted.

The strength of a nation is determined by the state of its men, just look at the the west and you’ll see why men from other nations are rolling in and taking over with little to no resistance. Gynocentric values have completely destroyed western society, these same white men complaining about feminism and how it has ruined their lives are the same ones who sponsored and promoted the decadent religion to begin with. This is how men in Russia deal with feminists, homosexuals and their advocates:

If white men in the west adopted the same approach as their Russian and Eastern European brothers in relation to the lifestyles of homosexuality, feminism, trannyism and all others related which have historically proven themselves to be detrimental to any society, they wouldn’t be facing such a dire crisis of soft, weak, effeminate men as well as feral, out of control, masculine, belligerent, rebellious, violent women. Western white men have brought these woes upon themselves and thus only have themselves to blame for the ongoing unfolding grim consequences.

Back to the topic at hand, you’ll notice that just like the modern day black female these white men who have a problem with white women dating and marrying black men will NEVER self examine nor scrutinise ie look within, maybe something isn’t right with them and could be a reason as to why more white women are choosing to deal with black men. Of course we thinking black men already see and know exactly what the problems are and why more white women are defiantly crossing the fence, please reread the previous 2 paragraphs for the clear answer.

These insecure, degenerate fiends are simply upset at the fact that their international preferred male status is being revoked and now they are having to compete with black men, black men mind you who don’t even have half of the resources nor the finances to play with that white men do. Many white men love to brag and boast about the fact that they have everything vs the black male having nothing(notice how the black witch commonly uses this same argument to disparage black men – black women and racist white men, two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin), yet these same dudes pull their hair out and have fits of rage whenever they see an attractive white female with a black male, yep, the same guys who these dudes claim have “nothing”.

Apparently these guys haven’t received the memo, women gravitate towards masculinity and power, money and finances can be included elements, however this isn’t always the case. As I stated in the comment section of Monday’s article, “the YouTuber GW3 Extreme was right, black men have always been the number one symbol of masculinity and Lord Whitey has for many years attempted to alter this position by superimposing himself upon us, hence the constant barrage of European imagery and propaganda that has been put out for 100s of years. However, as Mr Charlie’s kingdom is quickly coming to a close so is his feigned image of masculinity and dominance”.

The propaganda and the lies put out there by the white media haven’t worked, you’ll notice how time and time again dick policing racists whites and other nationalities will attempt to superimpose the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, 6 Shooter, Cell Block Rob, Roof Top Trey, Mini Man, Lil Wrench, Fred The Dred, Dequan, Shifty Drake, Spanner Boy and such like onto the everyday blue/white collar working black man as if we are one and the same. Remember also that over 40% of black men in the US are SINGLE AND CHILDLESS which goes directly against the “black men get women pregnant and abandon their kids” narrative.

White and other non black females aren’t stupid, are seeing this dirty Kansas City shuffle for the monumental fraud and failure that it is and are instead choosing to “conduct their own personal investigations” in order to discover the real story. Most white women who date black men involve themselves with intelligent, working, educated, free thinking black men, the same guys that black women as a whole reject.

This notion that black men are going around assaulting and slaying white women left, right and centre at will is nothing short of jacked up fear mongering orchestrated by the coal patrol aka the white male dick police unit. As we thinking brothers have already pointed out, white women will only run into problems with black men when dealing with the likes of Hemlock G, Tyrone, Dre, D Day Del, Lock Tight C, Killer Black and other characters of the same ilk.

White women who deal with the likes of intelligent, educated blue/white collar Stephen, Michael, Mark, Daniel, Roger, Simon, Trevor, Mitchell, Anthony etc DON’T run into the same issues as advertised in the coal burner and mud shark YouTube video above. Finally, let’s talk about an issue that these racist white men don’t really like to discuss, that is their obsession with dicking down East Asian women while at the same time crying “racial purity”.

Understand the technique fellas, racial purity is only at the top of these guy’s agenda when YOU BLACK MEN decide to expand upon your dating options, you’ll note how the modern day black female and her pro black simp flunkies preach from the same song sheet talking that “black love, black unity, gotta keep it black” garbage(while these same black heifers attempt to swirl and the pro blacks dick down white and other non black women behind closed doors). White liberals along side their conservative brethren(to a slightly lesser degree) have destroyed black women and black society as a whole, yet they still want you to continue dealing with trash black women instead of trying to find quality females elsewhere, smdh.

The bottom line is SYSBM cannot be stopped, insecure, racist white men, dysfunctional black women and their simp minions aren’t going to stop black men and white women coming together, in fact the more these groups push to dick police thinking brothers and white women, the more interracial relations between black men and white women will solidify.

Western white men are losing their kingdom and they’re having an incredibly hard time accepting it, however this is what is to be expected when the empire you’ve built has been founded upon blood, murder, robbery, rape, pillage, slaughter as well as off the backs of the same individuals you constantly demonise and attack in any and all ways possible.

Let’s talk about pornography for a moment, it was white men who invented the “BBC” acronym, it is white men who created the biggest genre of porn on the market today(black men with white women) and it is white men who are the biggest viewers and consumers of this black male/white female interracial pornography, go figure. They throw their toys out of the buggy whenever they see black men with white women yet at the same time jack off and beat their monkeys to black men dicking down white women in adult films, I just have to scratch my head in amazement and bewilderment at the same time.

Recompense is a dish best served cold, black men, here is another group of deplorables that just like the black witch are slowly going up in flames, extra popcorn and fresh juice ought to be prepared for this show. Labelling white women as mud sharks and coal burners won’t alter your fate Mr Charlie, this also includes black women and pro black simps who use these same disparaging words and terms.

As I told you in Negro Wars, the pro blacks use exactly the same racist verbiage against other black men that white men use, yet they claim to care for the black race, what part? Brothers, continue to expand upon your dating and marriage options and never allow Lord Whitey, black women, pro blacks or anybody else to intimidate or bully you out of interracial dating.

White women who deal with black men will continue to swoop in and snap up intelligent, educated brothers, black women will continue to take L after L and suck up dust and insecure white men just like South Asian guys will continue to engage in dick policing patrols turning red and jumping up and down on the spot like spoiled brats every time they see black men with white and other bright skinned non black women. Lord Whitey is seeing himself being genetically expunged and he is extremely concerned about his grim fast fading uncertain future.

By the way, incels are much more of a threat to white women than black men are and the overwhelming majority of those dudes are white, yet Mr Euro conveniently refuses talk about and deal with that crisis, hmmm.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Cannot And Will Not Be Stopped

Most High Bless

191 thoughts on “Burn The Coal Pay The Toll, Really? Insecure Racist Dick Policing White Men Attack White Women Online Who Date Black Men

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  2. So glad you posted the 4chan link, as it’s depraved forums are a good look at unfiltered white male thiught. They talk many times about “white sharia” to control their women, which is overboard as hell for the simple fact of how easy white men have it. However, if Arabs or especially black men were to enact sharia (which again I don’t advise), they’d be “savages.”

    Dailystormer’s new hero is Liam Neeson, who’s the rage amongst them for wanting to kill a black man. Meanwhile, his last movie had him dicking down the self hating walking shadow that is Viola Davis, who literally bragged about it in publicity material. Neeson was also defended as being “not ravist”, by, you guessed it, a black woman. Hmmm…

    Also, Gab was a site set up to be an “alt-right/conservative” Twitter, and look at how they demonstrate that fact! Black men, those groups are NOT your friends, and I have personally distanced myself from them entirely. No matter how much they talk about women (despite having a cakewalk compared to black men), they will conveniently say jack shit about homosexuality, even though they’re SO conservative!

    Now, notice the similarity between “dem whiet gurz gon gitcha” and “dem niggas gon fuk ya up.” Black women and white men are two sides of the same coin.

    Now again, these guys talk all this crap about game and being “puas”, yet can’t figure out why they’re repelling their OWN women, and now several more. You can’t push or “tolerate” feminism, liberalism, and homosexuality, but then complain about it when it bites you in the ass, and then expect the women to not notice. See, as much as these guys talk about “logic”, especially concerning the deficit that women supposedly have compared to them, they lack either to critical thinking or humility to look at how they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

    Also, why would you complain about “gold digging”, but get mad when black men can be accepted by women when they’re just starting financially. If gold digging is a problem, shouldn’t you revere it when a man is accepted, loved, and helped by a woman in spite of his lack of resources at the time?

    Sorry for the long rant, but I honestly hate these dudes. For blacks to talk so much about racism, they conveniently never bring this stuff up. Of course, the pro blacks say nothing because they’re honestly on the same side.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These dudes are true internet e warriors, all they do is bitch and moan about black men dealing with white women who are open to dating other races of men. You pretty much summed it up with both of your comments. The pro black bootlickers are no better either, they see black female skullduggery and say nothing but then pretend to not understand why more black men are choosing to date out.

      Again, as we’ve noted before, these same guys complaining about their positions be revoked are the same ones sponsoring and pushing anti masculine agendas, smh.

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      • @Verbs 2015

        I’m personally not attracted to voluptuous women like Iska Lawrence, I perfer my Snow Bunnies very pale and very petite..LOL.

        I keep asking the insecure racist white boys and his partner in crime the “The Bitter Black bitches of America LLC” , one or both of the following questions and I never receive an answer.

        Here are the 2 questions…

        1. With the multi decades long negative campaign media blitz against Black Men dating White Women, what fruits have your efforts produced! Has the number of BM dating/marrying WW gone down! Has the number of Biracial children being born to the aforementioned group declined! The answer to both of those questions is an emphatic..NO! Not only have the numbers not decreased they have actually INCREASED at an astronomical rate!

        #2 I thought Black Men who date/marry Interracially are only getting the “fat”, “ugly” White Women that white boys “don’t want”! Again, if that’s the case, then why are the pathetic white boys so VIOLENTY ANGRY!

        We all know the it’s a pathetic “Coping Mechanism” that both the insecure white boys and his alter ego “The Bitter Black Bitches of America” are using because they see the mass exodus of black men from “Blackistan” to WHITE QUEENS.

        Brothers, the insecure white boys and “The Bitter Black Bitches of America LLC” have proven through their actions and rhetoric that the #SYSBM movement is Worldwide and a Colossal Success and it’s driving them INSANE because it’s UNSTOPPABLE and they know it’s not a damn thing they can do about it except bitch, whine, cry and moan about it.

        Like a commenter said, when you have to SHAME/SCARE Black Men, White Women into being with you, YOU’VE ALREADY LOST THE BATTLE!

        I always knew the #SYSBM movement would be successful, but I didn’t think we would see it this fast and on such a global scale!


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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        Its like I’ve stated before, SYSBM doesn’t even need big numbers to wound black women and their racist white male overlords, we haven’t even reach critical mass yet and look at the waves that we are creating as well as the damage. Black women for the longest while have taken black men for granted and now that position has returned to bite them in the backside.

        White men have been forever pushing the usual, anti male suspect agendas and this has indeed pushed more white women into the hands of black men who aren’t about negative anti masculine lifestyles.

        Both parties have done it to themselves and cannot complain about their just recompenses coming down the pike.

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      • @Verbs 2015

        Joel “The Process” Embiid of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers and his Beautiful, Feminine Sports Illustrated Model White Queen, has all of the Daggles, SIMPS and insecure white boys mad as hell…I LOVE IT!

        More proof of how devastatingly effective the #SYSBM movement is!

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      • Good grief… Some of these lead water drinking pro-wacks and pin dick racist white boys really shouldn’t be anywhere near electricity, never mind the internet.

        Let them stay mad, they can’t/won’t do shit in real life. #TeamWhiteGurls

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      • @T.W.G. If any of these rinky dink, low-testosterone, faggoty assed white males think that woman is going to give up that basketball player in favour of their little cocktail weenies, they must be on that Fentanyl that they love so much.

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  3. Also, white Women and other women have probably noticed this: white men have FAR more positive models of masculinity in their culture, and an abundance of men in the home EVEN WITH feminism. As said, they have a cake walk compared to black men. Yet, THEY are the ones who are the most embracing/tolerant of not only homosexuality, but expect transgenderism, of which they are the biggest participants of. You don’t see black men typically rallying for these groups or causes, or talking about feminism WHILE IGNORING the LGBT.

    Women notice this and pick up TRUE masculinity and conservatism. That’s why typically a fat or even scrawny black man gives off a more masculine vibe than an “alpha”, gym rat white man. Much of the white male “macho” culture is a fake masculinity, no different from the unnatural steroids used to typically achieve. It’s essentially the male equivalent of the shopaholic, plastic surgery obsessed “femininity” that these guys love to talk about.

    There’s so many contradictions and things to pull these guys apart on, I could literally do this shit all night.

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  4. Coal burner? I thought white men said ” once you go black, we don’t want you back” I wouldn’t worry about those clowns. They can only talk shit over the internet, and would never run up on a black man in public.

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    Fuck these racist white men. They are only upset because they are fast losing their number 1 spot as the most desired man on the planet especially to white woman non white woman. These white guys really should not have nothing to complain about because they have a much easier life in general than black men because they don’t have to deal with any sort of racism or discrimination because the whole world worships them like gods whereas black men especially good/decent black men are the most hated, most feared and most discriminated group of men on the planet due to the negative stereotypes that we receive from everybody but we guys fight on and remain strong and that’s what other races of men are jealous of us and hate decent black men for. If white guys went through the everyday bullshit that black men go through on a daily basis, they would commit suicide because they can’t handle the adversity that is thrown against them because again white men have such a easy and charmed life that black men would love to have without going through any type of bullshit or racism. The irony is that when a white guy dates outside of his race no one gives him shit for it but when a black man dates outside of their race the whole fucking world has a big moan who ha about it and you get other races of men trying to dick police a black man for his dating choices and the fact that they tell him that he is only allowed to date ugly black women or ugly non black women whilst the white men and non black man allowed to date the prettiest white women, black women and non white women in the world. Fuck that shit as I will never allow a white man or any non black man to dick police me on my dating choices of dating a non black women as I will tell them to fuck off or I will punch them in the face because they are not playing god with my life choices and free will.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These dudes now have to compete with the very individuals whom they view as lower than scum and it’s eating them up like crazy, how can these same Negroes we’ve demonised nonstop for years upon years be able to pick up pretty white women with little to no effort whatsoever? It’s exactly as I stated before, just like the black witch these dudes will never look at themselves and admit the possibility of themselves being the problem. Oh well, more white women for thinking black men.

      Like you said, these dudes have an easy life of Raleigh lifestyle and yet they are still complaining and you’re right, they couldn’t even endure a 10th of what we have to go through as thinking black men.


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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Back in 2014 when I was working for a law firm, I was accused of being a racist by my white male supervisor of being a racist because I told him that I don’t date black women because they are not my type and he was trying to get me to go on a date with this black women at work. He tried to dick police me and it didn’t work.

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    • @Q.C.F.
      ‘If white guys went through the everyday bullshit that black men go through on a daily basis, they would commit suicide”

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  6. And another thing!!!! (Yes I’m back)

    Going on the suicide thing mentioned above, that’s another area where white girls are giving them a wide berth. As mentioned by many, white men have life on easy street, yet are known more than any other group to self harm and especially kill them selves. Women look for viable men to pass on their genes and help the women raise said offspring. Women do not want men who literally impede their own health in such an obvious and direct fashion ON PURPOSE, especially those who just check out at the smallest thing. This is one of the big reasons for the rise in drug use and especially in mental illness in white men. Typically, the black men you see with clear mental disorders are neighborhood crazies, who as I always say are probably the products of incest. It’s not literally every other black dude acting that way or turning to pills or a pipe because life got hard, not even amongst hoodrats. White women SEE how weak these white men are. This is especially common now amongst incels.

    Said incels/geeks/nerds/dorks, if they’re white men, are also known, despite being slovenly, homely, and many times smelly, for feeling entitled to sexy women, the same ones that they beat off to all day. Meanwhile, these same social outcasts will REJECT their female counterparts who are equally as socially awkward and geeky, and said counterparts will quickly get picked up by black men.

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    • afrofutrism1,

      “Said incels/geeks/nerds/dorks, if they’re white men, are also known, despite being slovenly, homely, and many times smelly, for feeling entitled to sexy women, the same ones that they beat off to all day. Meanwhile, these same social outcasts will REJECT their female counterparts who are equally as socially awkward and geeky.”

      Motherfucking WORD…..

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      • One must remember that black nerdy women do not exist in substantial numbers. Shaniquate and Fanblueisha are usually not nerds. Nerds, after being rejected by black women, typically get with non-black women. Some black males nerds take the RUSSELL WILSON route and get with baby mamas after her thug companionship days are over.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        I’d have to agree with Afrofuturism1, so called “nerdy” black females simply put on a front in order to attempt to push their way into white male circles. Genuinely nerdy black women are extremely few and far between.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Afro’s got it down pat. BW would never be “nerdy” for your black ass. But she’ll flip her whole script for a white boy. When I was a young boy in high school and freshman college it was the kiss of death if a black chick knew you were into comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, rock music etc. Now you see them crying about where’s the black female Marvel movie and pretending to like Star Trek now that a black chick is the lead. Fuck outta here.

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  7. I’m 5ft 9. I’m moderately built and slim. I used to be much fatter but managed to get the weight down. I dress well and mind my own business.

    Yet over the last week, I’ve been spat at, had numerous White and Asian boys spit on the ground, cough loudly and some old fucker has given me the laser eye. None of them has tried to step to me however. They know not to.

    I’ve developed my masculinity to the point that this black man will clap at that ass, and that includes pin dick racist white boys, Asian boys and any other tosser that has a problem with me merely existing.

    Btw, the same e-racist pieces of shit are the same pin dicks that wank off to child and step-sister porn, so I wouldn’t worry about their “competition”. Quality knows quality.

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    • I wouldn’t worry about the Asian men because thanks to white men in Japan, they will be extinct in 20 years from now. There will be no more Asuka or Kari sane. This is the results of white male exlats.

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    • Michel,

      These dudes are losing ground on all levels and it is eating them up badly. Oh well, this is what happens when you’re insecure to the hilt. Asians(I assume you’re referring to Indians and Pakistanis in this case) are only brave whenever they’re in big groups, outside of that they’ll roll past you and not say a word because they know better.

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      • As I type, I’m watching a news report from Canada about an Indian man who’s been arrested for killing his 11 year old daughter.

        Yet thinking black men are the “savages”? Smdh…

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    • Im sorry you had to go through all that bro.These insecure mice of men are patheic to say the least.A brotha can just be minding there own business yet these Thugz and piece of shit still want to get there panties in a bunch.Thats why i got no love for these fools

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    • @Michel. I am 5’11” but pretty skinny, not really in shape but once had an entire staff of attractive white females wanting to jump my bones and the entire white male staff and fat and/or ugly white women pissed as hell. It was the funniest thing that I’ve seen in all my 36 years.

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    • Those zipperhead males couldn’t bust a grape. Asian “tough guys” make me laugh. There is a reason why most ladyboys are asian males. LOL

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  8. The funniest thing about all this is racist white boys’ butthurt over the so-called “fat” white chicks they’ve made fun of and rejected for decades. We brothas been playing clean-up and taking them off white boys’ hands for years, so what’s the problem? LMAO


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  9. @Schadenfreude

    Funny that you’d find that article now too. It’s ginna get bad, I DO believe that they’ll start getting more violent, just like the simps and queens. The difference is, they, having power, which try to weasel out of it more often.

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  10. Yet, they had no problem with sticking their dicks in every race of woman when they felt like it. These are the same fuckers who would freely and openly date and fuck black women while black men were killed for even looking at white women. See, this is the thing they leave out and it’s precisely why this whole “stop race mixing” thing is a load of bullshit. None of this shit was a problem when white males were the sex symbol. You never heard any of this. Now their women are coming to us (not the other way around) and they can’t take it. Racist white men and their black female flunkies are two sides of the same coin. These “coal burner”, “mudshark” and “nigger lover” comments are no different from black women calling us “coons” and “self haters”. It’s all just a big ass temper tantrum because they realize they don’t own us like they thought.

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  11. The white male population is in major decline due to them telling their women to have abortions and to do lesbian sex acts. Also, a lot of them are transsexuals. So, I expect outrage that even the plain janes will be checking for blue collar black men who are father material. Oh, pookie and day day and bubba, chuck, cleatus, will go by the way side when socialism takes effect in the US.

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    • Oh shit, how could I forget? Yeah, these same white me will push the idea to their women that lesbianism is “hot”, but remind me again, isn’t this the same group that has a problem with feminism and the masculinization of their women??

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      • Indeed they are. These white men also pushed their women into extreme bodybuilding and then abandon them when the side effects of steroids kick in. That is why in the WWE, the females are heavily bonded when they are paired with with black men.

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      • Oh, white men love lesbianism especially in the racist parts of the south until said lesbian starts talking to black men. White men created many of these problems including paying for transsexual porn sites with crypto currency. I knew something crazy was going on with these incels pushing for digital currency until the lesbian porn industry started to accept payments in crypto.

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  12. Remember, these same white men voted for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and already she destroyed the deal with amazon building an headquarters in New York. This is why I tell Thinking black men to hit the gym, invest and save money, to build resources like I’m currently doing and to learn how to cook. These white men don’t truly know how to survive in the country nor the city. The name of the game is called resources and many white and non black women will be checking for working black men who don’t have kids and not on child support

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  13. This is a example of of how white men are the definition of sexual frustrated /inferiority complex. I have said this time and time again alot of these white men think they are entitled to all races of women because they have blue eyes and pale milky skin. They don’t want to compete for their women and non white people. And alot of these white “nationalist” are hypocritices they love to fuck East Asian women. SYSBM and Mgtow is the only black man option it can’t be stopped.

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    • They destroyed Japan after world war 2 by getting them pregnant and then abandoned them to be raised alone. That is why when you go to Japan, their brothels say “no white Americans please” especially in the seedy parts.

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      • Very true I have been to 20 countries and we all know how some of these white people act especially white men. I have seen this with my two own eyes

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    • Black British Guy,

      The L’s continue to roll in for these dudes, however because they have a large amount of resources unlike the black witch they are able to implement some form of damage control, though I would say at this stage it isn’t really doing them much good because the cracks are now as clear as day.

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  14. Let’s keep it real white men wouldn’t be checking for iskra Lawrence because she’s “fat, so she will always going to end up with a black guy and most white men don’t have the dick size or dick skills to handle those curves!

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    • We get the blame for everything by white men and black women. It’s a shift going on right now where people are just leaving black women alone for good. People are getting tired to the abuse both physical and mental.

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      • Robert,

        Yep. It’s like I said on the last article, globalization is killing BW. I tell anybody who will listen, BM have never been more free than in any time in modern history. We can travel were we want, go to school where we want, get hired anyplace that will hire us, or even make our own businesses. Best of all we are no longer chained to the plantation to deal with BW exclusively.

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      • Not to get too spiritual, but the age we’re transitioning into will see brand new tribes evolving out of like mindedness. BM/WW is one of them. The “keep it black” groupthink crowd will literally be left behind.

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  15. Notice the same shaming tactics the BW uses tend to be employed by White Racists as well…..If you have to SCARE and intimidate your own Men or Women into dating you…..YOU. HAVE. LOST. The reason why the WM takes issue is because he bases his Masculinity in female approval. When the women want HIM, there is no problem….When they want a BM the talk of “white genocide” gets brought up. The WM is daily being exposed as the beta he has historically always been. We saw two WW women beheaded by Muslims. White Man did NOTHING. We saw a White Woman gang-raped by Muslims on an internet live stream. White Man…..did nothing. South African Black Men are killing Whites and removing them from the land. White Man just BITCHES on the internet about how Africa “will fail” without his presence. Notice he won’t go after a male he feels has a higher capacity for violence than he does? The only thing the WM can retreat to is mocking and attacking BM to boost his ego. He cannot face the fact his star on the world stage is falling.

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    • EXACTLY, white women see how well white men defended white women against the Muslims that white men complain about, with gang rapes and grooming gangs running rampant, especially in Verbs’ neck of the woods.

      Many of these same white women, some of them even avowed feminists, are just becoming Muslims themselves. That lets you KNOW what actual masculinity will make a woman do: submit. Keep in mind that these Muslim men are just as insecure and fake as the whites men, but they can at least fake their masculinity better. For instance, ever seen an Arab win a fist fight with anyone BESIDES his wife?

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    • Oh yes indeed. Those Hispanic men are feeling the cuts as well because their women are getting tired of used as literal sex objects on the border wall.

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  16. Pathetic. History is proving itself right once more, welfare queens and house n…..s are showing their true colours and nobody can stop the barrage of Ls coming their way. Another reason to walk away from the Capital Wasteland and support Natasha, Amika, Lopez, Akkiko and Mei, letting Brad and Shanisha go and f…k themselves.

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  17. This type of white men that spew this rhoetic (liberal, conservative, moderate, etc) are the bottom-tier, weaker ones that can’t compete in the domestic and international mating markets even against their well to do white male counterparts at the top. These white women in surburbia don’t want white men (mentioned above) that’s below their economic or social way of living which is why you see these bottom-tier white men date down and go after black women that reflects them. Like black females in this ilk, beta white males do not tend to date up due to their low-to-no self-esteems which was planned prior and/or since their birth based on the environment. Top-tier white men aren’t worried about black men mating interracial, it is these low-tier white dudes that never had a chance to begin with. This goes the same for black women that can’t compete. The typical two and so many others don’t have the power and economic control to dick and pussy police anybody working to do better, be better and live better. SYSBM.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      What makes me laugh is even these lower tier, no self esteem/no self confidence white men who can’t get their own women aren’t even checking for black women as a back up option. Black women by rejecting the good brothers have truly shafted themselves for eternity.

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  18. Another white male, Jeff bezos was just shut down by white women democrats to build his headquarters in New York. These socialist women are doing to take revenge on white men and what better man to take it out on than the richest man in the world and owner of amazon. White men created this mess, I don’t think they’re going to be able to clean up. Build your resources thinking black men.

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  19. I notice that many white males are throwing Asian men under the bus on the issue of penis size. The former line was that penis size is the same in all races. The new line of many white males is that black men and white men are equal in penis size with Asian men, as a group, having a small penis.


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      • afrofuturism1 —— One will often notice on-line that many black women speak that GAY MEN GOT GOOD DICK !!!! I have reached the conclusion that many black gay men are having lots of sex with ratchet black women. That may explain the STD rates among black women. Black women are having lots of sex with deadbeats and gay men.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      We know that on average black men have a much larger penis size than other males, I remember in my South Asian Males article posting a link to a Daily Mail news article which clearly shows that black men are at the top when it comes down to penis size, these decadents wish that they had the same size assets as black men. Here is that link again for those who may have missed it before:


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      • Verbs2015 —- Yes. China and India, combined, have a male population of 1 billion people. One must reason that if 1% of the males from these nations have a big penis that the porn industry will put them in front of a camera in a fast manner. Note that the men in these nations still tend to have rather modest incomes. Therefore, it will be a big come up for a Chinese or Indian factory worker to shoot porn at even $500 (USD) a scene.

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  20. Yes… these cracker ass white men are racist… but white women co-sign this shit. They co-sign this shit when they harass black men and call the police on black men. White women know how weak black men are and they tell white men how to defeat black men.

    It is YOU black men that have no clue what is going on.


      • 8bitblerd,

        D32018 aka Bootlicking Simp is a disingenuous pro black slob, he purposely overlooks the many transgressions black women have and are currently committing against black men on the daily, smh.

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      • Verbs2015 —- Yes. China and India, combined, have a male population of 1 billion people. One must reason that if 1% of the males from these nations have a big penis that the porn industry will put them in front of a camera in a fast manner. Note that the men in these nations still tend to have rather modest incomes. Therefore, it will be a big come up for a Chinese or Indian factory worker to shoot porn at even $500 (USD) a scene.

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      • @d1ckh38d, awww look at the little SIMP with his big words 😂. “Arab Protoss bitch?”. You anti-Arab misogynoir.

        See, this is why you still beat your monkey in the blue light of your computer, you emotional five year old. All this time writing ” black baby mamas are a prize catch”, yet you’re single. Pathetic, and your queans know you are. So, which porn web site is it tonight? Round and Brown?


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    • D32018 Aka Bootlicker,

      Long time no hear from simp, I bet you’re still single, beating your monkey to fat black queens on Pornhub and still wishing you could snag yourself a “single mother catch”. Typical response from yourself eh shine, you purposely overlook the fact that most black men in 2019 are being thrown into the judicial washing machine with the assistance of black women NOT white women, stop being a disingenuous buzzard, however this may be too much to ask as this type of behaviour is to be fully expected from pro black simps like yourself.

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      • D32018 aka Muddy Bootlicking Simp,

        Back again eh bootlicker, it’s been a while but even though you have a problem with white women, I know that you still haven’t been able to land yourself an overweight, dusty single black mother yet, shame on you shine, shame on you. Don’t concern yourself with white women, you ought to be focused on trying to get that “good catch” of a black female you’ve talked about before.

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      • Reynagirl14…

        I am a black man bitch. Try again.

        Not all or even many black men wants non-black women in spite of Verbs propaganda prepetuated by his sycophants.


    • You’re still here spewing the same nonsense that has disproven, debunked so many times over it’s nauseating to think about much less discuss at this point??

      Get lost simp. Your kind makes me sick.

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      • Stephen…

        Ain’t nothing debunked about the fact that most if not all non-black women would divorce a black man after securing the bag. It’s all over the news everyday.


  21. Right here this. The racist white man is the true beta male right. This fool of a man will get upset with a black man dates outside his race but says nothing about a black woman dating outside her race. The reason why is because that he can’t get women and when he gets one, he fucks up the relationship. And not only he wants to police the black man’s dick, he talks about the black man’s dick. This is some homosexual thing here and he’s manifested with gayness for the beta male.

    The Black woman is insecure. She puts on this weave trying to look like a white woman and trying to compete with her which she will lose. She will have kids with Pookie and Ray Ray and continues to have kids with the same thugs over and over again. And worse off, pro black simps like You Tubers True Seman and Nutward TV date these blacks sluts and try to get something which is magical to them and that’s and that is black harlot’s punany. They just want the tun tun while living off her and not paying the bills, the rent and eating out the kids food. Basically they are not get providers these simps including the white beta male.

    These ghetto hootrats, white beta males and these simps have no ambitions. There is no way that the white woman will go for a beta male is because he doesn’t act like a man. He will sleep in a baby cot, wear nappies and do dumb things which make you scratch your and think “why they are doing this?” The ghetto hoodrat woman, the beta male and these pro black simps is a football in the premier league that is in the relegation zone. They have a goal keeper who can’t save a single shot, they can’t defend, their midfield is shaky and the strikers can’t score goals. The white heterosexual male don’t think like this. Does he?

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    • Interesting note on the baby thing. Again, that and several other psychological dysfunctions manifest themselves in WHITE men, not black. Even black lgbts are not as crazy as the white ones, who add “intersex, asexual, prosexual, antisexual, omnisexual, galvasexual, supersexual”, and any other weird term every other day.

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      • These beta males are not getting chosen when it comes to dating is because of their weird behaviour. And its weird, very weird and very disturbing. Why do you think there are other white men who don’t act like this always mock the beta male?

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    • My hunch is that these white beta males, through Christianity are divorced from their bodies and, as such are terrified of bodliy functions like normal sexuality. The obsession with black men’s dicks is like a trance to them, they can’t understand it, they want to possess it, because it’s seen as something magical. And not to mention the tendency towards kiddy fiddling…

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      • Right, the beta male has racial tendencies and homosexual characteristics. The black simp will take care a next man’s kids and will do nothing with this life and both of them are inferior men.

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    • @Money C.
      FACTS. The whie man is inherently homosexual/beta/and obsessed with the black man’s sexuality. To be honest, all non-black males are inherently homosexual/obsessed with the black man’s penis. In my experience, it was only black males who do not care who I was seeing. This is why non-black women want black men. As Verbs said repeatedly, women’s instincts are very perceptive and they know a homo when they see one. They only stay with their men for resources or out of fear of being killed by their beta boy counterparts.

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  22. Why are these white people from England and Italy going over to Russia protesting against Russian laws they don’t like. As much negative stuff British and Italians said about Russia over the year’s that’s the last place I’d think they’d be.

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  23. NO no no these guys can’t be serious really? the “coal patrol?” I cringe and feel embarrassed for these morons just reading that name. Not surprised this stupidity is coming from 4chan a cesspool of white and asian incels, basically a breeding ground for these idiots and their ideologies. But hey I’m not surprised we black men are taking these white and non-black women at such an alarming rate worldwide it’s tearing these idiots apart.

    Two days ago I was in St Kilda in Melbourne Aus and there was a festival going on there and all I was BM WW couples everywhere SYSBM is in full effect with the African cats here it’s crazy.

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  24. Ever since the Left and Right have been going at each other after Trump’s election these white nationalist & other racist devils came out of the Hell gates in droves… They love to spout about “racial division”, but they’re doing most of the divide more than any other racial group I’ve seen.

    For us black men to be, in their words, the “inferior”, “untellectual”, and “apeish” of all men, they sure are CONCERNED of our actions at all times. Which is something I find strange… I mean if the white man’s so powerful and cool, and has the previlege of being damn near adorned by folks of all race, then why is he so concerned about what the “subhumans” are doing? And why is it that he will say the “subhumans” (in his own words) are nothing but criminals, but fail to even acknowledge that his own are leaders in most school, banks, and public shootings across all America (with the exception being Chicago, as it’s overran by black dsyfunctional)… ? Or also as of late, the leaders in hate crimes across the US as well?

    Seems to me some of the burning coal should be these racist devils as well, but I forgot that’s only for the black male, as we’re the most “ueducated” class of men who are nothing but criminals that kill and steal. White man’s never done that, EVER, right…? I mean there’s NEVER been a case of a white man shooting up a damn theater for no reason, right? There’s never been a case where a white man robbed a bank, or broke into a home right? There’s never been a case where a white man shot, killed, or kidnapped AND raped awhite woman repeatdly like that Ariel Castro bastard did with those three young girls a few years back, right? RIGHT??? Naaaah, only black men do that shieeet. The white men ain’t like that yo, he “dindu nuffin” as they love to say, despite them being the majority of the US.

    Funny that they’re being so concerned about “their women” and or women of other cultures walking away from them despite their superior status, seems even “da boss” fears being dethroned. These racist shits are INDEEED getting pissed, will be interesting to see what they’ll do or say next. Hope black men are watching tho, cause these guys will surely become a future problem later on.

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  25. I’m watching of course. One way to shut these clowns up is to ask: Who put Pam and Jamal on the slave ship or dragged us on to the plantation again?

    White men received one of the most advanced civilizations in the world, and it only took them around 180 years to turn it into a hellhole and a wasteland. White men complain about racial genocide but who let Islam into the West again? I don’t see school shooters or terrorist thugs in Latin America or the Caribbean, did I skip history class?

    Again you can see the reason why these fools who can’t be bothered to get off the fucking plantation and live in the real world resort to the same shaming tactics and gaslighting welfare queens use when both groups see brothers escaping from the gulag.

    “But we wuz kangz bro, spreading civilization to the world!”

    “But but n…..s these be our queens bro!”

    Do you see Anika, Akiko, Mei, Maria and Natasha focusing on this pointless crap? There is a reason why Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore have become watch words for wealth and opulence while Los Angeles looks like something out of a 90s post apocalyptic film and Detroit and New York look like Mega City 1.

    By the way did any of you guys hear about the Muslim community patrol in New York?

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  26. Now, it looks like Derek Luke in the thumbnail. Luke is married to a non-black woman, Asian I think, and of course got crap for it.

    Keep in mind that Luke is dark skinned, meaning that he probably got all kinds of crap growing up from black woman. So, why would he NOT date out, if for nothing else but to ensure that his kids didn’t go through what he did?

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  27. Keep this in mind and remember, this is all brought to you and sponsored by the “make america great again” protocol. Regardless of what area of the world its being promoted but as I’m looking at the links up top, it shows that half of those articles are coming from either the UK or Britain etc. But I could be wrong.
    At any rate, lets think in this vain, if it wasn’t for trump, ufc,mma and hockey, these punk b*tch ass white soy moist boys wouldn’t be SH*T!! We know this! So….they NEED substitutes like the above mentioned so they can look and act TOUGH! in front of white females mind you. Come now brothas!! How many times have we’ve seen these movies before??? How many?? And what happens? They either…
    1. get their asses beat by the very white females they fight tooth and nail to protect
    2. get publicly embarrassed by the same white females who for the most part, view them as “soft and weak”
    3. get socially ostracized by the saaaaame white females who….once again, for the most part, cant even fathom why they’ve become useless…and worthless…

    So for these punk ass b*tch and cunt made white moist soy boys who wanna beta shame folks simply because they cant get in touch with their manhood and cant function w/o being emotionally effete every 1-5 seconds….We NEED to start telling these punk muthaf*ckas to GO BURN A CROSS!! and learn how to play F*CK OFF!!! In the meantime, Man let them be an even more suicide statistic. Because we aint gotta kill em! The white female is KILLING THEM! by being with BROTHAS!! And they are forcing that socially by words…and actions!! I decided to read the articles first before I read this powerful post….and I came to the conclusion that….these f*ckin white boys mane, smmfh…they’re on some of THE MOST! full rawtarted PUNK SH*T!! We cant forget about these hector the gardener hispanicucks and the rickshaw asian cucks as well now cant we?? They cut from that same white identified/europeanized indoctrinated mantra these white boys put out….daily!! It just goes to show that…they just cant seem to get OUR d*cks of their lips!!! No homo!! But they seeeeem to have a problem when they find OUR d*cks on white hispanic and asian lips!!!
    Tell me I’m lying!!!

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    • When you have a media that tells you every day that ‘you are the pinnacle of human excellence/every one else is ethnically inferior dogshit’, then is it a surprise these soy boys get pissed when reality bites? Bait and switch. Cognitive dissonance is a motherfucker.

      Add to the opioid crisis, low sperm counts, #PoundMeToo, the de-masculising vegan propaganda and the occasional “active shooter” news flag, it’s getting grim for racist white boys. They are getting publicly rinsed. I almost feel sorry for them (I don’t).

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      • @Black Caesar Ya damn right they are! Just look at the way these moist ass soyboys dress! Skinny jeans. Sweat yoga pants tight around the ankles. T-blouses(tshirts that looks like female blouses) Looking moist as f*ck! And they want us to take them serious. F*ck outta here with that punk sh*t! However, you’ll see the females of their kind walking down the street with what I just described. But overall, they’re on that stupid rawtarted homo sh*t.

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  28. Interesting conversation I had over the weekend. So I was having a good conversation with a Japanese woman (I’m a big advocate of language apps, fellas) and she was telling me how she hates being on the app because everytime she logs in, she’s bombarded by so many messages from thirsty men. And who are the vast majority of these thirsty men messaging her? None other than white soy boys and man-childs. And even though she makes it clear on her profile that she’s not there to date, they keep pestering her non-stop.

    Now imagine that, a non-black woman confiding with a thinking black man that she’s tired of dealing with these white losers. But these incels are supposed to be better than us competent black men solely because they are white. Hahaha man I love being a thinking black man.

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    • These dudes have yellow fever like a son of a bitch, but if a black man simply thinks a white woman is attractive, he’s “worshipping” her.

      And constantly messaging people that don’t like you? That sounds not only like Indian men, but black Women, too!

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      • It’s funny you mention it. I happened to look into Roosh’s forum and the white guys over there are now complaining that the Japanese women from the big cities no longer see them as exotic because they no longer have that “foreign appeal” haha. It’s like bro, you white boys oversaturated you all’s value because you all was just thirsty to get into their pants, and have nothing to give in return. But brothers have no problem going into these same environments and getting them a girlfriend/wife. That white skin appeal is no longer on easy mode for them. They can’t come to grips that they have to compete with competent black men on a global level, and it’s eating them up haha.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        Yep, they’re now having to compete with competent black men who they’ve forever tried to demonise by trying to superimpose the likes of Roof Top Trey, Killa Drilla and Basement Digga onto, however the “all black men are ghetto” propaganda as well as other efforts have been in vain, the demonisation tactics haven’t worked, lol.

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    • @Sigma Jones Woooow! I can only imagine how that dialogue went when she expressed fully how their mouths were constantly drooling and then some. Now we all know that the vast majority of white boys nowadays are incel/tflers, but these dudes are no different from their stormfront counterpart sidekicks when they see us. But I’ve always known that they wont dare throw rocks at these femicunts simply because they “see hope” that they will come back to them later on in life.

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  29. These ridiculous females are so delusional they forget to factor in the reality that male muscle mass is superior to female muscle mass. They weren’t shouting for long once they got boot strapped.

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  30. Off topic, but police are now saying that faggot Jussie Smollet’s hate crime story is a hoax.

    Black people need to OUST homos from their mist. You can not rebuild a nation with the same liberal ideologies that destroyed it!

    I knew the crap was a hoax too, just used to further fan the flames as well as push the homo agenda on the slick.

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  31. I think these white boys are just borderline jealous. I mean, what to expect, them and the black women are a perfect match for each other because they 100% don’t like black men and non black women relationships. White dudes be getting easy access to all kinds of flavor of women, but nowadays it’s started to fade away. We been taking the hate from non black boys and black women for years now, and it ain’t done nothing but made us more stronger. The hate is real between black men and non black women relationships, the dirty looks we get, the racial labels, all this crazy shit and they still wonder why their women messing with us.

    Also, I noticed you talked about that BBC slang that goes on in adult entertainment. To be honest, I think these white boys are borderline suspect being obsessed with black men’s you know what like just stop. Just mess with them black women since them white boys look at black women as more of a fetish. Plus, that could blow up ghetto gagging and the all white boys and one black chick (I forgot what that called in adult entertainment where it’s a whole bunch of white boys with confederate flag t shirts on and one or two black chicks doing some sexual with them), plus I don’t watch that anyway.

    The hate is real guys, don’t bother with them fools. They just mad because their women treating us right and they hate it.


    By the way, this is for the white boys and non black boys who be obsessed with black men’s you know what too much:

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    • >I think these white boys are just borderline jealous.

      There’s no borderline about it – they’re BEYOND jealous. But don’t worry – L-Express has something for their asses – a LIFETIME supply of the 12th letter of the alphabet (the jumbo version).


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  32. Even with pretty much every advantage they’ve been given, they hate they now have to compete with a well put together, well spoken, educated brother in decent shape with no criminal record. The hate and jealousy is definitely there for everyone to see.

    Wanna know sysbm is working wonders? Just go to your local mall, supermarket, and look for the abundance of brothers with their non black bitch companions. The movement hasn’t even hit critical mass yet, and people (white men: black bitches mostly) are losing their damn minds.

    Oh well. Keep that wall fortified

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  33. These racist white fools are done they cannot stop the BM dating express. Another key factor in this equation is technology the internet. With the world being so open now women from all over the world are seeing what black men are really like and about minus the percentage of thugs WM can no longer lie and put out a false narrative to the world. Also there are so many interracial dating sites all over the world now you can communicate with women from all over the world and they can communicate and know who we BM really are. White men know they can’t compete with us I have been to many countries and it’s funny how many women have complemented me on just hygiene alone they complain about white men all the time about how they stink and also they claim BM are nice and cool and also good lovers these white fools cannot take it like their BW scum.

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  34. Black men are traveling. I was in Warsaw, Poland recently. There are very few black people in Warsaw. Outside of the tourist area known as Old Town, there are few non-Polish people of any type. I did see about ten adult black males in Warsaw. Seven of these black men gave off the vibe of being African-born. Three of the black men had appearances and mannerisms that suggest that they are from long-time USA families. About three of the ten black men were with what appear to be Polish women, white of course. I saw one adult black female in the Warsaw city center and she appeared to be from the United Kingdom. It is usually a lie when USA black women claim to be well-traveled. In Europe, with the exception of US military communities, London, Paris, and Rome, USA black women are not present.

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  35. So interesting how black women have claimed for years that ‘black men ain’t shit’, and white men have claimed that black men are the most inferior men on earth. Yet both black women and white men seem to lose their minds anytime a black man is in a relationship with a white woman.
    If black men ‘ain’t shit’ and black men are so inferior, why are black women and white men so fixated upon black men who are with white women?
    The reason is that white men know that despite all of the societal obstacles that black men have to deal with, black men are viewed worldwide as the standard for masculinity, and it drives not only white men crazy, but East Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic men etc. These ‘men’ burn with envy that black men are desired by their women, and other than get online and bitch and complain, there isn’t a dam thing they can do to stop it.
    It’s almost fun watching these insecure, paranoid, lack of self-esteem having men throw daily tantrums because black men are getting attention from women that wouldn’t give them the time of day.
    Black are able to accomplish things with little or no power that other men simply cannot do. White men know this and it drives them to do things that only insecure losers would do like starting groups to go around the internet and harass white women who are with black men.
    These guys will spend all day online making comment after comment about white women who are with black men, meanwhile those white women are having sex with black men while those idiots are online complaining about something they can’t control.
    Black women and white men are two sides of the same pathetic, insecure coin.

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  36. JUSSIE SMOLLETT —— — OFF TOPIC — Jussie Smollet is a gay and biracial man with a white father and a black mother. We are aware that 90% of blacks viewed as biracial have a black father.

    Jussie Smollett is caught up in a hoax in which he is accused of orchestrating a supposed lynching with homophobic and racial overtones. QUESTION– Do you think that the offspring of a non-black man and a black woman tend to be dysfunctional and have mental health issues? We all acknowledge that black females make the worst mothers. QUESTION– Is having a black mother a detriment to children regardless of the father being a non-black man or a black man ? We all know that black women love to shout: “Nig*as ain’t sh*t !” My view is that the supposed defects of black males come from the fact that black men have black mothers. YOUR VIEWS AND THEORIES ARE WELCOME.

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  37. I don’t agree with much of Shakaama or mgtow monk’s (I just checked out m-monk’s youtube page, a few days ago) opinions but they’re on the ball with this one. The #metoo movement is a big threat to BM & all men in Western society.

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    • >The #metoo movement is a big threat to BM & all men in Western society.

      L Express has an entire warehouse full of L’s ready to overnight to #metoo.

      L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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      • In terms of #metoo, it is mainly a threat toward celebrities, namely those whose industries are heavily fuxated by liberalism. It’s similar to how many of these incels are actually the biggest feminists.

        Again, in the case of those like Vic mignona, he was in an industry and fandom LITTERED with liberals. Sadly, because liberals do a much better job at creating and sustaining art and entertainment, conservatives are always on the receiving end.

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  38. I think I posted those stories prematurely. Could only find info relating to the Supreme Court decision to not allow the defamation lawsuit against Cosby but nothing on this being a gateway to Cosby being released.
    Couldn’t find anything on the stories of the “rape victims” being discredited either which seems weird. To my knowledge, at least some, of the rape allegations have been discredited.

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  39. I 💀’d at “Mini Man” and “Spanner Boy”. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
    It wouldn’t surprise me if these rappers today got their names from your articles.
    Another classic, immaculately written piece!

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  40. Interesting piece. I am a white man and I agree with much of what you said. Western males have been overly feminized to the point of embarrassment. It essentially boils down to this. There are ONLY two genders, and most females will find masculine males most attractive. So unless men get out from behind their computers and video games and behave like a man, they won’t be getting any women.

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  41. Why is everything with Niggers have to be a complete and total in version of reality..wait never mind your entire existence pre or post colonial Africa doesn’t amount to a ball of shit. I’m sure it’s got to be psychologically awkward having Europeans provided every facet of civilization including the very fucking language clothes culture and everything within their world they can possibly imagine with their feeble minds devoid of any ability to abstract. You’re so fucking retarded but they can’t even get the core concepts that of course representations in domestic violence will be higher in propensity among whites because they are the majority of the demographic still but the fact is black crime and recidivism especially with regards to violent crime represents 52% of all national violent crime committed This is by the demographic that only represents 14.5% of the total nations demographic and of this 52% of the violent crime committed by this 14.5% demographic the majority is committed by males ages 15 and 45 which further reduce it to 6.8%of the demographic. If you look at interracial marriage statistics especially when concerning Interracial marriages that are comprised of a black male in a white female the divorce rate is it the 98 percentile within three years that’s the view that Mary fucks sake the one of you motherfuckers were slaves you stupid fuck you’re so easy to gaslight and believe the most a historical bullshit it’s parroted or fucking reverberated in these retard tier Geocite pages from 99’.
    The overall lack of aesthetic of this website design screams “nigger” What is retarded YouTube canards was absolutely zero source material to back up a single dumb ass claim made by you fucking chimps. It’s all so fucking tiresome.

    Blacks committed 537,204 in 2018 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent.”
    But of course, the 56,394 committed by whites were all “hate crimes”.
    The 537,204 done by blacks were all random isolated incidents. No pattern to see here….I’m a unipolar singularity



    • Kang Leopold,

      I always find it fascinating how certain white folks conveniently omit their part in the unraveling of black society especially over the past 60 years, after all it isn’t black men sponsoring single black mothers to produce the devil spawn seedlings that they then unleash into society now is it? Whites roll in, destabilise a society, then point to the resulting mess and chaos as if they had nothing to do with it’s inception, sounds like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and a whole list of other countries that a certain cadre of whites have ruined.

      Before you start talking about black criminal figures, just remember that white men are the ones who commit roughly 67% of all rapes, mind you this is only dealing with figures in the US, we aren’t even introducing the horrific numbers associated with the invasion of other countries under the guise of so called “democracy”.

      Besides, why aren’t you talking to 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse about these crimes since they’re the one committing them? Should I string up white men as a collective for the mountain loads of paedophilia cases(another beyond disgusting, reprehensible area of sexual dysfunction and depravity where white men are the overwhelming majority of guilty culprits)?

      98% divorce rate between black men and white women, do you have a link/proof for that or are you simply going to roll with the “I’m white so you should believe me by default” line? Claiming black men are of a far lesser intelligence than yourself, yet putting in so much effort to inflict some sort of psychological damage(you failed by the way). Interracial unions between black men and non black women whether cohabiting or marriage based are on the rise and there is nothing your highly insecure, dick policing, lack of masculinity, frosty behind can do to stop it. Enjoy the show, I know I am.

      Ultra retarded mantras like this are exactly why more white and other non black women are choosing free thinking black men over white males who these days choose to sit down permanently navel gazing and complaining about the same oppressive laws and policies they helped introduce, smh.


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