“I Can Compete With Black Women” – Black Women Are Weak, White Women Know It And See It


I cannot really argue with her statement, even though she was specifically talking about the butt department, her statement is also spot on the mark when it comes down to black women in general. When you have black women going around wearing the hair of non black females upon their heads, sporting blue, green and grey contact lenses, getting butt implants, using 50 layers of make up and bleaching their skin to the hilt then how difficult is it for other races of women to compete against the black witch?

In 2019 it is a fact that black women as a group know full well that they cannot compete with non black women on an even playing field, hence why in recent times there has been a serious uptick in them attempting to shame black men into dealing with them exclusively. Now, let’s be honest here, this white woman’s face is average/plain Jane, however you’ll notice that some brothers who are being scooped up by white women are commonly being snipered by indeed the basic looking plain Janes who on average are still better looking than most black women out there today.

See, unlike black women white women for the most part who look average know that femininity and submission can go a very, very, very long way in snagging and keeping a man, hence why typically the most friendliest white women tend to be the plain Jane, average looking types as they have more to prove. Black women still to this day contend against both femininity and submissiveness arguing that black men must first demonstrate their worthiness and first build something substantial in order for them to submit to us.

However, you’ll notice how non black women do not have any problems submitting to black men and building with us from the ground up. Black women seek out men who are already complete in order to syphon off their resources so that they can indulge in their lust for money and materials, non black women as a collective on the other hand have no problems supporting black men when they are starting out, have nothing and are quite happy to build with us from scratch. The better choice is obvious.

One thing Victoria has over most black women is the fact that she is in shape, see in 2019 it is quite common to see most white women sporting nice, in shape figures, on the opposite side of the spectrum however it is very common to come across black women who are NOT in shape, are fat and in many cases morbidly obese:

This is yet another reason why more and more significant numbers of black men are walking away from black women, most black men are not interested in oil tankers, wide load super cruisers and fully loaded aircraft carriers. Fat black women are so NOT the one and the witchcraft of calling them “thick” isn’t working either.

Yet these are the same tubs of lard who walk around propagating the same old lie about black men who date out only being able to get with fat, ugly white women even though black women as a group are far more overweight than their white female counterparts. If I get with a fat Victoria then according to the logic of black women I’m a failure, however if I snag myself a fat black female then they say that I’ve landed the best thing since sliced bread and additionally I should give them some chitlins and doughnuts to eat.

White women are becoming extremely brave in their pursuit of black men and they aren’t being clumsy about their techniques of capture either, it is exactly as Trick Daddy stated back in October 2016 when he told black women to “tighten up”, they refused to listen to him(the thug type individual they’re actually attracted to and would go for) and now they are reaping the whirlwind as a result of their stubborn/ hard-headed approach to looking presentable and reasonable for the opposite sex.

As I’ve stated before in the past, black women as a group simply don’t feel that black men are worthy to see them in their best condition, this is one of the main reasons why they point-blank refuse to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise and overall look after themselves. However, this is no skin off my nose as a thinking black man, in light of most black women choosing to adopt the fat and lazy slob lifestyle, over 13 years ago I decided to seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

Running around criticising the minuscule number of black men who do decide to get with obese white females, yet these same fat black harridans magically believe that they are somehow exempt from being critiqued concerning their Michelin man looking behinds, not so heifers, not so. Gentlemen, let black women continue to bury themselves, while they try their utmost to resemble white females, white women like Victoria simply come as they are and scoop up thinking black men by the truckloads.

Lastly, in relation to butts in 2019 white women are indeed evolving and are correct to state that they CAN challenge black women in the butt department, don’t forget this article I wrote back in December 2016, just peep the photo at the top of the page. The acronym PAWG(Phat Ass White Girl) by itself also speaks volumes regarding the shift and evolution of the white female body. The long and short of the situation as Mad Bus Driver put it and many others have said, BLACK WOMEN ARE BEING REPLACED.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Becky Is Winning

Most High Bless

85 thoughts on ““I Can Compete With Black Women” – Black Women Are Weak, White Women Know It And See It

  1. The White girls that pursued me in the past were firmly in the 6-7 range, and were very open to dating a brother (only problem were they already had boyfriends, but that’s another subject… ). All had the type of demeanor I was looking for: open minded, they let me lead, flexible, extremely friendly and you could have a deep conversation. Looks wise, they were all on the short, slim side and they could polish up nicely once in a while.

    For those reasons alone White girls are my first choice of women outside of Desi girls possibly (they are more like Latinas). NO Black man wants the stress, headache and potentially fatal outcomes that come with the black witch?.

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    • Michel,

      This is my whole point, your average looking white women beats the overwhelming majority of black women out of the gate. These black witches rather than compete would much prefer to attempt to use shaming language against black men who point blank refuse to deal with warfare and violent confrontations like this everyday:

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  2. All non-black women KNOW they can compete with black women going after right thinking BLACK MEN, this is the first one to come out and admit it.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      Non black women aren’t even breaking a sweat in their pursuit of thinking black men, as I mentioned before in previous articles Patel, Annie, Abdul, Ling, Lopez and Kawaski can swoop in anytime and scoop up any black men of their choosing and there isn’t anthing the modern day black female can do about it, hence why instead she’ll typically resort to using shaming language against black men who date out, smh.

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  4. Whenever I comment on posts about weight related issues (weight gain, health concerns, Men’s attraction, etc) I always get negative responses to my comments. One guess as to what group is the most vocal opponent to weight loss.

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    • Big Burt,

      The group who is the most obese at a rate of 80% plus, the group who have so much to say concerning black men getting with “fat white women” yet fail to look at themselves and recognise that they are much fatter than white women at a much higher rate. The group who is the most lazy, the group who voted for Hillary Clinton to the tune of 96% in the 2016 Presidential Election race, the group who tells you “your mother’s black” whenever you attempt to hold their feet to the fire. Thinking black men know this group very well sir.

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      • Verbs 2015 —- On the Hillary Clinton topic, black women often shout: WHITE WOMEN ARE NO GOOD ! It, however, is bizarre that 96% of them voted for Hillary Clinton. [Perhaps, 2% of black women voted for third-party candidates and 2% voted for Trump]. Meanwhile, 60% of white women voted for Trump. Finally, many black women are voting for Hillary Clinton while, at the same time, attempting to swirl with white males that voted for Trump. DELUSIONAL.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        These disjointed black harridans are very efficient at chanting many things concerning white women that simply aren’t true, yet when we look at pro life rallies black women are nowhere to be found.

        So what is the conclusion, white women care more about black children and black lives than black women do. Where is the organisation by black women who are looking out for and trying to get innocent black men who have been locked up in prison released, I’ll wait?

        Here is a picture of a pro life rally, spot the black female in the crowd:

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    • “One guess as to what group is the most vocal opponent to weight loss.”

      I would imagine that it is the same group who is the fattest, least desirable, and shrinking in height.

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      • James S —- Much thanks for the evidence that black women are shrinking in height. Many black men are trapped by the black woman’s false propaganda that: “We’z got great bodies.”

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    I rather date a plain Jane white women than any black women any day of the week because they are more friendlier, feminine and ladylike unlike the majority of black women who are very manly. This Victoria White woman is on point and speaks the raw truth about black women fuckery. I flat refuse to date black women and I don’t give a flying fuck on who gets offended those people who try to shame me as a childfree black man for my dating choices I just ignore them because those insults just roll of me like water of a ducks back. I like my white woman with brown/Hazel eyes🇬🇧 plus I also like my Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women🇹🇷🇨🇾, Greek women Greek Cypriot women🇬🇷🇨🇾 and Indian women🇮🇳 plus they all got to be childfree like me.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The bottom line is white women are winning over black men with very little effort, they’re simply being feminine, submissive and in shape. These black sirens come with their fat, floppy and sloppy selves(as Gregory Chandler would say) as well as a horrible attitude and believe that we are obligated to take them on board.

      Those deceitful heifers over at Madame Noir want to keep talking about “toxic masculinity”, however they conveniently pass over and fail to discuss femininity that has been tainted, contaminated and completely destroyed within black female society.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I will never be the clean up man for any black women because they bring nothing to the table accept for being fat, having bad attitudes, being single mothers with lots of bastard kids from different baby daddies, lots of student loan debt for their so called degrees that they will never be able to pay back, fake looking from head to toe, always make stupid choices in life, and the list goes on. As a childfree black man who is 36 gonna be 37 in early June 2019 I want to preserve myself for my beautiful childfree non black women.

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  6. A few points: 1. A woman’s butt consists of her gluteal muscles. Any thinking black man knows that developed muscles are not common among USA black females. Many black women of today are attempting to claim the black female butts of the 1960s and earlier as their own. The butts on most black females of today are fat, floppy, and sloppy. Black women know that they have terrible butts. This knowledge is the reason for clothing and butt injections to attempt to get better butts. 2. Only about 5% of white females wear hair extensions. Even this use tends to be very limited use. Black females attempt to claim that the 5% of white women wearing hair extensions is the same as 80% of black females wearing hair weaves, wigs, and fake braids. Furthermore, black women lie and claim that hair extensions and hair weaves are the same finished product. 3. As I often state, a fat white woman will have a net worth of $40K (USD). A fat black female will often have a net worth of $5.00 (USD). The result is that a fat white woman is a far better female than a fat black female.

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  7. White women know that black men are not used to kind, submissive, half-way feminine looking women, so the second that they show interest in black men, they will be very welcome.

    Other groups aren’t stupid, they KNOW what black men have to deal with on a regular day to day, it’s just that many, namely whites (both liberal and conservative) profit from having a dysfunctional black community that is filled and led by these degenerate black Women. This is why they attempt to downplay how exclusively dysfunctional the black woman is, because they know that SHE is the problem with the black society, and that dealing with and removing her would change black society overnight.

    Now, watch the woman get called a coal burner, mud shark, and god knows what else. This, as mentioned, will only exacerbate the coupling of black and non-black women, namely white women. Keep in mind that neither black men nor white women have to put up a front when they date each other, whereas black women, who have NO self respect or dignity, will put on an act just to sniff the farts of a white man.

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    • afrofuturism “…coal burner, mud shark…” And many unknowing black men have fallen in love with these derogatory slurs while at the same time advising black men to go SYSBM.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Oh, don’t worry, I’m going to be dealing with these “burn the coal, pay the toll/mudshark” mantras either this week Friday or next week Monday. You’ll notice much like the black witch these right wing white guys in seeing more white women pursue after black men typically fail to self examine and self scrutinise.

      YouTuber GW3 Extreme was right, black men have always been the number one symbol of masculinity and Lord Whitey has for many years attempted to alter this by superimposing himself upon us, hence the constant barrage of European imagery and propaganda that has been put out for 100s of years.

      However, as Mr Charlie’s kingdom is quickly coming to a close so is his feigned image of masculinity and dominance. Like Michel stated in a previous article, all black men need to do is simply turn up and these insecure jokers will immediately start throwing their rubber ducks out of the bath tub. As we keep on saying, racist white men and the black witch are two sides of the same rusty, decadent, degenerate, dusty coin.

      I agree 100%, liberal whites are not solely to blame for creating the modern day dysfunctional black witch who has become a total menace to black society as a whole, conservatives whites also have their part to play in this in that when in control they’ve failed to take away the black female’s goodies ie they too have left her to run amuck.

      Black male/white female relations are only increasing and labelling white women who deal with black men mud sharks and coal burners will not stop the flood. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  8. Yup….I live in the Midwest and these White Broads are out here checking for the “lames” BW habitually pass over. Most are coming with better bodies and better attitudes too. White communities flourish because good WW are supportive of the efforts of their own. I’ve had more WW hit on me at my blue collar job as well as give me free advertisement for my very small eBay selling business. A blue collar job and earning side money though online sales are things a broke, section 8 having BLACK baby momma will scoff and sneer at when it comes to Black Men.
    BW also better look out because the ass title is slowly going to WW…..Go to a lake or beach around here. BW’s ONLY claim to fame is being taken by Becky Bouncy Butt. BW will say “No one got ASS like us…” While injecting Fix-A-Flat into it.

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    • Fat, floppy, and sloppy butt black women lost the BUTT WARS many decades ago. Hair weave and obesity do not bring about good butts.

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      • >Fat, floppy, and sloppy butt black women lost the BUTT WARS many decades ago.

        But those land barges are still winning the GUT wars by a wide margin.


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    • 8BitBlerd,

      Exactly, have you noticed how white and other non black women don’t have any problems finding the good black men black women claim don’t exist? The fact of the matter is good black men aren’t valued by black women period, this is why we left off dealing with them and made the decision to venture into greener pastures.

      Again, why is it that white women are more supportive of black children and black men that black women? That alone speaks volumes. Becky is winning as there is nothing that floppy and sloppy big booty Tenisha can do about it.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Whenever black women talk about black men getting with “fat white women” its automatically a serious indictment against themselves, yet they never want to look at it from that perspective, they only want to bring into question that particular black man’s standards, smh.

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    • Black british guy “…very attractive BW!” Please inform us of what percentage of black women that you find attractive. In addition, are these supposed attractive black women the ones that use lots of makeup and hair weave?

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  9. Not ashamed to admit I dated a white BBW for awhile and she was one of the best I’ve ever had. Treated me like gold, incredible sex, big titties and ass, cute face, super submissive, bought me gifts, supported my endeavors. I’d be in bed with that woman the whole weekend from Friday to Monday morning. I’m getting turned on just typing about her. I used to flaunt her fat ass in public, lol. We’d get dagger stares from the sistas. I played into the whole stereotype of a black guy having a fat white chick. The only reason it ended was because I moved out of the area, and even then she flew out to visit me.

    These white females know that black men are largely from loveless if not abusive backgrounds and situations and use that to snare the productive brothers with simple kindness, a concept black women can’t grasp. A plain, chubby white female 5-6 can get an in-shape black male 6-8 just by being kind.

    A casual scroll through Instagram will show you that these WW are getting bodies like sistas minus the attitude and bullshit. All of their strengths and none of their weaknesses, like the Daywalker. My only deal breaker is that I only mess with real suburban white women, not wigger trash who hang around sistas picking up their habits.

    SYSBM, gentlemen, keep it pushing. Like the other poster here I’m an elder at 50+ and have seen the whole story arc unfold. BW are at the end of their rope and I’m 100% here for it. 13% of BM voted for Trump; if BW keep pushing Kamala, I guarantee that percentage will go even higher.

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      • Afro,

        You ain’t wrong. What’s happening on Twitter is that BW are pushing Kamala and just expect BM to fall in line and vote for her because they say so. Tariq Nasheed and The Black Authority are pushing back.

        Despite my own liberalism, I’d never actively vote for a colored woman (Kamala isn’t African-American) to rule over me. BW can’t even run the shit that they’re actually in charge of. See any big city for proof. School districts, neighborhoods, anywhere single babymamas live en masse is a shambles.

        I voted for and liked Hillary on the other hand because BM like me do better with white women, period. Negroes get kneejerk mad at the “superpredators” remark but let’s face it, she wasn’t lying, truth hurts.

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  10. The difference with a fat black woman and a fat white woman? The fat whitey knows that she’s fat. The fat black woman says that she’s think but she round as a doughnut. I have seen black men dating fat white women and here this, I have seen black men with fat white women and they are happy with them but when they are with a fat black chick its the complete opposite. And black men are having kids with fat white women and some black women are being single mothers beacsue they are also getting ram by them thirsty thugs on the street. SYSBM and also SYSBM Curves.

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    • You hit the nail on the head. If the brother is happy, what difference does it make if his girl is fat? They don’t say that shit when brothers are with fat black women.

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    • “The difference with a fat black woman and a fat white woman? The fat whitey knows that she’s fat.”

      The money quote right there, brother. LOL!

      #SYSBMCurves all the way!


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  11. Also many of these BW stink if they happen to breeze by you on your daily travels I bet you can find multiple BW who smell like funky feet burned car tires and nasty weave. My sister informed me the other day it is a fat BW beast at her job who vagina smells so bad when she uses the bathroom people cannot go in right after her or at the same time because the box stinks so bad. My sister said even with her pants on when she walks by people can smell the nasty box my sister stated the supervisor is going to talk to the BW beast because everybody is complaining about the funky wilderbeast. And this is the nail in the coffin my SYSBM brethren why does this beast have a kid yes someone actually stuck their penis in that utterly disgusting box you cannot make this stuff up.

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  12. See, the thing is that it’s only a competition if both sides are bringing the same thing to the table. I’m sure she has a great looking ass, but long as she brings a pleasant attitude, immaculate hygiene and a net worth higher than $5, she’s already a cut above the daggles.

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    • Yes indeed. This is why I look at the black woman as a joke. Because she loves pookie and day day, until she gets pregnant and needs help

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  13. Black man / White women are two sides of the same coin.

    1. Their other half think they owned them

    2. They try to use shaming tactics.

    3. When the shaming tactics don’t work they exort to violence

    But a the end of the day wm/bw are nothing but hot air.

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    • He probably already has a non-black woman on the side, he’s just being hush-hush about it. I raised a suspicious eyebrow when I heard he went to Japan for a “Black Convention” 😂😂😂

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      • Sigma,

        Exactly who did Umar think he was fooling he was in Japan trying to find a woman a black convention in Japan does not make sense at all lmao.

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    • Exposingtheemperor,

      Dr Umar Johnson aka gerbil face as Michel likes to call him is slowly getting there, however he needs to start calling out and implicating the specific individuals involved in the destruction of the black family, the black witch is the one raising the Killer Slims and the Murder Merks in black society, not WE.

      We thinking black men have absolutely nothing to do with the destruction of black society because we were either ousted from it or we left recognising it as an unredeemable basket case. As we already know black women as a collective reject thinking black men and instead choose to open their legs to and get impregnated by the likes of 6 Shooter, Basement Scully, Lil Cheezy, Black Block, Murder Mike, Scooter, Timberland Green etc.

      The black witch then has the backing of the State who offers her plenty of cash, goodies and treats which she has no problems readily accepting with her filthy, contaminated and bloody hands. He still acting as if the government has forced black women to take their money, no black women want to be independent single mothers just in the same manner that they love and want to kill unborn children.

      Nobody is holding a gun to their heads when black women hop, skip and jump into these abortion clinics with a smile on their faces ready to slice another baby’s throat wide open. Johnson is doing a lot better than he was before, however I see that he is still trying to give the black witch some form of out. Thanks for posting the video and bringing it to our attention. I sense that Umar Johnson is finally realising that the modern day black female isn’t worth a prolonged fart in a windstorm.

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      • That is why his school will fail because the very women he worships, will put an end to his school by calling on her master, the government

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  14. When it comes to problems in the black community, all roads lead to Tommy. So many BW & BM cussed him out for his opinions but now I find so many BM echoing his statements.

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    • That’s because we’re at the endgame for black women. The cuts are getting deep and even though black women are working at middle management jobs, the tax brackets are making them broke.

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  15. To clarify, Tommy points out the major role of the modern day feminist, BW in the problems facing Black Society today…..the more BM that realize this, the better.

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    • Looking at the picture of the child, you wonder if he was mixed. Either way, unfortunate as the story is, it doesn’t surprise us anymore. And black women wonder why no self-respecting man chooses them as girlfriends/wives. They will destroy the lives of any child that reminds them of their failures, mixed kids or not.

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  16. “most black men are not interested in oil tankers, wide load super cruisers and fully loaded aircraft carriers.” LOLOLOL!!! Maaan that had me dyin laughin. Anyway once again another great article and you’re right abou the “plain Jane” white women. They’re in shape for the most part and don’t have to put on a ton of makeup if at all to get a black man. She has a lot working for her right there including her character which makes up for her not so model face looks.

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    • Cornelius J Jackson,

      Thanks bro, plain Jane white women stay winning over most black women all day everyday because of their femininity and good attitudes. It’s a shame that black women refuse to implement this aspect of the white female into their lives which is something positive.

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    • You all sound like a bunch of effeminate gay men with all this hate. You must be cult members of the Black Israelites camp. You all deserve to live the lonely and empty lives you’re living. It’s the seed you’ve sown


      • “Black Israelite?”………well gentlemen, there you have it, black women, black men who love black women now are just lumping ALL black men who DONT KISS BLACK WOMEN’S ass together….black Israelites dont date white women, WE DO.

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      • Paul Anthony,

        You’ll notice that these black witches and their pro black simp flunkies have been frequenting this site more often, the black woman is feeling the pinch from more black men giving her the middle finger and so the witch’s approach as per usual is to attempt to intimidate and bully thinking black men back onto the plantation.

        You’d think they’d learn by now that their lame shaming language and disparaging techniques don’t work on us.

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      • Nope,

        Lonely lives? I’ve been doing extremely well under SYSBM, I’m not lonely at all. You sound like a typical scorned black witch, you can’t believe that there are black men out here who have completely cancelled you dirty sirens out, lol. Recompense is a dish best served cold.

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  17. Al the points made here have been spot on. I will add this, go to the poorest black areas of America, then go to the poorest areas of white America. You will see that the level of violence, chaos, destruction, and mayhem is greater in poor black areas even though there are white areas that are just as poor if not poorer.
    Why is this?
    Because white women understand that they are women and don’t try to take the place of white men. Black women on the other hand are so stupid that they believe they should be above the man, and be able to tell black men what to do.
    Long story short, my cousin and our male friend were hanging out, having a few drinks, and looking at photos off a habesha women instagram page. And we were making comments about how beautiful the women were.
    I suppose my cousin forgot to turn off his live stream because our friends girlfriend (a black witch) calls him, he had her on speaker, and starts cursing at him and screaming at him like he was a child, all because he made COMMENTS about beautiful Ethiopian women on an internet web page.
    Black women are simply horrible person, with horrible attitudes, horrible personalities, and an over nasty, combative nature. White women are simply not like that, and white women don’t carry themselves in the irritating, never-ending drama filled way black women do.
    This is why you see very good looking black men with white women who would be considered average. But those white women are exceptional compared to even the better looking black women, all because white women have a natural femininity that black men see and are drawn to.
    This is why black women and simps love to say ‘You black men put a basic Becky on a pedestal’.
    No. That white woman puts her black man on a pedestal, and that black man in turn treats that white woman with the respect she deserves. Only black women are dumb enough to walk around thinking black men should just respect them because they are black women.
    The fat out of shape white woman is more valuable than the fat out of shape black woman. The poor white trash woman is better than the ghetto good rat female. And so on and so forth.
    But these idiotic negroes can’t seem to grasp why when a black man has the chance to be with a white female, he goes and NEVER looks back.
    Like the guy who got screamed at by his black queen simply for TALKING about beautiful Ethiopian women, black men are dumb enough to actually tolerate such madness from black women , but will be the same idiots talking about how they just couldn’t be with a white woman (for some unknown stupid ass reason).
    Black women are obsessed with white women because they know that the most average white woman has more value, gets more attention, and is treated with more respect worldwide then black women are.
    And it’s not because of white supremacy or any of that pro black, blame the white man bullshit. It’s because white women know how to be women, and the world sees it and responds accordingly.
    The only thing black women know how to be is irritating and embarrassing. Avoid black women at all costs.

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  18. I will gladly take a white woman who is a 5 in looks over a black woman who is a 9. Mainly because of attitude, femininity and that white woman has an overall appreciation for you and your efforts over the 9 who expects you to be there and deal with her bullshit because yo mamma black.

    More black men are becoming sysbm because they’re over black whores toxic attitudes and repulsive behaviors, and these idiots are digging their own graves and are finally seeing it. Oh well. Refortify that wall and avoid these black bitches at all costs.

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    • Stephen, exactly. But as I’ve always said most black men never get the opposite to actually experience being around non black women who actually understand how to be women.
      So these black men go through life believing that dealing with confrontation, aggressive behavior, never-ending drama, arguments, bad attitudes, a ridiculously looking appearance, etc, is perfectly normal and simply an aspect of how black women ‘are’, and black men should tolerate this nonsense.
      These simp black men only condemn black men with white women because these clowns have never been around anything other than these disgusting black female pigs.
      Most black men are too stupid and afraid to actually admit that white women are better women than the vast majority of black females. It’s a fact that black men tolerate all kinds of low life, low level black female behavior, and they keep going back for more because they aren’t strong enough mentally to simply walk away from black women altogether, and live life free from black women’s nonsense.

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      • Bill Smith,

        You stated that black men aren’t mentally strong enough to walk away from black women, this statement is 100% on point as they have been programmed, indoctrinated and trained by the black witch to tolerate anything and everything that she puts out. Notice what you’ve said though, the strength lies in mustering up the courage to WALK AWAY from continuous warfare, strife, misery and pain, whereas the black witch would have us believe that the strength lies in tolerating her dysfunction, smh.

        I was checking out some photos of Habesha women, they look fantastic. I’ve always stated that the best looking women in Africa are situated in the East and of course you’ll notice how large portions of Habesha women are mixed and of course natural which makes them even more desirable and appealing. I don’t even know why a black man would tolerate such dysfunction from a black woman when he can simply head over to Ethiopia, Eritrea or Somalia and pick himself up a good looking woman with a feminine attitude. You’ll notice also how the Habesha women looking good in all shades.

        Most black men are too used to dysfunction to recognise that they shouldn’t be living, breathing and tolerating it. The black witch has performed a bang up job of getting large swaths of black men to put up with her garbage, however we thinking black knights at the SYSBM roundtable know better.

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    • “…black woman who is a 9.” It is assumed that very few black females get above the 5 level. As I said earlier, non-black men and families often get a financial boost from the sexual market value of the females in their families. FEW BLACK MEN GET A FINANCIAL BOOST FROM THE BLACK FEMALES IN THEIR FAMILIES. BLACK MEN HAVE TO GET A FINANCIAL BOOST ON THEIR OWN. FEW BLACK MEN WILL HAVE FEMALE FAMILY MEMBER THAT BECOME TROPHY WIVES.

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  19. Verbs2015, sadly I don’t think most black men even know anything about Ethiopian habesha women, Eritrean women, Somalia women, or women from Djibouti. I’m sure that most black men especially in America, don’t even know these countries exist, and I’m absolutely positive these black American men have no clue regarding the difference and beauty between these women and other ‘black women’.
    And Verbs2015, I’m not sure that most black men even know these women actually exist. And I doubt these black men have the resources to actually go to east Africa to find these women m
    In my opinion the best bet for the black man in the Western world is to find a non black woman in the Western world.
    Would I like to travel to the horn of Africa to find a female companion? Absolutely. But for the common black man , I don’t know how realistic that actually is?
    I think the best solution for black men is to try to find non black women in their areas, and go from there
    As I’ve said most western black men probably can’t find Eritrea on a map, let alone travel there.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Would you say that foreign black women like you describe would be very tribal i.e. would not mess with African-American men? The Somali and African women I’ve come across have been nice people to talk to and even look at, but when it’s time to date and marry they do so almost exclusively within their own tribes or ethnic groups.

      Agreed that it’s just easier for American BM to date non-black women in the West.

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  20. Schadenfreude, I think those females from the horn of Africa in general would be more tribal, and tend to stick with their ‘own’.
    But I also think the horn of Africa women who are raised in the west might be more open to getting involved with a black American man. But for the most part I see those women sticking with the men who come from those places on the horn of Africa who have the same culture as they do.
    But I can totally see a woman from the horn of Africa abandoning everything in her culture if it meant she could be with a white man. But for western black men, I just don’t see this happening on a substantial scale.
    And yes, it’s more practical for a western black man to look for a relationship with a non black female in the western world than to try to find a native horn of Africa female.
    Although it would be absolutely ideal and wonderful to get a native Somali, Eritrean, Ethiopian, or woman from Djibouti because they are absolutely beautiful and have all the feminine traits any logic man would want in a woman.

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  21. I live in Middle Tennessee, and I see plenty White girls (sometimes Latinas) with nice butts; majority of the Black women I see are obese and unattractive. Miss Victoria says she can compete with Black women, but I say Black women don’t possess an iota of a chance competing with Becky.

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