A Black Witch Speaks



Violet says:

All you black piece of filth so called brothers on this page are demons from the pit of hell who are jealous of white men and beautiful African or African American women who don’t want ya’ll ugly, beasty, out of control sex crazed animals. All ya’ll do is go around fornicating, committing adultery with multiple women, trying to be pimps and womanizers of all women. You black guys hate all women, you have no love in you for any women if you hate the race of women who bore you ugly black male devil’s into the world. I don’t think you black guys are safe for any women to get with either Caucasian women, Latina women or any other races of beautiful women for that matter. They would be doing themselves a serious disservice to even bother with ya’ll stupid ignorance. The black men like ya’ll on this page is a loser no matter how much money ya’ll make or different race of woman ya’ll try to hide behind to promote ya’ll evil, sinister egotistic, womanizing agenda it will never make ya’ll a great catch. Ya’ll are ugly and disgusting and disrespectful towards all women, no matter her race, you will manage to defile her and then move on to the next like a energy sucking, stank, evil vampire.

Now we already know that this is a black witch speaking because in typical black female fashion she lumps all black men together. Heterosexual thinking black men aren’t going around “fornicating, committing adultery with multiple women, trying to be pimps and womanizers of all women”, we already know that these behaviours are carried out by the likes of Crenshaw, Bucky, 2 Bladez, 12 Gauge Mike, Lil Sauce, Slim Lock etc, therefore Violet needs to take her complaints and gripes to those guys over there, however I sincerely doubt that she will because they won’t hesitate to slap her upside her dusty head and send her upon her merry way.

Secondly, quite the reverse actually, it is you black women, your insecure racist white male overlords and the simps you’re now dispatching in record numbers who have a problem with jealousy, especially when it pertains to black male/white female couples.

Then she accuses the men at Slaying Evil of hating ALL WOMEN when it is clear that the brothers here and thinking black men in general have a problem specifically dealing with BLACK WOMEN as a collective. I’m not afraid to say that I hate the overwhelming majority of black women because they are narcissistic, unhinged, mentally damaged psychopaths who believe that they have the right to behave in whatever manner they choose, here are some examples, am I supposed to love women who look like freaks and who behave like this:

Notice how all of these videos are from different parts of the world yet what is the common denominator, black females engaging in unruly, beastly behaviour, the same behaviour this black witch Violet is trying to accuse thinking black men of partaking in. Again, it is evident that thinking black men don’t hate all women, we just hate dysfunctional, disingenuous and dishonest black whores like YOU Violet. It is black women and the devil spawn seedlings they produce who have become the pestilence of society in general and black society in particular, not intelligent, educated, forward thinking brothers.

Again, the question must be asked, why did you come to this website witch, you claim that we are evil womanisers trying to push a malevolent agenda yet here you are typing out long paragraphs in the comment section in your attempts to make some sort of impact. I also have to laugh at how Violet pretends to be concerned for other races of women, yet these are the same filthy black sirens who will be quick to call white women “cave bitches” and all other names under the sun. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

The black witch Violet goes on to say:

Ya’ll are social parasites to society and a disease to the race of women and other race of men who love women, have respect for women no matter their race and sees the good and beauty in a woman, then here ya’ll jealous, hating, ugly, black demons come to tear that man down and the woman because ya’ll are ugly inside and out and jealous of the white man. It’s no wonder ya’ll evil ugly selves have no power, because if ya’ll did you would be worse than the white man by far! Women of color are the way they are because of how ya’ll evil black demon guys abuse them and their mother’s. I’m glad the universe is looking out for humanity than to allow ya’ll evil demonic black piece of manure black guys to have any power. Intelligent women of color are so much better than ya’ll black evil dummy black guys on this page and elsewhere that think like ya’ll in the world, and no woman should ever curse herself to get with one of ya’ll. Just gross ugly beastly demons from hell plaguing the race of women all over.

Again, if she is talking about black men disrespecting women(which is really her way of trying to appeal to non black women because these black heifers already know that they are on the bottom when it comes down to desirability) then she needs to talk to the particular black men who engage in such practices ie Lil Cheezy, 12 Gauge Mike, Shed Dread, Trap House Jim etc, again, these behaviours have nothing to do with thinking black men.

You’ll notice how non black women can clearly differentiate between the good and the gutter of black male society and in the overwhelming majority of cases opt for the brothers who have something going for themselves, yet most black women are still stuck on square one as they much prefer opening their legs to black male scum buckets.

Then the scum bucket black female Violet talks about black men not having any power which really isn’t true when we examine the situation and look at it from a deeper perspective. We have to have some sort of power for racist white men, black women and their pro black simp stooges to be coming out of the woodwork at such a high rate rolling out videos as well as hit piece articles on us one after another.

We don’t have anywhere near the level of finances and the level of resources that non black men have, yet without fail they will throw their toys out of the pram whenever they see a black man with one of their female counterparts. We thinking black men apparently don’t require power as it is known in the common sense, just being present and being able to choose any race of women we desire as far as I can see is sufficient enough power by itself.

Again, notice her “women of colour” talk, yet another attempt to appeal to other races of women, however unfortunately for the modern day black female other races of women DO NOT wish to be associated or hang out with them because of their deplorable and disgusting image and reputation. Stop trying to form an alliance with non black women witch, you black females will drink down your cups of judgement BY YOURSELVES.

The black witch Violet continues on by saying:

I’ve seen how ya’ll treat women from other races too, how ya’ll are bitter and abuse sweet women from other races who fall for ya’ll phony pretending asses pretending to be a gentleman. Ya’ll are evil and this piece of crap article should be banned and a crime to humanity. It’s no wonder that the majority of black guys are in jail! All you black guys supporting this pages hatred need to be put in jail for crimes against humanity and the precious woman race. I’ve seen how ya’ll treat women of color who are intelligent and beautiful, how ya’ll try to bring her down. Bunch of ugly demons. I pray God saves the race of women from the hatred of the evil black male who don’t deserve to live.

Again, nobody asked your backside to come over here. Violet is simply upset that there is an increasing number of black men who are beginning to see this modern day black female for the piece of evil trash/garbage that she is and are not afraid to call her out as so. Most of what she stated was gibberish and incoherent nonsense especially the “most black men are in jail” mantra which we already know is NOT the truth. What she meant to say is most of the black men black women as a collective prefer to open their legs to and procreate with are in jail, get it right witch.

She talks about “women of colour who are intelligent”, who she is really referring to is “educated black women”, however we already know that education and intelligence are not one and the same. Also, if black women are so intelligent how is it that they continue to get pregnant by the very same scum black men they complain about, an example right here:



Keep it moving Violet, your pestilent kind isn’t welcome over here. Again, you’ll notice how these cowardly black females as well as their simps slaves always choose to go ham in the comment sections of articles that have little to no activity because they already know that they will get lit up if they decide to voice their decadent opinions in one of the more recent articles. Leave these crusty misandry practicing, feminist, witchcraft loving, psychopathic black females on the shelf to collect even more dust, they deserve to be single.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

I Am The Black Witch Slayer

Most High Bless

78 thoughts on “A Black Witch Speaks

  1. Violet:

    I understand completely you viewpoint. See, it’s extremely hard being cursed by the Most High to have intolerable levels of self-hatred and venom towards Black men, Black girls and boys. You cannot cope with your bad karma by yourself, so you wander here recruiting others to hold your hand in sharing your mental pain.

    Unfortunately, we don’t want to walk with your hate. We thinking black men would rather live in peace with our White, Latina, Asian, Indian and European women who actually appreciate, love and support a brother.
    Your mental torment and desire to destroy the men and children with your karma is yours alone. No one asked you to come here to spread your misery, you’ll find no takers for unwanted garbage.

    Is hard to see others have the love you are completely devoid of, but that’s not or problem. Return to your mental hell by yourself.

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    • Michel,

      Yet more reasons to simply walk away from these failures, black women must and will be judged and I don’t want to be around them when the Most High opens up his can of wrath upon their heads.

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  2. Speaking of black witches, aside from Ghetto Gaggers, When Hands Touch, and Slave Play, BW have yet another show where they are submitting themselves to massa:

    This is pathetic man. As for the BW that wrote the above rant, not that I care, but nobody wants BW outside of BM. We know this is true thanks to dating statistics and surveys on desirability. They cant rant and rage all they want to, but at the end of the day their best and only option is to lose weight, stop having bastards, stop dating thugs, and lean to appreciate and co-operate with a Good BM. But we know that they will never do that, they are strong, independent, and angry and want to dominate BM. Keep the Wall up.

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    • A literal. Fucking. Slave romance…….


      Where’s the movie where a Chinese woman fucks a white man while her husband builds him a railroad? WHERE???

      Black women are an absolute fucking embarrassment, and need to be wiped off the face of the earth. I’ve never seen such a group with absolutely no self respect or dignity. Where’s Cynthia G or Karazin to speak on this, btw?

      And how are black women not called coons?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        We simply continue to build and fortify the wall as well as highlight black female skullduggery and in doing so point thinking black men towards better paths, black women as a group at this point are beyond the level of failure and will continue to prostitute themselves out to the lowest bidder.

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      • Thinking Brothers Afrofuturism1 and Verbs2015 ,

        The reason why black women not called coons is because they don’t have the testicles to produce life as we do as black men. They know that us thinking brothers have the power to choose and they think the name calling and penis policing will make us fall in line and have the ultimate say/control over our seeds, when and where we plant them. It will not work. You hear these same black women promoting non-black men but if those non-black men don’t choose to plant their seeds in Violet and black women of her ilk then those dudes will be called ‘racist’. I think black women like her want to both choose and be chosen but they didn’t get the memo that men in the traditional order of things does the choosing and for the women, they have to earn that right to be chosen. Balance is the key.

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      • afrofuturism1 ——— “And how are black women not called coons?” The reason is that black women control the language used by black people. To that end, black males are called nig*er/nig*a every day and all day. Black women, using the power of the matriarchy, have let nig*ress, the female form of the N-word die. That is the theory, of many, as to why black females are seldom addressed by a race-based slur.

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    • James S,

      Good black men have left the building, as you and many others here have pointed out time and time again, all black women have to choose from are the likes of Trap House Freddy, Slim Jim, Murk Man, A Squeezy and 6 Shooter. Decent black men aren’t going to touch these black sirens with a 30 foot barge pole. Keeping that wall up nice and high indeed.

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    • Don’t forget about BW’s other 2 favorite series, Scandal and Chewing Gum.

      It seems like BW get themselves a new slave romance or swirling series every year, but god forbid a brother is seen so much as speaking to a WW on TV, then all hell breaks loose.

      There was a 1 minute long Superbowl commercial for Cheerios that aired sometime back in 2013, and the backlash from white men and black women was so bad they had to shut down the entire comment section. All of this for a ONE MINUTE video.

      A black man can’t spend 60 SECONDS on screen with a non-Black woman without being verbally crucified by BW and their White Nazi partners in crime. It’s apparently only acceptable in the case of Get Out where the message of the movie is “stay away from them white women, they gonna getcha!!”

      With that much blatant hypocrisy, I think I’ll just continue to stick with #TeamDesi.


      Liked by 6 people

      • SunGodRa,

        I remember that commercial and the serious backlash it caused, had the roles been reversed and it had been a black woman in a relationship with Lord Whitey instead, there wouldn’t have been any form of protest whatsoever.

        This is one of the main reasons why black men and white women are being drawn to each other like never before, both are sick and tired of dealing with the heavy insecurities of their own counterparts.

        You cannot go wrong with Team Desi at all, the thing I like about the contributors to this website is unlike the daily propaganda being spewed by the black witch and her pro black flunkies, everybody here has different preferences in terms of the women they go for ie their first choice of female.

        Black women would have everybody believe that black men only deal with white women, however nothing could be further from the truth.

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      I have NO words
      I have been always astonished and surprised by how black women are PROUD of bieng f****d slave style by non black men(specialy(white)ones)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      this is somthing to PRAG about??????!!!!!!!!!

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    • That’s on my watch list, I’ve got to get memes and pictures for my next video. Man first the fat boys break up now this!




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    • JamesS ————– The majority opinion is that black females are the least attractive females on the planet. I have raised Saito Kanawaza’s name before as to his research and theories as to why black females, AS A GROUP, are unattractive.

      The research is that USA black females are getting shorter and fatter compared to the black females that were born before the 1980s. Despite all of the negative evidence against black females, these black females continue to be delusional and dysfunctional.

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  3. I tell them black witch bimbos why don’t they turn their chicken bone hexes on the wm thats oppressing them or even the people in power like the clontons and they respond to me that they have more magic than them. I always respond” so its ok to hex a random bm who u haven’t met instead right?” I never get an answer after that lol. These wannabe witch broads are jokes and have no real power except dropping their menstrual juices in spaghetti lol

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hijab Hamed,

      As we’ve proven time and time again, these heifers have no magic spells, potions, witchcraft or enchantments that can work against the weapon of abandonment. Once a black man decides to walk away from the black witch, she loses all power over him.

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  5. “Violet”

    Probaly overweight
    With Multiple bastard kids
    Multiple baby fathers who ain’t s***t who probaly dead and or in jail
    Wears weave
    In her 30s
    Hit her peak at around 18.
    Has network of $5.00

    At the end no body wants here.

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    • “Where are the legions of BW and WM couples?”
      They definitely exist……………………………………………in BW’s imaginations.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Precisely, black women as a collective simply aren’t wanted nor desired by other races of men. Black women wished that black men were in the same boat as they, however as we clearly observe in our own everyday lives, this is so not the case.

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      • If all BM jumped ship to non black women BW would go extinct and BW know that. BW resent the fact that BM have more options then them

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      • Black British Guy,

        Black women are so stupid they think talking greasy about us will somehow alter our position in the dating and mating market for the worst, however the opposite is occurring, because of the constant demonisation from black women as well as racist non black men, non black women are paying us even more attention than ever.

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      • Black british guy —- “BW resent the fact that BM have more options than them.” Black women also hate the fact that black women seek to hair that looks like Taylor Swift and that black men are not seeking to copy the same hairstyle as Justin Bieber.

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  6. I have been to 20 countries blacks women fuckery is a world wide problem, African women, African Americans women, black british women. They are just as bad as each other. Even though I prefer Black women it’s best just to pump and dump i want a quiet life. SYSBM and Mgtow is the only black man option.

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  7. “….All ya’ll do is go around fornicating, committing adultery with multiple women, trying to be pimps and womanizers of all women…”

    I’m probably the oldest man here so I’ll tell you who this is.

    The words I re-posted here shows her age to be 35-50 +
    The topic she focuses on are that of a an southern christian.
    The fact she’s here trying to make herself seen and heard is evidence of mental instability.

    She can’t get men her age anymore, so now she’s coming at you young bucks with the same ole, same ole, shame, religious bullshit, and racial unity……its 2019 dumbass not 1990….catch up.

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    • They love playing up that morality for their last three breaths. They will be whores for their entire lives, and then at age 87, start harping to the young people for the same thing that they were doing themselves…… 3 seconds ago.

      And you best believe that these chicks will be in the nursing home still trying to get some young dingaling.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Afrofuturism1,

        These depraved black sirens live for dick, remember that clip that came out a while back of some elderly black female being interviewed by a black male news reporter and all she talked about on air was dick, smh? The spirit of Jezebel only departs from the bodies of these God forsaken creatures at death, never before.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      The shaming language simply doesn’t work anymore, ol biddy Voilet is wasting her time believing that she can shame thinking black men into returning to the proverbial plantation. We’re already at the promised land, why on earth would we return to the desert and a barren waste land?

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  8. This chicks talks about “fornicating” and such, but riddle me this: if black men are a bunch of man whores, who are they doing it with? If black women were all pious prudes with a moral leg to stand on, then black people as a whole would’ve been bred out long ago, simply because black men would’ve had to have gone elsewhere to “fornicate”. The truth is, black women are the ultimate whores, and SHARE THR SAME MEN. Look at how many black women have children, and how many black men DON’T. They’re sharing the same soggy dudes, adding more to the incest epidemic.

    “Women/people of color” is also a stupid ass term. No other “brown” people use that term unless it’s time to pimp black people, who fall for it hook line and sinker. Black women ought to know from feminism alone that other groups of women can’t stand them.

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    • “if black men are a bunch of man whores, who are they doing it with?”

      THANK YOU, MY BROTHER!!! These bitches love bringing up procreation and illegitimate kids, but don’t want to own up to their part in it. These whores are not being raped or forced into something. They know what they’re doing and deserve no sympathy for the outcome.

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    • That “people of colour” term is complete garbage & it speaks volumes that most BW use this term and most BM don’t.

      Other non-Black minorities only use this to benefit on civil rights benefits which are only supposed to be for African-Americans (People like Claude Anderson & Ann Coulter have both spoken to this point).

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  9. She mentions how black men try to be pimps and womanizers, yet completely leaves out the fact that those are the exact types of men that black females in large proportion are attracted to. This is nothing more than a smokescreen to her own insecurities. She, like the racist white man she worships, is just grasping for straws because she realizes that there are black men who neither want nor need women of her ilk and have the ability to seek love elsewhere at a higher rate than they do. If anyone is jealous of interracial relationships, it’s black females in regards to black men dating out. Otherwise, “yo mama black” would never come up as a tool of deterrence. Her pandering to non black women is no different than her racist white daddy suddenly calling for homogeneity and racial purity while failing to mention how his people sexually mixed with women of other ethnicities for centuries on end. And notice her pseudo religious vernacular. “I pray that God saves…”, “demons from the pit of hell.” These bitches love hiding behind God and religion to justify their own evil.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Black women as a collective stay guzzling down high octane dumb fuel for life. We thinking black men clearly observe the jacked up life choices these women make and so we have simply made the necessary adjustments to our own lives in order to filter them out as much as is humanly possible. Black women will never take accountability and responsibility for anything they do, hence why black men with sense and intelligence must walk away from them.


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  10. Who take these whores seriously? Nobody with a triple digit IQ take any of these black witches seriously. They had no credibility beforehand, but when Synthetic G (Calypso) came out as a baby mama, black women who followed that buffoon shouldn’t be saying anything right now. Since black women are too dumb to know the difference between a competent black man and a nigga, they should all be lumped into one group as well. And since we have the facts on our side, it’s black women’s job to prove us wrong (good luck with that).

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Most black women are circling the wagons in favour of the decadent and totally discredited disgrace called Cynthia G, a handful of black women have stepped forward to condemn her actions, however those numbers are merely a drop in the ocean. When you have 96% of black females voting for an ultra left wing socialist/feminist in the form of one Miss Hillary Clinton, you already know it’s a wrap. As I’ve stated before, at this late stage there is nothing that can be mustered up in order to form a solid and robust defence for black women, NOTHING.

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  11. This Violet women a fucking idiot and a fucking buffoon. No quality black man will date the majority of black women today because they’re a lost cause that cannot be fixed. Verbs always proves us good black men right in refusing to date black women because he shows video evidence after video evidence showing how black women act in such barbaric ways when they start fighting people for no good reason other than to get the world’s attention because nobody wants to date a black woman like despite their claims of being the goddesses, the most beautiful woman and the most educated women on the planet, they are still the least picked women on the fucking planet because they look so fucking ugly looking like dixie Kong with a blonde wig/weave. Verbs keep up the good work my brother. SYSBM for life. ☀️💯😊☺️🌍

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I will continue to highlight black female skullduggery and dysfunction in order to show black men that they have better options to choose from, I stopped dealing with black women over 13 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Good black men are walking away from black women and for very good reasons, there isn’t even any value in the modern day black female that the pro black simps can point to.

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      • Verbs 2015.
        Thanks for pointing out the black women issues and that good black men need to realise that we have almost unlimited dating options with non black women throughout the world and that’s what black women, racist white men and pro black simps can’t handle. The irony is that black men as a collective are the poorest men on the planet but we are able to attract beautiful good looking non black women without any money, power or resources and the racist white man gets mad at this because he believes that only he is allowed to have the unlimited options in attracting any race of women throughout the world due to his money, status, power and resources and it should go unchallenged from other races of men because the racist white man believes in his distorted mind that he is the number 1 man in the world when it comes to sex, love, relationships and marriage with all races of women in the planet. Times are now changing and I see more and more good black men dating non black women on a massive worldwide scale and racist white men and black women are scared because it is threatening their fake power structure in believing that black men are at the bottom of everything in this world.

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  12. This heffer need to find something to do and stop living off the government, damn! Not only she has a simp who is weak minded and has noting to offer for her but she must be a single mother with multiple kids with a whole leap of me and has different colours of weave in her hair looking like a rainbow. Let me tell you something. You know why things are getting harder and harder dating or being with a black woman is because its the way they act. They enjoy being single mothers, they wear weave trying to look white, they sleep with thugs and kids with these bums, they twerk on the internet for free and enjoying the ratchetness and you know why black men are dating outside their race and that’s what they are mad about because black men have abandon ship and left that ship sink by taking the rescue boats and head to dry land and these black harlots and left with the simps living off them and eating their food out the fridge and not looking for a job. Black women are not happy because black men have suddenly walked away from her and her dumb nonsense and she’s suck with the simps who is not only living off her but not working and providing for her.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Money Cultural,

      With all of the tricks, guilt tripping and shaming language they have, it’s so entertaining to see black women running to and fro like headless chickens whenever they encounter black men who simply use the tool of abandonment against them. They refuse to change their ways for the better yet at the same time in their dysfunctional minds still expect thinking black men to accept them in their broken beyond repair state even though they choose to reject the decent brothers in favour of Bucky, Crenshaw and 12 Gauge Mike. Black women deserve to be left alone to collect dust on the top shelf. #SYSBMFORLIFE #ABANDONBLACKWOMENFOREVER

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  13. Verbs 2015.
    I just watched a Cynthia G you tube video on how that she is making excuses for her poor life choice on getting knocked up with a kid by Robert Perkins who we all know is a typical dusty black dude who already has 5 kids from four baby mothers. Foolishness from black women knows no bounds.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These black women are full of excuses bro, hence why I advise thinking black men to abandon them and seek out sex, love and companionship elsewhere. You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

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      • Damn right. Black women and white men will talk about racial purity and race pride when it suits them, but alas who do you find dicking down 12 Gauge and 2 Clips and fucking young foreign girls while screaming about racial genocide? Pathetic.

        You don’t see Becky, Lopez, Ling, Singh and Amita focusing on that claptrap, no wonder Tokyo, Mecca, Seoul and Singapore have become synoyms of wealth and opulence while Detroit and New York become Mega City 1 and Europe becomes a totalitarian wasteland.

        It is impossible to build even a half decent civilization when the dominating aspects view the producers as slaves to be used and exploited.


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      • Verbs 2015.
        Thanks for agreeing with me bro. I only dated one black women in my life when I was 16 back in 1998 only because she asked me out and I said yes. I stopped dealing with them since 1998 because even though the black women that I was dating at that time period in 1998 was a nice girl, her mum hated me and was racist towards me because I am Guyanese descent and she was Jamaican descent and she wanted her daughter to only date Jamaican men. Years later I found out that my Jamaican ex girlfriend became a single mother from a Jamaican man.

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  14. This is a drugged up fuel all over the place space head rant by this Violet BW piece of garbage. As stated I will have a glass of high end Vodka and fellas get your assorted drinks of choice and watch the shit show called BW today and laugh at these ingrates. Verbs, Trap House Jim is funny as hell.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Damn right. Let wannabe house n….s and state loving welfare queens pick up their own trash, if even 2 Blades and Biggie D are running straight to the community colleges in fear of the land whales, and landing themselves quality jobs and non-black empresses as we speak, why can’t otherwise decent black males do the same man?

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    • Sean,

      These chicks are a joke, they think that they can still wound us psychologically with their nasty, evil words straight from the pit of hell, however we thinking black men have evolved beyond such witchcraft plus we are also embarking upon the journey of deprogramming and decontamination which provides a solid and effective shield against their attacks.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Verbs,

        These chicks are pure garbage I am so happy BM are seeing them for what they are and the destruction they have caused over the years BM are waking up.

        Liked by 3 people

      • “embarking on a journey of deprogramming and decontamination which provides a solid and effective shield against their attacks”

        Abandonment, plus strengthening the mind with disciplines such as meditation, going to the gym and building an empire for yourself. Absolutely.

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  15. These black klingon bitches never learn from their stupid life choices and want to blame everyone else for their stupidity and buffoonary.

    Liked by 3 people

      • I fully agree with you Anton. I even put on my dating profile that I am not interested in black women but I still get black women looking at my profile and adding me as their favourite profiles even though I made it very clear that I am not interested in them and I would never wanna date because of the negative stereotypes that they have and how they treated me like absolute shit all my life. The desperation from black women is uncanny and off the charts because no man value wants to date their ugly weaved up arsed.

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  16. Another silly-ass black broad runnin’ off at the mouth and as usual isn’t saying a goddamn thing thus confirming to the rest of the world why most black women are a total laughingstock.

    Liked by 4 people

  17. From the sounds of those heifers, it appears that L-Express just drop shipped a pallet of L’s on their heads.

    L-Express – Delivery in 30 minutes, or the next L is free.


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