Still Dreaming, Lol? There Will Be No Escape From Your Coming Judgement


How badly most black women only wished they could climb Swirl Mountain successfully, however the reality as I’ve have stated many times before is most black women who embark upon attempting to climb Swirl Mountain will fail miserably, this is the vital nugget of information that the pink pill pimptress one Miss Christelyn Karazin conveniently omits from her classes for black women on how they can “snag themselves a white man”.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, could somebody please show me the queue of white and other non black men who are lining up around the block to snag themselves a black witch, I’ll wait? This is point right here, non black men aren’t checking for black women en masse and black women know it, this is why they are and have been along side their pro black simp contingents resorting to dick policing tactics in their attempts to manipulate black men into dealing with them only, however even this technique is failing miserably and brothers are still walking off the plantation in heavy numbers.

The bottom line is the swirl movement is a tried and failed monumental attempt by black women to get themselves situated with non black men. The level as to which this movement has collapsed into pieces has been colossal. Now that these sirens have had to return to the nest empty handed and with egg all over their faces, their next plan is to slot right back into their feminist mannerisms and act as if they can pick up where they left off ie begin bossing black men around once again.

There is only one problem, so many black men have already left the building and so black women are left to lording over their pro black simp flunkies. There is also another issue at play here, yet another major reason why the swirl movement has been a grand flop, more white and non black men have noted how horribly black women treat black men and have decided that they want no part of anything with such individuals.

This is why I have to laugh at black women whenever they threaten to cross the fence and “get themselves a white man”, As I stated in Negro Wars only a very select few of black women will ever be given the opportunity to swirl, yet another valuable piece of information that Christelyn Karazin is purposely omitting from her pimp classes.

When black women sit there and call black men “niggers” all day, they honestly believe that white men aren’t taking note of what they are doing. When black women openly engage in street brawling and battle royales they don’t believe that white men are watching. Common sense would say that if you wish to attract the male members of a different race then it would bode well for you to at least first treat the men of your own race with dignity and respect in the aims of putting out a good impression.

Black women as a collective cannot seem to grasp this concept, they openly disrespect black men, they engage in some of the most degrading and decadent behaviour, they refuse to look like themselves, trying their hardest and utmost to look like Jennie and then they wonder why white men aren’t checking for them like that.

White men already have a high class and high standard of woman, they aren’t about to put her down for the trash and dregs of black female society. Again, in 2018 what exactly do black women as a group have to offer, what is so good about them that any race of man would choose them over non black women? What do they have to offer that cannot be sought after elsewhere ie with non black women?

I remember asking a pro black simp this on Obsidian’s show and in the end the guy had to resort to lies and fairy tales. The dude tried to tell me how black women cook, clean and look after their children, however from the observable facts we all know that modern day black women being the lazy feminist slobs that they are don’t cook. Their idea of cooking is throwing a dish in the microwave or the oven.

We know that black females don’t clean, that is why we frequently see photos and videos of black women in their houses which are beyond filthy, don’t forget about the dirty mattress which sits on the floor. Lastly, we know that black women don’t look after their children but instead prefer killing them, hence the ultra high abortion figures in black female society.

Those children that they do have are already at high risk and will be seen as a burden if at some point the child becomes of no value to the mother. Again, white and other non black men are seeing all of these things and are equally taking notes and yet and still black women can’t figure out why outside of black men nobody wants them and even that dynamic is beginning to change with many brothers making the decision to take their chances with women of other ethnicities.

At the end of the day most black women are destined for hellfire and destruction and no “swirling”, the literature associated with it or “pink pill classes” will save black women from the wrath to come. As James S and many others here continue to reiterate, keep the wall up as these women have cast their lots and chosen the destructive paths they are now embarking upon. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Keep The Wall Up

Most High Bless

101 thoughts on “Still Dreaming, Lol? There Will Be No Escape From Your Coming Judgement

  1. That’s the thing they don’t understand which is they don’t think white men are not paying attention to them calling black men the n word and then when left hook Harry knocks them out, they play the victim card. Black women are feeling the backlash from not having a Thinking black man in the household because food and clothing prices gone up and it’s not that many people paying for their cash apps or paying for anything right now. The resources are drying up and credit is tightening as well.

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  2. I was on obsidian show and the black female guest kept on calling a black guy named judge a nigga and I just asking myself as a Thinking black man as to why is this being allowed??? She don’t respect us, so why should I listen to anything she’s saying??? This is why I am very selective about who I hang out with and I’m building my resources up.

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      • Verbs writes “ Only a very select few of black women will ever be given the opportunity to swirl”…. That statement alone speaks volumes about your self hate because you think that being with a white persona is “an opportunity”, whether it’s s black woman with a white man or a black man with a white woman. You see “crossing over” as an opportunity. Do you hate your skin color that much, brah”? You obviously do. Your blog is a total waste of time, I can’t believe how this is how you spend your days, weeks, months and years. What good are you contributing in the world? More importantly, to further God’s kingdom? I actually feel bad for you. You must really be miserable.


      • Troy Beaman,

        So describing the way the modern day black female thinks and how white men typically view black women now equates to a black man practicing “self hate”, are you serious? I always find it interesting how you pro black female advocates never pull black women up on their many shortfalls and transgressions, yet you will go out of your way to grill and roast black men who righteously call out dysfunctional black female behaviour. Dating out is an opportunity, an opportunity to break the curses and get away from the very women who have single handedly destroyed their own people.

        Again, you assume that I am not doing the work of the Most High just because what I’m doing is not recognised in the institutional church beast infrastructure circles you roll in. The body of Christ is made up of many different part performing many different operations, hands don’t perform in the same manner as the mouth, just remember that.


  3. I support black women getting with white men and it doesn’t bother me one bit…….I’m too busy with blondes, redheads, asian and arab women.

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    • Agreed, but most non-BM don’t want these aspiring swirlers and this pisses a lot of them off, they direct this anger at BM. Failed swirlers are some of the most vicious black feminists and BM haters on the web.

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      • “…but most non-BM don’t want these aspiring swirlers and this pisses a lot of them off….”
        STOOOPPPPPP RIGHT THERE!!! FULL fucking STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WE are MEN!!! And care not WHAT anyone thinks of us!!!! PERIOD!!!! We don’t concern ourselves over what others think of us, WE FOCUS ON WHAT WE THINK OF THEM, and this is what I think.
        It’s 2019, and as an HETEROSEXUAL, AMERICAN MAN of AFRICAN DESCENT, I fear no man or woman, rather it is I WHO SHOULD BE FEARED! I’m intelligent, focused, patience, and my taste for obeying the laws of KARMA makes me a human being you do not want to fuck with, bottom line, you leave me alone when I step to WHOEVER female I want to step to, and I won’t rip your head off and take a dump down your throat.

        There, I fixed it for you, because the rest of your post made me throw-up a little…….it makes them mad, SO FUCKING WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! GODDAMMMMMN!!!!!!

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      • Those are the majority of my thoughts today. Because of my past, I’m stronger mentally than 90% of people out there. Ordinary WM would top themselves with what I had to go through. What a non-BM (or WW) thinks about me, I don’t give a fuck. I’m a person others shit themselves over (in fear of on lust). I’m good.

        Let them take all the black women. Take them all.

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      • @Paul Anthony

        Bruh, I’m simply pointing out the obvious, something that has been pointed out on this forum multiple times now. I never said that anyone should care what they think or that anyone should be afraid of them.

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  4. I will also note that women, and especially black women, tend to be delusional in seeking men. Financially broke men do not spend their time and money seeking rich women, supermodels, etc. Financially broke black men are usually content with finding a mainstream black woman in terms of resources and sexual market value. In other words, broke black men in Dallas, Texas are not seeking out the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

    Black women, however, are typically looking for a black man that has resources and a high sexual market value. For black women, the two major exceptions to these rules are (1) black thug guys and (2) non-black men. The men in these categories do not need to have much of anything other than thug status or non-black racial status. The thug gives excitement which is their sexual market value among black women. The non-black men can give a so-called “good hair” baby which is their sexual market value among black women.

    A major problem is that the thugs are waking up to the many faults of black women. (Trick Daddy for example) Non-black men have never had a serious interest in black women. Black men with resources are going more and more SYSBM and MGTOW. The result is that fewer and fewer black women will have serious relationships with black men or non-black men.

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  6. Black women need to ask themselves: why have black men/white women relationships been more common and wholesome/legitimate DESPITE white men having had access to black women FOR CENTURIES.

    Even black men who say they desire black women typically desire mixed women or black women with heavily diluted African features. This, what makes black women think that men used to women THAT ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE WOMEN would want them?

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  7. No one, black or non-black, is trying to “steal all the Black women”, this is fantasy coming from failed swirlers and BW who know that they have few to no dating/marriage prospects. Its like a car dealer trying to hard sell you on a car that nobody wants, “You had better hurry up and get one of these now before they are all gone!”. Haha

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    • Stealing?? Get outta here with that nonsense. You couldn’t give away most of these annoying black bitches nevermind steal them. To say that they’re being stolen, means they have some sort of value of any kind. Given the overwhelming amount of evidence that contradicts that claim, being stolen is a misnomer of epic proportions.

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      • Stephen —— Stealing black women makes about as much sense as people stealing buckets of ocean water from the United States coastline. A bucket of ocean water, much like black females, has no value. To that end, there is no reason to steal ocean water or black females.

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  8. Say what you will about Japanese women and white men post WW2, but if nothing else, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Japanese women stuck by their own men, and Japan was reborn into something great.

    You don’t see Japanese women making Ramen Gaggers, or Jewish women making Gefilte Gaggers with white men dressed as Nazis. You don’t see Latinas making Barrio Gaggers, Indian Women making Curry Gaggers, Middle Eastern women making Hijab Humpers, or especially Native American women, a VERY conquered group, making Corn or Buffalo Gaggers.

    You DO, however, see black women making Ghetto Gaggers, making fake lynch videos, and celebrating the Confederate flag. You DO NOT see black men doing this, but they’re coons or “worshipping” if they simply LIKE white women.

    Black women/white men relationships ARE illegitimate due to black women simply wanting mixed children, NOT families, as well as their wholesale changing everything about their personalities to accommodate white men, as opposed to simply getting with men with similarities to themselves.

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    • Japanese women are STILL sticking with their men even though their men prefer artificial women more.

      On another note, there ARE other races of ghetto gaggers like latinabuse and latina throats.

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      • IntelligentNegro, you seem to know a lot about racial themed porn.😊😊😊😊 I mean I can’t speak about Black Payback, Dickdrainers, or Ebony Cum Dumps, simply because I know NOTHING about material like that. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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  9. Trans people must still be sterilized before changing gender in Japan after top court upholds ruling

    “Tokyo (CNN)Japan has upheld a law effectively requiring trans people seeking to legally change their gender to be sterilized.

    Takakito Usui, a transgender man who wants to change the gender listed on his official documents, had appealed to the court seeking to overturn Law 111, which requires applicants to “permanently lack functioning” reproductive parts to qualify for gender affirmation.
    The Supreme Court unanimously rejected Usui’s case Thursday, ruling the 2003 law constitutional — though judges added it was invasive and encouraged the legislature to review it.”

    Good job Japan, it seems that only western nations are confused when it comes to transgender mental illness.

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  10. I’m Running 10 Marathons This Year And I Still Get Fat-Shamed. Here’s My Response.
    By Latoya Shauntay Snell

    “I’m an unapologetic 5’3, 242-pound road and trail ultra runner from Brooklyn sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE running shoe company, and I am continuously fat-shamed.”

    Tattoos on her wrist and shoulder, masculine appearance, giving the middle finger in photos, yep stereotypical BW. I’m impressed by her fitness regime, but the reason that she is getting fat shamed is because she is still fat. 5’3 242lbs? She is either lying about how much she runs and works out or she has a health problem that needs to be addressed.

    Either way, while the rest of the nation is getting taller, BW are getting shorter and fatter, even if they “work out” apparently.

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    • James S —– If she is doing a great deal of fitness, it also appears that she is doing some hardcore eating. THANK YOU, AGAIN, FOR THE INFORMATION ABOUT BLACK FEMALES GETTING SHORTER. IT SEEMS THAT THE LIFESTYLE OF BLACK FEMALES BRING ABOUT THIS SAD SITUATION. Many black females are baby mamas, hair weave heads, substance abusers, and junk food addicts in their teen years. They, therefore, do not have any height gains after the age 13 to age 16 period of life.
      In my humble opinion, this bad conduct is the reason that black females are getting shorter.

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    • This chick looks like Kiddy Kong from Donkey Kong Country 3. And ATHLETE? Notice that blsck women will “embark” upon things that they clearly aren’t. You don’t see fat ass black men talking about running marathons, unless it’s after they’ve lost the weight.

      The chick is ugly as hell, looking like Ving Rhames in the face. No amount of weight loss will fix that, this is why black women are rejected even when they’re “in shape”: they look like Mike Mike and Debo.

      She’s also eating up all of the 100 Acre Woods worth of vegetables if she claims to “healthy”, and wrapping it in cheese and butter no less.

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    • There is a simple, pyschological reason why she’s still obese: she still sees herself as fat. She has, like most black women, has the self image of being fat. Once she corrects that, the weight will fall off.

      She shouldn’t be fat shamed, however. She should just be ashamed: the bird flipping, the masculine stance, the “mind your own business” and an aggressive spirit (from a woman) are signs of a a deep personality disorder.

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  11. These Buffarillas want something they can’t have and now that White Zaddy has cut off the welfare spigot and is literally knocking her the fuck out, she wants to come begging black men to protect and uplift her.

    The video below shows how MadameNoire took the leash off of their neutered Black Male SUPER SIMPS and let them play in the back yard for a few minutes.

    As you can see there is supposedly a “problem”, only when it’s Black Men dating/marrying WHITE QUEENS. They get upset at the answers that Black Men give for dating/marrying the aforementioned QUEENS.

    Here’s my advice to the Buffarillas who don’t like the answers that Black Men give…STOP ASKING THE FUCKING QUESTION!!!! Black Men are not required to answer of your nosey ass insecure questions

    Who gives a damn if you’re “hurt” when you see a Black Man with a WHITE QUEEN
    remember “niggas aint shit” and you’re so “strong” and “independent” and “don’t need no man”.

    So leave Black Men alone and attempt your climb up “swirl mountain” while Black Men sit back with a cold beverage a bucket of popcorn with his arm around his White or non black Queen and watch the sparks of failure fly as you Buffarillas cause an Avalanche as you tumble back to ground!


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    • Here’s my advice to the Buffarillas who don’t like the answers that Black Men give…STOP ASKING THE FUCKING QUESTION!!!! Black Men are not required to answer of your nosey ass insecure questions

      Who gives a damn if you’re “hurt” when you see a Black Man with a WHITE QUEEN
      remember “niggas aint shit” and you’re so “strong” and “independent” and “don’t need no man”.

      I just had to re-post…SAY IT AGAIN PASTOR!!! PREACH! PREACH!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

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  12. They trying to steal all the black women. Better tighten up.

    Yeah, the black women better keep telling themselves that. They can keep on acting crazy, and directing their anger at black men all they want to, but still they gonna keep acting the same dumb old questions and stuff over and over and over and over again: “Why I can’t find a good man, where all the good black men, I’m a date me a white man, la la la.” Let them take that behavior to the non black men or the wrong black man, it’ll be the damn crossroads for them. And another thing, what is so damn special about the Black Women in America? Like, what makes them better than any other races of women on this planet earth?


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  13. LOL. That photo perfectly sums up the BW/WM situation. Black women are drooling over and fantasizing about White Men while White Men aren’t even looking their way (like the photo accurately illustrates). These women are completely delusional. Gonna steal you away? The least desired demographic can’t be stolen from anyone.

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  14. What the swirlers can’t seem to understand is, there are ZERO barriers to white and nonblack men who want to get with black women. If a white man in 2019 wants a black woman, all he has to do is leave his house. There’s nothing stopping him. So why isn’t every black woman saddled up with a white zaddy? Because…(drum roll, please)…WHITE MEN DON’T WANT THEM! And black women know this. That’s why they choose to delude themselves by claiming to be loyal to black men, or claiming to not be attracted to white men. The jig is up, black women! We all know you’re lying!

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  15. Black women are pissed off on the fact that Black men can date any non black women with relative ease in the world whereas nobody especially non black men want to date black women outside of sex. I thank God that I was born a black man despite the bullshit racism and stereotyping that black men have to go through in the world on a daily basis. After the white man, the black man is the second most desirable man in the planet when it comes to dating, love and relationships.

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  16. I’m still confused. According to Worldstarhiphop, all gays have HIV but according to this forum, black women are the source of high HIV rates.

    So which one is it?

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    • I wouldn’t consider WSHH an authority on anything. Best to check the numbers with the CDC, which if memory serves, found that black women have higher rates of HIV than any other group.

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    • The type of black men that black women fuck, the ones in and out of jail and prison, contract HIV/AIDS in corrections institutions fucking each other…..when they get out, these same black men, go fuck black women who loves thug loving……then when these black women are dug out, used up and infected, they start looking for GOOD BLACK MEN……………..who unfortunately for them, have LEFT THE BUILDING.

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    • IntelligentNegro/DL Breh/FagSalad/DL Question etc,

      Still trying to gain some sort of traction on a heterosexual thinking black men’s website as a homosexual, smh. It’s exactly as I stated before, you homosexuals always attempt to force inject your dysfunctional sexuality into everything, this is one of the obvious signs that demonstrates how homosexuality and all things related are NOT natural paths.

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  17. The reason why black women are wearing weave is because not only they are competing with the white women but their trying to get a white man. I said that on my blog The Weave Wearing Black Woman. And when they see a black man dating outside a woman from a different race, they do nothing but complain. And as they do that, they continue to go to the hairdressers and spending their welfare money on buying weave.

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      • Screw the welfare queens and house n…s, they deliberately chose to sell out black men and white women for state benefits and power and look what it made them: total and complete laughing stocks. As bad as the Arab ‘monarchies’ are now and Japan was when it tried to take over Asia, you don’t see things like radical feminism, mutant varieties of communism holding sway over the population and all the other wonders of National Trotskyism in the Land of the Rising Sun or the place that houses the Muslim holy relics.

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      • Yes, how did you know Michel? Black women and white men sold us black men and their own women out for state handouts and power and now that Daddy Big Government has abandoned them want us to clean up the mess for their irresponsible asses. Hell no!

        Guys please update your concealed carry if you have one or get one as soon as possible, or walk with pepper spray or any other means of self-defense. With state benefits and other privileges given to them by Massa State removed expect a lot of ratchet behavior from the racist white male and his pathetic sidekick the black female.

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      • @Anton Nikolaev

        Yeah. I have had a CCW permit for around 10 years now and honestly don’t carry as much as I used to, but I’m keeping an eye on the food stamp situation. As gov welfare gets squeezed I may have to become more vigilant about carrying.

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    • Gryphon,

      I’m sure more people are willing to accept that this modern day black female is 5 kegs short of a six pack. Everybody can see that black women as a collective are mentally ill and incredibly mentally unstable individuals, it’s only these stupid pro black idiot simps who are still attempting to defend them, smh.

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    • Wild but not surprising, a lot of these BW are becoming sexually aggressive toward men (some times physically as in the video) because they know that most men don’t want them. A lot of these 120lb thugs in the hood are going to get sexually assaulted by these giant BW that they depend on for food and a place to stay. Tommy did a video about it not too long ago:

      “How do you know you are a Black woman? When you have to rape dudes to get them to have sex with you.”

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      • And Tommy ‘the super simp’ Sotomayor actually interviewed this beast for like an hour and a half, laughing and joking around with this mentally ill, mentally unstable, potentially violent animal.
        Tommy is such women worshiping clown most of the time. He will critique the rantings of your typical black female, then go out of his way to contact her, and sit there make nice and try to ‘understand’ her world view.
        What a buffoon.

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      • James you are killing it. Eventually 12 Gauge and 2 Clips will get off the plantation and head straight towards the community colleges in order to get real jobs. They will also pick up non-black women which means that welfare queens and state-worshipping house n…s get a double knockout.

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  18. Verbs 2015 ———– “When black women sit there and call black men “nig*ers” all day…”

    The fact that black women control the minds of black people is evident in the language that black people use. Black women call black men “nig*er” or “nig*a” all day and every day. Yet black women have the title of “Queen.” Why should black men be classified as nig*ers/nig*as when black women are exalted as Queens?

    Nig*ress, the female form of the N-word, is seldom used by black people. As I often say, if black people choose to continue with their nonsensical love affair with the male version of the N-word, they should also use some word symmetry and use the word nig*ress more.

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  19. Verbs,

    I just saw Obsidian’s live video “Are We Slaves To A Black Matriarchy? An Evening With Prof. T. Hasan Johnson!”. You did really well by holding your ground when you was attacked by those simps! That George dude is so damn delusional! NO ONE on the panel has addressed the issue when you brought up the abortion figures. All they did was switch and bait and bring up topics that had NOTHING to do with the issue of black women who are stabbing black men in the back! Then that other guy just straight up BLEW UP at you throwing Racists slurs and using the “Your a foreigner” card, as if being foreigner has anything to do with changing the realities of the TRUTH of the matter! I would have just left the damn panel the way they kept equalizing the blame and blaming white women for everything! Shessh! That panel just showed me that you CANNOT saved most of these guys!

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    • Carnio,

      Thanks bro, a lot of these guys refuse to accept the writing on the wall when it comes down to this modern day black female. The dude flipped out as soon as I brought up the black witch and her abortion numbers for the US. I really don’t understand how these guys believe they are going to build with a group of women who want nothing to do with them. Lol, I expected the “you’re a foreigner therefore you know nothing” talk to emerge sooner or later, that’s what happens with most of these pro black simps when you slam them with the facts.

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      • ” I expected the “you’re a foreigner therefore you know nothing” talk to emerge sooner or later, that’s what happens with most of these pro black simps when you slam them with the facts.”

        I gave myself a big face palm when he brought this up! the US and the UK are almost one in the same culture! We pretty much have the same social issues across the board. You would think that if a group of black men in one country is dating/marrying out in a majority (anything over 50% is a majority) that something must be wrong. If anything, If black men are dating out in higher numbers like that, I would take to assume that Black women in the UK are MUCH worse!

        “The dude flipped out as soon as I brought up the black witch and her abortion numbers for the US. ”

        Yes. I was SHOCKED when he exploded like that the second you bought up the abortion rates! It was like he was possessed by a demon and the second you exposed black women, the demon just came out! It was like an exorcist scene. You exposed the demon and the demon just Jumped out! I even got scared and jumped back at the way he acted! I think what got him triggered is when you said that white women care more about black children when you told him that white women are the only ones who stand at the abortion ralleys and NOT black women. Something in him must had exploded after being brainwashed that white women are the real culprits! I do believe he is bewitched! They all threw the “YO MAMA BLACK” argument and they ALWAYS BLAME WHITE WOMEN FOR EVERYTHING.

        “VERBS U TH1NK1N N1GG@S R C00NZ! Y0 MaMa BL@CK! wH1tE WYMN BAD!!!!” Is pretty much all I heard during the panel!

        I am afraid I am going to have to stop watching and listening to Obsidian’s podcasts because listening to most his guests are just far too gone that it’s depressing!NO ONE wants to hold black women accountable and instead all they did was try to equal distribute the blame, like a communist, and when you swept that crap out of the way, now suddenly “WE ARE MEN! WE NEED A MAN TO MAN TALK”! Suddenly he wants to change the topic, bait and switch, and make it a “we need to stick together as black men” FUCK OUTTA HERE with that crap! No matter how you try to bring up the culprit ie black women, it’s like they instinctually change or move the subject AWAY from the problem, black women! They put soooo much words in your mouth that you could make a sandwich out of it!

        I can see why Afro doesn’t go on these panels. His famous quote is to “BREED’EM OUT” which I totally agree with, would probably cause him to get a warrant for his doxxing! The minute the George dude said “YOu mean to tell me we must dilute the black bloodline?” Afro was the first person that came to my mind when he made that statement LOL!!!!

        That last part got me very triggered when you tried to explain that not all black men need to network because all of them are not in the same mindset but then he goes on this “NAW, You shouldn’t be like that, I love all my brothers! ALL black men should build together, even if they come out of prison, are thugs etc”
        Not discriminating is the most toxic thing you can do when building and networking! He was WRONG when he said thinking black men don’t get along! He is WRONG when he said that Arabs, Asians, Indians all build and work together with no problem! Asians HATE Asians, Indians HATE Indians, Arabs HATE Arabs, just because you don’t see them back stabbing in the US where they are an isolated minority doesn’t mean it happens. They also discriminate again their own because they only associate with the best and brightest of their own! They DO discriminate against those of their own who are uneducated, ass backwards, criminal etc. I see it all the time here in the ex Soviet Union! They do it all the time! It is perfectly normal to discriminate!

        He does NOT love black men! He is a social communist trying to redistribute thinking black men’s time, wealth, and labor to the dregs of black society! He REALLY wanted to say that it should be OUR responsibility to pick up the trash of Black society but you beat him to the punch right before he was about to say it, to which he then switched up to make like black men as a whole don’t get along and we need to work together, which is code word for, “ya’ll thinking N1***s need to fix this mess”!

        I was SHITTED out of the community for being a lame and being different. NOW it is my responsibility to suddenly go and fix THEIR mess. He loves black men? but I don’t see him at abortion ralleys fighting to end the high numbers of black abortion rates, are stopping the usage of weaves and skin bleaching! He is such a liar and snake his is a black misandrist. He HATES black men like you and me because you are not snagged in witches delusion!

        Sorry for my rant, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the way you handled yourself in the way they ganged up on you and demonically exploded at you because I would had just left and blocked them all! I cannot wait for Wensdays free topic. I got some juicy stuff coming up as well as for the travel Section!

        Liked by 6 people

      • Carnio,

        Afrofuturism1 is spot on when he talks about breeding black women out, these dudes tried to put me on the spot with regards to SYSBM but I don’t apologise for the position. Notice how since they still supported the black witch, when I asked them for suitable and viable black female candidates they couldn’t provide me with any.

        Many of these dudes are having an extremely hard time accepting the fact that black women want nothing to do with them, black women are quite happy remaining as the right hand cronies of the same white supremacy they claim is oppressing black people as a group.

        Most black women are quite happy killing off unborn black children especially those that are male. I couldn’t believe how quickly the guy went from 0-120mph, dude got triggered big time.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Most of these dudes are as disingenuous as they come. Talking that “stand together” crap, just like white men. NEVER stand together with someone whose end goal is different, or who is just using you as a beast of burden to bolster their ranks.

      These guys claim to be woke or whatever, but all they do is sweep the problem under the rug. You will never get ANYWHERE in this black community until you deal with this black woman, not distribute the blame equally. Black men have gotten ample crap since the 80s, and those black men were RAISED by black women.

      Funny how these fauxteps worry about diluting the blood or whatever, when if they had the choice, they’d be nut deep in either a non-black woman or at least a mixed woman. Conversely, Malcolm X: mixed heritage. Louis Farrakhan: mixed heritage. Elijah Muhammad: mixed heritage. Barrack Obama: mixed heritage.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Afrofuturism1,

        Straight talk, dudes really got salty and extra triggered when I pointed out the fact that at your typical pro life rallies, there are hardly ever any black women in the crowds, why, because as we all know black women as a collective don’t care about children and typically only have them as a means to get on the government payroll.

        Yep, the statement I made in Negro Wars concerning black society being unable to move forward because of its refusal to check black women still stands true to this day. Again, what you talk about concerning breeding black women out when we look at how bad things have gotten in recent times, it’s the only viable option left on the thinking black man’s table.

        Kudos for pointing out the heavy amount of mixed pro black men, but these muddy bootlickers will purposely overlook these inconvenient truths, smh.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Hey Verbs, I really want to applaud you on how well you conducted yourself against that aggressive party on Obsidian’s panel last night. There was a time I would’ve been screaming at my computer hearing the rhetoric of black racialists and their rationalization of enduring abuse, a low quality of life, and ultimate servitude to a culture and people who have sold the souls of black men and boys for petty power. But you can’t even get mad at these types of men really anymore because they’re stuck in a servile mindset that is nearly devoid of self-respect or preservation for oneself.

        It’s not surprising they tried to shame and chastise you for encouraging black men to seek love, companionship, and happiness elsewhere. When they use phrases like, “diluting the black bloodline” it’s more shaming language to keep you defending this idea of “blackness” and your allegiance to it, instead of dealing with the facts of the matter. The continent of Africa’s population alone is projected to double by the year 2050 with an annual increase exceeding 42 million a year while the rest of the world’s population is declining.

        So any talks of black genocide or racing-mixing hysteria for blacks is completely laughable and just highlights the black racialists need for control over the black man’s sexual reproduction, i.e., “dick policing.” But what is alarming is the shocking death toll of black Americans due to ABORTION, homicide, suicide among black children (boys) and deaths of black mothers during child birth.

        From Our best estimates, based on a projection of the most recent data through the current period, is that the current cumulative number of abortions from 1967 through June of this year is 59.4 million, of which an estimated 20,350,000 are Black American abortions.

        The Total Fertility Rate for Black American’s is 1.8, which is again below the replacement level fertility rate of 2.1 or the rate at which a generation can replace itself. Clearly, abortion is the biggest single negative force on Black American growth generally, including Black American economic and political power.
        From FiveThirtyEight: Black Americans Are Killed At 12 Times The Rate Of People In Other Developed Countries.

        From WashingtonPost: Suicide rates for black children (boys) twice that of white children, new data show.
        From According to the CDC, black mothers in the U.S. die at three to four times the rate of white mothers.

        And so called “white supremacy” is not the culprit here. This is a result of black misandry (black feminism), broken homes, bad mothers, a toxic and self-destructive culture devoid of accountability, and socialists/liberal policies.

        Yeah dude I don’t want to get too longwinded but these black racialists are going to have to deal with the real problem sooner or later, instead of this tried and failed rhetoric of dispersing equal blame or kiss the race goodbye in North America because you’re not even meeting replacement numbers, in fact you’re killing yourself for you know who.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Metal Heart,

        Thanks bro, I had to make it clear to those knuckleheads that black women as a collective simply aren’t interested in building with them, plus the fact that the overwhelming majority of black females are working hand in glove with the same white supremacy they claim to be against. Those dudes are stuck on failure for life, many are called but few are chosen.

        Like I said to those shines on the panel, I don’t and will never apologise for being SYSBM, I walked away from black women over 13 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the thinking black man, I wasn’t even phased by their shaming language, in fact it was predictable.

        Exactly, this idea of black folks making themselves extinct is a crock of nonsense, because dude had found himself a black woman, he wrongly assumes that the field is the same now as it was back then. Again, notice how these dudes refuse to deal with the abortion hot potato, the bottom line is they simply don’t want to hold black women accountable for anything, it’s all about letting the sacred cow of the community off the hook by any means necessary.

        Had to check dude on the equal distribution of blame racket too, I wrote about that same Kansas City shuffle in Negro Wars. We’re learned and intelligent SYSBM soldiers up in here, we’ve already dealt with and rubbished the predictable rhetoric many times over. Finally, notice how they point blank refuse to link black women with white supremacy even though black women as a group are brazenly bragging about being content and satisfied working and resting under the white man’s wing, smh. I’m ready for these pro blacks bootlickers all day everyday.

        Liked by 5 people

  20. I will never apologise, be sorry or explain myself to a black woman about my dating preferences when it comes to dating non black women. As for as I am concerned the majority of them can fuck off because they don’t own me like the slave masters did back in the slavery days plus I am a free man to date who I choose. This is 2019 not 1641. What pisses me about the hypocrisy of it all is that it’s OK for a black woman to date whoever she wants without being questioned about her blackness or challenged or being accused of being a weak black woman, but God forbid let a black man date any non black women, the whole world including bitter black women goes fucking mad because in the black womens mind black men are only allowed to date ugly fat single mother type of black women or ugly bottom feeder type of non black women because they feel that quality black men not allowed to date beautiful, pretty and childfree non black women because black women have automatically lost their first right of refusal to date black men after they hit the wall at 30 plus after riding the cock caruasal in their sexual prime years(18 to 30)and becoming single mothers who become ugly and fat with multiple bastard kids from Tyrone, Desmond and trey trey. Fuck that shit I will never be a simp mangina clean up man to no woman who rejected me in the past only to become a single mother years later when all her good looks have gone and now she wants me to save her from her bullshit situation that she herself created its just going to happen. ☀️💯😊🙂🌍

    Liked by 5 people

  21. I meant to say that it’s just not going to happen when myself as a childfree black man is going to refuse to date single black mothers or any non black mothers because its not my job to fix your poor choices in life when you black women or any other non black women choose the wrong man to have kids with. My happiness comes first before anything else and if I can’t date the type of non black women that I really want then I rather stay single for the rest of my life because I refuse to play second fiddle to another man.

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  22. @Bill Smith

    Yeah, it’s disingenuous as hell when sotomayor and others like him rant and rave about black chicks, but then trip over their own dicks to get these heifers as guests on their shows.

    Why would you listen to such a dude when he complains about “simps”? You don’t see jihadis calling western women sluts but then inviting them to the mosque. You don’t see vegans complain about animal consumption and cruelty but then eat KFC. You don’t see Southern Baptists talk about Satanist but then have ecumenical services with them. If someone is constantly trying to “make nice” with a group that every other second they’re saying is the devil, you can NOT take them seriously.

    Tommy and others are still stuck on the “maybe if we tell them to clean up their act, they’ll straighten up and be our queens!” train. Oh well, they’ll get left behind too.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Afrofuturism1,


      Exactly, where are the black women, nowhere in site. Like I said to old boy on Obsidian’s show, white and other non black women care more about black children both in the womb and outside of it than black women do, smh.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. I officially stopped listening to obsidian today. Lately he’s been saying some dumb shit. The manosphere has turned into the simposphere!. In order to keep my mind right, i figured it would be best to distance myself from that part of YouTube. You still get my support though baba. You’re the only one who keeps it 100 on the black witch!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I stopped listen to “the O-MAN” when I realized he’s just like every other BIG MAN. He will talk bad about black women…..up to a point, then he switched up to shit on black men. Yeah, I stopped giving him my time about four months ago.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I might stop listening to him myself, because he (allegedly) called MGTOWs “losers”. Never mind the potential alienation of a significant portion of his fanbase, he would be a hypocrite because he came down on Alan Roger Currie for the EXACT SAME THING.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kameron Brown,

        I heard about that show, I’ll have to check it out. MGTOW can be an extremely useful tool in light of the gynocentric societies we live in, I personally would not address them as losers as a collective because they bring a lot of useful information to the table.


  24. Former Black NFL player Ben Watson has also come out and spoken AGAINST Jew York’s abortion laws. Now why has he said something, but not Madame Illogicunt, Cynthia Gee Whiz, or Crystal Meth Karazy?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I see by looking at some of the comments here, a lot of us have given OBSIDIAN the boot. For me, it began when it be came clear, OBSIDIAN was using the shitting on black men by black women as a way to cause buzz, then once the word got out, he switched up and focus on his real target audience, black women, “if it doesn’t apply, let it fly”, he says that shit as a way to keep one foot in the door just in case.

    Plus the guests he have on there are quite frankly on my level so why am I listening????

    Verbs, you need your own youtube/podcast and leave the o-man behind….before he straight up betrays you…I see it coming.

    Either way, you and MBDX keep doing the lords work.


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