90 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. I would like to say on today’s Open Mic Free Topic edition is that more black male youth in the United States that are interested in sports need to do something different other than playing basketball and football stereotypically as a career profession to take care of Mama’s selfish needs because you owe her for birthing and raising you in a unsafe environment in the hood. Soccer, traditional hockey, field hockey, horse back riding, baseball, tennis and golf just to name a few.

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    • I wholeheartedly agree. I wouldn’t mind seeing black boys get away from football altogether. The NFL is run by racists, and you risk permanent brain injury with every hit. I ran track & field in high school and I loved it. If I was more dedicated, I would’ve gotten a scholarship to college. That was back in the late 80’s. Nowadays there’s more money to be made in track & field without the risk of injury. Usain Bolt has a net worth of $90 million (in comparison, Michael Phelps is worth $60 million). And even some exceptional high school kids can get sponsorships before they even graduate. Admittedly, track & field is not as popular in the U.S. as football, but I’ve heard it’s really popular overseas, and American runners can make a ton of money in Europe.

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  2. I thank God that I found this website back in 2018 because it reconfirmed to me that I wasn’t going mad on how fucked upp the black community is and how black people in general pretend that the problems with the black community doesn’t exist andI was SYSBM since I was 12 back in 1994 when I was in the first year/year 7 in secondary school and I thought that I was alone because not many black men at that time period think like me or have my mentality. Now as a childfree black man at 36 going to be 37 in early June 2019 its nice to chat to fellow SYSBM type of black men who also know that the fucking black community is a fucking shambles because there more bad black people than there is good black people.

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      • I fully agree with you Anton 100 per cent. I can’t stand the majority of black women and their pro black simp mangina flunkies because of the stupidity of their life choices and decisions and they try to make us smart and intelligent thinking black men feel guilty for their foolishness. I never be a clean up man to these ugly alien black queens and their stupid brainwashed minions.

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    • Fuck the black community. Let the simps, their useless queans and the bastard children from hell burn it to the ground.

      The world will be a better place once the community is in ashes.

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      • Stephen —- “…burn it to the ground.” Speaking of burn, the burning issue is can the black community in the USA (and worldwide) be saved. Or should the community be allowed to end and then be re-built in a different form. Until then, SYSBM.

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  3. The Black Church is hot garbage! Some of you may have already seen Kid O’s video on Thaddeus Matthews, the black preacher in Memphis who holds twerk contests with his female congregation. This is one of the reasons the black community ain’t shit and is dead and gone never to return. Black people who can justify this are only a stone’s throw away from handing their young girls over to someone like R Kelly or their young boys to someone like Eddie Long. I wouldn’t be surprised if damn near every black church in America was a den of debauchery and pedophilia.

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    • You’ve got to be SHITTING me!!! These idiots have sunken power than ever!

      How are the hoteps not going wild over this?!!

      Tommy Sotomayor once made a video calling Memphis “Niggatown USA.” I AGREE, Memphis is a shithole filled with so much sexual and violent debauchery. How can anyone takes these “Christians” seriously?

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    • How did you know Morpheus? The black church has fallen completely since the mid 20th century, my ancestors who risked every thing to bring education, reasoning and civilization to the rest of the island, risking death, persecution and brutal torture would literally “box” some of these fake clown pastors and congregations across the face, for how far they have fallen and for how much modern churches resemble the state-run churches that allowed the utter misery of chattel slavery to occur.

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  4. The black manosphere has changed for the worse from oshay simping to obsidian keep on letting simps into his show. I truly believe that slaying evil will be the only true thinking black men’s platform.

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    • @Robert Chavis
      I don’t mind Obsidian letting SIMPS on his show because he exposes them for yhe thstthey are then calls them out and roast them, like that Brother Radio CLOWN who got roasted.

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    • have them cats all about money and its kool. let all that failing shit burn. haven’t listen to him in a year or farther. he said some that had me think twice smfh

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    • Why have guests on your show if you’re going to talk over them? Not feeling the O-Man’s live format, I preferred when he just monologued for a half hour or so. It was far more entertaining.

      Agreed that Slaying Evil will emerge as the only true, uncompromising, thinking black men’s platform.

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  5. My big regret was not learning the warning signs early. At around circa 5th grade the signs were and i was naive and stupid to figure it out, as i progress in grade years (6-12 grade) it got worse and worse and me naive and stupid. It was until 2012 9 years after i finished high school to realize i was treated like s**t, and the next day i said to myself ” be a individual don’t be a drone”.

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  6. I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that “The Bitter Black Bitches of America LLC”..Pissy AKA..Chrissie, Synthetic G, Unsuccessful Ladies Live, Paris Milan, Madam Friut Loops and in my Obsidian voice…Sista Dolemite Aka Simone56 have yet to comment on “Left Hook Harry” knocking out the violent ThunderThot.

    Could it be they can’t bear the thought of critizing their lord and savior “White Zaddy”, you know, the one whom they’re attempting to climb “swirl mountain” for, and failing…SPECTACULARLY!!

    This just proves how utterly PATHETIC and COWARDLY they are.😂😂😂

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    • If Karazin is smart, she would use One Punch Steve as a warning to what happend if you “act the fool”. But she isn’t.
      She’s also shit scared that this is what will happen to her too. Oh well…


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    • White Zaddy always gets a pass from these black hoes. All this R. Kelly mania but not a peep about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer, Roman Polanski, Charlie Rose, Les Moonves, etc. etc. etc.

      Still waiting on the young, hot dudes to get their #metoo moment. Don’t they get handsy and date-rapey? The Ryan Gosling/Brad Pitt/Leo DiCaprio/Zack Efron looking guys. Oh shit, that’s right, these bitches (of all races) still hope to date and marry those guys. Only old, “creepy” white guys (with money) and “scary” black guys get the #metoo treatment.

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  7. As an adjunct to the previous post on childhood abuse:

    Isn’t it frustrating to have to climb out of the mire at an age where most other men are divorced, had children, an mortgage, a career (even second career), a stable bank balance and something to look forward to in the second half of life…. Where my life has just started?

    I’m not complaining too much, but why, in the “race” of life did I get a severe handicap?

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    • Michel I fully agree with you. I am a late bloomer in life in the fact that I didn’t go to university till I was 28 years old in September 2010 and I only finished university in February 2015 at the age of 32 going on 33 in which I went to uni for 4 and a half years and I had my uni graduation in July 2015 when I achieved my 2 business degrees with no student loan debt because I paid for my course fees upfront (£5140). I wasn’t the most academic school pupil in secondary school and I had to resit my gcse s and take 2 gnvqs and take a few Office jobs to gain work experience before I could even go to university. I am not working at the moment but I am looking for a new job because I know what career that I want either work my way up to office manager or get into a marking job. I am now 36 childfree black man and all the people that I have grown up with or went to school with either have kids, or they are divorced or they are single parents.

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    • I know exactly how you feel brother, it sucks to have to watch other people live the life that you potentially could have lived too.

      It sucks that life doesn’t allow us to pick our parents or the situation we are born into, we just have to rise above it as Black men.

      The key is to stick it out and keep fighting, and realize that millions of other people have the same struggle, and some have it a lot worse.

      Be like Vegeta and keep constantly improving until you get the kind of life that you want.

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      • Thanks for agreeing with me SunGodRa. Unfortunately black women in general have kids in the worst financial, life and economic situation when they have kids with the worst type of black man out there and wanna blame the decent black for their stupid life choices and they try to force us to feel sorry for them. Not me. Even my own step mum wants me to have kids now even though I am poor and I cant afford to have kids because of my unemployment situation she still thinks that I should have them because my step mum had kids in the worst type of situation when she couldn’t afford to have kids then she moaned to me and other people that it’s had being a single mum bringing up kids on your own and I told that you chose that life and that nobody forced you to do it and I grew up poor because of both my mum and step mum’s poor decisions to procreate with my dad who was and still is a no good dead dad all because he was exciting and a bad boy. As a childfree man myself I am not gonna make to same mistakes as my parents and have kids if I cannot afford them. Unless I am earning £70.000 per and got a house in my name and I am with the right non black women who is also childfree and I have a house that is under my name, I wont be having kids because all kids deserve the best start in life and I won’t be shamed into having kids with anyone unless I can afford them.

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      • Ask your step mother why having children with no means to pay for it is a good idea (getting child care payments isn’t a valid reason for a Black man)…

        They won’t give a decent answer, apart from “I did it, therefore you should too”. They don’t know any better than what they’re doing, and get upset when you take a different route. Crabs in a barrel Negro mentality.

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      • @Michel @Quincy
        Don’t forget about the Black womans favorite go to excuse for having way more children than she can financially sustain, “Because it’s what Gawd wanted!”.

        BW always try to use their religion and god as a cop-out excuse for everything and everyone they damage, it’s a damn shame. They’ll even use God to justify having kids with Tyrone, Ray Ray, and Pookie, all of whom have jail records thicker than a phonebook.

        Unfortunately, innocent and thinking brothers like us have to suffer during our childhoods as a result, while children of other races and cultures get a headstart.

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  8. After hearing some black you tubers names thrown around like Kid O and Obsidian, I can honestly say, the ONLY black men worth listening to on youtube or online in general are MBDX and Verbs.
    Other SAY they are for black men, but there are times I have to ask myself, “are these brothers really speaking for and trying to help black men, or are they just setting themselves up as another BIG MAN for everyone else to follow?”
    Obsidian can not speak out against black female fuckery without, “If doesn’t apply let it fly”, to which I say FUCK THESE BLACK BITCHES!!! Every single one of them. It DOES apply and black men don’t have to take it any longer…period…point blank. We WILL date out and leave the rest of you BEHIND…period point blank, and that means the end of the “black community” as we know it…SO BE IT!!!!!!!! Let it END, let it FALL, and let it all BURN!!!!! As for KID O, I only show up when he’s putting his FOOT up everyone’s asses BUT the black man (unless he’s a fag, then have at it).
    Now Mad Bus Driver X and VERBS, these brothers are spot on and on point. These two brothers are doing it right and serves as an example of what WE should be saying and DOING.
    IN FACT, they have inspired me to start a service that caters ONLY to BLACK MEN and WHITE WOMEN (if other women want to join, I’ll eventually allow it, but for now, in its infancy, I will only cater to BLACK MEN and WHITE WOMEN, and its a GENUS idea!!!
    IN FACT FACT, I implore all of you, find ways to start a business or service that caters to OUR TRIBE only. It will be tricky, but it can be done. Black men and White women parings is starting to become big business, and WE DESERVE to capitalize off this trend more than anyone else.
    Look at BLACKED; with all the BLACK producers of porn, it took a white man to create what WE should have created.

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  9. Speaking of witch

    In the UK there’s a boxer named ohara davies and he put a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram and guess who got upset? Later he clap back saying ” If you didn’t have 5 kids by 5 different dudes you wouldn’t comment on my picture” and got upset. I guess he told the truth.

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    • Fagsalad,

      I don’t think about such characters as I’m a heterosexual thinking black man who has set up a website for the same, heterosexual thinking black men. Homosexuals already have plenty of advocates that they can lean on, I reach out strictly to heterosexual thinking black men.

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      • Notice the terms he used. This is why I advocate for black men to use their own terms and stop with this beta male stuff: it’s born out of an illegitimate, fake “masculinity”.

        This macho faux masculinity that you see growing amongst “conservative” white dudes is just that, fake. Notice that you don’t see such stuff amongst societies with ACTUAL patriarchy, namely patriarchy that they didn’t CHOOSE to piss away.

        I and others, including Hardcore Tito, have noted the homosexual element amongst these “masculinity” identity groups. Be wary….

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Notice how these homosexuals just like the black witch herself will always feel the need to try to push their way into heterosexual thinking black men’s spaces. He claims that being bisexual is not being homosexual yet having visited this website many times before under different handles, this time he decides to call himself Fagsalad, you simply cannot make this stuff up.

        So now we have to concern ourselves with homosexuals trying to push their way up in here, smh, not on my watch. This is why when Obsidian back in the day suggested that we ought to be forming alliances with homosexual black men I was and still am strongly against such an idea, homosexuals will always attempt to inject their disjointed sexuality into everything they embark upon.

        As a heterosexual thinking black man there is nothing in the homosexual lifestyle that profits or is beneficial to me, hence one of many reasons why I reject it.

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      • Bisexuals aren’t gay? The self denial is strong in this one…

        Notice the same troll with the different names trying to slip past the wall here. The black witch sent him here. Smh.

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  10. Nigerian police officer tells gays: Leave country or face prosecution


    “If you’re homosexually inclined, Nigeria is not a place for you,” Badmos wrote last week.
    “There is a law (Same-sex Prohibition Act) here that criminalizes homosexual clubs, associations, and organizations with penalties of up to 14yeats (sic) in jail.“

    Good Job Officer.

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    • James S,

      I remember a while back asking a homosexual advocate exactly what benefits homosexuality as a lifestyle brought to any society, today is Thursday 24th January 2019 and I am still awaiting a response. I’m glad to see Africa is taking such a stance against the pestilence of homosexuality, as bad as certain parts of the continent are, at least in the area of dealing with sodomites their approach is a very healthy one.

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      • They are now trying to sexualize and indoctrinate the children:

        This lady is a former school teacher and decided to call it out:

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    • I’m not big on Nigeria, though I am warming up to some of it. Their stance on homosexuality is a GREAT one, I honestly think though that it might be too lenient.

      With more African men going to different parts of the world, do you think they will cotton to rampant homosexuality? NEVER! Black men are the most masculine men on the planet, they will not put up with this.

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    • I see nothing worth celebrating from this news.

      1. LGBT are less than 5% of the populariton. Therefore, why spend so much energy criminalizing something so unimportant. There are real structural issues that Nigeria needs healing from.

      2. A lot of gay and bisexual men will be double dipping, which will EXPLODE the HIV rate. I don’t understand why people don’t see that homosexuality still exists despite humanity rightfully trying to get rid of it.


      • “IntelligentNegro” aka “Fagsalad” aka “DLBreh,”

        Nigeria does not deny homosexuals the right to exist. Just letting them know Nigeria isn’t the place for them.

        I personally was sanguine about gays getting the right to marry in the West because they are relatively normalized, and it is none of my business. But the unintended side-effect is that every sexual pervert and freak now wants their day in the sun, including bulldykes, drag queens, pansexuals, transsexuals and even pedophiles.

        The attempts to groom the next generation are obvious. See the 11-year-old drag queen performing in a club and posing for photos next to a naked, full grown man. Or “Drag Queen Story Hour.” How does this educate the youth?

        I applaud Nigeria for standing up to the madness. This below won’t happen in their country. This occurred at a GameStop where children rent video games.

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  11. So Cardi B’s rapper husband has recently equated the government shutdown to “slavery”, and the first group that he stated would be suffering because of it was, you guessed it, “working black mothers.”

    There’s a ****ing sickness amongst blsck society that makes them defend the ones of their ranks that should be literally left to die off.

    And not one of these people wants to question why you have a group of women who are almost universally suffering because of their reliance on the government, and how they have no men to help them? Black women are as easy to feel sorry for as the ****ing Grinch.

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  12. Exactly as Verbs stated, what does homosexuality profit anyone, let alone society? There is key evidence, however, that it is in fact BAD for society to embrace such things.

    These freaks won’t let people “live and let live” because THEY know that their lifestyles are abhorrent, but if they convince others to repeat to them that it’s a-ok, they might feel validated. One of the several reasons why ALL elements of the LGBTQRSTUVBBQCSINCIS family should be considered mentally ill.

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    • If it’s a mental illness, how come nobody treats them as mentally ill. Would you treat a schizophrenic like this? Homosexuality does absolutely nothing for society, however some people are just bent that way and criminalizing it will not make it go away.

      Atlanta is known for its homosexuality yet its HIV rate is just as bad as many African countries. Please keep that in mind!

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      • Intelligent Negro,

        Because homosexuals via big money being put behind them got themselves removed from the mental illness diagnosis list. You don’t allow the worst of society to flourish, no society has ever prospered via exalting the scum, degenerates and the decadents of its group.

        Homosexuality in case you have noticed permeates nearly everything despite the folks who practice the lifestyle being in the minority. Remember, feminism and homosexuality are one and the same. Homosexuals should never be put in a position to where they feel comfortable and free, NEVER, as they will simply seek to contaminate others around them with their filth.

        Again, if homosexuals weren’t trying to force everybody else to accept their dysfunctional lifestyle(including 5 year old children via the so called education system) then there wouldn’t be a problem.

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      • It was a mental illness, and it was treated as such in the UK Department of Health, up until it was repealed in the 1970s.

        Atlanta’s HIV rates? Thank the Black witch for that…

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      • IntelligentNegro, Fagsalad, DLQuestion,

        You’ve obviously come on to this forum uninvited to exalt the benefits of being gay/bisexual. So the question was put to you: what are the benefits of said lifestyle? Answer us please.

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      • Glad you asked Michel.

        Although I’m not gay or bisexual, there are no benefits of being gay/bisexual. But is a social benefit to society when you look at HIV rates. DL men infect the entire community, therefore a different stance is needed.


      • Intelligent Negro,

        Yet despite this it is the black witch who is the most disease ridden within black society, it’s not down low men doing the majority of infecting within black society, the facts and the CDC stats point towards black women for that, not secretly bisexual black men.

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      • So if there’s no personal benefits to bring gay/bisexual, why are you promoting it on a straight man’s forum?

        There are no benefits… But is a social benefit to society when you look at HIV rates. DL men infect the entire community

        Again, thank the black witch. How do you get to official statistics that put the BW disease rate at 50%, twice the rate of all black men?

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    • Verbs wrote:

      “Because homosexuals via big money being put behind them got themselves removed from the mental illness diagnosis list.”

      Spot on. I was reading years ago about a group of gay and lesbian sons and daughters of old money and industry in America who have come together to put their combined cash and influence behind certain agendas. This probably exists worldwide. It is very real.

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  13. (( Homosexuals should never be put in a position to where they feel comfortable and free, NEVER, as they will simply seek to contaminate others around them with their filth.

    Again, if homosexuals weren’t trying to force everybody else to accept their dysfunctional lifestyle(including 5 year old children via the so called education system) then there wouldn’t be a problem.))

    I much as I am a social libertarian and I believe that people should peacefully live to their own accord, Homosexuals and Lesbians (and all the other LGBTXYZ@#!%$^*LDJDIUGF245234AIHIAUFHAISUIDUASI community members… ) are not one of those people who I am open to. Why?, Just like those Radical Muslims, LBGT will NOT let you live in peace and harmony. LBGT will make it their life mission to force others to live their way of their disgusting life. You can NOT give them one inch or they will take a mile. I lived in Jobcorps and all the gays did was impose and shame anyone for not accepting their gay life! You can best guess that black women had them well protected as black women were all the teachers and administrators of the place so it’s not like you were allowed to defend yourself of get expelled in the street. Since I have an irrational fear of homosexuals more than I hate radical Islamists. and yes, there is NO benefit to spreading homosexuality anywhere.

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  14. @Quincy Fitzpatrick and SunGodRa

    Yes, I have had this same dumb argument with many people, especially black single mothers.

    They had multiple kids by different dudes but judge and shame you for being childless and not doing the same. Let me tell you the reason for why this is:

    The reason they are telling you to do this is because you are a Exploit Virgin with a Chasity belt. if one particular woman can unlock that belt, she has infinite access to taking all of your hard earned money and labor. Why do you think these women have multiple kids from different dudes? They do it for a reason. They do it because instead of only having five kids from one dude with only one source of income, they can have FIVE different sources of income coming from five dudes.

    next, You have the US government, Churches, the Military, Human rights activists, Muslims, who all agree with this “Be fruitful and Multiply” business because the more children a woman has , irregardless how the child is born and raise, it is more $$$Income$$. Churches (and Mosques) LOVE when black women have illegitimate children because that’s more church members which means more tithes. US Government love this because that’s more Tax payers, Military love this because more solders, Human rights love this because that more potential clients to the LGBTXYZ123 community to join their disgusting group. Of course if you call all these people out, most especially the churches with their “only jebus can judge me” , they will hide behind the bible, they will hide behind morality, they will hide behind “population decline” conspiracy, they will hide behind “Muh black babies”, etc. You cannot use logic or reasoning with them because the minute they become exposed, they use their “Morals” to shame you when in reality they have a dark evil hidden motive to take advantage of you!

    All of these things all benefit off the exploitation of Thinking black men! This is the reason why I became MGTOW before I discovered this site. You cannot argue with them because they will always bait and switch and use stupid logic to justify their own actions! FUCK’EM ALL! a lot more people out their besides black women need the wall of silence! This includes black churches, LGBT, Radical muslims, radical Christians, Some of these human rights activists etc. I hope they all ROT when these cuts come!

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  15. @Micheal,

    How closer are you to leaving your home? How soon are you to leaving to the Baltics? I have some good information for you but I need time to compile it together. I will probably have it ready for you by next week’s free topic Wednesday.

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    • Carnio,

      I do have some commitments at the moment, however I’m looking at different options. If push came to shove, I could leave tomorrow, however funds are a little short.

      The Baltics is one option, maybe even Russia itself, but, again, I don’t know where to start for a UK brother. Any info you have would be great!

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  16. So the model Iskra Lawrence recently revealed her BF who just happens to be a brother and my goodness her Instagram comment section is too damn funny and the funniest thing is all my non black male friends all unfollowed her except one. I personally don’t follow her but out of curiosity clicked on the image of her and her black boyfriend just to see the salt

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  17. Carnio, SunGodRa and Mikel I fully agree with your comments in regarding black single mothers.

    I had black women and single mothers trying to shame me because I don’t have any kids yet at 36 and they think there there is something wrong with me when in fact I have brains and I am being smart and planning for my future and that’s something that black women, black single mothers and pro black simps can’t handle because I didn’t make the same stupid and dumb mistakes that they made and that’s the reason why they hate me for it because I can’t be controlled and brainwashed. As for the seventh day adventist religion, fuck it because its full of shit and the religion itself is very controlling and wants to control every aspect of your life and the people that go there are mainly single black mothers hoping to snag themselves a simp mangina type of black man.

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  18. Everyone sees it coming, even the pro-blacks. The gender wars are over, now that BW’s backs are against the Wall and they see that white daddy doesn’t care about swirling with them BW are trying to slide back into BM’s good graces with sweet talk and pro-black talking points. Don’t fall for the “Dear Black man” BS, its more important now than ever to keep the Wall up.

    Its a good time to be SYSBM.

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    • Pathetic. Black women and white men chose to do this to themselves for money, power and facist state benefits, now they’re reaping the results of their own stupidity.

      Also these so-called incels are nothing more than a f…g joke, if they can’t take the heat then hey should get out of the kitchen please. We don’t need to suffer from the annoying temper tantrums of these pathetic house servants as they beg Massa to let them remain in the Great House.

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