Black Women Vs Black Children


The overwhelming majority of black women are undiagnosed unhinged psychopaths who have no maternal instincts whatsoever. Remember though, these heifers treat light skinned, mixed race and white children complete different. Again, as has been pointed out many times before, note the skin tone of the woman involved in this ritualistic abuse of her son above, enough said. This behaviour looks awfully familiar now doesn’t it but in another way then many of you many have forgotten. Therefore allow me to refresh your memory:

When we really think about it what is the difference between the two scenes above, if we’re honest we would have to say NOTHING. Notice how when it comes down to so called “discipline” most black women mirror exactly how slave masters/overseers treated their slaves on the plantation. As I have stated many times before, black women as a group hate black children and only have them as a means to get on the government payroll, again, the children are merely viewed as instruments of finance, nothing more nothing less.

I know that many of you black men upon looking at the first video immediately had dreadful memories come into your mind, this unfortunately is how most black children are treated in households where black women are either the only parent of the house or are in charge of the household, though this type of behaviour in the overwhelming majority of circumstances is typically seen coming out of single black mother households. Black women rule their households through fear, intimidation and won’t hesitate to use bullyboy tactics as well as acts of violence in order to keep their children in line.

This is also the predominant reason why so many black youth today are so incredibly violent, yep you can blame this modern day dysfunctional black siren for the likes of Crenshaw, 12 Gauge and Bucky who walk the streets with knives and guns and who are ready to stab and shoot another individual just for looking at them. Remember, this violence doesn’t only come from being beaten all day every day, it also manifests itself as a result of neglect, no love, no affection and no attention.

As we’ve discussed before, most black mothers will openly brag about the damage and the pain they inflict upon their children in the name of “physical chastisement”, in fact when I was at school I remember hearing conversations where the black students would frequently compare the techniques of punishment that were used against themselves by their mothers. Even those few youngsters who had fathers in the home would still testify that the overwhelming majority of beatdowns they experienced came from their mothers.

Here is a quote from page 54-55 of the chapter entitled Black Women And Children from my book Negro Wars, it reads as follows:

“I believe the number one method that black women use to install hatred into a child’s psyche is the use of violence against their children which they cunningly attempt to disguise as physical chastisement. Black women simply abuse their children, they do not physically chastise them, in fact black women have no idea what physical chastisement is or how it should be correctly appropriated. Black women will not hesitate to use any and all instruments within reach to ‘punish’ their children, from an electric cord to a metal rod, from a wooden stick to a metal pole, from a slipper to a shovel, no weapon is off limits for the westernised black female to use in taking out her frustrations of self hatred upon her children. Black women enjoy beating their children, they actually receive more satisfaction from this course of action than seeing their children do well in school or excelling with excellence within other constructive activities”.

Further down page 55 another paragraph reads:

“When you ‘punish’ your children for minutes at a time to where the original purpose for the chastisement has now been lost, how else do you expect to be labelled? Black women absolutely love putting on a bread and circus, minstrel show, monkey performance when abusing their children, especially if the siblings of the child are present or they have an audience watching”.

The above abuse is one of the main reasons why it is a much wiser choice for black men with sense and intelligence to seek out non black women to have children with, we already know that black women as a group hate themselves and try their best to escape their blackness on the day via the wearing of weaves, skin bleaching as well as using blue/green/grey contacts, thus any children they produce with a black man will simply remind them of who they are and as a result they will rebel and demonstrate a deep disdain and hatred towards that child instead of loving, nourishing and cherishing him/her.

Just look at this witch, she would’ve continued beating that young boy to a pulp had the older gentleman not stepped in giving the lad a break from the beatdown which allowed him to gather up some strength from which he ran away. I personally would’ve fly kicked this woman in her neck, talking about “don’t you do it”, stop beating your child black and blue to a pulp, how about that?

Of course the fun and games for black women come to an end once these boys get into their teenage years, you’ll notice that all of a sudden the beatings stop, this is because the black witch now understands that her son is fully capable of turning the tables and handing her a severe wounding himself, this is what happened to my mother once I turned 16, a little warning was sufficient enough for her to never raise a hand to me every again.

Black men, this is what we as thinking SYSBM soldiers actively have to bring an end to, the cycle of abuse that black women have every intention of continuing. Breed them out, don’t procreate with these black whores, don’t have sex with them, don’t date them, don’t even talk to and avoid them when and where possible. On a quick side note you’ll notice how CPS/Social Services typically will never step in and take children away from single black mothers, that ought to reveal much as to who black women work for and the deal they have struck with government behind closed doors.

Since the pro black simps claim that we are weak for refusing to tolerate such dysfunction and abuse, let them deal with these women themselves and stop badgering us to join them in their mission of stupidity. Since when is it weakness to walk away from a negative situation? You’ll notice that only in black society are you viewed as “weak” if you refuse to tolerate abnormalities and things that are clearly off balance, smh.

It’s so easy to see why a black man with his head screwed on straight after suffering years of emotional, physical and in many cases sexual abuse like the would look upon his mother as an example of the type of woman NOT to deal with. Going out into the world and encountering black women who have the same nasty, vindictive and evil nature, is it any wonder why more black men are gravitating towards non black females?

Modern day black mothers pathe the way for their abused sons to turn towards other races of women, bust the boys up side the head day in and day out for years and then wonder why many of these same boys who’ve now become men can’t stand the sight of a black female in addition to despising and hating them with a passion, duh, what did you expect? Do yourselves a favour black men and just walk away. #SYSBM #ABANDON #SCRAGGLEDAGGLEFREEZONE #BREEDTHEMOUT #TEAMNONBLACKWOMEN

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Settle For Less

Most High Bless

94 thoughts on “Black Women Vs Black Children

  1. I know that many of you black men upon looking at the first video immediately had dreadful memories come into your mind

    The memories are still burned into my psyche and, just like many other black men is a stumbling block in progressing with life. There isn’t a thing alive that could justify the blood savagery the black mother unleashed on her dark skinned children, and for that she shall burn in hell for her sick, ungodly acts.

    Unfortunately the father also joined in on the beatings, so there was no escape. Other relatives also have been taught to turn their backs on me too.

    Verbs, I know you mentioned forgiveness in breaking the chains of the black witch before, but how on earth do you forgive such evil and unrepentant savages? Admittedly releasing past trauma has been helpful, but doesn’t forgive mean forget? I’m all for moving forward but dropping my defenses for them is out of the question.

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    • Michel,

      You must always remember so that you continue to recognise these beasts for who they are. I would never drop my defenses for these decadent black witches, these women have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and backstabbing scoundrels many times over. Forgiving these devils isn’t easy at all, however you’re only doing it on your end so that YOU can break the chains on YOUR side and move forward with YOUR life. Always keep your guard up with these savages, ALWAYS. Judgement is coming in hard for these black females, trust me.

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    • A fallacy that is constantly repeated, especially amongst Christians, is to “forgive and forget”. According to the Bible that they claim to believe, only GOD forgets and casts something into the sea of forgetfulness. You DON’T have to forget, and you sure as hell don’t have to have the same relationship with that person.

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    • DO NOT DROP YOUR DEFENSES. RUN. Stay far away from those toxic people. I do. My Mom and Dad are married but that was post prison stint for my “father “ I am a bastard and he never gave me anything but like she to steal from me and con me. I don’t even interact with those people any longer. I am kind to my mom from a DISTANCE and no matter how much she requests my presence I act like I live an entire world away. Keep your sanity and love YOURSELF. Remind yourself of their abuse and NEVER forget who they are.

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  2. First, we note the size of the typical black female. I often see black football players, weighing 215 pounds, with their 300-pound mothers. Many black men are not used to being around normal weight females.

    Black females, as a group, make terrible mothers. A black female will name her male son after a French perfume because she likes to buy cheap and knock-off versions of that perfume.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      These beastly black females have absolutely no standards whatsoever, the only time they interact with their children is when it is time to beat them or to cause them physical harm, smh.

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      • Verbs2015—- “…standards…” Is it not odd that black females wear hair weave to supposedly conform to the standards of non-black women? It is also odd that black females do not attempt to conform to the standards of non-black women in matters such as child-raising.

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  3. As an elder here, I can NOT express how happy I am to see younger black men around the world waking up to the fuckery that is the “black community”. In the matter of controlling and punishing black men, black women and white men are ONE IN THE SAME.

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  5. The video is extremely disheartening yet it HAS to be watched and shared. There are so many children being abused in the black community – GOD please keep them close to you.

    The only way I see to correct this is to stop Democrats from executing their agenda (Republicans aren’t any better, but their overall agenda can stop the agenda by not feeding it).

    ALL black women are foul.

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      Most black women live for moments like this, they love seeing other suffer in pain and misery, this is how the Jezebel spirit within them is recharged. Like I’ve stated before, these women are nothing short of whores for Satan.

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  6. So these woman do nothing all day but beat these boys from pillar to post, never nurturing or cultivating ANYTHING in them? So, why should we feel surprised or sorry for them when these same guys grow up thinking of nothing to do all day but inflict upon that community the same violence that was made commonplace, moral even, for them as children?!!!

    OF COURSE thugs have no problem shooting kids such as Tyshawn Lee and other school children, such violence was the prescription of the day for them at that age! This is also why black society is dumb as hell, with no one having ANY thoughts, creativity, interests, hobbies, or dreams: where’s the room for that when you have to be beaten all day?

    This is NOT discipline! I don’t think that physical reprimanding should be the first line of action, if ever used at all (as it never was on me), but this bears NO resemblance to commendable physical discipline. Discipline involves TEACHING A LESSON, not just the displeasurable punishment used to get the point across. Then again, when you have so many adult blacks that don’t know right from wrong, why would you expect the children to? As long as blacks just lazily look at hitting/spanking as a magic bullet, as opposed to learning how to be better themselves first, and then teaching this to their children, you will have nothing but savages roaming “deez streetz.”

    Also, you will notice that white liberals, who you’d think would be against such abuse, say noting. Conversely, when white republicans bring up parenting and fatherlessness regarding black children, they will conveniently ignore these QUEENS and their dysfunctional (and dysfunction causing) abuse. These sides are both fine and comfortable with these actions, just look at how “family values” Fox News lauded when a black woman beat her looting son during a riot.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’m glad you brought up the black witch who was filmed laying into her son during those riots which I believe were in Baltimore, I wrote about her in Negro Wars. The theme of black women battering their children is all too common, I’ve head comedians make fun of those horrible moments of being beaten by their mothers for minutes at a time, yet the pro black flunkies will still tell us that we need to marry and procreate with these savages.

      I refuse to and will never form a confederacy with scum women, black women are included and are at top of the “steer clear from” list. Black women as a collective simply have no clue as to the proper meaning of physical chastisement, however they certainly know how to bust a black boy upside the head 6 ways from Sunday.

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    • Afro,

      Yep. Both parties are two sides of the same decadent rusty coin. Both serve the same masters. Both pretend to be concerned about Black children while absolving the very people responsible for their destruction.

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  7. Good day,
    Something is very wrong when you have both black parents partake in the beating rituals on their children that the slave masters in times past did to their ancestors. Hey, I got the belt by both parents and by my father alone went overboard in his anger by using a belt buckle, switch, getting cursed out, extension cord and by hand on me and the second to the latter was applied to me while I was naked because the clothes was on my skin could provide some shielding and his didn’t want that. He had and still has a lot of issues of life didn’t turn out the way he wanted aka family members, marriage, co-workers, so on and so forth and he’s going to be 60 years of age tomorrow. When I got so-called chastised by him at the time, in my opinion, it was a temporary therapy for him from stuff he was dealing with at work and people, I was the closest thing to take it out on and also the teachers and principals then did not help. They were adding fuel to the fire with their lies and propaganda which he believed and they could be trusted because they were ‘educators’. I turned 32 today and the stuff that happened to me was 20 years ago in the 6th grade which was a difficult time for me and the effects of it still exists to this very day. I don’t have any problem with black parents disciplining their children properly but I do have a problem when they take the disciplinary action overboard from my personal experience and it’s going to be something I’m willing to change when I become a parent in the future by not passing this abusive behavior of old to the next generation. SYSBM.

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    • Just don’t make the same mistakes as your father did. Many kids took revenge out on their parents especially when they get elderly

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    • I commend you for recognizing the problem and wanting to correct it. This is another thing that screws black people up, their refusal to critically examine the practices of their elders and either continue or reject said habits.

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    • Robert Chavis and afrofuturism1,

      I was born and brought up in a two-parent, middle-middle class household with no other siblings and it was no picnic. The environment was divided and chaotic even to this very day. A lot of outside influence, poor financial decision making and the difference of upbringing between both of my parents affected my upbringing. For me, this will make a person do things differently for the sake for your future offsprings. The experiences I’ve mentioned above will put wedges between parent(s) and child(ren) and sometimes one of your parents will want you to suffer the same way with your children because you set a distance between yourself and that particular parent(s).

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      • Obsidian has pointed this out: many of our parents and grandparents were together out of mistake, not love. Thus, combined with the era that they lived in, very little love was alive in the black community, namely between parents and offspring.

        Why do you think so many white people can at least look at their grandparents to see both a successful marriage and a standard to raise and nurture children? Black people literally need to start over, the few good ones are roses through concrete. Time for black men to plant their seed in a better field.

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    • BrotherDanUnlimited,

      Indeed, this theme is all too common in black society and unfortunately it is the modern day black female who dominates this smackdown department. A lot of black fathers who go along with this garbage typically are weak simps who are usually looking for approval from their evil black wives/significant others.

      SYSBM is the most viable way to break the cycle. You’l notice that whenever non black women are caught engaging in the ritualistic behaviour of beating their children black and blue, they are immediately looked upon as deranged, mentally insane, mentally ill and seriously problematic, however whenever it comes to the modern day black witch engaging in such atrocities, we are expected to look upon her differently, no sir, not today, not anymore.

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      • Just watched Glass and they talk about how the character Kevin from Split was beaten and burned with any iron and other objects by his mother, and how his father, who died in a train wreck, was the only one who kept her at bay.

        This behavior is seen as madness amongst non-black society. Speaking of the “heroic Baltimore mom”, even white people that spank their kids don’t believe in beating them the way blacks do, though they view it as a source of entertainment whenever blacks do it.

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  8. I had a friend that was abused like this until he got older and beat the living shit out of her. She hit him with a television because she said that he looked like his father. He got to his breaking point and took the same television and beat her with her. He used fists, brooms, irons, bats, and broke her jaw and face. It was so bad the police came looking for me asking have I seen him. He got three years in jail (juvenile court) because even though he was abused, he went overboard with weapons. This is why I go out my way to avoid black women. The boys are fighting back and now, pookie and day day, are dealing with thinking black nerd men fighting against them now. There are many thinking black men who are not putting up with the bullshit anymore.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I remember seeing a video on Worldstar Hiphop where a son snapped against his mother and beat her to a pulp. Black women who engage in such barbaric behaviour against their children deserve every judgement and recompense that’s coming to them. Your friend’s mother got exactly what she deserved, she was recompensed in full and then some.

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  9. Smmfh+Facepalm…Goddammit ain’t this some grizzly yet grotesque sh*t! But according the po-bwacks(aka the “sistahs, im sorry” movement) will still call….well what I call “the golden chicken style experts” “a kweeen cause she a mama and she blak! Maybe you n*ggas betta mayan up and pay homage because I saiyid so!” That’s them!

    Any type of outlandish abuse of their children or any sort of going against them doing such hannus crimes is a line that they dare not to cross….simply because of this….the n*ggacunt knows HOW to put a hurting on these p***y and ass worshipping pullman porter negroes. Like we always say. The State! And the black b*tch will use the state to put these punks in line….or its THE STAKE…thru the heart! Next…up the ass! Now you see why these punk muthaf*ckas give n*ggacunts a pass?

    And also, you see why these punk ass trash bag capeing slave talkin reprobates come at me sideways with punk sh*t like “you a gay ass n*gga if you AIN’T gat no kiiiyids” oh yeah! Heard it all over and over and over again. But the point is…when a black ass tratchet b*tch who fed off the white man’s candy called welfare,

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    • Cont.
      For decades, this is the type of sh*t that goes in these homes. Malnutrition. Emasculation. Disdain. Physical/Mental/Psychopathic Abuse. All for the sake of the b*tch living well. Meanwhile work full time jobs and STILL GET GOV’MENT RETAINER BALANCES! No thanks to the feminist doctrine manual script.

      Although it tells these stupid heifers not to have any man in the home, but they bring em anyway. Because the black b*tch’s biology is f*cked up, she can’t walk around in 1-5 seconds with bone dry panties. Somebody’s gotta keep em wet…and that’s where dey dey, bae bae, drag loc, dank, swag mac, loc dawg, dre day, yung bill, milkbone, etc. And if she aint f*ckin, she’s flogging and whipping children. And then turn around and say “thank you gov’ment for put-in meeee oooooon! You da reyal kiyids dadday!” Yall know what I talking bout!

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  10. @Verbs

    You’re preaching to the choir. My parents dished out the discipline, but nothing even remotely close to what that 300lb Silver Back Ape was doing to that poor child. I shake my head in amazement as to why black men keep dealing with these violent beast.

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    • @#TeamWhiteGirls

      Because they believe the hood’s indoctrination of the lies that a black man is a sellout, coon, or other foolishness if he doesn’t choose to deal with these… CREATUR- *ahem* “Qweens”… Cause they black you know, therefore, according to the hoodsimps, “they OUR women”(slave masters)!!! And should always be protected and valued more than Christ himself, cause the qweens are ALWAYS da main “prize” of da black community and should be treated as such, despite ANY of their wrongdoings(black woman can do no wrong yo)! Cause ain’t no woman, I mean ANY WOMAN, EVER gon’ be better, or have a brother’s back, like our ghetto qweens(Becky gon’ git ya son)!!! -Black simps, 2019.

      These broads are gonna lead many dumb blacks to Hell the same way they proclaim o’ Becky would do to the them, nobody else in this world is more dangerous than a “sista” at full volume. Hope you’re doing well away from your parents, dysfunction kills many of the black youth’s futures before they even have a chance to begin life, it’s really a sad state of affairs.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Black women are in their moment of prime whenever they pull out their various weapons of abuse and use them at will, however they won’t hug their boys and congratulate them when they do well at school. Nope, beating and abuse of children rules above all.

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    January 20th
    Final food stamps payments went out
    Food stamps will be paid through February, but in order to get funds, states will have to pay February payments early, by or before January 20, which could create confusion for recipients who receive an abnormally large payment that is intended to last an extra month.

    January 30th
    Federal housing assistance contracts are expiring (Section 8)
    The federal government helps fund low income housing through project-based rental assistance contracts.There are many of thousands of these nationwide and the contracts with landlords are expiring on a rolling basis. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has asked landlords to dip into reserve funds for the time being. An advocacy network has mapped where the contracts are expiring.

    I feel sorry for the federal workers, the elderly, and the physically disabled, but if Trump actually sees this through, this will be a good thing for the Black community. We are already slowly seeing good BM’s value rising in the black community through the “Dear Black Man” videos and an increase in black female chameleons. Its a good time to be SYSBM.

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  12. I remember that my step mum used to beat me if I didn’t do well at secondary school. It was hard for me because I wasn’t naturally academic in school and I didn’t like school because I found it boring and a waste of time because I wasn’t learning anything butmy step mum didn’t wanna know what I had to say because she expected me to be naturally academic like her because she found secondary school easy and got good grades in school and I tried to her tell that everyone learns differently at school and in education. The irony now is that I’ve got more qualifications than my 3 parents put together(ie mum, dad and step mum) as I got 5 qualifications (ie 7 Gcses, 2gnvqs and 2 business degrees with no student loan debt). I am now 36 gonna be 37 in early June 2019 and I am a childfree man. I will never had kids with a black women because they always beat their kids for any stupid reason and they make the worst parents in the world. Being from North London my type of woman is a Greek women or Greek Cypriot women, Turkish women or Turkish Cypriot women, white women with brown/Hazel eyes and Indian women who is childfree, good looking who has a nice slim to athletic body.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Your choice of woman is commendable, those Turkish/Greek/Cypriot women are top notch females. We have to break the chains and refusing to deal with black women is the main part of the equation that needs to be executed.

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      • Thanks for the compliment Verbs2015. The reason why I go for those females because the majority of them come from traditional homes where the parents are married and have been together for a long time and also come from funchioning homes. As a black British man of Guyanese heritage I find that extremely appealing to meet a women who comes from a two parent home. Plus a lot of Turkish women love their black men and have kids with them. Also a lot of Greek and other Cypriot women are also date black men now as I see it on a daily basis living in North London which great to see because black men are now realising their true potential and now expanding their dating options and walking away from poisonous black women. ☀️💯😊🙂🌍

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    • It is unfortunate that these women of choice come from two parent homes yet fail to abstain from premarital sex. It’s sad that most females these days are just loose and the Black male accepts this instead of finding a truly great woman to marry.


  13. There is a difference between a spanking and a beating. I wouldn’t be surprised if that kid turns the tables when he gets older. BW raise and breed with the very monsters that they claim the need “protection” from in the hood.

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      • The Dems are going to have a much harder time getting the Black vote out in the future, particularly the Black male vote. Instead of blindly voting Democrat more black people are starting to ask “Whats in it for me?”, and for Blacks (specifically BM) the answer is “Not much”. I doubt that Kamala Harris will get many BM to the polls.

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      • After all, almost 100% of BLACK women voted for my political crush, Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton–but that wasn’t even enough to get her in the White House!


  14. I remember my mom beating my older brother for striking out in a baseball game. My mom tried to give me a spanking when I was 13 because she was mad at the world. I took the belt away from her and informed her that I would not be taking any more beatings ever again.

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    • Brainsmasher66,

      Black women as a group are psychologically damaged and mentally unstable individuals, you’ll notice that they’ll never praise and reward their children whenever they do well, however if the child does something wrong these sirens transform and are immediately ready to lay the smackdown, sad.

      I’m glad that you showed your mother that she could no longer abuse you, as you read and have probably seen already, some black mothers got taught about their abusive methods the hard way.

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  15. My heart goes out to all the brothers here at Slaying Evil and to the brothers across the diaspora…who had and are enduring such abuse, by these Harlots of Hell!!! I myself cannot say I’ve gone through this, for the fact that my mother was and still is a rare breed of BW. My mother never once raised a hand to me in any sense nor manner…whether it was for no reason at all or for a disciplinary issues. She left that to my father. She was and still is a nurturer, as women are designed to be. And, for that I’m most thankful!!! However, the brothers I grew up with…did not have the blessings nor experience of such treatment by their own mothers. And, often spent time over my house receiving nurturing and attention from my mom. It was regular occurrences, that hurt my mother deeply and brought forth in her a great deal of shame on how far BW have stoop to such harsh and vile behavior when it came to the interactions with their own sons. Many of of these brothers that had exposure to my mother have credited my mom for helping them making it through such a arduous period in their young lives. Yet, with all that being said…like so many of our brothers who have been damaged by BW, it has irrevocably altered the course on how they will interact with BW, if choosing to do so at all. The display of brutality by this Beast of Hatred only continues to solidify why modern day BM must take the necessary steps to achieve closure with their past, and begin to move forward into a future that is forged and dictated by them. Connecting with like minded brothers who have gone through similar experiences and/or with brothers who can sympathize with their unfortunate past and extend a encouraging hand to uplift them, and show them that there is better way. So, let us continually reflect on why we must remain steadfast and expand The Wall of Silence …for our own sense of sanity and well overall well being!!!


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  16. I plan to do a video on this topic. You guys forgot to mention the other side of the coin when boys get the shit beat out of them like this. They become very timid and afraid. I should know, it happened to me. A lot of black cunts beat the fuck out of their boys to make them scared of them. And the Pastors of the church will tell you that you are to still honor these nigga cunts. Fuck them too.

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    • Screw the corrupt rotten borough church whores and the tribalist Commie street gangs posing as mainstream political movements. Have you ever noticed a connection between destructive activities in the black ‘community’, complacent and compromised “Churches” that wouldn’t survive the persecution endured by their predecessors in the fight for freedom for even two hours, and corrupt political movements with hidden agendas?

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    • Gryphon,

      Yep. You hit the nail on the head. I just wrote a comment below touching on the black females psychotic need for this illusion of power over black men. Cowardly beasts with no honor is what they are.

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    • These demented, broken “mothers” set up their boys to become soft, anxiety ridden and unable to negotiate life on their own. Add to their lack of masculinity they become ready made SIMPs, full of inner anguish, but never daring to point to the origin of their pain. This is where I suspect the ridiculous “black woman is god” get their nonsense from, as they too also got they asses beat.

      Pastors will give them a pass as they are CINO (Christians in name only). How many of them will direct the mothers involved not to constantly tear their kids into anger?

      Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged (Colossians 3:21).

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      • Exactly. Speaking from a child (adult now) from a west African mother, one of the worst experiences I suffered was that after a brutal attack from my mother for the tiniest of infractions (don’t get me started on fractions, I got beaten to a pulp & worse for struggling at the age of 5, converting a couple of tricky fractions to decimal points smh). She would then use the same hands to ‘lift up’ to the Most High on a Sunday & con the housing authority on a Monday, to give her a three bedroom house for an extended family she has not given birth to as yet, on the command of the likes of Benny Hinn, Morris Cerrullo, Ayo Oritsejafor & other evil wizards disguised as Christians… be continued….. shame on these whores……Lilian

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    • I fully agree. The hypocrisy of these women knows no bounds. I know this is a predominantly black men’s forum. I have to add as a black woman, I too was horrifically abused by my mother, who ruled the roost whether there was a man in the house or not. These mothers will inflict violence on children that a woman being beaten by a man, would barely survive. If a man inflicted that kind of violence on a woman he would be thrown in prison or ostracized by the community quite rightly, but nothing happens to mothers who do this to their children. Why? Then we have the African community mocking abused children, saying it is an abomination to complain about a parent who only wants the best for their children. What with a two by four wooden plank wacked across your head for getting your times tables wrong. You don’t know the half of it!

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      • So, carrying out grevious bodily harm to a child with a heavy weapon us is NOT an abomination, but complaining about it IS. Because “God” and the community say so.

        Lillian, it’s wasn’t God they were listening to, it was somebody else…

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  17. Verbs,

    Fire. Pure fire. One of your best posts. Yes, that video brought back some bad memories and made me angry. I hope that kid beats her worthless ass one day.

    I got it from both my mother and step mother. And you’re right, it was pretty much universally common among everyone I grew up with. We all basically got our asses beat. Usually whenever our mothers wanted to prove that she’s the “boss”. In my case it was usually whenever I tried to assert myself in any way. Sometimes in public. Sometimes right in front of friends/relatives or even total strangers. Small wonder that I had self-confidence issues growing up.

    I talked about this some time back on another article. But I truly believe that black boys are stand-ins for their fathers and/or other black males in these instances. At least that’s how it was in my case.

    In her desperate need for the illusion of control and authority of some sort over men, the black woman bullies and abuses the only males who are within her power to do so. Namely her own young and defenseless offspring.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Xstopalopoketl,

      Thanks bro, there are too many black men who have the same accounts when it comes to physical abuse in the name of chastisement. Too many black men todsy are walking around psychologically damaged from such horrid encounters from their youth.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I noticed that Ghanaian & Nigerian boys in the UK born in the 1970s raised in 1980s UK were treated like animals by their mothers. The deep fresh scars I would see on them at school was shocking. Because of this major insults would be hurled at these boys by fellow black but West Indian children, who hated us already as our Africanness was causing more trouble for them, as we were all tarred with the same brush when trying to get help themselves for their own abuse. It was worse for the African boys coming back to school after half term or summer holidays. The deep gashes across their faces & noses & eyebrows were terrifying, all inflicted by their mums. One boy was cut from ear to ear by his mum because he spilt a little bit of a heavy bottle of paraffin on his way home to fill a gas heater & stove in the house. He was only 7 & the bottle was to be held by two people or pulled in a wheeled basket. Young African boys & Jamaican girls in the UK were treated the worst. The rest of us came a close second! Lilian!


    • I’m glad my dad was there as a kid, and it shows because of the family members I grew up with that were either a few years younger or older than me, and I’m one of the very few to try to get ANYTHING out of life and not just repeat the cycle.

      My mom never hit me, but whenever she would cuss, fuss, and run her mouth, my dad would basically troll her and talk trash back. My dad would literally MAKE UP cuss words just to shut her down and shut her up.

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  18. I don’t blame any black man who decides to date non black women because of the bad treatment he received from his black mother and black women. The reason why I grew up with a lot of self confidence and self esteem issues is because my step was always cussing me out and putting me down and telling me that I won’t amount to shit in life because I wasn’t perfect like her and I wasn’t good in school and also she used to put me down I was extremely short for my age and I need to grow taller because taller people get automatic respect in this society plus both my parents are short( dad is 5ft 5in tall and mum is 5ft 2in tall) so I was never gonna be tall due to my short height genes and I am now 5ft 7in tall which is just under average height in the UK because the average height for a man in the UK is between 5ft 8in tall and 5ft 11in tall.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick —— Please note that, in the USA, the black females are getting shorter and fatter. These facts have been verified. If the UK is anything like the USA, the black females are getting shorter and fatter. Is it not odd that black females, put so much emphasis on a person’s body ?

      Liked by 6 people

      • Gregory Chandler I didn’t realise that black women in the USA was getting shorter and fatter and it was that bad. You are right that black women place so much importance on a man’s height which is something he cannot over his personality and character which makes a person who they are. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man because they the biggest judgement women based on a black man’s appearance, biggest gold diggers and the biggest hypocrites in the planet. When a black woman dates a white man that white man can be poor as fuck because black women love their white god, Lord and saviour and they bow down to him because they wanna have those pretty mixed race kids with those, grey, blue and green eyes and that good, good straight or curly European white hair. ☀️💯😊🙂🌍💚

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    • Sadly, Caribbean and African mothers probably ECLIPSE their American and British counterparts on the scale of violence toward their kids. Jamaican mothers especially will beat their kids within an inch of their life before bringing up God.

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    • DLQuestion unfortunately those black women in the UK are like that but that’s the dirty little secret that the UK society doesn’t wanna tell you as it believes that black women can’t do no wrong and that they should be worshipped like God’s.

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    • Oh yes, Ghanaian, Nigerians, Jamaicans, who gave birth to children in the 1970s especially, are the top three nations who brutalised their children. Clearly it’s not ALL, but like brother Verbs was saying earlier, on Monday mornings throughout the UK, black children of parents of those three countries especially, would gather in the toilets or while getting changed for PE (where most of the fresh cuts & bruises would be more visible), or in the playground etc. & compare ‘war wounds’ obtained from our parents over the weekends. It sometimes became a perverse competition as to whose mothers were the most vicious. What is sad was at the time, up until 1987 in the UK, corporal punishment was legal in schools, so teachers usually turned a blind eye to the abuse going on in the homes, so we children were unable to report it. In fact, the worse the wounds, the more most adults thought ‘the child must have done something really bad’ to get such a severe punishment. As a black child at the time, white teachers & white adults simply thought that us being beaten so badly was just a cultural thing amongst the blackies & the Pakis. I remember making the mistake of telling my primary school teachers what was going on, and was told to take my shit back to the jungle it came from. I was told that my family were all a bunch of apes so what did I expect? So the violence & abuse simply went on. The way sexually abused black girls were treated is another story altogether……black mothers would literally accuse their daughters who had been raped & sexually molested, of seducing the perpetrators of the sick act & kick their young daughters out of the house prematurely to fend for themselves….. The whole cycle of evilness within black female headed homes from the above three nations is too much & scandalous on biblical proportions & still, to this day, nothing is being done to stop it! Lilian!

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    • Say what you will about Trump, but notice that it’s the “asshole outsider” and a bunch of women who are passing the laws that bible thumping “conservatives” were too afraid to pass for years.

      Liked by 5 people

      • I’m looking at the effects for bm and honestly I am not aware of any outright negative work he’s been doing toward us if anything were benefiting I believe

        Liked by 4 people

      • @ DarthAmon

        Yeah, I’m not a Trump supporter but he has done things that are benefiting good BM. Welfare and Section 8 reforms/cuts, Immigration crackdowns, and Gov hiring freeze, are the main things IMO. We are slowly seeing BW silence and humble themselves at an increasing rate. The value of a good BM is making a come back big time in the black community, these BW can’t afford to be arrogant and combative when white daddy is cutting them off.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @ afrofuturism1

        IMO transgender people are nuts and should not be allowed to serve in the military or handle dangerous weapons. Transgenders will probably drain the military’s healthcare budget with sex change surgeries, hormone treatments, and therapy to deal with their mental issues. Good job Trump.

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      • I recently saw a commercial for an episode of “I Am Jazz” about some teen tranny. They legit were afraid that someone would come to the hospital during its “transition surgery” and try to hurt it. Trannies’ persecution complex makes even gays look twice.

        And notice how prevalent this is among white males, despite them having fathers in the home AND male cultural figures.

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  19. Hmm I wonder what percentage of teenage boys rise up against their mothers to stop the physical beatings. I know I have personally and I’ve noticed among friends. I’m almost certain it’s as common as a rite of passage here in America

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  20. This is funny, this guy does a fictional interview of old BW who have been on section 8 for 40+ years and have gotten kicked off due to the cuts:

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  21. I have a quick story to tell when I was a young man living in the hood I now live in a upper class city outside of said hood. I saw a young girl no older than 9 or 11 running through my backyard most kid’s would trespass on not only my property but others this is not uncommon behavior. She was chasing her little brother of 6 and picked up a brick I used as a border around the front making a border for the flowers. She threw it with all her might at her brother it hit with so much force it left a mark on the brick porch. If she was not such a bad aim she would have bashed his head in a truly sick mindset she had learned from her mom who was no better smh.



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  22. As we all know black women don’t have children in order to give their children a better life. Black women have children to show the world that someone loved them enough to have a child with them, to walk around in public with their children to get attention and ‘look at me, and my child, aren’t we special’, for public benefits, and for every self reason other than the well being of the child.
    This is why black women have babies in the most violent, poverty ridden, filthy areas you could imagine, with most times some piece of shit, brain dead negro buffoon.
    When the ‘ahh look at how cute and little my babies are’ feeling wears off, and the children grow older, and black women see that having children is actually work (even with all of the free government benefits they receive), black women become extremely bitter, and they react a few ways.
    They will have more babies with brain dead negroes, knowing they will get more benefits, and they will be able to get attention for having a ‘new little baby’, but their older children will be basically ignored, and screamed, yelled at and beaten for nothing more than being children.
    Or the mother will see the piece of shit negro she CHOSE to have a child with in every black male child she has, and will do everything she can to make her black male children’s lives a living hell because she wanted to do that to the black man who fathered her children who she couldn’t control.
    It is common place in the so called black community for black women to beat the living hell out of their children. It is not only accepted, but it is encouraged among most black people. And black women get free reign to physically assault their children whenever they want to because black women are allowed by society to do ANYTHING they want without ever being questioned or challenged.
    But I’m still trying to figure out how ‘Becky’ (the name jealous black women created for the white females they are obsessed with) and white supremacy is responsible for black women terrorizing black children on a daily basis.
    And when you bring up just how fucking ridiculous it is to beat the shit out of black children simply for being children, black people start rambling on about how ‘this is how black women discipline their children’ and how white women are weak for finding ways to discipline their children other than beating the shit out of them.
    Did anyone see the movie ‘ The Beauty Shop’ where the white woman tried to tell Vivica Fox that beating children isn’t a sensible way to discipline children, and Vivica Fox started talking about how this is the ‘way’ black people discipline children.
    This is the prevalent mentality in the Western black community. And then we wonder why black youth are running around committing all kinds of violent crimes. All these black youths have witnessed from birth is black women beating the shit out of everything and everyone around them. And this is the mentality young black males carry into the world.
    That mentality is beating a person’s ass is the way to resolve conflict. Black women are seriously mentally ill. They make me sick.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bill Smith I fully agree with you how black women beat their kids in the name of discipline. I went through it myself with my step mum and she only hit me if I wasn’t doing well in school and she wanted me to live up to her high unrealistic standards when it came to school work because she found school easy and got good o levels and good a levels grades she wanted me to do the same but it wasn’t gonna happen because I am not the academic type of person because I didn’t enjoy school because the school teachers hated me because I wasn’t the too goody shoes golden boy and I went through a lot of bullying because I was so short in school so my secondary school experience was a fucking nightmare. I never have kids with a black woman because of the experiences I’ve been through because their way of disciplining their kids is to beat them to death which is very bad.

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