Black Women As A Collective Have NEVER Been The Allies Of Black Men As A Group


This is a crock of nonsense straight off the bat, for starters history has clearly shown us the unspeakable treachery and the traitorous acts of the modern day female over and over again, the same historical facts unfortunately do not point towards a black female who has stood by the black man through thick and thin and who was willing to die by his side.

It has been brought to my attention that a band of 3 black Jezebels recently held a witch’s Google Hangout in which they as per the usual black female protocols decided to go in on and berate black men. One of these benighted miscreants had the audacity to make the statement about black men being weak during slavery and that this was one of the main reasons why black men were unable to protect black women during those times.

Weak, what part? Let’s quickly examine two aspects of slavery that these disjointed black sirens have conveniently omitted. Firstly, contrary to the lies black women have been spreading concerning being continually raped by the slave master, the fact of the matter is a large portion of the sexual interactions that black women had with plantation owners were consensual.

The particular source escapes me at the moment, however I remember coming across information of an individual who kept a journal during slavery times and that one of the things this particular person noted was how the black female slaves would literally throw themselves at the slave masters and willingly whore themselves out to them as well as their friends. It wasn’t uncommon for black female slaves to involve themselves in mass orgies and all manner of sexual deviancies in order to put THEMSELVES in a more favourable position. Taking onboard the roles of slappers, sluts and tarts instead of fighting for their freedom, who were the weak ones again?

As you well know history tends to repeat itself, hmmm, whoring themselves out to white men, now where have I seen this type of behaviour recently?

In light of such treachery I can understand why a significant number of black male slaves would choose to turn their backs upon black women and leave off protecting them. Much like today since back then they also preferred to be under the white man’s wing, again much like in recent times it would then be the white man’s responsibility to protect them, not ours. So much for being “allies of black men”.

Let’s move on to another aspect of slavery, that is the slave revolts and the fact that yet again a significantly large portion of these planned revolts were sabotaged due to traitorous black females taking on the roles of spies and snitches reporting back to the slave masters. Again, who were the weak ones?

What the black sirens Cynthia G, the newcomer to black YouTube and failed swirler/Jezebel Irene Yvette and the single black mother Nylah Says yet again have conveniently omitted it the fact that the overwhelming majority of those slaves who revolted or at least attempted to rebel against their slave masters were MEN. Outside of Harriet Tubman which one of these black female slaves attempted to escape the plantation, I’ll wait?

Let us also not forget the fact that a large portion of slave owners were black women(could somebody please provide the link to the article that confirms this, I believe it was Reggie James that posted it before). Instead of using such a position to free their fellow black men, as in modern times they fell right in line with the white supremacist agenda and continued in the footsteps of Massa by choosing to hold black men hostage and used their flunky black males drones to reinforce this position.

This is really why these black witches ought to keep their mouths shut, listen and learn something for once in their lives, when you go around talking this “during slavery black men were weak” nonsense yet as per usual fail to examine the position of black women during those same times(how convenient), you’ll inevitably end up looking like a grade A dunce once ALL of the information concerning black women is brought forward and placed on the table.

Now, when I had my run-in with Irene Yvette on Obsidian’s show back in November 2018 I told her in no uncertain terms that if she continued involving herself in hangouts with the scum bucket members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, she would soon become a contaminated scumbag and decadent herself.

Well, we can now clearly see that I was right and it didn’t take long for Irene Yvette to manifest her true colours and unleash Jezebel from her holding cell. It is equally sad to see the amount of black men who have been enchanted and bewitched by this siren foolishly putting down their faculties of logic, reason, wisdom and understanding and instead choosing to leave themselves open like gutted chickens because she is somewhat good looking and has a nice pair of breasts(which were thoroughly milked and rinsed out by her former white lord, saviour, father and slave master I might add), smh.

As I stated before, history tends to repeat itself, as black women betrayed black men in the past, the same thing is happening today. Black women as a collective have never had the backs of black men as a whole, I’ll repeat that again for those who may have missed it, BLACK WOMEN AS A COLLECTIVE HAVE NEVER HAD THE BACKS OF BLACK MEN AS A WHOLE. In modern times these disgruntled harlots couldn’t wait to sell black men down the river in exchange for the religion of feminism as well as the temporary treats and benefits from the state.

However, it must be said that in 2019 there is a slight twist to the tale in that black women have indeed chosen to form an alliance with a particular group of black men. That’s right, 12 Gauge Mike, 2 Bladez, Crenshaw, Slim Jim, Lil Cheezy, Skeet Fleet, Creepy and J Boogie from the block. Yes, the modern day black female has decided to align herself with the small contingent of black men who are detrimental and destructive to black society as a whole.

As per her state obligations to keep black society on it’s face, as far as the modern day black female is concerned it is convenient and only fitting to join forces with those black male counterparts who are equally hell bent upon destroying what minuscule fragments remain of an intact black society. Don’t ever forget my 3 parts series in which I evidenced the hatred and utter contempt the black witch has for black men as a collective, the links to those articles can be seen here, here and here.

This modern day black witch is NOT your friend on any level, the only time when black women will SEEM to make a real stand for a black man is when he pushing up daises from 6 feet underground and even then such a stand is more about bringing attention towards themselves, smh. Don’t ever fall for the black female and the pro black, pyramid head, red, black and green hotepian garbage/propaganda about black women having the backs of black men as there is no evidence to support such a claim.

The next time an unwashed black siren attempts to pull the “black men were weak during slavery because they didn’t protect black women” mantra, be sure to point out to her some of the harsh truths above concerning the sisterhood. Black men failures, on the contrary, it is the hands of the modern day black witch that are steeped deep in the blood of her own people. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual, Don’t Fall Under The Black Witch’s Spell

Most High Bless

104 thoughts on “Black Women As A Collective Have NEVER Been The Allies Of Black Men As A Group

  1. Damn, Verbs went in hard on the Swirler Collective…

    White women have had the backs of Black Men throughout history and today. So I’m okay with these group of pre-Aunt Jemimas in the background confessing their love for ol’ Massa.
    We should send them the footage of One Punch Mike again, it reminds them of their failed past relationships.

    Don’t forget your food stamps, girlzzz!

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    • Michel, “White women have had the backs of Black Men throughout history and today”
      You have NO idea how true your statement is, but they need proof.

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    • Thank you! How the fuck do we have all these black female lawyers and judges, yet the Innocence Project is chock full of white women who actually help wrongfully convicted black men? But black women are our biggest allies. GTFOH! I firmly believe that there is only a minuscule amount of black women who have our backs. The rest, fuck them.

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    • Michael,

      It had to be done, these ex swirlers have a nerve trying to roll back onto the scene, attempting to tell black men how they ought to be living their lives and then trying to berate us at the same time, smh. The cuts are coming.

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      • DLQuestion,

        Since you’re homosexual, you always seem to want to make it know, you don’t really have a dog in this fight, I don’t understand why you continue to call out certain women when you aren’t even attracted to women to begin with.

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    • Alex C,

      Yep, everything was good them when they could spit in the faces of black men and have their white lord and saviour to fall back on, however now that Mr Euro is giving them the boot, many of the black witch’s coven are trying to get back into thinking black men’s good graces, you know the same guys they constantly laughed and scoffed at before, smh.

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  3. I continue to laugh at the black male DRONES who follow and listen to these OX built bitches.

    You can’t save everyone!

    There’s only about 20% of black men and 5% of black females who can be rescued from “blackistan”, the rest needs to stay and burn in their own self created “Hell on Earth”!

    I have absolutely no need for the overwhelming majority of black females, they’re ghosts to me. I interact with them ONLY WHEN NECESSARY! I most definitely will not socially entertain them and would rather stick my dick in a Vitamix blender on FULL POWER than date one of them!

    Brothers, they’re desperate and terrified. They see what’s here and what’s coming. Just look at what has happend in the fist 18 days of 2019…
    -The Government Shutdown…
    -Black chicks terrified they won’t
    get there Food stamps…
    -Black chicks getting evicted from
    Section 8 because of the
    aforementioned Government
    – Their “White Lord and Saviour”
    reaching across a counter and
    grabbing her ass…
    -Their “White Lord and Saviour ”
    Left Hook Harry knocking out a
    BT 1100…
    -Black whores crying that Black
    Men treat Hispanic Women

    That’s just a few, and again we’re only 18 days into the new year and the “L’s” are coming HARD, FAST AND FREQUENT.

    Leave them alone, find yourself a White, Asian, Hispanic or simply NON BLACK FEMALE to spend your valuable time with.

    The “SS Bitter Black Bitch Boat” is sinking fast and the 300lb rats are jumping ship and crying for black men to “protect” them while they sink from the shear weight of weave packed upon their skulls . Black men, resist their calls for help, put away the life jackets, DO NOT fall for all these “we love black men” videos that are springing up all over Youtube. Stay on course and steer your ship to WHITE, ASIAN and Hispanic ports where you can be reasonably sure that your health, safety, sanity, finances and happiness will be secure and taken care of by worthy real FEMININE WOMEN.

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  4. Show them the same amount of respect that they have shown us for the past few decades. They were quick to look down their noses at BM while white daddy was paying their bills and giving them good paying Gov jobs with benefits, but those days are coming to an end. The Trump era is hitting BW hard with welfare cuts, Gov work not being as stable as it used to be, and them seeing that non-BM don’t want them outside of sex.

    Brothers online have been producing a bunch of new videos warning good BM that BW are going to begin trying to sweet talk and “Dear Black man” their way back into good BM’s good graces, but now more than ever we have to keep the Wall up. Times are getting tough and BW see that non-BM aren’t rushing in to save them, and they get even angrier when good BM ignore/ridicule their predicament. Check out the comment sections of some of the videos BM are making about the impending welfare cuts, the BW in those comments are PISSED and they get even angrier when BM point out that BW put themselves in this situation by having bastard kids with pookie and ray ray.

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      • Damn! I never heard this back in the day. I recommend everyone on here to listen to this.

        The beat is a bit wack and Willie D never had the best delivery, but these lyrics are PURE GOLD!!! He absolutely nailed it with every single line in this song! Hard to believe this came out over 20 years ago! This should be the theme song for the Trump cuts!

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      • For those of you who cannot stand the sound of rap music (like myself) but want to know what this rapper is saying, here are the lyrics:

        “[ ‘welfare bitch’ 1 ]
        Girl, your foodstamps ain’t came yet
        [ ‘welfare bitch’ 2 ]
        Girl, you’re late, I got my shit and traded it in for a leather skirt
        [ ‘welfare bitch’ 1 ]
        Them muthafuckas ain’t send me my shit yet
        But tomorrow I’m goin down there clown they muthafuckin ass
        [ ‘welfare bitch’ 2 ]
        I know that’s right, girl…

        [ VERSE 1: Willie D ]
        Dee’s about to cold get funky
        On you welfare bitches around the country
        I don’t give a damn if you like me or not
        But this bullshit you’re doin has got to stop
        You’re playin the government for a sucker
        What you don’t know is they’re hip to you muthafuckas
        Droppin babies one after another one
        Just to increase your funky-ass income
        Welfare bitch, welfare bitch if you could see
        For this purpose, cause I believe
        That a child should be born out of love
        Dumb-ass bitch, you was only thinkin of
        The money which is for the kid indeed
        But you took it and satisfied your own damn needs
        You ain’t about shit, you only love uno
        One of these days there ain’t gonna be no

        Welfare bitches

        (Keep away from)
        Welfare bitches

        [ VERSE 2: Willie D ]
        Sit around gettin high and drunk
        Waitin on the muthafuckin first of the month
        They never looked for a j-o-b
        Cause they’re too busy watchin the soaps on ABC
        You realize it’s only make-believe
        But yet when one died get shocked and grieve
        Think Scorpio or Lucy or the rest of the crew
        Give a fuck about a po’ broke ho like you?

        (Keep away from)
        Welfare bitches

        [ VERSE 3: Willie D ]
        Bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches
        Will trade foodstamps in a jet flash
        A $65 bill get you 50 in cash
        They’re the muthafuckas that’s makin it hard
        For the people who really need the government involved
        They have their kids lookin a mess
        While they walk around sportin Gucci and Guess
        You say you love your kids, that’s a goddamn lie
        I said it, you wanna know why?
        Cause you’se a welfare bitch, a welfare bitch
        So is your man
        Here’s his muthafuckin plan:
        He don’t have to work as long as he sees
        A welfare bitch that supports his needs
        He get the three p’s every goddamn day:
        Pussy, pay, and a place to stay
        You’re a sorry muthafucka if you live this way
        You need your ass whipped, that’s what I say
        I ain’t livin life with a dumb po’ broke ho
        Willie the kid don’t fuck with no

        (Keep away from)
        Welfare bitches

        [ VERSE 4: Willie D ]
        Welfare bitches can’t do a muthafuckin thang for me
        But suck my dick, cause I don’t want the pussy
        You fuck em one time and the goddamn whores
        ‘ll get pregant and swear up and down that it’s yours
        I got the money so you wanna get hit
        Don’t tell me that you’re pregnant cause I ain’t claimin shit
        Don’t try to play me cause I can’t be pussy-whipped
        So stay out my face and get off my dick

        (I tell you, mister
        I keeps me a welfare bitch
        How ya think I got this Benz?
        I tell ya
        I keeps on zipped pockets
        You can ask your mama there
        I always get the three p’s
        She give me the damn three p’s every goddamn day
        Bitch treat me better than she treat her kids
        You know
        Anywhere in the Nickel
        Down the [Name], the Bottom
        And ask em do they know [Name]
        They’ll tell you
        Yeah, he take a bitch to get the check
        I’m lyin?
        You could ask your mama
        Maybe her son don’t know
        I tell you this though
        I keeps on reptiles, leather, gold
        Anytime you see me I’m ridin
        Cause your mama bought me a gas car
        Think I’m lyin?
        Ask your daddy, he was there
        I pimped your father
        I could tell he’s a ho
        He a punk
        I go down there and tell em I want this
        Then make sure your mama get it for me
        Cause I’m the man down there
        You can ask anybody who runs the welfare bitches in the Ward
        Not this, not that
        I’m the man!
        Anybody comin down here talkin bout where they from, what they do
        They don’t do a damn thing
        I do it all
        I keeps the bitches…)”

        Source from:

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      • This is why I prefer to listen to underground House Music. I don’t know how any HUMAN being can listen to such negatively, mind-numbing destructive Rap drivel like this. I like the drums and the guitar beats though. We always had rhythm.

        The fact that Black society is going through perilous times makes this kind of music even more disheartening. It defies logic – yet I’m stupefied that PEOPLE actually listen to such crap.

        Society keeps getting dumber and dumber by the day. When Economic/Dollar Collapse eventually rears its ugly head, there’s gonna be a heavy price to pay for being dumb & ignorant. Bluepilled black folk are going to get steam rolled.

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    • James S,

      These women are smoking some high grade industrial FLakka if they believe that thinking black men are going to rush in and save them after they’ve been the ones constantly mocking and ridiculing those same brothers for the last 50 years at the behest of their white lord, saviour, master and father. Truth, we need to start reinforcing the wall now more than ever as these black female decadents will begin rolling in thick and fast seeking out a sucker to scoop them up, not this brother over here, no way.

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  5. Verbs, here’s the sources breh:
    Even of the minority of fully black slave owners the majority were black females freed by white male slave owners, the mullato majority slave owners were by and large the children of black women and white men.
    The majority of urban black slaveowners were women. In 1820, free black women represented 68 percent of heads of households and 70 percent of slaveholding heads of colored households. The large percentage of black women slaveowners is explained by the combined effects of manumission (being freed by their white masters for whom they fathered children), inheritance (receiving slaves from their white masters, relatives, and even husbands who had a higher mortality rate than women), and personal industry once they were free (buying slaves themselves).
    Black women were the majority of slaves emancipated by white slave owning men with whom they had had sexual relations. The miscegenous nature of South Carolina society is nowhere better revealed than by the fact that 33 percent of all the recorded colonial manumissions were mulatto children and 75 percent of all adult manumissions were females.
    UWEC Geog188 Vogeler – Free Black Slaveowners in South Carolina
    A number of black women collaborated with white men in enslaving black men and black children. While black men, who had a much higher death rate, took the majority of the beatings, were much more likely to do back breaking field work, and were castrated, had to fight with blood sweat and tears for their own freedom and even the freedom of black women and chidlren as in the case of madison washington who risked his life to go BACK DOWN THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD into slaveholding territory in the south to look for his wife, before being capture and leading a SUCCESSFUL slave revolt on a ship. Every single actualized slave revolt in the US was started by black men, none were started by black women or abolitionist white people(only planned insurrections), while black women on the other hand got to lay on their backs for slave holding white men to gain their freedom, thus why they got special treatment on the plantations and had a much higher manumission(being freed) rate than black men
    Up until 1970 census there were more recorded marriages between black women & white men than black men and white women. And these marriages happened during a time when one of the most shameful things a white man could do was marry a black women. Most prominent black females at the time had relations with white men such as Madam CJ Walker, Lena Horne, Pearl Baily, Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Lorraine Hansberry, and even “Pro blk” women like Maya Angelo and Alice Walker were married to or involved with white men. And as mentioned before Betty Spates, a black woman, was the girlfriend/concubine to white klansman racist Loyd Jowers who admitted in the 90s to being apart of a plot to kill Martin Luther King jr, and Carrie Butler was the black concubine and abandonded baby mama of racist Jim Crow politician, Strom Thurmund.
    (Last three zeros are redacted- Numbers are in the thousands)
    – It was a black woman with a white man who first fought tooth and nail all the way to a federal court ruling to legalize interracial marriages the nation-over, by riding the coattails of the civil rights movement that black MEN started with the Loving vs Virginia court case of 1967. So, I can’t understand why they would be mad at black men and white women for taking advantages of rights that THEY fought for.
    Loving v. Virginia – Wikipedia

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    • Excellent info! Just confirms what we already knew. Female psychology in general is like this unfortunately. They always bow to and worship power in whatever form it manifests.

      In Japan even after the US dropped two atomic bombs on their country, murdering hundreds of thousands of their people, US service men had little trouble finding wives and/or girl friends during the occupation.

      When Hannibal crossed the alps and conquered parts of Europe, contemporary reports said that white women literally RAN into the arms of the conquering Carthage Army.

      Those who lust after and worship TPTB will ALWAYS be agents of chaos. It just goes to prove that females were never meant to lead, but rather to be led. And any society or era that is dominated by the frivolous whims of the feminine mind will always be an age of falsehood, crime, & corruption. Sad but true. However unpleasant this truth may be to modern western sensibilities.

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      • Xstopalopokketl,

        Truth, catering towards women is a never ending road which will lead to the destruction of any society, women must be controlled and we’ve seen here in the west what happens when they are permitted to let Jezebel out of the cage ie given too many freedoms.

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      • I completely agree. Look at occupied Japan now where their men are defeated cucks still allowing their country to be a NATO outpost.
        Women do stupid shit.

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    • Wow,

      If this does not wake up and smack the pro-blacks and simps, then absolutely nothing will.
      If I were a simp and or a Pro black nationalist, this would had been my turning point!
      Even I didn’t know about any of this! More reason to fuel my passion for the SYSBM philosophy!

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    • Actually, the first recorded interracial sex court case in America was Pace v Alabama (1883), a black man fought tooth and nail to be with a white woman. Also, during the Civil Rights Movement, it was mostly black women who were fighting. All of the black male leaders wanted integration to have access to white women. Even MLK fought to marry to white college girlfriend. After integration, a wave of black men were chasing and marrying white women. How about you do some research.


      • Queenbeat,

        Nice try witch, however in the case of Pace vs Alabama it was the State that came after them, not the other way round. They weren’t pushing for the legalisation of interracial marriage unlike Loving Vs Virginia. You black sirens and your revisionist history, you’ll try anything to make yourselves not look so desperate, however it’s too late for you trying to redeem your image and reputation at this point.

        Black women have always been waiting upon Captain Snowy aka Lord Whitey to bring them into the fold, the feminist movement as well as the fatherless home welfare policies introduced in the 1960s by LBJ provided the much needed entry dockets that the black witch had been longing for, from there the rest is history.


  6. It’s already too late for them. It’s 2019, and BWs are already taking them hard as L’s. Let them keep on crying for protection, because at the end of the day, they still gonna keep on asking the same question over and over again, “Why I can’t a good black man, or a good man in general?” Well, they better look back at their history, and also see that in the near future, we definitely gonna see more and more and MORE, black men with non black women or black women from other countries besides America, or Africa maybe Idk. These BWs have lost the opportunity to be with a good man, because they don’t respect good men but use them like a slave. Plus they don’t wanna cooperative or be submissive (I try not to use this word because it’s a powerful word) because they look at that as being a slave but they wanna be the white man’s slave so let them be.

    Black men, let’s leave them chickenheads alone. They talking about they don’t want no scrubs, but guess what, I don’t want no pigeons. If y’all heard the song by TLC No scrubs, I would advice y’all to look at this video if you haven’t see this before by sporty thievez. This came out in the late 90s and I came across this video a few days ago. It was a clapback at no scrubs, same beat but guys talking about they don’t want no pigeons. 2019 here, and all Exotic fruits and flavors for me. If I have thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on me right now, I would leave the US for good.


    Here’s the link to the video:

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  7. Great post, brother Verbs. See, this is why I hate hearing black women discuss slavery. They’re far too disingenuous and selective when it comes to details that prove their treachery. Yes, rape of slaves did occur, but it wasn’t on a unanimous, consistent basis in which these bitches were being taken against their will. And it’s amazing how they love calling black men coons, but ignore the fact that it was many of black bedwenches that hamstrung and snitched us out during slave revolts and escape attempts. Fast forward to today where these disgraceful trollops are displaying signs and pictures demonstrating their desire to be used and abused by white men. And now they have the nerve to demand protection and respect after years of spitting in our faces and selling us out? Miss me with that bullshit.

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      Thanks bro, indeed these disingenuous buzzards are way too selective with the facts, we see them pull the same preferential information presentation time and time again. Most black women clearly have severe mental issues, asking for protection and respect yet all they have shown black men for the longest while is disrespectful and abhorrent behaviour, smh. Base on their atrocious track record, black women don’t deserve to be protected by us, let them seek out their protection from the ones they really care about, the government and 12 Gauge Mike.

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  8. Crap like this is the reason why the black community has turned into a complete and utter hellhole ripped straight out of games like Fallout and Rage. And a good reason for thinking black men and their non-black mates to leave.

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  9. These are some insane accusations ..with no sources..yall niggas buggin…black people should know better than this…white ppl read this shit..this is likw the inverse of breitbart/fox news


    • Negro please. Did you seriously use the term “buggin”?!?

      What rock have you been sleeping under!?! I haven’t heard that word in 25 years. As for sources, try google you dumb fuck. Also, it would be wise if you didn’t date yourself so obviously. Now we know that you are a washed up old pro-black idiot.

      Wake up and smell the stankin’ ass weaves fool. The former black community is DONE. Mostly because of the worthless black whores you came here to defend. And even more so because of the sad and equally useless old black fools like yourself, who enable them and their culture of self-loathing and wickedness.

      Now bow your head like a good little simpling and take the walk of shame back to the prison of Blackistan where you belong.

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    • Even of the minority of fully black slave owners the majority were black females freed by white male slave owners, the mullato majority slave owners were by and large the children of black women and white men.

      The majority of urban black slaveowners were women. In 1820, free black women represented 68 percent of heads of households and 70 percent of slaveholding heads of colored households. The large percentage of black women slaveowners is explained by the combined effects of manumission (being freed by their white masters for whom they fathered children), inheritance (receiving slaves from their white masters, relatives, and even husbands who had a higher mortality rate than women), and personal industry once they were free (buying slaves themselves).

      Black women were the majority of slaves emancipated by white slave owning men with whom they had had sexual relations. The miscegenous nature of South Carolina society is nowhere better revealed than by the fact that 33 percent of all the recorded colonial manumissions were mulatto children and 75 percent of all adult manumissions were females.
      UWEC Geog188 Vogeler – Free Black Slaveowners in South Carolina

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    • You are not fooling anybody “concerned bm”. Chances are you’re the same type of broad we hold so much contempt for.

      We weren’t born yesterday. Get lost black woman. And if by some chance you are a man, you’re a grade a certified simp.

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    • Concerned BM,

      If we even believe that you are a black man to begin with, investigate what has been written here, you’ll find out that it is all true. Start checking the multitudes of black females who are falling way short of the standard instead of those who are merely reporting on it. Ghetto Gaggers is all we need to know in 2019, the same stuff happening but in a different time period and Ghetto Gaggers isn’t the only website with black women whoring themselves out to white men, Cumbang is another one. Open your eyes not your emotions.

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    • Epic fail.Your obviously duller than a sack of hammers.The so called accusations as you put them have sources to back them up.Either your too stupid to see them or your one of these prowacks/ captain save a hoe types.Either your gonna learn things the hard way

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  10. Note to black men! Don’t save these hoes. You can’t save these hoodrat hoes. These simps and these captain save a hoes are that blind. They don’t see these women are worthless hoes. If these men don’t think that these hoodrats, hoes and these worthless peasants care about them, they dumb as the women they follow.

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  11. These women have NEVER been our friends. THIS is why blacks have struggled to develop any sort of society of renown and popularity since slavery: you can’t build with a backstabber!

    Black women look at black men as commodities and nothing else, we know this. They care nothing about black men or black children. That’s why they simply rat out black men, namely the ones trying to do SOMETHING with their lives, and simply beat black children and nothing else. They will NOT, however, turn down the chance to be mammies to white kids, or better yet, catch some white nut and have a mulatto baby. It’s JUST LIKE DURING SLAVERY.

    Pro-blacks have even given up on these chicks, why do you think so many of them are now spotted with half breeds, latinas, and even Beckys?!!!

    Wake up and BREED THEM OUT!!! As we’ve said, even if the so called good ones are actually good, shouldn’t they have been even louder than black men in calling out the hood rats, so as to not be lumped in with them? You can’t build with useless, you simply breed it out.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      All the talk black women have given over the years concerning being the black man’s ally has been just that, talk. Where are the actual fruits of this so called comradeship, that’s right, nowhere to be found. However on the flip side though we have plenty of examples of black women shafting black men many times over.

      You’re right when you say that it isn’t just thinking black men who are also deciding to give black women the boot, as well as the pro blacks 12 Gauge, Drilly and Bucky are also making their moves towards White, Asian and Latina women. #BREEDTHEMOUT

      Liked by 4 people

      • Damn right. Tyrone, 2 Clips and Lil Sleazy are at least making effort to free themselves, why don’t other black men at least make the f…..g effort to at least free themselves from the clutches of the witch and move on with their lives? This is why philosophies like SYSBM are very important, they keep the powers that be pissed off and hopping mad at the fact that somebody managed to free him or herself.

        Liked by 2 people

  12. Things have changed in black America where black women are feeling the results of not having a good thinking black man in the household. Now, they’re complaining about being phased out of the porn industry especially with sites like taking over. Black women love socialism until they run out of the thinking black men’s money, now, we’re on the verge of economic collapse. Us thinking black men must gather our resources and escape from blackstain.

    Liked by 4 people

  13. You will notice that the Womens’ March cofounder is a black woman, one who parrots Farrakhan’s talking points. Now, I’m not big on Farrakhan, especially with his recent out of character simping for Scientology and white man L. Ron Hubbard, but what part of anything he says has to do with the feminism and liberalism of the Womens’ March? Hotep black women and the “conscious” black women are the biggest liberals of the bunch, as they pursue this idiocy as a mission or virtue. At least hoodrats are just stupid followers, these idiots purposely double down on the same crap that ruined them in the first place.

    These women are disloyal backstabbers who throw their hat in the ring of everything that pushes black people backwards, and nothing that actually helps them. I will also add doubling down on these jackass churches and their teachings, while deriving nothing of tangible value from it, as being another side of this.

    Liked by 4 people

    • 14 years old, banned from school, and running around in a notorious area. I don’t feel sorry for this little asshole. MORE of these hoodrats need to bust hell wide open on the regular, and THESE are the ones that black women both “protect” and (posthumously) march for.

      Dudes like this, Latarion Milton, and Black Baby Driver all need to be drug out into the middle of the communities and horse whipped at the very least. If the black community was worth a damn, it would consistently deal with these miscreants, young and old alike, in such a fashion.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Damn right. Foolishness like this, encouraged by simp black and white men along with the black woman was the very reason why my ancestors decided to separate themselves from the community hundreds of years ago, we were mocked as savages for not taking anybody’s bull but the high crime rate in contemporary Jamaica compared to my ancestoral home with literally no criminal activity is a good example of the dangers of simps, house n…..s and the black woman in general to civilized society.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Anton Nikolaev,

        If you dont mind me asking, where was your original homeland? You may have stated it in the past but I missed it. I thought you were Jamaican.

        Liked by 3 people

  14. Drilly, Bucky, 9mm Mike, Juicy G, Tyshawn, Eze E, Lil’ Breezy, Lil’ Squeezy, One Shot Shawn, Long Dick Latawn, Sneezy G.

    These names have me creased up! Let them disrespec’ and fail to protec’. We thinking Black men are done. Thank God for white women.

    Liked by 4 people

      • Lil’ Greasy, Shitstain Shorty from the block, Notorious Nino, Sparky G, Cell block Ceelo, Boney B, Slim Cheezy, Slim Fadey, Slim Sleazy, Favela Flavio(Brazil), Shanty Sam(Jamaica), Kaffir Kofi(South Africa), Killer Kojo, Carjackin’ Cam…

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  15. ‘Barely Treading Water’: Why The Shutdown Disproportionately Affects Black Americans (Single

    “the shutdown is having a disproportionate effect on black workers and their families.”

    “African-Americans make up a higher percentage of federal workers than they do of the non-government workforce.”

    “According to data from the office of Personnel Management, the share of federal workers who are black women is roughly twice as high in the federal government as it is in the greater civilian workforce.”

    White daddy doesn’t want to swirl with them, doesn’t give a damn about their gov jobs, and is cutting the welfare. As many brothers have said, 2019 is going to be the “Dear Black Man” year.

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  16. Gentlemen,

    It seems that the black witch know as Madame Fruitloop has called me out once again, please see her rambling video from point 14:53. Slaying Evil though a small website is definitely on the radar of the black witch contingent, however what these disgruntled black harridans fail to understand is wherever I place my pen these decadents black sirens are in some very serious trouble, up and running or not. The pen is mightier than the sword, it seems that Madame Fruitloop however hasn’t received that memo yet. Enjoy:

    Liked by 3 people

    • Wow! Just listened to that. No matter times I hear this mentally unstable woman speak, I’m still always shocked at just how crazy she sounds. Listen to the histrionics in her voice when she gets riled up. The woman is just stark raving bonkers.

      I hope she’s on some form of medication. And I hope she is being forced to take it. The woman ought to be committed. And soon. Another clear example of the undiagnosed mental illness in the black community.

      But we really should avoid giving her anymore publicity. As this will only serve to drive up her view count and subscriber base. Which is a No-No! As this will bring more potential donations her way. As well as create more crazy black females to flag and harass black male bloggers and youtubers. We don’t need another Synthetic G on our hands.

      Liked by 1 person

    • This chick sounds deranged and long off her meds. Sheesh. She didn’t say anything worth even debating other than just cursing and calling people names.

      This is black whores goddess. That tells you all you need to know about the dire situation they find themselves in. Keep that wall up gentlemen.

      Liked by 2 people

    • So the witch has finally decided to cast another spell huh? These women are like a black hole, always craving more no matter how much they consume. Guess the simps and “qween” worshippers weren’t enough… I’m surprised it took one of her like long as it did to target this place, especially with how SYSBM is becoming more popular around the net. The fact that this “logic” character has done a video on this place shows how popular SYSBM has became, which is both good and bad.

      The good, is that more thinking brothers are walking from slavery (*cough* crazy-ass women*cough*), the bad, is that it increases the odds of more “invaders” coming onto this site to cause up a storm in hopes of it shutting down, which is something to definitely watch out for in the coming days. If only they would use that same energy to help out the black community and deal with Mankilla the 3rd, and his thug boys instead of fighting those who are trying to get away. One can only dream I guess….

      Keep the wall up as usual and call them out should they try to start sh%# here. These people are nothing but troublemakers, and need to be treated as such.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. As we all understand the truth is non black women, and especially white women, support and defend black men more than black women do in this day and age.
    There is a long standing myth that black men, if they are involved with a white woman, are involved with fat, unattractive, low class white women. Now if that were true (which it isn’t) why would these black men be involved with these allegedly fat and unattractive white women?
    Because black men get more support, kindness, and emotional/relationship stability from an unattractive white woman then they get from your average western black female.
    Black women are selfish, controlling, narcissistic, conniving, liars who are ONLY concerned about themselves. Black women see how non black women, and mainly white women support and love black men, black women see how black men respond to actually being loved without all the black female nonsense, and it really upsets black women.
    Black women can’t understand why women would want to do anything but give black men hell. Black women can’t seem to grasp why black men would want to be involved with women who want to love and support them.
    The fact that black men find true happiness with non black women, drives black women crazy. Black women are miserable and they want black men to be miserable along with them. Black women DO NOT have the backs of black men.
    Black women ONLY deal with black men because these are the only group or men willing to deal with black women’s nonsense and erratic, mentally ill behavior. All of this ‘black women are the only ones who have black men’s back’, is just more rhetoric geared to try and guilt black men to continue to become involved with and overlook the faults of a group of women (black women) who hate black men and live to see black men suffer.
    I would take a fat white woman who loves and supports me over ghetto hood rat who gets praised by simple minded negro clowns for having a ‘fat ass’.
    The modern day western male and female is beyond stupid in general, and these same black folks have the audacity to question why they are despised by most of the planet earth.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Madame Crazy as usual was talking a whole bunch of nothing typical shaming tactics you come from your mothers sisters blah blah blah her voice is funny I give her that. And bitch you would get humiliated in a public debate take your meds and duck off you dumpster fire cunt whore

    Liked by 2 people

  19. …A lot of black men in the western world cannot comes to terms that most black women HATE their black asses. Due to the “Oedipus Complex” many black men suffer with, they falsely assume black women in general have love for them like their mothers do. It can be a shocking wake up call when the realization sets in that the race of women you spent most of your life trying to appease is NOT trying to be on the same program as you. As a black man, you were NEVER meant to be in a position of leadership over them. The negro woman would rather gargle hydrochloric acid than be submissive to the average black man. Brothers, most of these women are SICK. Their minds are rotten and only a non black man will ever make them act civilized. Save yourself black man, stop looking for so called black love!!!


  20. >>That’s right, 12 Gauge Mike, 2 Bladez, Crenshaw, Slim Jim, Lil Cheezy, Skeet Fleet, Creepy and J Boogie from the block. Yes, the modern day black female has decided to align herself with the small contingent of black men who are detrimental and destructive to black society as a whole.

    The destructive black “programming” operation is in full swing thanks to the presstitute media shoving these “entertainers” down our collective throats. I can judge a person right away by the music & idiot box TV “programming” they allow into their head.

    One day, very soon, the whole “game” is going to collapse. And unfortunately, black society is going to pay dearly for its collective ignorance.

    Liked by 1 person

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