70 thoughts on “Open Mic Wednesday

    • #TeamDesiGirls checking in lol. Where do you run into them the most? Currently in the States, but certainly want to visit the UK soon and meet some Desi girls there as well.

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      • You can certainly find a ton on Desi girls in London – depends on your flavour, bruh. If you come away from the central part, definitely check out Stratford, Shepherds Bush and Wembley areas. East London is your best bet.

        Outside London, Birmingham has the largest selection of brown girls, but for a serious “what?” moment, try the Scottish Desis in Glasgow!

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    • I haven’t banged a Indian yet I want to try it. Have you ever heard of priya young she’s a Indian babestation.tv presenter she’s fit as fuck she has a fat arse nice curvy body

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      • Priya and her twin sister Preeti are on Babestation. Even had the same boob job. Both are mixed race though…

        I mentioned before the men in my family go after Desi girls. Even though WW are BMs first pick, Desi girls are a strong second, and they lust after brothers all day long. Their men hate it, of course.

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  1. Gillette is facing a backlash over its “toxic masculinity” advert. Yes, the company that makes its billions supplying men’s shaving products are shitting on their clientele. Smh…

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    • Black British Guy,

      Nothing much, I was just chilling out at home. Too many ignorant fools roam the streets at that time of year for me to be out there with them, some folks are just not responsible in anything they do these days.


  2. I didn’t give my response to Monday’s article entitled “Her White Lord and Saviour Put Her To Sleep – Belligerent Young Black Female Knocked Out” where the white guy (victim) knocked out the 12-year old black female beast (aggressor). What most people did not see in that video is the ‘girl’ cowardly pushed the guy in the back a minute earlier when he tried to break up a dispute among that same crowd. She got ‘POW, Right In The Kisser’, a reference made by Ralph from the TV show called ‘The Honeymooners’. SYSBM.

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  3. Notice that suddenly Hollywood, namely “conservatives” such as Fox News randomly bigged up and acted as if Letitia Wright was some big star. Black women only have draw power when only in or removing their draws.

    It’s ridiculous how they’re trying to covertly push these “good queens” as a way to essentially circumvent the wall. I hate these chicks, seriously breed them out already.

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  4. Black men have woken up. Due to the threat that Section 8 and food stamps will not be funded for February Black men en masses have been making videos warning other black men to IGNORE black women:

    Thanks to the Government shutdown, it has been rumored that things like government workers are not getting paid, section 8 will not be aided and many people with be evicted, starving, and loose jobs. Black women are in extreme fear and there have been a huge spike in videos made from black women about this:

    I don’t know what is going to happen but this has gotten so interesting that I cannot wait to see what happens. Who knew the cuts would appear in THIS manner! God truly works in Mysterious ways

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    • Gotta love them CUTS. Don’t come crying this way asking for help. Time to start making hard choices. Feed your litter of children, or get your new weave installed.

      Who are we kidding?? We all know black bitches for the most part despise their kids, and will gladly watch them starve as long as she “looks good”.

      Refortify that wall gentlemen. It’s going to be VERY interesting next month.

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    • Today’s journey to Krogers was chaotic. Too many ghetto welfare queans bussed from outside to get to the Englewood, Ohio Kroger Marketplace. They were stripping most of the store bare. I had to navigate around those fat, lazy welfare queans. They were standing about, not moving about. Of course they’re with their babymamas and their simp boyfriends. I even saw bedwenches with their swirly offspring, no father present. They were rude toward me. I was trying to be polite and they respond to with excuse me in a hateful tone. Of course, their carts aren’t filled with fresh fruits, vegetable, organic items. Instead, they were filled with junk and process poison they give to their offspring.

      It wasn’t a fun Wednesday as usual at Krogers. I had to endure them for an hour. I had enough.


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      • I forgot to add that while I was waiting in the line, an entitled old quean cut into the checkout line without saying excuse me. That witch.

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      • Yeah the gov issued a statement telling them to stock up on food because they may not get anything in February. I think they are giving out February food stamps this week in anticipation of the cuts.


    • Haha
      I too have been enjoying the flood of YouTube videos about the possible cuts coming. All of these BW who have chosen for decades to reproduce with pookie and ray ray are staring down cuts right now.


    • Darth Amon,

      I agree. I would also add that I like the looks of some Puerto Rican females. But their shitty personalities ruin them for me. I like some Mexican females but I don’t trust Mexicans anymore because of an ordeal I went through in Mexico that I have written about on this site.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        *I agree. I would also add that I like the looks of some Puerto-Rican females. But their shitty personalities ruin them for me. I like some Mexican females but I don’t trust Mexicans anymore because of an ordeal I went through in Mexico that I have written about on this site*

        Couldn’t agree more with you there. It really is a shame because PR women are some of the best looking Latinos along with Colombians and Brazilians.

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      • Yep. All those groups have a little black blood in them, which makes all the difference in terms of having a naturally sensual look. Not to mention the fact that it improves their body structure so long as they are NOT fat.

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    • DarthAmon,

      I’l be honest while I do like some of the mulatto and mestizo Hispanics admittedly I do tend to find the Whiter Latinos more attractive. Long dark hair with repetitively pale skin is my thing.

      However I do like the look of Afro-Brazilians and Dominicans too.

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  5. I want to share something with you guys. I had planned to write about this on my own page… But since I don’t have one yet, I don’t want to forget about this. This was back during the last presidential campaign here in the US.

    I was working in a hospitality capacity at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. I know, big shock coming from me. But it was not by choice. A job is a job and bills must be paid.

    Anyway this concerns the hostess of the fundraiser. One Cynthia L. Quarterman. She is an attorney and was a member of the Obama administration. Her wikipedia page is below:

    This fundraiser was held at the Washington, DC home she shared with her white husband (yes, she is a swirler) and their daughter. Their home was really expensive and filled with feminist art crap and expensive furnishings. Her husband was some sort of high powered attorney or something. Their daughter was white like the father and looked nothing like her “mother”.

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    • This woman was a case study in modern black female psychology. CQ was a classic example of the stereotypical angry, unlikeable, self-hating Black American female. She never smiled. Even toward her own husband and child. The only half-hearted attempts at smiling came when she was brown nosing with her guests.

      Her daughter was sweet and nice. And even though they obviously had money, I felt a twinge of apprehension about the future relationship between her and her mother. I suspect though I cannot prove that the kid is not her biological daughter. Perhaps artificial insemination. Or adoption. She may not have wanted a mixed race child. That would be fully in line with her “type”. Another possibiity is that her husband might have had a child with another woman. And for whatever reason/turn of events, CQ stepped in to fill the biological mothers void. Adoption is another possibility.

      I just remember that CQ seemed to avoid my gaze. Granted that I can sometimes look intense or even mean, but my face is often only a mirror for people like her. I have a bit of a penetrating gaze sometimes. Can’t be helped I guess… That happens to people who habitually look so deep into everything. She must not like mirrors very much.

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    • She was a Hillary “droid” which makes sense when you consider how the Clintons unnecesarily sent so many black men to prison to support the prison industrial complex in the 90’s. Much of the chaos in the black community today is a product of this.

      The war on fathers may be covert to an extent, but it is obvious and it’s worst effects have been felt in the black community. I got the distinct feeling that CQ was aware of the true nature of Clintons use and manipulation of the black community for votes. But that she ignores it to support the liberal agenda.

      In other words, she abandoned her own team to be a loyal mascot for people who don’t really like her. And who would never even socialize with her otherwise… In true black female fashion.

      Pathetic. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense why she seemed so unhappy. Living a false life will do that. It’s tough to understand sometimes why so many black folks insist on wanting to be around people who don’t really like them. If they were in their right minds, they would run as far from these “people” as they could get.

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    • Aside from CQ being decidedly unfriendly to myself and the rest of the staff that day, I made some notes at the time about other things that caught my attention.

      ●Her husband was nice and tipped all of us $20 each.
      ●CQ seemed cold and closed off even towards her own husband. She rarely smiled and never genuinely. Hard to believe there was any actual love between them.
      ●The picture on her wikipedia page is the closest thing to a real smile I saw on her face.
      ●The attendees were the usual crowd of snobby democrat donors and VIPs. Hard to picture any of these people actually socializing with someone like CQ unless it was for some greater purpose. In this case getting Hillary into the White House.
      ●There was only one black male guest with his wife/gf/baby mama. He seemed as out of place as I was.
      ●There were several of the usual black female nitwts who identify with Hillary. Even though she made her feelings toward black people publicly known.
      ●The only two other black males present were the sound/audio guy and one of the Secret Service agents.

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    • And lastly. I should mention the other noteworthy thing about this particular evening.

      Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton spoke on her mothers behalf. That was the reason for the Secret Service Agents. Chelsea has better form and a better overall demeanor than her shrew of a mother. She is more “marketable” and presentable than Hillary and is obviously being groomed for her own political career at some point. Gasp!

      A true horror I know, but someone has to warn the public.

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  6. Black women at my job upset about the CUTS at the end of February and everyday that they joke about my weight I remind them of the cuts that will get rid of food stamps. I been preparing just in case the grocery store run out of food.

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  7. Even though I prefer dark skin black women petite with a fat ass no weave. To be fair finding that is like catching lightning in a bottle, but I love fucking white women

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  8. Nothing really to add to Open Mic Wednesday except I’m here in the Midwest for work and these black broads are stomp-down ugly. There’s no other way to say it. Fat, ashy, bad skin, weaves or Kizzy headwraps, always talking loud into their phones. I had to take an Amtrak train at 7:15 am and there was some black chick talking loud into her phone. I was wondering who the hell was awake on the other end for her to talk to. She gravitated to me like all losers, bums and mentally ill do, and sat in front of me. I got up and moved, then put in my earbuds. Ugh.

    Open up Bumble and my God, what a shit show. These old “God fearing” black broads with ghetto names are just disgusting. At least the older white broads are steady in the gym, keeping themselves desirable. I’ve gotten all these hits, I’m scared to look.

    Gents, it’s been said before and I can’t say it enough, get your passports. These black hoes are beyond help in the USA.

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    • I bought I 370 z its cream nice. in other news verbs me and my fellow neighbors rejoice. Gov cuts everywhere. all stores from car lots to shoes TVs price drop yes sir. guess I’ll get the gt 500 lol. vote Gov cut. make the leeches go away


  9. So the pro life March for Life has been steadily gaining steam, which comes as YouTube and google have been exposed for suppressing pro-life videos.

    Meanwhile, the feminist Women’s March has been LOSING steam, namely losing the support of the DNC itself!

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  10. Gentlemen,

    Here we have another example of ultra simping, this fat tugboat isn’t even remotely attractive, the weave is masking her truly hideously ugly looks which I’m sure would resemble a Rocky Horror show, and the worst thing about it is there were two low grade, no standard having simps dicking down such an abominable looking monstrosity, smh:

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  11. Guys you know how we spoke about black women getting involved with the negromanosphere.com site
    Have you noticed recently that their site has been messed up or probably hacked. It wouldn’t be surprising if those women paid racist men to hack it.

    What’s your opinion on it?

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    • Jon,

      I’m just waiting for Oshay to start employing black female writers, I assure you that this is coming down the pike very soon. We already know that black women will be the end of the Negromanosphere website, however ultra simps like Oshay must learn things the hard way.

      You don’t ever give these black sirens an inch to manoeuvre because they will just bust down the entire door and bring in other members of the black witch’s coven with them, we’ve seen the same pattern manifest itself time and time again.

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