Her White Lord and Saviour Put Her To Sleep – Belligerent Young Black Female Knocked Out


The signature of the Most High was on that classic close range left hook, it came straight down from the heavens signed, sealed and delivered with a literal bang. What did we say in 2018 about the L’s rolling in even thicker and faster for these dysfunctional black sirens in 2019, didn’t we state that things would continue to escalate for them in exactly the same manner but with much more intensity?

Within about the last 5 years there has been a steady uptick of non black men who just aren’t willing to tolerate black female skullduggery and aren’t afraid to put the black witch in her place. Remember Jorge back in November 2014 aka the 8 ball jacket hero from New York who was forced to put in check a belligerent, unruly black female who decided to get up in his face:

Then who can forget the black female who was put in a choke hold by an Asian beauty supply store owner approximately a year ago:

Of course, who can forget the actions that took place in late summer last year at Jun’s Beauty Supply store:

Now, what is the common denominator in all of these cases, loud, violent, haughty black females who believe that they can talk to people any way they choose and in many cases throw hands without being recompensed. However, at the same time all of these black women found out the hard way that those non black men in particular would not be tolerating their garbage under any circumstances.

Now the young black male YouTuber Brian Solonge posted this comment on his channel from a black woman reacting to the video of this young black female delinquent being knocked out cold:

It’s funny how this black witch talks about the girl being 12 years of age yet conveniently neglects to talk about the fact that this same girl’s behaviour is NOT conducive to that of a 12 year old. Why is a 12 year old girl running up on a 50 something plus year old man with her fists clenched as if she is ready to fight? Why isn’t Miss Valerie Bee talking about that, why is she also conveniently overlooking the fact that these disruptive devil spawn youths are clearly antagonising the dude?

It’s funny how black women can never admit when one of the members of their decadent malevolent sisterhood is in the wrong. As I was discussing with Brian Solonge yesterday on his show, black women will always swing for the position of the victim no matter what, however as has been discussed before by many of us here on the site, nobody sees black women as victims anymore and many more individuals are growing tired of the modern day black female constantly whining and complaining about anything and everything.

It’s typically decadent, excuse making black witches like Valerie Bee who are the ones churning out these dysfunctional devil spawn seedlings and unleashing them into black society and society as a whole, black women without fail will always make excuses for the evil creations they bring forth and sic upon others. This 12 year old feral black female got exactly what she deserved, a cup of judgement was served right into her face.

Black women are the dumbest individuals on the planet in that they’ll behave in an unruly manner and an abnormal fashion, yet when the people they are negatively affecting around them decide to clap back, now all of a sudden black women as a collective will attempt the put on their victimhood mantle and completely forget that they were the very ones who brought things to such a turbulent point to begin with. Do you see why I frequently liken the overwhelming majority of black females to grade A retards and spastics?

Of course you still have many black women who will attempt to nullify what is being stated by throwing out the “this is just your opinion” mantra, however when any person posts clear and indisputable evidence which bolsters their position, we are now dealing with the facts. Most black women are a bunch of violent, unruly, disrespectful, unappreciative, ungrateful, cold hearted, merciless harlots and there are piles after piles of evidence to support such a position.

This is typically what single mother raised black youth get up to, they go around instigating trouble, in many cases especially in the case of black males the consequences of behaving in such a manner can often be an avenue that leads straight to an early grave. Those young hood rat delinquents above are your typical scraggle daggles in the making, no parents nor adult supervision in sight because no doubt their mothers are being dicked down by Lil Cheezy, Skin Flint, Slim Jim, Killer Rodney, 12 Gauge Mike, 6 Pump Geo and Rat Boy from the corner as we speak.

Thinking black men, this is yet another reason why these black females must be abandoned, on the one hand you have enablers like Valerie Bee who will excuse the behaviour of such devils till the cows come home, devils that women like her create on the daily. Then on the other hand we have black youth who have no direction nor guidance in life because in essence their mothers hate them and only had them as a means to jump on the government payroll.

Again, look at the video and see how the white guy is looking all around because he is being taunted from all sides. By the way, where was the responsible black female who stepped forward and tried to end this confrontation before it got out of hand, that’s right, nowhere to be found, however we aren’t surprised at this because as has been mentioned before, most black women love throwing hands and fighting for sport.

As far as I am concerned Left Hook Ralph needs to be saluted to the maximum degree for his actions and this is yet another wake up call for the black female showing her that she must now put the “strength, independent, don’t need a man” talk into action because certain individuals are coming for her and aren’t afraid to light her backside up.

This young slacker got sent to bed without any milk and cookies, maybe she’ll think twice before running up on a grown man like that, and for those black witches who will attempt to run the “black men aren’t protecting us” jargon, of course not as 50 years ago you decided to replace black men with the State. It is now the State’s responsibility to look after and protect you, therefore in light of this current transition of ownership, if you black women require protection, I will be happy to point you all towards your nearest police station or government building.

You black women have to be smoking some high grade Flakka to ask the same black men you’ve openly and proudly mocked, ridiculed, laughed to scorn, insulted and ousted from black society for the past 40 years plus to protect you, the audacity of these delusional black Jezebels is simply off the chain. Protection is EARNED. Fellas, the year has only just begun and the L’s for the black witch’s coven are rolling in like never before, stay tuned, this year is going to be a rollercoaster of a ride for black women as a whole.

The mission of thinking black men however hasn’t changed, abandon black women forever and thereafter seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere with good looking, feminine, submissive and in shape non black females. The above is yet another confirmation of the blueprint on how to deal with violent, mouthy, uncouth and disruptive black harridans, if young black girls choose to act like adults and want run up on grown men then they ought to be ready to receive adult consequences, period. Your thoughts gentlemen. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Never Hesitate To Put Black Jezebels In Their Place

Most High Bless

98 thoughts on “Her White Lord and Saviour Put Her To Sleep – Belligerent Young Black Female Knocked Out

  1. That was hilarious. You wanna act like a man folks are gonna treat you like one. What I find so damning is that even after he dropped her no one else wanted some if he was a black man the whole pack of badass kids would’ve attacked. He should’ve gave her a kick in the ass too for good measure lmao

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    • DarthAmon,

      Remember that stupid heifer who got a swift uppercut from the bus driver because she was running her mouth and assaulted the dude, these harpies don’t learn anything at all.

      Left Hook Ralph laid the smackdown on that daggle in the making and I hope more non blacks check these violent Jezebels in the same manner.

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  2. Didn’t I say last post that Lord Whitey will deliver their judgment? All we have to do is just rock up with a deck chair, pour out some orange juice, and laugh..

    “Where’s our protection??? What if that was your daughter?” Well, Ms Spelling Bee… That’s YOUR opinion 😂😂😂

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    • Michel,

      The recompense of the modern day black witch is long overdue, there is no protection for them from the thinking black men’s sector, if they want protection so badly then they should either seek the help of 12 Pump Mike or the government.

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  4. Old Man Mac knocked this witch out faster than Bill Cosby with NyQuil. You know the chick was stupid, just look at how they marched up. You had, for once, a relatively lithe, small shaped black woman vs this big, tall ass dude. What did she expect, for it to not hurt?

    Again, the results of seeing their black witch mothers have no responsibility and kid gloved all their lives. It usually backfires on the boys, but I’m glad the other shoe dropped.

    Also, what if it were my daughter? First off, my daughters and sons will NOT have a black mother, thus, probably will barely look/be black. Secondly, if that little ghetto Inkling was my kid, I’d hunker down and be grateful that someone else kicked her ass like I should have. Now, I don’t believe in beating kids (and it obviously isn’t curing black society), but I also don’t believe in kids acting in this manner to deserve it. I’m glad she got Balroged, and I was actually hoping that he kneed her back and Baned her.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I just laughed at them all fleeing the scene and soon as old boy landed that left hook of justice, the witch hit the ground like a crowd at a shootout. Running up on grown men and then we have stupid black women talking about her only being 12 and “protection”, where do these black female devils get off?

      These disjointed black sirens refuse to keep their daughters in check but then at the same time want to complain when said children receive their just comeuppances. Old Mac just like 8 Ball Jacket was a hero, yet again cold justice was righteously served up.

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    • Well the racist and sexist jumped out eh? First of all to group all black women together is moronic also all the black and African American women in my circle don’t act the way you claim we act. honestly scum like you should just say your racist and or sexist and exit. Damn


  5. AND THIS IS WHY BLACK WOMEN NEED OUR PROTECTION…………….they don’t know how to avoid a left hook. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! Stupid bitch got KNOCK THE FUCK OUT!!!!

    BUT NOTICE…….one punch from a white man was all it took to scatter these little bitches like cockroaches….ONE PUNCH, as if he took out a gun……they would have ALL jumped on and tried to kill him if he was black.
    Black women are asking why black men aren’t protecting them…..we’ve stopped wondering why black women DESERVES our protection…I mean come on man, you’re soft in the head if you think black women NEED black men’s protection.

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    • “BUT NOTICE…….one punch from a white man was all it took to scatter these little bitches like cockroaches….ONE PUNCH”

      I noticed that as well, an adult simply walking up and telling them to disperse wouldn’t do shit and they might try to fight the adult, violence on the other hand had them running. The Asian store owners already understand that when you are dealing with a BW you are basically dealing with a man with a vagina, and you should act accordingly.

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      • James S,

        Indeed, as I said before these dudes are showing others the ideal way to deal with black women both old and young who refuse to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

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    • “they would have ALL jumped on and tried to kill him if he was black”

      And a bunch of Pookies and Ray Rays would’ve come outta nowhere to jump on him too. But since it was a white man, there’s no Pookie or Ray Ray to be found.

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      • Amazing how they are able to restrain themselves when it’s a white man they are dealing with. Show me a video where a black man does anything and the other black women don’t respond.

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      • Matt M.

        There is only one way to deal those kind of women, put them down and teach them a good lesson so that they will think twice before ever trying to square up to any man or anybody for that matter again.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      What about the black chick working in McDonalds who was filmed practically beating that white man to a pulp? Exactly, does it look like black women need protection from anyone? This is on top of the fact that they don’t deserve any protection from black men anyway because of the untold endless amount of destruction they have brought upon us and black society. Justice was served.

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      • Howling like a damn monkey. As someone else posted above. It’s like dealing with a man with a vagina. And here comes a bootlicking simp to the rescue. Nah, man. Let them fend for themselves. Their actually a protected class in amerikka…until their not, lol.

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  6. I watched you on Brian Solonge stream last night you where on fire! My favourite thing Brian said when the welfare state collapses BW will go up in flames I agree 100. When USA government shutdown proves successful I think the UK will start trying to do the same thing in a few years. Because remember the UK is USA little brother

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    • I just listened to that whole stream and it was pretty good. Whichever brother referred to the shutdown as a controlled demolition was exactly right. The powers that be are watching to see how people react when there is a lack of government services and so far it has been pretty tame, the true test will come when/if the food stamps get reduced/cut off. I hope they get cut off, even if its just for a month just to see these hoodrats squirm.

      As far as the BW protection argument goes, I have said before that the only men obligated to protect a woman are her man (Husband/Boyfriend) and her father. A lot of these BW have no father in their life and no man, so they are trying to convince ALL BM that its ALL BM’s job to protect them. A lot of brothers are saying NO and chuckling at these hoodrats when the get KTFO by non-BM. As PBT says white supremacy is taking the gloves off, the thing is that when it came to BM WS never had the gloves on to begin with, WS only used the gloves for BW, but that is changing.

      Now that WM are slowly putting the boots to them and talking about cutting off their benefits they want to run to good BM for protection and resources. HELL NO. These BW have painted themselves into a corner, the look towards white daddy (their former benefactor) and see a future with decreased/no benefits, ass whippings, and ghetto gagging, and then look back towards good black men and see us standing on scaffolds building the Wall of Silence and they are freaking out. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Thanks bro, yep, the benefit cuts are already here in the UK and intensifying, you only need to search engine the term “benefits cuts UK” and a whole slew of articles will pop up. I really enjoyed myself on Brian’s show, the more thinking black men I can reach out to the better.

      Exactly, for too long black women have behaved in whatever manner they’ve chosen to with little to no consequences, well, not anymore. There are more Left Hook Ralphs out there who are more then ready and extremely willing to put these black female delinquents in their place.

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  7. These BW are nuts man. The woman that commented about BM laughing needs to understand that BM saw that WM get a small taste of what we have been dealing with for decades. We laugh because he gave her just what she deserved, act like a man and get treated like one.

    Part of me hopes that the food stamps get cut and restricted to the elderly and physically disabled. If these single moms need money for groceries let them go to their baby daddies or their families for it. Every last hoodrat in these videos will probably be starving.

    I saw this Straight Shooter video and it pretty much sums up my position on the gender war for the past few years, just save yourself. Just stay away from these hoodrats and stay away from anyone who deals with them, you really have no excuses because they have made it so easy for you to identify them with their ghetto names, tattoos, weaves, stank outfits, etc.

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  8. First of all, my 12 year old daughter wouldn’t be out at night hanging with a bunch of Boomquishas and actin’ a fool. Secondly, that girl don’t look 12. She looks every bit of 18-19 years old. I’m willing to bet when Ken gave her the shoryuken dragon punch he assumed she was older. That’s the problem with these she-beasts. They’re looking older and manlier at earlier ages.

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      • afrofuturism1 — “Black dont crack my ass.” Is it not amazing how much time black females spend spewing false propaganda? FALSEHOODS: e. g. 1. Many white women wear hair weave, 2. Black women have nice butts and bodies, 3. White women are fat, 4. White women want to look like black women, 5. Large number of non-black men want black women.

        I believe James S noted that black women are the only group in the USA getter shorter. Black females in their 20s look like middle-aged women.

        Black women are getting shorter, fatter, balder, and unattractive. ARE THERE ANY ARGUMENTS TO THESE CONCLUSIONS ?

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    • Morpheus2275,

      This is one of the major points right here, this supposed 12 year old girl is NOT acting like a 12 year old, she was acting like a grown man and so another grown man sent her to bed without supper.

      This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, you cannot deal with aggressive and violent women peacefully, they must be taken down immediately as soon as Jezebel rears her ugly, violent feminist head.

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  9. “This young slacker got sent to bed without her milk and cookies”…LOL…so far, that’s the leading candidate for Statement of the year. As you said Verbs, these mini whores launch the first salvo, then when fire is returned they want to play the poor innocent victim.

    This is just like the UK boxer Ohara Davies (instagram link below) who posted a picture of him with his White Girlfriend and the Black Whores and her SIMP minions called her a “cave beast”, “gold digger” ect.. called him the usual “sellout”and “uncle tom”.
    Then he fought back and told the Black Whores if they didn’t have 5 kids by 5 different guys then maybe they could find a decent man. And of course the weaves detonated and the…”you’re bashing black women” talk flowed like lava.

    I’m so proud of “left hook Harry”, but notice how the whores scurried like roaches when she hit the deck. If that had been a Black Man they would’ve formed “Hoe-Tron” and tried to attack him.

    If the whores cry about black men laughing and not supporting that piece of Ghetto trash I would only need to refer them back to the comments made about Stephon Clark.

    This is just addition damming evidence of just how feral these black whores are and how Black Men MUST seek companionship with other races of women!


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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks bro. These dysfunctional, out of control, Jezebelian, feral black sirens have to know that thinking black men won’t tolerate their nonsense either, especially in light of what contributor Asa Tzion talked about them starting to physically attack black male/non black female couples.

      I saw the comments in that particular post, I also check out some of Davies’s other photos and it was the same thing, stupid, insecure, unwashed black women and their drone simp flunkies trying to down the brother and his woman because he chose to date out.

      Indeed, yet more evidence to add to the pile as to why black men with sense and intelligence must seek out love and companionship elsewhere, this is only the beginning of the year and these beasts aren’t wasting anytime stacking up more ammunition that can be used against them but to our favour.

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      • @Verbs 2015
        I’ve been checking the “SistaHood of Failure” channels, Pissie AKA …Chrissie, Synthetic G, Paris Milan, Madam Fruit Loops, Christelyn “chock full o’nuts” Karazin, Unsuccessful Ladies live, in my Obsidian voice… “Sista Dolamite” AKA Simone56 and NONE of them have mention this or “Left Hook Harry”. I wonder what excuses or victimology they’re concocting under those weaves of there’s…LOL

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      • #TeamWhiteGirls —— I just watched a few minutes of “Unsuccessful Ladies Live.” The theme, as always, is that the men of the world want to be with black women. LOL. In the USA, white women and Asian women compete for first place. Hispanic women hold the next category for desirability. Black women are not even in the competition. What men, of any ethnic or racial group, will seek out black women in large numbers ?

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    • Good find, TeamWhiteGirls!

      Never heard of O’Hara Davies but I’ll have a look out for him from now on. I’ll even forgive him for setting foot in Coventry… 😂

      Oh, how the internet scum raise its smelly diapers up for the world to see…! A top class boxer and his top class lady? Deal with it, hungry hungry hippos!


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  10. https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/14/politics/donald-trump-shutdown-polls/index.html

    Trump ‘not going to budge even 1 inch’ on shutdown

    “”He’s not going to budge even 1 inch,” a source familiar with the President’s mindset told CNN.
    On Capitol Hill, there are currently no meetings scheduled and no new proposals being traded, aides in both parties say.”

    I wonder how long the Dems will hold out? We are going to see how much they care about hoodrats and their kids eating come mid February.

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    • Trump and most others realize that the only ones affected so far are these lazy ass government workers, who don’t relate to the private sector cats anyways.

      I hope to GOD that food stamps and other such things are cut off and that they are in the streets starving.

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    • James S,

      It’s Trump’s shutdown, he said so himself. He owns it. Lock, stock and barrel. A majority of Americans blame him for it. Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall, remember? The GOP owns 2/3 of government. Trump’s painted himself into a corner and the Dems are watching to see how or if he gets out of it. This is your leader’s mess, quit trying to rope the Dems into it.

      All that said, I do agree with (((CUTS)))!

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      • >All that said, I do agree with (((CUTS)))!

        Including uppercuts, left hooks, right hooks….


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      • @Schadenfreude
        Chill out bruh, you are making a lot of assumptions in that reply. I don’t feel like arguing though.

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      • James S,

        No assumptions, only facts. But I’m not here to go back and forth with otherwise like-minded black men.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        I take issue with this statement mainly, its not a fact.

        “This is your leader’s mess, quit trying to rope the Dems into it”
        Not a fact, I don’t consider Trump to be my leader nor did I vote for him.
        I’m not roping the Dems into anything, simply pointing out that when the welfare gets close to being shut off the ball may be in their court as to whether the Gov re-opens, I doubt that Trump cares about food stamps and much of the GOP is scared to oppose him. My point is that come February which will the Dems care more about? The hoodrats eating or opposing funding Trump’s wall?

        I don’t support either party BTW.
        I’m a former Democrat, but haven’t supported the Democrats in years due to the fact that they support feminism, homosexuality, welfare, single motherhood, illegal immigration, etc. I cant support them when they support and fund the things that are damaging the black community. I would consider supporting the Republicans, but they have become too close to the far right for me.

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  11. That was one heavy L in that first video.

    The Scraggle Daggle will never learn. She wants to act like a man, she should expect to be treated like one.

    Case closed.


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  12. It’s only natural, that these Whores of Babylon would jet ski their asses out of there when Ol’Massa placed those hands upon one of their own! For, the simple yet often overlooked fact that…you don’t strike that which you worship! BW for the better part of 600 years have submitted themselves to the alter of
    “White Male Divinity”…believing that by doing so, it would provide an yield of benefits that would last in to perpetualty. FOOLS!! Nothing could further from the truth!! That can only possibly apply when that ass stay in line and do exactly what is commanded of you and nothing else. But once in a while you’ll have a slave that will test the “deity”…just to see how far one can actually go!! And, as a result, it is learned all to swiftly what happens when you don’t bow to the alter!!! That BLACK ASS gets clapped with a vengeance!! Well…perhaps this heretic should’ve known better then to disrespect the BW “god”!!! But, now this false deity is turning their backs on their most devoted supplicants…because the value of them has gone from being an prime asset to a bonified liability!! A modern day Frankenstein which now has a “mind of its own”(if that can actually be said about those demons) which was specifically engineered to reek havoc upon the global Black community but… has now spread like a virus (cancerous in nature) destroying everything and everyone in its purview!!! I would like to say that this would be a great learning opportunity for this Heathen of Hell but, that would be like hoping that a dog will stop licking his own ass…it’s just to much pleasure evolved to consider anything else!!! Keep building the wall and don’t look back!!!

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    • Asa Tzion,

      Indeed, we continue to build and fortify the wall at lightening speed and with great efficiency. Left Hook Ralph/Harry/Old Man Mac isn’t stupid, he’s seen how these disjoined termagants conduct themselves in public on the daily and as far as he was concerned he was not taking any chances with any of them.

      Remember, that 12 year old Leviathan was the same one who pushed him at the beginning of the video, and she kept coming at the guy looking for trouble. I don’t feel sorry for these unwashed black sirens whatsoever, behave like a man and you will be treated like one regardless of your age. Again, justice was served righteously.

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  13. First of all. The white man, the reason he gave her the left hook, he was bullied. So he gave her a punch which a world boxing champion will give in a boxing ring. And second thing, these young people don’t respect their elders at all anymore. These people don’t no respect at all. When I was young, if I was getting out of line, I get my ass whooped!

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    • Money Cultural,

      Agreed, such behaviour exhibited back in my younger days would not have boded well for me when I got back home, these youth are out of control and black women are the ones who have created them that way. As I keep on saying, justice was served righteously.

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  14. No child of mine, especially my daughter, would behave that way. Although I don’t condone beating a child, she should’ve stayed in her place. This is proof that black children are not being disciplined. Nowadays, they don’t respect authority. If I were to behave this way, I would’ve been chastised by my mother and whooped by my father.

    Happy New Years to all of you. The new year is going well for me! My girlfriend and I moved into a new house, far away from the beasts and thugs that we used to live near. I still have my ghetto relatives who are now being nice to me after they found out where I live. My aunt and her used-to-be simp are getting a divorce. I’m elated that he finally found the light (took him long enough) So, now my aunt is sniffing her own bitterness. During my family’s new year party, the jealousy she had of seeing her son with his beautiful Romanian girlfriend was astonishing. I never knew it was possible for a mother to be jealous of her son. She was kissing up to him, told him how much he loved her, but he wasn’t having it. She then said, “Y’all I’m going to have some beautiful high yellow grandbabies.” Her ignorance is too much to handle, and sometimes it makes me sad, but she’s beyond grown, so she has to fix herself. She turned her attention to my girlfriend, who she looked at in disgust. Mind you, my girlfriend is the complete opposite of her: feminine, elegant, classy, beautiful, has her natural hair. She’s a rare gem and everyone knows that and a lot of people, especially the dysfunctional women in my family, despises that. To this day, she tries to hook me up with one of the females from her class because they resemble her and she realizes that she is dysfunctional and she desires to make someone’s life as hectic as hers. She tells me that my girl acts “too white” and she’s too weird and quiet. All I see is a functional woman.

    And that’s the problem within the black community; dysfunction is a functional trait. Dysfunction is the norm, it’s expected. I’m 10000% positive that this little girl was raised in a dysfunctional environment. What child, especially a girl, is taught that bucking up to a man is normal? One who thinks that dysfunctional behavior is normal.

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  15. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I haven’t the slightest bit of sympathy, or inclination to protect a group of miserable hypocritical bitches who would stab me in the back at the first opportunity.

    Black hoes have stated they’re strong and independent, and don’t need no man. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Don’t come crying our way when you’re getting your useless asses beat half to death because you thought you could go overseas, or to a community where you have no say and run your diseased mouths as if it’s a group of simps who will put up with your shit.

    Refortify that wall gentlemen. These broads are getting that overdue rude awakening, and they’ll come try running back into your good graces.

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  16. Damn, Left Hook Harry brought the thunder like mighty Mjolnir. Somehow, I can’t get mad at the white man. Does he have a GoFundMe? LMAO!

    Happy New Year, gentlemen. As always, keep the wall up.

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  17. Skin Flint, Killer Rodney, And 12 Gauge Mike has me in tears. First of all if the girl is 12 which I don’t believe why is she out at night acting a fool the black bitch who commented about black men laughing you need to be getting upset at the parents or most likely single black mother for not having control of her kid. Black woman are always making excuses never apologize for anything when it’s convenient for them that’s when they want our protection no BW we are not protecting you all the demon filled behavior you put out is starting to come back on you that Knockout was a thing of beauty. This is so lovely BW taking numerous Ls think i will get a glass of high end Vodka and watch the Ls keep coming for BW.

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  18. @Gregory Chandler
    That delusional clown and other black chicks like her are truly schizophrenic because they’re at the absolute bottom of the world wide dating barrel. Those laughable statements is a coping mechanism to deal with undeniable and empirical FACT that they are the Least dated, married, desired and attractive group of mud ducks on the planet.

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    • #TeamWhiteGirls—- The mass OPINION is that black females are the least attractive females on the planet. Black females are, themselves, the biggest supporters of this opinion. To that end, there is a multi-billion hair care industry that is designed to change the appearance of the black female’s hair into an appearance that resembles non-black females. It is a FACT that the majority of people on the planet have this opinion about the physical appearance of black females. Given the FACT that black females are not attractive, it is delusional for black females to think that they can have serious relationships with substantial numbers of quality non-black men. The black female’s best option is to humble herself and seek the attention of the dwindling numbers of black men that still seek black females. A few black females will seek the graces of black men. A substantial number of black females, however, will cling to the tired: nig*as ain’t sh*t talking point.


    • The black female hosting Successful Ladies Live, (Unsuccessful Ladies Live) does not seem to understand that the typical black female looks something like her.


  19. Verbs, you and Brian Solonge tore the house down on the livestream. Amazing job, brother. And I’ll say it again. Keep your fucking hands to your fucking self! The fact that she is 12 years old and exhibiting this type of behavior against grown men is indicative of the poisonous examples that have been set for her by the unfit female adults in her life. She got exactly what she deserved.

    Liked by 3 people


      Agreed. If she’s already Age 12 and THAT ratchet, Lord knows how that brat will be once she’s at 20, or hell knowing folks these days, even 17…

      A dysfunctional child will become a dysfunctional adult if not corrected (which obviously NEVERED in in the young “qween’s” life till the events of this video.). She messed with Thor, and got clapped by the Hammer… Lmao.

      The only lesson for hoodrats across the world to learn from this video: Keep your hands to yourself and check your attitude, or someone will check it for you.

      Liked by 2 people

  20. I agree woman of Color need to stop helping their black male counterpart to the end. These Mitch do not give a rats behind what happen to you. U are not on the plantation anymore u are out front in the mall. If a cop approach u n your man stand to the side. Women of Color have been getting their but beat raped for helping your males. While you’re there assisting them who is looking out for you ….more than likely your young son or brother. Stop trying to be there for them God got this. If you are with your white male or beautiful hospital male they will look out for you even if you r in the wrong n talk to you later about that fight or pop u for getting them into a fight. But your coward brother will not help unless it’s one of his are u down with me friends. Look around step back in the past that might be the only time he might help. Be a lady like Rosa park she stood her ground on her on n later she got help n before her their was another black sister (look her up know your history). Sit down like I stayed keep your hands relax like I stated n listen to this man he is giving you his mom n sister n sister friends. You are on your on N that is the way it should be n learn how to fight u will not get any sympathy from people for your foolishness n because you see whites women slapping black men like the white lady did at the bar, although this brother wasn’t having it. Are white sisters are used to slapping men you want get away with it you will always be looked at like a thrill. Stop, you are to pretty n who keeps copying you? N let us not talk about weave. My sisters been wearing clip on…while your men call it weave. Trust me sister we’ All doing the same it’s just that your men some of them hate u guys step off n party with us or your friends we are all doing the same Coolin’ Out my beautiful sisters!


    • Brothers,

      Observe the above and rejoice!

      The above witch and her futile shaming attempts is running head first against The Wall of Silence.

      Pour out your orange juice and laugh. 😜

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Michel

        Don’t even bother laughing at her type, they aren’t worth any energy to waste dealing with them.

        The only reason they’re “speaking out” (e.i shaming) black men, is to try and get our attention back onto them, so the brothers walking away will be off-focused from their goals and instead turn to the “loving” (PAH!) black qween “who always got they backs.” (too bad the numerous brothers in prison becuz of a witch’s lies weren’t so lucky), so they have the black man’s precious resources under the lies of them claiming to want “black love”.

        Don’t feed a hungry beast when you see one, just let it starve and wait for it to pass. Black women like Lady here only comment on all black male sites for attention, ignore them and they’ll go back to wherever they came. Keep marching fellas, and don’t look back or speak those who try to change your mind. As you can expect more like Lady here to try and trap you in the coming years… #LetTheWallRise

        Liked by 3 people

    • I read through and actually managed to decipher about 80% of that rambling testament to black female psychosis.

      For anyone who actually cares enough to give a damn, the important points are listed below. You don’t have to give yourselves a headache trying to unravel this confused mass of nonsense.

      ●This is a black female who is cat fishing and pretending to be a white woman.
      ●She is trying to pretend that as a white female, she has some sort of “sisterhood” feeling for black women and is on their side.
      ●She is also rehashing the tired and lame lie that white women also wear hair weaves.
      ●Also the “black men don’t protect us” foolishness is evident here.

      The catfishing thing is old news of course. But this bitch is so mentally deficient and just downright fucking STUPID that she couldn’t quite pull it off. Her thoughts are disjointed, garbled and her command of the english language and grammar are so atrocious that her actual meaning had to be interpreted.

      I think the recessive gene thing is a real problem as this skank is probably inbred. I can’t come up with any other likely excuse for why the average black female who comes to this site writes like English is her 4th language.

      It’s like trying to read a Neanderthal’s book report on War and Peace. A clear example of what happens when idiots are allowed to breed unchecked for decades on end.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Blimey, you read all of that?!? I thought a guide dog typed up that nonsense…

        It’s not recessive gene expression, it’s demon possession. The real person was beaten out from their body a long time ago, with a soulless monster in its place. The demon cannot master right brained activity, hence the Google translate captions. It happens.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Xstopalopoketl
        Ok, I thought it was just me who couldn’t understand what the hell she was taking about..LOL. I knew it was WeaveRat after the first disjointed sentence.

        They’re pulling out all of the stops now. Between the Government shut down, black men telling black chicks to protect themselves and black chicks getting their asses beat by the “Left Hook Harrys” of the world. They know they’re cornered with no one coming to their rescue because they’re so “strong”, “independent” and “don’t need no man”.

        So sit back, get your popcorn and watch the desperate and laughable chaos unfold as they attempt to shame and scare black men back to the plantation .

        Liked by 4 people

      • Some things never change. If the b…..h had tried this here in Jamaica she would have been beaten up and most likely killed. That dude laid her out with one almighty punch, should have had her unruly ass whooped for that.

        Things like these are the reason thinking black men and their mates need to leave the West, it’s become an intolerable hellhole.

        Liked by 2 people

      • It’s just sad that there’s really no public acknowledgement in the mainstream public arena about just how bat-shit crazy black women have become. It’s like people just accept it as normal.

        They are seriously unstable and more and more people are becoming aware of it. It’s just taboo to actually admit it.

        Somewhere, I’m willing to bet that there is a “Deep State” agency that is well aware of the source of the black community’s disfunction. Another poster said on the last article that the hood is being setup for a progrom of some sorts. I’m inclined to agree.

        Liked by 5 people

  21. Please show me the videos of 12 year old Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian, Mexican, Orthodox Jewish, Arab, or south Pacific islander running up on a man pushing him and antagonizing him?
    You won’t find it. The reason why I bring up these other nations is to illustrate how literally only in the Western black world is this animalistic behavior tolerated. The reason why this behavior is tolerated and accepted is because these black girls and boys from birth witness their black female family members physically assault, taunt, harass, and verbally assault mainly black males every day of their lives, and they take this attitude into the world believing they can do the same to other races and get away with it like they do with black men.
    And you actually have black men (not that it surprises me) saying that black men need to go after this white man for putting his hands on this ‘young sista’.
    As I’ve said before black people in America really think they can do ANYTHING they want, and society should just accept it. Even though she was the aggressor, black folks still are making excuses and looking for reasons as to why this man was wrong for punching this aggressive animal in the face.
    The main problem with the so called black community is that black children learn from their mentally ill black mothers that anything they do is alright simply because they feel like doing it. Then when society pushes back against this nonsense, it turns into ‘the big, bad evil white man is seeking to destroy our beautiful black youth/people’.
    I’m beyond tired of most black people. They are simply irritating people. And 99.9 percent of the way black people behave in the Western hemisphere can be attributed to the absolute and utter control these mentally ill black women have been given over every aspect of the so called black community.
    Black women pollute everything they come in contact with. This is the reality. But most black people like to live in fantasy land, so the negative influence of black women is generally overlooked or ignored by these black male simp idiots.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @Bill Smith

      Well and beautifully stated brother. I agree on all points. And I too am suffering from major Negro fatigue as it’s been called.

      I forget where, but I saw in some youtube comment section where another brother said that he needed a “Nigga Holiday”. Meaning a holiday away from having to deal with ‘Niggas’. And I couldn’t agree more.

      Liked by 1 person

      • X, true. Negroes are just annoying for no logical reason. Even family members do stupid, irritating, annoying things to their own family members.
        But if you actually speak about the utter madness of most western black people, you are called a coon, and all of these stupid names brain dead negroes call black folks who have enough sense to see that it’s not white supremacy or white people who are causing black people problems, it’s BLACK PEOPLE who are terrorizing, robbing, assaulting, verbally abusing, and murdering other black people on a daily basis.
        And most of this madness comes from black women who raise their children to have this ridiculous ‘I don’t give a fuck, imma do what I want, can’t nobody tell me what I can and can’t do’ attitude.
        And its mainly black men and boys who suffer in the long run for taking on this attitude. But I guess I’m a self hater and a coon for having enough sense to understand what is actually going on in ‘black America’ and the Western black world.

        Liked by 2 people

  22. Replace black women with non black women ??? R u crazy ??

    And have mixed up kids ?? Gtfoh. What r u …a Nazi ??

    Thats genocide homie….not cool.


    • Al,

      There isn’t anything wrong with foreign non black females, they are the most feminine women in the world. All the best dealing with these dysfunctional black sirens because of your desire to “keep it real”, good luck with that. Some folks just refuse to accept the writing on the wall. This is your modern day black witch at work right here, this is what you expect others to deal with:


      ….oh……knuclehead, Nazis believed in PURE WHITENESS and not mixed kids……Jesus fucking Christ, black women sound dumber and dumber as the days go by and they think no one notices……..learn the actual meaning of the words you’re trying to use numb-nuts.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Good that young black girl deserved to get punched in the head because she hit that 51 year old white man first. It’s called self defence and there is nothing wrong with defending yourself no matter what this brainwashed society says that you should not hit a women even if they attack you first while you was minding your own business. She has got to realise that actions and choices have reprocussions point blank.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. I’m glad there are so many brave black men out here, that aren’t afraid to expose the black woman for who and what she is. We need websites like this, because there are so many black men like myself out here, who happen to be sitting on the middle of the fence, needing just that little push to get over on the right side.

    And I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure at first on how I was supposed to feel about seeing a White man beat the shit out of a black woman…Until I started to reflect on my past and took inventory of my life and my manhood.

    See I dated a black woman years ago who wanted to mess around with this White dude. So we had an open relationship, and for her, it started off as a fetish, but with history being what it is. The fetish became reality, and she was calling herself a slave and talking about how much she loved her White Master.

    The “White God” changed her black ass up quick, and that shit happened right before my eyes, feeling like we were back in the slave days. But the difference with this White dude, was that he wasn’t playing any games, and the minute that black bitch started to act out, he would beat her ass, making her run back to me, asking me to come over and pick her up.

    And of course being the emasculated nigga that I was back than. I picked her up and she stayed with me for a while, before she had me drive her back over, so she could continue to worship her “White God.”

    As I reflect back on all of that, I realized that my anger wasn’t with the White man, but at myself for not seeing that black woman for who she really was.

    But now I love myself too much to ever care about the black woman ever again!

    I hate the black woman so much now, that I enjoyed watching those White dudes beat down those dumb ass black bitches.

    Liked by 3 people

    • GoodInfo711,

      Welcome aboard, you are amongst a solid group of soldiers here. Continue checking out the articles and the information on this website and you’ll soon come over to the side of SYSBM which is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the thinking black man.

      Liked by 1 person

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