PICK ME – Dysfunctional Black Women Latch Onto New Term That Discriminates Against Women Who Subscribe To Feminine, Submissive, Traditional Womanhood

Whilst minding my own business and trying my best to get as much rest in these holidays as I possibly can, an attentive thinking brother dropped this crock on nonsense onto my desk:


And this is the weave wearing, fully loaded super tanker who wrote that dribble:


Now, I’ve been watching black women as they sink lower and lower into the gutter increasingly latch onto and use this term “pick me”, most black women having accepted the fact that they wish to live the lifestyles of sluts/whores/slappers/tarts, however having failed to convince thinking black men to condone and accept such behaviour, they instead are now resorting to attacking any women(especially black women) who subscribe to the traditional role of females and who also refuse to cosign and convert themselves over to a lifestyle of harlotry.

A slut/whore/harlot is only good for short-term benefits, in the long-term she is absolutely useless and since the overwhelming majority of thinking brothers are looking at dating and mating from a long-term perspective, this immediately rules out the overwhelming majority of black females having declared themselves independent sluts and feminists who have no need for men(which many are now finding out is far from the truth).

I’ve dealt with black women and their lust for the slut lifestyle many times before, remember some of the articles I’ve written in the past detailing the modern day black female’s love of a loose, immoral, amoral, boundless lifestyle:





The fact of the matter is most black women desire to live their lives as sluts and Jezebels, however at the same time they do not wish for such labels to be slapped and stamped across their foreheads, therefore their new plan of attack as per usual is to intimidate and disparage those who call out and disapprove of such reprobate behaviours instead of engaging in self scrutiny, examination and changing for the better. This is the typical behaviour of the modern day black female.

Black women are the ultimate failures of themselves, they see that women who subscribe to traditional roles are much more favoured by men in general than those who embrace and live by the protocols of feminism, harlotry and slutdom, however rather than take a leaf out of the traditional woman’s book, they have decided that the voices of traditional women must be shut down in order to make way for the pestilent and the abominable black witch and her decadent fruits of corruption.

Just looking at how as of recent black women have been on a relentless attack of other women who refuse to subscribe to feminism is a good indicator of just how far down the toilet black women as a group have fallen. To be honest we saw this cursed trend making an entry from way back in 2015 when Ayesha Curry set Twitter ablaze with her comments concerning dressing with class instead of being trendy and not wearing clothes that revealed so much of the body but instead saving those privy moments for her husband:


Of course the decadent feminists kicked up a storm as they always do and the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure was right behind them heavily berating Curry for her comments. Black women for some reason don’t seem to want to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning feminism and how they’ve been totally played and taken for a joyride, however if that is the path they wish to embark upon and ride out until the wheels fall off then so be it, that is their business. However, when things head south DO NOT turn to me expecting a helping hand because the Wall of Silence is all that will greet you upon your return.

Those black men who still believe that they can find a decent, traditional, feminine and submissive black female at this stage are only deluding and injuring themselves, I have extensively written article after article on this website detailing and demonstrating the fact that the overwhelming majority of black women are fossil level deep into feminism, yet they somehow believe they can still mesh misandry with a successful, fruitful and prosperous relationship, smh.

Shaming sluts, whores, disrespectful harridans and Jezebels is an excellent practice as it weeds out the good from the corrupt, however one of the main reasons why most black women don’t wish to be called out as sluts is because they still want the option available of using the very small amount of traditional black women as a protective wall/shield to run behind whenever thinking black men hold their feet to the fire. If the very few traditional black women who remain also turn upon the majority black slut sisterhood, they will have absolutely nowhere to run nor hide.

You’ll notice that whenever black women as a collective get grilled and scrutinised by black men they will immediately raise the alarm for the rest of the sisterhood as well as the simps to see and act as if we are calling out ALL BLACK WOMEN, no, we’re simply calling out and berating the overwhelming majority of you who have decided to be Satan’s whores and who seek to take traditional women who don’t subscribe to such principles down to Hell with you.

Briefly dealing with the above article as we can see in typical black feminist fashion the victimhood role is immediately invoked upon reading the title, “study shows that black women are the most abused group on Twitter”. At this stage very few individuals see black women as victims except those who gain financially from pushing that false narrative on their behalf.

Black women are victims of what exactly, the most violent individuals on the planet bar none, in the US black women murder on average just under 2000 unborn black children per day in abortion clinics, they claim that non black women want to emulate them whilst wearing non black hair on their heads, bleaching their skin to look lighter and wearing blue/green/grey contact lenses, they typically lead in single motherhood rates, they choose the worst men to open their legs to, they subscribe to the religion of feminism, a movement that has profited them very little if anything at all.

They demonstrate nothing but contempt, disdain and hatred towards educated, intelligent, upstanding, forward thinking black men labelling them as “lames, squares, boring, unattractive, lacking swag” etc but then want those same good black men to “step up” and clean up the black female’s mess whenever their disjointed relationships with 2 Bladez, Bucky, Crenshaw and 12 Gauge Mike inevitably sail down the toilet additionally having 2 or more children en tow. Again, in light of all of the above and more, where is the victimhood?

Notice in the article how this harridan attempts to negate feminism as one of the main causes of the breakdown of the black family structure and thereafter the black community. Even though it is a historically accurate and documented fact that feminism was one of the mechanisms used to destroy black society, because Blue Telusma doesn’t have a rebuttal for this inconvenient truth, her next course of action is to make it seem as though pointing to that fact is somehow moot, do you see the Jezebelian witchcraft at work here?

Shaming sub par slack women is a very healthy practice, don’t listen to a word this unwashed Succubus is saying. Additionally, knowing how many women in the West especially have a propensity towards lying their mouths off(particularly black women), it is always the right thing to question anything that comes out of their mouths and to fact check any information given before accepting what they’ve said as the truth.

This nonsense about men not being held accountable for anything might fly in Third World countries, however this is sure NOT the case in the West. At the end of the day as it pertains to black society most black women have sunk into the lower depths of the mire, they’re already aware of the fact that they cannot compete with non black females in the dating and mating market and so their next targets through the “pick me” label have become those few remaining black women who will be chosen because they chose to shun feminism and instead opted to hold onto traditional family values.

Pick Me is simply a term that has been brewed up by dysfunctional women whose morals and lifestyle are normally in the gutter and who hate the fact that traditional women just being who they are shine a very bright light upon the innumerable blemishes and transgressions of these misguided harridans.

Thinking black men, it’s a wrap for this modern day black female, reach out to other like-minded brothers when and where you can and advise them to leave these delusional black whores on the shelf to collect even more dust. In October 2016 the rapper known as Trick Daddy warned black women, he told them to tighten up, of course they didn’t listen and now these same disgruntled black sirens are reaping the whirlwind. Oh well, that’s not my problem.

This is now the modern day black society, one where dysfunctional, degenerate black women are now attempting to silence those few who reject the lifestyle of the gutter, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE #ABANDONBLACKWOMENFOREVER #TEAMNONBLACKWOMEN #ESCAPEFROMBLACKISTAN #DONTSAVESINGLEMOTHERS

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Build That Wall Of Silence Even Higher

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “PICK ME – Dysfunctional Black Women Latch Onto New Term That Discriminates Against Women Who Subscribe To Feminine, Submissive, Traditional Womanhood

  1. Wow. So much I want to say about this, first off: The article writer claimed
    “abuse toward women on Twitter is even more excessive than we thought, with female Twitter users receiving abusive content on the popular social media site every 30 seconds.”
    Women also make up the overwelming majority of COMPLIMENTS too! They probably get those every 10 seconds. But they won’t talk about that.

    Next, why are they calling women names like “Pick Me” when that’s what the numbers show, that women keep attacking each other?

    Lastly, I noticed how they wanted the world to know that other women are the main ones attacking women. But failed to give any numbers on how often Black women attack black women. Instead, they just said black women are the main victims, without saying who is victimizing them.
    All this tells me is, women are getting worse but the ones who want to do better and hold others to a higher standard get called names and attacked by the very women accusing them of calling names and attacking.

    SMH, Black Harridans -1

    Now we know why the black community is fucked up.

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    • Thewebtw,

      These chicks are a joke and the L’s for 2019 are already rolling in. Still attempting to portray themselves as victims, however nobody is accepting their claimed status of victimhood, smh.

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  2. Did I just read that this same ilk of black women want to get picked? They must have forgotten about the decent brothers that they picked over for lowest of the low men. The latter got his first pickings and now we supposed to pick for the leftovers from 20 years ago? No way. SYSBM.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      I’m not fall back option for any woman and I don’t deal with leftovers either, I have standards which the overwhelming majority of black women today don’t match up to.

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  3. It’s called “pick me”, yet these soulless monsters are mind washing the only functional BW left, so they don’t get “picked”? Where the hell do you start with this level of insanity?

    Either way, the snake is eating its tail, and the thinking brothers just watch and laugh. #SYSBM and #Keepthewallup

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    • Misery loves company. These BW know that nobody wants them for a serious relationship (or at all) and are angry at the BW who are taking personal steps to correct things about themselves (weight, attitude, appearance, etc.) that make them unattractive.

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  4. The ONLY BW worth your time is the escort/prostitute….all others are just a complete waste of time.
    You want a wife, get a white woman.
    You want a fuck toy, get a black woman……….ALWAYS strap UP.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      If I were a single man I personally wouldn’t want to deal with them as a group on any level, things have gotten so bad with the overwhelming majority of black women these days that dealing with them in any capacity is asking for trouble at full strength.

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    • I would advise brothers to avoid them even for sex. A lot of them are promiscuous and as the Wall grows and gov welfare tightens they will be practically throwing themselves at any good BM that they think can do something for them. Its not worth it, even the BW who claim to be conservative and feminine at this point should get a raised eyebrow from good brothers.

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      • James S,

        Couldn’t agree more, there are plenty of other quality women black men can get sex from, it’s simply not worth the risk dealing with these daggles, especially in light of the welfare cuts rolling in.

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    • You’re asking for trouble if you stick your penis inside ANY BW, let alone a prostitute. If you like paying for children for 20 years, not seeing your kids ever again (and having some pervert sniffing around), or you like the idea of catching herpes/gonorrhea/other STD, then by all means, knock yourselves out. Don’t rely on the plastic helmet either…

      They’re the BT1000 for a reason. That reason is your destruction.

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    • I’m gonna have to put the brakes on this one. I have no interest in black women at all, not even for sex. High risk, low reward, ain’t worth my time. Let the thugs and simps deal with them for sex. And anything outside of sex is already out the window. I left the plantation years ago and I have no plans of coming back.

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      • Exactly. I try my best to not talk to them if I can help. And if I look at one it’s with contempt and utter disguist.

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    • >You want a fuck toy, get a black woman……….ALWAYS strap UP.

      More like – You want highly toxic STDs – get a scraggle daggle. ALWAYS strap UP (in a HAZMAT suit).


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  5. Truth. He talks about how BW are raising their daughters to be whores and men like R. Kelly simply take advantage of them. He also touches on how BW hate their own blackness and don’t care about their kids.

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  6. “they instead are now resorting to attacking any women(especially black women) who subscribe to the traditional role of females and who also refuse to cosign and convert themselves over to a lifestyle of harlotry.”

    I do NOT feel sorry for these supposed “traditional black women. These traditional ones are getting what they deserved! For the past 60 years, they had alllll this time to say something and stop black feminism from getting to the point that it is today and NONE of them said anything! They allowed it to happen! You know why they allowed it to happen??

    Because even if these supposed traditionalist black women are not like these mass scum bags, they still BENEFIT from the action others. They BENEFITED from the actual succubuses from destroying the lives of black men! It is a form of bribery. If I knew someone who was a thief, I could call the police and tell them that this thief is going to rob the bank. But then, the thief happens to have a robin hood complex and gives me and a few other men 10% of what he robbed, I am still guilty of his actions for NOT SAYING ANYTHING! I benefited from the robbery of a bank even though I my not have done the action of stealing from a bank.

    We could easily turn ths guy in to the police, but because we financially gain from this guy donating his volunteer services to us, we choose to remain quiet and let him do what he do bests. If I were to get caught from taking this money that did not belong to me or him, I am still liable for arrest. SO , why aren’t this “traditional” women held to the same standard? These traditional women did not care about black boys and men being raped and abused by their mothers and sat there and did nothing. In the Anglo (White) world, sure there many not be many, but there are at least many white women who are fighting for the rights or white boys and white men (and black boys and black men)!

    NOW, these benefits are biting them in the ass by these ungrateful mutts and they want to throw “concern” for black men. I have never seen so many “i’m sorry black men” videos on youtube in my life. When I seen them, I though they were troll videos! “There is NO WAY Black women are apologizing and submitting to black men!” I thought to myself. Black women apologizing to black men is like a cat barking and a dog meowing! It’s just not real! Maybe in a comic book it might happen. but in real life??? LOL no way…..

    Black women, traditional or not, are my mortal enemies. They are to me as what gays are to radical Islamist are in the middle east! (The same how I feel about most Hispanic women)

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    • The majority are only “sorry” because they have lost the gender wars and see that no non-BM is coming to save them. They are aware of their status as the least desired and can no longer deny that fact, “Dear Black Man” and “colorism” complaints are a last effort to try to save their bacon from dating/marriage obsolescence at the hands of bi-racial women, non-BW, and BM going SYSBM.

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    • For the so called traditional black women, I’m just gonna leave this quote from their favorite Dr. Martin Luther Coon:

      “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

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  7. @ James S

    “A lot of them are promiscuous and as the Wall grows and gov welfare tightens they will be practically throwing themselves at any good BM that they think can do something for them.”

    I heard the US Government is still shit down. Is it true? because I heard that if it is still shit down, The Welfare and other government assistance is also shut down and they will not be paid because of this. IS this true?

    If so, I am glad

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    • Its still shutdown and no one is sure when it will reopen. Trump isn’t budging and neither are the democrats, today showed how serious both sides are about not budging because 800,000 federal employees were supposed to get paid today but didn’t because of the shutdown and it doesn’t seem like either side cares.

      Food stamps and welfare are still being issued at the moment. The USDA said that they only have enough money to provide food stamps through February and after that they will be cut off. I don’t think that the shutdown will last that long, but then again, I didn’t think it would last as long as it already has……..

      If this shutdown goes into February good BM should get ready to be bombarded by “strong and independent” BW who will be asking you to “step up to the plate” for them and their kids, everyone should also be on the lookout for increases in crime. Grocery stores are going to be getting shoplifted like a mofo.

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  8. Gentlemen,

    Why am I not surprised, upon going to post the link to this article on Facebook, what did I run into, a notice from the Facebook police informing me that I would not be able to comment or post anything for 7 days.

    As I stated before, black women and their pro black simps slaves will continue to roll into 2019 the same way they left 2018, losing and failing miserably. It’s a wrap for these disjointed black harridans, they cannot refute the facts as well as the evidence that is laid out in front of them.

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  9. so verbs they are victims of abuse on the net but still get on lol. better yet women are on social things way more than men. so women are doings it. lol holy fuck. I watched a youtube video of a man going off on shit like this. when we the people catch on yo bf are one of the capt.s of snowflake generation. shit will be epic

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  10. women years ago speak to me and. one thing I asked was. why would i want a woman shared by all? what can she give me the world has not had? to this day no woman answered it smh

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  11. Its goanna be the same thing with black women in 2019. Being whores, acting like gold diggers, wear weave and trying to look like white woman and being single mothers. They just don’t learn but now they soon learn. They soon learn and we goanna have more and more simps then ever ever in 2019. They need to listen to E40’s classic rap song Captain Save A Hoe and Project Pat’s Don’t Save Her!

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  12. Well… I can clearly see that 2019 is going to be a year, in which these Spawns of Satan will use any medium to harass anyone that will dare challenge their supposed “authority”!! Any individual whether it be man or women that even contemplates in undermining their quest for absolute domination, will find themselves under a full scale attack…taking no prisoners!! However, we The Thinking Black Men Of Slaying Evil is here to hold and defend the line of reason and of sound judgement. Moving ever so swiftly…laying to waste any BW who think and feel, that it’s their right to enslave BM into perpetualty!! NEVER!!!! In all actuality 2019 is only the beginning of BM reclaiming their sovereignty and in time and with intense effort…it will be BM standing on the mountain top built on the smoldering bones of Blackistan!!


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  13. Was it really a bad idea to have black men and white females in the home doing their duties? The West has really gone to the dogs due to revolutionary and statist communism, another good reason to leave before the house n…..s and welfare queens start attacking us thinking black men for no reason.

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  15. It’s about to be apocalypse now in the black community.

    As verbs mentioned, look at black womens’ fetish for abortion. Meanwhile, three white women (not their men) just introduced legislature to defund Klanned Parenthood, which was started by a witch to specifically kill black children.

    As Carnio stated, these so called good ones are like a reverse version of the Autobot Punch, who could transform into the Decepticon spy Counterpunch. He used this form to get intel and hoped to stay in the good graces of the Decepticons. “Good” black women had all this time to say SOMETHING, and have done nothing, and are now just trying to get in black men’s good graces because they realize that they lost the gender wars.

    Again, at least other groups of women have either not succumbed too heavily to feminism (NO group has embraced it like black women) or now equally if not more so oppose it. For instance, for every blue haired college feminist who’s an obvious dyke anyways, look at the several groups of non-black women (aforementioned white legislators, Moms’ March) trying to oppose feminism despite their potential gains from it.

    Meanwhile, what have these “good” black women actually done? They want it instant, and hope that saying that they’re good will make black men instantly like them. Womp womp.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Hapoy New Year to you brother. At this stage genuinely good black women are very, very, very few and far between in number, I believe that out of the dodo bird amount remaining, most just like the SYSBM brotherhood have chosen to walk away from black society rather than try to make any corrections. I think this is one of the main reasons why we hardly hear anything from them, at the same time however as Carnio said and Sigma Jones quoted when they had the chance to speak out they didn’t, they remained silent which makes them cosigners of black female skullduggery and all of its ugly feminist branches.

      You’re right, no other group of women have embraced the mutant form of feminism, only the black female has which is why she cannot be saved nor redeemed. Black women are too far gone, they’ve completely contaminated themselves beyond recognition which is one of the main reasons why they’re rejected on such a high level.

      As you stated, at least with other groups of women despite them being infected by feminism to varying degrees, we can at least say that there are good members within their groups, the white women who’ve put forward the legislation to defund Klanned Parenthood are an example of good women within white female society. When was the last time we saw a black female stand up for the unborn child, I’ll wait?

      In 2019 the mission for heterosexual thinking black men remains the same, abandon these black sirens as the preservation and prosperity of our lives depend on it and seek out sex, love and companionship elsewhere. You know me already, I’m not even apologetic for making such a declaration. #SYSBM #ABANDONBLACKWOMENFOREVER #NOSCRAGGLEDAGGLES #ABANDONBLACKSIRENS #RESPECTYOURSELF

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    • Now ain’t that a sight. Three white women writing a legislature to defund planned parenthood. That tells me that at least white women care more about the seeds of black men compared to the black witches. But white women are the devil?

      Screw that. #SYSBM all day and night.

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      • Some things never change. White men and black women kicked black men and white women out of the house for corporate state welfare and this, along with their many other misdeeds including betraying us on the slave ship for position and power, has as expected come to bite them in the ass, HARD.

        Expect the house n….s and dollar store queens to whine about this miserably as this blows a huge hole in their victimhood narrative that they have sold the world for too long.

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  16. Also, who are black women foolibg with this victim crap? Black women cant play that card with ANYBODY, not even if they’re celebrities, because of how much their reputation is shot. Just look at how Serena Williams was “attacked” last year, and NO ONE felt sorry for her, not even her supposed white fiancé. People felt MUCH more badly for Taylor Swift for simply being interrupted by Kanye West!

    You can’t be violent, ugly, coarse, masculine, mean, stupid, and belligerent as hell, and still try to be a victim. If nothing else, they’re too ugly for it!

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  17. Again, these “victim” black women will jump up and join any movement that had nothing to do with them, let alone black people’s benefit (transgenderism, DACA). Yet, where are they in the streets to stop their ilk from having bastard kids that become the street riffraff? Or marching against gangs BEFORE someone dies?

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    • Black women and house n….s love the plantation to the point where they would die defending it rather than get up and leave. But as I said before their time is running out, you don’t throw black men and white women out of the home for corporate state welfare without consequences.

      Sadly for the two sets of clowns known as white men and black women, Massa State has abandoned them as usual. When the heat turns up expect an upsurge in violence against thinking black men and their non-black partners for being ‘coons’ to the system even though black women and white men were the biggest sellouts on the plantation. They wanted position, power and pomp…and they got it…..in the end looking like terrible fools and a utter joke for it.

      This is yet another reason why thinking black men need to save up and leave the hellhole the West has become, white male ‘supremacy’, skullduggery along with mutated revolutionary communism and toxic feminism has destroyed what were once the greatest civilizations on Earth.

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      • You forgot to mention that these two groups want that power and pomp UNEARNED. This is why black women will only show energy and effort to support their lazy reign, and why white men give such lip service to “the forefathers”, but couldn’t even be a hair on their 🥜.

        I’m convinced more that black men and their new partners need to do any building outside of the confines of both the west and most other black people, who will NOT share their industrious mindset, which is what allows them to remain the world’s pump and dump one night stand. Just look at how China is literally ass raping African countries, something which the (ironically impotent) white man obsessed pro-black says nothing about.

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      • Some things never change Afro. Black women and white men as a group are so stupid they destroyed their own civilizations just for position and pomp only to end up looking like utter FOOLS in the end, because as usual they couldn’t be bothered to rebuild anything. The resurgence of the plantation as well as the fallen state of the West can be traced to the removal of black men and white women from the home in order to punish us for daring to be free and the shoving of radical Communism down the throats of white girls and beaming thug culture into young black males’ heads to keep us controllable.

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  18. Another element is that black women mockingly day pick me like bad students make fun of teachers’ pets. They’re JEALOUS and know that they can’t compete, so they have to degrade a status that they could never achieve on their own merits.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As we continue to repeat time and time again, black women put themselves in the position of being constantly rejected, being overlooked or ignored. And despite their bottom of the barrel status they still refuse to do anything to change for the better believing that black men are obligated to take them onboard in their current scum of the gutter type state, smh. These chicks are so done I don’t even know if they can be done anymore.

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  19. In Columbia, Maryland a thinking brother who resides their was sharing with me how the interracial dating/marriage demographics is booming!! Primarily with the combination of BM/WW and BM/AW. From his report it’s a interracial oasis so to speak. However, something that good can’t go on for long without some type of disruption…well as you already intuited, those Sirens of Death the BW has to make it their agenda to attempt to destroy that which is wholesome and forward moving!! According to this thinking brother…these Walking Hell Fires purposely make their way to that area to harass and literally attack the WW and AW who are with these brothers. It’s gotten so bad that there are frequent arrests made by the local authorities!! These bitches have no shame in how far they’ll go to make a point…that they must be in control, they must be the ones who get to dictate who and where a BM should date and marry. But, rest assured these brothers do not back down and has sent many of these demons to the ER!!! RESPECT!!! As, Verbs mentioned in previous post throughout 2018…BW will initiate attacks towards thinking BM and their non-black female partners. Extremely prophetic if I say so myself!! Keep building the wall brothers and don’t look back!!


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    • Asa Tzion,

      Much appreciated for that valuable information update brother, it is indeed as we predicted, these black sirens of destruction are begin to vent their frustrations at being heavily rejected by the same black men they rejected back in the day. Dysfunctional, loud mouthed, violent black Jezebels who attempt to initiate any form of physical confrontation must be put in check immediately and I am smiling with glee at the fact that black men out there are not backing down and are sending these sirens to the hospital, rightfully so.

      This is one of the problems with black women and their pro black simp flunkies, they seem to think that because we thinking black men aren’t about violence and the street life that this somehow makes us a soft touch and easy targets. I guess black women are finding out the hard way that this is so not the case. Be prepared for an uptick in these types of attacks, I wish a black witch would try something stupid with me or my girlfriend, I’d deal with her in such a brutal and harsh way that she would think 10 times before pulling a stunt like that again. As I’ve stated before, black women must be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures and as I stated to Afrofuturism1 earlier, the mission for thinking black men remains the same, abandon black women, avoid them as much as is humanly possible and seek out sex love and companionship elsewhere.


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    • All the more reason Mr. Sigma Jones is hitting the boxing gym this year. And soon, I’ll be making sure to get a license to carry a conceal weapon. The degenerates of Blackistan are getting too out of hand.

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      • Damn right Sigma, ya also gotta watch out for 12 Gauge and Mike from the block, along with the simps and the house n….s that are permanently stuck in the Great House cleaning Massa State’s things. It’s sad and a truly pathetic state of affairs but that is just another reason for us thinking black men to leave the West as soon as possible.

        We’re not wanted here and the house n……s, overseers, pro wacks and welfare queens chose this misery upon themselves by kicking black men and white women out of the house.

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      • Bruh you aint lying.I been boxing for 15 years.This year i want to switch things up and do muay thai and mma.got to be ready for a physical confrontation

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    • I’m not surprised at all, a lot of people underestimate the amount of anger and frustration some of these BW have at not being wanted. We all know that they are going to take it out on people around them, co-workers, customers, their children, strangers, etc. These chicks are on their last leg, some of them are will become angry feminists and some will become chameleons and change their colors to fool BM (the pro-black females and Dear BM crowd), few are to be trusted for a relationship. I’m happy that Tariq has been calling out the BW chameleons since the beef with Cynthia G and video of the ghetto gagging failed swirler came out, letting brothers know not to fall for that shit.

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  20. Modern BW are trash man, there is no arguing with this at this point. Brothers have been putting in work on the internet for over 10 years now refuting BW’s lies about BM and exposing BW’s dysfunction. BW can’t even argue at this point, they have been having bastard kids with losers and screwing up black children for decades now. They are making these “Dear BM” videos because they know that they are fully exposed at this point and are trying to save face, keep them behind the Wall:

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    • These broads are a waste of time, energy and effort. Literal human trash. What in the hell was her dumbass black bitch of a mother thinking giving her that ridiculous ass name??? That’s right, she wasn’t. She was thinking about herself and not her child. And of course, no man in sight.

      Notice how those older white women were laughing at both of them. They’re not the first, and damn sure won’t be the last.

      There is simply too much information out there to not see how useless they truly are. Anybody who runs the risk of messing with these whores deserves whatever comes their way.

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  21. It’s been a wrap for them in the UK but across the sea i have noticed a disturbing rise in simpery on social media. guys are happily falling for the okie doke in droves just to get a pat on the head from the women on these apps.

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  22. Next is “I refuse to give black men my orgasm, Just say no to the BBC” lol. I can’t wait to see the black female yelling with signs the big schlongs are vaginal abuse and black men are in violation of of this crime. They are just to big and we black feminist are against big d’s boy I can’t wait to see the whores quickly backing away from these insane women with the first truthful videos like https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HuS4spAcgvI . Oh the whores black and white will come out strongly against this on Facebook, instagram, keek, snap. Much like the witches in this for the d or the BBC , & im not talking Detroit:

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  23. Moderator please delete this comment posted at 5:14 I had a grammatical error I put “with yelling with signs” I reposted with the corrections at 5:34 p.m. Thanks.

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  24. Black men plus Black women =black children.

    So all the advise here is nonsense.

    Swirling and degrading ur DNA is not the answer. Sorry


    • Al,

      Black men don’t swirl, that is a black female thing and as I told you before the gene potential is passed down and decided by the father. If the father is black then the children will be black by default regardless of the race of the mother. Again, this is what you expect thinking black men to dick down, marry and procreate with:


    • Black men + White women = Biracial children.

      Black men + Asian women = Blasian children

      Black men + Indian women = Blindian children

      Black men + black women = 2000 abortions a day.
      Got anything to say about that, SIMP?

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  25. Fuck these black women who became single mothers because they made poor life by having kids with the worst type of black dude around who already had kids with other women. As a childfree black man myself I will not be playing captain save a hoe to these bitches. Let them rot and stew on there shitty life choices. I will just get me a beautiful childfree non black woman any day of the week. ☀️😊🙂💯🌍

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  26. Good write up and I also read that bitch’s write up. I’m not on Twitter so I don’t see women attacking women but I do know it happens. For her to try and shame “Pick Me” women for their wanting to serve men and them attacking whoredom si funny and it won’t work. Actually shaming won’t work either way because both are standing their ground. I wasn’t into shaming including simp shaming to begin with because either they’ll come around or they won’t. Depends on the situation and person. But this is just but another reason why I chose the foriegn route because I’m getting too old to be trying to school women who won’t listen about their wicked ways thus THE WALL OF SILENCE.


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