First Open Mic Wednesday Of 2019 – Happy New Year

Welcome to the first Open Mic Wednesday of 2019, I hope you gentlemen had a wonderful time over the Christmas period and may 2019 bring you all better and greater things than the previous year. Once again that time is upon us folks, take full advantage of one of the very few places on the internet where thinking black men have a free voice and can speak their minds without being mocked, laughed to scorn, ridiculed and verbally abused.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen the links that many of you have been posting over the Christmas and New Year periods and as per was stated in 2018, black women as a collective will continue to trundle downhill at a rapid pace. As I’ve stated many times before black women will have to stew, marinate and decompose in their own filth and failures, I honestly have nothing to say to them anymore.

Beware of black women who are trying to keep the same old conversations going in order to keep you engaging with them via rehashing old talking points that have already been deconstructed and rubbished, as James S and many others here have stated, there is no more time to get into conflicts, endless debates and fruitless convos with black women and their pro black simp flunkies. The facts have already been laid out on the table, they know exactly what things are wrong and how to fix them, yet they still refuse to lift a finger to remedy anything, oh well, their loss.

Let’s press on gentlemen, 2019 as many of you as well as myself have stated is going to be a very interesting year indeed. By the way just for your information I’ve opened up another page on the website called Slaying Evil Travel where brothers can pass on vital and important information, tips, advice and guidance to other thinking black men concerning getting a passport, travelling the world and settling in a different country.

I’m sure SYSBM brother Carnio is chomping at the bit and is ready to let loose on that page. Gentlemen, let’s keep the momentum going, the black witch’s coven is suffering some incredibly heavy injuries and we haven’t even gotten started yet. There is a harsh price to pay for mocking, ridiculing and rejecting the thinkers and the builders of black male society in favour of the dregs and the scum and black women as a collective are now finding out the hard way that constantly chasing after thug penis carries painfully deep, profound and harsh consequences.

You’ve got the floor gentlemen, enjoy this Open Mic Wednesday. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Keep The Wall Up

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “First Open Mic Wednesday Of 2019 – Happy New Year

    • My 2019-2021 Travel goals: Tokyo, Rio, Thailand, & DR
      Along with, men on the SYBM should be visiting and subscribing to their YT channels.

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      • KingSigma

        Is ExpatKings for black men who are expats? Or is it for all races of men? I have absolutely no desire to exchange ideas with other races of men. I’m SYSBM (Black Men), not MGTOW (White Men). All MGTOW groups, PUA groups, and RedPill groups are all jealous and envious of black men. I avoid those rejects like the plague!

        #SYSBM, #BlackMenOnly, #AllRacesOfWomen

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      • @freeblackmen, Thank you! finally a real black man on this site. We have absolutely no business patronizing white male platforms in 2019. We need to do our own shit and have our own spaces – anyone who doesn’t realize this is fucking retarded.


  1. Happy New Year, and happy new adventures for thinking black men. Let 2019 be the watershed year for us progressing forward with new families, new experiences and renewed minds.

    Indeed Verbs, there is a heavy price to pay for the evil they have done, not just to Black men, but to innocent black boys and girls. Unrepentant, soulless individuals shall be left to burn in the fires of their own mental torment. Brothers, meanwhile, save themselves and grow stronger in independence and freedom.

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    • Michel,

      I see a lot of black women are going back to rehashing old talking points in their efforts to keep us engaged with them, I’m not interested in talking to obstinate, ignorant, stubborn and rebellious black women plus they are already destined for judgement so who am I to stand in the way of that? Happy New Year to you too brother.

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    • Jon,

      This is simply yet another attempt to claim victimhood status on the part of the black witch’s coven. Nobody is hupersexualising a group of women who are now majority overweight. This is some of the rubbish that I will be deconstructing in the coming months. Their attempts to paint themselves as victims at this point are a complete waste of time, like you said they do it to themselves.

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    • @Jon
      The new term “sexual racism” black chicks are using now to keep their “most favorite victim” status rolling into 2019. LOL

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        The problem is nobody sees these broads as victims anymore, more people are now looking at your average black female as more of a pestilence and a curse to society these days.

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  2. “Black women need protection”

    Since black women don’t owe us anything, then so be it.

    If they are so hard up for protection, then they should either run to Big Daddy Government, or hire the A-Team.

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    • He’s right. Black “women” need protection… from THEMSELVES!

      In fact, going by what’s to come during Trumps Shutdown Showdown, greater society needs all the protection from black “women”.

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      • USA Black women receive a great deal of “protection.” USA black women spend billions of dollars on hair weave, wigs, and fake braids. Black women inform us that this money is used to protect their real hair. Likewise, non-USA black women have also started protecting themselves with fake hair. It does not appear, for example, that the Russians are stealing the natural hair off the heads of black women. The conclusion, therefore, is that black women are well protected.

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  3. Happy New Year to all the bruhs rejecting the Hotep socialist path and embracing the SYBM path in 2019.

    2019 will see the rise of the Passport Bro mentality, the end of Black Manosphere 2.0, and the execution of the purple pill virus infecting the Black Manosphere. Likewise, the post-wall mammies, degraded ghetto gaggers, and misc succubae will be kicked back to the Hotep simpshere.


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    • King Sigma,

      Happy New Year to you bro, always a pleasure to hear from like minded brothers like yourself. Indeed, 2019 will see the rapid fall of the black witch and the purple pill pro black flunkies who continue to support them.

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    • Those brain washed brain dead simps are too busy defending their black quean and taking care of their hordes of bastard children. All in hope to just sniff her contaminated, beat to death coochie.

      Simps are a curse to blsck society and in my eyes, worse than your everyday scraggle. They know these hoes ain’t shit but refuse to check her, and will defend the plague as the American black bitch to the death.

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  4. Happy New Year!!!! To all the thinking Black Men at Slaying Evil, let 2019 be a year of continued redemption of our minds and soul!!! 2018 was a phenomenal year of intellectual protest against the sinister antics of contemporary BW and the abominable land known as BLACKISTAN!!!! Let’s progress to make leaps and bounds to save ourselves from the inevitable….


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  5. Have you heard the news that Irene Yvette is a ex swirler with two mixed race children? Suprise Suprise you play in the snow you stay in the snow.

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    • Black British Guy,

      I had a run in with that trickster and Jezebel on one of Obsidian’s shows last year November, she thought that she could run her techniques of witchcraft against me, of course none of her enchantments as well as her attempts to control and emasculate me worked, I eat black witches like her for breakfast all day.

      Despite having two biracial children I believe that she has now managed to find a black simp who has taken her to wife. The problem is too many black men are swooned in by her good looks and busty cleavage, you only need to check the comment sections of her videos, the simps are swarming all up in them.

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  6. As has been stated by Verbs in previously written articles and by many thinking black male Youtubers such as Kid Organic, 2019 will be a year that we will be bombarded by these fake “Dear Black Men” and “Why I Love Black Men” videos from ex-swirlers/gaggers like the ones in the videos above.

    These queans let Chad and Brad run them through and pass them around, meanwhile Chad was just happy to cross off the RBG flag from his list of sexual conquests. Now they’re running at the speed of sound back to thinking Black Men since neither Chad/Brad (or Tyrone) worked out for them and they realized they were just a fetish for the night. You couldn’t pay me enough money in all of 2019 to be fooled by these desperate attempts at saving face and seeming genuine about “loving” thinking Black men.

    Fortunately (or rather unfortunately) there’s a steady supply of simps who are willing and MORE THAN READY to take these queans as brides at the expense of their own dignity. Oh well, I suppose someone has to do it lol.


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  7. Great to have verbs and all the other thinking black men/ sysbm brothers back at slaying evil.And the travel section will be a great addition to wait to five my 2 cents after getting my immigration status in order.Side started off 2019 great when I met the most amazing woman ever I think im in 💘.

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  8. Black women and white men in general are reaping the results of their stupidity and lack of common Sense. With Big Daddy State no longer supporting them and the heat on their asses as they feel the effects of running into the wall, expect both sides to pull all sorts of tricks out of their asses like Brother Anancy.

    Don’t fall for their lies guys! Trust me, they’re not worth the effort much less the brain cells to waste on feeling sorry for them. They chose to sell black men and white women out on the slave ship for position and power, and when the planter abandoned them as usual they (black women and white men) want you, the thinking black man to pay for it.

    It isn’t rocket science guys! Kicking the black man out of his position as the head of the house and the white woman in her position as the homemaker for state benefits was always going to bite them back in the ass no matter what happened.

    And sociologists wonder why white men turn into incels and black women stay single at a high clip.

    Stay strong Verbs and remember,


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  9. This is a good one that Tommy just put up:

    Tommy made a lot of good points in this video. Years worth of videos like this as well as good BM speaking out and rejecting BW is why we are seeing an increase in “Dear Black man” videos and an increasing number of Black female chameleons. Their BS has been thoroughly debunked and they see that they can no longer argue with BM, regardless many BM are no longer interested in arguing anyway and are instead just quietly avoiding BW.

    These chicks love thugs up until it comes time for the bills to be paid and non-street related problems need to be solved, then they are wondering “Where all the good black men at?”.

    These women are mentally (and sometimes physically) destroyed and should be avoided, they have no shame in being whores, criminals, and mistresses. Keep the Wall up.

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  10. Did anyone see the story in the state of Texas in America where a seven year old black girl was shot to death in a car, and her black mother swore up an down it was a blonde white man with blue eyes who was the shooter?
    Turns out the gun men were two black men, one of whom the mom was Facebook friends with!!!! All of these idiotic pro black idiots were screaming about white supremacy and black people being targeted by white racists, only to find out the mother’s account was bullshit, and the shooters were black.
    And despite one of the murdering animals CONFESSING to the crime, these pro black clowns are still trying to claim this is a white supremacist conspiracy trying to frame innocent black men.
    Keep in mind the mother is a multiple felon with 5 children by like 4 different men.
    The murdered girl was named JASMINE BARNES.
    Black women are a danger to everyone and everything they come in contact with, not to mention these black male savages who have been raised by these degenerate, simple minded whores.
    Happy New year everyone.

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    • Bill Smith I was saying something something was off with the mother at the start. Just seeing her interview after he daughter was killed I could tell she was a good rat and she probably got mixed up with some street stuff. She tried to say it was a white man because a white man did shoot at black people on the road in the same city a few weeks earlier. But by her lying that tells me she must have owed the dudes some money or something related to some street thug type of dealings. And she put her daughter in danger these beast have no filter and their treachery knows no bounds.


      • Sean, I completely agree with you. Most black women are so dam selfish, egotistical, and cunning that they will concoct a lie, even after their child was killed, in order to cover up the typical negro nonsense they were involved in.
        And despite all this, despite her being a multiple felon, there were no shortage of negro clowns willing to get this animal pregnant.


    • Another successful delivery – courtesy of “L” Express.

      “L” Express – delivering “L”s in 30 minutes – or the next “L” is free.


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