The Slaying Evil Top 10 Of 2018, Part 1 – Article Written By Michel

We have a change of plan folks, originally my last article of the year was supposed to be today (Friday 21st December), however when the Slaying Evil regular contributor Michel dropped this masterpiece he created into my lap, the plans had to be changed. This is a two-part article in which the second part will be posted on Monday 24th December 2018 which will now be the final article of the year. I will resume posting articles from Wednesday 9th January 2019, not the 7th January 2019.

When I read this article I was laughing but at the same time scratching my head in that I wondered why Michel being such a formidable writer hadn’t started up his own blog. To be honest this also goes for quite a few of you guys, I read the comments and don’t think for a second that I don’t notice the writing skills many of you possess.

Now I understand that writing articles does indeed take time, effort and regular contributions of material, however when I first started this website in May 2010 I never wrote articles regularly, I just did them as and when I felt the need to. I encourage Michel and all of you who have writing skills to not let them go to waste, grow the talent/skill/gift. Here is Michel’s article, enjoy:

The Slaying Evil Top 10 of 2018

And here we are, at the end of 2018 wondering, what the fuck happened to the previous twelve months, the most logical answer being “same as the twelve months previous”. With that, here’s the complete run down of the Slaying Evil Top 10 end of year review of 2018, a record breaker for the quality and the amount of L’s our dear nemesis, the black witch have accepted as Amazon deliveries. But first, quote of the year comes from Afrofuturism:

“If you want to stop having $hitholes, you first need to flush the $hit!!

#10 – Eight Hour House of Sodom

I don’t care how much you like the internet, eight-hour Google Hangouts are unacceptable, even if it’s just with your girlfriend. But for some weird reason, online contributors to the Negro “Manosphere” AngryMan, Kid Organic and Black Gnostic Speaks (BGS) participated in an epic meeting that culminated in a heated exchange. Following an off-color remark from Kid Organic, BGS in retaliation threatened that he would “fuck [him] in [his] ass”. Cue hilarious laughter from AngryMan, and not the embarrassed type of laughter… A sad indictment of the state of the community, and a reminder that #SYSBM includes saving yourselves from e-begging Pookies and 12 Pump Mikes. BGS, by the way now stands for Black Gay Sodomite.

#9 Swirling Lament

White men not dating black women is racist… In a May article for the Michigan Daily, columnist Allison Brown details the annoying habit of White men preferring to date White women instead of her, because in doing so, it confirms to her the old stereotype that White women are “more beautiful than black women”. Brothers, I present you the new millennial act of sideways date begging. Remember the hate that Michael B Jordan’s White girl pool party received, then keep this article in mind at the same time. There are no lifts at the bottom of Mount Swirlympus.

#8 Street Fighter, Korean Edition

Spring has sprung, and so has footage of three Black women fighting on public transit… Not in New York City, but of all places, Seoul! A Korean man was assaulted after telling the hefty women to be quiet… big mistake! A fight ensues, followed by black women’s third favourite activity (after fornicating) – twerking. One of three hungry hungry hippos in question was (gasp) an English teacher in a private school. Outraged Koreans issued a message saying they “welcome foreigners, not cockroaches”. Damn…

#7 “You Can’t Tell A Sista What To Do!!!”

Seems a fellow field sergeant agrees… A video detailing an army Sergeant’s frustration with dealing with black female subordinates goes viral on Facebook. Notice that the short rant was by a Hispanic woman. Predictably, she was suspended by the US Army for speaking her mind. Another L and more evidence that other people are seeing the dysfunction and are getting tired of it. For February, you can also add the outrage to the Bennie Rose photo of a naked white woman worshipped as a god by hordes of black women. When you have women online crowning themselves “black Barbie”, where’s the complaint exactly?

#6 Wakanda Boycott Is This?

This year kicked off with the laughable boycott of the highly anticipated film Black Panther by the Bitter Black Sisterhood. Why? Cultural appropriation? Exploitation of the peoples? No, the reason being lead star Michael B Jordan is in a relationship with a White woman. Despite Black women foolishly believing their economic clout could disrupt Hollywood, the Disney-adapted blockbuster made $75 million on its opening day. Cue the backpedaling and the retractions… and the first Amazon delivery of L’s for the year.

Stay tuned for part 2 this coming Monday.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Angry And Bitter Black Sisterhood Are Through

Most High Bless

53 thoughts on “The Slaying Evil Top 10 Of 2018, Part 1 – Article Written By Michel

    • My resolution,

      1. Contribute more to the Slaying Evil Getting more engaged in SYSBM related forums and media like slaying evil

      2. Begin doing SYSBM Raids. What this is, is that instead of simps and black women who love to come here on slaying evil to raid and shame us, let US go to places like youtube, and other (Black) man hating media and attack these idiots (such as madamenutcasebomb and angry mangina etc), by throwing truth bombs about WHY black men are going sysbm (Or MGTOW) in the first place. This can also helo to wake up chained up black men who are actually looking for a place to escape (even though I think a huge majority of them cannot be saved).

      3. Starting two separate blogs, My public blog and my VIP SYSBM HA blog for thinking black men only These blogs are about my adventures in Asia and post soviet countries and to DEMYTH any Fears, misunderstandings and other things that prevents black men from taking journey for themselves to find a better life overseas.

      4. Writing a book or two about blackistan and ways to save oneself from them.

      5. Help Fund Verbs’ second Negrowars book

      6. Master writing and my grammar because I suck at writing.

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    • 1. Get my passport renewed. 2. Start writing a little more and look more seriously into freelance. 3. Make more overseas contacts. 4. Look more into either Networking and/or web design. 5. Learn more about investing. 6. Learn Spanish or Portuguese (at least a little).

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  1. Hey Verbs, we’re almost at New Years! I would like to write a special topic for the SYSBM MEN. If you guys have special requests, load them up here in the reply and I’ll write an article. I can tall about IT Security, history, global affairs, anything!

    And someone link the SF Korean edition!

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    • Exposingtheemperor,

      I want the link to that South Korean drama edition to, unless it’s something that I covered but can’t remember. As per usual, be sure to post the link here when done.

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      • This reminds me of when I was in the military and stationed in England. I was out in Birmingham with some folks and we went to grab some kebabs. I missed most of the exchange but one of our group members(a typical ABW) got into this ratchet exchange with this Turkish guy running the joint. Out of no where this dude hopped the counter and gave a straight kick straight to her chest LOL. She started cry and shit trying to play the victim. This is why in general ABW do NOT do as well as thinking black men overseas. That ABW attitude is only sanctioned in the states. Once you go elsewhere with that shit…those men will not hesitate to fuck you up. The west is the only place BW can practice this in peace and unchallenged and it presents an active risk for them to travel because to travel to any where besides the Caribbean would pull them in danger of being checked…possibly to the point of death if they cant shelve the attitude. So essentially her well renouned reputation and attitude are a risk to HER OWN safety

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  2. Autodidact, Both I myself and Verbs have both commented on this very same phenomenon before! The audacity of ABW to try and export her stank attitude and horrendous behavior to other countries is unbelievable! She doesn’t realize yet how big and different the world is outside of the protected ghetto she grew up in and how if you try the wrong man in the wrong country at the wrong time, she might never, EVER make it home again! I would have set there and laughed at her ass as most people, especially those running a business are generally not in the habit of drop kicking a potential customer UNLESS that customer has become unreasonably disruptive. However, you can’t tell the modern baw anything. Oh well, burn baby burn!

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  3. Many happy returns to you thinking black men. Michel’s done a great job so far on his year-end round-up of L’s taken by the Sustahood. In my public life I smile, but internally I love seeing them go down. Nobody deserves it more than black chicks. How horrible must you be if brothers who are stereotyped as being broke are spending $150 on a US passport and hundreds more on plane tickets, hotels, etc. JUST TO GET AWAY FROM YOU? Sad, but not really. LMBAOOOOOOOOO

    Can’t wait for Part 2. Keep the wall up in 2019, fellas. Don’t save ’em


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    • Schadenfreude,

      Michel has some serious writing talent, I agree, he did a fantastic job on this and you’ll enjoy the second part to the article. Seeing black women sink further and further into the mire is justice being served, this is their recompense which is a dish best served cold.

      Black men must continue to say no to weave wearing fully loaded oil tankers, wide loaders, tug boats and aircraft carriers. Trick Daddy told these heifers to tighten up otherwise they would be replaced, black women didn’t listen, predictably remained stubborn and prideful as per usual and now they’re reaping the whirlwind. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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  4. Enjoyed the list. Black Manosphere 2.0 took a lot of Ls in 2018.
    But the biggest L will be to see Black Manosphere 2.0 turn completely purple pill in 2019.

    …stay tuned.

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  5. I am watching a reply of a San Francisco 49ers National Football League game. I note the play of DeForest Buckner and Dante Pettis. Buckner is the product of a black man and a Samoan mother. Pettis is the product of a black man and a Caucasian mother. The SYSBM work of the 1990s is in full effect. This type of situation was unknown 20 years ago.

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    • This is true. TBH, I believe that the offspring of Black men and Nonblack women tend to be more intelligent, talented,and beautiful than the swirlers’ offspring.

      Liked by 5 people

    • We are now coming into an age where the byproducts of black men and non-black women in the sports world will become very obvious. Guys like Patrick Mahomes, Deforest Buckner, Dante Pettis, etc. are starting to redefine the game of football. Just like it took a white woman to get the first black man into the white house, it’s going to take the union of black men and non-black women to create a new culture of blackness.

      Liked by 6 people

      • My view is that if you make a serious and unbiased account of the offspring of black men and non-black women and compare your findings to the offspring of black women and non-black men, that the pairings of black men and non-black women will always win. The win ratio will probably be 10-1 in the favor of black men and non-black women. This applies to sports, business, politics and all aspects of life. One will be hard pressed to name five celebrities that result from the unions of black women and non-black men. Black women love to shout: Nig*as ain’t shit. It, however, is noticeable that black men tend to do much better when they are not around black women.

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      • Not only American sports but European… Take the England soccer squad, half of the players are literally mixed up and down. France still has Black and Arabic players with white girlfriends and wives, and Lavar Ball’s kidsv are in the Baltic states playing basketball.

        What have the swirlers got? A prince?

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      • Yes. This.

        I talked about this on Verbs last post. Creating a new culture of ‘blackness’. The scraggles have pretty much ruined the old western sense of what it means to be black. It will have to be recreated with a new generation.

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  6. It’s a shame that during this time approaching 400 years of oppression, you coons are playing these divisive tactics when there is a serious spiritual battle going on. You sambos will be left behind while our Hebrew brother and sisters will be vindicated. Good luck with giving an account to the Most High when explaining how you used the time He gave us here.


    • >You sambos will be left behind while our Hebrew brother and sisters will be vindicated.

      Yeah. Good luck with that, chief. All you’re doing is shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.


      Liked by 6 people

    • “Real One”,

      Our message isn’t “divisive” at all. We are the smart black men whom the “community” doesn’t want. We are merely taking ourselves out of the equation and going where we are appreciated, with non-black women. What do you care what we do? We aren’t bothering anybody, yet you always seem to follow us around. You “real ones” can clean up the hood that you fucked up in the first place and stand by your “queens,” I’m good.

      What will the Most High say about the millions of black fetuses aborted by black women? Or how they reject the best and brightest to chase thug dick? Good luck with that, sir or ma’am.

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    • The only coon and sambos here is your faggot ass.Go back to blackistan with your bullshit narrative cause that bullshit aint gonna fly here boy.FOH

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    • Fake One,

      You should’ve known better than to come here with that fraudulent concern about the oppression of black folks nonsense, if you read you bible correctly you would’ve clearly seen that Most High won’t tolerate slackness in his own house under any circumstances, Hebrews will be the first to sit in the hot seat of judgement. If you think that you are rolling into heaven just because you are a Hebrew by blood, you’re in for a rude awakening. Of course, the black female’s divisive manoeuvres in accepting feminism and fatherless home welfare policies some 60 years ago as per usual are completely glossed over, how convenient.

      On the contrary, all the best to you explaining to the Most High why you attempted to give the slack behaviour exhibited by many black folks a pass and in addition tried to reprimand one that stepped forward and spoke in righteousness. Luke warm, rice biscuit Negroes, scram chump.

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    • Real One,

      “Good luck with giving an account to the Most High when explaining how you used the time He gave us here.”

      That in fact, is why we have left you and the rest of ‘da communitee’ behind. The Most High has warned us numerous times to steer clear of those who are commited to doing wrong and who refuse to repent. This is the current black community in a nutshell.

      The tightly covered stew of disfunction that was put on the stove about 53-54 years ago (about 1965 or so) will soon boil over and be completely out of control.

      Please see the below link for more info:

      “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action” (1965) pdf

      It’s ready to blow any minute. It will scald and burn all those who do not yet have the sense to get to a safe distance and protect themselves. Which we are doing.

      Feel free to stick around and defuse the “bomb” if you can. The knights of SYSBM won’t be performing clean up services. Sorry.

      Liked by 4 people

    It’s a shame (STOP RIGHT THERE…only a unsophisticated black cow starts off there sentences like that) that during this time approaching 400 years of oppression (the only people in this country that is oppressed are the one that WANTS to be oppressed, else how can they dupe people into pitying them???), you coons (love when pro-BLACKS of ANY kind try to school other black using slurs created by bigoted whites….JESUS FUCKING H CHRIST CHILD, expand your goddamn vocabulary!!!!!!) are playing these divisive (yes, stealing smart, productive and responsible black men away from black females that wouldn’t know what to do with a good black man if her life depended on it is divisive…’re mad because more and more REAL BLACK MEN are waking up the BULLSHIT) tactics when there is a serious spiritual battle going on (yes and WE, the REAL BLACK MEN are winning…why else would a DEMON such as yourself show up and haunt this page) . You sambos (…expand…your…VOCABULARY) will be left behind (thank GOD!!!!) while our Hebrew brother and sisters will be vindicated (Vindicated by WHO??? What do THEY look like? Sound like?). Good luck with giving an account to the Most High when explaining how you used the time He gave us here.
    Somebody please escort this old ass ex-malt liquor sipper , born again fraud the fuck outta here

    Liked by 5 people

    • It’s a shame productive, well to do BLACK MEN with resources are exercising their freedom by separating from satanic demons and creating new black families with non-black women.

      When God calls for the bill he’ll like what he sees, because God helps those that help themselves. #SYSBM

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    • As soon as this so called Hebrew used the words Coons and Sambos, he/she lost all credibility from the get-go. For someone to claim to be oppressed for 400 years, they sure love to use the white oppressor’s racial slurs hahaha.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Hahaha, this is why I can’t stand black females and ‘white supremacists’ who love the plantation so much they will try to hold you back just to save their sorry asses from the beatdown coming their way.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Paul Anthony —– Many black men have been caught using the word: MUDSHARK. Mudshark is a hateful slur invented by bigoted white males to describe any non-black female that has a relationship with any black male. The term mudshark is designed to keep non-black females away from black males. These uninformed black men then advise black males to go SYSBM but to avoid mudsharks. These unknowing black men do not understand that one cannot go SYSBM and avoid mudsharks. This is because any non-black female that has a relationship with a black male is defined as a mudshark. The only logical course of action is to avoid using the mudshark slur. There is always a problem when black people decide to fall in love with the hateful slurs created by bigoted whites.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Cannot stand the word mudshark, and yes, black men sure do love recycling racists white male terms. It’s no different from “coon”, “nigga” and “Sambo” from hotep dickheads.

        It comes out a place of deep, deep jealousy: white men with their dick envy, black men with the crabs in a barrel mentality.

        White women and black men are seen as objects. These dehumanizing names confirm this.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Michel —– If the term JIGABOO returns among racist white men and black females, the allies of racist white men, we can expect mainstream foolish black men to say jigaboo all day and every day.

        Liked by 3 people

    • The painful reality is that Nonblack men aren’t checking for black women like that. Once again, the swirling sisterhood are taking the Ls.

      Liked by 5 people

      • reynagirl14 ———— In addition, Meghan Markle, who has, perhaps, 3% Negroid ancestry will not save black women from taking the Ls. The best black women can do is celebrate Serena Williams receiving beatdowns by nonblack females that are younger than her.

        Liked by 4 people

  8. They act as if Megan and Serena won the lottery! That’s how pathetic most Black women are. Meanwhile, Black men date/marry/have families with feminine women of all racial, ethnic, and cultural stripes without fanfare. It’s natural!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Reynagirl14 —– “It’s natural!” I am not aware of many black men celebrating the marriage of Michael Jordan, former National Basketball Association star, to a non-black woman. Can one think of any black man’s relationship to a non-black woman that is celebrated by even a few black men?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Exactly. No Black men gather around to celebrate famous Black make celebrity marrying Nonblack women. They don’t go on message boards to boast like so many Black women do when a Black woman marries a White man. They just do it without making a but deal out of it.

        Liked by 3 people

  9. More failings from the sistahood:

    Three examples of the swirling sistahood forcing their mixed babies upon their newfound Black boyfriends and husbands! They’re so low and evil!

    Liked by 3 people

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