Hate Mail – Part 1


Occasionally whenever I receive hate mail I will feature them on the website. This hate main comes from a person calling themselves John Slat. John Slat is not fooling me in the slightest, pretending to be a man when Slat’s email address is using a woman’s name. Besides, just from the way the person presents their points I can tell it is a woman without the email address giveaway.

I very much suspect this could be a black woman, however Slat suspiciously refused to confirm his/her gender and race which leads me to believe that my hunch could indeed be correct. The language used is certainly indicative of how modern-day black women talk about black men. Anyway, here is the exchange that took place between myself and John Slat, enjoy:

John Slat –

“I’ve been reading your post on how much you hate blackout woman, at the end of the day your still a nigga. In the eyes of the kkk and many other people. Black people will never be rated by any other race. You see white woman beating on their kids, killing their kids, taking crack and heroin, twerking, fighting, stealing other woman’s men, contouring their face enhancing there bodies. It’s not just black woman. Do you have any relationship with any female in your family? Because they clearly act like these woman in the videos. Saw a video of two white woman fighting both pussies exposed up close. But it’s only black woman? When you trash talk your own race like that, it does not impress us. It makes us laugh at your ignorance and stupidity because rate your people do not trash them, look how many single mothers are bringing up mixed race kids!!! More white people are on benefits and welfare then black people. You cuss black woman out for not embracing their natural hair, then write a post saying if they took all their fairness of they would be a 3. What kind of nonsense. There are many successful black woman out there, you forgot about them? There are many white families out there, that do not approve of there daughter being with a black man. Black womanly are unhygienic? Watch the post on YouTube from a black man stating black men are unhygienic. Black woman do not love there children, you obviously went through that. All them crime shows you watch, pure white woman killing there children. Media brainwashes black people to hate their own by showing black men and woman in a bad light. Watch the real merkabah. Looking forward to your reply confused black man. Just because you don’t want to be with a black woman do not bash them. White woman and every other colour have abortions to”.

Verbs2015 –

I’m going to assume that you are a black woman. In typical black female fashion, thank you for confirming in this email that everything I say about black women is true. Your strategy is not to reach out and prove that you are different from the rest, no instead you decide to confirm that you are an active member of the black female scum that I regularly talk about on my blog site. Referring to a black man as a “nigga” which confirms what I say about black women and racist white men being two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin.

I’m not looking for ratings amongst other races, my mission is simply to show thinking black men that they have other options other than dealing with violent, rebellious, masculine, ignorant black harpies. It’s nice of you to point out what white women are doing, however what they do doesn’t affect black society, black women are the ones destroying black society, not white women. You need to keep it stepping with the “white women do it too” rubbish, that won’t flush with me.

Get it right, I don’t like the scum black females of my race, I get on very well with feminine, function black women who know their place and their roles(though it should be pointed out that now very few of these types of black women exist). I expose trash black females and their destructive behaviours which is what a man is supposed to do. Stop pointing to what white folks are doing, they are looking after their own communities and dealing with their own problems, unlike in black society where black women have injected the stupid notion that we should simply ignore slack and immoral behaviour.

Black women are not truly successful people at all, if they were then this would reflect upon black society. However as black women continue to brag about their so called “success”, in the US they still only have a median net worth of $5 and black society still continues to trundle down the toilet. You have to be truly pathetic as a black female when your only defence is “white women do it too,  white people do x, y and z as well or what about you black men?”

The fact of the matter is the minuscule few decent black women that remain don’t argue with me, they agree with what I am saying because they know its all true. Its only the scum bucket, decadent black harridans who fit the demographic that attempt to use shaming tactics against me(they doesn’t work yet they continue to try) and try to justify their slack behaviour by bringing white women into the equation at any and every opportunity. Stop using white women as your scapegoat, stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your own gutter behaviour for once.

John Slat –

Your assumption is wrong. Il rather kill myself anyways feature me on your website silly black person.

Verbs2015 –

You are going to be featured on the website under hate mail, stay tuned. Black women and their advocates, you’re all the same.

John Slat –

My nigga


Black women and their advocates are running scared from my book Negro Wars, they know I have them bang to rights with regards to documenting the ongoing black female skullduggery. Since John Slat was a coward and refused to identify her nationality we are left speculating as to who we are dealing with. We do know that non black women who hang out with ratchet black females will take up for them having been contaminated themselves.

Anyway, her above email is the reason why I rarely if every converse with black women or their advocates, they being the dumb ultra liberal/socialist/communist/feminists that they are always failing to bring new points to the table, they simply stick to regurgitating the same points which have already been deconstructed and rubbished many times over. This is the typical feminist strategy and protocol.

This is why I only speak to thinking black men, black women have declared in no uncertain terms that they are satisfied with their bottom of the barrel lifestyles and that they hate us black men. With these declarations in hand it honestly doesn’t make any sense attempting to appeal to such reprobates, I would much rather reach out to free thinking black men knowing that I am more likely to receive a welcoming and more intelligent response.

As per usual black women nor their advocates can ever debate the points, they always must resort to name calling aswell as shaming tactics, however since I have nothing to be ashamed of, none of the above will prevail against me. Gentlemen, we continue to advance and witness the black witch losing more and more power. Keep The Wall up and refortify it, your thoughts.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

83 thoughts on “Hate Mail – Part 1

  1. “I’ve been reading your post on how much you hate blackout woman, at the end of the day your still a nigga”

    OK, as a man in his fifties, I can tell you this sounds like a female MY AGE. Black women my age LOVE calling other black people NIGGA. THEY LOVE IT!!!! I think it gives them organisms.

    “In the eyes of the kkk and many other people…..”

    STOP RIGHT THERE, only a black woman would be so concerned over what the kkk and “others” think of them, much like how a child is overly concerned with how they are perceived by their parents. I mean, who cares WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US/ME??????

    “Black people will never be rated by any other race…” so stop giving power over what they think of you then, also, WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US/ME??????

    “You see white woman beating on their kids, killing their kids, taking crack and heroin, twerking, fighting, stealing other woman’s men, contouring their face enhancing there bodies. It’s not just black woman”

    By that logic…….if white women were to start jumping off cliffs en mass, black women would be right behind them. You just relegated black women to being nothing more than brainless, copy cats of white women.

    I couldn’t keep up with rest of the nonsense coming from this person, could be a man, could be a woman, could be a black woman, could be a white bigot pretending to be a black woman pretending to be a black man……….I know what they are NOT!!

    They are not, thoughtful, empathetic, understanding, educated, or traveled.
    They are not American, rather they are black, a color, a metaphor for a human being, but not quite human.
    They are not a friend of ANYONE here, rather they are a bitter, sad, and hateful person looking for a fight, but as they are also cowardly, they have chosen to fight ONLINE rather than in person (see that video of that one blonde CHEERLEADER dog walking that one female linebacker for thinking someone was scared of her???)

    LASTLY, they are NOT anyone to be taken seriously, rather they are someone to be pitied, laughed at, and like VERBS have smartly done, use them as an example of what you are saving yourself from.

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    • PAUL ANTHONY —- Please note that, in my humble opinion, black women do not call “black people NIG*A.” Instead, black women love calling BLACK MALES by the N-word. The N-word is a source of degrading power for black females because NIG*RESS, the female form of the N-word, has died out to a large extent.

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      • I agree with the reason for the black women’s use of the N-word. It’s used primarily for black men & it’s used to demean, belittle & dehumanize them. Another reason why little boys suffer under the “care” of black, single mothers.

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      • King Kashta —– A small minority of black males notice that, under the leadership of black females, the word NIG*RESS has faded from the vocabulary of USA black people. For the unknowing, Nig*ress is the female form of the N-word. Among USA blacks, black females are Queens while black men are addressed with the N-word.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      These chicks are a complete and utter joke, they cannot be taken seriously on any level whatsoever. You’ll notice that thinking black men don’t frequent black male hating websites such as Lipstick Alley, yet these same women will always find their way into thinking black men’s spaces, pathetic, they should just leave us alone like they keep threatening to.

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      • It’s really a shame how soft you so called men are. Instead of just weeding out the bad black women in your life, you discount the entire race of black women. Obviously you all had shitty whore mothers. There’s no other way you could be this hateful. For the record, white women and white people as a whole HATE you. But y’all sambos are too busy licking Becky’s boots to see it. It’s also obvious you’re not attractive men because the only white women that would date you are 500 lb, no self esteem having whores, so they’d pretty much sleep with you regardless of how ugly you are. But hey, I guess it beats jerking off, right? LOL


      • Betty Boop,

        I could easily call you weak for choosing to comment on an article that has little to no activity on it, this is the typical cowardly behaviour of most of you black whores. As we’ve stated before, good black women in 2019 are an extremely rare find blockhead, hence why we’ve chosen instead to seek out love and companionship amongst non black females. Maybe one day your minuscule size of a brain will figure this out.

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  2. The supposed John Slat is a black female. [99% certainty on that] Slat uses the word “colour,” so I will guess that Slat is not from the USA. In the USA, the word is color. The obsession with white women also suggests that the person is a black female. I will note, however, that many black males are raised by single black mothers. These black males often have the same thoughts and conduct as mainstream black females.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      The obsession that black women have with white women is off the damn chain, they have white women on the brain more than they claim the SYSBM thinking black men’s regiment does, smh.

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      • The obsession with white women is this 98% of black hounds are enemies.The state has her to kill,steal and destroy from Black men(carry TMH’s seed).By choosing another woman the black female loses the chance to attack.She has a poison rat trap.Avoid it and live happily.Thanks Brother Verbs

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  3. As you point out, John Slat uses the word “nig*a.” I frown upon black people using the N-word. Nonetheless, as a matter of word symmetry, the word NIG*RESS, the female form of the N-word, should be used if black people insist upon using the male form of the N-word. Under the leadership of the black female, black males are addressed by the N-word while black women are called Queen. Given the language used, it is understandable that most black females have contempt for black males.

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  4. Its more than likely another BW catfishing as a non-BW/non-black person. I see it all the time on YouTube, there will be a random comment from a “non-black person” on an obscure SYSBM related video and the comments will be attacking BM for pointing out black female dysfunction. These are the depths of desperation that these chicks are resorting too. We will see more of this as the Wall grows and BW become more isolated and desperate.

    Catfishing, begging, and shaming in order to try to get men to date them/marry them. Oh well, keep the Wall up.

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  5. Them Black females keep taking this L man. They stay showing their true colors. I’m done with these people man. All this name calling, shaming, and catfishing, trying to be a non bw are the reasons why don’t know black man like us is gonna be around them. I can feel it that in the future, they’ll be more and more black women in america being desperate and single, and my solution for them, go gay and leave us the hell alone.


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  6. I had a conversation/texting back and forth with a Pro Black dude on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t like my “anti-black” woman comment. He tried to lump BWs behavior into ALL women.
    I agreed with him that feminism has destroyed the modern woman, but I also posed this query to him:

    Please point out a community (White/Asian/India/Latin/Other) that has suffered MORE than the African American Community because of it’s Womens’ embrace of feminism. He could not answer/refused to admit he was wrong.
    The problem isn’t with the black woman….the black woman is worthless….the problem is with men. Men that refuse to hold these women accountable for their decisions/actions.

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    • Other communities’ men were the ones to push feminism initially themselves, whereas black men were removed from that authority by the white male government and black women. Anyone who thinks our situations are comparable needs their asses kicked, period.

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      • You would have loved the guy I was debating with…..he was all about “it’s not just black women…..it’s ALL women…. don’t just dump on black women’.

        I responded, “I’m in the black community, wtf do I care about other communities….that’s THEIR business…..the black community has suffered long enough ”
        That’s why I say these Pro-Black SIMPs are the ultimate problem.

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        These pro black shines will always attempt to bring in other races in order to ease the heat and focus off and away from the black witch. I agree with you, the simps have now become an even worse problem than black women themselves.

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      Most black men still lick the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, this is why there is a lack of accountability being handed down to them by most black men. It’s only the thinking black men’s regiment who are holding the feet of black women to the fire. I don’t even waste my time with those pro black flunkies anymore, they have a dysfunctional mentality that is virtually the same as the black sirens they worship. Black women do indeed have a serious problem, I don’t think you can successfully argue against that.

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  8. Black people who y’all about white privilege, but then say “white people do it too”, are the dumbest retards to ever walk on all fours. These idiots can’t put two and two together and realize that they’re destroying their own argument.

    This is most definitely a black chick, as the black woman has put into black society the audacity to look at the comparatively minuscule problems of others to deflect from their own tragedies.

    The wall is getting higher, and they know it. Expect more and more videos, articles, and studies about how they can’t get a man. You will notice that those, which used to be about once per year, are now bursting from the seems with veracity.

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    • “You will notice that those, which used to be about once per year, are now bursting from the seems with veracity.”

      Yeah I have noticed that too. The begging and BM sweet talk has increased over the past year. Once Trump got elected and these chicks realized that they weren’t going to be able to swirl their way out of the hole they dug themselves into they began panicking. It seems like every other commercial that I see now has a BM with a non-BW in it, I rarely see BW that aren’t bi-racial in appearance in commercials anymore. Their backs are against the Wall when it comes to dating and desirability and its being shoved in their faces at every turn.

      True story:
      I was in a meeting at one of my old jobs and a few of the WW that I worked with (all married) were talking about The Walking Dead TV show. One of the women said that her husband and kids were into sci-fi and video games, and she joked that she thinks that nerds make the best husbands. The other women laughed and agreed. The point being that non-BW know who the good men are, BW are just now figuring it out and its too late. Most BM nerds that I have come across are either single or married to non-BW.

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    • Their dream of climbing mount swirlympus is slowly and hilariously dying. So of course, these fools are going to try and sweet talk their way back in our good graces. Too little too late.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You cannot make this stuff up and the modern day black female is the captain of stupidity on steroids. As I’ve stated before, black women through their constant referencing of white women as well as trying their hardest to look like them have made white women the gold standard. Therefore, why settle for the knock-off when you can easily get with the genuine article?

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  9. Verbs2015

    It doesn’t matter where black women go or what they do, they’ll always be liars, deceivers, and hypocrites. I can guarantee you 100% this letter is from a black woman. There is no doubt about. It’s always easy to tell by who they blame which is white women. Black women don’t consider white men responsible for racism and white supremacy. Black women think white women are the main culprits of white supremacy, thus black women will always blame white women for everything, shame black men for dating white women, and forgive the white man for every transgression. Every time there is something bad about white women or black people dealing with racism, black women always blame white women, as if their the creators and main supporters of white supremacy. It’s a scare tactic and a shaming tactic to use against black men from dating white women.

    All racism, white supremacists, and white nationalists come from white men. White men are 100% of all hate groups, hate organizations, and racist propaganda towards black people. White women have no fucking power. If you check white men, you check all forms of white supremacy. All white supremacists groups from America to Europe are all white men, with no white women marching with them. In fact all the white women are marching against them from America to Europe. Black women thinks it’s the opposite, which explains there delusion and aggression towards white women and black men. It’s beyond fucking stupid. You will never catch a white woman supremacist or white woman nationalist dating a black man, but you can find plenty of white supremacists white men and white men from Alt Right Groups dating black women and asian women. In order for a white women to be racist towards black men, a white woman has to go to a racist white cop to do her bidding. Other than that a white woman is powerless. Black women seem think a white woman calling a black person a nigga makes them a supreme racist, but black women call black men and black children niggas all the damn time. Because white women don’t want to be friends or hang with black women or even associate with black women, black women consider them racist. Case in point, when white women date black men, but don’t want to be friends or even hang with black women, black women think a their a racist white woman dating a black man, when in fact they just don’t want to be around your racist ghetto black ass.

    But anyway, this letter is 100% a black women. Black women do not blame white men for white supremacy only white women. All hate mail, hate comments, and hate videos come from black women against black men. Black women always catfish and pretend to be somebody else wherever they go. They simply can’t help it. They catfish on dating sites, they pretend to be black men, white women, white men, and all other races on Twitter, FaceBook, and especially YouTube to attack black men and white women relationships. Go look on YouTube on damn near any black man and white woman video. All the hate comments are from them. All the anti-white women comments are from them. A lot of their names change in the comments and a lot of their pictures change in the comments section too of YouTube. It’s always black women doing that shit. I myself have been catfished by black women pretending to be Latinas on dating sites. LOL! No fucking lie! Black women routinely lie and pretend to be someone else to defend black female fuckery.

    There’s a another tactic being used by black women too in the comments section. Pro-Blackness! In every fucking interracial video about black men here’s comes black women blaming slavery and murder on white women, not white men. Black women always say white women raised them. What? White men raised and groomed racist white men. Black women love to pull the black love card, Pro-Black card, slavery card, and racist card to use against black men and white women. Don’t fall for it. All you have to do is check their comments on YouTube and Twitter and see their timeline of white male praising from them. Black women are Hellbent on shaming black men back to the plantation, while themselves praise white men.

    Black women are truly the devil. It is with a doubt in my mind that black men and white women relationships, will mark the true end of white supremacy that’s why white men and black women are so hellbent on keeping us apart. Riddle Me This Batman, why is it that black women blame white women for genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, mass rape, and mass torture but not white men? Have you ever heard of such an evil thing in your life when the main perpetrators of mass murder and mass destruction get blamed on the women? Should Libyan women be blamed for the mass murder of Africans there? Should Middle Eastern women be blamed for the mass enslavement of Africans there? Should Indian women be blamed for the mass racism and violence towards Africans there? I have never in my fucking life heard of a group of women getting the blame for mass murder, except when it comes to black women blaming white women for all the things evil. I have never heard of such a stupid thing in my entire life. Black women want to blame white women for slavery and murder. What?! Native Americans used to enslave black people too. Should Native American women be blamed for the mistreatment of Africans slaves too? If black men don’t destroy the Matriarchal and Gynocracy of black men, it will be our deaths.


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    • Amen!

      Against the backdrop of pro-blackness, pro-whiteness, and pro-white maleness, is the agenda of keeping black men and non-black women, namely white women, apart. Yet these same groups (squire men, black women) want carte Blanche on dating whoever they wish. Sad!

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    • @freeBlackman says, “Black women are truly the devil. It is with a doubt in my mind that black men and white women relationships, will mark the true end of white supremacy that’s why white men and black women are so hellbent on keeping us apart”

      This could only be true if all white women were conqured by Black men. Its true, that Black men have the seed of genetic annhilation in our dna, hence the obsession white racist man has with our sexual activity. It is the genetic annhilation of the white race that racist man fears more than anything. But unless you conquer the mass majority of white women your theory wont hold up. As long as less than 10% of whites on the planet are mixing with Blacks, itll actually strengthen white supremacy. why?

      The outcome will be confusion in most cases (tragic mulattos) and in the more racial strategy sense, it will create a buffer class loyal to the dominant white society. Study the mestizos created by the Conquistadors, or mulattoos of the Haitian revolutionary period, or Americans tragic mulatto history.

      For your theory to be true, it would require the total conquering of white women by Black men; which would require the full focus of all Black men across the planet.

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      • King Sigma

        When I mean the end to white supremacy by white males, I mean the end of sexual colonialism that white males have against darker skinned females races. The end of white male dominant structure that they have on people of color, especially the women. White men and black women hate when black men are also with asian women, latin women, and even Middle Eastern women. White men mostly get women off of skin color. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s why Alt-Right groups, white MGTOW groups, and incels are so mad at black men because their white male power is waning in the sexual marketplace, where they used to have free reign. Black men and white women relationships are the beginning symbols of freedom for both sexes. Freedom for black men not to be ruled by the black female Matriarchal Gynocracy plantation. And freedom for white women to go anywhere they pleased and not to be ruled by a white supremacy structure that keeps them shackled. The Freedom of Black Men, will mean the Freedom of all people. And white women and other non-black women are apart of it. I hope that it explains it better. You have to remember that colonialism politics are still be played out now in the media such as television and movies, where white men can have all races of women, but black men can’t. And the social media environment where white men are universally praised for dating non-white women, but black men are still demonized and humiliated for doing the same. Case in Prince Harry marrying a white skinned biracial women is celebrated, while if black men do the same thing, would of been castrated by the black female slaveholders.

        SYSBM! Freedom Is Coming Soon!

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      • “The outcome will be confusion in most cases (tragic mulattos) and in the more racial strategy sense, it will create a buffer class loyal to the dominant white society. Study the mestizos created by the Conquistadors, or mulattoos of the Haitian revolutionary period, or Americans tragic mulatto history.”

        “When I mean the end to white supremacy by white males, I mean the end of sexual colonialism that white males have against darker skinned females races. The end of white male dominant structure that they have on people of color…”

        Very true. Although I’m light skinned (as long as I stay out of the sun :)), racists don’t seem to have any trouble guessing what racial slur to use when insulting me. I never had any illusions about the world and how it sees me. I guess I was lucky in that I never went through any sort of racial confusion growing up. I look straight thugged out when I’m angry (unfortunately) and I intimidate the hell out of insecure racist white and other non-black males as easily as any dark skinned street dude. Lol!

        I got my n!gger wake call when I was young. Multiple times. I have been called n!gger to my face on several occasions both by a white dude and once by an angry crazy ass Korean bitch in my youth. I have been called a “piece of shit” (which is racist code language for black people) by a Moroccan restaurant owner when he thought I was out of earshot and someone asked him my ethnic background. I also come from very “conscious” roots and folks who were deeply involved in the struggle back in the 1960’s & 70’s.

        You’ve both got some very valid points on that score. We don’t really have a choice when it comes to realistically finding suitable mates. We have to date out. And there is the very real possibility that if we don’t separate from the scraggles and the rest of scraggle-kind, and build a separate and distinct identity and power base, that the image of being black will always be associated with failure and disfunction.

        This combined with the inability of the dominant society to accept our mixed offspring can cause them to be both ashamed of their black side and yet unwelcome elsewhere. Hence the tragic mulato syndrome.

        The best way forward then will be as I said, to establish a seperate identity and power base from ‘da communitee’ as it currently exists. We have to redefine what it means to be black for all those men (and even those precious few females) from the diaspora who are alike in mind and spirit with us.

        I think most of us here are already doing this to some extent or other. Whether consciously or unconsciously. We just have to continue in that course and to state who we are in loud and clear language to the world at large. No matter who doesn’t like it. Whether they be Zionist/Anglo social engineers, black females, pro-blacks of any stripe, insecure white males, insecure males of other ethnicities, etc.

        That we will be NOT be self-defined by the black matriarchy or the scum of black society, Hollyweird, rap videos, or the white supremacist world wide racial caste hierarchy. WE will define ourselves according to the dictates of dignity and self-respect. And what it means to be black and alive in the world at this time.

        End of rant.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        Curious did you say anything back to that Korean lady or the Moroccan guy? Because I would’ve….

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      • Odyssey,

        Yes. I got into a psychotic verbal exchange with her, because I didn’t know what else to do. You know… yelling and name calling back and forth. But I wasn’t cool headed and smooth with it like I would be today. I was younger and less experienced with the world. I was flustered and emotional at hearing that word, and from an Asian of all people. She was one of those self-hating, white worshipping Asian-American females who wouldn’t even look sideways at an Asian (or any other non-white) male. But I knew very little about that whole phenomenom then. I had to pretend like I wasn’t hurt by it and wasn’t caught up in my feelings, which I was. This was back when I bought into the liberal/pro black “‘people of color’ have to stick together” bullshit.

        Thing is, this bitch was crazy as cat shit. I mean seriously unhinged. She was dating and living with one of my few white friends at the time. In fact he was one of my few friends period at that point in my life. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of a loner and have been that way most of my life. I would tend to connect with people who were a little off the beaten path like myself.

        This chick had wigged out and showed her unbalanced nature before in my presence so I tended to avoid her as much as possible. But my man (we’ll call him “J”) was head over heels with her, so it was difficult. “J” was rather p-whipped and at the mercy of her daily mood swings. She didn’t like any of his friends, me included. I let him borrow a VHS tape (this was many years ago) of an Andrew Dice Clay concert which I think had some off-color Asian joke/s. He apparently watched it in her presence and she got upset. Somehow I got blamed for it. (Did I mention this bitch was seriously unbalanced?!?)

        To make a long story short, that’s what brought on our little confrontation. My man “J” just sat there like a zombie with his head down and a miserable look on his face while his bitch went off on me and I went back off on her. I finally just got up and left, shaking with emotion as I departed. Me and “J” spoke on the phone afterwards and he apologized for her behavior but we were never really tight again after that. I considered him weak and p-whipped for not being able to check his woman when she was clearly out of bounds.

        I still like Asian chicks though because when I lived on the West Coast years later I met a few in passing who were really nice, even though I never dated one of them.

        As for the restaurant owner, he said his little comment when he thought I was out of earshot. I needed that job and had no other, so I had to pretend like I didn’t hear it. I was older and wiser about the ways of the world at that point, so I was not really surprised as I was familiar with Arab pathology. Even though racism is haram (a sin) in Islam, I was raised by a Black American muslim father who had already schooled me on how perverted, screwed up and faithless many Arabs, Persians, and other middle-easterners are. And like many other native born Black American muslims, I already had a healthy disdain for many if not most of the males of those societies.

        The women from those places are frigging beautiful however! And many of them over here are with Black American or African husbands more and more these days. 🙂 Here in my area there are a lot of these pairings. I hope to be part of another one soon unless I move overseas first. These women, (the ones who haven’t been westernized that is) tend to make excellent wives and companions.

        Liked by 2 people

    • True indeed on all points. The white female obsession is both an open admission of feelings of inferiority towards them as well as a deflectionary tactic.

      Liked by 3 people

  10. Hey the bottom line is no matter how much they hate you not one has ever said you were lying only that you should be ashamed at pointing out their flaws and dysfunctions and that by you being a low on the totem pole black man aint supposed to do that , They’re asking who raised you . When they say but whatabout white women or that white women do it too that’s their best defense and that’s hilarious and sad at the same time .

    Liked by 6 people

    • Knutz,

      The solution for them is simple, change their behaviour for the better then I won’t have any ammunition to use against them, however as it currently stands, the war chest od evidence is full to the brim and flowing over.

      Liked by 5 people

  11. Without a doubt this is a American Black daggle. I never allowed women to refer to me as nigga. However, it wasnt until I started viewing the Black manosphere content this year where ABW joined panels and use the word ‘nigga’ in a weaponized form that it became clear that I had to disassociate myself from the term.

    On another note, I have noticed a trend on the so-called Black Manosphere. Over the last half of 2018, there has been an infiltration of Scraggle Daggles and their Hotep blue pill simp drones. I’m convinced that by the end of 2019, the Black Manosphere with the help of YouTube censorship, propped up post-wall mammies, and their endless army of blue pill simps (Simpsphere); the only place to find true red pill content for Black men will be off YouTube on places like SlayingEvil.com.

    Don’t be fooled, the post-wall mammies will destroy the YouTube Black manosphere from within replacing it with a Simpsphere.

    …stay tuned.

    Liked by 8 people

    • King Sigma,

      These pro black knuckleheads, I cannot believe how stupid, ignorant and foolish they are the allow their enemies to occupy the same space as themselves. Bringing black women into the black manosphere, how dumb can you get? These dudes are asking for trouble and you’re right, they’ll have to be taken down a peg or two once again before they fully learn their lessons. Indeed, the majority of the men at the forefront of the black manosphere are straight up simps and as David Carroll would call them, the weakest links.

      We build a wall and these shines knock holes through parts of it to invite in dysfunctional black females, smh.

      Liked by 5 people

      • @Verbs The gynocentric programming in many western Black males is at clinical dysfunction levels. No collaborations can be had with these men; they will always be the tools of the American succubae, whom is the tool anti-Black legions.

        I had no clue how deep the dysfunction it was until I discovered Black Youtube. Black social media has become a cyber-reflection of the current state of western Black redneck culture. Even on the web, the dysfunction can not be hidden or explained away. Black redneck culture is a degenerate and dead culture. The Black manopshere 2.0 closing 2018 will be replaced with Black Manosphere 3.0 (red pill/Black pill) where those off-site content creators can block the Hotep simps from ever joinging the platform.

        The husk remaining on YT will be purple pill (blue + red = Magenta/Purple) at best, as the Hotep socialist ideology is merged with red pill aware ideology. The flaw is that men who never had a 6+ in their life will fall to the post-wall mammies (the Trojan horse). 80% of men attracted to manosphere never had a universal 6+ or above.

        You’ll see the post-wall mammy use withcraft on the red pill aware men (purple pill in spirit), who are at heart blue pill simps by default because of their lack of success with attractive women. Yet, they will be discarded and replaced by Alpha hotep simps or what I call Convict Carls; that will be Black YouTube 2020.

        Unfortunately, with a platform like YouTube, it brings the dregs of society into contact with the successful. Great thing about personal websites; you can control the message and the membership.

        Black Manosphere 2.0 won’t make it pass the 1st half of 2019; it will be replaced by the SIMPsphere…

        Liked by 5 people

      • @King Sigma,

        It’s interesting that you mention this, because I look at the White MGTOW movement and it is now literally filled to the brim with incels and white men who are really blue-pilled. It has become such a laughing stock that the true red-pill white men disown the white MGTOW movement like the plague. I too believe that the current Black Manosphere will become nothing more than the Simp Brigade and the real Black Manosphere will become privatized and off limits to the black witches and their simps.

        Liked by 7 people

    • @Sigma Jones

      Yeah, I noticed the infiltration of incels, racists, and simps over in the white manosphere as well. Like you said, the red pill & Black pill will become privatized and exclusive. It is the only way to keep the simp cancer away is to put up a cyber wall between the truth and the lies.

      There is no true Red Pill, Red pill is the truth. Anything that is watered down is no longer red pill. What you are referring to is purple pill. When you get Blue pill simpery and add it to red pill aware ideology, you create the purple pill (magenta). You can not combine the blue and red and keep blue or red.

      Basically, Black manosphere 2.0 will be a Purple pill YouTube community. SlayingEvil.com will be the model for Black Manosphere 3.0.

      Liked by 6 people

  12. As soon as I saw the term “White Women” in the hate mail, right off the bat it signals it’s a black witch. Black women are the only group of women that will use white women as a proxy for any means of shaming/scaring black men. The mere fact that they go to great lengths to impose as white women/non-black women online, speaks of the udder stupidity black women do and say to keep black men to themselves. Why go out of your way to bother with a group of men that you (black women) claim are beneath you? That tells you all you need to know about black women. That’s also why it’s the perfect storm for non-black women, because they know black women are too stupid to tell the difference between a competent man and an incompetent loser. Non-black women are laughing at black women all the way down to the wedding aisle as they happily steal another thinking black man from the so called black community. So that hate mail was truly wasted bits and bytes, could have spent that energy hitting the gym and working on her appearance. Good luck finding a competent black man now hahaha.

    Liked by 9 people

    • Sigma Jones,

      What makes me laugh is when these same black females then attempt to claim that they are married or in a relationship with either a black or non black male, how they are satisfied with their man, how their man looks after them, how they are glad that they dated/married out because black men are no good.

      9 times out of 10 we already know such claims to be nothing but hot air, after all, if these black women were in fruitful, prosperous relationships then they certainly wouldn’t be wasting time bothering themselves with black men who don’t want them and who they’ve already rejected. We’re the so called lames and squares remember?

      Liked by 7 people

    • These simps will learn the hard way. Oh well, breed em both out.

      A NEW black race will be started by black men and their non-black wives, THIS is when black people will em masses make a change. I legit predict that you will see covers on Time Magazine and other publications with pictures of black men, non-black women, and their mixed children reading “The NEW Black Family”

      Liked by 7 people

      • Let me know when racist white men start losing their minds over that Time Magazine cover. I will have to buy you drinks as we laugh at the hysteria that will ensue haha.

        Liked by 6 people

      • @afrofuturism

        I disagree. I don’t believe most Black men fleeing the American Black female dating pool will end up with non-Black women. I’ll wager you, that most American Black men, specifically will end up with Black women throughout the diaspora before any other ethnic group.

        I had a 1/2 Persian 1/2 Italian wife, and 50% of the women I have dated were African immigrants, 25% were ABW, and the remaining 25% were (Asian, mixed, white, Middle Eastern).

        Most American Black men still desire to mate with Black and brown skinned women, and there are a billion women in the diaspora to choose from. Most American Black men are trying to find attractive, feminine, and cooperative Black and Brown skinned women. Thats why so many AMERICAN BM choose to go to Brazil and DR., etc…

        Liked by 5 people

  13. This is without a doubt a dumb scraggle pretending to be a man. Everything about their email screams man. These heifers are an utter joke and a complete waste of time.

    Their desperation is funny to watch full well knowing all of us here as well as a huge number of other brothers will never get with one of them. They’ll continue to cannibalize each other at an even higher rate as the wall refortifies. They did it to themselves.

    Liked by 6 people

  14. The Quiet Crisis Killing Black Women

    This article talks about domestic violence and how BW are the most likely to die from it. The article blames racism, the gov, etc. but does not state the real and obvious reason they get killed, THUG LOVE. These BW keep getting killed by the men they date because the men that they date are often times violent killers. They have the highest rate of domestic violence related deaths because they choose the most violent men to date. Its not rocket science, given the fact that many of the bastard children they raise grow up to be thugs, BW are reaping what they have sown.

    Keep them and pookie and ray ray on the other side of the Wall.

    Liked by 7 people

    • James S,

      As per usual, they always omit inconvenient truths and the vital nuggets of information that will actually reveal black women to be the makers of their own undoing, smh.

      Liked by 6 people

    • In addition, there is the black female’s thirst for violence. It is often said that the most dangerous relationships exist among two black lesbians. [In other words, nothing is more violent than relationships between two black females. ]

      Liked by 7 people

    • Also, we can not overlook the dysgenic breeding element of all this. Poorer people mate more, and have more kids. While wealthier people have less kids. so, you have all these regressive traits and behavior being passed down to underclass children from generation to generation funded by the welfare state that incentivizes worse and worse female mating behavior.

      For the Black majority, its game over.

      Liked by 7 people

    • Just think about the implications of this. Supposedly the most battered women, and yet NO ONE gives a flying ****! Not even liberals and feminists are want to go bat for black women, which SHOULD let black women know where those groups’ loyalties lie.

      Silent epidemic, hilarious! They’ve destroyed their reputations so badly that there isn’t an ounce of sympathy to be had for them.

      If whites aren’t even protecting them anymore for voting chattel, then they’re screwed. They could literally be genocided and no one would care.

      Liked by 7 people

  15. This John Slat has to be a black woman. If its not a black woman, its got to be a simp who is defending these black female peasants so he get that coochie. You goanna hate more and more hate mail with these black female drags and their simps. When I read the book Negro Wars, as I read the introduction, I know the book was goanna be good because the book was true it said with black women.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Money Cultural,

      I’ve got no time for these termagants, like I said before I purposely only reach out to thinking black men because at least I know that I can get some sort of constructive dialogue going with them. Black women as a group have made it clear where they stand, I accepted their declaration and simply moved on with my life accordingly.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Clicked on the tweet and of course like clock work, the angry BW and bootlicking simps:


      Liked by 5 people

      • James S,

        Damn, damn, damn, lol. Notice how as we’ve stated many times before black women will always blame outsiders for their poor position in the dating and mating market. As per usual its black men who are the problem and are at fault, not ever considering the fact that black women themselves are indeed the true problem and are undesirable due to their attitudes, dysfunctional behaviour, weave wearing skin bleach ie trying to replicate Becky’s looks.

        They keep trying to look like white women and then wonder why more black men are heading in the white woman’s direction.


        Liked by 3 people

      • SYSBM – Making black women (and their moist SIMPs) blow their weaves for decades.


        Liked by 2 people

  16. “As per usual black women nor their advocates can ever debate the points, they always must resort to name calling aswell as shaming tactics.”

    Of course! Black women are known for resorting to name calling because their critical thinking skills are too weak. Logic is simply out of the question. My aunt and her husband had an argument about a week ago because he told her she needed to lose some weight. He was coming from a caring place, he honestly meant her no harm, but he is concerned about her weight and health. Instead of taking constructive criticism, she resorted to name calling and told him that he’s a “weak n***a” because he doesn’t accept her massive weight gain. Unfortunately, he submitted to her, like he usually does. He’s a nice guy, but he is cowardly and my aunt loves this because she gets to manipulate him. At times, she can be physically abusive, but he still stays because in his words, “that’s how she shows love.” smh.

    Only a few women I know of know how to handle criticism, which includes my mother and girlfriend. Although my mom is a bit more sensitive, my girlfriend takes criticism very well and she uses logic instead of emotions. She too has her days, but more than often, she acts like a normal person. The issue is the many black women (and sadly, some black men) are emotionally driven, which is usually the result of being raised by single mothers.

    Referring back to my aunt. Her son is dating a Romanian woman and the two are madly in love, but being the devil she is, she despises their relationship and she makes sure that her husband does, too. They’re always preaching about black love and how black women and men are made to be together, and she uses me as an example. Aside from being a devil and a witch, she’s also a hypocrite. She dislikes my girl because she “acts too white” and she told me that I should have gotten with a real white girl (see the hypocrisy) instead of knockoff version, which by the way, she is far from being. Her husband tells him that white girls are the real enemy of black men and that his future children will be confused. Fortunately, he doesn’t listen to those freaks. I hate that they’re trying to manipulate this young boy into dating these malicious she-beasts.

    Liked by 6 people

    • DM.Robinson,

      I too am also glad to hear that your aunt’s son isn’t falling for the Okey Dokey black love witchcraft and is sticking to his guns, in fact I recommend when and where possible reassuring him that the decision he made was the best one that he could’ve. Black women love seeing black men in the same miserable state as themselves, this is one of the many reasons why your aunt is so frustrated with her son and eager to break up their relationship, this is wickedness at the highest level.

      Yet when black women have daughters they will openly encourage them to get with white men, hypocrites they are and will always be. I’m also quite sure that your aunt’s son is looking at the relationship his mother has with her husband and through observing such dysfunction is realising that is NOT the way to go. And look at how your aunt reacts to your relationship, you managed to find the needle in the haystack, cooperative, functional, submissive and feminine black female and your aunt still has a problem with her, smh.

      If your girlfriend was ratchet then your aunt would’ve been more comfortable with her as your girlfriend’s clean behaviour and demeanour exposes the serious shortcomings in your aunt and she doesn’t like it. The overwhelming majority of black women who are overweight love being fatties and unhealthy, they refuse to take pride in themselves yet at the same time wonder why nobody is proud of them and why nobody wants to be with them. Keep reinforcing SYSBM in the lad, do what you can to counteract the witchcraft that his mother is trying to put on him.

      Liked by 5 people

  17. Verbs,

    I’m shocked you don’t get MORE hate mail, to be honest. It should be a running series at this point.

    No comment on “John Slat,” the brothers here have said it all.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      I’m surprised as well. I believe that things are like this at the moment because black women are finally realising that they are toast, this is why we are seeing so many as James S calls them “begging videos” as more black women are beginning to feel the hard pinch of the Wall of Silence.

      The only time we seem to get a flood of ratchets and pro black simps come through here is when one of my articles starts getting shared and viewed virally, other than that dysfunctional black women know to stay away from SlayingEvil.com because they see that there is a strong squad of SYSBM soldiers up in here who will not tolerate their garbage.

      I’m sure they’ve also seen how we deal with pro black simps like D32018 as well as the other red, black and green flunky Stop Cooning.

      Don’t worry, with what King Sigma has predicted, as the black manosphere 2.0 crumbles and as the Black Manosphere 3.0 begins to rise I’m sure that the hate mail will increase exponentially, stay tuned, lol.

      Liked by 6 people

  18. James S,

    Good vid. Haven’t checked that dude out in sometime. He always keeps it real. Been thinking about this subject myself a lot lately. I think that the overall price of the entire sex industry in the US of Gay is about to be drastically reduced. And guys who partake of the services of hoes are about to start getting more bang for their buck.

    The ramifications of supply and demand are soon to be at work methinks. When the feminist movement decided that it was now okay for women to be sluts and whores without any stigma, they inadvertently shot in the foot every female who will become a whore in the future or have already gone down that path. Again, supply and demand.

    Whenever any market has become so saturated with a commodity that it will soon be scarcely considered a commodity any longer, it’s price must necessarily go down. Just in order to stay in business. There are already so many whores and slack-minded, gutter trash females willing to become future whores that soon their will be more pussy on the market than there are desperate thirsty males to compensate. At least far too many to keep current prices.

    The low class hoodrats who are already selling their soiled taints are in for a rude awakening. When the cuts hit, many more dusty hoodrats with nothing else to offer, will be dumped onto the market peddling their “assets” for pennies on the dollar. In order to be competitive, they will have to start doing more for less. Hoes who could formerly be standoffish and/or charge exhorbitant rates for certain services will find themselves priced out of the market unless they wake up to the new reality. Section 8 hoes are already pretty much without scrupples. When they get dumped onto the common sex market, they will learn the easiest to give more for less in order to compete with more professional type hoes. As I said this will drive the price of the average hoe (professional or otherwise) down substantially.

    Since I have rarely used hoes, and never really enjoyed it, I don’t give a damn. But I find it funny nonetheless.

    Liked by 3 people

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