Open Mic Wednesday

Take advantage of a platform that allows black men to speak freely, open mic Wednesday is here upon us once again.

Just to let you guys know that the last article of this year will be posted on the 21st of this month which will be a part normal post plus an Open Mic Monday combined. That way folks can post up links or anything else they want if they wish to over the Christmas and New Year period.

Slaying Evil will be back to it’s usual operations from the 7th January 2019. I going to be spending the holiday period relaxing as well as writing up new articles for the new year.

You’ve got the floor folks, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

84 thoughts on “Open Mic Wednesday

    • Black British Guy,

      The government alongside their squadron of single mothers create the Frankensteins they need to justify stop and search policies being applied to black folks in general, how convenient. Besides, it makes no difference to these devil seedlings, they don’t care about or value life to begin with, thus a 5-10 year stretch in prison for carrying a knife means nothing to them, they be out in 2.5-5 if they behave themselves while being locked up.

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    • I’ll associate with anyone who I connect on a genuine level with, but I understand your caution. They have a tendency, at least here in the west, not to be open and honest about certain things. Here in the US, they keep all of the best jobs and housing as well as other opportunities for each other and for themselves. And they all (or most at least) know it. Especially as they get older and lose their idealism about life and the world.

      Every office building I go to these days is staffed with mostly white females, a smaller number of white males, a couple non-white females, and a few hand picked (and henpecked!) immigrant males of the non-threatening variety. Aa well as homosexual males of potentially any ethnicity. There may even be a negro wench or two, foolishly believing that she was hired for her actual abilities and not because of EEOC regulations. They will be mostly all white however. The upper management will still be staffed mostly by the usual white male suspects and an ever increasing number of white females.

      The one thing you won’t be seeing, except in increasingly rare instances however, are straight heterosexual black males.

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    • Black British Guy,

      I’ve been up north many a time, they have some nice stretches of countryside up there. If I did move up north it would have to an isolated spot or one where the number of people around is very minimal. The less people that are around you I find the less trouble comes your way.

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      • You would like the smaller towns or medium towns E. G Huddersfield etc. Because we know you are a country bumpkin

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    • I’ve lived in the North for a year, Manchester is a great place to hang out, Liverpool has the culture and the community spirit. Much friendlier than the South, however racists are still abound and the North is still backwards in this aspect.

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      • I disagree with the racist part there is a racist everywhere. I have lived in Croydon I prefer living in the north my plan is too buy a house in Manchester.

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  1. I have a theory. I think alot of the white “nationalist /alt right” women. I think alot of them have been banged by negro males, E. G Tara mccarthy, Lauren Southern, Lana from red ice tv, Brittany petitbone. Like you know women infiltrate male spaces.

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    • It’s not a theory, it’s true. Ann Coulter had a relationship with a black man, for example. You got to understand the alt-right is a creation of deep state, setup to lure idiots to their Dragnet.

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      • Yep. And hopefully (in their eyes) to start some sort of ethnic or race war with blacks in the US and/or muslims in Europe. In order to give them a reason to declare martial law and confiscate firearms & gold/silver.

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      • Black british guy,

        Yeah. Both the left and the modern day right are being steered on their present courses by the same people. We the sheeple are being setup for something and it’s not very pretty…

        I’ve tried to warn people that both the political left and right are a false dichotomy. Like professional wrestling. And that yes, this includes both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. I know that it dashes peoples hopes and spoils the beautiful and compelling “storyline” of either or both of them standing up to the ‘bad guys’, but truth has no obligation to console the sleeping masses.

        When the human mind wants to believe in something, it will ignore logic, reason, and it’s own good sense in order to keep dreaming. Like professional sports it keeps them occupied rooting for their team instead of focusing on important more matters.

        Supply and demand. There’s a ready market of people who want to keep believing in the system. That voting Liberal or Conservative is going to change something and/or ‘fix’ things. And in a market economy so long as there is a demand for dreams, there will be those ready to supply them.

        Now I simply let people learn the truth in their own stead.

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  2. What is your opinion on Kevin Heart anti gay tweets? And he lost hosting the Oscars, I’m glad he stood his ground and didn’t say sorry. It’s not like he needs the money to be fair if I was rich and famous and had fuck you money. I would speak my mind and say what I really think.

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    • It always amazes me how these famous negroes never think to take that money they’ve made and invest it into something with a decent ROI. They stay chasing paychecks and remaining on the proverbial plantation for life. So they are always frightened about losing their positions for saying or doing anything that the dominant society disaproves of. That’s why its so easy for them to sell their crippled souls (not to mention there asses) to the highest bidder.

      The casting couch always beckons I suppose…

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    • Black British Guy, he stood his ground at first but he did later apologize someone must have told him he would lose everything if he did not apologize. These guys stay getting fucked by Hollywood figuratively and literally just take your money and leave and stop being a slave to that demonic system.

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  3. What is your opinion on the Raheem Sterling “racist” incident?. The white fan shouted black cunt. I don’t think it was racist if said nigger or monkey that would be racist. He shouldn’t care he has 36 million pounds. The black victim mentality is ridiculous.

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  4. Reporting from Kazakhstan/Central Asia,

    It has been one year in Central Asia and it has been great in terms of financial and social opportunities.

    I just had to share this with everyone on slaying evil. I went to an English teaching school because I was invited to talk with the students and have dinner with teachers of that school. I went to over 15 to 20 classes and spoke to many students who have never seen a foreigner, let alone a black person. The students were super shocked and the attention I got was out of this world. Let me tell you what happened.

    First. There was a class with mostly Slav (Probably Russian ) girls. All 9 and 10s. I am very neutral about Slavic girls. When I walked into the class to sit down, there were three slavic girls that sat in front of me all fighting each other for me to talk to them. One after another, they would ask 100s of questions. They of course had to make sure if I was with any one. One girl asked if I like to ski. I said I never skied before, so she actually invited me to go skiing with her with a big smile on her face. Another girl asked for my Instagram. The other girl asked for other asked for pictures. When the class was over, they literally chased AFTER me telling me how cool I was. they gripped my arm and wouldn’t let me go. So we all took pictures and took Instagram accounts. In Central asia, there is nothing wrong with teachers and students exchanging information and even hanging out, having dinner etc etc.

    Then I went to another group of students, this time they were Asian. There was one Korean (central asian Korean) and one Kazakh girl. They actually had the nerve and audacity to ask about my “size” in front of EVERYONE! they were not chalant about it and didn’t care what others thought. And as you guessed it they wanted to exchange information and asked me to do things with them. After about 4 hours of meeting all of these students, I must have gained at least 20 new followers just from that one day alone! I couldn’t tell you how many random followers I got days after that. Random messages telling me how cool I was, and how much they want to meet me and hang out. Many local people told me that I am not far off of being a cerleberity there. The same would be the case of you go to other parts of Former Soviet Union.

    One Slovakian guy told me that if I started making posts on instagram about my life in FSU, I would be a celebrity within Months. He said many black foreigners, because they are so rare in this part of the world, many locals would know that there must be a good reason why you are here and that it is likely that the black person has genuine interest in their countries. Many black men who live or travel in FSU and Central Asia, are seen in a far more positive light.

    Central Asians, LOVE Black men! Mongols, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Tajiks (Persians), (I cannot say about Turkmens since that country is essentially North Korea 2.0) All love blacks and damn near worship the black (US) culture. This is also true for many Slavs. Even the corrupt police has more respect for black men then their own citizens (and a chance to bribe because they think black men are rick in some countries).

    Black men have even hold the stereotype of having the biggests D**ks in the world. We are seen to be very masculine and we hold a very mysterious nature about us. This is seen by everyone is Central Asia and Eastern Europe. For those of you who love white women, I really REALLY recommend you to please come to Eastern Europe, because slavic women ARE INDEED attracted to black men!

    Slavic women are one of the most coolest women in the world. I have no contempt for them. They are very respectful and very FUN! I do not have any particular attraction to them as Asian women are my thing, but they are very sweet and helpful and far more open minded than any Anglo White woman I have ever met. I changed the way I look at them where previously I had ignorant stereotypes about them. Sure there are bad ones, but even the bad ones do NOT compare anywhere CLOSE to Black women!


    You said you were in the process of moving out of your family’s life. Are you considering going abroad?? If you do, you HAVE to Come to Eastern Europe! Eastern Europe or the Former Soviet Union, are all the same. so How you will be in one country will be the same experience in all the rest! You will have plenty of places to choose from for starting over a new life. You HAVE to try it! Living over here will do wonders of mental healing like it has done for me when I moved to Kyrgyzstan! I can totally testify this and say to you to NOT bother wasting your time and money on any kind of psychologist! I understand that is sounds very scary and crazy but trust me it is not bad at all! I left into a completely unknown country and culture and I am doing fine one year later! I can even meet you in your country of choice if you want me to guide you around and tell you exactly how to become independent in your new country or countries!


    You have NO clue what Slavic, and Caucasians (people of the Caucasus) are like! They will blow Anglo women away like Fukushima in WWII! If you also get to come back to europe, please come to the east, if you haven’t already. I know you said that you already met with wonder women in france but i am telling you to PLEASE come to the east!

    For many months now, I was tempted on making a SYSBM version of happier abroad for classic black men only. However I am only limited in my experience in where I travel and my own taste in Women, culture , and kind of life I want to live. In the new year I am going to relaunch my blog and make it an unofficial SYSBM Happier abroad movement. I simply just cannot hide this secret anymore!

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    • Carnio,

      Yep, it depends on how 2019 turns out, one thing’s for sure, fuck family, I’m branching out.

      But Eastern Europe does sound scary, furthest East I’ve been is Italy… Russia and Ukraine look like decent places to visit… Often it’s the complete lack of knowledge of the country, language and how safe a black man will be. That’s where you and vloggers come in. Show us the way, you might just save many lives out here.

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    • Carnio,

      (((They actually had the nerve and audacity to ask about my “size” in front of EVERYONE! they were nonchalant about it and didn’t care what others thought)))
      (((Black men have even hold the stereotype of having the biggests D**ks in the world.)))

      I have to admit that part made me laugh out loud! 😁😁😁 Seriously though I thought the stereotype only really existed in the West. You know because of pornography and shit. I’m shocked it’s made it’s way to Asia, especially Central Asia that’s a real shocker…..

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      • Years ago I read a blog by a BM who was teaching English in Japan. He said at some of the school kids would yell out “Bigu Diku” when he was around. lol

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  5. a SYSBM Version Happier Abroad,

    What are your opinions of a SYSBM Version of a Happierabroad movement? In which, Guys like me and others who have traveled can share their experiences with those of us who are looking to escape the clutches of Blackistan. If there will be a SYSBMHA, I would cover Asia and Eastern Europe Only. Another SYSBM can make one for South AMerica, another for northern Europe etc etc.

    I am re-booting my travel blog, which is really for everybody, but most especially for SYSBM. I will show you how to move abroad, travel, make money online, become financially location independent, how to meet people, make friends and find true happiness abroad!

    IF I make this, would any of you be interested? do you think it would be a good idea? bad idea? Should it be a secret? VIP members only? What do you thibnk?

    Bitch-ass Simp Manginas need not apply! They can STAY in blackistan!

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    • Carnio,

      Reboot your site yes and be sure to post any links to new articles over here too. If you do decide to open it up to everyone then be extremely prepared for the black witch and her squadron of pro black simps to come rolling through attempting to throw maximum shade on travelling and meeting women from foreign countries in general.

      The Wall is hitting these hags like a cannonball straight to the chest and both parties are putting in some serious overtime trying their best and using any and all tricks to try to get thinking black men back onto the plantation.

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      • @ Verbs

        (((If you do decide to open it up to everyone then be extremely prepared for the black witch and her squadron of pro black simps to come rolling through attempting to throw maximum shade on travelling and meeting women from foreign countries in general.)))

        Oh you best believe they are going to hunt my ass on the internet! I can already predict that they are going to slander with all sorts of non-sense such as me being a Sexpat. They are going to say that I am promoting the exploitation of Third World women and that I am encouraging Misogyny against black women by going around posting videos and blogs of me all over youtube, instagram, meipai etc in Eastern European countries and Asian countries, sleeping with poor helpless women, or they will say that I am targeting children. They are going to say that I am gay and are actually going to these places to find ladyboys! They are going to say that I am going to these places to become radicalized islamist and will go back to the US/UK to have sex with all the women all over Europe. They will find a random picture on the internet and say that that guy is me and slander me on some sort of ways.

        They are going to say that Russian women have used sex to brainwash me to turn me into a spy to brainwash other black men to go to Russia so that Russian women can get a green card to the US. They are going to say that I have been kidnapped by the Chinese Government, turned into a male gigolo sugar cub for rich Chinese women (although I would LOVE if this had happened to me) and turned into an agent to bring black men to asia to be lost forever! They are gonna say all sorts of silly ungenuine nonsense to try to discredit my blog and work for others to share.

        I can already see it, 2 years from now, they are going to attempt to doxx me, send hate mail,and death threats, especially if they see that I get alot of attention and subscribers by black men and the fact that my work is actually helping and saving lives! This is why I simply cannot make it just for SYSBM only because it wouldn’t go far. despite the fact that SYSBM is indeed growing, it is not powerful enough, in my opinion, to not only overcome Blackistan but also it’s creator, the White government. If I make it a general travel blog but put more emphasis on SYSBM minded men, or at least make a VIP section for SYSBM only, then for sure, I know for a fact that no force could take me down.

        Actually, I am not afraid to even show my face. After all, I do not live in the US. It’s not like I have to worry about being fired or worry about social stigma. It’s not like they are going to physically fly to Eastern Europe/Asia to come fine me. What would they do? Pull my pants down, Bend me over and give me a good spanking? Unlike the Misandric west, I can kick the sloppy ass of any black woman that tries to stand in my way and the police are gonna just turn the other way! Women do not have rights here in the eastern Hemisphere the way they got’em in the nasty west!

        Most of my loyal fans would be locals of the countries that I have visited, other western men who agree with me and SYSBM who of course would not only back me up, but make their own SYSBMHA by the hundreds, Which is the whole purpose of my SYSBMHA blog is about, to encourage other free minded, black men to share their experiences, because the more Black men do what I am doing, then it becomes a culture, then it becomes well widely known and irrefutable that black women and her dick officers are nothing but evil, disgusting shams to pull us back to the plantation.

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    • @carino

      If you were to make one of those blogs, I’d be interested and would sign up for it. I would also go one step further and make it a vip thing, where you have an entire screening process to keep the scraggle off it as much as you can. Even if it means a set amount every month or so, I am sure most of us wouldn’t mind donating to your cause. Especially for the valuable content you’ll put out.

      Just my two cents

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    • Carnio,

      I think it’s a resource that’s long overdue. I would support it as it would fill a valuable need. I thought about something similar, but I’ve only been to one country outside of the US. So far…

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  6. I’ve got a special post for the end of 2018. Stay tuned for that.

    Meanwhile, I got transferred elsewhere for work, as some individuals seem to have a hard time treating their workers with respect (my role one day was to be the bosses “bitch”. I didn’t laugh…). Anyway the company I’m now working for has THREE knockout drop dead gorgeous women. A blonde chick, who you’d swear was a living Barbie doll, a cute shorty (who recommended me to my company, and has shown attraction signs) and another blonde. I get to lead my team with no issues, I’m happy, they’re happy (in fact they may just fight each other for me one day) and it’s Christmas.


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    • Michel,

      Looking forward to your post. It’s funny how the black witch and her squadron of pro black flunkies are constantly telling us that “white women are out to get us”, yet isn’t it funny how black men in the majority of cases can work with white women without incident? I’d hate to be under the authority of one of these black sirens, I already know it would be hell on earth.

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      • >It’s funny how the black witch and her squadron of pro black flunkies are constantly telling us that “white women are out to get us”

        White women ARE out to get us (and checking for us) – in a good way!


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  7. A scraggle at my weekend job got kicked out for fighting with another scraggle.

    She somehow gets in touch with the owner of the place and tells them that me and her were getting it on behind closed doors, how I was going to her room at night etc, how she’s pregnant with my kid you name it. I’m at the point where I’m furious and want the police involved for this nonsense

    After an investigation he learns NONE of this is true (after i told them numerous times), and this chick is now permanently banned from the facility.

    A week later comes by and i hear this jackass is here in someone else’s room. I go there and tell her she has to go. She then proceeds to start yelling st me. At this point I’m furious for the nonsense i just went through because of her. I lose my temper a bit tell her to get her shit and leave or the cops are being called. She tries getting in my face and acts as if she’s going to put her hands on me. In so many words and much more nicer here , I tell her I’m not one of these simps you’re going to do this, to and think you’ll get away with it. I’ll defend myself. All that fake rage went away and was very cooperative.

    As she is now off the property, she begins yelling and talking shit again. And comes back on the property. I had enough. Called the cops, turns out she had a prior and a warrant and is now sitting in jail. You can’t make up black bitch stupidity.

    Keep the wall up, and refortify it again and again. These whores ain’t shit.

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    • Stephen,

      Been there, seen it, been through it myself. I have lost jobs before over these beasts. I’m glad to see that you managed to keep yours.

      It’s simply unbelievable at this point that these trifling she-devils are still being employed at their current rate. I’ve never seen a single situation where there are more than a handfull of scraggles in any one location where they didn’t cause utter chaos.

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    • He also is a real douche bag. I believe he’s been kicked out or barred from returning to certain places for being a sex tourist. I believe he’s an American-Iranian with the typical white male psychological profile. He also is one of the multitude of those guys who has helped to spoil the innocence of women in non-traditional countries with his sex mongering bullshit.

      This type years ago (before red pill philosophy became widespread), would go to some unspoiled place where the women were more or less sweet an innocent. The type of women who were looking for long term relationships and/or possible marriage. This also includes underage females. These guys would then proceed to string these women along before pumping and dumping as many of them as possible before they would leave the country. Or were kicked out by the authorities. In their wake would be left slews of hurt and dejected women. Some with kids even in countries where being a single mother was shameful. Anger and distrust toward western males would often be the result of these activities. As well as a normalization of the degeneracy of modern western culture.

      This slash and burn behavior caused and causes real problems for western guys who follow after them to these countries. Roosh and his ilk, while complaining about western women, have been agents of chaos whose behavior has inadvertently helped to spread western disfunction to unspoiled places.

      On a personal level he himself has been exposed for being a degenerate human being with few if any scruples.

      Having said all that, his websites have been a good source of red pill philosophy and info.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        See, this is what I don’t understand, if it is dysfunctional western women who have wounded these guys then why would they in turn seek revenge amongst those women living in untouched places who are more or less uncontaminated by the feminist hand? That seems extremely sadistic to me especially in relation to dicking down the underage girls in those places who are of the same innocent nature. Didn’t even know this about Roosh V and his followers, this is very sad indeed.

        It’s one thing to exact revenge on the dysfunctional women who’ve afflicted you to begin with, however to take you devil seed behaviour into untainted lands is a despicable act within itself. This is the typical behaviour of so many white males because of their international first choice of male status(which is slowly being revoked as we speak).

        I find the same occurrences with many white expats, they tend to take their dysfunctional and degenerate habits with them into the new countries they decide to settle in. Ecuador for example in certain areas in the south west and the coast the locals have been in many clashes with expats because these dudes don’t respect the local area or the culture.

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      • Roosh the douche as he’s sometimes called by detractors, has claimed to have mellowed over the years. And he and his followers have been tireless supporters of mens rights. His sites have also been a good red pill stopoff point for young men to free their minds from SJW nonswnse. So he has done some good. And there is a wealth of useful info by his contributors which can benefit any man who travels or has to live in an SJW nightmare society like most of us.

        But his sites have also sometimes been used as a rallying point for white male whining and bitching, so I’m cautious about him personally.

        “why would they in turn seek revenge amongst those women living in untouched places who are more or less uncontaminated by the feminist hand?”

        As I mentioned, his sites have evolved a little over the years. I think much of his degenerate behavior belonged to his younger years, although I haven’t followed him closely so don’t quote me on that. But the reasoning behind that sort of behavior is pure selfishness in the final analysis. Regardless of their excuses. Roosh and cronies along with other PUAs were the main ones who popularized the term ‘notch count’. And the mindset that goes along with it.

        As a man who is generally looking to non-western females as my best chance for a wife and to start my own family, I can’t really forgive Roosh and his kind for their selfish hedonism.

        “This is the typical behaviour of so many white males because of their international first choice of male status(which is slowly being revoked as we speak).”

        “I find the same occurrences with many white expats, they tend to take their dysfunctional and degenerate habits with them into the new countries they decide to settle in. Ecuador for example in certain areas in the south west and the coast the locals have been in many clashes with expats because these dudes don’t respect the local area or the culture.”

        You just said/wrote/spoke a mouthful! Let’s not forget the recent story a poster here (I forget who) brought to our attention about what’s going on on the Kenyan coast. With middle aged white male European males going there on vacation to screw children. I think wealthy Arab men are known to do the same. This degenerate behavior cannot be blamed on western womens behavior. It’s just a bunch of selfish moral reprobates showing their essential opportunistic caveman nature. No racism intended, but it is what it is.

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  8. Michel,

    YOu Said,

    (((But Eastern Europe does sound scary, furthest East I’ve been is Italy… Russia and Ukraine look like decent places to visit… Often it’s the complete lack of knowledge of the country, language and how safe a black man will be. That’s where you and vloggers come in. Show us the way, you might just save many lives out here.)))

    What If I told you that I am going to visit ALL Post soviet Countries/ Eastern European countries and showed you otherwise? What if I go there and actually interviewed people on their honest opinions? and their opinions are nothing like what you think? What If I could teach you Russian? What If I meet you in person (in EE of course) and walked you through the place? Would you still be interested?

    After all, I went to Kyrgyzstan, having NO knowledge of the place and all of my ignorance was evaporated once I started living among the Kyrgyz society. It’s no where near as scary as you think. The same is about Russia/Ukraines and other FSU countries.

    Micheal, you would be AMAZED in asking llocals in this part of the world on how they feel about westerners, black men, US/UK etc etc. You have no idea how much of a celebrity you would become if you came here in the east and showed interest in living here. It will change alot of how you look at yourself and your own identity. Trust me, Slavs do NOT hate black men. Sure there are ultra nationalists/Nazis/ and racists here and there but they are less bothered by you and are far more aggressive towards their Turkic and Caucasian neighbors as they are having their own immigration and “ALLAHU AKBAR” **BOOM** problems.

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    • Good to see you’re enjoying yourself Carnio. Yet according to the SS Gestapo simps,the Stalinist wannabe Jacobins calling themselves ‘white supremacists’ and their other cronies we thinking black men are supposed to pick up the trash for them. F….k no. Let them stay losing and knocking themselves out trying to break the inpenetrable Wall while we pick up Empresses from all over the world who know how to behave like women and not like bitches and whores. Good luck, and remember, All Hail SYSBM!

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    • Carnio,

      That’s amazing to hear! Besides, I do have a little experience with Eastern Europeans, since the UK open itself to Polish, Romanian and even Russian and Ukrainian women. My biggest fan is from Hungary, and been working with Bulgarians recently. Just need to take the plunge and visit… I mean, it is two hours away…

      Yes please do interviews! Show the brothers the way!

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  9. Gentlemen,

    I’ve been noticing an increasing trend of certain black men within the Negro manosphere(Oshay Duke Jackson, Angrymangina, BGS The Sodomite, Taz etc) quietly attempting to bring into their corners of the manosphere certain members of the black witch’s coven via the back door. It seems that these dudes will have to learn their lessons in trying to appease black women the hard way.

    We already know how this chapter plays out, these soggy milk biscuit simps bring black women in on the slick, black women of course funnel in more members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure who then begin to strategically spread out and attempt to take over our spaces piece by piece.

    This is why it is important that those of us who produce content(videos, blogs, podcasts etc) first have our own bases established(something the commentor YellowBone Hunter couldn’t and still doesn’t understand) and decontaminate ourselves from this idea of centralisation ie that we must go to and congregate in one main spot to get all of our information.

    In this time of information wars as well as black women and their pro black simps being out in full force on the hunt for thinking brothers, it is important and necessary to instead focus upon decentralisation and spreading ourselves out.

    Work together and network with one another yes but always have your own base established in case of heavy fallout which I predict is coming down the pike with these idiot simps attempting to bring black women into black men’s spaces.

    Let it be known that there will be NO such infiltrations or stealth “sneak ins” here at Slaying Evil, let the pro black bootlicking simps capitulate towards these sirens, Verbs2015 is SYSBMFORLIFE and has been for the last 13 years.

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    • Well said. These guys are just trying to raise their view counts and subscribers. Read my comment earlier on this page. These fools stay enslaved to the almighty dollar/pound because they have no backup plan. Even with my current meager resources, I’m seeking ways and means to solidify my independence and escape the matrix.

      Let these fools burn.

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    • They are fools for allowing these chameleons onto their platforms. Now that the gender wars are over and the Wall is up we will be seeing lots of BW claiming to be down with BM and against black female behavior.

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    • I been hip to oshay for a long time ever since he was doxxing people a while back. When he did shows with Cynthia G, it proves my point that the manosphere is compromised especially with Allen roger Currie keep on being on obsidian’s show. There must be code set in place to weed out the simps and black female tradcons.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Agreed, any black women who come to Slaying Evil believing that they can run that infiltration, “show me some favour” nonsense that they execute elsewhere are in for a rude awakening when they get here.

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    • The ultimate aim for a SIMP is sex. But since their own esteem is in the toilet, sex with the lowest of the low becomes their highest validation. So will a SIMPs will bend over backwards and talk double for a taste of that fetid cooch? Of course.

      I’m willing to bet those men mentioned above were abused too.

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      • Michel,

        Beautifully stated and as true as anything we’ve said on here. These guys have no sense of masculine pride, and will debase themselves for any garbage female who even pretends to show them any attention.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Everyone I have question, I’m not trying to pessimistic about life as I know I’m just in my early 20’s.
    Is there a happy ending for black men like us in the West?
    I would like this answered from the context of the UK mainly but other places would be a good insight too.
    Does it get better with age or is it just the case that things have to get worse before it gets better?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m in the US but things have gotten alot better for me with age. Stay out of trouble, work hard, and keep the Wall up and you will be fine. I was broke in my early twenties and had just finished college, things were kinda rough but I at least had my own apartment, my own car, good health, and a plan for the future. Keep your head up and make sure you have a plan for your future.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Got mine a few years ago and been using it as well especially at job interviews, it shows that you’re upper class and you can get all types of exclusive protection on it as well. It’s a must buy.

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  11. Gays hard at work grooming the next generation of sexual deviants:
    Years ago I didn’t believe that there was a gay agenda at work in the US, but now I totally get it. They are working the gay agenda into children’s books, story times, kids TV shows, teen TV shows, etc. Being gay isnt normal, but that wont stop them from trying to convince kids and teens to give it a try.

    Liked by 3 people

    • “I’ve been saying this time and time again. They target children, not only to get a free pass for the future but to also sexualize the kids themselves.
      The long game plan is to normalize child molestation under the mantle of “mutual love”.
      BE WARNED”

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    • James S,

      I already knew they was pushing this gay agenda hard but the linked younposted is truly sickening and the parents loved it I’m telling you the US is doomed

      Liked by 2 people

    • FreeBlackMan,

      There are always stupid black witches and black male homosexual flunkies willing to debase themselves for their white father. I read 3 paragraphs and proceeded no further, absolute gutter trash, a complete mockery and black women wonder why they remain single at such a high clip. Is this the trash they’re putting in theatres now, smh?

      Liked by 3 people

    • Lmao I was just about to post this, I had the link ready and everything. BW (and their black homosexual allies) just couldn’t stop with Scandal, they just HAD to take if all the way to Broadway.

      These same BW would lose their collective minds if they saw ANY black male in public with a non-BW. Smh

      Liked by 4 people

    • True indeed brother. I love you guys too. This is the only website that I check into on a daily basis these days. I will also say peace, much love, blessings, and Godspeed to all of the brothers on this site. On all of your journeys and missions through life wherever they may take you.

      It’s good for us to hear positive affirmations given sincerely from other SYSBM soldiers as a counter to all the curses and ill will being sent to righteous heterosexual black men these days.

      When you walk the high road with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, strength, & intelligence, you and I are indeed the reflection of The Most High!

      Stay Strong!
      Stay Free!

      Liked by 5 people

      • Most already know what time it is.2019 is gonna be great year for sysbm.


  12. Xstopalopoketl, Paags Love Me, Gentlemen,

    I’m just happy that I can provide a much needed service to thinking black men such as yourselves. Yes, we don’t always see eye to eye and yes we do have our disagreements from time to time, however life is not a monolith, I appreciate the like minded individuals that frequent this website, even though we are a minority, it still feels good to be on the right side of history, the straight and narrow and to be providing a platform from which thinking black men can speak their minds freely. It’s you gentlemen that form a large part of the foundation of Slaying Evil. Your comments, support and information you bring to the table are always much appreciated.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Verbs2015 you have created something great.The legacy you leave behind will be a guiding light for future generations of sysbm type brothers.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. (Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen this movie I’m going to describe skip this comment) Have you guys seen the new spider-verse movie with Miles Morales the black spider-man? It was a pretty good movie but unfortunately and unsurprisingly so Miles Morales and his potential love interest Gwen Stacy end up friend zoning each other at the end of the movie it was one of the most cringe worthy scenes in the movie that left me scratching my head, despite building all this romantic tension between the two for months in promotional content and throughout the entire movie they caved in and couldn’t go all out. Sadly they wanted to appease the insecure bitch made nonblack males and the black witches who would have been pissed if Miles and Gwen got with each other smh overall good movie for young and old the only negative I had is them caving in to pressure by them forcing a platonic relationship between Miles and Gwen at the end of the movie although I hear rumours of the sequel exploring a hopefully non-platonic relationship between them (sorry for spoilers)


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