Yet Another Reason To Abandon Ship


She’s right, for those simps foolish enough to open up their pockets and pull out their money ready to spend it on these irresponsible harpies and their vain indulgences. I fortunately am not one of those fellows and many other black men are in the same boat as myself. Again, doesn’t this go back to what I have been repeating time and time again in relation to black women as a collective viewing black men as slaves, commodities and assets? Now, I understand that Cardi B is mixed race HOWEVER, her dysfunctional mannerisms fit that of your average black female to a T especially in relation to the fake nails, the weave wearing, the 65 layers of make up plastered onto her face as well as the ghetto gutter attitude.

Pay attention to what this decadent, disjointed witch said, in other words in the eyes of most black women we black men are simply there to provide them with pocket-money so that black women can indulge in buying hair that looks nothing like their own as well as gluing it to their heads, buying fake nails, expensive clothes, shoes, bags, make up etc. No thanks, I’ll be keeping my money in my pockets and using it for myself, not your Jezebel addictions and witchcraft.

A lace front wig will set the fool who decides to pay for it back between $500-$800, again, why would any man be so stupid enough as to pay for a woman to purchase and glue hair onto her head when she already has hair that is growing out of her own scalp? Do you see how black women are so far gone to where they believe that wearing wigs and weaves are part of normal everyday life and that somehow black men are obligated to pay for such expensive vanities?

Again, are you beginning to get more of an idea as to why your average black female in the US has a median net worth of only $5? This is the problem with most black women today, they don’t seem to mature ie become adults unto they are well into their mid to late thirties and even then their behaviour is still extremely questionable. The immature status which prevails through the majority of their lives is yet another reason why most black women today are unfit for dating and marriage, you cannot get married to a group of women who have the mentality of children.

Now, your average simp will look at this video and believe that he truly has an obligation to meet the demands made, we aren’t really surprised at this because as we’ve discussed many times before, the simp will go far and beyond his call of duty in the hopes of experiencing some contaminated snatch, however on the flip side of the coin the likes of 12 Gauge and Bucky G will be granted full access to what lies between a black female’s legs without having spent a dime.

You always have to remember that while these women are busy spending your money, behind closed doors they are just as busy stacking up their own dockets as can be confirmed from this screenshot of a comment that was left on a YouTube video which was sent to me by the commenter Jay:

Again, how can you possibly build with a group of women who have been taught to open up secret bank accounts as well as to be sneaky and hide things from their boyfriends/husbands? Do you see how black women continue to tell on themselves, and they wonder why more and more black men are simply choosing to walk away from them, when they talk so boldly, openly and brazenly about vindictive stuff like this then what do they expect?

Walk away black men, just walk away, women who keep secrets from their significant others cannot and should not be trusted under any circumstances, most black women have so many skeletons in their closets that any man who dares to open the door is at risk from being crushed by the ridiculously high number of bones and skulls that lay on the other side.

I keep on telling you, black women don’t want an equal partnership with black men, they much prefer single motherhood or on the flip side of the coin they wish to dominate, emasculate and make effeminate any black men they come into contact with as per the edicts of feminism and the instructions handed down to them by their white father aka the State. Leave the freedom hating pro black simps to deal with and clean up the mess of trash women like this. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Don’t Cash Out On Skanks

Most High Bless

57 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason To Abandon Ship

  1. Well there you have it it! Straight from the Horse’s mouth, and I mean that LITERALLY. But anyway, the vast majority of Knee-Grows, both men and women will find this savage appealing. Fellas I can’t stress enough the importance of avoiding these Klingons. Work on self in all aspects and get the Hell away from them ASAP. For 5 decades have I watched this sub-human devolve into the lowest demonic species that’s ever existed. PLEASE……SYSBM!!!

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    • >Well there you have it it! Straight from the Horse’s mouth,

      Not only from the horse’s mouth – also from the horse’s ass!

      Brothers – heed the words of the wise Brother Ducati – lest you will suffer dearly!


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  3. Simps are idiots if they haven’t jumped ship by now. The minute their queans went back to the same hair hat store that kung fu’d their asses while they( the simps) were protesting should’ve been an indicator that these broads are in it for themselves.

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    • Hijab Hamed,

      The incident at Jun’s beauty supply store was the final nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned, any material that has surfaced since then has simply been bonus material. Exactly what you said, black women are in it for themselves and at this stage it is so evident.

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  4. So at least half a G for a basic hair hat, which they will typically wear for at least 2 months at a time. So basically, $6000 a year. Did you know that said amount could pay for at least one semester of college a year? If these chicks are so educated, how come their kids aren’t, especially their sons?

    Likewise, $6000 a year for around 5 or so years would make quick work of those student loans that these chicks have so much of. It could also get them at the very least a few feet out of the ghetto.

    How are these chicks so chronically broke, but have a weave/wig for every occasion, and that thing is well maintained? I bet her weave is cleaner than her cooch! I even bet it’s better taken care of then her KIDS!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      If I had that kind of money to spare then I could take between 3-4 courses at a local college or university over here and still have some change left over.

      Black women as a collective know about and are experts at wasting money, especially if the money is coming from the coffers of other people namely simps.

      Even black women who are homeless living on the streets typically have fresh weaves strapped to their heads, smh.

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    • “I bet her weave is cleaner than her cooch!”

      Let me verify that from personal experience. This is how most of these chicks roll. T. Sotomayor opened a hitherto unopened can of worms when he stated that he thought weaves made bitches coochies stink. I’m not sure how, but thats been my experience as well. Even a relatively clean smelling weave can often equal ‘funk in da trunk’ for some reason. So you can imagine how much worse it would be if you get up close and the weave is funky from being worn for longer than 2-3 months.

      Simple definitions:
      CNH (Clean New Hairhat)
      ORH (Old Raggedy Hairhat)
      HWF6 (Hairhat Worn For 6 Months or So)

      CNH=50% chance for slight to moderate funk

      ORH=80-90% chance to kill your house plants and peel the paint off the goddamn walls

      HWF6=Wear a Hazmat suit & gas mask, get behind lead shielding, and call the bomb squad

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  5. Why would I want to date women who blow G’s on fake hair thats not theirs when I can date women who proudly wear there own hair on their head?! #SYSBM

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  6. Typical ghetto bitch. Cardi B isn’t even attractive, potty mouth is such a turn off she swears like a sailor she needs to have her mouth washed out by soap.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Her face looks extremely basic without the fake up, a completely different creature to look at. Like I said before she represents your typical black female in mixed face, she is the quintessential scraggle daggle that MBD keeps talking about.

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    • I couldn’t past the first 12 seconds of that. I usually think women who do porn are more or less worthless garbage as human beings. But I can’t think of anything else this dirty skank might do to justify the amount of oxygen she’s selfishly wasting by breathing. That stupid face, ridiculous hoop earings, annoying voice and profanity were enough for me to wish her into a porn video. That face might be less irritating if there were a dick or three lodged there to keep her silent as nature intended.

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      • Lol! Can’t understand why the media keeps keeps recycling these used up whores and strippers like her and Nicki Garbage for mass public consumption. It’s obvious that the stupid faces they both make are in fact a leftover habit from the days when mens penises regularly thrust in and out of them and left sizable deposits there for them to deal with.

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    • It sickens me how the mainstream media holds this basic bitch up as a paragon of womanhood to be admired and emulated. She’s a former stripper who somehow became a rapper (her lyrics are garbage) and now she, along with Tiffany Haddish, is America’s Urban Sweetheart. Both Cardi B and Haddish are minstrels who are paid to put on a show for white America that paints a very degrading picture of black women. But, of course, black women themselves bask in the glow of the infamy and negative attention they receive. They’d rather be seen negatively than not be seen at all.

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      • You can add Nicki Garbaj with her inflatable baboon ass cheeks to that list. Worst part is listening to black females defend these harlots being in the limelight.

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      • Verbs,

        Agreed. I’m past the point of being able to judge any female based on her looks. I would gladly wife up a woman who wasn’t a ’10’ or even an 6-9 if I liked her as a person and she was relatively free from the feminist mental illness.

        Seeing beauty in the so-called ordinary and ordinary in the so-called beautiful is the key to avoiding the fate of so many men in the west these days. Also for finding a suitable mate for finding love and starting a stable, healthy family here in the decadent west.

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  7. Blackistan = sinking ship
    SYSBM = Lifeboats
    Thinking Black Men= Passangers that’s smart enough to leave.
    BW= The captain in denial that the ship is sinking.
    SIMPS= Trying pump water out a sinking ship and it’s a lost cause but they are to stupid to figure it out.

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  8. I had a black woman at my job ask me for $2,000 to pay her rent, car payments and bills. She said that I look like a good guy and her lesbian lover said to her “I’m not paying for it”. She got mad when I ask where is her paychecks going because that’s called being noisy. Of course the simps wanted sex from her when I walked away for I refused her demand and kept the wall up. Let Tyrone and g-Mack clean up her problems. Keep the wall up men.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      $2000???? Wow, these heifers have no shame, but remember, these are the same chicks demanding that we “step our game up” on the one hand and calling us “broke ass niggers” on the other. Well, if we’re so broke then why are they asking us for money? If anybody is asking you for money especially in the amount of $2000 then you have every right to question them on how responsible they are financially. Let these $5 whores pay for their own utilities or like you said get Bucky, C Dogg and Lil Cheezy to pass them some dockets.

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  9. Laughing my ass off at the opening picture. 😂

    Well, simps, you know what to do, go get a job and pay for Queen Shantaquiesha new bird’s nest.

    The rest of us, white girls are ready for us.

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  10. Sadly there will probably be some delusional chicks out there who think that they are entitled to that type of money from a man so that they can get some horse hair put on their head. $1000 a month? A few extra hundred and you could have a mortgage payment on a nice house in most places. For $1000 you could have a suv/truck/sports car payment, or payments for TWO regular sedans. $1000 on weave and nails is a waste. My wife wears her natural hair and pays ~$100 every couple months to get it cut and washes it herself.

    How much money would these chicks save if they just learned to love and care for their natural hair/nails? But they claim that BM who don’t want them or date out are the self haters. Oh well, keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      Same here, my lady has natural hair right down to the small of her back which isn’t anything but small change to get cut and washed every few months if need be. Again, from an economic standpoint alone these black women just aren’t worth dealing with, any man who decides to deal with one of these reprobates will quickly find himself being frequently put out of pocket. Like I said, black women love wasting money especially if it belongs to somebody else, sorry I won’t be that guy, I refuse to be a spineless sucker and an ATM.

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  11. Lol,anyone who is stupid enough to dip into his pocket to buy that dumb shit for these lost causes needs to get slapped with a hammer . I laugh at these females who can’t offer a man shit but pussy and bits of weave in the bath plug,these girls are idiots ,look at her/their priorities, and the majority of these heffers are mothers but as long as hair and nails done nothing else matters,sorry to go off topic but on sunday I was carrying 2 6 pack evian water bottles along with some bags,-I’m fumbling abt 4 my door keys,I have ratchet single mother that lives next door,always trying 2 get attention ,(I have yet to speak to her and I’ve been living here a year),she comes out her house in a jiffy pop ting on her head talking on her phone and trying to get my attention with loud talking,some white woman who was walking past asked me if I need help,I replied no and she asked if I was sure,again I replied nah,I’m good and she went on her way,the ratchet decides to screw face the white girl and talks louder on her phone “look at her dough!!!,thinking she can get any blackman she wants,duty tramp”,smh, deluded,entitlement issues and lack of logical thought, can’t deal with that.

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    • Issuez7,

      Notice how these same harpies will come to you asking for money after they’ve just accused you of being broke and single mothers like the harridan that lives next door to you are the quintessential culprits for this. Most black women have no sense of planning ahead for the future, they pump out one bastard after a next all courtesy of Lil Mike and 12 Pump George from the block but then expect the decent black man to step in, finance their lifestyles of vanity, stupidity, ignorance and lust as well as be a father to their devil spawn seedlings. Sorry, I am not the one.

      They love the jiffy pop bags, they have no shame, once upon a time you only saw black women wearing such apparatus in two places, home and the salon. Now they are so downtrodden and lack any kind of feminine fortitude that they feel no way rolling out onto the street looking like Zippo the circus clown.
      Yep, these heifers are mentally unsound, I remember walking down the local market some time ago and having two black girls behind me speaking to each other louder than police sirens.

      They crave the attention, expect black men to tolerate their masculine nonsense but then get upset when Becky, Ming, Kazaki, Patel, Sadiq etc manage to win us over with their femininity, beauty and submissiveness. The best solution for the thinking black man is obvious.


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  12. These broads stay utterly delusional thinking men are under some obligation to shell out money for nails and fake hair. They have nothing to offer but a horrific attitude, fake fair and nails, diseases, and a platoon of bastard kids but expect a thinking brother to “step up” or “come right”. And they wonder why men are running for the hills at a historic pace from them.

    Any other group of women, I wouldn’t think these whores were this stupid, but given how dumb most western black chicks are in general, this is far from surprising.

    Refortify the wall.

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  13. Black women spend $10 billion on buying weave and the reason why is they want to bed white so much and they also want to please the white man.

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  14. Guys did you notice the Demon talking about hiding bank accounts and how black men drag you theoghtbthe court system trying to get custody of the kids and try to keep the women broke did and men being vindictive after the divorce you see how she tried to use reverse mind trick no hoe you cannot fool us thinking black men. All the things she mentioned is what BW do they are the ones who get vindictive and drag men through the court system and use the kids as weapons to get money and try to keep men broke and are jealous when the man moves on and get a new woman. These stupid black scum bag whores are delusional and always want to blame other people for their pile of shit I just do not understand how anyone would want to be around these lowest forms of society.

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  15. The Internet is the most red pill invention ever created by mankind.

    Who needs a dating coach; when all you need to do is place a microphone or video camera in front of your average succubus press record? They will openly tell you of their depravity, uselessness, and status as nothing more than rotten vag. Focus on improving yourself, get your passport, and catch and release within the American Matrix.

    The average western woman is one of the worst long term financial and emotional decisions a man could ever make. Vote with your feet #SYBM

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      • @anton

        Its not a ‘Black’ woman issue, it is a redneck or regressive cultural issue. Sure, there are many Black women on the planet that fit the description. Whereas, in the clip provided, showcased the power of redneck cultural values of women of all races and ethnicities – as Cardi B was highlighted in the clip (Latina). What I am seeing more than anything is the destructiveness of feminism (via media programming) in destroying the feminine qualities in western women, and replacing them with satanic cultural/spiritual values.

        Sure, many Black women have been converted to this psychological regression; but saying Black women arent worth shit is a dangerous and classless statement. Which Black women on the planet are you referring to? America/Western/Non-Western? Possiby a more sound statement might be: “Most westernized women ain’t shit” or “Man-hating women ain’t shit”, etc.

        We must be very specific as free thinking Black men; or else we will become male counterparts to the feminist misandrists…

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    • @Anton

      Believe me the westernized/Americanized BFF is beyond noted. Im just making the case to be specific, to avoid stereotyping the Black skinned women who do not fit into the ratchet deculturalization that we see as common among westernized women. I see such a difference in women from patriarchal cultures or at least two parent homes than with the feminine product being produced by gynocentric dominated households. Hence, my theory that the issue is one of gynocentrism versus benevolent patriarchy.

      It is benevolent patriarchy and positive masculinity that has raised civilizations and brithed technologies that improved the human condition. On the other hand, it is toxic femininity and misandry that destroys societies and the men & women in them.

      Just a thought…

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      • True. One case of patriarchy being Superior to feminism is the Maroon communities in Jamaica. Though the local simps call them traitors for allying with the British during the days of chattel slavery the non-existent crime rate in the Maroon communities, compared to the daily mass shootings and other crap going on in the rest of the island since the simps took over tell quite a different story.


  16. I’ve seen many instances online where SYSBM was criticized for worshiping white women. Typically it’s some simps on a pro-black YouTube channel who talk the most trash about SYSBM. Of course, this criticism is far from the truth. But, I challenge anyone to find me a video of a white or even Asian female celebrity spouting garbage similar to the excrement coming from Cardi B’s mouth.

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  17. …This is mostly a hypothetical dream about being married with secret bank accounts. The REALITY states most black women will NOT get married so few men will have to worry about their imaginary hidden wealth!!!

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    • Brother Rick,

      Your old videos are still in rotation at my house. They are just as relevant now as when you made them in 2012-2013. “Black Women Will Regret Making Good Black Men Their Enemies” is playing out in the streets as we speak. You can see it with the “We Love You Good Black Man” videos popping up all of a sudden. Sistas finding out it’s cold out there with the Trump cuts coming. Now they’re scrambling LOL. You truly saw the bullshit coming.

      Kudos and Happy Holidays.

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  18. Ciara, the wife of NFL player Russell Wilson, appeared at half-time of the Monday Night Football game on December 10, 2018 with fake hair well below her butt. This is what black women aspire to be. You are spot on with the view that black females are slow to mature. Most non-black females leave the teenage girls period behind in their early 20s. USA black females have a teenage girl period that lasts from age 12 to age 32 at a minimum.

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  19. I don’t feel sorry for these simp mangina pro black men because they was already warned about how bad black women are. I knew from the age of 12 back in 1994 when I was in the first year/year 7 in secondary school that black women are impossible to deal with and that was my red pill moment on the black woman bullshit and I guess was I SYSBM even before the term existed. I lost a few friends over the years because I refuse to date black women. ☀️💯😊🙂🌍

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