Black Women On Their Best Behaviour


Do you see how black women like a good old scrap and showdown. Notice how the woman in black referred to the other woman as “nigger”. And you wonder who is festering the racism within black society, look no further than the modern day black female. This is most black women right here, their need for attention has now become a hazard towards other commuters. The woman in black also refer to her rival as “bitch”, yet aren’t these the same black women who continually complain about unproductive black men calling them derogatory names?

I guess if you are a black woman who calls another member of the sisterhood “bitch” then everything is ok. Of course they refer to each other as “bitches” while brawling it out as this is the common black female manner of fighting. Of course everybody now has to vacate their seats because of the unruly behaviour of these two, how many times have we seen this same scenario play itself out before?

In this next clip the employees at a Popeye’s Chicken in Louisiana had to squad up in order to deal with some belligerent young black females who thought that they could bring their ghetto fabulous etiquette into the restaurant. Again, as we already know with most black women they know nothing concerning conflict resolution. The only way most black women know how to resolve a problem is to throw down and get their scrap on. This is why they ritualistically batter and beat their children from pillar to post.

I’m glad to see that the Popeye’s employees knew what time it was and went to work quickly putting these black female Rottweilers in their place, these members of staff must be commended on their bravery and valiancy. It’s unfortunate however this is how most black women have to be dealt with, they will point-blank refuse to listen to reason until they have first been neutralised.

Everybody remembers the Yaga prank, of course the one to start throwing hands would be the violent black witch. Again, note the lack of conflict resolution skills in the fully loaded oil tanker in comparison to the non black girls. Again, notice how the white girls were in shape in comparison to the black girl who was at least twice the size of them both combined. You really have to laugh when black women talk about black men being “terrorists” and a physical threat to them, with videos like this aswell as many others circulating around social media, the opposite is obviously the truth.

Black men are not the ones setting up street fighting as a hobby, black women are though. In non black cultures it’s the men who tend to be the problem, however in black society it is the women who have become the bane of the community and more and more people are beginning to realise this. The above is yet another reason why black women are on the bottom when it comes to dating and marriage. Of course the black girl was wearing a hair piece which immediately came off when tugged, whereas the hair of the white girls remained in place. Who is trying to look like who again?

Finally, where would we be without a video with a black woman doing what she knows best, channelling Jezebel. I told you in Negro Wars as well as many times on the website that black women DO NOT appreciate good black men. Here once again we have a case of a decent black man looking after his girlfriend, yet she is dirty creeping with his cousin behind his back. I keep on telling you thinking black men that are still on the fence that this is what to expect when dealing with these modern day black females.

They cannot help but channel Jezebel because their minds are dysfunctional and scrambled, and many black men still believe that they can wife up these broads and make a success of the marriage, you’re a fool if you believe that you’ll be the exception to the rule dealing with such degenerate individuals. What I also liked about this video is the guy took the time out to explain to black women why they continue to fail in relationships and securing a decent man. The answer is simply, the overriding majority of black women don’t want decent black men to begin with and any decent guys they happen to get with they end up doing the dirty on them anyway.

That was one of the tenets in the article I wrote back in September 2016 in which I cited 12 good reasons why black men should walk away from black women, that article can be seen in the link below:

Steer clear of the scraggle daggle, SYSBM thinking black men.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Black Females At All Costs

Most High Bless

47 thoughts on “Black Women On Their Best Behaviour

    • Black British Guy,

      Black women are constantly locked into a warfare type mindset, therefore it is only fair and right that they should be placed on the battlefield in order to fully utilise such a mentality.

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  1. Black women love to fight everywhere. It seems like everywhere they go, their dysfunctional behavior goes with them. When you made that article about the 12 reasons black men are walking away from black women, you were right. I believe that the future for these black women ain’t gonna look too good because of like I said, they keep exposing their true colors and the evidence is worldwide. And the black women and them simps say we don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re just talking crazy, we’re making stuff up. Okay, since they said that we’re making stuff up, they need to explain the dysfunctional behavior of these TV shows of love and hip hop and all that, the behavior of how they act when they be around non black men and black men, the fighting, the putting all their sexual content out to the world to see it (plus they be doing that sometimes with their kids in the background, which makes no sense), the having kids with dudes just to get that government cheese (but we all know what they gonna do with that money), the abortions, just the crap they do, like yo. The evidence is on the internet, and they’re no escaping from that for the black women. I’m a keep saying this again, I rather try out exotic fruits and flavors, no ramen noodles, no microwave foods, no junk food, and no fast food.


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    • DK Phantom,

      At this stage it’s a wrap, there is nothing black women or their pro black simp advocates can say or do to save the already in the gutter image and reputation that black women as a collective have today. They cannot argue against the evidence and so instead they will resort to name calling, slogan slinging and shaming tactics in their efforts to try to force thinking black men back into line. They’re quickly finding out however that their usual tricks and schemes simply aren’t working anymore.

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    • “Okay, since they said that we’re making stuff up, they need to explain the dysfunctional behavior of these TV shows of love and hip hop and all that, the behavior of how they act when they be around non black men and black men, the fighting, the putting all their sexual content out to the world to see it (plus they be doing that sometimes with their kids in the background, which makes no sense), the having kids with dudes just to get that government cheese (but we all know what they gonna do with that money), the abortions, just the crap they do, like yo. ”

      They cant explain it because they know that its true, they are just hoping that they can convince you that it isn’t true, even though it is and we have proof. The gender wars are over and BW are seeing themselves being increasingly relegated to mistress and incel status by good BM, they are angry but there isn’t much that they can do at this point. Even if they “surrender” and bend the knee to good BM (like I’m seeing more BW doing) many good BM still probably wont want to roll the dice on them, its too risky because they are probably just chameleons.

      Oh well, they are strong and independent and pookie and ray ray as well as Tyquanda the bull dyke are still available for them to date.

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      • James S,

        Any form of surrender at this point cannot be taken seriously, they should’ve thought about submission way back when they decided to accept feminism and fatherless home welfare policies in the late 1960s. Besides, at this point black women have betrayed black men so many times over, only a fool would trust them and be prepared to take one of these traitors onboard.

        I still find it funny that despite the heavy number of simps they have to choose from, they still bypass them and head straight in the direction of thinking black men, the same men that they have no problems labelling as “lames” and “squares”, smh.

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  3. That yaga prank is black society in a nutshell. The women, or the poor excuse we have for them, are violent as hell and just as big as Buicks, and despite not caring enough about their appearance to lose weight, they do care enough about it to cosplay as Becky on the regular with the noggin rugs.

    Notice in the first video what shade the black women were. Do you typically see videos of black chicks scrapping where it looks like a war between Alicia Keys and Ayesha Curry? NOPE. Battles between Grace Jones and Leslie Jones, however, are a common frigh-…..err, sight.

    Dude in the other video was right, this is why they’re dead last in anything good and leader of the pack in depravity. I hope more men abandon them, including abandoning the so called “good ones”, as maybe then, they’ll finally call out the sisterhood louder than the “coons” do. Until then, they can rot in hell too.

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    • The “good ones” are feeling the heat too, many of them have tried to swirl and failed and now know that good BM are their best and only option. The “good ones” aren’t able to date out as easily as good BM can and they are stuck behind the Wall and having to compete with non-BW for good BM. You can now see a lot of BW who are claiming to be “good ones” in the comments section of BM videos on YouTube criticizing other BW.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black Avenger TV is calling bro, you need to get yourself back into the saddle as soon as is possible. Hardcore soldiers like yourself are much needed on the frontlines of this battle.

      Indeed, having grown up in violent household most black women believe that throwing hands is the only viable solution to any problem they run into. As you stated, it’s typically the dark skinned women who are the most savage and barbaric.

      It is getting extremely difficult for the pro black simps to defend these monsters, this is why they are now resorting to attacking various movements that thinking black men have branched into whether it be MGTOW, SYSBM, IBMOR etc.

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  4. Some WW have decided they’ve had enough of the BW’s bullying and intimidation tactics, you can only push someone so far. Notice how the cheerleader tries to avoid the fight, until the “quean” throws the first punch, forcing the white cheerleader to defend herself.

    BW love themselves a good fight/argument until they’re on the loosing side lmao.


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    • HOLY CRAP, that was refreshing to watch. How many times have you seen BLACK WOMEN/FEMALES pull this, walk up on you, get in your face, and talk shit like a sailor that just got off a one year tour over seas? How many times have you seen a BLACK WOMAN/FEMALE, start shit, fuck shit up, and walk away unscathed???? WELLLLLLL this TIME, the BAW got what she deserved, a good ass beating, MMA style…..and she got it by one of the cutest, sexiest little scrapper I’ve seen in videos like this yet.

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    • SunGodRa,

      Lol, I remember coming across that video, I’m glad that the white woman lit her backside up, black women seem to believe that they can just go around bullying, intimidating and physically assaulting anybody they please. It’s always great prime time viewing to watch a troublesome, instigating black siren get put in her place.

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  5. This reminds me of a brother I work with who is married. Very Handsome (No homo), 6’2″, fairly muscular, gets complimented & hit on all the time by Hispanic & White Women. He comes into work complaining his wife is difficult and a bitch. I happened to see his wife picking him up one day.

    And to no surprise, a brown-skinned hair hatted individual with ghetto hoops earrings, tacky body suit, and a shit attitude. To his avail, he had to stay a few extra minutes to assure that his shift cover was there to take over his position.

    The love in hip hop wannabe came into a highly security proximity card area with security guards yelling, ” Hurry Up, how much longer is this going to take?!?” Mind you this is a secure IT cyber security data center. The guards looked at her like she was out of her mind and were going to call law enforcement.

    I had to shake my head and look at the brother in disappointment as I see he was a lost simp & holding onto the belief of an all Black family. Embarrassed and in disbelief, he had to hold his head down while leaving the facility.

    I already know what is in store for him. I actually feel bad for the poor bastard. I was thinking, “Out of ALL THE females non-black that show him interest and would be a better compatible companion, he chose this?!?!?” I bet after finding out his kid isn’t his(maybe), divorce, alimony, child support, & child estrangement, maybe he will rethink his options. Leave the trash for Demarcus, Chong, Brad, or Javier to clean up.

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    • Oh, I forgot to add,on top of being a disturbance and a nuisance, the ratchet tried to confront one of the guards and make idol threats. Can’t make this shit up. It’s like Black Women can’t fathom the world does not revolve around their delusions & not care about their empty threats or demands.

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    • While I dont know the guy…and certainly wish him no harm. I’ve had it with feeling sorry for BM who engage with black women and get burnt. When are people goi g to use logic and realize that “keeping it black” wont matter if she isnt suitable to be a wife in the first place. Why build your house on a horrible, weak and treacherous foundation.

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      • I agree, he made his choice. No different than when a BW chooses to be with a pookie or ray ray and gets messed over, that’s on them. However the constant complaints from BW about being single and unwanted show us that many good BM aren’t tolerating those type of women anymore.

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    • Ryan,

      Those security guards should’ve bashed her in the head, it’s about time that more black women began to get put in their place. Yep, it’s exactly what I’ve been saying about how black women as a collective view black men as their slaves, assets and commodities, dude is probably spending the majority of his cheque on the witch while she’s busy stacking her own paper, that is how most black women roll.

      Like you said, many of these “gotta keep it real” simps are going to have to learn the hard way about wifing up black women, DON’T DO IT, DON’T BE A VICTIM, it’s not worth the time, the effort or the struggle.

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  6. Wait….BREAKING NEWS!!! This just came in.

    Mentally unstable nut job Michelle Williams is no longer engaged or in a relationship with Chad Johnson. It seems the swirlers are in disarray and disenchanted with the news.

    More and more black women are in awe of how she can mess up a “great catch”. It did work with Black Men and now in didn’t work with her Vanilla Prince Charming. It seems the common denominator is your modern day Black Women.


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    • “In June, she checked into a medical facility to treat her depression, which she has battled for years.”

      Like many BW she is crazy, that dude dodged a bullet.

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    • Ryan,

      Another failure to climb Swirl Mountain, hahahaha. This is the problem, black women ARE ALWAYS the problem no matter who they choose to date. They believe that dating non black men will cure them of their mental illnesses, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      Obviously the black witch of Swirl Mountain, one miss Christelyn Karazin will not be reporting on this development as this is yet another clear indicator that what I and many others have been saying is true, that black women as a group are not fit for dating, marriage and at this point I would even throw sex into the mix.

      Again, most black women who attempt to climb Swirl Mountain WILL FAIL.

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    • Wait…she literally had herself a white boy named Chad? That’s a home run for black chicks looking to swirl out. Swirl Mountain claims another victim. Inexperienced climbers need not attempt. Too bad, so sad. LOL!

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  7. TBA replied to all of the BW and simps who were mad because he pointed out that teacherbae was a single mother lol:

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    • I follow Jason Black on Twitter and Facebook. He’s one of the only black men who calls it as it is on black dysfunction. Even though he is pro black. I’ve noticed before the teacher- bae comment, he had maybe 12,000 followers. That number has dropped to slightly over 7,000 on Facebook.

      Mostly simps and your average Black wench (which is all of them) left the group after the comment. I’m not sure on what his followers numbers are on Twitter. But I bet they have dropped dramatically. Especially after seeing the comments.

      These guys won’t learn that these women are no longer interested in building families that are stable. Being a mother is only for benefits, a subsidies check, and a title. Nothing more. They think motherhood elevates their “status” and they can function fine without their counterparts.

      Let them BURN. An article (I think U.S.A. Today) stated although women have made huge strides in society, they still earn half the salaries of men. And you know black harridans are at the bottom of the totem pole and build NO wealth.

      Teacher bae is your average Black bitch. Nothing more or nothing less. I wasn’t impressed by her nor her looks when I 1st saw her. There are more of them out there. Especially in mostly black neighborhoods. 9/10 All have the same fate and live fake shitty miserable lives.

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      • I follow TBA and PBT as well, I doubt that they care if their subscribers/followers drop because they are constantly saying that is what they want, they dont want hoodrat and dusty followers. PBT says all the time that he doesn’t want anyone who cosigns black dysfunction among his followers and in his broadcasts TBA jokes about how his viewership numbers drop after he says something bad about black people (specifically BW/single mothers).

        PBT a while back was frustrated and pointed out that he can criticize the actions of BM all day but the minute he says something critical about BW it seems like all of the BW on the internet find him and start attacking him. PBT pointed out that when he is critical of BM, BM usually take it in stride and think about what he said and that BW on the other hand damn near want to fight you if you criticism them. PBT a few weeks ago said that he refused to say that the blame for the state of the black community was 50/50 split between BM and BW, because the majority of the blame is with BW.

        Even though they are pro-black both of these guys are SYSBM, they have spoken many times about black female dysfunction and are well aware of the fact that most BW are to be avoided. Both of them are against interracial dating, but I think that they are both single, I guess even with all their trash talk about IR dating even they don’t want a black quean. lol

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      • James S,

        And this is a major problem I see with many of these pro black pundits who acknowledge black female dysfunction but at the same time still stand against interracial dating, it’s almost as if they expect you to hold out for the rest of your life for “the one” ie the unicorn. This is where I simply don’t understand the mindset of both of those guys, if they can clearly see black female dysfunction for what it is and recognise that the overwhelming majority of black women are a lost cause, how can one of the obvious alternatives not now be factored into the equation?

        That just seems dumb and backwards on their part, maybe they themselves are holding out for “the one”, all the best on that, we’ve seen how waiting for the unicorn has worked out for Dr Umar Johnson, still rolling around single, no black female in sight.

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      • @Verbs

        I don’t get it either, I’m pro-black but I’m not against IR dating. You cant have a strong black community without a functioning two parent family unit, and with the mindset that a lot of BW have you wont get that with them. Unfortunately single black mothers have passed this mindset on to their sons and daughters so many blacks are incapable of having a stable relationship, we need a reset in the black community IMO. We have tried the single mother/matriarchy experiment and it has been a huge failure.

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    • I am not a fan of Jason Black or the other guy, the second they start dick policing BLACK MEN, I tune out.
      I find it amusing when black women play that dumb as rocks role, as if people actually buy that shit.

      If you look at the comment section of this post, a lot of black women are saying,
      “I don’t know what this is suppose to mean. What black women can’t be pregnant anymore?”

      Then you have the fake as fuck intellectual black females saying,
      “Boy, the white man’s western, colonization has really done a number on you black men…”
      NO BITCH, it has done a number ON YOUR DUMB, RETARDED ASS, AND YOU CAN’T SEE IT!!!!!

      Here is what the picture is saying to me;
      Here is a physically attractive, single, intelligent black woman. She has everything going for her in life, all that is missing is one thing,

      SEE WORLD, I am a physically attractive, single, intelligent black woman with a CHILD NOW!!! Am I not something that should be praised???? (BLACK WOMEN LOVED to be PRAISED).

      So, in a nutshell, no matter how attractive,or educated a black woman is, she STILL will end up as a single babies momma…..where is the man in her life??? Where is the ring on her finger????? No where to be seen, just another average black woman.

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      • Damn right. Seeing that young white cheerleader go full Amazon on that overweight hippo made my day. It only proves to show that black women remain sore losers no matter what they do to disguise themselves.

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      • “So, in a nutshell, no matter how attractive,or educated a black woman is, she STILL will end up as a single babies momma…..where is the man in her life??? Where is the ring on her finger????? No where to be seen, just another average black woman.”

        Being a single mother is shameful, and being a mistress is shameful, but this is the best that a lot of BW can hope for. Which is why I have said that BW are slowly becoming accustomed to being baby mommas and side chicks, being the whores of society is being/has been normalized in their psyche. Some of those chicks were playing dumb about not understanding the shame of being an unwed mother, others probably don’t see a problem.

        I saw one comment where one guy called Jason Black “Bougie” because he was raised in a two parent household. I have said in the past that the few blacks who have been/will be raised in stable two parent households will be the new elites of black society. We already have stats that prove that kids raised in two parent households fare better than those who don’t, so if you have to date out to make that happen for your future family I don’t see a problem with it. You cant be pro-black if you don’t support stable two parent families and even the pro-blacks understand the difficulty of making that happen with most BW, which is why many of them are married to non-blacks and bi-racials.

        These BW know that even if they are good looking they will have a hard time getting a good man to put a ring on their finger, many good BM are afraid to roll the dice on them no matter how good they look. Personally I think that teacherbae was very attractive, but even being that pretty she still apparently couldn’t get a man to put a ring on it. It shows the desperate situation that BW find themselves in in dating. Non-BM don’t want them and they are practically begging good BM to date them at this point, it’s Isaiah 4:1 in a way.

        As the Wall grows and good men continue to walk away these chicks are trying to find wins wherever they can, if getting a good man to marry them is out of the question, they will try to take pride in being a mistress or baby momma.

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    • Oh, I remember that video. Bruh, I cannot stand chicks like her. Women who acts aggressive and always trying to fight somebody is major turn off. Women who try to be dominant is a major turn off. PERIOD! Them Shaniqua chicks were all up in the dude’s face, along with them and the bebe kids yelling at him. I just can’t do it anymore with the BAW, I can’t do it.


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  8. How can we date these women and they act like jackasses? This is the reason why black men are walking away from them because they act so dysfunctional.

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