Typical Black Female Behaviour



This is how stupid and short-sighted most black women are. Apparently this was supposed to be a prank, however you’ll notice that when it comes to pranks and practical jokes most black women will remain within character and either pull a prank that confirms their stereotypical behaviour to be true or they’ll opt to perform a practical joke which illustrates just how evil and vindictive these women can be, smh.

Here we have yet another female with synthetic buttocks walking around the streets of NYC playing the fool and believing that her ASSets make her something special. What is it with black women and butt implants, I thought black women already came prepackaged with butt, I mean that is what they always used to brag about when comparing themselves to white women.

Yet another illustration on display that confirms the mental instability of the modern day black female, prank or non prank this is how most black women are by nature and one of many reasons why more black men are choosing to give them an extremely wide berth. I mean, if this really was a pranks it’s not like we haven’t come across REAL examples of black women acting the fool in public now have we, some samples for your perusal:

Now, the reason why I’ve deliberately posted so many examples is because some black witch or her pro black flunky will come out of the woodwork, point to “Miss Anny Apples’s” video, state that it was a prank(if indeed it is) and use it as if this one “prank” somehow negates the thousands upon thousands of real life examples we have of black women acting out in public, and mind you the list above is merely a drop in the ocean.

This is what the overwhelming majority of black men who choose to deal with black women have to contend with on the daily. Soft, weak, soggy, milk toast biscuit munching, sour puss, lotionised simps like D32018 who can’t even get these black females to give him the time of day still pine after and worship these women, yet at the same time bootlicking flunkies like himself are extremely busy beating their meat to Pornhub wishing that a weave wearing black witch would actually give them a chance.

Remember the article I wrote back in November 2016 in which I showcased a video of a feral black female going off on a Subway employee claiming that she was quote “a real nigga”, that is yet another example to add to the long list of black women demonstrating the fact that they simply cannot behave themselves when out in public, that article for those who missed it can be seen below:


I don’t have much to say on this one other than this being yet another example of why so many black men are starting to give black women the middle finger and opting to take their chances with love and companionship in non black female pastures. Bootlicking simps like D32018 however will continue to lick the muddy boots of the black witch’s coven and they in non reciprocation will continue to ignore him.

How stupid can you get, at some point when you see that black women are not giving back to you the same love that you are bestowing upon them, common sense ought to kick in and tell you that continuing upon such a path is nothing short of a fool’s errand. Who does that, continues to support and chase down a group of women who completely ignore him but then at the same time has no problems going off on the thinking black men who point out such an inconsistency?

This unfortunately is the daily life of a simp, if only these muddy bootlickers knew and understood that upon implementing SYSBM the results garnered would be almost immediate, they certainly were for me when I made the decision to expand upon my dating options over 13 years ago. Gentlemen, gaze upon yet another example clearly demonstrating one of many reasons why we walked away from black women to begin with.

Finally, if carrying out controversial pranks in public is the new strategy black women and their flunkies have implemented in order to negate the bad press surrounding their dysfunctional behaviour then this is an extremely lame strategy that black women haven’t really thought out and it will indeed fail and collapse just like the rest. Notice how black women will continually refuse to consider the most simple and obvious approach to the problem of their in the gutter image and reputation, that is change their behaviour for the better, smh.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Women At All Costs

Most High Bless

80 thoughts on “Typical Black Female Behaviour

  1. Just like I said, the Black women true colors are exposed worldwide, and in the future, it ain’t gonna look to good for them because I can feel that more and more black men are gonna be around non black women and black women from other countries besides america. They can keep pretend like they can’t do no wrong, say all these crazy stuff about black men talking about we don’t know what we talking about, and have the fake old black power rangers crew of them protecting them, but at the end, the evidence is worldwide, and it’s not gonna go away. Now let them take that behavior outside the country, they gonna get chin check by those men because they don’t play that. And these simps say these are our queens right, now let see how much of a queen they are when they be stuck single, looking confused and crap. If they take that attitude with the wrong dude, it ain’t gonna look pretty. I said this before, and I’m a keep saying it, I’ll rather take exotic fruits and flavor over ramen noodles and fast food.

    By the way, them two videos of where the black women walking naked in public, they need to consider a job doing ghetto gagging with the white man since the chick that was dancing in the video with money stick to her was dancing for the white man. And on top of that, ain’t being out naked in public is against the law or something? Black women been having this dark side for years, and we got to separated ourselves from them.


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  2. I hate to admit this, but even though I was raised in a violent and extremely Godly household, I never saw this kind of crap displayed in public like that. In fact, our parents were hardly, if ever seen, in fast food restaurants (because there was rice and corned beef at home)………………………..on the odd occasions, yes we got fish and chips, the odd Wimpy or MacDonalds, but usually we as children went to these establishments by ourselves, with money saved from bus fare meant for transport to go to school. I am talking the 1970/80s England and children raised in west African or west Indian households………………as for black women shaming men in the streets, I saw that quite often unfortunately, where black women would be shouting at their black husbands for not making enough money or not having a job at all (when neither was the man’s fault at the time, even if he did somehow give up on he whole thing altogether). However, some of the black men in those days, took to the extremes of reactions to these moments of utter humiliation or disrespect and either disappear or give the woman an almighty hiding in equal measure. At lot of black men gambled in those days, or would retreat to men’s clubs and play pool/ dominoes, or get plastered (drunk) with whatever little money they did earn if they had jobs. You had men who did those things and still took care of their families or not at all. It was hard for a black man in those days to face the “shame” not being able to fulfill the greedy dreams of those left behind “back home”. They had no support other than from the other men in the same situations. Black women resented this, and also assumed that the men had no care for their families, when in fact, it was quite the opposite. These men also had the burden of not only supporting their families here (Europe/Americas), but their families back home. It was a vicious cycle of oppression and pressure. Then you had the racism, and the violence and murder that went with that. Black women were schooled by their mothers back home, the Willie Lynch code to. the. letter. but with modern day techniques and psychology, and hence what we see now with the degenerate dysfunction of the entire black community. There is no black pride now but gay pride and all the DISGUSTING rest………………………………….. I really do not know what to say, no one cares enough any more to put a stop to this. It has got to a point where the violence we are trying to avoid is what it may have to take to put a stop to this nastiness what a mess this truly is. This needs prayer divine wisdom before I continue to talk into a web of hypocrisy (those who are woke know exactly what I am trying to say…………..if anything, this need to be truly left in the hands of the Most High who has perfect wisdom and is perfectly just in his actions……………………….

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  3. This is why no one wants to marry them. No matter how good some of them may look most guys (even pookie and ray ray) wont commit to that for the rest of their life. This is why they say things like “I’m single until I’m married” because they know that the longer a dude dates them the more likely they are to run him off with their attitude, so they want him to commit to marriage quickly.

    They may think that pranks like this are funny, but they don’t realize (or don’t care) about the damage that it does to the already beaten reputation of the American BW. The non-black people in the restaurant were looking on like “Yep, typical BW behavior.”

    Don’t argue with BW, don’t fight with BW, don’t publicly insult them, just stay away from them and keep the Wall up. They told us for decades that they were strong and independent and that they didn’t need a man, time for them to prove it. Its funny to see that the majority of them who have realized that they no hope in swirling (especially in the age of Trump and rising white male racism) realize that they need good BM and try every trick in the book to get us back. Keep the Wall up and keep walking away.

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    • Black women are like Demons. Once you invite a demonic spirit in your life, they will torture, condemn and curse you untill the day you die! If you get stuck in a situation where you HAVE to deal with them, ie work, business, or even your own family…..what can you do?

      The black guy in the first video, there is almost nothing he could do, If he beat the black off that butt injected gorilla, all those angry manginas would had canabalized him. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation.

      “Don’t argue with BW, don’t fight with BW, don’t publicly insult them, just stay away from them and keep the Wall up.”

      I do not even think this is going to work. Did you see the very first video when the black dude WALKED away? She followed him all the way out the door, outside and she still antagonized him. those sex starved simps surrounded him and was ready to whiteknight. yet, she slapped his food, got in his face and started smacking him around. even AFTER he walked away, she followed him to continually embarrass him!

      Personally, I would had falcon Punched her dead in the freakin nose! Freak it! It’s worth the beating from the cucknited simps of New York City if breaking her face along with her texas sized ego knows she got was she deserved by doing what she just did!

      This dude is not far off from a Tyrone. If Tyrones are walking away from black woman like this poor fella, then this should be a big sign for the pro black loser to freaking wake up and smell the 300lb turd sitting in the middle of the damn room!!!

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      • “I do not even think this is going to work. Did you see the very first video when the black dude WALKED away? She followed him all the way out the door, outside and she still antagonized him.”

        I think it will, and I think it already is working to a degree. The first video was a skit, and if I had to guess the man that she was flipping out on was probably in a relationship with her, his first mistake. If you simply stay away from them and refuse to engage them there isn’t much that they can do, the Wall works and they are already feeling the effects, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t defend yourself physically though. Man or woman, if you are attacked you should defend yourself.

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      • Carnio


        I agree, not every situation with black women involved will be one that you can just walk away from, in fact I would dare to say that most encounters with them will involve the person having to teach black females the meaning of respect and keeping their distance.

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    • I follow those rules to the T and after four years of dealing with insults, threats, and being told that I’m aint shit from both black women and desperate black men, I kept the wall up and women as me why I’m silent. I’m done with being disrespected by the community, so I removed myself from it completely. I don’t trust black men at all anymore.

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      • As you should. Black men in the U.S. must come under the realization that the pro black/ pan African movement is an outdated & retro active movement.

        You cannot build for someone who does not respect their male counterparts and have adopted another culture & ideology.

        Nor can you build with or for a community that does not have a doctrine of commrodery, brotherhood, or common law respect.

        Notice in the “conscious-hotep” community how much infighting and betrayal there is. This is obvious when you look at YouTube creators.

        Many have been cited as frauds and hypocrites as the people before them in the civil rights era. Also, there is this imaginary oasis black men (most specifically pan African) that you must procreate and maintain a life with your common day enemy which is the black woman.

        Many of these men have been brainwashed and inundated since childhood to put the image of black women (no matter how debacherous) on a pedestal.

        They are the fodder and the foot soldiers for the common day Black Woman. Many of these men do not realize they are working against their best interest. Nor do they have anything in common with the modern day black succubus.

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  4. Has anyone seen this shit?

    Any BM caught wearing this shit should be clowned into oblivion. There is nothing wrong with going bald as a man, just shave your head like everyone else. I wonder how many BM wearing this shit are gay/raised by single mothers? These dudes are getting weaved up just like the hood whores that raised them. Dudes raised by women IMO often take on female mannerisms, stressing over outfits, shoes, hair, overly emotional, etc. so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this.

    One of the dudes in the video said he didn’t want to go outside because of how his hair looked, does that sound like something that a man would say?

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    • James,

      Even with all this “Man weave” stuff, do you notice something? These black men are wearing what kind of hair? THEIR OWN HAIR. What kind of weaves do black women wear? EVERY OTHER WOMAN BUT THEIR OWN!

      So even if some of these guys are effeminate/Gay, these men are far more proud to be themselves than black women are, yet black men are “Self-hating” according to black women, simps, pro back to Africa losers.

      Let’s see what the simp D31208 has to say about this…

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      • Coon, uncle Tom, fagots, black men’s fault, misogyny, roasted peanuts, blah blah blah…. Llike 2-bit AI simp machine.

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      • Careful. The bitter black sisterhood attempts to confuse middle-age black men with male pattern baldness to black teenage girls (and older females) that are attempting to look like THEM WHITE GIRLS. Male pattern baldness and attempting to look like white girls/white women are not the same thing.

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      • Carnio…

        You act like the weave wearing represents a great amount of black women.

        However… you would bash black women if they wore their natural hair in dreadlocks.

        That is what you guys are.

        Your blind worship of foreign women has clouded your judgment.


      • CARNIO —- Yes. The black men are using hair that looks like natural black hair. In the same manner, white women will often put in two inches of hair extensions that resemble Caucasian hair. White women seldom install fake hair that resemble Negroid hair.

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    • James S,

      Folks need to investigate stuff further, barbers like this guy prey upon black men’s ignorance. Black men who find themselves losing hair should take vitamin D3 with vitamin K2, a trace mineral supplement, iodine and some stinging nettle root extract. Baldness in men is commonly due to some sort of deficiency in the body as well as a drop in testosterone levels which means that estrogen automatically increases. I point blank refuse to place one of those contraptions upon my head and follow in the footsteps of the black witch, no way.

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      • Might I also add to help, one should also take saw palmetto in addition to Vitamin D & K2 as well as zinc & biotin. Saw palmetto is a more natural version of Finasteride which doesn’t cause permanent impotence. As well, it causes testosterone not to be converted to DHT which stops hair follicles from producing hair. Biotin helps with the thickness and strength of hair. Zinc will also help in conjunction with Vitamin D3 to supplement proper testosterone levels.

        If one has a problem with consistent and even hair growth, you may want to add MSM Sulfur to your diet as this is a cell regenerative and anti free radical supplement. Trust me as a man who has had this problem for 6-7 years. It’s helped in so many ways that even Rogaine couldn’t help.

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      • d32018 —— You continue to make comments that lack reason and logic. I am aware of zero black men bashing black women for wearing dreadlocks made from their natural hair. Black women, however, are spending lots of money on FAKE braids and FAKE dreadlocks. Many black men will not approve of FAKE so-called natural hairstyles.

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  5. Social media has been the downfall of black women because their dysfunction is worldwide and public. Mgtow and SYSBM is the only black man option!

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  6. Bless verbs,I remember the last video,that is SIMPING In it’s PUREST form,Homie beat the shit out of that dude and git something like 15 years for 3rd strike,all because his ole lady was having a bad day and decided to get her banshee on and that fat idiot decided to help her……..not himself but engage in foolishness because that’s a lot of these clown black women’s frequency.

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    • Issuez7,

      You’ll notice that it is always the same pattern with these chicks and their simp flunkies, the dude will step up and cape for his overloaded super tanker, she’ll walk away free to get dicked down by some other guy while the boyfriend will spend a good amount of time languishing behind bars, smh.

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  7. THE BUTT ISSUE— To those that do not understand human physical anatomy, the butt on a human, is the gluteus maximus muscles. Back in the era when black women engaged in more physical exercise, black women had slender bodies with toned gluteal muscles. In recent decades, USA black women get very little physical exercise. The result is that very, very few USA black women have nice butts. USA black women do tend to have large butts that are floppy and sloppy. Given the fact that very few black women have good gluteal muscles, black women have decided to use padding or cosmetic procedures to get a big butt.

    On another note, the USA black woman has conceded the face, hair, and overall body to white women. The black woman is left with an attempt to get ignorant people to think that she has a good butt. This explains the black woman’s obsession with butt implants.


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    • Yep, with diet, exercise, and natural hair care BW could look just as good as non-BW (barring facial features). There was a BW on a tweet that I read complaining about the “Black male abandonment” of BW in exchange for non-BW, upon looking at her profile I saw that she was the stereotypical unattractive black single mother. I wanted to tell her simply that if BW would stay in shape, avoid having bastard kids, and lose the strong and independent attitude they wouldn’t have any trouble getting chosen by good men, but we all know that having such discussions with BW is a giant waste of time so I didn’t respond and stayed behind the Wall.

      As the Wall grows angry black female “incels” are going to become even more aggressive toward BM, single or dating out.

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      • “barring facial features” Satoshi Kanazawa is in the house about the facial features of black females.

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      • James S,

        Most black women will have to learn their lessons the hard way unfortunately, this is no skin off the nose of the thinking black man who has plenty of options outside of the black witch. Indeed, black men especially in the US ought to be preparing for the black female incel epidemic, coming soon to a city and street near you.

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      • Pause I get what you’re saying but Latinas have better asses than white women and speak another language!

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      • Michel —- Make that white women have the monopoly on big butts that are toned and muscular. Black women, being landwhales, have the monopoly on butts that are fat, sloppy, and floppy.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      I remember a video some years back that surfaced of a black female walking down the streets in Brooklyn with pillows stuffed down the back of her shorts, this is how brain damaged the overwhelming majority of black women are. For those who may not have seen or remember that clip:

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        To describe modern day black women as a laughingstock at this stage would be an understatement, we might as well be at a point now where everytime black women walk the streets they are laughed at and mocked on the spot.

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    • RIP to that woman, I hope the police catch them. I have told my wife in the past to avoid panhandlers and not roll down the window to give money or y’all to them. A lot of people (not all) on the street are drug addicted and/or mentally ill, you never know what they will do. I never give money and have told her the same, I donate via bank draft to a local charity every month though, which is the best way to help IMO.

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  8. As I see the ghetto ratchetness on these videos, I’m thinking why are black men are dating these women? These are hoodrat bitches and you don’t deal with them and these fools are still dealing with them.

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    • Donovan Fuller,

      It’s obvious to us what has to be done in such circumstances, however the pro black simps love black women so much they believe that suffering horrible treatment at the hands of black women as well as putting up with their nasty, evil and vindictive ways is something honourable and noble.

      They claim that we thinking black men are “weak” for choosing to walk away from this type of dysfunction, however in the case of a woman or a man who is in an abusive relationship, the actual weakness is continuing to remain in that situation and not mustering up the courage to break free from the cycle of abuse.

      These black sirens and their lame red, black and green lackies always try to turn everything on its head for their own benefit.

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  9. That Akron OH video showing the big gorilla beating on that little white dude is very telling. White men are straight up cowards when they don’t have guns. They could have easily ganged up on that dude and taken him down. They saw one of their own getting the breaks beaten off of him and they froze like deer in headlights. This is a nightmare scenario for most of them, and this is why they lobby so hard for the 2nd amendment and unrestricted access to guns. Because they know that without them, they wouldn’t stand a chance against your average black man.

    Now I’m not necessarily against the 2nd amendment or guns, but if you look at the history behind the 2nd amendment, you can see why guns are so important to white men, more so than any other culture.


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  10. Pingback: Typical Black Female Behaviour | Afro Futurism

  11. Black women will outright piss in the grocery aisle and then turn around and say that “it was just for a skit!”

    NOTHING that black women do to better themselves achieves that goal, and EVERYTHING that they do further destroys their tattered reputation. Sotomayor is right when he calls them the retarded kid in the class, they’re literally just used to be propped up to make other groups feel better about themselves.

    At the end of the day, Shaniqua exists to make Becky and Ming look even better.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Again, notice the outlandish stupidity that these broads will go to and engage in, in their efforts to savage an already fossil level deep in the dirt image and reputation. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to change their behaviour for the better? To say that black women as a group are not very bright is also a serious understatement, this “plan of folly” won’t work for them either.

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  12. But Verbs has no argument against me when I say white women are just as bad and have zero soul when black men set them off.

    Tell that. Tell that.


    • D32018 aka Single RBG Simp,

      White women are nowhere as bad as the black witch, you wish white women were just as bad as your queens, thus that would make you feel more comfortable about chasing down a group of women who don’t even give you the time of day.

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      • Verbs…

        The nasty divorces between black men and white women show my point and debunks anything you say about white women not being as bad as what you claim black women are.

        The Kareem Hunt situation debunks your theory as well.

        The Bill Cosby conviction and the Terrence Howard negro moment debunk your theories.

        I have plenty of sources that corroborate that white women are just as bad as what you claim black women are.


      • D32018 aka Single RBG Simp,

        We now know that the main reason why marriages between black men and white women in the US have such a high rate of failure is because of the persecution both parties receive at the hands of black women, their pro black simp flunkies and racist white men who are finding it hard to accept that their first choice international status amongst women worldwide is being revoked, however things are now changing for the better.

        Again, if black women are so much better than white women then why don’t you have one yet? This seems to be a reoccurring theme with you, batting in the corner of the angry and bitter black sisterhood yet these same sirens refuse to give you any sort of attention whatsoever, smh.

        You RBG court jesters sit there waiting in the shadows for a black man to get shafted by a white woman but have absolutely nothing to say regarding black women putting knives into the backs of black men on the daily, lame shine, totally lame, smh.


    • d32018,

      LOL D3 you’re so CLEARLY a black woman so just come clean already will you? Every race has their faults no doubt but the problem is black women have a disproportionate amount of them.

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      • Odyssey —— Note we often say that if 20% of the white women in an area have excess body fat, then 80% of the black women in the same area have excess body fat. The same problem but with different percentages.

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      • >LOL D3 you’re so CLEARLY a black woman so just come clean already will you?

        Her “Tell that. Tell that.” statement was a dead giveaway. Right out of the Blackistanian operations manual.


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      • Odyssey…

        I am a black man.

        You’re right… every race do have faults.

        Where I disagree is that black women as a group are far and away more defective than any woman of other ethnicity.


      • d32018: “I am a black man.”

        You are not. You’re a black female trapped inside of a black SIMP’s body, just waiting to get out. Don’t hide who you are. Be free.

        As for thinking black men such as myself:

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    • When I see White women overweight at 80%, single mother rate at 70% and abortion rates at under 2,000 fetuses a day, then I’ll listen.

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      • Michel ————– Kind sir. You forgot about the $5.00 net worth of single black women and their hair weave. Please do not slight the SISTERHOOD.

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      • Gregory,

        My humble apologies. What was I thinking?

        White women’s net worth = $100,000.
        Black bitches net worth = Fuck all.

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      • Michel —- “White women’s net worth = $100,000.” Black females, the simps, and the fools love to spread the false propaganda about black men and fat white women. A weak argument is a losing argument even if we decide to accept the false premise, about black men and fat white women, as the truth. A fat white woman still has a higher net worth than the majority of black women. Likewise, fat white women, like most healthy white women, had a full head of Caucasian hair at age 5. The result is that the fat white woman does the wear hair weave. [perhaps, hair extensions, but never hair weave] BOTTOM LINE: A black man with a low-grade white woman still gets an upgrade from him being with mainstream black women.

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      • Michelle…

        Black women aren’t overweight at an 80% rate. You made that bullshit stat up or you stupidly parroted that intellectually dishonest Verbs.

        White women do not need to abort their children or be overweight to be anti-black male to the core.

        White women do not need to be ratchet to be anti-black male to the core.

        The nasty divorces between black men and white women proves my point about white women being vindictive and heartless.


      • I repeat, when White women abort 2000 black fetuses in the womb a Day, then I’ll listen to some SIMP. Until then…

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  13. Verbs, Lotionised Simps and the Steph Curry face are funny. I just have no interaction with BW they hate when you do not give them the time of day. My wall has been up for a minute now. BW are getting worse day by day you cannot build a community when rigid scum BW are running amok and do not care about BM anyway.

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  14. This Tommy video shows how black female dysfunction is going worldwide. This is a little 6 year old African girl who tells her class that she wants to be a stripper, and the women in the classroom laugh and clap. I believe Tommy when he says that modern black women are the worst stewards of children. The whole world sees this and Tommy points out in the video (@26:30) that stuff like this is why BW are having to beg men to date/marry them at this point and BM aren’t having problems getting a date.

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    • Sad as hell, but oh well. I believe it was a few months ago that an African black woman (Nigerian or Kenyan, I think) declared that she was running for political office with the “Sex Party”, and even interviewed naked if I’m not mistaken.

      Black women are CURSED, and at this point, the idea of the MUDDALAND QUEENS being any better is ludicrous. Again, if a culture can rise no higher than its women, then you KNOW why black people have struggled for the most part compared to basically every other race. Solution? BREED. THEM. OUT!

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  15. The second to the last video Patrice O’Neal did a bit on said subject. It was titled bitch get your own food. In short he did not want to share his food with his girl that is why he bought her a plate and himself one also. If she wanted a wing he would buy her a plate of her own. What she was trying to do is a subtle act of manipulation it’s subtle but it’s tiny steps women take to as patrice said to “bitch you up”. If you allow her to take food off your plate then it only escalates further no get that chick her own its your food. The girl is in her masculine energy and actually was right to get her own food the guy is in his feminine energy but can use that as a tactic to force accountability on the female. She can be made to always purchase her own food if he takes a small piece of her food. She will eventually either refuse to date him or buy her own food in anger knowing what he will do thus saving the simp money paying for her meal. So unfortunately I agree with the girl in the pizza video fuck…. I hate to admit that.





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