They Continue To Tell On Themselves – They Love Single Motherhood And Broken Homes, Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – Part 14


Here we have yet more feminist, matriarchal babble coming from the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, and they wonder why the majority of them remain single at such a high clip. There you have it fellas, as we’ve talked about many times before these disjointed sirens simply aren’t interested in rebuilding black society and reestablishing a strong and robust black family structure, somebody pass this on to Dr Umar Johnson when you see him.

I’ve told you in my book Negro Wars and many times before on this website that modern day black women as a collective because of the mutated form of feminism they subscribe to are defective and broken beyond repair and that thinking black men should simply walk away from such individuals and seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere.

You’ve just read it for yourselves, she wishes to keep the single mother epidemic perpetually thriving, read that comment again if somehow you doubt your eyes or how your brain has interpreted what is written. Remember, just like in my article about black women loving thugs, the final nail in the coffin Manning has spoken for black women as a group.

Surprisingly, if you visit this witch’s page she actually managed to find a simp who is willing to deal with her dysfunctional behind. I honestly am lost for words with regards to these simps and how they have no problems psychologically castrating themselves for these matriarchal, feminist scum bucket black females.

The so called black community has been run by these termagants for the past 50 years, behold the complete and utter mess that these benighted harpies have wrought and how they seek to continue destroying what remains at the behest of their white father. And to think that soft, lame, milk toast, soggy cereal, retarded laggards such as D32018 will still jump up to defend these women despite them openly transgressing against black men and black society as a whole, smh.

Manning’s statement comes as no surprise to the thinking black men’s regiment, her kind of talk and more is one of many reasons why we decided to walk away from black society in general to begin with. The fact of the matter is despite what the pro black, back to Africa, pyramid heads say, at this point “the community” cannot be saved nor redeemed and anybody who attempts to embark upon such a mission is simply wasting their time.

Black women are the real terrorists of black society in particular and society in general because as this witch stated she will continue to use her womb as a weapon. Black men now more than ever MUST START THINKING AHEAD, the cuts in welfare may have started to kick in, however the child support racket is still there in full effect and theirs for the taking.

All these women require is one drop of your sperm to make it rain pounds and dollars to their benefit for the next 18 years, don’t be that guy, don’t get caught out by that dusty high mileage booty, IT’S A TRAP. Leave it to the pro black simps and the on the fencers to continue worshipping and pining after these women, they can be the clean up men and the suckers these females will use to hook themselves up with various government treats and benefits.

Reckless black women like this are exactly the reason why the black community in 2018 is in the messed up state that it’s in. As I and many others here have stated before, the facts are already in, the time for debating and going back and forth with these broads is over, black men with sense and intelligence in light of the evidence that is being placed upon the table of exposure daily need to decide what actions they’re to take.

“WE NOT GOING TO LISTEN, WE DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED, GET OVER IT”, it’s written there in plain sight for all to see, single motherhood is a CHOICE. No problem woman, however when you see me rolling down the street with my mixed heritage lady, don’t say a word, keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. Of course we already know the score, this witch will be the first one to open her mouth whenever she sees a black male with a non black female but in that same moment will forget what she has posted above.

Yet another piece of evidence for the archives gentlemen, black women are digging themselves down into hell, death and destruction at such a fast rate that neither I nor anybody else can keep up with the descent. There you have it folks, black women once again confirming everything that we’ve been stating here and then some. Since they aren’t interested in building stable families, you now have a free and unrestricted hand to find women from other ethnicities who are.

And to think that the pro black regiments continue to harp on about racism, how it is extremely pervasive and is ruining the lives of black folks, yet on the flip side if we accept the premise that racism is the biggest problem that black society faces in 2018, then how on earth do these dudes expect to fight “racism” without first having strong black families in place?

Note to the pro blacks, you cannot fight racism as a fragmented society, you ought to know this by now. All the best tackling what you perceive to be the greatest problem we face, yet the same black women you pine after and worship have made it abundantly clear that they are NOT INTERESTED in building any families with you, in other words they aren’t interested in fighting racism and instead would much prefer it to continue. smh.

Single mothers as a collective are a pestilence upon any society and this irresponsible piece of garbage has no problem bringing into what remains of the black community the next generation of devil spawn seedlings. Black women will hold onto their beloved single motherhood status and feminism until they completely crash and burn, leave them to it, walk away in haste. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Feminist Trash

Most High Bless

63 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – They Love Single Motherhood And Broken Homes, Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – Part 14

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  2. As mentioned, feminism was made by and for white people, but black women have taken it and ran with it to the ends of the earth. Black women are to feminism what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar.

    There’s no way in hell that you could build with such a group of women. Keep in mind that this is the same group running around and always talking about God or the church, yet bragging about “runnin thangz” in their joke of a family (gorilla troop). What part of Jesus/Christianity had anything to do with feminism and matriarchy?

    That also lets you know how sorry and useless these churches are. If these churches were doing their jobs, wouldn’t they be the main ones harping against chosen single parenthood? I mean, that is mainly who’s in those churches.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is one of many nails in the coffin, these chicks aren’t interested in building anything, hence unlike what these simps say even if we built stuff for them, they either wouldn’t be interested, would roll in purely to destroy the work or both.

      Besides, what motivation is there to build anything for these women based upon the horrible way they’ve treated the very builders of black society?

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    • Afro said:

      “Black women are to feminism what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar.”

      LOL!!!! This comment just made my Day!

      +100 thumps up!

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  3. BW are fooling no one with the “We don’t want to get married” talk, its a defense mechanism to shield their egos against the fact that most men don’t want to marry them and the whole country knows it. This is more proof of the fact that as the Wall grows BW will be forced to accept positions as single mother and/or mistress, but rarely ever a wife. They know that men don’t want them, so they try to take pride in being baby mamas and mistresses, and misery loves company, so they will try to convince other women that “marriage is an outdated concept” which is a common feminist talking point. Marriage is great, assuming its with the right person and under the right conditions.

    As far as her using simps as sperm donors, this is why I have no sympathy for baby daddies who get bent over in family court and/or sent to prison over child support. I have no sympathy for simps who enable these whores and enable them to give birth to the future black bums/homos/thugs of tomorrow.

    There is nothing that we can do for BW like this, they are failures and are trying to spread their fucked up mindset to the people around them and their bastard kids. We have to keep the Wall up and stay away from them, hopefully they continue to give their kids ghetto names to make it easy to avoid them. We also need to stop supporting politicians who enable hoodrats via “social programs”, which is mainly the democrats.

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    • James S,

      Indeed, these sirens only wished that they were popular like the brothers but as I always say, they did it to themselves and only have themselves to blame for the singledom, no men is interested in them calamity that now befall them. As Obsidian said on his show the other day, thinking black men are the black female’s only option, however as we all know these harpies would rather lick up the dust and eat coarse gravel before they submit to the thinking black man’s authority. So be it, have departed from the shores of Blackistan years ago it is no skin of my nose what these termagants with themselves and to themselves. Recompense is a dish best served cold.

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    • James S,

      Well spotted I was thinking the same these are the same women who whine as soon as they even see a photograph of a black man with a white woman.

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    • James,

      “BW are fooling no one with the “We don’t want to get married” talk, its a defense mechanism to shield their egos against the fact that most men don’t want to marry them and the whole country knows it.”

      Yup! I am just not buying it! This must be some sort of male troll pretending to be a woman.”“We don’t want to get married” Is an absolute BOGUS LIE! She is lying to our faces with this sentence because the minute a black man is seen with a non-black women, black women throw tantrums and up about!

      If anything, it would be black MEN (in the west) saying this because marriage in the west, due to the toxic nature of feminism and misandric laws, have nothing to gain from marrying, most especially, black women!

      “As far as her using simps as sperm donors, this is why I have no sympathy for baby daddies who get bent over in family court and/or sent to prison over child support. I have no sympathy for simps who enable these whores and enable them to give birth to the future black bums/homos/thugs of tomorrow.”

      I also want to take it a step further and say that I also have no sympathy for the children either! The moment these children are born, their fate and destiny is to become the next terrorists and tyrones of the future! No amount of “Mentoring” will save them from their social communist matrix.

      “We also need to stop supporting politicians who enable hoodrats via “social programs”, which is mainly the democrats.”

      As I said before, I am apolitical (nor left or right) and am a social libertarian by nature, but I truly believe voting republican, in the context of the west of 2018, with all these crazy SJWs, Radical Islamists taking over, the rise of Blackistan, man hating feminism, and such, is the only way to to kick these roaches (Black women) to the curb! I know I said I never wanted to come back to the US, but if Trump is running again for 2020,and he promises to cut those welfare programs like he said he would in late 2017/early 2018, I would be more than HAPPY to fly back to New York just to vote him to stay in office!

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      • Exactly. I have a lot of pookie and Tyrone’s at my job always trying to fight thinking black men but getting raped in family court by basic ass women. If you’re dating a non black female, you have to protect her because pookie will try to get at her just to get your attention. Pookie can have 4 baby mommas and that will never be enough for him. I don’t feel any sympathy at all for him. I got tired of being verbally abused by these hyper alpha males at my job, so I walked away and took my resources with me.

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      • CARNIO — Overseas voting exists. There is no need to for a USA citizen to be in the USA to vote in the USA.

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  4. Verbs

    That Taz simp from the other night had it out for you hahaha. That man-child was straight up ghetto, and from what I’ve been told, he’s already in his 60’s. And the other simp was talking about how we need to give the black community time to connect the dots. Bullcrap. It’s too late to try and connect the dots. With all of the evidence right at their fingertips, if they can’t get it now, then they won’t get it at all. And it’s not our responsibility to save them. A lot of us thinking brothers figured all of this out on our own, even to the point where we had no choice but to accept reality for the truth. So no, I’m not going to help these hooligans try to connect the dots. If they want to change, they can do it on their own (if they had any decent brain cells left anyways).

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    • Sigma Jones,

      The dude was a 5th grade dunce and an ultra simp, I had to laugh when he attempted to make fun of my accent and tried to dismiss the facts I was laying out simply because I’m not based in the US. BGS The Sodomite and Angrymangina tried the same “you’re a foreigner, you don’t live in the US” nonsense when I had my little run-ins with them, at this point they are clutching at any and all straws they can in their vain efforts to save the modern day black female’s image and reputation, both of which are already in the gutter.

      That other elderly simp you mentioned was also a disgrace, there is no giving a community that is already in the gutter and cannot be saved a second chance, these muddy bootlicking simps just don’t get it. Its exactly what I stated on the show, until you snap out of the trance and change your ways you are already condemned in the lifestyle you lead and nobody is obligated to “hold out/hope” for you.

      That Taz dude was really stirring the cauldron with his “subjective opinion” wizardry, as if there is no universal standard when it comes to judging whether a person is decent or is a piece of trash. That is straight out of the black female’s handbook, they use the same Kansas City shuffle whenever thinking brothers harshly criticise single mothers, they’ll typically roll out with the “you can’t judge her because you don’t know what she’s been through” garbage, Taz the bewildered child was no different.

      What did I say in Negro Wars about these simps coming out of the woodwork in the latter times and go after thinking brothers? The war is on.

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      • Indeed the war is on. It’s at my job as well between the simps, the hype alpha males who owe thousands in child support, the thinking black men and the managers who are fucking below average black women to the point of work production and quality being at the lowest levels ever and now, it’s talks about closing the building down. I got tired of being verbally abused so I just went away and took my resources with me. The thinking black man is going to have to make a choice soon because if these companies keep on closing it’s doors, it’s going to be forced to make an decision.

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    • Who else has noticed this weird uptick in old as dirt black men saying the same crap that the young simps do? What do they hope to accomplish? It can’t be some funky cooch, half of these dudes need Cialis and Levitra just to pee.

      These old Simp Chieftains/Medicine Men are legit trying to get “ghetto famous”, by way of the pro-black chitlin circuit, four of five months before they die.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        These old codger bootlickers are coming out of the woodwork double time just like their younger acolytes. You cannot even say that their guidance is misplaced because advising black men to lick the muddy boots of black women is counter productive and not good advice at all, where exactly is the “guidance”?

        These dudes simply need to fade into the night and be satisfied with collecting their pensions.

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  5. The truest form of SYSBM right there! These simps want to engage you in the “wait and have faith” game, where they promise the thinking black man that if we just “hold on” things will get better with the “sistahs”! Man, if I hear that crap one more time I’m throwing up! Like everyone on this site has stated ad nauseum, the BW has made her choice loooong ago, and it wasn’t stable, functioning black families with responsible BM! Damn, when are these simps going to wake up to that sad but unavoidable reality!? I’d prefer it be otherwise but I’ll be damned if I wind up going around and around in the same circle doing the same dance, to the same tune knowing how it’s going to end in perpetuity with women that don’t want me or know how to follow and who have admitted so from their own mouths! To hell with the black community! I’m going to be happy even if it’s with women of other races laughing together with them over the smoldering, burnt out husk of blackistan!

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    • Andre,

      We already know that things are never going to get better in the black community because these pro black simps point blank refuse to deal with the troublemakers causing the overwhelming majority of the problems ie black women. I have to mention Negro Wars again because I stated in the book that until these pro blacks muster up the courage to check and pull these black females back into line, nothing will ever change for the better in black society, NOTHING.

      Something else that I’ve stated in Negro Wars is the fact that most of these simps will become casualties and victims trying to save these whores as well as the so called “community”. If they want to perish then that is their decision but what ticks me off is when they try to force you and I to take the same route of abomination and death. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

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  6. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, and I’ll continue to say it over and over: fuck the black community. I walked away YEARS ago, went back for maybe six months tops in my mid 20’s, remembered why I ran in the first place and left again and refuse to go back. You won’t catch me dead in that hellhole trying to fix things up for these ungrateful black bitches and their hordes of bastard children, and useless “men” Never heard of it.

    As for these simps, pro whacks and back to Africa idiots, I have zero sympathy for them when they knock one of these useless ass machines up, and get dragged through child support hell. There is entirely too much information out there for them to not know what they’re dealing with.

    Refortify the wall gentlemen, it’s going to get ugly out there.

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    • Stephen,

      The Negro Wars are upon us. From the experience I had going head to head with a classic elderly bootlicker yesterday on Obsidian’s show things are going to get very ugly between thinking black men and these pro black squads. I feel sorry for the pro black flunky who would attempt to pull up trying to force me back onto the proverbial plantation.

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  7. It ain’t going to be pretty when the welfare state collapses so many negroes and people will riot and die. The cities will burn hopefully I will be on a royal navy deployment

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  8. Once again, I rather try out exotic fruits and flavor instead of ramen noodles and takeout food. Just let them keep on because they keep exposing their true colors worldwide. And these pro blacks wanna us to wife them up like come on dude. I getting tired of these people telling us brothas to keep it black and stick with your own race like I don’t know how many times we been told to our faces of that crap. By the way, I saw you on last night Stream of Obsidian Verbs. I was trying to figure what was that dude Taz. These people need to realize one thing, I’m not trying to sacrifice my life over this black community. I got other things I wanna do in life besides babying these black women.


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    • D.K Phantom,


      I’m not going to restrict myself just because a few nutty pro black court jesters. They can keep their so called black community as well as the dysfunctional black harpies who have turned it into a ruinous heap. The pro black minstel Taz just reminded me of the actual cartoon character that used to come on in the late 90s and early 2000s, dude was pulling all manner of Texas Two Step monkey boy manoeuvres and gymnastics trying his best to muddy the waters in order to save his queans, he couldn’t go 5 minutes without calling somebody a nigger(just like the black witch):

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  9. The idiotic simp you mentioned who took that black woman under his wing is the main reason why I can’t stand being around any black man who says OR believes these chicks are his “ghetto qweens”…

    You see, those men, they’re the reason why most of these black women care not to disrespect black men as a whole, and aren’t really worried about getting knocked up by Dey-Dey or whoever the hell she’s running with. Why? Because they know these simps will ALWAYS be in their corner no matter what, and that they’ll always have a fallback option who will come running to them believing that’s what a “real man should do”. Take care of another man’s kids, and not even question whether that was a wise choice he made, or a foolish one.

    Think about it, when criticizing these immature black women we’re talking about, who are the very ones to stop you in your tracks, the very ones to shame you, label you a “sell-out” (e.i Not dealing with dysfunction), and basically tell you to drop dead for your beliefs, despite the truth you may have spoken? The simps do, as they are basically the attack dogs who will obey their “masters” orders on command while having no mind of their own, hence why you can’t show these men the error of their ways no matter how hard you try to prove that their “qweens” could care less wherever they live or die.

    These men alone are the main reason why the black community will never recover from its doomed state. Thanks to them defending dysfunction while ignoring the harm it has to many lives born in these “climates”… These irresponsible black women would stop all of this mess immediately if no man was willing to “save” them from their mistakes. A few black women would still fool around even then , but many wouldn’t, as we know these women hardly take accountability for their actions to begin with.

    The simps are just as bad as Pookie and Ray-Ray for the part they’ve played in the dysfunction we’ve seen now, all the more reason to avoid them, the same as one would avoid the “ghetto qweens” they damn-near hail as Gods.

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    • You also need to watch out for pookie and Tyrone trying to invade thinking black men’s platforms when they talk about how much they love Spider-Man and X-men and shows like the walking dead. Years ago, pookie and Tyrone used to beat up thinking black men “nerds” for reading comics and collecting cards, now all of a sudden they like the same things as thinking black men???? Yeah right, fortify the wall thinking black men.

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      • Nothing but chameleons in disguise. Wait a bit, and they’ll reveal the disgust they have for us “sellout coons” the same as the bitter black woman who doesn’t try to hide her distain for black men whatsoever.

        It’s ironic however, these simps and thug Boo-G love their “qweens” so much that they’re beginning to be controlling just like them, while the “qweens” are acting more authoritative and lording over the entire black communities, the very role those men should be taking, but are too focused on going after black men who don’t wanna get involved in their warfare rather than trying to confront to REAL root of the problem…

        I wouldn’t trust the sudden “alliance” from these men the same as I wouldn’t trust their masters coming out professing their “love” for black men all a sudden. Both groups can’t hide their hatred they have for you forever. When the air is hot enough, the slithering serpent will always come crawling out from the under the rock.

        These men hate us the same as their “qweens” do, and need to be monitored veery closely in their attempts of trying to issue “brotherhood”. It’s all nothing but lies.

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  10. Obsidian video spitting some serious truth about metoo, feminism and the gullible sistuh-hood (warning – radiation eyewear required – cornea damage may result from looking at image for more than 1 second):


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  11. That women is hideous! I was eating some food I nearly threw up! Notice how alot of these feminist are ugly /attractive /hit the wall etc

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    • It’s great, it’s 100% justice and I’m here for it. Those so-called “incel” white boys are doing God’s work on this one, unleashing Big Daddy Gubmint on these bitches. The best part about it is if you report an Insta-hoe and Uncle Sam collects, you’re in for 30% of the take, so get to snitching! Search “THOT Audit” on Twitter and watch them squeal like pigs. They deserve every bit of it. I LOVE IT! LOL!

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    • Michel,

      These minstrel, circus clown pro black simps are nothing sort of a joke, because for the majority part they aren’t getting any snatch from the tug boats, cruise ships and oil tankers they lust after, they wish to see us in the same position of drought, hence why they’re doubling down and pushing hard for us to come down from the SYSBM fortress. They just like the black witch also wish to be overseers not only over us thinking black men but also over our finances and resources too.

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  12. Black women are happy with the status quo, and the simps, pro-whacks and back-to-Africa hoteps need to wake up and smell the coffee. Black women have no real incentive to build stable families with black men as heads of their households. The state gives them power over black men through child support, and they can pretty much fend for themselves as long as they have welfare, section 8, WIC, EBT, and college scholarships and grants given specifically to women and single mothers. Not to mention they get preferential treatment in hiring thanks to affirmative action, which was originally meant to help black men before it was hijacked by the feminist movement. Even though the black community is a sinking ship, black women would rather be captains of the Titanic than first mates on the QE2.

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  13. Is probably for off topic, but I’m pissed off.

    Right, I’ve just been violently pushed out of the way by my own mother, for the crime of standing in her way whilst mopping the floor. Just before then, she screams to MOVE!!!! I of course lose my total shit and, surprise, the family come down to side with her.

    Cue the guilt tripping, shaming, emasculating, threats of eviction… “would you treat your girl like that?” Well, no as she’s never needed to resort to that type of violence to ask a favour….

    They’re used to me being docile and just taking all kinds of verbal and physical abuse for the best part of 30+ years… Not anymore. I am somebody, in an not a piece of trash.

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    • Michel,

      At 36 years years old I confronted my mother and told her in no uncertain terms what a bad mother she has been for my entire life. She tried to defend herself, however she knew that how she had treated me in the past was dead wrong.

      With regards to physical abuse, I think that I may have mentioned this before but when I was 16 years old my mother went to initiate the usual “punishment” for a minor infraction but it never went her way, unfortunately I had to tap my mother lightly on the head for her to realise that her days of beating me from pillar to post were over. From that day forward she never laid a hand on me again.

      You’re under no obligation to take abuse from anybody, yet alone your mother. It may be a case where you might have to look at shipping yourself out of the house at your earliest possible convenience because the way I see this going is how it turns out in many cases, ie you landing a fist in your mother’s headtop because you’ve reached the end of the line.

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      • Very true
        Equal lefts equal rights. Keep your hands to yourself. I don’t care if a women punched or slapped me I would hit her back.

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      • Black British Guy,

        These heifers revel in their abusive tactics until one day a moment of recompense falls upon them, then all of a sudden they want to behave as if they themselves did nothing to cause that wake up call to take place, smh.

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      • The most disappointing thing about it is, you find out the real extent to which so called family hates you, largely for their own mental self preservation reasons. They want to violently put me back to sleep, but it’s not working anymore.

        I’m done with family, they can hold their own nuts.

        Thanks for the support, gentlemen. #SYSBM

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      • Verbs2015,

        Sorry you had to go through that brother. No child should have to go through that. Like I mentioned previously my mother is a gentle person so I got VERY lucky.

        Most black women are cowards my Aunt use to beat the stuffing out of my cousin until he got big of course and then suddenly the beatings stopped. Funny that isn’t it?

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      • Odyssey,

        It’s always the case bro, these black heifers swing their weight around freely until that testosterone kicks in at puberty. Then all of a sudden they back off and ease up big time. That’s cool bro, I suppose I had to go through that episode in order to get to where I am today, breaking down black female skullduggery and giving other brothers a platform from which they can also speak and share their experiences dealing with the black witch.

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    • Im sorry that your going through that.If it makes you feel any better I am going through a similar situation with my mom and family

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    • The last time my parents tried hitting me when I was 15. Let’s just say, I LOST IT. To this day, I have no recollection of what happened. But I know they never tried hitting me again, and at one point my mom was hesitant to talk to me.

      Hopefully you don’t get ever to that point, but you should definitely do all you can to get out of that situation before you lose your cool.

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    • Ugh… ugly that creature is. And yet it looks just like the typically QUEEN! They are no different…..

      Homos are predatory as hell, especially towards children, which is why it irks me to no end when people try to be all “live and let live” with these freaks. When Christians say stuff like that, they honestly deserve a slap in the face.

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  14. Michel And Afrofuturism1,

    #STRAIGHTTALK This is one of the main reasons why black men cannot build families with black women, because black women support feminism/homosexuality which as we know are one and the same. Both homosexuality and feminism are antifamily hence why one of the guiding principles of BLM is concerning “disrupting the western prescribed nuclear family structure”, however families are a worldwide phenomenon even in non westernised countries.

    Homosexuality and paedophilia are intrinsically linked, they are both sexually reprobate practices and as Michel mentioned, the homosexual nor the paedophile are ever satisfied, they always feel the need to encroach upon forbidden territory, especially homosexuals hence why they’ll go out of their way and get an intense thrill from “turning out” heterosexuals and prepubescent children.

    At some point I’m going to have to write an article on this because I don’t understand many of these so called white conservatives who say that they are against feminism and for family values but yet and still they’ll have no problems teaming up and forming cosy alliances with homosexuals, make that make sense, smh.

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