They Continue To Tell On Themselves, More Thug Loving – Part 13


At this point the only reason why I continue to create articles concerning black women and their love for thugs is because I’m simply building up the archive. The facts are in and have been for a long time, black women as a collective love the lower dregs of black male society and have come out on numerous occasions and stated this. It is the pro black simps who are having a difficult time accepting this information which is why they continue to pine and chase after these women. How retarded is that, to continue to pursue a group of females who have openly stated that you simply aren’t their type?

This is why there is a slow-growing contingent of pro blacks who are defecting from the fist pumping religion as they realise that they have little to no chance of finding a decent black woman to settle down with, not just because black women prefer the thug types but also because most black women as a group are mentally unstable. This is where I have a problem with Dr Umar Johnson, up until recently he point-blank refused to address the mental instability surrounding most black women but at the same time he still demanded that brothers date, wife up and procreate with these broads, smh.

Now the word on the street is behind closed doors Johnson is finally acknowledging that there is a problem with most black women and that indeed black women as a collective are unfit and unsuitable for dating and for marriage. Modern day black men who jump to the defence of black women at this point look ridiculous and foolish. Again, as in the case of Dr Umar Johnson, as I’ve stated many times before in my previous articles addressing him, if black women are so great then why hasn’t he found his queen yet and why isn’t he married to either of his baby mothers?

This is the problem right here, if you are going to fly the pro black flag then you are going to have to eat, drink and sleep the pro black doctrine. As has been pointed out on numerous occasions black women simply aren’t interested in families or building strong communities, this is why they deliberately breed with the worst of the worst but then expect the thinking black man to step in to pick up the slack when things go south and the realisation of single motherhood begins to set in.

Just look at the Facebook post again, the priorities of most black women speak for themselves. This is why it is a complete waste of time for those black men who are still holding out believing that they may have a chance of running into “the one”. Black women are for the most part contaminated, they love being in such a state and they certainly aren’t about to change their ways for the better, especially not for those black men whom they refer to as “lames”.

As I continue to state over and over again, the facts are in and they clearly point in the direction showing you that you simply cannot build with these women on any level. Besides, they are already employed by the state to ensure that you DON’T build, stop wasting your time attempting to convert defective beyond repair products, instead go to where you will be loved, appreciated and respected. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Abandon Ship/Walk Away

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves, More Thug Loving – Part 13

  1. I’m not sure what those guys did, but assuming that they are violent criminals they should be sent straight to her house upon release. Thugs are mostly raised, bred, housed, and fed by BW like her, so BW like her should be the only ones victimized by them IMO.

    “This is why there is a slow-growing contingent of pro blacks who are defecting from the fist pumping religion as they realise that they have little to no chance of finding a decent black woman to settle down with,”

    Some are simply quietly dating out/avoiding BW like Tariq and Phil. Tariq said for years that the ideal BW for dating/marriage was a BW with a white mother, and thats what he got. lol

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    • James S,

      Black women are the predominant supporters and the sponsors of such low life individuals but yet at the same time have the audacity to complain about said dudes not working and being bums around their homes. Can black women be that stupid, bums do what bums do, lay around the house doing nothing.

      As you stated, black women raise the same type of men that they later complain about. Agreed, Tariq Nasheed and Phil Advise Show knew what the real deal was and both chose to marry out. I remember Tariq saying what you mentioned very well. Yep, Tariq’s wife is mixed, Phil’s wife is Mexican.

      With fellas like Tariq and Phil we have to look at what they themselves are DOING, not what they are saying. Their wives are a living testimony to the fact that black women as a group in 2018 simply aren’t fit for dating, marriage or to be honest anything in-between.

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    • Cornelius,

      There are a few of the pro black squads who are starting to accept the writing on the wall and are quietly dipping out, the events at Jun’s beauty supply store this year definitely help push their minds forward.

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      • Professor Black Truth went in heavy on this, recently. All of these pro black youtube folks are admitting that the black fefails is a lost cause. We’ve seen the blacklash over mushmouthed Phil “Advise Show” being exposed as a latina chaser. Not to mention Brotha prowhite, er, polight was seen grinning next to some blonde a while ago. The Jun’s beauty supply video was the final nail in the coffin for me, thank god for passports. RIP to the late Charles Tyler. He lit a fire under me and several other black men to seek other options abroad…

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      • Jay,

        Charles Tyler was the modern-day Marcus Garvey, minus the black women. Haha. I’d been traveling well before he came into the picture, but he helped younger black men realize their options outside the US. Too bad he died so young, I hope he inspires us all to watch our health as well. As an older brother, I’m now being treated for high blood pressure. Stay healthy and stay free, you guys.

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  2. I do know the light skin guy at the top right #3, that black whores drooled over, married a Billionaire White Queen, got full custody and is his son and is now living a fairy tale life in Europe. Now #7 aquired a very lucrative modeling contract, and is dating a White Queen model and is doing very well, as for all the others..I have no ideal.

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    • Jeremy Meeks cheated on his wife with ANOTHER White Queen, the daughter of Philip Greene, rich and young. Exactly the kind of light skin thug those hungry hungry hippo oil tankers were after.

      Tough shit.


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  3. That guy at #3 looks scary as shit. Most of the dudes these black women get with scare ME, as a fellow man due to the mannerisms and the grimance they often have on their faces… Now think about that, if a black man avoids a certain group of black men NOT because he found them annoying, but because of how probably bat-shit insane they are, what business does a woman have being around such people?

    I don’t even know the crimes the men on those photos did, but their appearance alone lets you know those guys probably aren’t in for your average “hit-and-run” type of crime. What’s worse though? These black women you pointed out KNOW THIS, as evident by the Facebook posts you see of certain chicks saying they need a REAL n(Criminal) to hold it down, and we all know how that story ends later…

    While I don’t support or condone the actions of these thugs, it is hard to have any sympathy for the fools who seek them out. Try to tame the unruly serpent, don’t be surprised when it turns on you. It’s ironic however, these pro-blacks fight tooth and nail, and groom themselves for these black women, only to get leftover seconds of they “ghetto queens” after she’s been ran through by Dey-Dey and the rest of the wrecking crew as shown on those mugshots. Guess their “qweens” don’t think so highly of them after all.

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    • Dunair23,

      It’s a wrap, in fact it has been a wrap for a very long time, like I said before any additional material posted on this topic is bonus. At this stage only a complete and utter buffoon would try to argue against the fact that black women as a collective are attracted to the worse kinds of men in black male society.

      Again, if black women fully accepted the consequences of getting with such individuals then there wouldn’t be a problem, however when they expect us to spot them, take care of their devil spawn bastard seedlings and additionally support them financially, that takes the damn biscuit. Indeed, black women who chase after thug Negroes deserve every bit of what they get and I certainly won’t be swooping in to save them either.

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  4. At the end, i ain’t gonna feel sorry for these BW choosing thugs because like what you brothers are saying, BW have the worst decision making. Just let them do the crazy stuff over and over again, plus it’s gonna take like dozens and dozens of butt whuppings for them to realize them thugs wasn’t no good to them.

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    • D.K. Phantom

      Black women as a group are completely lost and it isn’t as if they loathe their gutter condition, on the contrary they love swimming in the mud pools they’ve created.

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  5. With all of this evidence about the utter stupidity of black whores out there, it’s going to be next to impossible to feel bad for any one who decides to get involved with them. Avoid them at all costs

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  6. I would bet 2 months worth of my salary £2702 that most of these Black criminals where raised by single mothers. Single mothers/welfare/feminism destroyed Black America and Black Britain. I tell one thing when the welfare collapsed so many people and negros will riot in Especially in USA and London.

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    • Black British Guy,

      It’s a fact that most criminals come from broken homes ran by single mothers. At the same time you’ll never see the media giving single fathers credit for the fact that for the majority part they raise stable children who don’t engage in criminal activities.

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      • very true! Single mothers are way worse than single fathers . I think single mothers should have their children took of them especially black single mothers because those children tend to be fucked and future criminals !

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  7. As dude above said, these dudes are scary as hell. I wouldn’t say hi to them, just like I wouldn’t say hi to a roaming lion. What the hell do these chicks see in these dudes?

    Seeing as how they are fooling with ravenous lions, they DESERVE to get mauled.

    But remember, they LOVE good black men, and there’s tons of nerdy, sweet, caring, feminine type black women who would be more than welcoming to similar men. Right? RIGHT?!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women love dancing with danger and death, they think it’s cute to mess around with dangerous men until these same dudes impregnate them, leave them high and dry, bust them upside the head a few times or all three.

      But yet they arrogantly still expect the good brothers to step in and clean up the colossal mess they’ve created, that is NOT going to happen.


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    • Afro,

      “What the hell do these chicks see in these dudes?”

      Personally, I think the reason why they love these dudes is simply because of the fact that they are far more easier to control than thinking black men. and the simple fact that these guys will do anything just to get their little head some action,, they can control them and use them as means to physically control other men.

      I have an aunt who raised their sons to be like the men we see here in those pictures for this exact reason. Simply, the fact that if they dislike , for an example, a good black man because he would not give up his seat on the train when he is not obligated to do so, then these Criminals can beat, lynch and kill to her whim when ever she feels.

      I think there are far more reasons to this, but this is one of the first things that comes to mind when women go for guys like these!

      And YES, I would stay as FAR away from these dudes as possible! I wouldn’t want to stand on the same side of the street as them! Sheesh!

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    • Robert Chavis — FOOD DESERTS and other wastelands—– The terms “food deserts” is often used to describe USA black communities. An area is a food desert because there are few, if any, mainstream groceries stores in the area. Business people, even when acting in good faith, cannot do business with dysfunctional USA blacks. Black women are dysfunctional at, perhaps, the 90% rate. Many black men follow the dysfunction of black women. Dysfunctional blacks tend to shout racism when dealing with non-blacks. Dysfunctional blacks tend to engage in self-hate racism when dealing with other blacks. Yes. # Blexit.

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      • There is a good reason why many businesses simply do not exist in predominately black communities in the USA. Business people–of any race–simply cannot do business with many blacks.

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      • Yeah, there is money in the hood for groceries (food stamps), but no business owner wants to deal with the problems that would come from running a business in the hood.

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      • Robert Chavis —- Unlike some blacks, I think that the USA federal government had good intentions with programs such as welfare. The major problem is that it is difficult to help dysfunctional black people.

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  8. I just came from a Thanksgiving in the South. And I just had a black witch confirm to me, from her own mouth, that “she likes her man to be vicious”. When you have anecdotal and empirical evidence to back it up, you would be a fool to continue dealing with these demons.

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    • I have an Aunt, from my father’s side, who explicitly stated that she does not want NO PUNK BOYS! She explicitly stated that she wants her sons (She has about 5 or 6, I don’t know them all) to be exactly like the rappers you see in the videos! She even told me she would disown her own sons (But not her daughters) if they showed any kind of weakness (Weakness in her dictionary means Kind, well-mannered, respectful, sensitive (to the feelings of others) or anything that would consider you a nice person) and would beat them savagely of they showed it! My cousins (her sons) are incredibly dangerous, in and out of jail, and one of them, has a long history of crimes that one could write a book about it!

      ALL of the men she has had long term relationships with, all are exactly like the men on the picture above. These dudes are straight up killers! There have been many times, where I have step on their brand new sneakers, spilled coffee on them by accident, and a host of other clumsy things I’ve done to them at the time due to being nervous around them. The only reason they have not shot me to death is because they knew we were related to her, and she would end the relationship with them if something were to happen to me, my father and two uncles. Had we not been related to my aunt, I do not think I would be alive today!

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      • Good sir, you will get no argument from me. Black women have voted with their feet, what type of men they want. And so, us thinking brothers need to vote with our feet as well for the type of women we want. Their men only bring destruction. Our non-black women bring a new higher standard of culture.

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  9. This is the type of shit being pushed on BM (and the nation in general) by the left, and the entire effort in the black community is being spearheaded by BW.

    I was listening to Obsidian the other day and they were debating about whether the gender wars were over, I think that they are because we have realized that there is no salvaging the relationship between BW and BM. BM have grown tired of fighting and decided to ignore BW and leave them to be alone. Even though many of us have disengaged from the gender war and put up the Wall, fuckery like the stuff being pushed by liberals and BW will continue, IMO we must call it out but still distance ourselves from it.

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  10. Obsidian, on one of his podcasts a while back, said that feminists, especially black women, have broken the social contract. This black woman’s post is clear evidence of that. It used to be that in order for a black man to have access to the best black women, he had to either be successful or have the potential for success, that is, have an education (at least through high school), a good job, and the ability to support a family. He also had to be of good character and needed the approval of a woman’s father before he could marry her. In the days of the old social contract, one of the incentives for a man to be successful was that he would be rewarded with a good, faithful and attractive wife who would give him children and continue his bloodline.

    But look at these Ray Rays and Pookies. For any of them to get between the legs of a black woman, all they would need to do is show up. No need to actually be successful at anything outside of collecting convictions. And why would any of these men work to better themselves when they are already being rewarded with all the pussy they can handle? Jeremy Meeks, thug #3, is dating the daughter of a billionaire. And they have a baby together. WTF did he do to earn that, other than be an attractive thug who got social media famous from a mug shot, which led to a modeling contract when he got out of prison? I guess even billionaire white women can fall for the allure of the thug. Smh.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      You’re bang on the mark. All these guys have to do is show up and sling raw dick. It’s YOU as the thinking black man, so-called “beta” who gets the long list of demands from black women. Gotta be making 6 figures, have a car, house, stellar credit, etc., none of which the black wench has helped you achieve. And be willing to take on her bastard kids by those same thug dizzles for good measure.

      Brothers are waking up to this raw deal, I love it. SYSBM for life!

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Exactly! And when a thinking black man, clearly seeing that it’s a raw deal, says, “Wait a minute. Why would I have to bring all of that to the table when you gave your best years, including your virginity and your youth, to Dontavius, Montrell and Teyshondre for nothing? What do I get out of the deal?”, then you are somehow hating on black women. Smh.

        It’s a losing battle to even try to reason with these clowns. That’s why I’m SYSBM for life!

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  11. What I take from the initial post from Verbs2015, is that black women in general think everything is some type of joke or something to be laughed at or taken lightly. It seems like no matter how serious the situation is, black women have an uncanny ability to literally dismiss all that is going on around them, and act like it’s nothing.
    Black women think that having multiple children without being married is not that serious and should be taken lightly. Black women think that wearing a ridiculous looking weave is not that serious and should be taken lightly. Black women think their horrible attitudes and aggressive behavior is not that serious and should be taken lightly and accepted.
    My point is that the flippant attitude of black women trickles down to the majority of the so called black community, and the so called black community is completely upside down because of this attitude on the part of black women.
    This is why you have young black men running around terrorizing people, thinking that beating people up for no reason is funny, a joke, and not that serious. This is why you have young black females who think twerking in public is funny or not that serious. Every negative, irrational, insane, stupid thing the planet sees western black people do, is NOT viewed by the majority of black people as wrong or improper. Black folks just accept stupidity because everything no matter what it is that is done by black people is viewed as ‘not that serious’.
    And most of this stems from the attitude of black women, they raise their children with this ‘anything goes’ ,’I don’t give a fuck’, ‘everythings a joke’ way of life. And subsequently black people think everything is a joke or a game, and nothing is taken seriously by black people.
    A black woman sees photos of criminal scum, and her response is set them free, because she thinks they are good looking. Now I can take a joke. And normally I’m a person who finds humor in everything. But the comment of this black female regarding these criminals is indicative of the prevailing attitude of black women toward life.
    Whether she was joking or not.

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    • What your saying really hits home especially what you said about the these heifer making light of serious matters.Such as having multiple kids by diferent men.I cant tell you many times I have seen/heard and I quote.” The first baby daddy is just practice for the next one” both in person and on social media.These black bitches really are stupid.

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      • Paags love me, seemingly EVERYTHING with black people is a joke. The things that black people should be serious about, choosing mates to have children with, impulse control, acting orderly in public, not fighting over words, not having children in bad neighborhoods, black women having babies with criminals, etc, etc are taken lightly, and the things that black folks should ignore and repudiate are taken very seriously, like comments on social media, twerking, weave, how ‘fat’ a black woman’s ass is, etc, etc.
        As long as black men continue to tolerate the disgusting, horrible, animal like behavior of black women nothing will change.
        But I personally don’t give a dam if things change amongst black people, because black men have allowed black women to bully them, tell black men what to do (with the help of white daddy), and have allowed black women to take a position of authority over black men.
        Mainly because most black men are pussy hungry idiots, raised by black women whores, in an environment that teaches black men that they are never to question or challenge the behavior of black women. Black women have trained black men to believe questioning black women automatically makes black men wrong.
        Black women understand that most black men are afraid of black women, and black women use this to beat black men down everyday of their miserable, bitter, confrontational, irrational, mentally ill, toxic lives.
        Avoid black women at all costs.

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      • Bill Smith,

        Well said, Bill Cosy tried to bring attention to this decades ago but black people wanted him to talk about “da white man” instead.

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  12. Odyssey, this is one of the main problems with so called negroes. No matter if they are the most pro black ancient Khemet fried chicken ho Tep Two step negroes or if they are the most conservative republican negro, it ALWAYS goes back to be ‘white man’…..
    Black folks claim they are the original man, and white people are inferior Neanderthal, rhesus money DNA, cave dwelling, albino, devils, demons, live infested, savages who had to be civilized by the original, righteous black God like people.
    But these pro black idiots can’t seem to stop focusing on and obsessing about white people. If white people are so inferior, and black folks are so superior, then why spend one second talking about white people?
    The reason why most black people, pro black or not, spend so much time thinking about white people is because they want white people to accept them, love them, and give them approval. This is why many black people lose their minds when a white person says anything that might be viewed as anti black.
    If black folks actually believed all of the rhetoric they spew, they wouldn’t give a dam what ANY white person says about anything. But if we are aware, we can clearly see that most black people want to be accepted into so called white society.
    Many black people, breath, sleep, eat, and drink the ‘ white man, boogy man’ everyday of their lives. And it’s old, tired, and weak to spend your entire life focusing on a group of people who you claim are inferior.
    I’m SO fucking sick of most black people. The mentally of most black folks is beyond pathetic.

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    • Bill Smith,

      The reason why most black people, pro black or not, spend so much time thinking about white people is because they want white people to accept them, love them, and give them approval. This is why many black people lose their minds when a white person says anything that might be viewed as anti black.

      Exactly, you got it! I hate to say this but even the civil rights movement to a certain degree was about us getting into close proximity with whites. So we could go to their churches, swimming pools ,movie theatres and schools instead of concentrating on just building our own shit.


  13. black women are dysfunctional, that’s why they chase after the worthless dregs of black society and when they have children, things can be worse for them because these dregs will not take care of the kids they had with these women. And the simps chase after these mediocre black women because they was raised by their mothers and these simps comes thick and fast now.

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  14. Its funny n sad but whenever one of these two bit thuggies flip out and kill them and their kids i always say they should’ve chose better. Pro wack simps and broads always say WE want to be chosen when its not the case. I have my passport and been good for a min lol. I guess they just love seeing their kids killed and themselves brutalized cause I’m not batting an eye and I’m keeping it movin.

    On another note this is also why diseases stay rampant in the community cause they keep sharing the same DL dudes like the ones pictured above. Too bad its their problem cause alot of us has moved on.


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