He Tried To Save Her And She Still Showed Him Disrespect – They Don’t Appreciate Your Good Deeds Part 2


Bro, the fact that this 27-year-old black female was thrown out of her mother’s house should’ve given you a clue as to the type of woman you were and still are dealing with. This gentleman saw his “friend” in need and reached out to help her, but of course we Thinking Black Knights at the SYSBM Roundtable could’ve easily told this simp beforehand how things would undoubtedly turn out tragically bringing your average black female into your property.

Of course whilst in the guy’s house Jezebel completely abused the privilege and trashed the joint, no doubt she was eating the simp out of house and home, as the dude said she never contributed to any form of housework, cooking, cleaning ie contributing towards the upkeep of the property as well as maintaining it in the condition it was in when she moved in.

In addition to this the black witch decided to add even more disrespect and salt to the table by hosting parties at the guy’s house and you already know what names were placed on the invitation dockets, 12 Gauge, Buckhead, Lil Squeezy, J Boogie, Tyrone, Flaco, Murder P, Crim C, Bucky G etc. Just like the black female who raised these lower seeded black men know little to nothing with regards to respecting another man’s house and of course they didn’t hold back in executing what the modern day black female had taught them.

What made we laugh is when this woman talked about how she cooks and cleans, we already know this to be a crock of nonsense because in 2018 most modern day black females don’t have a clue with regards to pots, pans, cooking, cleaning etc, when it comes down to cooking most black women only know two things, the microwave and take aways. When it comes down to cleaning and hygiene again with most black women such concepts are non-existent.

How many photos have we come across of black women striking a pose yet in the background what do we see, dirty mattresses, dirty clothes strewn all over the floor, dishes piled up in the sink, carpet that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years, soiled underwear on open display etc. Cleanliness is NOT the modern day black female’s strongpoint and this guy found that out the hard way.

Of course she fits the typical profile of your average garden variety black woman, weave, fake eye lashes, a horrible attitude, disrespectful, a point-blank refusal to shut her mouth and just listen and a criminal record. Note to non black men, the above is how these black sirens will treat you but of course I didn’t need to tell you this because you already know, hence why very few of you as a whole are interested in dealing with these women. So much for “swirling”.

Yes, it’s been a year since YOU made the tragic mistake of MOVING HER INTO YOUR HOUSE, thus you have nobody else to blame for what has befallen you but yourself simp. Notice how in typical fashion this black female took full advantage of the free accommodation and used the situation to build HERSELF up, I told you already that black women as a group aren’t interested in anybody else but themselves.

Those who jump up to protect and defend black women(for example the pro black, court jester, pyramid head simps) in their eyes are viewed as useful idiots who will be used to forward the black female agenda and her agenda alone. This is why many muddy bootlickers like D32018 despite their loyal support towards the black woman STILL DON’T HAVE ONE.

Of course towards the end of the video the black witch resorted to violence, I mean where would any situation that most black women find themselves involved in be without them trying to get physical at some stage of the altercation? She even admitted herself that she has the “Negro Woman Thing” going on, yet you still have some black women and their advocates pathetically attempting to negate the fact that most black women DO have a serious attitude problem, are indeed dysfunctional and on top of this are extremely violent.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she went back to the dude’s house to retrieve her belongings and at the same time started destroying things in his home, this is how most of these black Jezebels roll. She well overstayed her welcome, she completely abused the man’s home(though he only has himself to blame for feeling sorry for her and bringing her blackside into his property to begin with), didn’t want to discuss the pertinent issues with regards to her unreasonable conduct during her stay and to finish matters off had no hesitation in biting the hand that fed her, smh.

It really wouldn’t surprise me if she was also engaging in “extra recreational activities” of a sexual nature in his abode, most likely for money as well. As I talked about in Negro Wars, there is no level that this modern day black female will not stoop to, she will continue to sink deeper and deeper into the mire of filth.

NEVER REACH OUT TO SAVE THESE HOES, shun them and instead leave them to their own demise. The only black women that black men should even think about reaching out to are those who have a proven track record of honesty, accountability, responsibility, femininity, loyalty and showing appreciation for any good deeds that have passed their way. However, best of luck finding any black females who fit all of the above, they are very rare and extremely few and far between.

STOP trying to save black women from the negative consequences brought about as a result of the reckless decisions they’ve made in the past, LEAVE THEM TO SUFFER AND BURN BY THEMSELVES because if the shoe was on the other foot, the consideration of helping you would be looked upon by them as an abomination and a sin unpardonable. Black women as a collective don’t respect anybody, not even themselves, many black men need to learn to deal with this fact and simply move on.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Save Hoes, Shun Them

Most High Bless

102 thoughts on “He Tried To Save Her And She Still Showed Him Disrespect – They Don’t Appreciate Your Good Deeds Part 2

  1. I already knew what to expect going in,
    when you see the words, “help,” and “black woman,” know that you’re about to witness someone being made into a fool. There is no helping black woman without injuring yourself.
    But FUCK this guy and all other puck asses like him.
    This is the type of bitch boy that will throw ANOTHER MAN under the bus just for the sake of some pussy.
    These men need to be talked about and shunned like the women they worship.

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      I have to agree with you, the dude did it to himself. As I stated, helping black women as a collective is a fool’s errand, they instead must be left to stew, rot and burn in their own failures and as you said those men who attempt to “help” them need to be exposed and shunned.

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  2. I will go FIRST. We often talk about the fact that black women are all the same. Perhaps she has some substance abuse issues or body metabolism issues because she is not overweight. Or maybe her thin body is because of the lack of fatty food while imprisoned. As you state, the hair weave and attitude are the same as with most black females. When black females are in the White House, they are still black women. In addition, do not claim that all women are the same. What group of females are known for obesity, fake hair (especially hair weave), $5 net worth, and being single mothers other than black women ? Answer: No group. Whatever negatives exist among non-black women, black females multiply the nonsense many times. SYSBM.

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      • @afrofuturism1

        What happened with all of your videos (youtube)?

        Do you have them on Black Avenger or elsewhere?

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Cosigned, as you continue to state, if you deal with one black woman you can safely conclude that the overwhelming majority of the rest are the same because the culture within black female society is more or less the same across the board ie no diversity.

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      • Yes. Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams, Oprah Winfrey, etc. are just mainstream USA black females in terms of conduct and their views on life.

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      • It’s so true that even the so called Muslims, ESPECIALLY those in places like Philadelphia are almost EXACTLY the same as regular Black women. Subsidy oriented and unwilling to properly raise the children they had (to gain income evidently) with various thug/looser “Muslim ” men. There is almost and I say ALMOST because a very few women VERY EXTREMELY FEW are not like this but I’ve only ever encountered one under the age of 70 and even the older ones are immoral as they are are the bitter witches who have convinced the younger generation of females to abscond into immorality. DO NOT LET OLD BLACK BITTER HAGS INFLUENCE YOUR DAUGHTERS OR WIFE… They are supreme haters!

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      • Anon,

        I hear Obsidian talking about how bad Philly women are all the time and how he needed to import his woman. Black women are bad individuals period regardless of what cloak they decide to put on, you’re right, as I stated before good black women are extremely few and far between, the overwhelming majority have been contaminated beyond redemption.

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    • The funny thing is, so many young whote females and other races of women want to MIMIC the black woman of today. By acting all hood and not worth a damn cent. Black women is why Whore/Slut culture has been doing so well.

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      • thewebtw —— Maybe young wife females will MIMIC black females for a few months early in life. White females, however, tend to grow up when they leave their early 20s. Black females, as a group, do not leave the teenage girl years before age 32.

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      • No, Brother Greg, low-rent, ratchet white females who take on ghetto behavior stay that way for life. And ye shall know them by their mixed babies and no man.

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      • Schadenfreude ——- I disagree about supposed ghetto behavior by USA white females. The white females that you speak of are outliers. 90% of supposedly ratchet white females are a part of the meth-head culture, opioid culture, etc. The USA has a major prescription drug crisis. The rural areas of the USA have these white females in large numbers. In places such as rural Montana and rural Idaho, there are essentially no black men around for these white women to be black “ghetto” with.

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      • Well no. Maybe it’s because I’m in the younger generation. But there’s a hideous amount of young white folks my age and younger aspiring to be like their black counterparts. The negative parts of the blacks at least. Furthermore, white women and middle eastern women trying to act ratchet and hood and have giant inflatable butts and tattoos are all too familiar to all ages.

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      • The operative word that you use is “YOUNG.” I see few white women, over age 30, trying to MIMIC black females. I also note that tattoos and plastic surgery are common in the parts of Europe that have almost no black people. In fact, these Europeans probably have more tattoos than USA blacks. The white people started getting tattoos first and then black people started to copy them in the attainment of tattoos.

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      • Remember——– As a general rule, white females do not MIMIC anything that black females do. There are outliers white females that mimic black females. There are also white females that have a short period in life in which they mimic black females. Bottom line is that we ignore the outliers and people going through a phase. Tommy Sotomayor talks about how Justin Timberlake and Pink went through a “black” phase in their careers. As these people grew older, the black phase was toned down. Tattoos and plastic surgery are about white people acting like white people. Black people, later, followed up with tattoos and plastic surgery and copy the conduct of white people.

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  3. Even though it was meant to be somewhat of a skit, comedy imitates real life. I knew a situation where a family member of mine where helping a “friend” out with kids with no where to stay.

    Eventually, the “guest” showed her true hospitable nature. She was unclean, lazy, high all the time, and didn’t take good care of her children.

    In fact, during the duration of the stay, my family member agonist ended up being a caretaker. This was enough to get the so called “friend” evicted from the house to go be a squatter in someone else’s home.

    I’ve learned since my teenage years that black women are nothing but dysfunctional liabilities with little to offer but odorous vagina, horrible characteristic traits, and bad habits.

    Many men should not have black women (especially) as friends as they will become their enablers and are very unuseful. They will be disappointed and disenchanted in the end.

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    • Ryan,

      I’ll stick to the statement that I made in my book Negro Wars, “black women as a collective being the feminists that they are, are decadent, lazy slobs looking for free handouts and an easy ride through life”, this guy found that out the hard way. I’ve never come across a group of women who are so slack in their ways and who mistakenly believe that their male counterparts are supposed to cater to them, smh.

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    • I just shook one of these BW off me a couple weeks ago. Turned her down and she refused to understand how I could have zero interest and attraction like all of her “hoodrich” suitors. There is nothing that the average modern BAW has the offer to a classic man…period.

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      • “Turned her down and she refused to understand how I could have zero interest and attraction like all of her “hoodrich” suitors. ”

        I experienced this frequently in high school, I had chicks in HS get mad with me because I didn’t want them, they couldn’t understand how all of the pookies and ray rays wanted them but I didn’t.

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      • There was a comment on here about how as the reality starts to set in…you will see more unstable behavior from BW in regards to being ignored. That’s why when they come around I try to make myself as unappealing to this negro female as possible so I’m ignored. They arent just dealing with outright rejection but BM are ghosting, which I guarantee will frustrate them more and provoke more erratic behavior in the days to come. When you tell Shaniqua that you arent interested in a relationship and she sees you booed up with Becky the next day heads will start to explode lol

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  5. Look I get wanting to help a friend, but why help THAT friend? The fact that a hoodrat like that is your “friend” says a lot about you!

    As you mentioned, her being kicked out of her MOMMA’s house should’ve been warning. Most black women will let the most lousy of louts stay with them, i.e. J Boogie, Crisco, and Cold Chillin’. The fact that even she was unwelcome meant he should’ve left her where he found her.

    I honestly think that these simps enjoy having these idiots around, they enjoy ratchet drama as much as the chicks who raised them. No matter how much they pay for it in the end, it’s still good for a laugh to them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      #Truth. I remember speaking to a black guy some time ago who decided to help out a Nigerian woman by loaning her some money(a very small amount, nothing major, I believe that it was £5 which is around $6 ). Do you think that the black witch paid him back, silly question really. Even with small amounts of money to repay black women will still default on their debts.

      Again, this just goes to illustrate the fact that black female skullduggery is an international problem. When black women ask black men for anything whether it be money or “a favour”, black men should instantly know that whatever they are loaning or giving away WILL NOT be returned or reciprocated.

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      • I learned this the hard way a few years ago. I was thinking helping black women in need was the godly thing to do. Boy was I stupid for doing that by believing the pastors bullshit. I’m more ghost when it comes to black women.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        I’ve been there. See the fucked up experience I wrote about down below two days ago on this page. I was made to feel that it was my fault for being “too nice”. Simp behavior is taught to us from every angle when we are young. It is never rewarded and then we are blamed for trying to be ‘one of the good ones’ Smdh

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  6. “STOP trying to save black women from the negative consequences brought about as a result of the reckless decisions they’ve made in the past, LEAVE THEM TO SUFFER BY THEMSELVES because if the shoe was on the other foot, the consideration of helping you would be looked upon by them as an abomination and a sin unpardonable.”

    Well said. Before I stopped listening to him BGS made a video talking about how BM have won the gender war and that BW are scared now because many of them can see the writing on the Wall (pun intended). The part that I disagreed with him on was when he said that BM were obligated to reconcile with BW and that we shouldn’t want to “destroy our women”. BM aren’t obligated to get together with anyone and we haven’t destroyed anything, they did that to themselves via their own choices.

    Don’t save ’em, the swirl train broke down at the station and good BM are making themselves invisible to BW.

    Also: Is it just me, or has there been an increase in “agreeable” BW commentators under BM like Tommy Sotomayor’s YouTube videos and others? It seems like as the Wall grows more BW are becoming chameleons and NABWALTs. In YouTube videos I’m seeing less BW arguing with BM and more of them trying to convince BM that they agree with BM, don’t act like that, and that they don’t like most BW either.

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    • Lmao they can try that NABWALT shit all they want. Classic brothers arent buying that. Day late and a dollar short…I’ll just choose to be invisible and fuck only with Becky, Avielle, Maritza, Khadijah, Ling, and Hitomi. Lol

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      • Autodidact,

        They think we’re dumb and stupid and cannot see that they’re only “appearing” to have a change of heart simply because tough times have set upon them and additionally they see the grim writing on the wall. Like you said, its too little too late now, black women must be judged for their sins BY THEMSELVES. Always remember, they don’t want us, they simply want OUR HELP.

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    • James S,

      So after all of the endless death and destruction black women as a collective have brought upon black men and black society with their own hands, BGS The Sodomite still expects us to reconcile with these creatures, what kind of a mad professor, off the chain statement is that? As I’ve stated numerous times before, black women have brought their own destruction upon themselves, nobody else is responsible for their current deep in the gutter status, they did it to themselves via their own hands.

      Thus what does it profit me to reconcile with a group of women who only know destruction and who still hate me with a passion? It would be one thing if black women were remorseful and repentant for their actions, however when you continually run into videos like this, black women leave absolutely no incentive to make things a new:

      BGS The Sodomite by recommending such a course of action is simply attempting to have some simps come along and save his daughters from a lifestyle of singledom and misery, however recompenses need to be meted out and black women must be judged for their innumerable iniquities. Like you said, DON’T SAVE THEM.

      Concerning the increase in black women cloaking themselves in sheep’s clothing and pretending to be different, I smell the rotting rat and see this phenomenon clearly for what it is, black women attempting to buffer themselves from the wrath to come. Thinking black men accepted the “lame” memo and have already made the necessary adjustments to their lives, we aren’t about to return to the plantation and begin dealing with a group of women who made it abundantly clear that they weren’t interested in us to begin with.

      Besides, it becomes extremely irritating when there are millions upon millions of pro black muddy bootlicking simps such as D32018 who are more than willing to take black women onboard regardless of their condition/status, yet these same black females continue to pass over them and home in straight for the classic brothers, you know, the very men they rejected.

      Even Nicole Michelle talked about this phenomenon the other day when I was on Obsidian’s show and how the sorcery and witchcraft regarding black women putting on a front would increase exponentially. However, I’m not fooled, I know exactly what buttons to press in order to get black women to release Jezebel from her cage, the black witch, enchantress and up and coming black female Youtuber Irene Yvette found that out really quick.

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      • Model In INTENSIVE CARE After Butt Implant EXPLODED!!

        This chick was a weaved up, tatted up, fake booty BW IG thot who tried to pass herself off as Asian. BW claim that non-BW are trying to be like them when in reality it is the other way around. BW do everything they can to try to distance themselves from blackness, even going so far as to try to pass as non-black. BW do this because they know that they are cooked as far as dating goes and resort to lies and deception to try to get a man. They know that nobody wants them.

        “Concerning the increase in black women cloaking themselves in sheep’s clothing and pretending to be different, I smell the rotting rat and see this phenomenon clearly for what it is, black women attempting to buffer themselves from the wrath to come.”

        Yep. The combination of the failed swirling movement, the election of Trump, and good BM avoiding them was probably a giant “Oh shit” moment for BW. They realize that they don’t have anyone worth a damn looking to date them, just players, thugs, and bums that hit them up when they want some sex, no one looking to put a ring on their finger though. I’m not even in the dating game anymore, but I still enjoy witnessing chickens coming home to roost. Its somewhat satisfying watching these chicks being depressed and lashing out at the fact that no one wants them, especially when they see good BM dating out and/or saying that they don’t want to date BW.

        In addition to seeing the rise of NABWALTs I also rarely hear BW talking the “I’m going to get me a WM” talk anymore, I think that even they understand that that is a punch line at this point.

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      • @James,

        It is absolutely hilarious to see it while I’m out, especially when I’m out with the chick I’m seeing who has even begun to cue in on this and thinks it’s hysterical.

        Going to a bar and seeing brothers absolutely avoiding black whores at all costs makes my entire night. Hell i don’t even need to get a drink at this point to have fun. Just sit back, relax and watch the shit show unfold.

        These chicks now know that cloning mount swirlylympus was a gigantic pipe dream, and nobody with any common sense wants them unless it’s for sex, and that’s even coming to an end. More brothers are voting conservatively, putting up the wall of silence, and refusing to care for children that aren’t theirs, and be clean up men. It’s absolutely beautiful.

        Time to put that bullshit mantra of being “strong and independent” to the rest. They’ve got no choice now 🤷🏾‍♂️

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      • @Stephen

        Yeah as the Wall grows BW are going to become some of the biggest cock blockers in history. If you are a BM with a mixed/non-black woman get ready. I think the online begging/lashing out is just the beginning, soon it may become common and accepted among BW for BW to call out BM who are dating out in public. Many will probably start heckling and talking shit to brothers dating out in public.

        “Going to a bar and seeing brothers absolutely avoiding black whores at all costs makes my entire night.”

        I don’t really go to bars anymore but that would be very entertaining. BW are about to be the only group of women that will have to approach men for dates, otherwise they wont get attention. The only group of women to have to chase after men, and many of the men will be running away.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Remove the makeup from these women and that is when the horror show will kick up 10 notches. Notice towards the end how the skinny woman on the left(AfricaMir) claimed that Christianity has been twisted to fit patriarchy, yet all of the major religions of the world recognise the man as the head of the family.

        Again, they continue to tell on themselves, she rejects normalcy in favour of the tried, tested and failed matriarchy, and black women sit navel gazing and wondering why they remain single at such a high clip. Subscribing to a matriarchal way of life is a sure fire way to fail at any relationship and black woman have mastered the art very well.

        As I’ve stated many times before, the best weapon thinking black men have against black women is that of abandonment. If Becky wants to fish for black men I’m all for it because at least I know that she’s actually interested in building and maintaining a strong family structure. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • So what, Christianity was originally MATRIARCHAL?!!!! These QUEENS stay stupid, yet claim to be so smart. Guarantee that if you let them talk long enough, the average “good” black woman will say the same thing.

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    • You are not imagining anything, I’m older than most of you here (don’t ask how I know) and on my and the rest of my families lives, bw, especially the ones my age is SLOWLY starting to change their attitude towards BLACK MEN men. Just last night, I ALMOST found myself hitting on one, but I had to switch off my dick brain and focus on listening to my ACTUAL BRAIN…..but she was fine though…and I LOVE ME SOME BECKY….anywho…


      bw as a collective are begrudgingly changing their tone and tune……………………………………………………………………………………………………………don’t fall for it.

      There is a reason they are slowly, begrudgingly changing; not because it’s the logical thing to do, rather because IT’S THE ONLY THING THEY CAN DO AT THIS JUNCTURE………now here is the thing,

      off grid/on code

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      • “There is a reason they are slowly, begrudgingly changing; not because it’s the logical thing to do, rather because IT’S THE ONLY THING THEY CAN DO AT THIS JUNCTURE”

        Yep, and I think that a lot of guys know this. The combination of welfare cuts, failed swirling attempts, and the realization that good BM are avoiding them is humbling a lot of these BW. We will see a lot of BW humbling themselves, coming with the “dear black man” talk, and beginning to aggressively approach good BM for dates, but like you said its probably too late.

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      • @Verbs

        Yep, this is damage control from BW and we can expect much much more of this in the future along with increasingly aggressive “cock blocking” of BM who date out or even express interest in it. They are back pedaling from the “strong and independent” talk at light speed now that many of them have been forced to accept the fact that swirling isn’t an option for them. For the majority of them who want a stable relationship a good BM is their best and ONLY option and good BM have begun putting on the active camouflage when they come around looking for a date.

        Its crunch time for them and they see they Wall growing. Many of them are going to do whatever it takes to get a good BM now that they see how limited their dating options truly are, including kissing good BM’s asses (dear BM), pretending to agree with BM about BW, aggressively pursuing good BM, and trying to become side-chicks.

        Those were some kind words from the BW in the video, but its too late. A lot of good BM have gotten a taste of the “ghost” life and/or bi-racial and non-BW and aren’t coming back. Like PBT put it, decades worth of “strong and independent, niggas ain’t shit, and BM aren’t on our level” talk wont be forgiven overnight, no matter how many sweet words they speak.

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      • JESUS! That video was unwatchable, but first, was it real????? I mean did ANY OF YOU feel real sincerity coming out of the mouths of these “qweens”???? Instead of talking to grown men, they sound like they were talking to children, that’s another problem with black women as a whole, they think they are EVERY black man’s mother, SICK!!!!!!!!!
        AND WHAT”S WORST, a good majority of black men are going to just EAT THIS BULLSHIT UP!!!!

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  7. That’s the thing, if someone gets put out of their mother’s house, their own MOTHER doesn’t want to deal with them, then tbey clearly have issues that you shouldn’t want to deal with.

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  8. 12 Gauge, Buckhead, Lil Squeezy, J Boogie, Tyrone, Flaco, Murder P, Crim C, Bucky G

    Once again, with these thug names 😂

    @d1ckh38d the SIMP won’t even get off first base with these bitches SIMPing for these hungry hungry hippos. Yet the thugs that do aren’t. A lesson yet to be learnt from a so called intelligent “man”.


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    • Michel,

      Simps like D32018 are a cautionary tale of how simping will get you absolutely nowhere with black women, besides at this late stage apart from simps like him who really wants to get anywhere with black women anyway?

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  9. I feel no sympathy for these Simps who try to play captain save a hoe . Some men have to learn the hard way. Even though I prefer Black women and lightskin even I have stopped dating them and I started dating a Beckys and non black women even i don’t advise dating Black women or ligthskin. SYSBM and MGTOW is the only Black man options.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Indeed, at some point black men are going to have to be honest with themselves, look at the current state of black women and make a decision. More and more black men are deciding that the juice simply is no longer worth the squeeze. As I was stating to another brother recently, it is getting incredibly difficult for the simps to defend black female dysfunction, hence why the majority of these bootlicking shines have nothing left in their ammunition chest bar name calling, slogan slinging and shaming tactics.

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  10. This dumb whores own mother doesn’t even want to deal with her. If that’s not a warning sign, I don’t know what is. I’m in no way saying the mother is a saint (she probably isn’t), but that’s pretty damning when the mother washes her hands of her own child.

    These idiotic simps will never understand until it’s too late, and even then they still will try to be in the good graces of these nasty bitches. They couldn’t get one of these diseased infested animals if they fell backwards in between her nasty crusty ass legs. But they still defend them as if their pathetic lives depends on it. Stockholm syndrome at its worst.

    Avoid these chicks at all costs.

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    • Stephen,

      There is absolutely no way that I would bring a woman like that into my house to stay, NO WAY. Exactly what I stated in Negro Wars about there being many casualties and victims as a result of simping and pandering towards black women.

      Yep, black women as a collective are really feeling the burn now, I’m extremely impressed concerning how US black men are really picking up steam in the interracial dating market in response to black female hostility.

      The simps on the other hand are dumb idiots as only a fool would still attempt to uplift a female who has declared her deep seated hatred for him, talk about being bewitched.

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      • I have not. I hear great things about it from my friends in Nassau. It may be worth checking out one of these days.

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  11. Bruh all this playing captain save a hoe and other crap, that’s got to stop. All these captain save a hoe dudes, just give it up already. They ain’t getting any brownie points after that. Like I said, I rather try exotic fruits and flavors instead of week old mcdonalds and popeye’s fried chicken. All these simps, they definitely gonna have to learn the hard way because they have to understand, they risking their own lives over some girl’s cookie.

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  12. SIMPing is a nasty disease. I’m sure brothers know what it is and probably fallen prey to it at least once…I know I have.

    SIMPing basically says “I am inferior to women”. Because women can get sex easily, and are worshipped by society, men feel sexually frustrated and “less than”. Add to that the horrible choice of women (Satan’s walruses, aircraft carrier bitches and hungry hungry hippos) available, and voilà, a SIMP.

    The SIMPing antidote is simple: “man up”. Realise your own worth, work on yourself and get masculine. Let women come to you, if not, leave them behind. It’s another lesson yet to be learned by limp SIMP bitches like @d1ckh38d, who (as a trans-op patient) can only project his homosexual fantasies on other straight men. Sad…


    Liked by 3 people

    • Michel,

      D32018 aka Muddy shoeshiner will pop his head in here again very soon. These simps are a pestilence because through their worship of women they enable these females to continue in their dysfunction without receiving the due recompense and penalties for such actions. As per usual you’re spot on, simping profits a man absolutely nothing.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        I have an idea. You should have a best of page on this site in which you save and repost the best, funniest, and/or most informative posts from the site. The above one from Michel is something that newer arrivals should see. Carnio and others have posted good travel, employment, and other good info. We have all also had some of our most inspired rants on here. Some of them are good enough that they shouldn’t just dissapear into electronic oblivion.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Xstopalopoketl,

        That’s actually a good idea, I’m going to put up the travel page aswell so that brothers can share that type of information too, thanks for reminding me.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        If you need help, I will volunteer my time to go back over your older posts to help you find the best entries.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Verbs,

    The names you stated on the invitation dockets has me dying laughing. But why would this guy think he could help this black witch out. Guess he did not pay attention to the mountain of evidence over the last few years that simply states you cannot help BW and it’s no use of engaging in a argument with them bet he learned his lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sean,

      Indeed, he won’t be helping out another black witch again, this is how most of these simps will find out and learn about the true nature of black women.


      • Verbs,

        The sad thing is sometimes a guy helps a black witch out and they treat the man as such in the video and then the Simp will still help out another black witch. These simps are gone beyond repair.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Verbs, I know it’s not open mic Wednesday, but since you are in England are you familiar with the mixed British actress Georgina Campbell? Holy fuck she is gorgeous. A black Jamaican father and a white British mother produced an absolutely beautiful woman.
    But I’m supposed to believe I have a duty to ‘maintain’ some mythical bloodline in order to ‘protect’ our ‘race’ from extinction. The level of stupidity among most black people is astounding.
    I see why black women complain about mixed women getting more attention than they do. Look at Georgina Campbell then look at Serena Williams (who is viewed by some in the black community as beautiful), who would you choose?
    Black women just lose, lose, and lose. Not only because of their appearance, but the horrible attitude on top of the overall unattractive appearance.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Bill Smith,

      The name was not familiar to me so I looked her up but I immediately recognised the face because I have seen her around here and there. She is indeed a very attractive woman. This is my point, the pro blacks will turn down a beautiful woman like that(at least in public, what they do behind closed doors is another story altogether) and opt for a full loaded fuel tanker with 7 children en tow.

      This is why as well as black women we must not listen to these RBG pyramid heads either, because they are just as full of garbage as the black females who raised them. There is no way in Hades that I will ever be convinced that Serena Williams is attractive, that will never happen.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bill Smith,

      Serena Williams looks like a tranny man body builder does not have no feminine qualities to her at all on top of that with a horrible attitude. It amazes me how some in the black community think she is attractive that is a straight up ugly bitch no way around it.

      Liked by 3 people

  15. Some years ago I almost made the mistake of borrowing a scraggle daggle some money who I’d known for years (she is actually the daughter of my mothers best friend) So I’ve known for years.

    However I got a bad vibe about doing it and my simpish cousin (who had liked her for years) rushed to step in and decided to give it to her……

    Fast forward some time later and she only ended up paying him half the money back and they no longer speak…….

    PS: She got pissed when I told her I lost my virginity to a white girl…..All the confidence literally drained out of her face it was truly sad to watch lol but funny as fuck….

    Liked by 4 people

  16. I remember about ten years ago, I had to move in a hurry. I was again living with my disfunctional family and had to get the hell out of there. I managed to find a basement room in a residential home that was being rented out.

    A slutty, HEAVILY westernized East African chick with poor hygiene I was seeing ran away from home because her muslim father refused to tolerate her whorish lifestyle and slutty behavior. This bitch was a total slut. I had to find this out the hard way though. I fell for her because she was young and cute. She was also well spoken, and as an East African immigrant, she wasn’t ghetto or hood in the slightest.

    Anyway, her dad was always on her case. He would call her selfish, a whore, etc. And he right on all counts! He worked two low wage jobs everyday with rarely any time off. Just so this girl and the rest of their family could afford to live in an expensive house in a suburban neighborhood. He brought them all to this country after first living in Ethiopia and then the middle east. Just so that his kids could get a good education.

    She used to complain about him and say that her mom wanted a divorce from him. They were always complaining about this man who worked so hard for all of them.

    Over and over, I would ask what he had done to them that made him so horrible as a father? Her answer? He was always working! When I would point out the big expensive house that they lived in and that he was an immigrant with no college degree, she would just shrug. When I asked her how in the hell else could he afford this beautiful home that they all took for granted (since the mother rarely worked) she would look at me with a blank expression, as if the thought never occured to her. Her other complaint was that he had struck her and often grounded her for sneaking out. I later found out that in reality, it was her opening her legs to every lowlife around that was the real cause of friction between them. The stories I was able to learn about her were just nasty to say the least. He was an African immigrant with traditional family values. As such, he could not tolerate this behavior in his home. She was also dishonest and rather selfish. Her mother covered for her behavior and was also ungrateful and very westernized.

    This bitch had every red flag imaginable: dishonest, checkered past (slut, whore, etc.), obsessed with social media, selfish, ungrateful, bad sexual hygiene, corrupted by liberalism, etc. Her cunt was overused, unclean, and had this funky cheesy stench tbat emanated whenever the panties came off. Like a fish and doo-doo pizza with extra cheese. You would think I would have known better but…

    Anyway, she left home and had no place to stay and no one else to help her. So, I stepped in. Even though I was in a precarious situation myself. I was worried about her being out on the street, as sheltered as she was. So, with my limited funds I paid for a hotel room the first night. After that, I let her sleep in my little basement room rent free. I had just moved in and had very little money. She complained about the fact that I had no furniture and how sparse it looked.

    Think about that. She would have been out on the streets otherwise. Probably being victimized, since her only barganing tool was the rotten crotch between her legs. She was not ghetto or hood and had no street smarts and came from a sheltered stable two parent suburban home. Well, a few days later some strange older white man she had previously met offered her a job cleaning his home and gave her a place to stay. She moved in with him temporarily. They argued and fought all the time because he also learned of her nature. I still cared for her so I always checked up on her and made sure she was safe. She would eventually move back home.

    This white man passed away about two years later. They were probably fucking, but she never admitted to it. All she ever did was complain about him just like her dad. You can’t make this shit up. She was completely ungrateful to him just like she was to me and to her father. The people who bent over backwards the most to help her and keep her safe were respectable hard working males. And in true modern black woman fashion she was completely ungrateful for all of the help given her.

    Why this long story and post?

    Simple. I have coined a new term for the Black Manosphere.

    This was probably my first real “Niggress Wake Up Call”. At least the first time it really began to sink in. I would still have a few more fruitless years of hoping against hope for change until about 2-3 years ago when I accepted what my life experience had told me about black females and most blacks in general these days.

    We have all heard the term “Nigger Wake Up Call”. It’s when a black person who thinks they have some sort of protected status from the reality of what the rest of us have to face gets shown in no uncertain terms that they are not part of the dominant culture’s “club”. Bill Cosby comes to mind.

    A “Niggress Wake Up Call” is when a classic black man is called a lame by a black female for not being dumb, lazy, or ignorant. It’s when he is shown that his help is neither appreciated nor will be reciprocated by black females. When he is shown (whether he is strong enough to accept it or not) that although being pro-black and conscious, he may be down for them, but they are not down for him.

    When any of these things happen and he is honest enough with himself to accept the truth and change his views and understanding accordingly, he joins the ranks of SYSBM or some other similar expression of black male independence and autonomy.

    When this happens to a black man and it frees him from the trap of disfunction that is the modern day black female, I call this his Niggress Wake Up Call.

    Liked by 2 people

    • In fact now that I think about it…

      Nigger Wake Up Calls are basically exclusive to blacks and mixed race individuals.

      The Niggress Wake Up Call however can be experienced by anyone who doesn’t understand (or refuses to!) the modern black witches disfunction and has to learn about it through bitter experience.

      This is because the black witch vents her animosity at any and all around her. Innumerable online videos attest to the black females public volatility. Deep down she hates everyone because deep down she hates herself. This includes persons from virtually any other group that she comes in regular contact with.

      Including but not limited to: Korean store owners, white women who are exposed to black females jealousy of them, other black women, black men of course, and men of any race who make the mistake of dating them.

      With one notable exception however. Naturally, “White Daddy” will often get a pass. In whatever form he presents himself…

      He will be the least likely to get bitten by the serpent. But those times when he does will bring many incoming “L”s to the collective head of the black female beast.

      Because sooner or later this will become just as well known to any potential white guy who’s willing takes his chances with them as it is to us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • This is why I say never help women, and thinking that non-American black women are good partners in general is a pipe dream. I’m African, so I know how they are.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Xstopalopoketl,

      This account was incredible, being brought up in a feminist system we’ve all been there at some stage, the good news is we came out of it, are now better men and additionally can pass down this info to the younger generations behind us.


      • I was younger at the time and due to being called a lame, bookworm, etc. in my younger years, I didn’t have much knoweledge or insight into female nature. She was one of the first black girls I met who spoke proper American english and as I said, she was short, young, and cute. She was also a charmer and knew how to lie to a sucker(at that time) like me. I sort of have a thing for some East African women. And I’m still a sucker for younger women (even after this!) Lol! After all the disgusting scraggles I grew up around, she was a breath of fresh air. Or so I thought…

        I got taken for a ride by this female. But it was my own fault. I would get paid and then make one of the worst mistakes that red pill specialists often warn guys NOT to make! I would spend my money on her in an attempt to prove to her that I was “one of the good ones”. What a fucking joke. This cunt was a human petrie dish. She always had other guys in the background the whole time I was seeing her. Later on I learned a little more about her from other sources. I’m sorry I even kissed her with my own lips. I fell for a girl who was a good 12 years younger than myself. But when we first met, she presented herself as so clean cut, so polished, well spoken and intelligent that I really believed that she was finally the “one” for me. She told me that her family was muslim so I assumed that she had been raised with some degree of chastity and self-respect. I even had visions of possible marriage at some point before I found out about the way she was.

        It’s one reason why I’m so leery about all females raised in this western culture these days. Even those that come from traditional family oriented cultures will not maintain their cultural propriety and standards if they immigrate to the western world. And western ideology is fast seeping into other nations worldwide as we’ve spoken about here before.


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