Black Woman Sits On Man Because He Refused To Give Up His Seat On Train


Yes, you saw everything right there, this fully loaded super tanker decided to sit on the man because he refused to give up his seat for her. What is it about fat black women and their sense of entitlement? So, according to her logic the man is “disrespecting women” because he didn’t give up his seat so that she could sit her 400 pound plus backside down, smh.

Of course in that black witch’s mind the brother’s transgression was not automatically addressing her as “sista”, grovelling at her feet, worshipping her and offering up her fat wide loaded behind his seat. This is the narcissistic and disjointed mindset of the modern day black female when it comes down to how they view black men, as I continue to tell you they view us as slaves, assets and commodities.

You can quite easily liken this black witch’s expectation of being “served” to back in the day when black folks had to sit at the back of the bus and were forced to give up their seat to white people if there was no seating available. This situation is no different to what happened to Rosa Parks except instead of white privilege the wide load super cruiser attempted to invoke the woman card.

We all know what the real deal was here, she is fat, unhealthy with very little energy and so she didn’t want to face the prospect of having to stand for the duration of her journey and so she decided to lock into bullyboy mode, interrogate and bully the brother for HIS seat, however her witchcraft didn’t work and the man stood his ground, good for him.

More black men have to begin standing up to the black witch’s frequent intimidation and bullyboy tactics, the so called sacred cow of black society needs to be cast down from her throne. I understand the public transport systems of the world pretty well because the overwhelming majority of them implement the same policies when it comes to seating on buses and trains.

Allow me to take you onto the public transport system here in London. On the metro system(which is called the London Underground) the seats nearest to the doors are typically marked as priority for the elderly, pregnant women, those with children and the disabled, here are some examples of what I am talking about:

Now, in the newer trains that have been introduced there are certain areas that have flip down seating which can also serve as space for wheelchair users, those with buggies, bikes or luggage, here is another example of this:

The policy to give up one’s seat on public transport in the UK is NOT compulsory/mandatory, it is a request. I imagine the subways and other forms of transport in New York and other parts of the US have similar schemes in place. The priority seating is NOT reserved for lazy fat heifers who cannot be bothered to go to the gym and who do not like the prospect of standing up for their entire commute to and from work or going about their daily business.

Again, notice how the man she bullied isn’t one of these Pookie and Ray Ray types, hence one of the reasons I believe she decided to “move in for the kill”. As mentioned before she attempted to invoke the “respect for women” card yet notice how there are non black women who are also standing without complaint.

Black women will forever hold onto that victimhood card at all costs, however the world is getting sick and tired of the black female’s constant ” woe is me, gimme, gimme, gimme” whiny attitude and is increasingly declining the use of such privileges. This woman in the video looks absolutely horrible, she more resembles a hideous looking beast from the great deep as opposed to a woman.

Again, if you wish to be treated like a woman then you must first be acting like one, how is behaving in an aggressive manner, trying to force another person out of their seat because you wish to use it, swearing like a trooper and offering to fight somebody ladylike, I’ll wait? Whenever Stephen, Xstopalopoketl, Michel and some of you other brothers report on your various experiences with black women, the above is what typically comes into my mind.

I would’ve immediately chopped this savage in her walrus type neck the minute she decided to invade my personal space, Jezebels must be put in their place on the spot. Notice how nobody stepped in to defend the man, yet had he begun to beat Miss Mitchelin to a pulp, I predict the entire carriage would’ve switched and come to her defence talking the usual feminist “you shouldn’t hit a woman” talk even though she assaulted him first.

This is the problem with how things are in 2018 vs the pre feminism era, back then at least folks recognised Jezebels for who there were and would quickly bring them into line whenever they got out of pocket. Fast forward to 2018 however and living in this post feminist society things have completely changed, rude, uncouth, masculine, violent and disorderly women are now protected and are almost always guaranteed to have some simp in the shadows who is more than willing to throw on his cape and jump to her defence, smh.

Brothers, be careful out there, beastly looking, trouble making black harridans like this are all over the place, be sure to be on guard especially if you are out and about with your non black girlfriend because fools like this might try to get brave and do something foolish. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stand Up To Disruptive And Unruly Females

Most High Bless

79 thoughts on “Black Woman Sits On Man Because He Refused To Give Up His Seat On Train

      • oh my goodness!!! what a horrible sight and what a horrible performance by this black beast!!!! how embarrassing for the guy!!!! wow, man i tell you, keep away from black women at all cost!!! they are all like that and so is most black men,,,disgraceful utterly… i am telling you,,,i bet she would not do that to a white or non black men____??? they dont want to see their own people and men with ANYTHING….very envious and wicked towards their own kind,,motherfuckers,,,,,no more black bitches for me,,,suffer too much from them,,,,,no black motherfucker has any right to be happy when their own people are in bondage and suffering and often times a suffering that they themselves have caused on their own people

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    • She could have crushed that Indian dudes legs, and stinking him up. This was Stan Lee’s last Marvel character before he died…LOL. Guess the super powers…LOL.

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  1. People see BW acting like this in public all the time, there is a reason why they have a bad reputation and nobody wants to date/marry them. Like many brothers point out most of the ghetto fight/tantrum videos on the internet involve BW. Thanks to the online gender wars of the past decade many brothers who were unfortunate enough to be raised by one of these monsters are waking up and distancing themselves from them.

    Many non-blacks are starting to see that BW (along with the gov) are the root of the black community’s dysfunction as well. As more BM date out or choose to become “ghosts” these chicks will probably lash out, cry/beg/shame even more, keep your distance and keep the Wall up. Let them date pookie and ray ray or the imaginary non-BM that is coming to save them.

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    • James S,

      Black women as a group don’t even know how to be women anymore, and they wonder why more black men are walking away from them. Their attempts to pass off this type of behaviour as normal haven’t worked, the “you can’t handle a strong black woman” talk is nothing more than black women trying their best to shame black men into taking onboard their dysfunctional selves.

      Men aren’t stupid, as you said more black men in particular are beginning to cease dealing with black women altogether because they see them for the dysfunctional savages that they are. Sitting on a man’s lap because your fat backside cannot be bothered to stand, smh. #SYSBM

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  2. Here is my advice to you gentlemen, carry MACE in your pockets…..I’m not even kidding. Think, if this man would have had mace on him, as soon as she moved in for the kill, he could have sprayed her ass.
    NOW, the truly disgusting part about this video is how NO ONE came to help this man. Had he been TALKING harshly to her, let alone yelling and physically assaulting her, everyone would have been all UP in their business. LASTLY, when WE start CHECKING ANYONE WHO ATTACK AND ASSAULTS us, people will keep their distance, hands and opinions about us, to themselves.

    Personally, I have NO PROBLEM putting a person like this on her ass for jumping up in my face like a junkyard dog…no problem at all.

    Keep your mace handy

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      Completely agree with your statement, black men need to spray down these grizzly bears with mace whenever they step out of line, they’d soon learn to fix up their behaviour from that plus other passengers may be inclined to jump in early and check these heifers is they know there is a strong possibility of that carriage being gassed out.

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    • Sage exactly I would have punished her for getting in my face if these woman want to jump up they will get beat down like Brand Nubian said I’m
      Not playing with these BW at all. And I know she stinked.

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      • Exactly. It is the good BM that are avoiding them, which really drives them crazy now that they see that swirling isn’t an option.

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    • Michel,

      Again, these wide load cruisers refuse to self examine which is one of the key reasons why the L’s continue to flood in for them while at the same time Becky, Ling, Patel, Sadiq, Kawasaki, Kim etc can move in with ease and scoop up the so called “lames” black women have loudly declared that they don’t want.

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  4. Please note that the phrase in the first paragraph “…fat black women” is redundant wording in the manner of WET WATER. USA black women are primarily fat. Therefore it is extra wording to describe USA black females as fat black women. Note that Rosa Parks, and black women in her era, tended to be slender black women. GOOD ARTICLE

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Of course ultra simps like D32018 will categorically deny that most US black females are obese even though he can walk down his local streets and see this for himself, smh.

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      • @Verbs
        How about @d1ckh38d aka..Pussyboi just look at The CDC stats showing that 82% of ALL “Satan’s Walruses” (black whores) are obese/overweight. Oh, I forgot, all of the massive hormone shots Pussyboi takes daily is probably causing Macular Degeneration and affecting (its) ability to read.

        And NO Verbs, she did not …”invade his space”, SHE ASSAULTED HIM, several times, which would have facilitated a right cross to the Walruse’s jaw of about 800psi to sufficiently penetrate the massive layers of FAT in the black whore’s face. She needs to be herded back to the ZOO from which she escaped from.

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      • Simps and black women always deny the truths about black females. Black men, for example, tend to have high rates of prostate cancer. There is no need to deny the facts about prostate cancer. The simps and black women, however, must deny that the typically USA black women have excess body fat.

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  5. SNORLAX!!!!!!

    This ham-planet looked like she could produce several tons of sausage and bacon. I shutter to think that some lame simp is beating this ghastly creature’s back out as we speak. This is the typical black woman, which is why so many black people admit to relating to stuff like Madea. Their momma/sister/aunt/grandma/cousin/someone they know from work or church acts just like this, and because they’ve been raised to see it as normal, it’s funny to them.

    Black women have some damn nerve with that “y’all like fat white women” crap. Newsflash, Snorlax, y’all are as fat as five moons!

    I actually have no clue how he would’ve stopped such a beast, though surely a Master Ball would’ve been effective.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Snorlax, lol. I agree with Sage Highwayman, we have to start spraying down these grizzly bears whenever they get out of control. I remember the commenter Ryan a while back talking about the fact that one time he had to subdue one of these wild beasts who got out of control. Since most black women want to behave like wild animals, they ought to be treated as such, them, the simps that support them as well as the devil spawn seedlings they produce.

      These heifers believe that they can violate the personal spaces of black men without recompense, it’s time to start showing them otherwise, black women need to stay in their lane or else they’ll get put back into their own lane by force.

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    • Landwhale black women shout: WHITE WOMEN ARE FAT !!!! Do not USA black woman realize that they are the most obese group in the nation ?

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  6. Lol Satan’s walruses. Good description. This horker would never do this to awhiteman or a hood ray ray type. Because those two kinds of men get the most respect in the nasty filth that is the modern black community. Mgtow is the move, forever. Keep your guard up guys. #sysbm

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  7. She assaulted that man. No one said a word. All that does is encourage her queanly behavior for next time. Precious should have gotten her ass beat.

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  8. Man, that wasn’t no woman. That was an animal who got released from the zoo. I cannot stand women who don’t know how to be women. At this point, ain’t no telling when the black women gonna start acting like women. All of their true colors are getting exposed worldwide, them fighting, twerking on the internet, hurting and killing their children (which I’m trying to figure out why would these people give the children back to the mother), throwing tantrums, like I can’t do it with the BAW no more. There’s just too many things wrong with the black women in america, and that, they just not qualified to be wives or girlfriends. Plus, they’re telling us to man up and step to the plate, To WHAT? All that man up talk that’s coming out of these women’s mouths are the reason why don’t no thinking black men wants to be around these women. And these suppose to be who we suppose to be with? Like EWWW Son, I rather look at some hourglass brazilian babes than to wife up these stanky old animals.

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    • Afro,

      Damn. Emmanuel Yarborough vs ???

      I forget dudes name. But he defeated Yarborough by simply running him out of gas. Finally fatboy decided to try to smother him. Little dude escaped and fatty was so obese that he couldn’t get his fat ass back up. Little guy then proceded to beat Yarborough into submission.

      Funny. But really that’s a good strategy for handling some of these supertankers.

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    • It’s a joke family. Her crew go all around NYC pulling these pranks. Here is her instagram page @sexxystaceface.


      • Malachi Sigma,

        Thanks for bringing this to our attention, however at this point it doesn’t really make a difference because we already have so many videos of black women lighting up the public transport systems in the US as well as the rest of the world that we’re spoilt for choice:

        Now, I acknowledge that there is a growing trend of black women going around with a contingent of black male participants pulling controversial pranks, however this simply goes back to what I’ve stated before about black women now attempting to turn their dysfunctional behaviour into a joke ie something to be laughed at. This is very concerning.

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  9. Here is the difference between this rhinoceros and non-black women when it comes to situations like this:


    The worse that the non-black women did was simply just yell. They didn’t go anywhere NEAR as bad as This orangutan. The black women just turned into the great ape from dbz and had the audacity to beat on the man, destroy his property and character assassinate him, simply for saying NO! What if the guy was disabled or was working 4 jobs and is very close to collapsing! But just like verbs said, black women think that black men are nothing but tools and servants who are suppose to serve the nearest black woman thats within his sight! NONE of the non-black women did any of these things. and these pro-losers actually think thinking black men, like the poor fella in that video, is going to want to mate with these wild beasts??? More and more thinking black men are getting sick and tired of getting rolled over on, and are finally starting to fight back!

    Personally I would have gotten up because you best believe if that 400lbs monkey sat on my lap, she would have broken my legs. I am only 150lbs and I cannot handle something that heavy on my legs! it’s too damn much!

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      • Shieeeeet! She could’ve ridden dafuq out of me, from China to Chattanooga. I would’ve been growling from pleasure like the beast that the QUEEN in the above video resembled.

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    • Carnio —- Black men are unique in that black females often outweigh black males. This matter about the females weighing more than the males is not found among most humans and non-humans.

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    • MANNNNNNN, that first girl?????????? I guaranTEE you….she would not have tried that with me….and she was wearing a sun dress too????? MANNNNNN…..I would have turned that into a porno SOOOOO quick. Soon as she sat on my lap…POP…I wold have been like, “Damn, now how did my dick get inside you?”

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    • That was funny as hell, I must admit. These black women are proving more and more that they need to be bred out of existence.

      1st off, lets make #breedthemout a trending hashtag.

      2ndly, I think you should light up an article about this Verbs. These heifers have it coming.

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      • These BW are so on edge now that WW even tanning their skin freaks them out, they know that WW will attract even more of the good BM if they do that. They didn’t want to listen to BM during the gender wars, and now they are being replaced.

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    • This BW just wrote an article about it on HuffPo:
      They are tearing her up in the comments section.
      “Black women need to stop straightening and bleaching their hair blonde. Stop appropriating White culture.”
      “I’m black and it doesn’t offend me. It’s not demeaning or ridiculing of black people, its showing admiration for black people. It’s like some people live to be offended. I’m old enough to remember what real racism looks like. And this isn’t it.”
      “The author of this article comes across like a bitter middle schooler. I can’t imagine wasting mental energy on this.”
      “The level of double-think here is truly awe-inspiring. The writer viciously mocks white women for “stealing” tanned skin, braids, or lips thicker than a pencil, but ignores:
      1) Beyonce’s fake blonde hair
      2) Lil Kim’s white skin
      3) etc, etc, etc…”
      The Ls keep rolling in for the queans.

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  10. Can you imagine, on your wedding day, jumping the broom with that beast holding on to you? Sweet Jesus what a sight hahaha.

    I pray to God everyday for my Japanese girl. She can sit on my lap all day, and I can look down and still see and feel my legs.

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  11. As a New York native, this is common trust me. They stand up and cuss you out if you don’t get up for them, and if aomeone is standing near them they always start shit. They’ll claim a person bumped them and sometimes accuse men of jerking off in front of them(witnessed this personally).

    If you make eye contact with a black woman on the train, you’re usually in for a rough ride. And it’s not just the obvious hoodrats either, it’s all of them and all ages too.

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    • You ain’t lying. It’s not as bad on the LIRR (Long Island railroad)but it’s not too far off depending on where the train stops. When I’m in the city subway, I put my headphones on, and mind my own business.

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    • I like public transit because I think its efficient and good for the environment, but stories like this are why I’m glad to have a car.

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  12. Sometimes I wish “The Purge” was real. I’d go straight hunting these Cockroach Queans. 20 dollars for every weave trophy brought in. As I said, these BW provide the VERY EVIDENCE they will later attack you for using against them. This isn’t the early 90′ when the abusive nature of BW was largely unseen outside the community and not documented. In those days, the BW used this advantage to paint the BM as the saboteur of the Black community.

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  13. If that brother justifiably smacked that black gorilla upside her useless ass head, he’d be wrong in the eyes of everyone else. These black bitches are getting completely out of hand.

    More brothers need to start taking be kid gloves off when it comes to these heifers, and put these animals down when they act like this. This is especially true if you’re out with your non black girlfriend/wife. Stay safe out there!

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  14. Man, these black women are nothing but to cause trouble. Jesus Christ. They make trouble on the street, the bus, the train. We need to bring paper spray now.

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    • Michel,

      Lol. That’s a sneak diss right there is even I did see one, however they shouldn’t have put woman there to begin with, they ought to have left it as it was. Not even makeup can do that masculine face any feminine justice.

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      • Time for Serena to retire. It’s been a good run. So sick of that broad. Sick of her masculine ass. Twice as big as her opponents. Her shoulder is big as my face, but no she’s not juicing. Sick of her complaining. Sick of her tacky ghetto wear on the court. Sick of her playing with 10 pounds of weave on her head.

        The sport is racist, the league is racist, the judges are racist, the fans are racist, I don’t get endorsements like my competitors because of racism, I’m afraid for my brother’s life because of racist white cops, but I marry a white boy who’s net worth is less than mine.

        BW obsessed with BM “protecting” them, but Serena’s phone got stolen, she chased down the thief herself, and the white boy just kept on eating. World yawns. A brotha would have got dragged for not standing up for the She-Hulk even though the bitch would be twice as big as him.

        They have been trying to push her as a sex symbol off the court for decades. She looks like a tranny, nobody’s buying. Hence this GQ cover haha.

        Althea Gibson did not bring ghetto antics to tennis. Nor did Arthur Ashe.

        Lindsey Vonn is retiring, Serena should do the same.

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  15. HOT TOPIC ———- Someone can please post the CNN exit polls for last week’s USA mid-term elections. My beef is that 18% of black women in Florida voted against Andrew Gillum, the Democratic black male candidate. I have long criticized black women for voting only for Democrats. Black women will vote at the 95% and above for Democrats. Note Obama (mixed race male), Hillary Clinton (white female), Doug Jones (white male candidate in Alabama), and Stacey Abrams (black female). Black women, however, changed their votes when Gillum ran for office. The Gillum voting conduct is strange considering that USA black women, in every other political race, vote almost exclusively for Democrats. BLACK WOMEN ONLY CHANGE THEIR CONDUCT WHEN A BLACK MAN IS INVOLVED. I do welcome a change in the voting behavior of USA black women. However, this voting behavior is odd when USA black women will only change their voting behavior when a black man is at issue.

    PARDON MY DRIFT. Black women often claim that white men treat black women better than black men treat black women. If this view has any merit, perhaps the supposed better treatment may be because black women engage in different behavior around white men. Black men often claim that black women conduct themselves in a certain way solely based on the race of the man that she is with. In other words, black men, without reason, get black female beasts. On the other hand, white men get black females, giving fake angel conduct, simply because he is a white man.

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    • This is sadly the truth. And now that i think about it, black females even act a fool on pooky and ray ray, the hood types. But white men receive nothing but worship. You can partly blame white jesus for that one. Along with general female stupidity. Especially of the black variety.

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      • thewebtw ————- I AGREE. If Black Jesus walks the earth in the near future, we can expect black females to treat him like dirt. Black Jesus cannot give black women the so-called “good hair” baby that black females lust for. Black Jesus is heaven-sent, but his hair and skin are problems around black women.

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    • “If Black Jesus walks the earth in the near future, we can expect black females to treat him like dirt.”

      Gregory Chandler, no lies detected.

      There is an old episode of “Good Times” where J.J. painted a picture of Black Jesus and hung it up on the wall. Florida came home and had a fit. Where was her “real” Jesus painting? She screamed until J.J. had to put White Jesus back.

      They were trying to tell you back in the ’70s with those old Norman Lear shows. The told the truth back then.

      But yeah, you nailed it.

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  16. Another good article. And she had the gall and nerve to sit on a brother. Lol. Smh. These women been getting outta hand and we can’t stop them short of giving them a beating.

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    • Cornelius Jackson,

      It seems that the only language most black women understand is that of force, a sad state of affairs but what else is a man to do in light of such violent behaviour?

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      • Verbs2015,

        It seems that the only language most black women understand is that of force

        Brother I’ve been saying this. I’m not a violent person by nature but trying to be nice and reason with black women simply doesn’t work. You have to be down right nasty to them and treat them like trash to get any kind of respect from these skanks. This is something that Trayquonavioius and his hood pals understand quite well (I’ll give them that) In other words FUCK EM and show them NO respect……

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  17. You brothers have to hear this in. When an Afrocentric guy like T West calls out Black female fuckery, it is very powerful. He is just spitting truth about treason by many Black female behavior, their support of the State and illegals, even saying some Black women support illegals to get men. Ironically enough, I met a Black woman last week who was married (divorced) to a Mexican man and had to go back home. Probably illegal immigrant.

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