They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 12


You know, it’s when black men finally let go and start to recognise their true worth do they slowly begin to come to the realisation and observe the overwhelming majority of black women for what they truly are, TRASH. Of course when you visit Kia Sashelle’s profile you’ll see that she is sporting a blonde weave on her head trying her hardest to climb the mountain of whiteness. Weave wearing is a sign of mental illness, blonde weave wearing most definitely.

I keep on telling you that these modern day black females know full well that they for the majority part look ugly and so in order to buffer their unattractiveness wear weaves and other external appendages in their efforts to make themselves seem more feminine and attractive. Scrolling through some of her other photos you will see that she has the usual devil stamps plastered all over her arms and chest.

What is usual but at this stage not surprising is the fact that at least two black men slept with this woman and got her pregnant. Whenever you have black men who talk about there still being an abundance of good-looking, upstanding, feminine black women to choose from, you know immediately that their standards are Jurassic Park, fossil level deep and that their claims simply don’t line up with the observable facts and stats.

Take heed to what this heifer said, again as I and many other thinking black men have stated, these black sirens plan to be single mothers from the very start right up until the child is born and beyond. Again, black women as a group are not fit for dating or marriage and they most certainly are not a suitable group of women to start a family with.

This is why several times I’ve gone in on the Pan-African muddy bootlicking male feminist simp Dr Umar Johnson as he refuses to acknowledge that in 2018 these modern day black females for the most part aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm even with himself being a single man still on the lookout for his “black queen”. Had he implemented SYSBM way back yonder and released himself from the “gotta keep it black, black love” chains and shackles, he most probably would’ve been married by now or at least been involved in a fruitful, prosperous and seasoned relationship.

This is the stupidity of the pro black doctrine concerning not being allowed to date outside of your race, it doesn’t account for the current situation where black women have become defective beyond repair and are no longer a viable dating or marriage option which is exactly what the pro black simpleton faces today. However, as we already know there are a growing number of pro blacks who are dicking down white and other non black women behind closed doors having quietly come to the realisation that black women as a group simply aren’t worth it. This is on top of the fact that black women don’t reciprocate towards these dudes anyway.

The above comment is typically how the modern day black female works, yet she will be the first one to lie her mouth off and attempt to make the claim that the father was irresponsible and didn’t want to “step up” to the plate. No heifer, we thinking black men already know how women like you get down, you work your low-level witchcraft ie deliberately open your legs to the bums and the thugs of black male society knowing full well that they by default will allow you to plan out and walk your desired path of single motherhood with ease and jump onboard the government gravy train(which is slowly coming to an end).

Brothers, you already know what the score is concerning the black witch and her utilisation of the cooch in order to entice and draw in simple-minded men for the taking, don’t be a sucker, leave that type of occupation to the J Boogies and the Lil Cheezys of the world. Social media is a double-edged sword, in general it has brought out the worst in black folks, however on the flip side at least we can now see in plain sight certain individuals for who they truly are.

Finally, here is a video of another Jezebel who trapped a man via pregnancy and also deceived him into believing that the child she is holding in her hands was sired by him. Even though she is a treacherous witch destined for the bowels of hell at least she told the truth on this score, YOU CANNOT CHANGE A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE.

These black sirens do nothing but practice sorcery, various forms of witchcraft and enchantments, they use the cooch in combination with the womb as the bait and trap and there are plenty of black men to choose from as most still worship these women instead of being wary of and shunning them. Don’t be that guy who has to endure 18 years of torture at the hands of women like this:

Steer clear of Jezebels like the above, women like this are pure evil and behind them awaits a lifetime of pain, misery, torment, suffering and at the end of the road certain death.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid These Types Of Women

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 12

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  2. I almost had to vomit profusely at these ugly women😷, let alone the fact that some dusty dudes enjoyed the act of copulation with them enough to bust a nut. I’d be embarrassed as hell to even holler at these creatures of the black queen lagoon.

    They don’t want families, they don’t want stable households, they just want some dick, namely from a thug, and a baby. The baby is a sign that at least SOMEBODY found this creature attractive, as well as a source of income. Now, with welfare collapsing as we speak, and the tide starting to turn against these women with these government handouts, I suspect that more black chicks will resort to putting their kids in harms ways so as to run the Gofundme hustle. Be on the lookout for more mysterious injuries being suffered by black children.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      More black men need to implement rugged standards and stop breeding with these savages altogether, the mental illness in black female society at this point is mega off the chain. Again, notice how it is typically the most busted, ugly black females who have the most to say. Like you pointed out, some dude actually went there are procreated with scum like this, smh. As I keep on saying, those who continue to deal with these females do so at their own risk and detriment and cannot complain when they get bitten.

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      • Some dude??? I think that it’s crack heads and homeless men are getting these women pregnant because of the fact that they truly don’t know who nutted in them.

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      • “Mental illness” among black females. It is often said that one’s status as a black female should qualify her for classification under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) as having a mental disorder. This classification is rebuttable and a small percentage of black females will be able to escape being classified as having a mental disorder. The majority of black females, however, must be viewed as having a mental disorder.

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  3. UGGGHHHH, these black WHORES literally make me want to VOMIT everytime I see them. They’re absolutely the most disgusting, nasty, whorish and worthless group of vermin on the planet. How can a black man or any man with a tenth of a brain put his penis anywhere near this nasty diseased animalistic WHORE. And now she’s holding this little nigglet in her arms and he’s going to grow up to be another SIMP effeminate hood dude destroying everything and worshiping the devil that spawned him. This is why the interracial dating and marriage numbers with black men are so extremely high. It puts a smile on my face see that so many men have left the the smoldering shity crater of the so-called black community and have turned our backs on these nasty disgusting black WHORES and found solace with beautiful,feminine ,civilize white and other races of women.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thinking black men are simply going to where they will be love and appreciated, the simps for the most part continue to fail in putting two and two together and still choose to chase after women who simply aren’t interested in them outside of a cheque. I too don’t understand how any person can deal with these women at this point, however as you know there exists a large contingent of black men who are still willing to dick down any black female. SYSBM till the wheels fall off.

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  4. How is it that still, in 2018 the modern day BM cannot see the writing on the wall about the utter uselessness of the vast majority of western black females is beyond me, gentlemen! Handle at your own risk!

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  5. “However, as we already know there are a growing number of pro blacks who are dicking down white and other non black women behind closed doors having quietly come to the realisation that black women as a group simply aren’t worth it”

    Exactly, many pro-blacks say they are against IR dating and do it themselves because at the end of the day they know how hard it will be to find peace with a modern day BW. The pro-blacks only preach against IR dating because they know that it will bring in more BW to their audiences. Many BW are being threatened (dating wise) by IR dating and will align themselves with anyone who speaks out against it. When it comes to good BM, BW need a captive audience (because non-BM don’t want them) and they cant have that as long as non-BW are dating the good BM.

    Personally I am pro-black, but im not against IR dating and I am not naive enough to think that we can salvage what has become of the black community. We have to start from scratch, and if we have to do so with foreign BW or non-BW then so be it.

    Funny how so many BW in the past few years went from pushing swirling hardcore, to being pro-black and against IR dating. Like I have said before once they saw that swirling wasn’t working they went into panic mode, they saw that good BM were their only option and that they had spent the past few decades burning that bridge. Oh well, keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      Notice as Michel would call him Gerbil Face aka Dr Umar Johnson has been very quiet as of late, word on the street is that he is finally beginning to accept that black women on the whole are the trash that thinking black men have been declaring them to be. The incident at Jun’s beauty supply store pretty much sealed the deal in stone. The pro blacks that are holding out for “the one” are wasting their time. Many of them have ducked out of “the game” in silence because as you said it would be very hard for them to find a decent black female at this point. The writing is on the wall, thinking/classic black men have accepted it and moved on to greener pastures, black women must and will crash and burn by themselves, nobody will be there to save them.

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    • The penny has finally dropped for our favourite Hotep con artist. What a shame he found out the hard way.

      Or did the money run out? Lol!

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      • Michel,

        Johnson began to look like a complete and utter fool and buffoon, telling black men to wife up these broads while they observably sink further into the gutter, smh. The fact that he still hasn’t stumbled upon his “black queen” doesn’t bode well for his “black love, black family” message either.

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    • James S ———— Continue to spread the word about USA black females getting shorter. USA black females are the only females or males suffering this fate. Many USA black females choose costly junk food over cheaper healthy foods. Therefore, USA black women have a tougher time stating that economics is the reason for their eating habits. Today, USA black females, as a group, are fatter and shorter than USA black females of earlier decades. KEEP THE WALL UP. BUILD THE WALL HIGHER.

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  6. Whenever you have black men who talk about there still being an abundance of good-looking, upstanding, feminine black women to choose from, you know immediately that their standards are Jurassic Park, fossil level deep

    Fossil level!!!

    And that is the real problem amongst those simps and thugs still hollering after the black witch.

    No self esteem.
    No self respect.
    No masculinity.
    No future.

    Simps and thugs have had their souls tipped out, creating a vacuum that they think sex would fill. It doesn’t. They are desperate for love and attention (from repeated child abuse) and the witch knows it. She created it.

    We so-called “lames” came round to #SYSBM through either being shunned or being turned out. In both cases we somehow discovered a personal limit, stuck to it and took appropriate forward action. Better yet, BM/WW rates continue to grow, which means more and more brothers are doing the same. Pretty soon I’ll be joining them. Praise be.


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    • @Michel
      What do you mean”pretty soon I’ll be joining them” better jump on that plane out of blackistan NOW…and I mean…RIGHT NOW because your beautiful WHITE , ASIAN, HISPANIC or Mediterranean QUEEN awaits.😂😂

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      • @TeamWhiteGirls

        Hahaha! Well as it’s the UK, chances are my Greek goddess has already arrived! They coming to me!


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    • Michel,

      As I stated in Negro Wars, there will be a great number of casualties aka simps who will fall victim to the same black women they chase and pine after so much, these black termagants simply aren’t worth it. I’ve been asking these simps the same question, exactly what is so great about black women in 2018 that I should overlook other races of women for them, I’m still waiting for a response.


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  7. Any man who is dumb enough to sleep with these nasty women unprotected at that, deserves whatever comes of it. In 2018, there is no way in hell they don’t know what they are getting themselves into.

    These whores aren’t worth your happiness, safety, finances and or life. On top of that, they are so mentally damaged, and hideous, I don’t know how you are attracted to most of them mentally and especially physically. Ugh. If silverback gorillas is your thing, then by all means. I don’t know how many more examples has to be put out there until they get it; if they ever do.

    No brother with an any sort of common sense, self respect and self worth should lower his standards so much he has to be with one of these walking human wastes of life. Especially with the practically unlimited options you’ve got at your fingertips.

    In closing, keep the wall up, and avoid all these demons especially the nabwalt crowd. They are the worst.

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  8. Things like this are exactly why I don’t trust black american women. They’re sneaky, conniving, dishonest and flat out untrustworthy. I made sure when I became successful I didn’t impregnate nor get involved with any of them on a serious level. They won’t get a chance to trap me for my my money..

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    • Jay,

      This is how stupid and short sighted most black women are, the very men who would look after and be most beneficial to them, they seek to trick and deceive. How many times have we seen these heifers getting caught cheating on decent black men even though they were being treated well and being looked after? Black men with sense need to stop putting their penises into these sirens period.

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  9. @Verbs
    Hey guys I need you to go to YouTube and check out this channel it’s called “1master teacher” (and no it’s not that BGS moron). He has a degree in finance and he teaches black men how to invest so they can live debt-free and travel the world without any strings attached. He’s traveled the world and he has many, and I do mean many videos labeled… “How do_____ Treat black men” ,basically just fill in the blank of the particular country. Solo TV recently did a hang out with him last week. And he says Swedish women are absolutely beautiful and they absolutely love black men …Germany, Czech Republic Romania and absolutely without a doubt the United Kingdom are absolutely in love with African-American men in particular. As Verbs has already said and the numbers prove it..55% of black men in the UK are dating white women(or non black females) and 48% are narried to white women and this guy even said white women do not like black men…. THEY LOVE BLACK MEN IN THE UK… please please check it out and subscribe to him. The proof is right there Verbs and my Brothers, European women absolutely love black men especially African American black men and from what he said the darker your skin tone the better it is.

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  10. Speaking of 1masterteacher.When ever he speaks about ir dating the dick policing in the comments increases tenfold.I bet if it was a black woman making those videos it would be nothing but well wishes but since its not there is alot of negative feedback.When that super thot morena in 🇯🇵 made a video called hoeing in was nothing but well wishes and compliments.But know what?! the negativity aimed at us will only strengthen our collective resolves.SYSBM now and forever.

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  11. The fact that there are still low-class black dudes impregnating these repellent creatures speaks volumes.

    Namely about the need for forced sterilizaton… I can no longer imagine having the patience or tolerance necessary to stand looking at or them or even listening to a black female voice.

    Many of their faces are too ogre-like👹. Or otherwise their sour looking faces bring up a memory of the smell of rotten milk. Just putrid.

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  12. Man these black bitches at my weekend job are fucking useless. They are on welfare, crackheads, but somehow got a fresh weave in all excited about it. They’re staying at a shelter and have the audacity to complain about every little thing. “My tv isn’t working, the water isn’t hot enough, i need coffee”, every little thing you can think of they complain about. The fuck you need coffee for? You need energy to lay around and do nothing all day? Fucking useless whores. This place I’m at spoils these whores rotten, except me and the guy I work with on Saturdays; an older rblack man who went sysbm well before it was called that. He has beautiful Chilean wife and two older kids slightly younger than me. He hates these bitches with a passion and has shared stories from when he was younger about the abuse and hell he endured. I’d dare say he hates them more so than I do , and that’s A LOT.

    Trump cannot cut welfare soon enough. I feel bad for some of these people who genuinely need help, but are going to get screwed because the parasites are abusing the system.

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  13. This is why I refuse to have sex with black women and why I believe there ate no good black women.
    They will always co-sign their fuckery.

    You lie to your man saying you’re on birth control so he will take the condom off then turn around and blame the man when she gets a bun in the oven talking about how he should have a condom.

    I strongly believe that low I.Q. black men are the only ones fucking black women at this point.

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    • Even if I was in a dry spell, there’s no chance in hell I’d put myself at risk by sleeping with one of these masculine she beasts.

      Not worth the risk.

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