The Spiteful, Vindictive And Evil Nature Of The Modern Day Black Female


This is an example of the kind of nasty behaviour that most black men who still choose to deal with black women have to put up with, again, notice how when it comes down to black men black women will think of the most evil and nasty acts to execute upon them in order to satisfy themselves and seek out some sort of “justice” or revenge. What on earth was this stupid heifer thinking, oh sorry I forgot, she wasn’t because most black women typically don’t think about the long-term consequences of the actions they take. They most certainly don’t care about them if they aren’t the ones who are going to be affected and suffer, smh.

Did you notice that the moment before she threw the hot water over the guy she was smiling? Like I stated in Negro Wars most black women derive an intense thrill from inflicting pain, misery and suffering upon others, this is why in particular you’ll notice their eyes light up when it is time to physically chastise their children(which is typically the only time you’ll see black women as a collective interacting with their children by the way). For your average black female, to inflict pain, misery and suffering upon others is the equivalent of an orgasm for her.

Again, are we to feel sorry for these women, not at all. As has been stated and proven many times over black women deliberately home in on the player, thug, gangster, criminal type males because these are the men that black women have openly confessed that they are attracted to, here are just 7 articles of many that I have written in the past detailing the modern day black female’s addiction to thug love:

I mean, when we think about it how stupid, brain-dead and loco can black women as a group be? Remember madness is defined as carrying out the same actions again and again in the hopes of receiving a different result. When you continue to date a particular group of men who aren’t cut out for fatherhood or long-term relationships believing that you can graft something of substance from these fellows then you deserve everything negative that comes in your direction.

This is the madness, mental insanity and the mental instability of your average modern day black female on display right here, she believes that she can forge something long-term ie for the future through dealings with men who don’t care about their own futures yet alone somebody else’s, smh. Again, the reason why I continue to bring this information to the table is so that up and coming thinking black men can be kept in the know as to exactly what is going on with these women.

From there they can make their own decisions as to what directions they wish to venture in when it comes down to relationships and marriage and from what I am seeing on the ground, many more black men are choosing to opt out of dealing with black women altogether. As far as thinking black men are concerned in 2018 the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze.

Again, the evidence that points towards black women loving unproductive black men at this stage is bubbling over and spilling out of the cauldron, here are some other revelatory nuggets that I came across recently:

This is the point, when you consciously make the decision to deal with these kinds of black men, how can you then get upset and furthermore pour hot water over them when you find out that you’re not the only woman being dicked down by them? This is why I have no problem constantly stating that most black women are dumber than a box of rocks, they’re constantly making bad decisions yet in their delusional state still expect good results to come out of them.

This is equivalent to putting petrol in a diesel engine and still expecting the vehicle to work or filling a room full of gas, lighting a match and expecting something good to come from the explosion that follows or even drinking down a bottle of bleach believing that you are cleansing the body. This is the modern day black female in a nutshell, she constantly is receiving payment for the bad decisions she’s making yet she still doesn’t get it and continues to return to destruction like a dog to its own vomit.

Of course the simple thing to do would’ve have been to ask the guy to just leave, however we already know that simple and non confrontational does not compute well with black women, they love the drama and the contention hence why she decided to embark upon the road of spite and vindictiveness. To be honest I don’t feel sorry for black men who still decide to deal with these devils as there is more than enough evidence laying on the table demonstrating the fact that black women as a group aren’t mentally stable and as a result aren’t fit for dating, relationships and marriage.

Yet another one for the archives folks, this modern day black witch will chew you up and spit you out without a care in the world, stay away from these decadents at all costs.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

66 thoughts on “The Spiteful, Vindictive And Evil Nature Of The Modern Day Black Female

  1. First off, FUCK DUDE. His sloppy ass got druck and came home with his phone out and in the open, FUCK-HIM and his dumb ass. NOW,

    This shit right here is why you see pictures of dead scraggle daggle…killed by their enraged, hyper-aggressive man children. Throwing hot water on a sleeping human being because you SUSPECT infidelity???????

    Yeah I can see why these bitches end up dead at the hands of their thug lovers.

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      That is a major problem right there, black women typically react based off what they feel is right, not the actual evidence and data. How many times have we seen this kind of skullduggery at the hands of black females play itself out before? Again, if they are going to mess with dudes who are known to be womanisers, how can they then complain about these same dudes when they carry out their womanising ways?

      You’re right, these chicks get busted up side the head for good reason, the video above is an example of why so many black women end up in hospital and sometimes in the grave.

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  3. These chicks love peaceful resolutions as much as a vegan loves steak. Their one and only way to handle a situation is to throw hands, namely with that which they feel they control or possess. This is why beating the hell out of their kids is fine and dandy, and honestly, the state of the black community proves that that $hit IS NOT magic cure like people in the south (namely black folks) think it is.

    She was also dealing with this philandering dude, knowing probably that he more than likely had 18 kids around town. If this dude isn’t super dad to the kids to already has, why would he care about you or the one he would know you up with? And why get with a dude like that who has NO resources, who’s six feet in the hole already?

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    • I’m from the south and providing a good example for your children, giving them good rules to follow, good advice, and spanking them when they don’t do right is a great way to raise a child.
      But Hoodrats let their bastard children raise themselves, provide bad examples for them, and beat them when they do wrong thinking that they should automatically know better.
      Once again being from the south I have seen the difference in the two methods, non-black children are raised under the first method and are mostly fine behavior wise. Many black children are raised in the second method and, well, take a look at how kids behave in most black elementary and high schools if you want to see the results. Many mostly black public schools are practically begging for teachers to come and work there. I have a friend who is a black school teacher who told me this. lol

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Everything you said is too logical for these termagants to process. Time and time again we see black women making the same stupid decisions and then having the audacity to complain about the negative consequences that follow. The modern day black female in 2018 is just one big disaster, black men with sense and intelligence would do well to steer clear of these women.

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  4. Probably fake, but still a good representation of modern day BW behavior. Weaved up with beast stamps on her chest talking about the no good man that she CHOSE to date. Social media has put black female dysfunction on display like never before, they have no excuses at this point. “BM ain’t shit”, “We don’t like thugs”, “We don’t need no man” and all of the other BS that they got away with saying since the 80’s has been blown to oblivion by BM and reality over the course of the past 10 years or so.

    These BW are slowly starting to waive the white flag after being called out for the past 10 years about their decades worth of shit talking and poor mating/reproductive choices. Not only do non-BM not want them, but even their fantasy of “swirling” is increasingly unlikely in the age of Trump as WM are becoming more overtly racist by the day. Now more BW are coming with the sweet talk and asking good BM for love, support ($$$), and protection, lol. Hell no, don’t let them forget or whitewash the fact that they put themselves in this position. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Exactly, Kid Organic did a video last week about all of these “why we love black men” YouTube videos. Now they see the writing on the wall, they see the black man has left they’re whorish violent asses in astounding numbers and not only do black men not even want to date the beasts, we don’t even want them around us. That’s why you see so many all white girl yacht parties, all white girl pool parties, all white girl club hang outs, all white girl VIP sections.

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      • Exactly, they are seeing that the BM who have their stuff together are either avoiding them or dating out, they don’t want to deal with them anymore. BW have lost lots of credibility in the past 10 years as the black female led matriarchy has been exposed for the catastrophic failure that it is. These BW see that Trump signed an executive order a few months ago to get the ball rolling on welfare “reform” and it is increasingly obvious that BM with sense and two nickles to rub together are running away from dating BW.

        BM of means don’t want to deal with them anymore and BW are scrambling to figure out what they can do to salvage their current (bad) position. At this point many of them see that they have to try to fix things with good BM, they don’t have any other dating options. Just as we predicted BW are moving away from the insults and shaming, and moving to more insidious methods like sweet talk, NAWALT talk, side-chick culture, and attacking IR dating under the guise of “pro-blackness’. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      The video unfortunately was real, it came out a while back and has been sitting in my war chest. The ammunition against black women is so abundant and coming in so fast that I cannot keep up. What makes me laugh is black women are the ones putting their dysfunctional behaviour on open display for all to see but then at the same time still attempting to dictate what can and cannot be used against them, smh.

      As I’ve stated before evidence is evidence no matter what format it comes in and the facts are the facts. The white flag waving as far as I am concerned is too little too late, they are going to have to stew in their own calamitous juices. As you continue to state, we keep on building and fortifying the wall.

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      • For black women and white supremacy, both ghetto fathers and ghetto gaggers. Most black women, even those that do not physically reside in what is labeled a ghetto, have ghetto fathers.

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  5. I would have snapped that tatted up GORILLA looking WHORE’S back in 9 places, then while she’s on the floor screaming in pain, I would’ve boil some Crisco and thew right in her face and watched her fry like a 300lb piece of chicken. This is why I’m glad I stopped dealing with those FERAL BEASTLY WHORES back in the 8th grade and started dating BEAUTIFUL, FEMININE AND CIVILIZED white girls. I don’t even want those animals around me. I don’t speak to them, unless they speak first or socialize with them. To be honest, I don’t feel sorry for the SIMP, he went into an animals den and git bit. Maybe, just maybe, this will be a painful wake up call for him to run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt away from those ANIMALISTIC WHORES into the arms of other races of women and his life will be much less dramatic and pain free. I hope he literally beat the hell out of “itb once the video stopped.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Notice how the pro black muddy bootlicking simps still want us to get with these women yet they can never present a solid case as to why we thinking black men should take onboard such feral creatures. I’m not an animal tamer, it is not my job to break in disjointed and dysfunctional Jezebels and more black men need to realise that they do not have to put up with dealing with devils.

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  6. She could of seriously injured or killed that man. When I see videos like this it reinforces I made the right decision to go MGTOW and SYSBM!

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    • Black British Guy,

      Unfortunately, these sirens purposely go out of their way to inflict as much pain and damage as possible. SYSBM is as far as I am concerned is the thinking black man’s salvation.

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  7. And notice their love of boiling water to inflict pain. Again, the white racist term “ghetto lobster” makes fun of the constant state of people, namely children being burned with boiling water by black women.

    As verbs states, they’re very similar to middle eastern men, who use similar tactics with acid. **ckers!

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  8. This is equivalent to putting petrol in a diesel engine and still expecting the vehicle to work or filling a room full of gas, lighting a match and expecting something good to come from the explosion that follows

    Dammit Verbs, you’re on a comedic roll man! Funny none of us #SYSBM dudes with non-black women aren’t being boiled like cheap bags of Tesco rice. I wonder why…?

    Despite the bullshit I put up with, life is good, partly because there are no Negro Jamaican scumbags around. If they do decide to start talking shit, they’ll soon find out this one also has a mouth too and wil tell ’em direct.


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  9. I wish I could say I was surprised that this happened. If she left it at packing his stuff up and kicking him out, whatever. Not the worst thing in the world. But of course, black bitches have to take it to a completely different and dysfunctional level. In her limited and feeble mind, she thought it was justified that she throw scolding hot water on his care skin while he slept, over something she didn’t even bother to verify? I want to feel bad, but i don’t because there is no way he doesn’t know how these harridans are.

    Black bitches are violent, unpredictable wastes of life. Even if that dude was cheating on her weaved up ass, there is still no reason to throw scolding hot water on him while he is sleeping. Had that dude justifiably beat her ass to half to death for that, he’d rot in jail for the rest of his life while she got a slap on the wrist.

    The wall just got even higher and reinforced. Avoid black bitches at all costs.

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  10. Another perfect article..
    Question how can a black man go about finding a totally submissive women? are there places that they hang out? are there certain body language cue that I should look for? I would be with a women like the one in “the secretary” with maggie gyllenhall

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    • Yeah, Whole Foods…!

      Firstly, look good.
      Secondly, be confident in yourself.
      Thirdly, be masculine.

      Remember, you’re dealing with non-Black women who are much easier to get along with. If you do those three things them white/Asian/Latina girls will be eating out your hand. Be confident, straightforward and honest.

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    • Lurkingintheshadows,

      Be aware and on the lookout for any behaviour that exhibits masculinity, such women you should avoid. To be honest as far as I’m aware there are no specific spots that submissive women hang out in but I could be wrong so anybody else here is welcome to chime in on where submissive, feminine women can be found, libraries, museums, galleries maybe?

      Outside of that you can always get yourself a foreign woman, however if you wish to venture down that route then you must be prepared to make some big changes to your life and I recommend not bringing her back to the west except for visits.

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    I tried at first to give this one the benefit of the doubt, but her language is just too aggressive for this to be just a mild fetish. This chick is literally asking to be beat up during sex and apparently anything less than that is childish. I usually don’t care about another persons sex life, but she apparently wants the world to know that violence turns her on.

    Tariq Nasheed posted about her a while ago, and based on her (several) FB pages,she’s into white guys. I’m guessing she probably has a fetish for being beat up by white men and the occasional thug.

    When she’s done getting RKO’d by Chad, Ryan, and Tyrone she’ll be a “melanated queen” and looking for one of us brothers to come and take care of her lmao.


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      • Schadenfreude,

        You notice that it is typically the black women in the worst condition who have the most to say, smh. Bugs Bunny doesn’t have anything on that heifer’s mouth.

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    • SunGodRa,

      Black women just become more and more ridiculous as each day passes, there is nothing wrong with sex with a strong passionate edge to it, however coming from the black witch we immediately know that something is very wrong.

      She’ll fit right in with the Ghetto Gaggers crew, she ought to fill out an application and get right into it. These mentally ill and retarded black females are all over the place, thinking brothers must be on guard.

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  12. I would have immediately called the police and pressed charges on the black demon. I hope dude beat the hell out of her after the video went off she deserves a royal ass thrashing. SunGodRa the link you posted that thing whatever it is looks like a tranny looks like it was already pile drived that was one ugly creature.

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    • One who is still stuck on the mental plantation, and thinks he has to be with a black woman. One who has been mentally destroyed by these parasires, or had the misfortune of knocking one of these gorillas up. One who despite all the evidence as to why they should run for the hills, and never look back still believes in the pipe dream and nonsensical notion of “black love”. Those dudes who are terrified to explore their options.

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      • This is why the pro-wack fascist Neo-Nazis and their Bolshevik white supremacist counterparts are so laughable, they accuse us thinking black men of being ‘unfaithful’ to the race while they go and create the problems that they want us to fix.


  13. Those FB posts in the article are hilarious. Sistas still looking for Dr. 2Pac. Performing brain surgery Monday through Friday, and on Saturday robs liquor stores and sells dope.

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    • They are mad because they see an increasing amount of eligible black bachelors (Good BM) defecting from BW. The shaming no longer works and the sweet talk will only get them so far, the damage is done at this point.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      I combed through every comment, the dick policing, hate, jealousy and overt hypocrisy is very real with the black witch. I think I’m going to write a short article on this just to add it to the archives.


    • Two things:

      1) Malik waited until he was 48 until he found his soulmate. This will be the experience of many Black men rejected by the black witch for being nothing but himself. He was perfectly fine for his non-Black wife however…

      2) Malik went through ritual childhood abuse. Again thanks to guess who? The black witch. And guess what, he found somebody who was sympathetic and showed him the way back to love. Are you then surprised he went where he was appreciated?

      Malik, Braxton and their children, God Bless you all


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      • Michel,

        Yup, you see at that age Trayquonavious has either died due to gun violence or HIV/AIDS or he has been permanently resigned to the slammer. Black women by that age eventually grow sick and tired of all the teenage high school drama that younger Trayquons bring and she figures 6 bastard babies later it might a good idea to settle down with a responsible mate.

        The problem she has is that an increasing number of older eligible black men are either going Non-Black or avoiding marriage/commitment all together. This of course doesn’t bold well for the ageing scraggle daggle who was too stupid to realise that she wasn’t going to be in her teens and twenties forever.

        To make matters worse the scraggle daggle then realises that Donald Trump is in the middle of welfare reform and is heavily reducing section 8 housing and food stamps.

        No wonder they’re mad…. 😁😁😁

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    • Honestly the most damning thing is every picture of bm with non bw they are just so happy and to think that’s the default it’s how things are supposed to be!

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  14. This ia the fallout.
    GBM (good black men) have for the most part gone mgtow,sysbm, ect. and the only black men still messing with black women are thugs and simps.

    and even that is starting to change. The biggest black simps on youtube ( Derrik jackson, Phil Advise show) have bi-racial children with non-black women. Even they don’t deal with black women they just rip them off $$$😂

    You see in the video how insane these women are. No inteligent man of any race is going to marry these women given all the baggage they carry. Who would be so crazy as to film themselves doing this then put it online for the world to see? black women thats who. The non-ghetto ones who stood on the sidelines all these years now come out on youtube desprate to show the world they are different bit the swirlers ruin their image and make them look like desprate gold diggers and sluts with no class.

    red pill knowledge is worldwide and the clean up man mentality is dead and gone. Black men are now seeing just how large their ootions are outside of black women as non-black men all over the world lament their women lusting after us to the point of throwing acid in her face.

    Acid in the face is not old or forgein to the usa. If you recall the singer Bjork had a stalker mail an acid bomb to her house to try and burn her face off because he couldn’t accept the fact that she was fucking a black man at the time.

    In closing keep the wall up and be prepared for the hordes of entitled whores who feel they own our dicks and wallets. The hot watet and/or acid wont just be from non-black men but black women as well. Our worldwide SMV is a gift and a curse.

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  15. Good for that woman. That nigga won’t play with woman no more. He will understand that his BS is not going to be accepted. You guys think you’re a catch. You guys are an international joke to any woman you want to know. You put in nothing… you get out nothing. Motherfucking simple.


    • D32018,

      Oh, so you just conveniently skipped past my latest article in which one of your black queens is calling out the dysfunctional black witch’s coven you are so eager to defend. You’re looking like a grade A dunce right now bruh. Do you see how dumb and buffoonish you look, defending queans yet here we have your typical hoodrat calling out black women for the stuff we regularly talk about all the time on this website, stuff that your bootlicking simpish self is too afraid to tackle, smh.


      • Verbs…

        I didn’t skip over anything and I did not defend anything. I just looked at both sides of the story.

        The guy cheated. He was dead wrong. Yeah… what she did was attempted murder… but that does not relieve him of his responsibility in this role.

        I don’t tackle symptoms first. I tackle root causes first.

        The root cause of the ailing black community is irresponsible and good for nothing men that believe they are owed something for nothing.

        Too few black men have any pride in their race.

        Too many non-productive black men taking space thinking they are owed something for nothing.

        Too many black men believe the great white hype.

        Three root causes of the dysfunction in the black community.

        Who’s the dunce? NOT me.


    • You guys think you’re a catch. You guys are an international joke to any woman you want to know. You put in nothing…

      Keep that baby oil warmed up, will ya…


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    • Here’s hoping her next thug beats her senseless. And her next one will be thug, because she’s a hoodrat, and all they are made for is thugs.

      But it was funny, watching the SIMP holler, squirm, and run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I detest nasty, crude, vile, disgusting. black female scum. But I don’t like thugs and SIMPS either.

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