“White Women Do It Too”, Really? Black Woman Vs Non Black Women – The Results


There you have it folks, the only woman who decided to “go along with the programme” was the black witch who thought it would be appropriate to start twerking in the busy street when the dude asked her if he could “hit it from the back”. But according to black women “white women do it too”, right? However notice that all of the white women in the clip rejected the guy’s sexual advances. What happened to the “white women do it too” mantra in this video clip, why did these white and non black females turned down sexual advances yet the black woman when asked decided to take things in a completely different direction?

We thinking black men already knew that the “white women do it too” slogan was a crock of nonsense, a convenient line that black women run to whenever they are called out on their gutter, uncouth behaviour, however in addition we now have some definitive proof that white women DON’T do it too, or at least not to the same degree as the black witch. Like I stated in another article I wrote most white and non black women subscribe to conservative and traditional values, this is why it is a lie for black women to claim that white women engage in the same repulsive behaviours on the same level as themselves.

Again, re watch the clip for yourselves, not one of those non black women was receptive to the man’s hit it from the back suggestion, however when it came down to the black female she fell straight into line and played right into the stereotype of being a dog that is always in heat. As I have stated before in a previous article, most black women are sexually depraved monsters, they simply cannot get enough which is why they are always being caught hopping from one penis to the next.

Black women as a group are goners, any black man who still decides to deal with them does so at his own risk. I mean how on earth would black women begin to justify what just took place in the above clip? Of course as far as most black women are concerned they will rally around that black female in the video and protect her instead of pulling her to the side and reprimanding her for what she did and herein lies the fundamental difference between most black women and non black females as a group.

There you have it folks, there really isn’t much more than can be said on this one other than here is yet more proof of the modern day black female’s mentally unstable mind and her continual talk concerning “white women doing it too” can now be confidently thrown in the trash. The dysfunctional behaviour that black women as a group engage in is on a completely different level to all other groups of females and the clip above is proof of that. The next time any black female opens her mouth and decides to run the “white women do it too” Kansas City Shuffle, be sure to show her this video and ask her what happened to white women doing it too. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

White Women Don’t Do It Like Black Women Do

Most High Bless

100 thoughts on ““White Women Do It Too”, Really? Black Woman Vs Non Black Women – The Results

  1. I’m not even surprised that the BW started twerking. I’m even more surprised she didn’t lift up her skirt to show her fat arse while twerking.

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      • Black British Guy,

        Therein lies the problem right there, too many black men are still willing to dick down gutter black females, the chick was garbage bro, look past the booty.

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      • I agree with Odyssey on this one. The “booty” was flabby and her legs were not at all toned. Too much fast/junk food and no exercise. The dark area of her folds which was just beginning to peek out from her shorts, show signs of her thighs rubbing together from too much fat when she walks. From personal experience, this is a unhygienic nightmare with many black females. As this prevents adequate air ventillation and circulation to their nether regions.

        And as for “hitting it”… After seeing the bulldog looking face on that creature, l’d hit it alright.

        With a left uppercut, double left hook 3-punch combo ala Roy Jones Jr. in his prime.

        SYSBM for life! Or at least until black bitches die choking on their own venom!

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  2. As you pointed out, the degenerate with the camera was walking around in public asking women if they would engage in some degeneracy with him, and surprise surprise the only one that responded was the BW. She started twerking her big ass right on cue, and they wonder why men don’t want to marry them.

    Also notice what happened when the degenerate with the camera asked a non-BW that question and her black boyfriend was there, he almost got his ass kicked. They cut away from the footage afterward but I would love to have seen what happened.

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  3. They do it for any white male for attention. I wrote off 95% of black women a long time ago. It’s like an endless pit when I see them. They have no morals, love sleeping with married men especially white men, complaining about where are the good men to pay for their student loan, calling us beta males and then complaining about why the beta males don’t want her. When you know the beta males are walking away, fortify the wall.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I only wish that I’d written them off in my teens or at least my early twenties, things would’ve been so different for me, however you know how the saying goes, better late than never.

      The code of the modern day black female is a janky, disjointed but simple one, remain as the head of the swamp by any means necessary, continue to subjugate and emasculate black men whenever and wherever possible, continue to deceive the pro black simps just enough for them to remain interested so that they can continue to perform the service as useful idiots while these same black women give up their snatches to Tyrone And J Boogie from the block and subsequently get pregnant by them.

      Continue to hem up on child support those black men who still choose to deal with them, negatively label those black men who choose to remove their chains and shackles and walk free from the plantation, continue to evade accountability, responsibility and continue being dishonest, continue to have a median net worth of $5 while at the same time maintaining reckless and thoughtless spending habits and continue to be whores and sluts.

      This is the code of the modern day black female in a nutshell.

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      • Truer words…

        About as accurate a diagnosis and summation of the modern day black witche’s psychology as I’ve ever seen.

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  4. If black women are on code, then why are they so broke??? Section 8 housing, child support, and kids by different women??? They love the struggle, they get a sexual release out of it.

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  5. When you hear these black women in this ilk use the “white women do it too” line, they do it in two ways: 1) As a deflection (as mentioned here in this article) or 2) If white women do it then I can do it too. The second option that black women have chosen has been going on for years, decades and probably centuries. They look up to white women (not to other non-black women) for almost everything in black women’s love-hate relationship towards white women. Most black women in Western society compare and measure their standards to these same white women of whom they detest somewhat openly and praise secretly as a ‘god’. We all know that these black women wish they could be the replacement of white women (in mass) but that won’t happen. This ilk of black women need to stop worrying about and competing against white women and focus more on their own dysfunctions and compete against each other. Lots of insecurities from them even using colorism through this so-called white standards of beauty. SYSBM.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      If black women could convert to being white tomorrow, I estimate around 90-95% of the black female population would disappear immediately. White women are the gold standard that black women are trying their best to attain to, the evidence to support this is overwhelming, weave, skin bleaching and blue/green/grey contact lenses are just a few place we could start from.

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  6. Notice how disrespectful the non-black men are, when they walk up to the non-black women who are clearly with their black boyfriends. I don’t blame those black men for getting confrontational. These beta male non-black men will find ways to still try to disrespect us black men, even when off the plantation. And once again, technology is there to put even these non-black men’s insecure behavior on display for the world to see. Black women and beta male non-black men, they were made for each other.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Because they(non black men) have the majority of the money and the resources, automatically they believed they had non black women in the bag, however as we are seeing, things aren’t exactly going in their direction, lol. The case of South Asian men now using the name of black men as a slur against their own women is another case in point right there.

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  7. Have you guys seen this bullshit, the Wall climbing attempts are increasing by the day:

    These chicks know that they have lost the gender war and that non-BM don’t want them outside of sex. They are desperately trying to get back into BM’s good graces now, not many BM are going to fall for this bullshit sweet talk though as evidenced by the comments section in this video. BW lost the gender wars, the social safety net is collapsing, the swirling movement was a joke, and these BW are in panic mode now.

    Some quotes from this bullshit video:
    “Don’t let women who have hurt you in the past stop you from finding us.” — ROFLMBAO, this quote alone reeks of desperation and NABWALT talk.

    “I’m probably a bigger fan of the BM than the WHITE WOMAN is.” – These chicks know that they are being pushed to the fringes and avoided.

    “Shout out to the BM who are a little different and deviate from the “norm”” – Translation, “Hey stable square nice guys, we are available if you are still interested.” lol

    The failed swirlers, feminists, etc. are desperately trying to talk their way back into BM’s good graces after bashing us in the media since the 80’s. The Gender Wars are over, now begins the defense of the Wall. There will be move videos like this and videos of lonely and desperate BW looking for sympathy from BM in dating, don’t be fooled, the minute these chicks get a ring on their finger Jezebel will come right back out. lol

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    • Yeah, Kid Organic did a video on these women. I love the comments from black men on the original video. It’s clear that more and more black men are waking up and are no longer falling for black women’s lies and deception.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        Black women have toasted themselves beyond redemption, there is no saving the overwhelming majority of them at this point.


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    • We haven’t won yet, guys. Those girls are light-skinned – that means 90% of black men would suck their unwashed assholes on the first date. We won’t win until it stops being cool to be thirsty.

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    • James S,

      I really don’t understand why these women are swinging into panic mode as there are plenty of simps available who would be more than willing and happy to take them onboard as well as their bastard children. What, can’t they see the oceans of thirsty and hungry simps they have created?

      To be honest videos like this are too little too late, in view of the amount of damage black women have single handedly carried out over the past 50 years, outside of desperate pro black simps, who would even trust them at this point? Black women have bitten off way more than they can chew, they will not be able to escape the judgement that is coming upon their doorsteps either.

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      • IMO these women are in panic mode because they see the Good BM (the prime cuts) criticizing BW behavior and shunning dating BW at an increasing rate, to the point where you even have young men in high school and college talking about it. Adding pressure on top of that is the normalization of non-BW dating BM and the failure of the swirl movement. The simps will always be around, but if we are going to be honest alot of these simps are broke and trifling and will take any woman they can get. Meanwhile the BM of means and intelligence are walking away from dating BW.

        I think these BW know that most of these men kissing their asses are dusty dudes and players, and at the same time they are probably seeing how strangely silent and unavailable the Good BM are (the “Where the good BM at?” phenomenon). Now at the close of the gender wars these women are between a rock and a hard place, non-BM don’t want them, and good BM have had it with them. Many BW are accepting reality and trying to waive the white flag but its too late, I don’t think many Good BM are interested in peace talks and reconciliation at this point. They are screwed, …………………………… but they still have pookie, ray ray, and the bull dykes. Mark my words in the coming years these chicks will be pushing flat out polygamy, they are already dipping their toes into it with the “side-chick” culture. Isaiah 4:1

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    • Oh TRUST ME, there will some young and slow black men that will slop THIS SHIT UP!!! HELL, the majority of OLDER black men will eat this shit up. Fuck all that shit. SYSBM all day, everyday, from this day to all other days.

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      • Sage Highwayman,

        That’s the sad thing about it right there, there will always be some dude who will come rolling in and fall hook, line and sinker for these smooth types of words.

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  8. Why is it that we never hear, “Asian women do it too” or “Hispanic women do it too” or “Indian women do it too”? Why do black women hate white women so much yet look to them as the standard of beauty and behavior to aspire to?

    As much as black women complain about black men putting white women on a pedestal, it’s obvious black women are the ones who elevate white women to goddess-like status as they do everything in their power to emulate white women. Not Asian women, who by the way are increasingly preferred by white men. Not Indian or Hispanic women. White women alone are worthy of black women’s simultaneous worship and revulsion.

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    • asian women are NOT increasingly preferred by white men
      STOP beleiving the hype of white losers and self hating asian bitches
      the numbers of white(men)-asian(women)coples are DECREASING RAPIDLY
      on the other hand ASIAN MEN-WHITE WOMEN couples are INCREASING RAPIDLY

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      • Bahiya – Decreasing or not, Asian women and white men are still the overwhelming majority of interracial couples. And more and more white men are shunning white western women thanks to feminism. So, I stand by my comment.

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        they are NOT the overwhelming majority of interracial couples
        it is all just a media hype trying to show that so called white nothing bastard(can)get any woman they want which is the biggest joke on earth
        and YES it is decreasing and NOOOOO so called white(men)are NOT shunning white western women
        it is WHITE WOMEN who are shunning(white) so called men for for NON-WHITE MEN
        thanks to his arrogence and racism.

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  9. I have always said that black women despite their claims of being the most beautiful women on earth and all this nonsense are absolutely completely obsessed with white women and look up to white women and want to be white women.
    Black women use every excuse in the book as to why they alter their appearance and use the ‘white women do it too’ excuse in order to justify everything they do because the reality is the entire existence of black women revolves around a fantasy where black women replace white women as the most sought-after females on the planet Earth and live out there fantasy of being at the side of white men.
    This is why anytime a black woman gets around white men she magically transforms into a docile, friendly,smiling, feminine Angel who is willing to do anything and everything to please that white man.
    The lives of many black women are so filled with this insane jealousy and obsession with white women that it dominates there every waking moment.
    I and others have previously pointed out it’s never ‘Arab women do it’or ‘Japanese women do’ it or ‘Indian women do it too’, it always goes back to white women.
    Black women are involved in some type of imaginary competition with white women that they feel they can actually win, or at least that’s what they tell themselves in order to make them feel good.
    All of this strong independent, most beautiful women on the face of the Earth, Queen garbage that you hear black women talking about is a cover to mask just how insecure and inferior black women feel about themselves.

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    • White women are just as insecure/jealous of black women as the other way around. You should see the hatred 10/10 black women get from white women.


      • Yellowbone Hunter,

        They aren’t trust me there might be isolated instances here and there but far more black women are jealous of white women. White women have nothing to be insecure about. White girls are the ones who are adored and wanted by most men of other races, why do you think their image is on the front of magazines around the entire world? When is the last time you’ve heard a white woman complain about Asian, Latina or Black women taking White men away from them?

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      • Odyssey,

        I’m still scratching my head at Yellowbone’s statement, where we see little to no evidence to suggest that white women are jealous of black women, on the flip side however we have miles and miles of proof indicting black women of being heavily jealous and envious of white females.

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      • First of all, that’s not even close to being true. Secondly, from the comments you’ve made on this blog, you sound like a pro-black. Are you sure you’re in the right place?

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      • “White women are just as insecure/jealous of black women as the other way around.”

        I don’t think so man. To a certain degree all women are jealous of 10/10 women no matter what race, but between BW and WW in general BW are far more jealous.

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      • Yellowbone Hunter,

        I’d like to see the evidence to back up such a wild statement. If your aim is to turn us away from non black females then you’re wasting your time, as I stated before I stopped dealing with black women well over a decade ago and I have absolutely no intentions of ever dealing with them again.

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      • The white women who are jealous of black women are refered to as “wiggers” by racially minded white dudes.

        Jealous as in being unable to keep up with the level of violence, buffoonery and ignorance which is a hallmark of the modern day Niggrette.

        This is the only time a typical white woman will find herself in any sort of genuine social competition with a black female who is capable of winning said competition.

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      • @Yellowbone Hunter

        Until we see White Women en masse saying things like “Black Women do it too” then you can’t say they are jealous of Black Women. Everybody knows that Black Women look at White Women as the standard of womanhood, they think about them daily meanwhile the average White Woman isn’t thinking about Black Women or what they do. Black Women can’t even give Black Men 5 legit reasons of why we should choose them over White/Non Black Women & that’s pathetic af lmaooo Take that cape off bro, this is a no simp zone

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    • Bill Smith,

      The insecurities of black women as a group are simply off the chain and their way of battling them is to battle thinking black men and attempt to force us back onto the planation that they are managing on behalf of their white lord and saviour. We continue building and fortifying the wall.

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  10. ‘White women are just as jealous/insecure of black women as the other way around’……. Is this negro SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?
    Where on planet Earth is there any evidence that white women are jealous of black women? These pro black simps kill me with that nonsense.

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    • Sorry for not being present for the previous posts but here am I again. Was the black b…h on drugs or what, good thing the black dude defended his mate from the degenerate interviewer.

      Even the thugs here in Jamaica (which are some of the most cold blooded bastards you can find on the planet) are becoming increasingly frustrated with black women and their antics. Good luck Verbs and all hail SYSBM!

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    • If he would have said “there are SOME white women who are jealous of black women”, that would have been more believable. But by him stating “White women are JUST AS jealous/insecure of black women as the other way around”, that argument never had a chance to taxi unto the runway. Unless these pro blacks can produce empirical evidences (which they’re immune to do, like kryptonite), never trust the teachings of a pro black.

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      • I’m glad you’ve all noticed this poster’s agenda. I sussed out this dude from the start.

        Covert pro-wacks are now speaking our language but they still give themselves away (ironically saying “white women does it too!”) all in the service of tryin to obtain their prized “contaminated cooch”.

        Dude’s not yet ready to grow up and leave the nest.

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  11. It’s quite obvious that YellowBone Hunter is a clandestine!! I’ve observed his commentary on this site, and much of what he conveys is suspect!! This comment about WW being jealous of BW is absolutely ridiculous!!! Perhaps…he has been dreaming(while asleep)of these witnessings, and as a result failing to realize that it’s not a reflection of what is actually happening in the world, just a figment of his imagination!! Truly unfortunate!!!


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    • CyberOmega,

      You’ll find that you will run into a lot of black men who simply don’t want to let go of the black witch, its what Nagone11 continues to say on Obsidian’s Livestream Google Hangouts, most black men are addicted to black women. We thinking soldiers who decided to give black women the boot are in the heavy minority.

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      • Yep. Sometimes it isn’t easy. Carrying the torch and blazing the trail so that others who follow, might also find their way…

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  12. Just thought I’d share this. These people are so exhausting that I don’t even have words anymore. I just wish black men would cease with the need to justify or explain themselves to anyone. It’s your life and no one has the right to dictate to you on how you should live it.

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    • Metal Heart,

      I’m glad that you posted this because I may have to light this guy up in an article. These pro black muddy bootlicking simps are pathetic, pandering for Scooby snacks and doggy treats from a group of women who make it openly known that they they hate his kind, here is an example of what I’m talking about:


      This dude is one of the few hoteps, pyramid heads who actually has a woman, as we both know most pro blacks who jump up to defend these black witches remain chronically single:


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      • Thanks and he’s not even worth the effort. Just goes to show you what you, MBD and others are doing is having a serious effect and I couldn’t be happier that dudes are stepping away to do what’s right for them.

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      • Think he might have combed his hair before making this? Washed his face? Brushed his teeth?

        Nah… Why bother?

        I bet that chick has him by the short hairs. She’s actually not that terrible looking. A slovenly dude like that kissing her over-rated behind all the time will wear thin soon enough. Unless he’s a “Tyrone” type and maybe her preference.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        This is what I was thinking when I saw her, she actually doesn’t look that bad at all, how dude managed to land her with his simpish nonsense is beyond me.

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    • Just….wow. I don’t know this dude, but I feel pretty confident in saying he’s probably never had any pussy that he didn’t have to pay for. This crazy-haired Don King-lookin’ goofball hasn’t come within sniffin’ distance of a coochie (for free) in his life, I guarantee it. Like most typical pro-blacks and black queen-worshippin’ simps, he’s barking like an attack dog at black men in the hopes that one of his “queens” will reward him with some smelly, used up, stretched out, diseased vagina. And it’ll never happen.

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  14. This is pathetic and typical. The white girls were in disbelief he said that to them and turned him away., Unsurprisingly the black bitch he asked not only was all for it, she started twerking her nasty ass trying to entice the dude. I know it’s only one black whore on here, but those of us with a brain know she represents the majority of how morally destroyed these women are. I’ve yet to see a white girl just twerking when some random dude disrespects by asking them if he can hit it from the back while recording.

    Black women are absolutely disgusting, and have no class, morals, manners, common sense and self dignity or respect. The overwhelming amount of them are also mentally handicapped and are too stupid to realize that this behavior just reinforces the stereotypes they portray on a daily basis.

    It is laughable when they’re caught acting like jackasses and are called out on it, they seem to think saying “white women do it too” makes everything alright and all is forgiven. They have white women on their brains more than they claim we do.

    These so called women are absolutely useless and are good for nothing more than a cum dumpster, and even then it’s not worth the risk. Keep the wall up and avoid these nasty whores by all means and at all costs.

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    • I see YouTube comments all the time with a BW saying “WW do it to.” and a BM replying saying prove it, show us a video. They never have any proof, its just a deflection.

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  15. That was a straight up disasterpiece of epic proportions. ALL of the other women had enough class to reject such classless, lecherous advances. That’s not to mention enough self respect to not just be used like a paper towel for some stranger’s cum. Meanwhile, the black chick not only enjoyed such “manner”, but showed off her (rotten) peach to boot. Notice the shade as well!

    White women do it too, yet this black minstrel was the only woman to respond. All women are like that, yet all the other women were disgusted by this guy’s comments. Keep in mind that though I’m sure this was for comedy, this same dude when actually seeking some toot toot would’ve felt offended or insulted that his advances were rejected. This is the entitlement that so much of white men’s identities are caught up in, which again ruins any argument they make concerning women.

    I’m also glad that those black guys at the end about took it to him. This is a time where “defending a lady’s honor” actually made sense. Again, black men have no problem being men and acting accordingly when they are with ACTUAL women, not the tranny twerking in this video.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      She fell right into line with the programme, we have to remember that the offer of sex is the only bargaining chip the overwhelming majority of black women have. In 2018 it is honestly a struggle to think of other qualities outside of sex that black women as a collective possess. They have dwelt in the gutter for so long, the so called stereotype of them being animals in constant heat has now become the reality. Again, white women do it too, where are white women doing it too, certain not in this video.

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    • That’s crazy, but they didint give too many details. Something about that doesn’t sound right, what did she do to him exactly and were there any withnesses or evidence.

      Male or female I think that both parties identities should be hidden until a verdict is given. Many men have had their lives destroyed having been arrested on false rape allegations only to have them later dismissed while the female accuser’s identity remains hidden.

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  16. BROTHERS, calm yourselves. While it brought a smile to my face that SOME of us haven’t been castrated by modern western feminism, let us not forget how easily is it is to become entanglement within the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM….ESPECIALLY when dealing with morons like the cameramen. They are the first to start shit, and the first to cry to the police and when all is said and done, guess who is left holding the bag? US!!! That’s who.

    I would have turned around, grabbed my girl and place her in between me and asshole, never talking or acknowledging him. NOW, with me in between him and my woman, if he persists to come at her, he has to come at her through me,via my backside and when he does, I got his ass. I can push him off me for unwanted contact, and I pushed (or punched) him to defend and protect myself. My back was turned and he came from out of no where and in doing so, he startled and frightened me. THAT way, I’m covered from an AGGRAVATED BATTER CHARGE YET STILL protecting my girl. Think SMART, act SMARTER and as always, SYSBM for life.

    PS: as for the scaggle daggle…raise your hand if you’re really surprised.

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  17. Just got sent home by the black bitch asst. manager at my job. She wanted me to do something, but I was in the middle of doing something else and couldn’t just drop everything and jump for her at that instant. She got nasty and I got nasty right back. The sour cunt tried to order me around like I was one of her fatherless children. I refused to be disrespected… So I got the rest of the day off! I will probably get written up or worse… I’m already looking for another job. This is not the first time I’ve lost jobs because of dealing with black females either.

    Good. Things like this always seem to come my way whenever my hatred and disgust for negro females or ghetto blacks in general starts to cool down even a little bit. Almost like an existential reminder that any sympathy and/or benefit of the doubt that I give to such people is not only wasted but misguided and misplaced. Black females in particular won’t be satisfied until their mere existence invokes hatred and revulsion from all civilized people.

    Over and over again I’m reminded of how little in common I have with these “people”. That although I was raised among them(unfortunately), I simply do not gel with these people and don’t belong amongst them. And unfortunately I’m not yet as cold-blooded as I need to be in dealing with them. Up till recently I would still have an ocassional twinge of sympathy for them. Madness I know!

    But the past two years have been a serious game changer for me. I’m becoming about as mean-spirited towards them as anyone else in the manosphere. Brother Verbs included. He has been a guiding light and trailblazer with this website even before I joined. Whenever some black whore or simpanze comes here, all they ever focus on is the harshness of his posts. Not the truth they contain.

    But the most powerful medicine often has the most bitter taste. Always they say: “He must have been hurt or done wrong by some black female in his past”. As if that somehow excuses their fuckery. Well guess what? I’ve been done wrong by black females my entire life! Over and over and over again! If thats the only thing that they can say about Verbs, what will they say about me?!? Lol!

    I’ve been seriously thinking about starting my own blog in support of SYSBM as this will give me the chance to sharpen my writing skills and vent my own unique perspective on things. Anyway, I just want to warn the other posters here to have a strong stomach as regards my future posts. If you thought some of my posts on this site were brutal before, you aint seen nothing yet! I plan to outdo myself and virtually everyone here with the visciousness of my posts going forward. I will probably become a target for the pro-wack trolls who sometimes lurk on this site, because I have nothing left except vitriol and cruelty for their “queens”. This will be great therapy for me as I rid myself of the last vestiges of humanity towards these unholy beasts.

    SYSBM for life or at least until black stank whores are forcefully sterilized against their wills!

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      Every time yourself, Michel, Stephen or anybody else here has a story to tell concerning the modern day black female, even though I’m already very familiar with the nasty nature of black women as a whole, I’ll still have to shake my head in disgust. Most black women as you’ve stated simply cannot get along with anyone else, hell they even have a hard time getting on with each other(unless its to shaft a black man, they’ll always come together for that).

      Thanks for the compliment bro, looking around there aren’t that many places where thinking black men like ourselves can express our views, issues, gripes, grievances and concerns relating to black female skullduggery without being penalised and targeted in some way, shape, form or fashion. It’s funny how you mentioned the usual suspects focusing on the harshness of my posts instead of the truth contained therein, even in Negro Wars I stated that “not all black women fit the decadent demographic”, this is in the second paragraph of the introduction, yet these black witches are still offended.

      Why? Because we have now reached a stage where the overwhelming majority of black women in 2018 now fit the description of dysfunctional black females. Then on top of this we also have to include those black women who will readily jump up to defend the scum, both of these factors are the main reasons why so called “good black women” have almost gone the way of the dinosaurs.

      The more the merrier as far as I am concerned, Slaying Evil is a network, if you make videos calling black women out feel free to post the links here, if you write articles calling out black female dysfunction, once again feel free to post your articles here. There needs to be more Slaying Evils, more Verbs, more Jointron33SYSBMs, more Sigma Jones’, more Exposingtheemperors etc, unlike many black folks who strive to be at the top forever, I have absolutely no problems promoting and pushing the younger heads ahead of me.

      You need to start a blog, you definitely have the writing skills, it’s a good way to get your viewpoint across and it won’t take long until you begin to attract others of like mind. There needs to be more soldiers on the frontlines calling out black female skullduggery, black women have gotten away with their premium garbage for too long.

      As Thebackhandofreality would say, SYSBM until the wheels fall off and even then don’t stop.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        Thanks man. I have no desire whatsoever to replace this blog as I believe it to be irreplaceable and I think that your style is unique. Besides, I probably don’t have your dedication or steadfastness. We do however need a larger web of like-minded souls because even though the movement may appear small, in reality it only seems that way.

        There are legions of black men out there in whose minds the idea has also formed. The recent Jun’s Beauty Supply store fiasco went viral and will be just one of several watershed moments in the minds of many black men. They just dont have a name to call it yet. That’s how I was when I stumbled on this site. I googled ‘Black women are disgusting’ or some such and the rest is history.

        Sooner or later more and more guys will have similar ‘aha’ moments. There need to be more outlets giving brothers the red pill lowdown when they do.

        I’m probably about same age as you believe it or not. Thanks for the compliment. I usually go through periods where I need to write just to sort my own head out. My problem is just sitting myself down regularly enough to write anything properly.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Over and over again I’m reminded of how little in common I have with these “people”. That although I was raised among them(unfortunately), I simply do not gel with these people and don’t belong amongst them.

      I’m seriously coming to the same conclusion with mean mugging Jamaican Yardies at work.

      Negroes as a whole, BW especially, (unless they come at you with respect) need to be given type of treatment they deserve. They need to be left the fuck behind.

      Treat them like mould spores. Turn away and cover your mouth, lest you catch Ebonitis.

      Like attracts like. We ain’t like them, we ain’t never going to fit in with them, so we find like minded people of different tribes to gel with. Everybody else can go and count rocks on high speed train tracks.

      #SYSBM until infinity

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Like attracts like. We ain’t like them, we ain’t never going to fit in with them, so we find like minded people of different tribes to gel with. Everybody else can go and count rocks on high speed train tracks.”

        Lol! Thanks bro. Your words do a tired and fustrated man good.

        Liked by 2 people

    • That’s rough man, I know where you are coming from and have been in a similar situation.

      “The sour cunt tried to order me around like I was one of her fatherless children.”
      This is the role that many BW play in the workforce, the overseer/mammy position to to BM workers. Control and emasculate.

      “I’m becoming about as mean-spirited towards them as anyone else in the manosphere.”
      I was mean spirited toward them in the beginning of my SYSBM days in high school. Now I get angry every now and them but am mostly apathetic and try to avoid them.
      True story, recently my wife and I went shopping and the department store was FILLED with single BW and their bastard kids everywhere. In my head I was like WTF, who emptied out the hood into this store. lol I counted ONE BW with a husband, the rest were the stereotypical fat, ugly, tatted, stank looking, bastard kid having hoodrats. That much black female fuckery concentrated into that small area, everywhere I turned, raised my anger, but I’m mostly apathetic now. haha

      “Well guess what? I’ve been done wrong by black females my entire life!”
      Alot of BW dont want to acknowledge that, many BM were FIRST treated like shit by the black single mothers that raised them, THEN other BW in the “community”. We learn that “Black girls are mean” from a young age, especially if you also deal with non-BW as a child and were able to compare and contrast them.

      “I’ve been seriously thinking about starting my own blog in support of SYSBM as this will give me the chance to sharpen my writing skills and vent my own unique perspective on things.”
      Same here, I’ve been thinking about getting into doing some short YouTube videos but need to do more research on it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks. I agree on all points.

        “That much black female fuckery concentrated into that small area”, would be illegal if we lived in a saner world. 🙂

        I’ve also got some ideas for videos. I need some editing software however.

        Liked by 2 people

  18. What are you all thoughts on Kanye meeting with trump?
    From my experience anytime the media makes a concentrated effort concerning a black man there’s fuckery afoot. Media and the general public seems to have glossed over what he actually covered in his visit.

    Liked by 2 people

    • DarthAmon,

      I believe the Russian news channel RT were one of the few media outlets who actually focused on the points of the meeting. I’ll be honest and say that I am not familiar with what was discussed at the meeting, however I’m looking at the bigger picture here, regardless of what people think about him Kayne West is encouraging black folks to first think outside of the Democratic plantation box and thereafter walk away from it.

      I also saw that fake news CNN’s black minstrel and sodomite Don Lemon has come out against Kanye. I saw that panel of buck dancing minstrels Lemon had on, the usual shaming and mislabelling tactics were used of course which is predictable from liberal Negroes. And they wonder why the so called black community is in the state that it is. CNN at this stage is nothing but a complete and utter disgrace.

      Regardless of what people think about Trump, unlike the empty suit Obama I don’t see him as the 45th president trying to destroy the US, on the contrary I see him making every effort attempting to rebuild it. Now obviously there are a lot of white conservatives who have a different idea of what a great America should look like, however they should take thought and consider the fact that one of the reasons why the country is in the toilet is because of the overall gutter treatment and manipulation of black folks from slavery up until today.

      In order to have a truly great America, ALL nations within the country must be exalted.

      Liked by 1 person

      • As much as I don’t really wanna hedge my bets on a politician looking at the numbers out people are prospering??

        I do think he will win again after that I suspect they gonna flood the country with the same welfare programs again

        Liked by 2 people

      • DarthAmon,

        The black unemployment rate is down from what it was under Obama, though I’m certainly not a fan of politicians myself, Trump’s approach to dealing with the country is completely different to anything I’ve ever seen before. He is the only President I have seen consistently deliver on his promises, something that is very rare in politics.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. I endeavored on many occasions to pull Black women to the side and correct their behaviors/thinking. There is absolutely NO USE. The modern day Black female does not view her behavior as backwards and immoral. It is true that they go out of their way to pair up with men who are losers in order to get access to social security numbers (i.e. state and federally funded subsidies). These women plan to be single “parents” and do truly utilize their offspring as a form of gaining income. I have escaped the so called Black race right along with the “Black” men and I am so happy my brother has as well. No one who is a thinking individual who cares about the one life they have to live would ever engage with the modern day Black female as she is a complete WIPE OUT.

    Liked by 1 person

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