More Pro Black Simp Babble


Remember folks, J Boogie from the block and Lil Cheezy don’t have to grease the skids like this pro black simp above when it comes to obtaining and dicking down black women, black women naturally gravitate to those types of unproductive individuals. The black witch has really performed a smack up job upon most black men, even though they treat black men like garbage, these simpoid Negroes continue to return to lick the crusty and cheesy feet of these same black women, smh.

What on earth does this guy believe he is going to achieve with this kind of dumb, brown-nosing talk? Does he mistakenly believe that black women are going to open their legs to him with ease? Err, no, sorry, things don’t work like that in the black female world. Black women love opening their legs to men who call them bitches and hoes and who bash them over the head regularly for sport.

As I’ve been stating for the longest the pro black simps are the black female’s last bastion of hope in their frantic efforts to pull thinking black men back onto the plantation. However, a thinking black man who knows who he is and what he wants can never be persuaded to return to conditions of gutter and filth, never.

Furthermore, as I’ve stated before many black men have been violently ousted from black society by the very same people who state that the ousted ought to be “building for the community”. What community are we talking about because from where I’m standing the so called “black community” has almost been completely destroyed. Remember, in order to have a real community men must ALWAYS lead the charge and the women must be in cooperation with their leadership, do you see any of those traits within black society?

The so called black community is dead and black women were the ones who killed it, save that “community” talk simp Lema, we see the real state of black folks. Then this nugget had the audacity to talk about black women being in their 50s and still looking good, which ones shine? Can Mr Lema please show us some pictures of black women in their 50s still looking “good”?

As it stands in 2018 most black women begin to tank in looks more or less as soon as they hit their teenage years and it’s normally a continuous downhill slide from there. The spirit of feminism latches onto them in their younger years thanks to their devil spawn mothers and so the cycle of unattractiveness continues unabated.

One of the main problems I find with a lot of black men is they don’t have any standards and will pretty much dick down anything that moves, this is why there are so many beastly looking sea creatures within black female society who still manage to end up pregnant. Notice how guys who talk this kind of rhetoric can never illustrate any examples of what they’re claiming.

Then the minstrel Lema had the cheek to state that it is every black man’s job to protect the black woman. But wait, aren’t these the same sirens who continue to claim day after day that they are “strong and independent and they don’t need a man”? Besides, since when are we supposed to protect the enemy? Is this fool so blinded that he cannot see how black women and racist white men work in cahoots against black men in particular and black society in general?

What have black women done that is worthy of me protecting them ie why should I offer protection services to them? Gentlemen, don’t listen to pro black simps like this bewitched numbskull and his mangina babble, they choose to completely overlook the current gutter state of the modern day black female and somehow believe that they are dealing with black women from the 1950s.

Lastly, as I and many of yourselves have pointed out time and time again, most of these simp/mangina/white knights within black male society have been raised by single mothers, hence their blind devotion and unconditional protection towards the same group of women who wouldn’t urinate upon them if they were on fire, smh. Simping is simply another branch of feminism, always remember this.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Simping Will Profit You Nothing

Most High Bless

68 thoughts on “More Pro Black Simp Babble

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  2. These goons are literally just goombas, lowly foot soldiers working for Bowser/Bowsette.

    As you’ve stated, why would you waste time defending a group who always claims independence anyways? This is especially true given that black women typically resemble kaiju and other strange beasts, many times having the dexterity to match. That’s like a dude on a unicycle acting as security for a tank.

    The looking good in their 50s thing is the funniest crap ever. Most black chicks, namely unmixed hood ones, look basically like their uncles from birth. These chicks are about as cute as a pile of wet dog $hit! Why do you think that the more you mix their bloodline and lighten/soften their features, the more popular they are with the men of their community. That’s why when they get a “black” woman for a commercial or something, it’s one who looks nothing like the average black chick.

    Lastly, why do simps protect those that CREATED these hellholes in the first place? They might as well just worship white liberals and racists! And as always, where are these dudes’ women? At least Polight has multiple polygamous black wives, though you can tell he’s always checking out Becky, and probably dicking her down on the side when he tires of roast beef smelling, Arby’s-esque snatch.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      And they literally are goons in the way that they bat in the corner of these broads. Lol at Kaiju, I had to look that up. It’s all true, black women have lost their physical attraction and are attempting to make up for the shortfall by the use of shaming tactics as well as dispatching their goon squad soldiers to pick up the slack.

      In the face of the treacherous actions that black women carry out against black men on the daily, I really have to concede that those black men who still choose to support black women are straight up bewitched.

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  3. Sadly, I have two friends who fits the bill of ULTRA SIMP. Even those BLACK MEN who have been shitted on the worst by black queens STILL holdout for a “good black woman”. I tried to show them the light, but they don’t want to hear it, “sisters need our help” is all I hear, meanwhile, more and more queens are fucking more and more hood knee grows, producing more and more thots and gangbangers. Ready for the really SAD part?????? One of my friends, had TWO, no THREE of the baddest WHITE WOMEN throw themselves at him and all he did was go to dinner because he;s holding out for a good black woman….did I mention he’s in his late forties???? Its like he believes the bullshit brainwashing black women have done to BLACK MEN…..IF YOU DON’T DATE A BLACK WOMAN, THEN YOU SHOULD BE ALONE.

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  4. A comment on this board recently presented evidence that black females are becoming shorter. Black adult women, born after 1980, are on average shorter than black women born during the decades of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. This decrease in height is only noted among black females. The theory is that early in life pregnancies and general poor health are the reason for the decrease in height. Any person that still promotes the view that black women are pretty and healthy needs to be corrected.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Modern day black women as a group look hurt and busted and these pro black simps cannot change that fact through continually licking the muddy boots of the black witch’s coven.

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      • The article basically states that black American women have become shorter and fatter. The shorter part is somewhat surprising. The obese part, Stevie wonder could’ve seen. As you say, keep the wall up.

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      • @Stephen
        As Gregory Chandler pointed out above bad diet and lack of exercise has many American BW “de-evolving” per say in relation to the rest of the population. I’m not sure if you heard this as a child but adults would always say, “Don’t eat too much junk food, it will stunt you growth.” and “Go outside and play, its not good to sit inside all day.” They were right and yeah, the Wall needs to stay up. Especially as more to these chick try to run to Good BM for sanctuary as judgement approaches.

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      • @James

        My parents would say that. Never took it too seriously because i was always active, but yea i can definitely see it looking back. I would get kicked out of my house during the summer when it nice out to play outside.

        My parents encouraged us to play outside a lot. One time, my dad found out we stayed inside all day once when I was younger. That night when we were asleep he put the tv in the attic, took the Nintendo 64 (I’m aging myself) and vcr from our living room and in his trunk. Took it to work with him that day. He left us a note where the tv was saying “you have no reason to stay inside when theres nothing here. Go outside”. Never forgot that. I had a tv in my room but when you’re 10,11 you’re not taking those chances he won’t take that too.

        Came home that night with a big ass grin on his face like “next time I’ll leave them at work in my locker if I find out you stayed inside all day (weather permitted).

        Never forgot that

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    • Works for me. I’m 6’1 and I like tall and thick women preferably, and many White women have the booty that is the sole remaining trump card of Black women. WAS anyways. Oh well, just keep calm and keep it moving.

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      • As we have often stated, black women have lost the butt words. Most black women have floppy and sloppy butts. Black women know that they do not have toned and firmed butts. That is the reason why black women are the leaders is getting fake butts.

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      • The Black Woman’s only “quality” is having a big ass & these Non Black Women have that PLUS more, it’s a reason why Black Women get mad at brothers for dating fine ass Non Black Women (mainly white) because the Black Woman is EXTREMELY jealous of the White Woman & wants to replace her as the white mans #1 choice as a mate, but since that’s not happening, they have resorted to going online & penis monitoring brothers such as Michael B Jordan & the rest of these successful brothers

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    • and more obese which seems to be the norm for black women these days . remember when sickle cell was the only thing passed down well obviously diabetes is in their genes now

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  5. These simps drive me crazy. In 2018, most black whores are utterly hopeless and useless. It is hilariously pathetic that they seem to think these oil tankers are worth fighting over and saving. I haven’t messed with one of them in years, and have zero desire to despite the disgusting amount of attempts that are thrown my way.

    The so called black community is a hellhole that is dysfunctional, disgusting and depressing. Fuck the black community, and the simps who try to shame us back there to fix a problem we had no hand in creating. I hope it burns to the ground.

    As the wall gets higher, and the cuts get implemented expect these clowns to come at us from ALL angles to attempt to drag us back. Avoid black whores, simps, and anybody who actually defends their dysfunctional ways at all costs.

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    • Stephen,

      These pestilent sirens are tweeking if they somehow believe that the same men that they’ve rejected over and over are going to return to the swamp and rebuild for them while they continue to lambast us and at the same time skinny dip with Dread Breezy. Thinking black men are not janitors, let these women clean up the mess they created with Lil Skeet and Trey Trey themselves.

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  6. Simps are pathetic, most of them are steady online white knighting for chicks and hoping that they can get a date for it, its sad. The only good thing is that simps are being ridiculed at an increasing rate and BW who use thugs and simps to get pregnant are no longer able to play the victim card afterward.

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    • James S,

      These dudes are pining after and chasing down contaminated snatch and the black witch still won’t even give them a whiff of it. Indeed, it’s good to see these simps being lit up and more black men need to join in, in shaming them and their abhorrent behaviour.

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  7. The pro blacks are getting desperate and I’m starting to think that black women are posting as black men to make it look like it’s black men that are saying these things, but in reality, it’s black women. Keep the wall up

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  8. I was at the mall and I saw my car salesmen who is black with an extremely attractive white woman and you can just felt the confidence coming from them. Black women was pissed off looking at them because the brother is very successful.

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    • Yeah man its understandable that they are pissed off. For one he is yet another one of the “good ones” who has dated out and forsaken BW for dating, they probably see this and get upset. And two is the fact that a successful BM can date out easily, meanwhile BW have been college educated and white collar for a long time now and still only manage to get thugs and dusty dudes, good BM and non-BM are avoiding dating them. They had to launch the (failed) Swirling movement, which was basically a pathetic advertising campaign begging non-BM to consider dating them.

      They have put themselves behind the Wall and they are angry and frustrated because their dating options have become so limited. As many brother continue to point out many of them are increasingly turning to lesbianism and resigning themselves to being mistresses.

      Even my barber is married to a WW, he learned the hard way after divorcing his first wife (a black single mother) luckily he didn’t have any children with her though.

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  9. Speaking of dumb simps who got played, has anyone seen the negro nonsense with Phil the advise show on youtube? Guess he thought he could talk problack, and sleep Mexican, lol…

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    • IMO you can be pro-black and have a non-black spouse. The only reason that the pro-blacks say otherwise is to attract a black female audience, anyone who is trying to convince good BM into exclusively dating BW is almost guaranteed a large black female following. And as many have pointed out, many of the pro-blacks preaching that “you should only be with BW” stuff are married to non-black/mixed women themselves.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Yep, Nasheed even admitted that his wife is mixed in his recent interview with Jessy Lee Peterson. But because she looks black she gets a honourary pass from the black sisterhood and their pro black cohorts. He knew NOT to get with and marry a non mixed black female from the previous drama he went through with his daughter’s mother back in the day.

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  10. Facebook suspended me for saying this, but black women don’t even belong in America. They don’t fit in. There are far more mainstream black men than black women. Even thuggish black men are better at fitting in with other races when they need to. Black women always stand out somehow. They are simply the strangest creatures on the face of the earth.

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    • Anthony Wilson,

      I hate Facebook, especially the way it operates, the only reason I’m on there is to spread the word about my books as well as the website. I used to post directly to Facebook, however due to being put in Facebook jail too many times to remember, I decided to focus on writing articles for the website instead. Now I just post the links to my articles in my Facebook personal and fanpage profiles.

      If they kicked me off that platform tomorrow, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it and I wouldn’t return either. The groups I belong to are a saving grace and I typically will only comment within them in order to avoid triggering some angry and bitter black witch or her muddy bootlicking pro black flunky who wouldn’t hesitate to report me to her white father of social media.

      Black women as a collective are a nothing but a joke, they won’t hesitate to use the same “white supremacy” against black men that they claim is causing the problems for black society, smh. Nothing but bold, in your face, cold blooded traitors the overwhelming majority of black women are.

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    • I think it’s the opposite. Black women belong in America (a sinking ship, btw) black men need to get the fuck out before shit hits the fan.

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  11. Anthony Wilson, absolutely true. Black women are just plain weird. They seem to be eternally pissed off, always involved in conflict or confrontation, are by far the most unattractive out of shape females on earth without exception, yet they all walk around like they are the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet earth.
    Black women actually publicly state that white women are trying to mimic their appearance. Could black women be anymore delusional and downright insane? Dealing with black women is literally dealing with mental patients. And the fact is in a sane world most black women would be in mental institutions because they are fucking insane, reactionary, violent, mentally unstable nutcases.
    And you still have simps calling black women the most beautiful and best women on earth. Unbelievable the level of stupidity found among the vast majority of western black people.

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  12. SIMP: “Remember, there wouldn’t be no black community without black women.”

    THINKING BLACK MAN: “There’s no black community now, just a bunch of thots with bastard kids and loose packs of Ray-Rays and Pookies hovering nearby. It is black women and their insatiable appetite for thug dick that killed the black community. And for the record, science has created the artificial womb, but they have yet to create artificial sperm. Life is in the seed, not the incubator.”

    SIMP: “Black women be in their 50’s and still look good.”

    THINKING BLACK MAN: “And yet, 70+% of them will never be married, but their vaginas are well used up by then, having been stretched wide by the 4 or 5 kids she had by age 25.”

    SIMP: “Every black man’s job is to protect black women.”

    THINKING BLACK MAN: “Let their real husband, the State, protect them. Unless a woman gave birth to me or is married to me, she is not entitled to my protection, period.”

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    • It’s the job of a Husband/Father to protect HIS women, meaning his wife and daughters. BW are mostly un married and have bastard kids so they are assed out in this respect, which is why they are trying to convince good BM that is every black man’s job to protect and provide for them and their bastard kids. It’s like when you hear black single moms saying “We need to do better for our kids.”, she is basically saying I need y’all to provide for my bastards and all of my “community’s” bastards.

      The answer from good BM will continue to be No. If she isn’t your wife/daughter you have no obligation to protect and provide for her. Keep the Wall up and let BW prove how strong and independent they are.

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      • James S,

        On top of all that black women are extremely unappreciative and feel that black men ought to be protecting them as a standard procedure, however as you have so rightly pointed out, black men are only obligated towards their significant others and their daughters.

        Besides, with the outright contempt and deep seated hatred black women have been throwing at black men, only a bewitched and deluded fool would come to the rescue of these damned souls. Let them suffer and die the death, not my woman, not my problem, not my children, not my problem either.

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  13. The Stockholm syndrome is strong in this one…

    Again, what’s so good about this quean that someone will go beg like a thirsty ass dog to get with a brown bear bitch?

    What they’re still not getting is that women aren’t attracted to simping, they like the roughneck niggas… And yet the penny never drops? Simps are delusional, disingenuous and thirsty as hell.

    Ah well, These simps will need to learn the hard way by fire for the lesson to click. (@d1ckh38d, you’ve been warned).


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    • Exposingtheemperor,

      Again, notice how it is only dark skinned black women championing this colourism nonsense. Colourism is simply another way that black women are trying their best to establish their victimhood status as well as a last ditch attempt to shame black men into dating and marrying them because they aren’t wanted. Most dark skinned black women look horrible, a good looking dark skinned black female is hard to find unless you travel to East Africa and even then many of those women are mixed.

      Again, notice how the men on the panel are placed behind the women, the subliminal message here is black women rule over black men and dictate what direction black society will go in.

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      • Actually brother, many of the East African women are not mixed though I can see the perception. The difference is that patriarchy is rooted and draws out their femininity. A dark skinned woman can be the most beautiful or the most hideous alone on her mental programming. But I hear you.

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      • And it just goes hand in hand with my article, that they don’t want teamwork with Black men, they want to rule over Black men. Their audacity in doing so itself is proof. Like I said in my article, name any other man who goes through his female counterpart for permission in dating out his group. NONE.

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    • That has got to be the most annoying, cringe worthy conversation ever. A bunch of delusional black women playing the victim role, a few simps and effeminate black men who are championing this nonsense that is being pushed mainly by ugly black females who are upset that they are not wanted.
      These black women idiots can’t seem to comprehend that they can’t force people to find them attractive, and they really fail to realize that LIGHT SKIN BLACK WOMEN AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE.
      So pathetic to listen to these cry babies complaining about things they will never be able to change or control.

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    • Black women, with their lust for so-called “good hair” and pretty babies, are, in the views of many, the main pushers of colorism.

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  14. Pawgs Love Me Exactly protect black women this Simp has really lost it. They don’t even want protection from black men anyway they want protection from their white daddy. These Simps do not even do research on matters all they want from BW is doggie treats that BW will never give them. Another thing women do not like weak men they will use them but never take them serious and simps are weak men these fools need to stop with this rubbish.

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  15. …If you are not a simp or even care to be bothered with black women, such a negro simp like the guy in the avatars are to be dealt with caution. He will attempt to bring harm upon you for not worshiping, protecting or giving up your life for the black woman. He does not care anything about the mistreatment of decent black men by these wretched women. He only seeks to appease negro women for sexual access. Your life is meaningless to these idiots while the lives of reprobate whores are more value than food and water to a starving person. Do NOT bicker with these type of black men about your disdain of the modern negro woman. Simply leave the scene or change the topic. I personally will have NO ASSOCIATION with them at all!!!

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  16. The media loves to present stories about some white woman that calls the police on black people. Black females and the simps love to use the propaganda about those white women are going to get you. What these propagandists never state is the millions of black men burdened down and bothered as a result of relationships with black females. Be careful with all women. SYSBM with black females.

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