Hoodrat Is A Mindset – Yet More Proof


Remember what I’ve mentioned before about weave wearing being an outside indicator of mental illness, do you see how this blonde weave/wig wearing Jezebel simply couldn’t control herself, forgot where she was and additionally attempted to defend her criminal boyfriend(how many times have we seen that before)? This is my whole point right here, this super saiyan looking black harpy speaks well and yet she is living in the house of her criminal boyfriend’s mother and claims that her criminal boyfriend has “potential”, smh.

Hoodrat is a mindset that manifests itself in many different ways. Judge Ross learned the hard way that as a black man you cannot control these black female belligerents nor can they be reasoned with on any level, he should’ve gotten his white male security guy to take control of the situation earlier, he may have been able to prevent that war from escalating because as we all know that the only men that black women listen to and obey is white men(though that is beginning to change because even whitey is starting to lose control of his Frankenstein creation).

Judge Ross however failed in that he white knighted and offered up mangina services for the weave wearing mother who in my opinion is just as bad as the unruly defendant as she was the one who raised the devil spawn seedling of a criminal son to begin with. Sorry, I’m not moved by her tears nor her emotion because she never took responsibility with who she decided to open her legs to. Yet another example demonstrating the fact that black women cannot raise sons and that fathers must be in place in order to instil and enforce discipline, responsibility, accountability and honesty.

See, with black women as a group you simply cannot give them the designation of children by itself, no, in addition you must include the word “retarded” as just like a retard/spastic youngster most black women cannot be reasoned with at all. This super saiyan looking black harpy really believed that she could win by arguing with the judge, this is how stupid the majority of black women are, they simply don’t know when to remain silent and just listen.

Of course where would the defendant be without having a child by the criminal boyfriend as this is what most black women do, they choose the worst of black male society to have children by and then later on down the line expect the good black men who they rejected and passed over to come in, step up and clean up a lifetime’s worth of mess they’ve created. Like I said many times before, not me, not this guy here.

Of course the blonde weave wearing black witch racked up a huge phone bill that someone else was paying for, this is what most black women do. As long as it’s not them suffering the consequences of the reckless actions they decide to embark upon, black women really don’t give a damn concerning how their selfish actions will negatively impact upon other individuals.

These are your $5 dollar median net worth modern day black females on display right here, yet these will be the same women who will attempt to approach thinking black men such as ourselves and demand that we “step our game up”, what a joke. Again, the super saiyan doesn’t sound like she is fresh off the plantation strip, though she speaks well her mannerisms however are no different to your average ebonics talking black female living in the hood. The hood rat mindset is across the board in black female society, from your professional black woman to the dirty mattress on the floor, dishes and pots piled up in the sink, 6 children by 5 different fathers, cannot string a coherent sentence together black female living in the projects.

This scene right here goes back to another article I wrote recently demonstrating how black women live for arguing, causing contention, strife and war, that article can be seen in the link below:


I’ll continue to demonstrate the fact that in 2018 most black women are undiagnosed severely mentally ill individuals who ought to be straight jacketed and sectioned under special mental health laws. However we thinking black men are already aware of the fact that black women are deliberately left alone to roam free and continue their destruction of black society as per their contractual obligation towards the state.

No doubt the muddy bootlicker D32018 will come along and will attempt to launch some sort of defence in the favour of both of these women(probably along the lines of “white women do it too” or “them white woman are going to get ya”), however the mother only got out exactly what she put in, it’s too late to cry crocodile tears now. And these are the women who most black men commit themselves to deal with, smh.

Finally most black women are delusional like that, they expect to get out of their children things that they didn’t bother to instil in them to begin with, complaining about your criminal son lying to you yet YOU were the one who never bothered to install any moral boundaries or compass in him from the very beginning and it is typically the upstanding members of black society who encounter and are forced to deal with these devilish miscreants head on.

The above video is just one of many reasons why I myself as a thinking black man stopped dealing with black women many years ago, black women don’t get on with anybody, not even themselves unless of course it is to go against black men. Gentlemen, we continue to build and fortify The Wall Of Silence. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset), Don’t Deal With Hoodrats

Most High Bless

41 thoughts on “Hoodrat Is A Mindset – Yet More Proof

  1. I doesn’t matter if the black witch is working class or middle class you get hood behaviour anywhere. I know many middle class black women in Manchester E. G doctors, dentist, lawyers etc and they love dealing with hood negros. I will stick to dealing to light skin women

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  2. I would say that all of the cases on this court show and similar court shows is a dramatization based off of real cases but the actress playing the defendant really acted out her role well, channeling the person she’s representing in this reenactment and that what makes her even more dangerous than her real life counterpart. She’s the mouth-piece to what is going on in the black matriarchal urban environment. SYSBM.

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  4. I swear your posts get more funnier and funnier by the next!

    ((This super saiyan looking black harpy really believed that she could win by arguing with the judge, this is how stupid the majority of black women are, they simply don’t know when to remain silent and just listen.))

    The reason for this is because most of the time, it always does. Just like you said in your book Negrowars, The simps won’t dare call them out because then those poor low self esteem Manginas will not get any (Nasty) Snacth from them. So they, the professional bootlickers, will argue and then walk away with their balls behind their legs!

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    • Carnio,

      Thanks bro. The simps are a complete and utter joke, they fight tooth and nail just to get a whiff of the black female’s contaminated snatch but as we all know these same black females are too busy giving it up to Lil Cheezy and Dread Drilly from the block instead. You’d think that these simps would see and accept the writing on the wall but no, they still continue to try their best to please the black witch, however all their efforts are in vain.

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    • James S,

      We accept the words in the song, however the pro black flunkies have yet to catch up, they’re still stuck in the stone age when it comes down to how they view black women. They truly believe they can save these benighted harridans from damnation.

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  5. What we are witnessing here in this video is what I often refer to as: The Chameleon Strategem! This where the average Hoodrat to the “college educated” Harlot will acquire various dispositions in order to maneuver in and out of diverse settings in order to achieve some level of acceptablity, within a broader society. By, doing so avoiding the eye of detection of their true nature! However, effective this strategem maybe to the unassuming…it’s only a matter of time based on the right conditions and circumstances, that the sinister, viral, infectious, and grotesque nature of BW will make themselves manifest! Why?? Even after making such “positive strides” would she revert back to such distasteful behavior??? Simple my beloved brothers!! No matter how much character cosmetics you apply, you can never alter the essence of a thing. Any creature’s nature will make itself known because it’s nature requires expression, even if it means disturbing the individual or collective peace of respectable human beings. It would be a misunderstanding to say that it simply does not care…because to not care about one thing or many things will have a direct opposite of caring about something or many things!!! The modern day BW has absolutely transcended the realm of caring and not caring…into the Abyss of Perpetual Destruction!! Take note of this brothers!!! When an entity enters into this realm there is no point of return. Everything that it encounters including itself will be infected and eventually destroyed into oblivion!!! This is exactly why we as thinking BM must on a daily basis re-fortify our efforts to ensure our survival and walk towards a future that is Decided-Determined-Directed by our will and our will only!!! Even if that means walking alone: “For, it is better to be alone in peace, then to be with someone in misery.”


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    • CyberOmega,

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Black women simply cannot hide their true nature, especially when it comes down to their deep disdain and hatred of black men. This negativity manifested itself as soon as Judge Ross began to show her that he was the boss in that arena. As James S has mentioned before, the facts are in concerning the modern day black female and her dysfunctional nature, therefore there is no need for us to get into any debates or argue back and forth with them on anything.

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  6. Hoodrats not just mothers but goddamn grandmothers too . I’d love to see the stats on how many career convicts were raised by hoodrats

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      • Yep, we already have those stats. Ann Coulter when talking about the damage that single mothers have done said in an interview that when you control for the crime committed by the children of single mothers the black and white crime rates are identical @4:05.

        Look at all of the angry women (probably single moms) in the crowd, they tried to argue with her but everything she said was FACTS though. The simp “priest” was a fool too, you would think that a christian priests would push married 2 parent homes, but they don’t. Notice how all of the single moms in the crowd say that their children are great, smart, etc., just like the hoodrats who talk about how “good” their son was after he gets gunned down in the street after living a life of crime.

        @10:19 she asks the “priest” “Who’s the christian here Father? I care about the children and I care about how they are raised”

        Keep the Wall up.

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    • Michel,

      D32018 is nothing but a joke, why hasn’t he written any recent articles defending his so called “black queens”? This is my point, being pro black is a 24/7 occupation, dude is not really about the pro black, pyramid head life because he’s always taking so much time off, lol.

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      • @Verbs
        I went over to the baron wasteland of a page D32018..AKA.. @D1ckh38d….AKA “Pussyboi”, and all I could do was just laugh, because each of his putrid, pathetic attempts at so-called articles could produce no more than 6 comments😂😂😂, most had only 1 some had NONE. So it seems as if his decomposing
        garbage..AKA.. “black queans” aren’t responding to his pandering, ass kissing and SIMPTASTIC tactics..LOL.. So I guess no cum stained ,menstrual blood, urine soaked sized 65XXXXXXXXL panties for him in the near future😂😂😂

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        D32018 is nothing short of a joke, every time I bring up the fact that despite him supporting black women 110%, they still refuse to give him the time of day, the guy has nothing to say. Isn’t it exactly what we keep on saying again and again, how black women hate simps and how the simps could learn a thing or two from Lil Greazy and Dread Noogy from the block in how to approach and treat these women? Dude thinks he can defend black women on a part time basis, not so. Most of the comments on his articles are calling him out on the nonsense he’s posting, that’s the joke on his part, lol.

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      • Just heard Verbs’ cameo on Obsidian back in April using exactly that phrase “decomposing
        garbage” to howls of laughter. That show was lit.

        And yes, simpery is witchcraft. Real men don’t simp, chase and beg for pussy, as they are masculine. @d1ckh3ad isnt. “He” is a full bitch.

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  7. Thats why you gotta stay single. If you have kids and get married to any of em ..you are putting yourself in an exteremely precarious spot with pretty much no reward. The guy that I’m friends with are all in marriages with kids and they’re basically slaves trapped in their emotions. They stopped progressing long ago due to complanecy or just poorly placed priorties smh. Guys stay single, read, invest in stock/real estate, lift, dream chase. The vast majority of american women are just liabilities. Got my degrees, net worth is rising, single digit body fat. Things are looking up and women def on me but I cant see any reward for paying them any mind unless mediocre vagina and a headache counts. We dont need em. Think with your head not your dick fellas..this is your life we are talking about. Make better decisions ..save yourself black men

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    • Lurkingintheshadow,

      The reality is the problems surrounding the laws on marriage are only an issue in the west. What I would say is if one still wishes to marry then they should do it in a non western country and one where the marriage will not be recognised in the west if the worst comes to the worst.

      I like the advice that radio personality Tom Leykis gives, he says the same thing you’ve said, he also advises men to fulfil their goals and dreams first before settling down. The problem with giving women a permanent wide berth is that simply leads most men into the realm of porn and beating off which is also dysfunctional by default on it’s face.

      Sex is an important part of a man’s life, there are exceptional men who can go without any sexual stimulation, however these are in the small minority. Remember, thinking with your penis is when you cannot control sexual urges, not simply wanting sex as part of your normal everyday functioning life.

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  8. I’d like to apologize to Odyssey and I think it was Bill Smith. I threw shade at them on another page a few days ago. Of course it was after a rough day dealing with the rejects from blackistan.

    Which brings me to a question for anyone here. Is there any field other than perhaps IT where one does not have to deal with black females and their bastard offspring?!?

    I feel as if I’m really starting to lose it dealing with this scum everyday. Every job I have had in my life except for one was staffed with these rejects. Black women in particular seem to always be able to get hired inspite of having the worlds worst personalities. I think I’ve reached a point where even driving an Uber everyday would be healthier for me stress wise than to keep going in everyday at my current job.

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      Black women in general are very bad for a black man’s health and sanity, these dysfunctional sirens thrive on drama, strife, contention and war, hence why whenever you are around them you automatically feel uncomfortable and agitated. It seems that black women are permeating more and more positions in the workforce and employers unfortunately are bringing them in by the truckloads in order to satisfy “the numbers”. Uber driving wouldn’t be too bad as at least then you could choose the people who you wish to deal with. It seems that you and Stephen are in exactly the same boat, however the difference is he only has to deal with them for one day on the weekend.

      I honestly have to take my hat off to black men such as yourself because I would have extreme difficulty working with most black women on a day to day basis or even working in environments where you are bound to come into contact with them. The types of work that immediately comes to mind where you can minimise your contact with them are being self employed, an entrepreneur or an investor. Outside of those picking a job where you work alone might also be an idea.

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      • Yes. I have been looking more and more into self-employment options. But yes, I dont even know how I manage to work with them either. I have learned to scope a place out to see whos working there though. Just that they seem to be everywhere.

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    • I feel ya man. I’ve been turned down for jobs due to them hiring these hair hats when I’m significantly more qualified than them. Years ago when I first got out of the military, I wanted to branch out and try different things. I tried working as a teller at a bank just to get my foot in the door. Literally passed every interview, every test, qualified. Got turned down for some hair hat, who I was more qualified than because the black bitch who had the final say chose her.

      Three months later, I received a call from said bank recruiter asking me if I was still interested. I asked what happened to the other girl. Turns out not only did this chick get caught stealing, she didn’t do her job, had a horrific attitude, always called out you name it. Not to mention, her and the bitch who hired her ending up getting into a brawl over some useless dick. I said thanks, but no thanks.

      That reaffirmed to me that these whores will out of their way to fuck your life up just because. I truthfully HATE most black women and their simp cohorts, and nothing can or will change that. I avoid them at all costs if I can help it.

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  9. Judge Ross gave that hair hatted black bitch enough rope to hang hereelf, and unsurprisingly she did it on her own free will. Gentlemen if these jackasses are having zero issue giving judges (someone who can literally make your life hell for disrespect) an attitude, what makes you think they’ll respect and treat you well?? More evidence these heifers need to avoided at ALL COSTS. There is absolutely nothing good that comes from dealing with most black whores. Keep that wall high and fortified gentlemen.

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  10. https://exposingtheemperor.wordpress.com/2018/10/08/the-tyrannical-approach-to-dick-policing-black-men-and-why-black-men-are-not-answerable-to-non-black-men-pro-blacks-and-black-women/

    Hey Verbs, I have another article. I will be writing at least once every Sunday. I am asking the brothers to chime in provide feedback and commentary. I’m glad to write but I need all the support I can. I know you always lookout for the brothers. Thank you again my man. I think this will be a winner.

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  11. Hood rats are the worst women on the face of this earth! I just hate these women with a passion. Why would any man would go for these type of women?

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