Simp Babble – How Black Single Mothers Raise Soft, Effeminate And Gullible Black Men


This is where it starts, in the home. This is how most young black men get hemmed up by devilish black females as they enter the dating world, their mothers fail time and time again to warn them concerning the dark side of black female psychology and how there lurks among us a large contingent of women who will purposely go out of their way to take advantage of ignorant young black men like Jelani.

To be honest most black mothers wish to perpetuate the emasculation and the softening of black men, therefore whether knowingly or unknowingly(in the overwhelming majority of cases it is done deliberately) they omit vital information young black boys can use in avoiding young black women who hover around seeking out unsuspecting prey.

Of course Jelani has been raised by a single mother(which by the way is one of the main subliminal messages being sent in the video primarily towards other black women), thus having unrestricted access to her son she has been able to contaminate and fill his mind with effeminate and useless simp junk. Unfortunately what can commonly end up happening is young black men learn about black female nature the hard way and as a result they become hardened.

It reminds me of the popular video clips of the late Tupac Shakur which show the before and after of being exposed to the raw, nasty attitude of the modern day black witch. Take a look for yourselves:

The truth of the matter is women in general give lousy relationship advice, a man should never go to a woman seeking advice on how to approach and interact with women because the woman will typically look at the situation from an emotional standpoint instead of laying out the raw facts on the table and dealing with the issue from a truthful, logical and common sense standpoint.

The truth of the matter is Jelani’s mother as stated before is setting her son up for serious disaster and she knows it. You can blatantly see Jezebel oozing from the woman’s speech, that big smile doesn’t fool me in the slightest. As I’ve stated many times before black women instinctively go out of their way to emasculate their son’s in order to ensure that they won’t pose a threat to the faux leadership bestowed upon the black female by her white lord and saviour.

Never forget that contract black women have forged with the state, under their watch on the plantation black men must never be allowed to build anything and any attempts thinking black men make to construct anything of worth within black society must be quickly taken down and destroyed. This is the primary reason why black communities continue to remain in piles of dust and ashes to this day.

It’s fitting that Jelani’s mother wouldn’t warn him about the women out there who would go out of their way to break his heart because she was probably one of those sharks herself back in her younger days. Jelani will most likely grow up to be one of those men who will come to the rescue of any dysfunctional black whore he sees in distress, and by distress I mean good black men calling these women out on their dysfunction as well as holding them to account.

There you go folks, this is how the overwhelming majority of these pro black simps are created, feminist black females getting to work from the moment these boys can understand their speech ensuring that they leave their mark and impression etched deeply into the black male’s soul to where others can easily recognise their dirty and evil handiwork.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Be A Simp

Most High Bless

55 thoughts on “Simp Babble – How Black Single Mothers Raise Soft, Effeminate And Gullible Black Men

  1. I’m very lucky how and grateful how i was raised by two parents mum and dad. Which is fairly rare in the black community these days.

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    • Black British Guy,

      This is one of the main pillars of SYSBM, ensuring that the single parent cycle is broken. Since the overwhelming majority of black women are NOT interested in raising FAMILIES, they can no longer be considered for dating, marriage or procreation purposes.

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    • >I’m very lucky how and grateful how i was raised by two parents mum and dad.

      So was I. I guess we’re a rare species these days.


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  2. Black women LOVE pushing their perverse, wicked thoughts and desires upon the black male children who they raise by themselves. Black women delight in seeing the black males they raise being turned into effeminate, black women worshiping idiots? Why???????
    Because most black women wanted to control their ‘baby daddy’ and turn him into an effeminate clown who will obey her every command. But since the black woman couldn’t control her ‘baby daddy’ in the way SHE wanted to, the black woman demon chooses to turn her male black son into her man/son/subconscious lover/boyfriend,etc,etc, who she can control and manipulate.
    Thinking black men NEVER forget that the true nature and desire of black women is to seek out black men who they can CONTROL………
    Black women will turn their sons into complete and total effeminate homosexual buffoons if it means they can somehow direct or control the behavior of those black males.
    Black women are absolutely the most selfish creatures on earth, and they function according to their utterly selfish, delusional, narcissistic way of life, that they most likely learned from their mother who was the same way.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • Bill Smith,


      The bottom line is you simply cannot form a confederacy with devils. The nasty, evil and vindictive nature of the modern day black female is openly on display for all to see, as I’ve stated many times before those black men who still choose to deal with such malevolent creatures in light of the evidence presented do so at their own risk and have no grounds to complain if they are bitten in the process.

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      • >The bottom line is you simply cannot form a confederacy with devils

        A.K.A. SIMP Factories.


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    • Black Women are afraid of smart free thinking Black Men, thats why they call enlightened brothers names like “Hoteps” to shame them lol

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  4. First off, I thought the thumbnail was a black chick and and a black lesbian, so what does that say?

    I look at my own cousin, who is gay, and the outright ridiculous relationship he has with his mother. They would legit fight, in MY parents’ house no less, over the dumbest stuff, yet were never far apart. It was much like how the other black females in the family couldn’t stand each other, yet lived five minutes away from each other and were always having get togethers.

    This has led to a theory of mine: realize that black women can not even get along with themselves. Black women cant even get along with their sisters, mothers, or daughters, and are never feminine or maternal in their interactions with kin folk. Thus, they create these fruity simps so as to have a companion to turn to that is as dysfunctional as them, who many times (because the black community is still somewhat against fruits) will HAVE to turn to black women for companionship themselves.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Homosexuality is the ultimate goal of the modern day black female when it comes down to raising boys, however if this cannot be achieved then she will settle for a boy who is effeminate as the emasculation programme would’ve still been successful to a large degree.

      Knowing all of this why would any thinking black man choose to get together with these women when he can simply cross the fence and pick up a non black female who on the whole will allow the father to be the main influence in the boy’s life? It’s not rocket science, this is one of the main reasons why black women as a group are no longer suitable for raising black children.

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      • (((Homosexuality is the ultimate goal of the modern day black female when it comes down to raising boys)))

        WHY???????? WTH are they trying to accomplish by doing this????

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      • Carnio,

        In short these demon possessed black women out of spite and hatred for their own people(including themselves) are trying their hardest to destroy black society completely, this includes those of us who have broken free and left the plantation. Since they recognise the man as the head and since the European man has bestowed upon them a false position of leadership, they seek to hold onto that position at all costs and so they know that the further they can push black boys away from heterosexuality, the less of a threat these same boys will be when they grow up to be men as homosexuals are not suitable leaders on any level.

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  5. Lisa Nichols is one of the presenters from the movie, “The Secret”. She has made a good living hawking the same New Age baloney that the likes of Oprah Winfrey promote. I commented on another article on this site that a major component of New Age philosophy is the uplifting of the Divine Feminine over the Divine Masculine and viewing women as superior to men, although adherents would never admit that. Ms. Nichols is teaching her son to value women above himself, and in so doing, she is practically guaranteeing him a life of misery. To make matters worse, Ms. Nichols has a program for teenagers where she spreads similar messages which are only corrupting young minds, turning girls into insufferable bitches and boys into simps and cucks.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        It’s funny as the bible in many places makes reference to many of the crackpot nonsense philosophies and outrageous religious practices that many people would subscribe to in the last days, this new age guff is no different and as we can clearly see is simply an extension of the dark religion of feminism. I read that article by the way, again, the dude sounds like an grade A mangina.

        Women are not meant to be worshipped, they are meant to be ruled over and kept in line, observing the ways of women in western society we can clearly see what happens when women are given a free reign to roam the yard freely and unsupervised. The female nature as talked about by yourself, Sigma Jones and many others here can be extremely volatile and so a man is required to be in place over her in order to keep the volatile side of her nature ie her emotions in check, rather the same as a kettle keeping boiling water contained.

        Now unfortunately as we talked about before in my South Asian men article there are some men who do abuse their positions as leaders and take ruling over the woman to the ultimate extreme, this is completely uncalled for especially seeing as South Asian women for the most part are traditional and family oriented by default(as women ought to be).

        I will not be worshipping any woman nor making any altars or shrines dedicated to her, such talk is nothing but deviltry and comes straight from the pit of hell. It’s one thing to show your girlfriend/wife that you appreciate her in accordance to her continued obedience as well as fulfilling her role as a help meet in your life, however to place the woman upon a pedestal above yourself(the head) is a grave error and as you stated will ultimately lead to disaster.

        Going back to the article you posted check out this section of the article:

        “Then, at the very center, in the innermost temple itself, all the layers of your devotion are flooded with reward all at once. You discover the very essence of the feminine, and in a strange way that is not exactly romantic, but profoundly sacred all the same, you realize that you could have got here with any woman if you had just been willing to pass through all the layers of initiation.”

        Now observe the video below, do you believe that busting through the “layers of initiation” are worth it in order to form a confederacy with such beasts and monsters, do you believe any femininity exists within these creatures? Is there anything “sacred” about these women below:

        This is my point, the dude is talking absolute garbage through the side of his neck, I reject feminism and ALL its derivatives because that is all this “it is wise to worship a woman” is, modern day feminist garbage mixed in with demonstrating genuine appreciation for your significant other. Lastly, as you so rightly pointed out, notice how with these new age philosophies as well as ancient female oriented traditions it is always the woman being uplifted even though it is the man that creates the kingdom that the woman inhabits, smh, if anything it ought to be the other way around as without men women would have absolutely nothing.

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      • That was just disgusting. Those heifers and the so-called males who were involved should all be forcefully sterilized.

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      • See, this is one reason why I think a lot of polytheistic belief systems were better. You had SEVERAL gods AND goddesses, but it actually taught morality and gender norms. Female gods were over things such as nature and beauty, typically feminine things, where as male gods were over powerful forces such as the wind and such. There was never just one guy who was supposedly omniscient and over everything, but could never help you, so the $hit was honestly more believable.

        Sadly, cults and things devoted to singular goddesses, such as this new age stuff, are also cult like and typically associated with true witchcraft, which the ancient Greeks never saw as something good.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The problem with multiple gods and goddesses belief systems that few wish to discuss is the fact that if you made an error with those beings you might as well count yourself as toast, quite different from the Most High who provides plenty of room for forgiveness based upon genuine repentance.

        In relation to help, you cannot expect a supreme being to help people who have continually given him the middle finger, especially in the west in this secularist modern day and age. We could liken the same to black women in that we as thinking black men now refuse to help them because they have continually spat in our faces, not appreciated any of our good deeds and gestures, shown us nothing but contempt, disdain and hatred and additionally demonstrated their love for the bottom of the barrel lower dregs of black male society.

        The bottom line is you cannot reject somebody but still expect their help at the same time.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        I checked out those two videos you dropped in the comment section of the previous article, Dr V Anamali was dropping pure nuggets of truth from start to finish. You’re right, it was fire. At the beginning it was a little slow but once he started getting into the details the lecture was nothing but an eye opener. I had already discovered that Gandhi was a racist some years back, however to the degree that Dr Anamali revealed I didn’t have a clue. And to think that there are Negroes out here rolling around who will happily quote from that dude.

        Towards the end when he talked about the daily killings going on in the poor villages, that was particularly disturbing but not surprising. No wonder the British labelled these guys as savages, I would go one step further and call them barbarians in light of the heinous activities they practice against the darker skinned people. Gandhi was a terrorist against blacks but he behaved in the fashion of a sniper and why are we not surprised that trying to find the books that the Dr quoted from is nigh on impossible?

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      • Verbs,

        Thanks brother. I just had to share that with someone else who has an interest in these things. I read you correctly in that I figured that you would be as blown away as I was by his testimony. When I get a new laptop, I am going to download both parts for posterity before they are taken down by youtube or the uploader. I am also going to make it my mission to aquire those books he mentioned.

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    • I had heard of The Secret before but didn’t know this chick was behind it. Funny how black chicks especially and black folk in general always fall for the okey doke when it comes to spirituality. These merchants will hawk their wares (these books), make a killing off of these people, and then turn around and say “See, look how prosperous this has made me!”

      Of course you’ve prospered, you sold a hope and dream to people too broke to probably wipe their ass on a regular. Of freaking course they’re going to be susceptible to it!

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      • Rhonda Byrne, creator of “The Secret”, took ideas from people like Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz and Neville Goddard, and marketed them as if she discovered some long lost wisdom. She took ancient spiritual principles and turned them into a marketing machine, making herself rich in the process.

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      • Rhonda Byrne isn’t the first, she definitely won’t be the last. Selling the “solution” without giving the method.

        Black men, having grown up in systemic poverty, and having negative beliefs about money from society, somehow create wealth for themselves, no matter where they are. Maybe that’s the real “secret”?

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      • Michel,

        And you’ll notice that black men can make a success of themselves either with non black women by their sides or alternatively by themselves. The black witch doesn’t mind black men being successful as long as she can regularly syphon from that success and pull the plug on it if and when she feels like it, Kali Muscle and his estranged wife immediately springs to mind.

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  6. This diabolical need to undermine and destroy the independent thoughts of BM by the Seeds of Demons. Has its origins at least in the United States since the time of enslavement!! During that most unfortunate period in our people’s history…so little is actually mentioned on how BW then, played a principle role in eradicating the sovereignty of BM! When we read books on slavery, watch documentaries, or dramatized movies about that period of time. We are presented with a notion that it was only the…
    ICE MAN who inflicted so much pain and suffering on us!! Put truthfully my brothers that is a outright LIE!!! It was BW as the main culprits doing their master’s bidding…whether it was whipping BM, undermining the revolt plans against the WM or willing giving themselves over to the perverse sexual desires of this most twisted and vile entity!! You see??? By nature women are drawn towards power and privilege…those particular men who are in possession of it, women naturally submit their will to his in order to can acceptance and approval! And, thereby potentially receiving love and affection!! Sounds familiar??? Of course it does…we as BM witness it on a daily basis by these most abominable creatures!! But part of the deal to “hopefully” receive those “benefits” from their master…many tasks must be performed. And, the main objective is subduing the psychological, emotional, spiritual, political, and economic aspirations of BM!! Since in the convoluted minds of the ICE MAN, we as BM are the sole threat to their fraudulent empire…the only way to insure its power from the threat is to have a abled body lieutenant within the community (if you could truly ever call it one) to keep thorough tabs on the thoughts, words and deeds of the BM. So In the immortal words Malik El-Shabazz a.k.a Malcolm X “Of all our studies, it is history that is best qualified to reward our research.” Let us take those timeless words to heart in order to insure our very survival!!


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    • In the Caribbean, the slaves in Barbados were planning an island wide revolt to overthrow the colonists. This was actually before the Haitian revolution. In the article that I read, the colonists had ‘no idea’ that the slaves were capable of such a plot & it wasn’t uncovered until a female slave by the name of Fatima sold it out to the white planters. Men were tortured, beaten, killed & some exiled to Jamaica. (This was one of 3 unsuccessful rebellions in Barbados, 1649, 1675, 1692. I this this one was the very first but I could be mistaken).
      Eventually, there was Bussa’s (an African born slave) rebellion in Barbados in 1816, which was followed a large scale revolt in Guyana & an even larger one in Jamaica after that. These 3 rebellions were what propelled the abolition of slavery by the British.
      However, that first planned rebellion (years before the Haitian revolution) never had a chance…therefore my use of the term, “Trojan horse”

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      • And of course, outside of Nat Turner, they don’t teach you in school about the hundreds of slave revolts that were led by black men. I wonder why.

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    • CyberOmega,


      Black women have done black men a great disservice and now the chickens have come home to roost. As we continue to acknowledge here, there are black women who recognise that extremely turbulent times are ahead for them and so they are attempting to slip back into the good graces of thinking black men ie either attempting to scale the wall or pretending that they have all of a sudden now seen the light and are reformed creatures.

      We knights at the SYSBM Thinking Black Men’s Roundtable aren’t fooled in the slightest, we know their games and will continue to build and fortify that Wall Of Silence at all costs.

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      • The one thing I have to disagree with everyone here is about “the wall of silence”. Yes, we should ignore black bitches as much as possible, bu no, I don’t think they give a fuck about it nor ever will.

        They’ll do lesbianism, they’ll ghetto gag, they’ll stay alone and soothe themselves with dildos, food, and myths like “there are no good black men”. But they don’t give a shit about us igging them, because they don’t value us at all. In fact, since they traffic in shit like ego and conceit, they likely think that any black dude who “breezes” them is just conceited or even gay…

        They DO however, hurt when we give our love to other kinds of women. 🙂

        If you’re lonely though, that just fulfills their slavemaster daddy’s plan, so they truly don’t give a fuck… They laugh at “the wall”… These bitches don’t want black men… They want validation from white society…

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      • Check Urself,

        How the wall affects these black termagants is none of our concern, it’s all about looking out for ourselves at this point. Most black women will continue upon their road of destruction, hence why we’ve abandoned them to begin with.

        Our job is to continue doing what we’re doing and be prepared to defend ourselves and our girlfriends/wives against these animals when they decide to venture into our territory because as you’ve correctly stated, they still get extremely butt hurt whenever they see us with non black women.

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  7. So we see…that even in the Caribbean these Harlots of Destruction joined forces with their master to undermine the future aspirations of BM!! Well…as the saying goes: “birds of a feather, flock to together”!!

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  8. The truth of the matter is women in general give lousy relationship advice, a man should never go to a woman seeking advice on how to approach and interact with women.”

    Exactly. You don’t got to a deer, if you want hunting advice.

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  9. I knew this bitch wasn’t about shit the second I saw her hair line receding halfway down her scalp, and when I heard his name was Jelani. At this point, giving kids ridiculous name should seriously be considered child abuse because you’re setting them up for failure before they have a chance to prove themselves.

    Black women are seriously the most selfish, narcissistic, downright evil women on the planet bar none, and will do everything and anything to completely destroy their sons, nephews, any black man they come into contact with if they’re able to. Hell, they’ll fuck up their own lives more if it means destroying a black mans life. I am about out of ways to describe the level of hatred I have for them, and nothing will change that. It’s like the more you avoid them, the more you show them the wall of silence and block their advances, whether in person and especially online, they don’t get the hint. Keep a lookout for this as the wall of silence gets more and more fortified, and the cuts really begin to hit them.

    This past weekend at my weekend job (and I’ve just about had it there,
    I’m now only doing one day because i threatened to quit due to the stupidity of the place), Karen (the winery girl) insisted on coming to bring me food she cooked the night prior,and she got harassed because these silverback gorillas and crack heads actually think I’m interested in them, and couldn’t take it I am seeing a pretty in shape white girl.

    Avoid these selfish whores at all costs if you can help it gentlemen.

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    • Stephen,

      I honestly don’t know how you manage to survive in that place of work, those tug boats, hungry hippos and fully loaded cruise ships must be pushing you to no end. I can only imagine how they react when your girlfriend checks in to bring you some food. This is the thing with most Blackistani females once again, if they acted right then at least the only issue would be their physical appearance. Having visited to the US many times and seen the garden variety modern day black female in the flesh, I completely understand where you are coming from.


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  10. Verbs2015,

    I concur with everything my brother!! I’m starting to see signs of these Beasts switching their game up to get into the good old graces of BM!! SMH!!!!! You, I, and rest of our Noble Brothers on Slaying Evil know exactly what the true intent of these witches are! Try if they must but…in time they’ll come to a profound and devastating reality, that their dreams of “reclaiming BM” wasn’t a dream at all. Just a reflection of a dysfunctional mind that failed to realize the treachery, disloyalty, and suffering they’ve brought upon the BM!! As, you so eloquently remind us: “continue to build and fortify that Wall Of Silence at all cost.” Duly noted my brother…duly noted!!


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  11. In more feminist fuckery news California passed a law requiring all companies to have a woman on their board. I tell you the United States is going further in the dumpster.

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    • Good lord. Please tell me you’re joking? I’d believe it because California does just downright stupid things. But I’m hoping you’re joking Sean.

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    • Sean,


      The west is done, at this point it’s all about simply using it as a financial base and setting up a second home away from home if possible. Obviously muddy bootlicking simps such as Angrymangina and BGS would strongly disagree because they either cannot travel or don’t have the balls to travel outside of their comfort zones.

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  12. What kind of stupid simp shit was that ….. treat their heart like a egg …… I was raised in a two parent household also and my dad wasn’t perfect but he also didn’t hide the fact that there is hoes and housewives out in these streets. And if you play with trash ; you will eventually get it in your eyes …Wtf … SYSBM

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  13. Black women go out of their way to destroy their sons of the couldn’t just outright abort him.

    They deliberately have black boys out of wedlock with the lowest IQ black man they can find and have kids with him for welfare checks.

    The women slightly above the ghetto trash pile like this woman do everything they can to turn their son into a simp faggot that doesn’t have a masculine bone in their body.

    Then when it’s all said and done they say black men can’t lead and don’t build. I am no longer interested in playing armchair psychologist trying to figure out what was the precise moment that black women betrayed us I’m just focused on getting them out of my life 100% and moving on. I just look at them for what they are and just avoid them.

    There will be no forgiveness. There is no mercy. Keep the wall up, say a prayer for the lost boys cursed to a hell on earth because they were spawned from Pookie and the black queen of the damned. They won’t be able to read a simple children’s book like Harry Potter because they will be illiterate. they won’t be able to get a job because his name is q Shawntavious ja Marcus brown. He will just be another statistic.

    The plate must be swiped clean. Her devil gene must be striped from the gene pool and be replaced with a new black women. Since black women feel women as mixed as Meghan Merkle are black princesses then sysbm till the wheels fall off.

    If ya gotta keep it black go to Brazil. Nuff said.

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  14. Came across this and couldn’t wait for Open Mic Wednesday.

    You guys know how Madame Fruitcake and others are pushing BW get their passports and leave America? To go “BWGTOW”? Well it seems that even this expat sista from Philly now in the UK is getting dumped by foreign men, in this case, a black Brit. Could it be that American BW are undateable anywhere in the world?

    “He described me as too difficult, too political and, well, undateable. In fact, after his awful experience trying to date me, he proclaimed he might never date another Black American woman.”

    Even the black Brits are seeing what we American brothas see. LMAO!

    I find it ironic that a political sista who rails against colorism and white supremacy would go to the very place where colorism and white supremacy was invented. But that’s just me.

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    • Black women have been brainwashed about Europe, due to Italian men and the abundance of African whores and prostitutes roaming the streets. Now when black women venture to Europe, they think that white men want them, when in reality their looking for a cheap African whore.

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  15. Even tho I was raised by a single and around predominantly black females I somehow manage to make it out of blackistan with my balls still attached and with being turned into a homo.

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  16. I’m sorry bros and guys I couldn’t sit through her rambling speech in the video. As I approach my 30s I have even less patience to listen to such stupidity. So what was the moral of her story? In two words or less brothers.


    P.S. #sysbm #ebm #WOS

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  17. Tupac says when a man is surrounded by women, he develops feminine characteristics. He is right because he was raised by women.

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