Give Them Enough Time And The Truth Will Eventually Reveal Itself


BUT THEN……………………………..

Of course Miss Lee labels herself with all of the usual “goddess, queen, diva” nonsense, just take a look at the link to her Facebook Page, it reveals all. Well, she changed her tune about black men very quickly didn’t she, lol? Personally I believe that she was a snake to begin with as there are very few black women remaining in the world who are genuine, upfront and honest.

I really have to laugh each time I hear a black woman talk about black men being incapable of nation building. Firstly, it needs to be pointed out that black women as a group deliberately go out of their way to fragment the minds of young black boys, thus it is not surprising that many of them grow up not having the building mentality but instead possessing a mindset geared towards destruction, here is an example of what I am talking about:

When listening to black women rattle off their dribble concerning black men and building we also must take into consideration the fact black women are employed by the state and one of their main objectives from the beginning is to ensure that black men DO NOT BUILD, and if they happen to initiate some form of construction these same black females will step in and go all out in their efforts to sabotage the work.

This is why I have to look at black men who are either on the fence or who still believe that black women as a collective can change with an extreme side eye. Black women are showing you day after day in no uncertain terms that they are NOT interested in you or anything you can build. They are locked in with their white father, they are perched underneath his wing of security, they like it where they are and couldn’t give a rat’s behind concerning anything black men have to offer.

Remember this article I wrote back in November 2016 in which I showcased a bucketload of evidence in which black women yet again made their true feelings known concerning what they really think about black men:

Perhaps these pro blacks and other black men who still believe that we can achieve progress with the modern day black female ought to provide some viable solutions as to how black men would begin “building” with reprobate women such as those above. What I also find interesting is even though these black men still encourage us to keep spaces open for black women, for the 100s and 100s of articles I have written demonstrating how black women as a group categorically hate black men, they themselves fail time and time again to bring forward examples to the contrary.

Also, what Miss Lee has conveniently omitted is the fact that the real builders of black society are purposely driven away by that same society. Black geeks, nerds, buffs and others such like as far as black women and their pro black simp advocates are concerned have NO PLACE within modern day black communities, the truth be told these types of individuals must seek refuge amongst non blacks in order to find the space to be themselves.

Black women stay guzzling down high-octane dumb fuel for life, they claim that black men aren’t building yet they themselves drive off the builder black men and instead join together with the unproductive, destructive, wrecking ball, no progressive type black males, how stupid can these women be? I could quite easily be writing about other things, however the reason I continue to write articles and ever more articles on black women is because there are very few individuals standing in the thinking black men’s corner responding to and critiquing the daily rubbish black women spew forth against us.

Of course in typical black female fashion where would single mother Miss Lee be without sporting a beast stamp on her left breast. In addition to weave wearing an excessive amount of tattoos splattered all around the body is another indicator of the mentally insane disposition of most black women today. I personally don’t like tattoos, I don’t have any and I distinctly remember a time when it was predominantly punk rockers, heavy metal fans as well as other fringe groups of society who got them.

As for performing oral sex on Miss Lee good luck to the black man who decides to take that risk on board because as we already know in the aggregate as per CDC statistics black women are the most diseased ridden individuals on the planet bar none. As per usual black women continue to supply me with the bullets ie the ammunition I readily use against them. Thinking black men are indeed building, we just don’t build for scum like the modern day black female. Your thoughts. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Females At All Costs

Most High Bless

76 thoughts on “Give Them Enough Time And The Truth Will Eventually Reveal Itself

    • The ONLY women in the world who believe BLACK MEN are NOT nation builders are black queens.

      WHITE WOMEN acknowledge AND respect BLACK MEN’s ability to build.

      ….now ask yourself, “Why would you even want to sleep with let alone date or marry a black queen???”

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      • Sage Highwayman, you are deluded if you think white women (as a group) see you any higher than black women do. The whole society is on the same page when it comes to black men. If anything, we are seeing black women (and especially mixed women) become more similar to black women in that they see black men as playthings instead of viable maters.


      • Yellowbone Hunter,

        But yet whenever there are pro life rallies and seeing as it is black women who assassinate the highest number of black children in the womb, who do you see in the crowds, white women and hardly any black witches in sight. White women care more about black lives than black women do, this is clearly evident.

        White women will stand in a black man’s corner whereas the black witch would much prefer to spit in his face.

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      • Sage Highwayman,

        Exactly, notice how black men have no problems building whenever they get involved with non black women, that speaks volumes. Like I stated before thinking black men are building, we just aren’t building with and for trash females.

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  1. Good post Verbs.
    “Also, what Miss Lee has conveniently omitted is the fact that the real builders of black society are purposely driven away by that same society.”

    Exactly, BW have chosen to breed bastard kids with non-builders (thugs, bums, players) for decades now and they want to sit back and wonder why nothing is being built for them. Look at the useless BM that today’s BW are breeding with and raising, then contrast that with BM of the past who built black wall street and numerous other black businesses all while living under Jim Crow and dealing with overt white supremacy. BM with the building mentality are still around despite BW’s efforts to breed them out of existence, and those BM are dating out.

    I’m not surprised that the chick who wrote this is a single mom with a tramp stamp on her breast. If some one asked her why any BM should want to build for a tatted up single mother, we would probably get the usual deflection and denial.

    Keep the Wall up.

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    • In addition this also shows exactly what most of us here already knew, the “I am and Queen and BM are Kings”, “I love my Black kings.” etc. talk is only attempts by BW to climb over the Wall of Silence. When pressed their true feelings come out, they cant keep the mask on forever.

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      • James S,

        This is one of the main reasons why we must continue to build the wall even higher and fortify it along the way. As you and a few others have stated many times before, black women will use any and all means to scale the wall when the seas really begin to get rough.

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      • >When pressed their true feelings come out,

        When their attempts at scaling The Wall ultimately fail, that’s when their true feelings come out.


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    • James S,

      Black women as a group are like perpetual teenagers in actions as well as their mindset, and they wonder why more and more black men are making the decision to give them a wide berth. As we’ve pointed out before even the Pookies, Ray Rays and Tyrones of the world are beginning to realise that black women are too dysfunctional, too much hard work and they themselves are starting to seek out alternative mates amongst non black women.

      How deluded can black women be to expect those whom they have ostracised from black society to return and build something for them, these chicks are dumber than a bucket of pebbles.

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  3. Black chicks can’t even be peaceful in forums where that is the very mission!

    That alone should show you that it is impossible to build with such a group. How can you build with a group who is constantly tearing down those who they claim to be standing with? To use their term, why are black women BASHING black men?

    Now, if it were a forum about white men, there would be nothing but praise, love, and affection. These chicks need to be bred into extinction, like Ho Magnons.

    P.s., just got my copies of Church Beast and Negro Wars.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Thanks as always for the support bro. Indeed, the treachery and outright skullduggery continues and the pro blacks will still call this chick a queen despite the back handed bait and switch that she has openly put on display for all to see.

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    • My monthly contributions to your Patreon account continue to flow your way!

      Keep up the good work, Verbs!


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  4. Another brilliant, truthful masterpiece Verbs! Your works should be mandatory for Black men everywhere!! And it’s still mind boggling to me that even in the U.K. this savage, Klingon Black female behaves the same way as here in the U.S. Verbs, does Great Britian have a welfare system similar to ours?

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    • Ducati Rottie,

      Thank you sir, just doing my part to speak on behalf of the heterosexual thinking black man. It’s exactly the same here bro just on a smaller scale when it comes down to these black witches and the welfare system is practically identical also.

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  5. The three Facebook posts you cite are all the evidence I need to not trust most black women. Most of them are full of shit, view us as a sexual utility, and hate our guts.

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    • BATV,

      I stated in Negro Wars that black women simply aren’t to be trusted under any circumstances, the recent events at Jun’s beauty supply store already confirmed everything that we already knew, this right here is simply bonus material on top. As Public Enemy would say, can’t trust it.

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  6. >Most of them are full of shit, view us as a sexual utility, and hate our guts.

    They also view us as a potential financial resource.


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  7. What I find most idiotic about most of these brain-dead black women is the fact that they consistently use the phrase ‘nation-building’. I mean what the fuck does that even mean exactly?
    I suppose the definition of ‘nation building’ in the mind of the black woman is black men doing everything black women tell them to do and acting like servants to black women.
    It’s so ridiculous to listen to black women talk about nation-building when they are the most difficult, stupid, simple, reactionary, insane, delusional, narcissistic group of women on the planet Earth. I don’t even speak to black woman unless it’s absolutely necessary because they are simply difficult to get along with. But because most black women are so delusional and have this ridiculous elevated sense of self-importance, black women really believe that they should be accepted by black men no matter what their attitude is simply because they are black women.
    It’s absolutely laughable to see the lowest group of women on the planet Earth actually walk around like they are the greatest women on the planet Earth.
    But as long as these weak-minded, simple ass negro men continue to call black women queens and talk about how the black woman is the best-looking woman on the planet Earth and that white women are imitating black women, these mentally ill black female lunatics will continue this nonsense because no one has the strength or courage to tell black women the truth about what they actually are.

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    • “It’s so ridiculous to listen to black women talk about nation-building when they are the most difficult, stupid, simple, reactionary, insane, delusional, narcissistic group of women on the planet Earth. …
      It’s absolutely laughable to see the lowest group of women on the planet Earth actually walk around like they are the greatest women on the planet Earth.”

      They’re always going to be “propped up” by the wider society, however, because the wider society sees how they keep black society weak, off-balance, enslaved, depressed, dysfunctional and ultimately headed for a quiet genocide.

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  8. Also if black woman were interested in building anything they actually submit to the authority of black men. But as we all know black women feel like life is a competition with black men and they feel that they should be the ones to lead black men and the so called black community. The reason why Hasidic Jewish, Arab, Amish and other societies function normally is because their women understand that the men have authority.
    But because the black woman has a contrary and demonic Spirit she feels like she should be the head of black men. No Society or civilization has ever thrived when women are in control of things. This is why the so-called black community is so screwed up.
    Nation building in the mind of black women means they are in charge, they tell black men what to do, and black men
    Ask any of these black women if they would be willing to submit to the authority of black men and order to so-called Nation build? I guarantee you you will get every excuse Under the Sun as to why they shouldn’t have to submit to black
    If a black women are Beyond ridiculous in every aspect of their lives.

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  9. National building= a servant for the hair batted black bitch who does nothing but pump out bastard kids you should feel honored (in their eyes) to care for, all while treating you like less than shit while she does nothing.

    Talk like this is nauseating, not to mention disingenuous at best. These gorillas are absolutely delusional to think anyone with the slightest bit of common sense and logic would build anything for them.

    Even if some spineless gutless simp did, it would be run into the ground within twenty years tops; and that’s being generous. Black bitches for the most part don’t work for anything, therefore they don’t know how to appreciate anything. The lowest and most useful person in the entire galaxy has the most unrealistic and narcissistic demands. Make that make sense.

    At this point, I don’t even talk to black chicks unless it is absolutely necessary (pretty much at work) Everything about them irritates me to no end, and it’s getting to the point where I’m starting to have trouble hiding it.

    I don’t even know what else to say since everything I’ve wanted to say has been touched on. Keep the wall up gentlemen.

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  10. BW need to control the narrative and direction of the “black community”…I mean NIGGERVILLE…in order to maintain power at the behest of their master!! Any apperrant sign that BM are developing a conscience, this can prove most dangerous to the power structure that has been systematically planned to undermine the total sovereignty of the BM! As long as they have a dedicated group of simps, manginas, pro-blacks, Hoteps, gays, bi-sexual, and whole legion of worthless Niggas at their beck and call…they will maintain a false perception of entitlement and a overwhelming self-righteousness disposition! We must understand this at its core…we must thoroughly ingraine this into our very conscience to the point that even when the misfortune comes, that we would have to interact with one…their behavior, attitude, pretentiousness, disrespect, and unsavory presence will no longer phase us in the least. Why??? It’s simple my brothers: “Once you thoroughly understand a nature of a thing, you know what it is capable of.” Therefore, your encounters with them is always cold, calculating, and with keen precision!! No emotions involved…just pure undivided intelligence!! Allowing you to navigate these BEASTS FROM HELL with the ease and naturalness of a Grand Strategist!!


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    • “We must understand this at its core…we must thoroughly ingraine this into our very conscience to the point that even when the misfortune comes, that we would have to interact with one…their behavior, attitude, pretentiousness, disrespect, and unsavory presence will no longer phase us in the least.”

      Well put, CyberOmega. One thing young black men need to learn early on is to be cold-hearted to black bitches. It’s not natural, but it’s necessary. There’s nothing to gain by caring what black bitches say, think or do, because at this point, they’ll only use that as “leverage” against you, on behalf of people who hate you.

      Now, a black bitch might say, “so why keep talking about black bitches”? Well, we owe it to other black men (and the struggles our ancestors have faced just for being born in a form the devil envies) to help other black men along with insights and community.

      The modern black woman represents a betrayal for the ages. They’ll pretend to not understand how deep it is, but we don’t have to.

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  11. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that black men have been evicted from our own community.

    Rather embrace the individual, nomad lifestyle BM were originally known for, and reject “group economics”, “nation building” or some other outdated pro-wack socialist bullshit designed to keep you a modern day slave to narcissist scum.

    The nerds have left the building.


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    • Why can’t we build for OURSELVES, our offspring, and each other? It’s like some of you guys are allergic to any sort of productive, non-hedonistic activity, and that is actually a problem.

      The black community is a sinking ship, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our own international networks and build something new – with non-black women IF need be.


      • Yellowbone Hunter,

        Its important that you have your own base in place first, have your own purpose in life in place first before seeking to connect with others. The problem I see with too many black folks is they haven’t yet found their own purposes in life and instead choose to embark upon fool hardy missions to dictate to others what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

        I have no problems linking up with like minded individuals and working with them as I do this already, however the people that I connect and network with have already found their own niches and slots.

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  12. As a matter of common sense and law, You obviously need a nationality to do nation building. NBCs in the USA are largely viewed by law and history as enfranchised citizens by virtue of the 14th amendment, unless they can affirmatively prove otherwise. So claims from NBCs about not “nation building” automatically fall flat.

    The only thing they would be building collectively is capital stock increase for the District of Columbia and its umbrella. Aside from that it would only be individual enrichment or enrichment of select voluntary aggregate interests.

    “They habitually used to lie” — Quran.


  13. >Give Them Enough Time And The Truth Will Eventually Reveal Itself

    Like a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot.

    Rinse and repeat.


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    • Damn — I would’ve expect Eddie to be smarter than that though. Dude is going down the path of state-sanctioned marriage, complete with paying big $$ for a worthless rock that’s not even rare or “precious”.

      At minimum, black men should know the story of diamonds by now…

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  14. What is with these people’s obssessions with “Building”. as if it is somehow our life obligation. We do not owe black women or society anything! even if we did, which we do not,these same people are the same ones who would beat up ALL of the black nerds, geeks, alternatives etc and throw them out! Thinking black men are not zombies, we are not dwarfs to be called up upon when ever there is something wrong with their lives! Black women are lying sneaky snakes! They say one thing but their actoins show otherwise!

    It has been close to one year, 15th of october, since I have been out of the west, and I simply just cannot believe how much crap I had to dealing with black women and the simps all those years. Living in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan has done so much healing to my mind that I simply just cannot bear to practice the idea of even ever wanting to visit that damn place! I have dated many Kazakh girls and the difference is like night and day! It’s like eating canned sphagetti your whole life and then move to italty to eat 5 star itailan home cooking! Then some jackass comes and tells you “You need to comeback and build our 5 star resturant” even though they beat you bloody out of the community to begin with! When trump finally begins with those cuts, I can already see that this topic is going to be a far more common topic in mainstream black media!!!

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  15. Black women continue to confirm that there is indeed an epidemic of mental illness among black women the world over. What other group of human beings claims to be proud of who they are, yet wear the hair of other ethnic groups? What other group of women claims to be proud of their dark skin, yet cover it with tattoos? What other group of women claims to love God and the Bible, yet violate every law or code of conduct laid out in the scriptures? What other group of women claims to love their kids, yet do everything they can to stifle their growth by giving them ridiculous made-up names and keeping them from their fathers? What other group of women calls themselves queens, yet conduct themselves like whores? What other group of women claims to want to nation-build while simultaneously giving millions of dollars to other ethnic groups for weave and nails? The modern day black woman is in desperate need of some serious psychological evaluation and therapy before any sort of “building” can take place. In the meantime, I’ll be building with my non-black woman. #SYSBM

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    • Morpheus2275,

      It’s undeniable at this point, most black women are sick in the head/possessed by evil entities and they get mighty upset when you as a thinking black man refuse to take on-board such liable trash. These women are too far gone and the pro blacks through their perpetual simping are simply facilitating a faster demise of the modern day black female. Oh well, not my problem. They revel in the gutter of stupidity and ignorance and are proud of it, smh.

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  16. Guys did you see how nasty and foul mouthed this black beast is. You want to talk about so called nation building then say all a black man can do is eat her vagina and anus how can you build anything with such a vile creature. BW are bottom dwellers that need to be avoided at all cost.

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    • Ugh… black men are just walking dildos in this society, and to many of us take pride in this “status”. I am so checked out of America it ain’t even funny.

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    • The problem is that there are 10,000 black men who will STILL eat her ass and pussy even after reading her post. Hell, I bet her inbox is FULL of thirsty niggas asking for a chance to suck her clit. You can’t get anything done when you are part of a group that doesn’t respect itself.

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    • Sean,

      These chicks stay in the gutter 24 hours a day, they continue to talk about eating them out from both sides because that is all they typically have to offer, sex and sex related activities. I have yet to get an answer from any black women or their advocates as to exactly what black women bring to the table that is of quality in 2018. We cannot build with these women, we recognise this however the pro black, red, black and green pyramid heads are still refusing to read the writing on the wall.

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      • Verbs,

        I just cannot see why the Simp squad does not get it. All of the beast are foul mouthed abominations who wants to deal with that.

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  17. My question is why are black women so obsessed with guys, especially black men eating their ass and pussy?
    I find it so strange and repulsive that they are obsessed with it so much that was thry like to talk about and refer to black men as “nigga” too. Non-black women aren’t obsessed with it but only black women. As for me I never done that, nor will I ever regardless what race the women is.

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    • Jon,

      Since black women don’t wash their pussies they probably want us to “clean” it out for them….. 🤢🤮


    • Black females these days are not the cleanest individuals either. To be talking about sticking ones face in their nether regions…


    • Jon, they are obsessed with what they can’t get. Nobody in their right mind would go down on one of these hoes. She needs to go find her babydaddy for that kind of activity as he’s already been up in it raw.

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    • Good question, Jon. It’s crazy. And I think its because of all the desperate, thirsty simps in the black “community”.

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    Check this out Verbs2015.These dumb simps will never learn.

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  19. Verbs2015,
    This May Have Been From a Movie, But it Perfectly Depicts Why Thinking Black Men & Other Brother’s Are Opting Out of Choosing American Black Women as Life-Mates. Cause They Don’t Want to Always Come Home to Situations Like What You Witness Here.

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    • This scene perfectly illustrates just how black women behave. But instead of black men simply walking away from such madness, black men will actually get into a ‘back and forth’ discussion/argument with a black woman who ONLY wants to argue and find fault.
      But sadly most black men have been conditioned to believe that this type of nonsense on the part of black women is something that is to be tolerated because ‘that’s just how black women are’. And these black simps are so pussy hungry and are trained to elevate and worship black women they will put up with anything black women do.
      Absolutely pathetic.

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  20. Dear Verbs,

    I need to share this with someone. I know you have an interest in this based on our discussion last week. This completely blew my mind! It’s a lecture in two parts by an Indian untouchable. I cannot recommend these clips strongly enough! He completely spills the beans on whats been going on in the Indian sub-continent for the last 4,000 years(give or take). His name is Dr. Velu Annamalai and he pulls no punches! The time just flew by while I was watching this and I was sorry when it was over.

    Please read the comment section as well. There is a wealth of priceless info there! I have been trying to find more info on this man so that I might support his efforts. I would even send him money if I had it! I know that you are somewhat of a history buff like me so I know you will appreciate this:
    Dr. V. Annamalai | Afrikan Presence in Ancient India – Pt. 1/2

    -30:00 He says Hinduism is nothing but a caste system/sanctified racism.
    -32:30 He confirms that the untouchables are the descendants of black Africans.
    -34:24 He says that you are not a Hindu unless you belong to a caste.
    -36:00 Parallels with western black behavior.
    -40:00 Even the shadow of untouchables is polluting.
    -47:30 Lowest caste of Shudras will be reincarnated even lower if they complain.
    -50:30 To kill untouchables or women not a crime according to scriptures.
    -59:30 Indian Christianity has castes and is really just modified Hinduism.
    -67:00 Mahatma Ghandi’s racism and being the worst enemy of the untouchables.

    The four classic castes of India are:
    -Brahmins(priestly caste)
    -Kshatriyas(kings, bureaucrats, and soldiers)
    -Vaishyas(farmers, tradesmen,artisans/craftsmen)

    The main castes were further divided into about 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes, each based on their specific occupation. The Dalit, also known as the Harijan, or more commonly, the Untouchables, exists as an unofficial caste that ranks even lower than the official ones. In truth, the untouchables do not have a caste and were not originally even part of the Hindu religion! They are the descendants of the Dravidians who fought the hardest against the Aryan invasion.

    At 59:30 he mentions that when Hindus converted to Christianity, they brought their caste obsession with them. And so Christians in India have castes just like Hinduism! Dr. Annamalai states that Indian Christianity is really just modified Hinduism.

    I now suspect that something similar may have happened to South Asian converts to Islam. This includes both Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, as well as Indian Muslims.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Caste-based differences have also been practised in other regions and religions in the Indian subcontinent like Nepalese Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. It has been challenged by many reformist Hindu movements, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, and also by present-day Indian Buddhism.”

    I think this implicates many muslim immigrants from South Asia, even though they always play dumb and deny being racist. One thing I have learned from Dr. Annamalai’s testimony that I always suspected but wasn’t sure about, is that white supremacists of every stripe all behave the exact SAME way. No matter their race or complexion, everyone who carries this psychology uses the same excuses, tactics, and playbook.

    Another poster wrote:
    “Basically, non-blacks marginalize black people out of the mainstream economy and then justify their innate racial hatred by blaming blacks for crime when they won’t let black people do anything else. As a result we become so poor and low status that even our mixed-offspring don’t want anything to do with us. It’s a complete psychological mindfuck, and it’s happening all over the planet.”

    This is as true of the untouchables in India as of blacks worldwide. In fact more so. The caste system in India is racism institutionalized and carried to it’s logical conclusion over several millenia. It’s ideally what every white racist or white worshipping asiatic would like to have encoded as the law of the land. If many Arabs, Iranians, and South Indian muslims could somehow change Islam to justify their behavior, it would look exactly like the Hindu religion! If many white nationalists could somehow change the Bible to justify their behavior it would also look just like Hinduism!

    In fact, I plan to make this charge the next time I question an eastern muslim appologist, when they play dumb and deny their prejudice. Since Muslims look down on the Hindu religion, I am going to start making the charge that many Muslims from the east are in fact white supremacists deep down and that they would really rather that Islam be based on a cast system just like Hinduism.

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      I’ll be sure to check this out when I get home. Yep, I always get worried when I see black folks quoting Ghandi as the dude was just a straight up racist and tyrant against black folks. Modern day Indians are simply continuing in his traditions Thanks for posting this.

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  21. Here is part 2:
    Dr. V. Annamalai | Afrikan Presence in Ancient India – Pt. 2/2

    -10:15 Indian Constitution was written by an Untouchable.
    -16:00 Mahatma Gandhi admits that “to abolish caste is to abolish Hinduism”.
    -28:00 ‘Non-violent’ Gandhi fought on the side of the British against the Zulu in South Africa and was decorated for Valor Under Fire.
    -28:50 Gandhi considered Indians being compared to Blacks as degrading.
    -30:30 Gandhi stated that Indians hold racial purity to be as sacred as do Europeans.
    -31:20 Dr. Annamalai states that the Nazi’s got their racial purity doctrine largly from Hinduism.
    -32:30 The same psychological brainwashing done to the psyche of black people during the TransAtlantic Slave Trade/Jim Crow/Apartheid in SA is also done to the Untouchables. Dr. Annamalai: I had no self-esteem!”
    -54:50 Accounts of attrocities inflicted on the Untouchables. The complicity and terror of Law Enforcement towards them.

    I knew about the Gandhi stuff before, but this is the first and to my recollection, the only time I have ever heard an actual Indian Untouchable saying these things and embracing his blackness and the truth of his origin. It just proves that most of these arrogant Indians that we deal with in Western countries are high caste Hindus or low-to-mid caste wanna be’s. They are complicit in the treatment of blacks in India. Thats why they have no trouble seeing blacks in other countries in the same light. And why Gandhi cared neither for South African blacks nor truly for the Untouchables in India. Now I have a whole new set of goggles on when I observe South Asian behavior.

    Also check the comment section of the first part for a poster called ‘nyeusi utawala’. This person has compiled a wealth of rare, lesser known scraps of info which is posted under his/her name.

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  22. Verbs,

    I had wanted you to check this out. It’s an Indian Untouchable who knows his ancient African Ancestry and spills the proverbial beans about what has been going on in India for 3,000-4,000 years. Part 1 vanished after it was listed as posted. Here it is again below:

    Dr. Velu Annamalai | Afrikan Presence in Ancient India – Pt. 1/2

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    • No, Indian aboriginals are not our people. They are dark-skinned but they are VERY genetically distinct from us. Let them hold their own fucking nuts, man. Stop trying to ally yourself with other groups.


      • “No, Indian aboriginals are not our people. They are dark-skinned but they are VERY genetically distinct from us. Let them hold their own fucking nuts, man. Stop trying to ally yourself with other groups.”

        You obviously did not watch the lecture. And you are obviously ignorant about the genetic history of the aboriginal inhabitants of South Asia, which was East Africa. Try being honest enough to admit that you were too lazy and unconcerned about the subject matter to actually watch the lecture. I am well aware that many brothers on here are too small minded and obsessed with trivial nonsense to have an intellectual curiosity about anything other than non-black womens panties. Or even western pro-wack nonsense as in your case. That’s why it was addressed to Verbs as he and I had a discussion last week about the racism of many of these eastern immigrant groups. I have also had to deal with these people and have had a few go-rounds with them in the past. What I learned that I never knew before, was that most of these Indians who immigrate to other countries are extremely caste minded. Even though they all swear that this behavior is a thing of the past. Their treatment of blacks in Africa, the US, the UK etc. is based on their perception and treatment of the aboriginal inhabitants of India.

        I am speaking about Blacks worldwide, Africans in particular, not “your people”, for fucks sake. And since you commented, many Indian Dravidian speakers do in fact share DNA and ancestry with East and West Africans. Proof again that you commented without knowledge. Because you don’t like Indians. I don’t like Indians in general either. That’s why I found this lecture informative. Because something like this is as rare as a confession. And it gives an insider perspective on why South Asians are truly the way they are.

        And I am not trying to ally myself with other groups. It’s called learning my fellow negro. Try it. It will build your mind and give you more sophisticated arguements. Some of us actually enjoy learning.

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  23. Where there so called black people brought to India in captivity or ventured to India as explorers? Probably yes. But I don’t give a dam what the east Indian thinks about anything. Are some of our scattered in India? Possibly. But I’m not going to adhere to what some east Indian has to say regarding who I or my nation is.
    And to speak clearly, why would I as a so called black man give a dam what an east Indian has to say about anything. So called black people need to stop looking to the nations (gentiles) to find evidence to validate our existence.

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    • I can see that you also have commented based on your initial seeing that the lecturer was an Indian. And that you also were too lazy to actually watch it to see why I posted it, as is typical with too many black people.

      “But I’m not going to adhere to what some east Indian has to say regarding who I or my nation is. And to speak clearly, why would I as a so called black man give a dam what an east Indian has to say about anything. So called black people need to stop looking to the nations (gentiles) to find evidence to validate our existence.”

      This should have been: “I am too busy or intellectually lazy to investigate this any further”. Or perhaps, “I believe that all Indians are against me and hate me, and I would rather keep this belief”. “So rather than ignore it, I must make a flippant comment in order to dismiss the possibility of any deeper learning or insight on my or others parts”.

      You use the term “black people” and “black man”. This man has curly hair but is as “black” or blacker than you are. He was a personal friend of Dr. John Henrik Clarke(rip). Hopefully you will know who that is. He is very intelligent and knows what he speaks of, as he speaks from life experience and not from any stupid belief system or holy book. He also is wiser than you about the nature of the worldwide system that all blacks and their descendants are forced to live under. His people have been through worse discrimination than anything you or “your nation” as you call it, can imagine. Including but not limited to: Chattel slavery, murder, rape, usury, and abuses of all kinds. And it has been going on for 3,000-4,000 years by most accounts.

      Not listening to a man like this and making sure his testimony goes unheard is exactly what most Indians would want. They have worked very hard through bribing western politicians and various other means to prevent the world from knowing the truth about real life in India, Hinduism, and the truth about why Indians are among the worlds most prejudiced people. They have also worked tirelessly to sanitize and hide the truth about Mahatma Gandhi. Who was also no friend to “your nation”. Incidentally Dr. Annamalai along with others was instrumental in preventing a statue of Gandhi being raised in Atlanta near the MLK memorial, as he mentions during the lecture.

      I gained more insight into the minds of all caste/racial idealists by listening to this man, than I had gained from a lifetime of listening to “conscious” western blacks trying to assert their so-called knowledge. The Indian caste system is the original blueprint for all racial purity idealists including National Socialism in Nazi Germany. It is what the white mans society would have looked like if it had been allowed to develop for centuries without any reform movements. That’s why studying it gives such insight.

      With all due respect sir, no one cares about “your nation”. Or “our nation” for that matter. That, I think is the problem. From South Africa to the US to South America, the same tricks have been utilized to keep us all weak, poor, and divided against any common group effort. Nation against nation, tribe against tribe, dark skinned against light skinned, caste against caste, religion against religion, etc. It’s always the same old shit. The same old bag of tricks. What most of us dont realize is just how ancient these tactics are. Every single psychological trick that was used by Christian or Islamic slavers or slaveholders to destroy the minds of black people, every Jim Crow strategy that was used in the US, every strategy to keep non-white Brazilians from organizing. There were all perfected and used first in India by the Aryans against the original inhabitants of the land.

      You disrespected a mans insight and life knowledge by speaking without any wisdom or understanding. He is not an East Asian as you typically consider. The Indians you see everyday look at him with the same or even worse scorn that they look upon you with. And yes, I do care about what this man has to say. I value and utilize such understanding in my dealings with people. I am an amateur socialogist and I study the human condition since I must live and deal with these people.

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    • Originally, yes. That is, the original inhabitants were. They migrated from East Africa originally and share both DNA and linguistic similarities. Both groups had straight to wavy hair and dark skin with African features. You can still see this in parts of South Asia. Ancient Greek historians referred to two Ethiopian kingdoms. One East(in India) and one west(in North East Africa). The settled groups who were living in what is today India/Pakistan are often lumped together under the term Dravidians. The invading peoples were called Aryans.

      Through intermingling various “mixes” occurred. The caste system was originally based on color. It later evolved into a socio-religious stratification system. The invading Aryans couldnt keep it in their pants and created many mixed offspring. They then became very concerned with preserving their racial purity(sound familiar?!?). They dragooned their subjects into a rigid caste based system to prevent further mixing. The higher castes tend to be lighter in skin color. The lower castes tend to be darker in color. Although it must be noted that because of this mixing, you cant judge a persons caste by skin color. The original Aryan invaders were genetically “swallowed up” and no longer exist as a group. But their obsession with race still exists as caste obsession in Hindus.

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      • Also here is a post I wrote some time ago on this subject for another forum with a little more info:

        They are responsible for the majority of South Asian culture. These people have the longest tradition of thinking, contemplation and philosophy in human history. By a WIDE margin. THEY, and not caucasians (Aryans) created the foundations of mathematics. This while the Aryans were ecking out a primitive existence as hunter-gatherers in the hills and forests of Europe or as livestock herders on the steppes of central asia. This/These culture/s, commonly lumped under the term “Dravidian”, was more technologically advanced than the Aryans and had already been in existence for thousands of years BEFORE their arrival.

        When the Aryans are thought to have invaded and conquered Northern India in the distant past (roughly 4,000 years ago give or take depending on your source), there were walled cities there already thousands of years old laid out on geometric grids like modern cities and towns. The Dravidians had aquaducts for water and sanitation (long before the Romans!), minted coins, highly developed sculpture, an aforementioned tradition of contemplation, and what can only be described as toilets! The Aryans had none of these. They did not even have words in their language to describe most of these things so they had to borrow them from the language of the conquered Dravidians in order to describe them in the Vedas. The Dravidians were a settled people with sophisticated agricultural techniques which the pastoral Aryans had to learn. The only advantages the Aryans had were superior weapons, chariots, and a more aggressive war-like mindset. They referred to their conquered subjects as “blacks”. Go take a look at some of the oldest surviving tribal/linguistic ethnic groups in South Asia and you will see why. The Aryans borrowed(stole) the culture and achievements of these defeated peoples in order to enhance their own. This is how “Vedic” culture came into existence.

        They are also responsible for the caste system which has bedeviled Indian thought for thousands of years. We cannot know for sure, but it seems to have happened the same way as with other peoples colonized by caucasians thousands of years later. The so-called Aryans could not keep it in their collective pants and made many mixed children with their conquered subjects. This worried them, and they had to protect their position on top of the food chain. The caste system seems to have been created originally as a bullwark against further race-mixing. See the origins of the South African Coloureds or the miscegination between master and slave in the New World during slavery and it’s after-effects on the relations and self-images of Western Blacks as modern examples. Slowly, slowly as the Aryans were assimilated and disappeared from the scene, the caste system took on a religious conotation and became a fixture of Hinduism. The people on the very bottom of the society were outcastes and were called Untouchables. These people are thought to be the descendants of those who fought the hardest against the invaders.

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  24. I simply don’t care what an East Indian thinks about anything. Not because I feel Indians are against me, but because nothing they say means anything to me because East Indians are dogs. Is that plain enough for you.?


  25. Xstopalopoketl,

    You’ve to understand that you’re speaking VERY early in Human history. If we’re to believe the Out Of Africa theory then all groups have ancient connections to Africa in some sort of way (including early European hunter gathers, consider the recently revealed Chedder Man for example)

    However what you and others who propagate African global presence have to realise is despite sharing phenotypical features with some of these “black Asiatics” These populations share very little with contemporary Africans.

    Great Andamanese
    Asiatic Negritos

    This graph shows you how genetically distant groups like the black Papuan are from contemporary Africans. This also includes Dravidians who don’t carry African DNA.

    Now with that said there is a group of contemporary Africans in India called the “siddi” who are the descendants of African slaves brought in primarily by Arab slave traders. Those are the only true Africans in India historically and those populations were introduced during Medieval times.

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    • I don’t understand the point of your comment. However, I can tell that you did not watch the lecture I posted. Thus you are out of the loop. Yet you felt the need to comment about the subject matter based on some sort of knee-jerk reaction, if only to shut down the possibility of any new perspective entering your psyche.

      Fear not sir! Your calcified attitudes and closed mind are safe with me! I’m long past the point of trying to open the minds and/or raise the IQ level of most black folks as I believe this to be a lost cause. Throwing pearls to the proverbial swine so to speak. Rest assured, I wouldn’t share this discussion with most negroes, as I don’t think the seriousness of the subject matter or it’s implications are suitable for most negro intellects at the present time.

      “If we’re to believe the Out Of Africa theory…”

      Meaning that you don’t. Or that it’s suspect for some reason… Please elaborate. In the meantime, I must inform you… That yes, all human beings originally came from Africa. And that yes, the earlieast civilizations also were started in Africa. Before you experience another knee-jerk reaction and accuse me of being “pro black”, let me stop you. I am “pro truth”. Facts are not dependent on who speaks them. Hence, I gather truth from any authentic source which can enlighten me.

      As to the purpose of my original post…
      As I stated earlier:

      ‘From South Africa to the US to South America, the same tricks have been utilized to keep all “undesirables” worldwide weak, poor, and divided against any common group effort. Nation against nation, tribe against tribe, dark skinned against light skinned, caste against caste, religion against religion, etc. It’s always the same old shit. The same old bag of tricks. What most of us dont realize is just how ancient these tactics are. Every single psychological trick that was used by Christian or Islamic slavers or slaveholders to destroy the minds of black people, every Jim Crow strategy that was used in the US, every strategy to keep non-white Brazilians from organizing. They were all perfected and used first in India by the Aryans against the original inhabitants of the land. The Indian caste system is the original blueprint for all racial purity idealists including National Socialism in Nazi Germany. It is what the white mans society would have looked like if it had been allowed to develop for centuries without any reform movements. That’s why studying it gives such insight.’

      If you had watched the lecture this would make more sense. This is why I posted it. And yes, it is crucial to understand that this system and all others like it originated based upon race, and that yes, the people living in India at the time of the Aryan invasion were black. No longer purely African, but still black. As by this time they had become mixed with Mediterranean stock. Hence their was a difference in features. Yet, they were still the descendants of East Africans. And this has been proven conclusively by genetics. Whether you like it or not. Whether they like it or not. Whether you like Indians or not. They were not only black skinned but they were actually called ‘blacks’ by their conquerers the Aryans, in the Vedas.

      Whether or not the deacendants of the original people of India are African today, is totally irrelevant. They were black. All black people do not come from Africa except in the distant past. There were black people all over this earth at one time. On every continent. Most if not all of the original human populations worldwide were in fact black. Yes, I know. Oh horror!!! And their descendants are mistreated worldwide. As in the lecture, this is not based on ability or merit. It is based on birth. I understand even if you refuse to, that I am not alone in this experience. There are many others around the world who are in the same boat. I had to know why.

      Please stop repeating the swill put out by Hindu apologists, white nationalists, and the Indian government. If you have a true interest in this subject as I do, you will have to do some genuine research.,000-yrs-back-.aspx

      I must live under a system created by and for people who believe that I should have little or nothing in life. Simply because of the group into which I was born. I am Black American mixed with Egyptian. I could almost pass for Domican, Puerto Rican, Moroccan, etc. Yet I have been called “Nigger” to my face on more than one occassion. Once by a Korean girl even. I have been passed over for jobs and promotions I was more than qualified for, while “you know who” got ahead. I have personally experienced ‘the Last hired, first fired’ scenario. All of my life I have watched people with a fraction of my intellect and a smidgeon of my work effort get ahead while I have had to struggle twice as hard just to get comparable results. The dick policing which we talk about on this forum is simply the latest example of this kind of stuff. I have to understand why. I am the sort of person who goes deep into any subject when I seek truth.

      Whether you like it or not, there are many others around the world who have to face the same or even worse ordeals. But for the same reason. This problem is not localized. It is not just about you and those you may know. It is worldwide and it is very ancient. By studying the similarities of these racial/caste systems worldwide both ancient and modern, I have come to the conclusion that ALL such systems are based upon the exact same principles. That’s why every religion has been used to conquer the minds of black people EXACTLY like Hinduism was used to conquer the minds of the original inhabitants of India. Even religions like Christianity or Islam have been used in this way. The religions and peoples are different but their behavior is almost exactly the same! This cannot be a coincidence. All people who are race or caste minded value this above all else.

      In addition to the valueable expose on Mahatma Gandhi, the lecture provided an insiders perspective on the historical program enacted against the Untouchables of India. The effects of this 3,000-4,000 year old psychological kansas city shuffle on the minds of the Untouchables is eerily similar to what has been done to the minds of blacks worldwide in the previous 500 years. Once again this cannot be mere coincidence. I have found that the Hindu caste system is merely a more ancient and sanctified version of the same “program” which has been used against all of us “darkies” worldwide. This realization was the purpose of me posting those vids.

      I understand that any subject which does not directly relate to black mens childish desires for ‘getting the pussy’ or chasing after same will be of little interest to most here. Thats why it was addressed to Verbs. Intellectual curiosity and an open mind are necessary for learning.

      “However what you and others who propagate African global presence …”

      Who in the blue hell said anything about African global presence?!? I simply stated that these people who are lumped together under the the term Dravidians originally migrated from East Africa. All of which was spoken of in the lecture.

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      • Didnt mean to throw shade anyones way. Was just off work from dealing with scraggles and scraggle-kind the other day and couldnt help venting to retain my sanity. Sorry if any of that came off wrong.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Xstopalopoketl,

        No need to apologise, unlike the usual suspects of social media all vents, rants and differences of opinion are welcome over here at Slaying Evil.

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