Walk A Mile In Her Shoes – The Emasculation And The Psychological Castration Of Western Men Continues




It always amazes me how so many western men can so easily be roped into using self emasculating techniques and the compromising of their manhood. You’ll notice that whenever there is some sort of movement aimed at “raising awareness” for women’s causes and the responsibility is placed upon men to carry the torch, typically the movement concerned tends to revolve some sort of act of emasculation.

This is exactly what I talked about on Obsidian’s Are Black Women Witches show some time ago, most men are clueless when it comes to the Jezebel spirit and how women will creep it in on the slick and use it to emasculate men, meanwhile the men are completely unaware of what is taking place because they feel that it is somehow wimpy, soft and weak to look into matters from a spiritual perspective.

As I’ve stated before this is exactly how many women desire for things to remain, for men to continue to be kept in the dark concerning the spiritual aspect of their skullduggery against masculinity. This “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” nonsense is nothing but another tentacle of feminism attempting to feed on the gullibility of ignorant men and from the looks of things its working quite well.

Jezebel is literally creeping in via the back door and at the same time laughing at all of these fools, this is how far gone large portions of western men are, how can they not understand the basic dynamics of what is taking place when they choose to embark upon emasculating actions like this? Merritts is flat-out wrong, this is not a worthy cause on so many fronts, one of the main reasons being the fact that women are the ones who initiate domestic violence the overwhelming majority of the time and I wouldn’t hesitate to say outside of relationships as well:


Many men like Merritts simply don’t bother to do the research but rather choose to “go with the flow” in order to fit in with the crowd. Well, going with the flow was a dead wrong move on this one, what kind of display of manhood/masculinity is this, answer it isn’t. Now, when you look at the comments Merritts received from black women of course they have no problems cosigning this garbage and encouraging him to psychologically castrate himself as in doing so he no longer poses a threat to the faux leadership positions black women have been given in black society by their white lord and saviour.

Can you believe it, one of these stupid heifers actually said “look at these real men”. This is who most black women think real men are, guys who decide to put on high heels and walk down the street for a mile but on the flip side they equally revere a guy who will beat them from pillar to post and smack them upside the head. When it comes down to so called domestic violence black women need not apply because in reality they don’t see anything wrong with being beaten up, as I stated in Negro Wars most of them love it. We only need look at the recent events at Jun’s Beauty Supply store in order to confirm such a determination.

This “walk a mile in her shoes” feminist branch has been on the attack for quite some time now, I remember around 3 years ago coming across some articles in which Army cadets were forced to take part in this Jezebelian nonsense with the threat of expulsion if they refused:



Even though the religion of feminism is dying the death, it is still determined to fight all the way until it hits the grave. Again, you’ll notice that feminists without fail will continue to repeat the same talking points that have already been deconstructed and rubbished many times over. We especially see this with black women particularly in relation to “deadbeat fathers” ie black men allegedly abandoning their children” and “down low black men” ie the so called secret homosexual epidemic which is allegedly plaguing black male society.

As you already know I’ve dealt with both of these false allegations in the past, the short article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I cited a CDC study which categorically showed that black men are the most involved fathers in their children’s lives can be seen here. In relation to black men and homosexuality, even though there has been an uptick in homosexual activity within black male society, black women by far are the biggest pushers and promoters of the lifestyle and are far more open to homosexuality and lesbianism than black men, a semi viral article I’ve written dealing with black women and their love of homosexuality can be seen here.

The most important question that needs to be asked at this point is as a man, why would I need to walk in a woman’s shoes? A man is supposed to walk in a man’s shoes, it is NOT his job nor his obligation to consider toils specific to women because he was NOT created female. Additionally you’ll notice how increasingly more women especially black females are now seeking credit for things that they are meant to be doing as part of being a woman.

Gentlemen, don’t fall for this walk a mile in her shoes feminist garbage, how about these decadent feminists walk a mile in a society where they have to completely fend for themselves, where they are prohibited from using anything that has been built by men, let’s see them embark upon that type of challenge. That’s what I thought, crickets.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Keep Jezebel Locked Up In The Cage

Most High Bless

37 thoughts on “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes – The Emasculation And The Psychological Castration Of Western Men Continues

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  2. Black women love to see black men do this. You will notice of course that it is ALWAYS fairly masculine looking black men who do it, too. You will also notice that only black people pay attention when black women try to play the woman card, other groups don’t see them that way at all.

    Notice how pathetic and emasculated the white men looked. Again, these idiots push and choose this stuff themselves, and only start to have a problem with it when the after effects of it honing in on other communities (i.e. blacks) creeps into their own. Their complaints about their own creation are illegitimate, so don’t listen to them. For instance, do you ever REALLY hear even white conservatives going in on this? Even white conservative men only go in on feminism from a superficial perspective, and many times will support it as much as the liberals in the name of “progress”.

    In the case of the white men, their community will die not because of their women, but the failure of their men. They’re situation is completely different from ours, so do NOT feel sorry for them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This has to be pointed out time and time again, just like the black witch these dudes have created the very problems within their own society that they are now complaining about, smh. They created feminism, turbo charged and booted it into the mainstream and now they are complaining about the fallout which is only the results of their own actions.

      Western white men are have gone soft, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the rest fo the founding fathers would be turning in their graves at sights like this, they continue to brag about the “founding fathers”, however they didn’t and would never stand for rubbish like this.

      You’re right, you don’t see white conservatives calling this nonsense out, in the same way that they fail to call out homosexuality. The more I look at things the more I realise that there really is no difference between white conservatives and liberals. Again, the only masculine white men remaining on this planet reside in Russia and in Eastern Europe, they shun the political correctness, feminism, the homosexual agenda and anything which emasculates men, good on them.

      As for black women, as per usual they love to see black men emasculating themselves and this fool in the video has given them plenty to talk about and praise.

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      • Verbs2015,

        And that’s why the black women commentors was cheering these white men on because these same (weak) white men will be the ones persued by this ilk of black women to control like they did long before with Dookie and B-ray from the black urban environment.

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    • Real talk White people thought they were safe from and had no problem with the welfare state,femenism, and other social engeneering done by the elites because their white. They know are realizing that they are no different than blacks in the eye of the 1%.

      Now they want to come together to fight off the feminist demons that have destroyed their homelands like Sweden or Germany far worse than the ghettos of Chicago or Baltimore.

      Now THEIR communities are having drugs and feminism pumped into them.

      Their men are wearing dresses and adopting made up genders and worshiping Marxism.

      White boys now grow up in single mother homes where their feminist mothers have them get sex changes at age 12.

      Will they survive the onsluaght like we thinking black men have survived literaly everything that has been thrown at us? I think not.

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  3. Hell no. This is just ridiculous. Show me any non-US Country where the men did this mess. God, l cant wait to retire and leave the west permanently. This place is really going to shit.

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  4. Oh how the mighty have fallen. If there was ever an award for the most effeminate nation of men on the planet, America would certainly come in at #1. This is why I believe technology has not only been a curse for black folks, but to white folks as well. The rising dysfunction of white men that is being played out in social media and other avenues, you would have never seen or heard of it 100-200 years ago. Yet they wonder why suicide rates are high amongst white American men. They wonder why Opioid addiction is at a high rate amongst white Americans, and continuing to rise. They wonder why white Americans are not having enough children to replace their numbers. And they wonder why their women are progressing to be with non-white men, especially black men. It’s because these white men created a monster to be on top of the pedestal. Now, that monster is turning on them and they are hepless as it eats them off of their pedestal. Indeed, these are some perilous times.

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  5. Some of these single mother raised BM can be talked into anything apparently, they are probably closet homosexuals themselves. This is sad man, I was in ROTC in college and I NEVER would have done something like that. I would have taken a write up before I walked down the street in red heels like a ho, this is disgusting. Our military is already struggling to recruit people (because of obesity, illness, drug use, lack of interest, etc.) and if the military is making young people do crap like this they will continue to struggle.

    I just read this old article that you posted, it was a good one:

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    • In the past Tariq Nasheed joked about how we are just experiencing the thin end of the wedge when it comes to feminizing BM. They have already convinced many young BM to wear skinny jeans, dresses, color their hair, get tongue rings, etc., he said soon they would go all out and try to popularize sodomy and try to convince young BM to put things in their anuses. lol

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  6. What is this – a three country olympics featuring the nations of Blackistan, Cuckistan and Simpistan?



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  7. Off topic subject:

    Yesterday Tiger Woods won after not winning for 5 years and the camera caught him hugging his new girlfriend, and i said to myself waiting for “you know who” to show their distasteful opinion on who he’s dating.

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  8. What we are witnessing here…has been in the making for well over 50 years!! By those in power, hidden in the shadows dictating the course of how western society should progress!! Oh!! I mean to say digress!! The systematic emasculation of men in the west will have horrific repercussions, that will ultimately contribute to the fall of society as we know it!! The countless myths that have been strategically placed upon the Black Man in order to arrest his ability to exercise, thereby actualizing his authentic masculinity is now coming to a head! It can no longer hold any merit based on the simple yet powerful fact that, women of other races are freely encountering Black Men and seeing for themselves what true Manhood is!! Increasingly, we observe the fraudulent superiority of white men and their perpetual need to boast their questionable uniqueness…being devoured by the very entity they, themselves created! Instead of acknowledging their wrong and where they went wrong…they willingly embrace this emasculization with a fervor unmatched by another men on God’s earth. And, for emboldingly do so…they are paying a price that, they will not be able to recover. With all that said…it’s only a natural outcome when laying seeds of poison from the very beginning…eventually the harvest will yield poisonous fruit!!!


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    • It’s ironic that white men spent centuries trying to keep the “threat” of black men at bay, only to be destroyed from within by their own women, then to see their women flock to black men anyway.

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    • And isn’t it JUST like the black queen, who refuses to admit her faults, who created the very dysfunctional mates she now runs from? These people are two peas in a pod, and wonder why their counterparts are teaming up.

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  9. It’s one of those things that has to get worse before it gets better. Eventually, even the stupidest people will realize that feminism is complete bullshit, and the house of cards will come crashing down. Until then, just enjoy the ride and see if you can benefit from it in some way or the other.

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  10. Wow. This is too stupid for words. I foresee in a few years there will be a “Suck a dick like her” movement and a “Get fucked like her” movement with men actually fuckin’ and suckin’ each other in order to experience the oppression of the penis that women have had to endure since creation. And, unfortunately, it won’t be just white men participating.

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  11. You can’t just put “real man” in front of everything amd expect men to do it. Real men anyway. I can’t believe how many cucka are out here walking around in fucking wizard of oz slippers thinking this is in any way masculine. These are thirsty simps who thought they were gonna get some pussy out of this.

    Shit like this makes me soooooo glad I had my father in my life. His teachings would NEVER allow me to even THINK of doing something this fucking gay.

    Thats how I know these black witches do this shit on purpose. They have babies with thugs then raise the boys (who don’t become thugs) to be simps and fags thus having a strong support system for her ghetto slave plantation in the hood. Now you got grown men walking down the street in fucking high heels taking selfies trying yo virtue signal to women on kikebook and twatter trying to get some single mother thot to pay him some attention. My God man dis it ever occue to these cucks that it’s harder for men to walk in high heels because they were never designed to suport a man’s body weight?

    Like clockwork the comments are filled with women mocking the men foolish enough to do this. Nobody is forcing women to wear high heels so why should anybody care if women find them uncomfortable?!?!

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  12. Oh!! My brothers!!! You’ve yet to see the level of Niggatry that will make its way into various media outlets. The proliferation of such behavior will astonish the many but…validate the prophecy of the few, who foresaw the degradation of a people that willingly take “noble pride” in their way of life!! Let the chips fall where they may!!



  13. Certain segments of the white Western male population have allowed white women to basically take over society and these women are actually dictating to men how they should behave and speak.
    Black women, because they are so simple minded and stupid applaud this kind of perverse and wicked nonsense, and believe that they can rule over black men and have black men bowing down to any whims that black women have.
    Once again despite black women claiming they are strong and independent, black women are the weakest and most dependent group of ‘women’ on Earth. Black women follow EVERYTHING white women do or say.
    How big a fool do you have to be to get behind and support something as dumb as men wearing high heels?
    But because black women are so caught up in following any stupid thing white women do, they see this type of garbage as amusing and somehow funny, even though it is so destructive to every aspect of a logical Society.
    As always black women find every stupid thing under the sun somehow funny and the things that actually should be taken seriously by black women are somehow dismissed and seen as nonsense.
    Luckily there is a remnant of black men who will never go for this garbage.


  14. …Just wait, it will be soon be a felony to disapprove of homosexuality. Masculine men will be labeled as “mentally ill” for not wanting to be emasculated. Amerikkka is a place that is waiting to be invaded by barbarians and few men will put up a fight to defend their country. This entire society is collapsing right in front of our eyes and it deserves to NEVER resurrect again after the madness it has spread all over the world!!!

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