South Asian/Middle Eastern Male Insecurities – Now Using Black Men As A Verbal Attack Weapon Attempting To Shame Their Women Into Dating And Marrying Them


So we’ve now got these south Asian men putting our names in their mouths for selfish and nefarious reasons, smh. All I can say to South Asian/Middle Eastern men is keep up the good work, putting your insecurities openly on display via using black men as a shaming tactic/weapon of attack is a sure-fire way to send more Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Saudi Arabian, Sri Lankan etc women in the black man’s direction, and to be honest this has already been happening for quite sometime, hence why these South Asian dudes have now decided to take their insecurities mainstream and wear them on their shoulders.

In reality by using black men as an attack weapon what these guys are trying to say is that South Asian women choosing to deal with black men equates to an abominable act as in South Asian society black folks particularly black men are seen as the lowest of the low. Mind you, this is despite the fact that South Asian men are at the bottom of the dating totem pole, just above East Asian males ie outside of their own women no women of other societies want to deal with them en masse.

Just like the white male you’ll notice that even though we don’t have the same financial leverage as South Asian men, they still view the Negro man as a threat. Many a time South Asian men will take their fear of the black penis(that’s what this is really all about, penis envy) to the extreme, how many stories have we come across of black men(mainly Africans) travelling to somewhere like India only to be discriminated against, beaten down in the streets by the locals and sometimes killed:

Put frankly South Asian men as a whole are some of the most racist, heartless savages and primal barbarians on the planet when it comes down to their treatment of black people as a collective, is it any wonder why more and more of their women are choosing to hop the fence in order to seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere? One of the things that really upsets me is the fact that when these dudes roll into African countries we give them the 5 star experience, roll out the red carpet and treat them with dignity and respect.

The YouTuber KiD Organic brings up an extremely valid point, one that the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green pyramid heads fail to deal with, that is the supremacy that is exercised against black folks by those who are non white. Why aren’t the fist raising, black power outage brigade dealing with this issue?

South Asian countries especially India and Saudi Arabia heavily operate upon a caste system, the lighter you are the more value will be placed upon you in their society, however the darker you are the more disrespect, contempt and rejection you’ll find will come your way. If you wish to witness REAL colourism(not the empty nonsense that the black witch continues to whine, complain and prattle on about) visit a country like India and you’ll see what colourism really looks like.

In India it is simple, dark = ugly, fair to white = beautiful. Colourism is a massive problem and a real issue in South Asian countries, this is why it is an insult when black women come along and use fake colourism as a weapon in their attempts to shame black men into dealing with them exclusively. Less and fewer individuals wish to deal with black women because of their dysfunctional dispositions, skin tone has nothing to do with them being rejected as a group.

Of course as I explained in my article Interracial Dating Melanin Style South Asian/Middle Eastern women are heavily persecuted for dating black men, in many cases they must disown their families and move away from them in order to embark upon a relationship with a man of Negro descent. South Asian men are extremely insecure and will not hesitate to kill their daughters, sisters, nieces, female cousins etc in “honour” as a result of them coming over to “the dark side”.

However South Asians just like many other folks in the world in general worship white people and white culture, thus if they have a daughter that chooses to marry a white man, they will honour and respect her choice even though it is white men who have been responsible for the systematic destruction of Middle Eastern countries(India, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen etc), make that make sense. What has the so called Negro done to these people in terms of negativity, NOTHING.

In the same manner as the black witch deals with black men who choose to date out, South Asian men will resort to extreme measures in order to keep their women within reach. Acid attacks before coming to London were first commonly heard about in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, being carried out by highly insecure men who showed an interest in particular women but were subsequently rejected by them, here are some photos of their handiwork:

And to think that these guys have the audacity to label black folks as animals and savages, yet the word Indian which was given to them by the European man actually means “savage”. Since when do you see black men throwing acid in the faces of the women who reject them? These acid attacks are particularly commonplace in South Asian/Middle Eastern countries where the men will throw acid in the woman’s face as a result of her rejecting his marriage proposal or his sexual advances. Remember, these are the same dudes who rape women and children as a fixed part of their culture and involve themselves in grooming gangs:

This is yet another reason why South Asian women are beginning to expand upon their dating and mating options in the direction of black men, women in general do not like insecurity and adopting a decadent culture such as throwing acid in women’s faces as a result of being rejected is a guaranteed way to send those women in a different trajectory.

Using black men as a verbal weapon against your own women is also guaranteed to stoke up more interest in us, this is why I simply tell those South Asian men who are using black males as their verbal cannon fodder to keep up the good work as all this is doing is driving your women in our direction. South Asian men also aren’t known for being romantic either, as far as they are concerned the woman is to simply be used for breeding, they make no room for romance or other vital elements that normally keep a relationship ticking over.

The bottom line is just like the insecure white male these guys fear the black mamba as they know(unlike many of theirs) that it is more than capable of digging down deep and satisfying the walls of their women, let’s just call it for what it is.

Remember, these dudes have some of the smallest penises on the planet, don’t believe me, check out this article that has already talked extensively on this issue:

This use of black men as a verbal weapon by Middle Eastern men to try to shame and bully South Asian women into dealing with them will backfire horribly(for themselves) and we thinking black male soldiers at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable will be ready and waiting to receive the “booty” as a result of the coming fallout. Get ready, Desi girls are coming and additionally in the near future expect these Middle Eastern men to jump on the dick policing bandwagon(if they haven’t done so already).

As mentioned in the past remember that with these non black societies it is the men who are the problem. Pro blacks who wish to talk about white supremacy every five minutes ought to experience living in one of these Middle Eastern countries for a year, they’ll then get to see what real supremacy looks like. Unlike white folks Middle Easterners don’t have white guilt, as bad as the west can be for black folks at least here we still have some semblance of rights(as small as they may be).

I’d rather take my chances with so called white supremacy than to be placed in a Middle Eastern country in a community smack bang in the middle of these particular individuals any day of the week. Live in India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia as a black person and you’ll find out very quickly what the term “no rights” means, just ask the Siddis of the Middle East:

Lastly, if these South Asian guys are so great then why are they purposely using a group of individuals whom they believe to be the absolute gutter of mankind to leverage themselves in a better position by attempting to shame their women into dating them??? One thing I realise with dudes like this is dealing with their women really gets them riled up hyper charged, therefore gentlemen, you know what to do.

Using black men as cannon fodder, in years to come South Asian/Middle Eastern men will truly regret making such a decision. They can’t pull their own women based upon their own qualities, therefore they have to bring us into the equation in order to get a leg up, smh, the dick policing is real and at epidemic proportions.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Desi Girls Are Welcome At The SYSBM Camp

Most High Bless

168 thoughts on “South Asian/Middle Eastern Male Insecurities – Now Using Black Men As A Verbal Attack Weapon Attempting To Shame Their Women Into Dating And Marrying Them

  1. These Middle Eastern and Indian countries’ type of “patriarchy” is past overdue for destruction. The men of these countries are known for treating their women worst than trash, same way goes in South America until a law was passed back in 2015 in Colombia to prevent a man from murdering his woman for being a female. Black people in these Arab countries were and still known as less than human beings due to their continuous slavery practice as participants since the 8th century A.D.. I think the people in India for the most part were practicing Muslims at one time so some of their customs still lingering around in their current faith of religion. SYSBM.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Agreed, modern day Islam definitely plays a major part in the horrifying ways in which they treat their women, the barbarism and savagery is off the damn chain. Black folks in Middle Eastern countries have never caught a break from persecution, this is why the pro black pyramid heads are full of garbage when it comes down to the usual talking point ie white supremacy. Again, what about the supremacy practiced against blacks by these guys, it is far worse.

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    • Verbs,

      Let’s say one day I persue a young Indian woman (18+), I don’t want one that has been influenced by the stereotypical Bollywood entertainment culture with the unnatural cosmetic procedures. Either she’s light-skin naturally or brown, I don’t discriminate from the two as long she’s far away from Bollywood and has traditional family values.

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      • Forget pure Indian women. Go for the Douglas from places like Trinidad. Half Indian/ Half Black. They look much better, and won’t give you a degenerate, Indian son.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Sorry, but I have to correct you here. No offense.

      “These Middle Eastern and Indian countries’ type of “patriarchy” is past overdue for destruction.”

      Spoken like a dedicated socialist SJW, as this their ultimate goal worldwide. You say that as though there is some commonality between India and the Middle-East. As in the common white nationalist view that these are all some sort of “Mooooslims” ie terrorists. Stop that shit. Their societies are totally different. The collective psychology of both is totally different. (Yes, even where blacks and other foreigners are concerned!). Language, geography, religion, etc. Are all different. They also do not like each other very much by the way.

      The day their cultures are destroyed it will be replaced with liberalism. When that happens, you will see nothing but western degeneracy in its place. Period.

      The women will be as bad or worse than western females. There will be no utopia as you may be dreaming of.

      You will have unknowingly served your masters the Rothchild banking dynasty like a good black Demoncrat by helping to enforce their future vision for humanity. The choice is going to liberal socialism which has destroyed western society, or the people are going to resist its influence and maintain a traditional healthy scrutiny when it comes to female behavior.

      There will be no third alternative outside of the pipe dreams of liberals, simps, fools, and dreamers. Look around you at the chaos liberalism has wrought in the west… Why would you be so eager to spread such devilry?

      Remove the childish negro sex fantasizing, that this will somehow bring more pussy your way. In actual fact it will bring nothing but sluts and used up whores with all the shitty bad female behavior that has been on display in the west for the past 50+ years. These women are already more shallow and materialistic than any others you can possibly imagine (if you knew them like I do). The only reason they seem better to you than westernized black or white feminist whores is because of that traditional culture. Without its influence you will see the same disfunction we see in the west within 20 years.

      Then ask yourself HONESTLY, if you wish to further spread this chaos around the world. For that is what you are suggesting. This is what will happen whether or not you realize it. These women are among the most materialistic on the earth. And I am part North African so I speak from personal knowledge.

      Verbs believes that the men of these societies are somehow less romantic than their female counterparts. This is unfortunately untrue. Arab/Persian women are no picnic when it comes to how they see men. The culture of Arabs and Persians in particular is all about materialism. Without the boundaries enforced by their conservative cultures the women will become pure shit! I assure you. South Asians are slightly better in this regard.

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      • “Another observation that as far as I am concerned confirms that women are viewed as less than men is the fact that when it comes to prayer men and women worship separately in the Mosque.”

        Men and women sit separately in Islamic, Sikh, Orthodox Jewish, Coptic Christian, Amish; many Hindu and Jain, and some Buddhist, etc. worship centers. So this is not a practice unique to Islam. You get the basic reason for all of them from anyone of their scholars.

        Go to a typical church on Sunday morning and you will begin to understand why. Pay attention to the fashion show with men and women dressed in their finest duds. Whom are they trying to impress? Usually each other. Pay even closer attention to your own mind if you are a healthy redblooded male. Years ago my mothers side of the fam would take me to church occassionally. My most potent memories are of not listening to the sermon because I was too busy watching the girls and women dressed to the nines in skirts and tight pants as they switched pass my aisle. This was not conducive to any sort of spiritual contemplation on my part. It may be simply that I should have been able to pull my mind out of the gutter, but the women didnt make it any easier by how they would choose to dress in church. I know others have had this problem in church as well so I dont think it was just me. And women scope out prospects in church just like men do.

        Whenever men and women are together in close proximity we scope each other. This is simply human nature. It is no different when we are supposed to be purifying ourselves through prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Especially for those of us who are young and in the prime of life. Throughout our sexual lives we watch each other. At work, at play, and everywhere else. The one time and place where we should be focused on higher things and we still should be prone to the same foolishness?

        From the Reno Gazette Journal:

        Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States, a Christian denomination, says on its website: “Separation of sexes in the Church was a universal Christian custom until the Protestant Reformation … the custom existed among many Protestant churches until the last century … The early church and early church fathers viewed separation of sexes, during religious practices particularly, as an ‘appreciation of the natural order’ … In early Christian writings, the separation of sexes was also seen as a safeguard against temptation.”

        And again: of Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish movement says: “One obvious benefit of separate seating in a synagogue is that it helps ensure that the main focus is on the prayers and not on the opposite gender … It is good and healthy that we are attracted to each other, but during prayers we shouldn’t be trying to impress anyone other than G-d … Men and women need space from each other to help them become intuned to their higher selves.”

        And yet again:

        Amana Church in Iowa, established in Germany in 1714, which describes its belief system as “Bible-based and Christ-centered,” points out on its website: “The male and female membership enter and sit on opposite sides of the church. It is our custom and desire to worship the Lord without distraction. I Corinthians 7:32-35 addresses the undivided devotion to the Lord … When the men sit together they are sitting together as brothers. When the women sit together they are sitting together as sisters.”

        Randy J. Sparks writes in “Religion in Mississippi” (University Press of Mississippi, 2001): “… during regular worship services, men and women were likely to sit on different sides …”

        Pay close attention to the way Muslims pray:

        Notice how close together people are. Standing shoulder to shoulder. This closeness in prayer is to reduce egoistic tendencies in the worshippers among many other reasons. And then kneeling to postrate themselves. Try to imagine if the women prayed in front of the men…

        Do you think such a view would be conducive to a man cleansing his mind and heart for contemplation of TMH? Do you think a modest woman could be focusing on TMH while they know that men are looking at their rear ends?

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    • “The men of these countries are known for treating their women worst than trash…”-brotherdanunlimited

      According to what?
      Mainstream media? Please. That same media tells me black men are ALL rap and basketball playing thugs who rob people, desert their children and oppress black women. It tells me that I should live to serve as a simp for females poor behavior. That having sexual desire as a male is somehow victimizing females. Sound familiar?!? It should. It comes from the same source. Should I start believing in these as well? How many families from “those” people do you know? Be honest. When you seen femalesnbe

      But let me guess. You just KNOW its all true right?

      Oh brother… Sigh! They use the same rationale in India as an excuse to assault innocent African immigrants. We just KNOW that blacks are cannibals… We just KNOW that all the stereotypes are true…. SMFH!

      Every black male who is a piece of shit is used as a proxy for us all. Every person of South Asian or Middle-Eastern decent who is a lowlife is also used as a slick and sly proxy for the entire Islamic religion. Whether or not they are even Muslims! Lol!

      Let me guess again… We should disbelieve the media narrative aimed at ourselves while believing the narrative being spoken about others. Because ours is false, but the one about them is the truth, somehow… They do the same to you and I. They judge every black man by the media images that are beamed all across the world. And believe they are somehow justified in this, as do you. Do you see how foolish this is?

      It all comes from the SAME source. Many of you more informed brothers know what I speak of. And according to your bible that source is a lier and deceiver from the very beginning. It sells narratives for political objectives. It does not tell the truth and never has!

      TURN THE TV OFF! And LOOK around you and observe REAL everyday life in the US and UK. Notice the families who own most of these little shops and markets many of us shop at. Sikhs, Pakistanis, Arabs,Indians. I see husbands, wives, and kids operating these businesses. WhThey dont have a problem with unity. But you do! They dont need you or any other white knight coming to save them. I dont see any oppression going on unless its them working together to exploit you and I(just like the Koreans,Chinese, etc).

      “modern day Islam definitely plays a major part in the horrifying ways in which they treat their women…”-Verbs

      False. Or about as real as everything else you see on Tell-lie-vision.

      Islam is not a race! No race has any special authority in Islam. For fucks sake! There is no such thing as “A Muslim Gang”! A bunch of degenerate Pakistani/Bangledeshi/Afghan/etc. thugs is not a Muslim Gang! Learn to tell the difference between


      • I meant to say:

        between races, ethnicities, and political social groups that mascarade as spiritual movements.

        A group of criminal thugs who drink alcohol, deal and/or use drugs, and pimp young women for money amongst other crimes is not a “Muslim Gang”. No matter how deceitfully the media tries to proclaim them as such. They are hoodlums and thugs like any other. If they lived in a Muslim country they would be treated like any other criminals. Any more than a gang of Klansmen lynching a black man or woman is a “Christian Gang” because they call themselves christians or their parents took them to church when they were kids.

        When Russian thugs assault or murder innocent foreign exchange students in an attempt to keep the Russian homeland “pure”, does the same rule apply? What about when they assault or kill gays in cold blood(regardless of how one views homosexual behavior)? Many of these thugs will proudly call themselves members of the Eastern Orthadox Christian faith. Are Russian Eastern Orthadox churchgoers somehow to be lumped in with them then?

        Fundamentalist Hindu and Islamic radicals are in fact political groups with political aims. Most of them nowadays have been infiltrated and are not necessarily as faith driven as they once were.


      • Xstopalopoketl,

        I never stated anywhere that Islam was a race. Sorry, you cannot deny the link between the predominant religion in these dude’s countries and the way in which they behave, the religion is the culture. See, you messed up with me because I have grown up amongst Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis for most of my life, I have witnessed what goes on first hand. When I stated that they on the whole are not known for being romantic that was and still is from witnessing how the men interact with the women. Sure, in the younger generations things are improving somewhat, however it still stands that the woman is viewed as less than the man, that is the culture of Islam, this is what it dictates.

        I notice also that Muslims typically behave in the same way as black women, in that if one of their fellow brethren commits an abominable act, most of the group will cosign what he/she has done rather than reproving it. Again, these are first hand eye witness accounts not media propaganda projected by the te-lie-vision as you like to call it. I’ve seen a guy who had broken his leg and who was using crutches still try to drag his wife home so he can beat her, I have a close friend in who a Muslim woman confided and told him that she needed to leave her husband because he was beating her on the regular.

        You do know that the Quran makes provisions for the beating of the wife if she is deemed by the husband to be disrespectful or behaving out of line, right? You may have a number of people in the religion who don’t follow the edicts to a T, however this doesn’t take away from the hostile nature of modern day Islam itself, don’t get the two mixed up. Islam teaches that blacks are the lowest of the low, this is the main driving force behind the evil way in which black folks are treated in Middle Eastern countries.

        They don’t have a problem with unity because the women understand that they must cooperate or face some very harsh consequences if they choose to rebel. Most of the time these guys are able to keep their dirty laundry from spilling out on the floor, however occasionally a few things slip through the net. Remember, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis are all converts to the religion of Islam, Islam is the religion of the Arabs first and foremost, therefore we can look to them and confidently draw our conclusions based upon the way they practice the religion.

        Middle Eastern countries tend to practice the militant form of Islam(Sunni), hence why they treat their women the way that they do, however when you visit other Islamic practicing countries such as Turkey, Syria(before the west rolled in and destroyed it) and Indonesia, you’ll find that things are radically different and women typically aren’t treated like lower class citizens.

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      • Verbs,

        Not to get into an arguement Verbs but much of your info is simply wrong on this subject brother. You may have lived around and known some people from Pakistan, India, & Bangladesh. But I was born a muslim. I also have a massive amount of North African relations on my dads side. They had numerous family friends from across the Mid-East. I had two older Indian friends who could be called mentors for lack of a better word. Even though one of them was admittedly a “guru” rather than a devout Hindu.

        I speak from an insiders perspective on this. Thats why I have such strong feelings against Arabs and Persians in particular. I have a personal insight into the psychology of these people that you wont really get on the outside looking in. I may not be the most religious person but I do have a deeper knoweledge on the subject than others here when it comes to this subject.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        I hear what you are saying, however remember, if you’re NOT an Arab then you’re a convert into the religion which means that you are still an outsider just like myself, this must be stressed. Again, you may not practice the things that I’ve talked about, however they are very real but this is a subject for another article.

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      • Verbs,

        “Sorry, you cannot deny the link between the predominant religion in these dude’s countries and the way in which they behave, the religion is the culture.”

        I can and shall. The predominant religion in “these dudes” countries are different. In Bangledesh and Pakistan it is Islam. In India it is Hinduism. Two distinct religions. Hinduism and Islam are not even remotely similar. They also hate each other with an undying passion by the way. But you claim that a religion is their culture and that this is what they are following. And you group them together when you lambast the way in which they behave. I would like to know about the doctrines and/or scriptures shared between the two religions which endorse such behaviors. Because truthfully there exist none. Even though the excesses by scumbag members of both groups are similar.

        Hinduism has a cast system that is used to justify the treatment of outlying groups. Islam does not. Yet both immigrant groups behave similarly in such respects. Whether you know it or not, many families and individuals among these two groups are not even remotely religious. Despite what you may have been led to believe. Many are completely without any faith. Yet they still mostly behave the same as the fundamentalists in each faith.

        In the case of people from the mid-east, many are Christians, Druzes, Zoroastrians, etc. Yet many of them also behave the same way. Many of the Syrian refugees into Europe are not Muslim. Many are Christians. The bad behavior they have supposedly been responsible for(rape/violence) cannot also be blamed on Islam. If as you stated “modern day Islam definitely plays a major part in the horrifying ways in which they treat their women…”, how does this explain the behavior of these other groups?

        This makes no sense unless you understand what they are truly following.
        Both of these types are similar in the way they treat their women for the same reason they are similar in how they treat dark skinned people. Because they are petty, cliquish, small minded, shallow, and materialistic people who are obsessed with “keeping up appearances”. Honor killings because of supposed family shame are also almost always truly about selfish reasons. This notion of “What will the neighbors say!?!” is what truly drives and motivates them. THIS IS THEIR TRUE CULTURE. Not any sort of spirituality. It is pure materialism. This why all of these groups behave in thus manner. It is because both groups: Hindus and the Muslims from the east are both a selfish group of people overall. You can see this in their business practices and their complete lack of concern for any other group besides their own.

        No religion taught them to be this way. In the case of Islam they were worse before the advent of the religion. They will be (and are) worse still without it. If they were truly following Islam, half of their lifestyle would be considered haram(sin). They know this perfectly well even if you dont. This trickles down into their personal lives as well. That is the ONLY thing that they have in common with each other and the only honest way they can be grouped together in any sort of high horse criticizing of their behavior.


      • “however it still stands that the woman is viewed as less than the man, that is the culture of Islam, this is what it dictates.”

        No sir. That is what eastern traditionalism dictates. That is just not accurate. Below are a list of authentic Hadiths (sayings of Muhammad) and passages from the Quran. This is the true culture of Islam, this is what it truly dictates:

        “Their Lord responded to them: “I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female – you are equal to one another.” (Qur’an, 3: 195)

        “O Messenger of Allah! Who is most deserving of my fine treatment?” He said, “Your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then your nearest, then nearest.” (Narrated by Abu Hurairah – Bukhari and Muslim)

        “I went to the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) and asked him: What do you say (command) about our wives? He replied: Give them food what you have for yourself, and clothe them by which you clothe yourself, and do not beat them, and do not revile them.” (Narrated by Mu’awiyah al-Qushayri – Abu Dawud)

        “Verily, women are the twin halves of men.” (Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

        “And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women.” (Qur’an, 2: 228)

        The culture you continue to claim is Islam, is in fact Eastern traditionalism which can and is practiced and upheld by Theists and Atheists both. Abuses against women in the name of culture and through ignorance and a lack of understanding of Islam, do not represent Islam and are contrary to the rights that TMH had ordained and bestowed upon women.

        A Christian Arab writer, Norma Khouri noted,
        “honor killings originate from the belief that a woman’s chastity is the property of her family, a cultural norm that comes from our ancient tribal days, from the Hammurabi and Assyrian tribes of 1200 B.C.”

        Matthew A. Goldstein, J.D. (Arizona), has also noted that honor killings were encouraged in ancient Rome, where male family members who did not take actions against the female adulterers in their family were “actively persecuted.”[ii] The Roman law of ‘pater familias’ gave complete control to the men of the family for both their children and wives. Under these laws, the lives of children and wives were at the sole discretion of the men in their family.

        This was quite common throughout the near east and DID NOT come from Islam. This is why these men can become totally westernized to the point of becomming Atheists and still engage in this behavior.


      • Xstopalopoketl,

        In Islam a woman’s testimony is viewed as less than a man’s:

        I read the text by the way, it states that if two men are not available to witness then one man and TWO WOMEN are a suitable alternative. Why 2 women as a suitable alternative, why not just one? Simple, the woman’s testimony/witness is not seen as authentic as the man’s and so it requires two women to be present in order to equalise the authenticity. It’s written there plainly in black and white.

        In Islam it is permitted for a husband to physically chastise his wife like he would a child:

        Another observation that as far as I am concerned confirms that women are viewed as less than men is the fact that when it comes to prayer men and women worship separately in the Mosque. Also, when walking in the streets typically the woman is 50 steps behind the man. Again, in the younger generations these practices are slowly being phased out, however you’ll find that it is mainly the youngsters who don’t meticulously follow the teachings of Islam that are the ones who are refusing to adopt these attitudes.

        Again, the religion belongs to the Arabs, they are the authority when it comes to the explanations of Islam and the interpretation of the Quran, all others are outsiders or converts. I noticed that in many cases the apologists for Islam tend to be outsiders/converts, I don’t really see Arab men scrambling to explain problematic doctrines and scriptures within Islam and the Quran. As Odyssey pointed out before Islam persecuted and is still persecuting black folks to this day. Islam is NOT the friend of the black man.

        Mohammed owned black slaves and he just like the hero of the Indians Gandhi didn’t hold black folks in high esteem at all. Again, at least when it comes down to Hinduism there seems to be some sort of separation between the religion and the culture, however with the case of Islam the religion and the culture are one and the same.

        Also, notice that despite the majority of Indians and Pakistanis practicing different religions the results are the same when it comes down to their treatment of blacks and women, rape, acid thrown in women’s faces as a result of rejecting said men’s advances or marriage proposals. In India the government has now had to introduce women only carriages on the trains because of the rampant rape culture that is pervasive over there:

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      • “I notice also that Muslims typically behave in the same way as black women, in that if one of their fellow brethren commits an abominable act, most of the group will cosign what he/she has done rather than reproving it.

        This is absolutely false friend. Firstly there is no such monolithic group called Muslims who all uniform in there beliefs, race, language, or land of origin. There are Sunni, Shia, Ibadi, etc. And all different races. When was the last time you saw a united front of Muslims ie: Arab, Black American, Pakistani, Black British, Aghan, Nigerian, etc. standing together to support some criminal guilty of some heinous action?

        No devout Muslim will co-sign haram(sin). However, different ethnic groups will co-sign there own members rotten behavior for the same reason they will co-sign their racism against other groups. This is due to there cliquish closed society mentality. In most of these immigrant communities there is a dominant ethnic group/s.


      • You do know that the Quran makes provisions for the beating of the wife if she is deemed by the husband to be disrespectful or behaving out of line, right?

        Sahih International, at

        Surah An-Nisa 4:34

        Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

        This is what you are referring to. Sounds just awful doesnt it.

        Lol! Oh! The poor oppressed wimmens!

        Red Pill 101
        On this website we frequently talk about female bad behavior and how women should not be simply allowed to run wild after their lusts and whims. Which they will often due, especially black women. They should not be allowed to just blurt out whatever they want, however they want, whenever they please. Of course you will have low-lifes who will abuse this condition. Once again this is due to their own weakness and insecurity as evidenced by their fear of competition.

        See some Biblical passages below which are far more damning to SJW sensibilities:

        “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)

        “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

        Behold, here is my daughter a maiden, and his concubine; them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what seemeth good unto you: but unto this man do not so vile a thing. But the men would not hearken to him: so the man took his concubine, and brought her forth unto them; and they knew her, and abused her all the night until the morning: and when the day began to spring, they let her go.” (Judges 19:24-25)

        “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.” (Leviticus 12:2)

        “But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.” (Leviticus 12:5)

        “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9)

        “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)

        I could go on… I agree with the first two by the way.

        Please do not say that no one follows these anymore. Hebrew Israelites in particular are big on the Old Testament but like to pick and choose what they will or wont follow.

        You cannot pick and choose what you like and dont like. Both books contain holdovers from earlier ages. A blow by blow comparison between the two in order to see which contains the more objectionable SJW triggers WITHOUT any bias will not win the Bible any style points.


      • “Islam teaches that blacks are the lowest of the low, this is the main driving force behind the evil way in which black folks are treated in Middle Eastern countries.”

        I can sense that you want this to be true, in order to justify some chip in your shoulder towards the religion, but it is completely erroneous. Again, please list the Chapters and or verses of Al-Qu’ran which state or imply this…

        Below are Quranic passages and authentic Hadiths(sayings/examples of Muhammad) dealing with such things, so that you might distinguish between Islam and the ethnic cultural practices of those who claim Islam but refuse to obey its edicts:

        The Prophet in his farewell sermon informed the believers relating to this matter:
        “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.”

        “O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one. You all descended from Aadam, and Aadam was created from the earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a colored person except by Taqwa (piety).” (At-Tirmidhi)

        “People, We have created you all male and female and have made you nations and tribes so that you would [know] each other. The most honorable among you in the sight of God is the most pious of you. God is All-knowing and All-aware.”Qu’ran(49:13)

        And verily this Brotherhood of yours is a single Brotherhood, and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore fear Me (and no other). But people have cut off their affair (of unity), between them, into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself. But leave them in their confused ignorance for a time. – Qur’an [23:52-54]

        Once Abu Dharr and Bilaal (ﺭﺿﻲ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻨﻬﻤﺎ) had a dispute, but in a moment of anger Abu Dharr said: “O son of a black woman!” So Bilaal complained to the Prophet (ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ) who said: “O Abu Dharr, did you slander his mother? You are a man in whom there is still some jaahiliyyah (ignorance)!” Abu Dahrr began to cry profusely and asked the Prophet to ask for forgiveness for him. Abu Dahrr left the mosque with tears streaming from his eyes and went to Bilaal. When he saw Bilaal he placed his cheek on the ground and said: “I will not get up until you place your foot over my face. You are the noble and I am the lowly!” Bilaal began to cry: he approached Abu Dharr, stood him up and kissed him on that very cheek. Then they hugged each other and cried together.

        The racism of immigrant groups claiming Islam has NO basis in the religion itself. These are the cultural caste practices of insecure white worshiping Asiatics, not any sort of religious inclination.


      • “…Islam is the religion of the Arabs first and foremost, therefore we can look to them and confidently draw our conclusions based upon the way they practice the religion.”

        So there!

        That’s what the above strawman arguement is missing as a finale.

        False. Lol! Not even close brother. No race, creed, or ethnicity has any special powers in Islam. An Arab has no power or authority over anyone else.

        You seem to have a desire to tar all muslims with the same brush as though it will give some psychological edge or authority to prevent having to have a proper understanding of the subject matter.

        This is a classic strawman argument which is a tactic best utilized by females. One creates faulty arguments which are emotion driven and not based upon factual knoweledge of a given subject. Then bases future opinions and actions upon this shakey ground. This creates confirmation bias. It is circular reasoning and becomes a self-reinforcing excuse to keep doing the same.

        I’ve always respected your intellect. After seeing so many poorly thought out brothers online trying to articulate our experience without fear of backlash, its refreshing. That’s why I frequent your website and am even bothering to challenge your statements. If you were a fool, I wouldn’t bother. If you’ve read a lot of my more serious posts you should respect my own mental prowess as well. I admit when I have been mis-informed about a particular topic and I can readily accept new information when it becomes apparent that someone elses knowledge surpases my own. That is how one grows and prevents becomming close minded and developing calcified attitudes. You may and probably do know more than I do about particular Biblical passages as relates to black folks. You do not however have an equivilant or even supplementary knowledge or insight into Islam or its so-called adherents as I do. You are trying to argue that you possess a deeper and more correct understanding of a belief system that you were not raised in and are not a part of, than someone who was actually born into that religion and way of life.

        Intellectually your arguments on this subject consist of different versions of the same idea. Namely, that what traditional ethnic enclaves or individuals do in localized regions somehow can be used to justify prejudice towards an entire group worldwide. The muslims you see around you who are raising their families and working honestly everyday do not deserve to be tarred with the same brush as non-religious thugs and quasi-religious extremists. Blacks worldwide are maltreated due to this same rationale. It is wrong then and wrong now.

        This could just as well have come from a white nationalist website. Factually wrong, but wrong on purpose. Since the true purpose is not a factual understanding, but rather framing a certain narative based upon deeply held beliefs. Howsoever wrong those beliefs may be.

        I know that this is your website, and I dont often condradict you on things. But everyone can and usually will be wrong when formulating opinions based upon faulty information. You basically alienate any brothers who may be of the Islamic faith or even just raised in that background like I was with such sweeping statements. And there are quite a few of us! I have detected at least one other brother on here who seems to come from a similar background, although I wont mention his handle for fear of bringing shade his way. Black American Muslims have been practicing Sunni Islam in large numbers since the early to mid 1970’s at least. And we were not “converted” by any Arabs. Lol! The imam at my dads mosque is an old Black Power revolutionary from the 1960’s. Ive gone with him to pray and listen to this guy speak. Non-black muslims from the east regularly get up, make their Salat(prayer) hurridly in a corner, and then leave in haste when he starts going in on the racism and other behavior of the eastern muslims. Do you think any of them can lodge a complaint to some organization or other and get a license to practice the faith taken away from him? 🙂

        No. There is no such authority. These people know that what they do is against the faith, but their ethnic cultures and fearful cliquishness are closer to their hearts than the religion they claim to follow.

        I have been seeing American Muslim brothers with non-black wives for decades! We were SYSBM before there was such a thing. And you will see many more in the future due to circumstances we often discuss on this site. I myself am leaning in this direction and will probably marry a muslim woman at some point. The difference is that we are not looking to women from muslim countries for booty calls or sexual conquests. But rather as wives to start families.

        The Prophet Muhummad in his farewell sermon informed the believers relating to this matter:
        “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.”

        “O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one. You all descended from Aadam, and Aadam was created from the earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a colored person except by Taqwa (piety).” (At-Tirmidhi)

        In otherwords Verbs, Muslims are judged by TMH according to piety, works, and faith. Not whether someone is a particular race or not. An Arab has no power to tell any other Muslim ANYTHING except when he/she is speaking in the name of piousness. My dad is a Muslim and I was born one. No Arab can or has ever told him or me anything. Nor would they even try since he knows the religion better than most of them. In fact when a devout muslim like him questions eastern muslims about their un-islamic behavior, they get embarrased or even iritated. Thats all that they can do however. No one can shame or humiliate these people like someone who truly knows the falseness of their piousness.

        False arguements like yours actually let them off the hook. It allows their wickedness to hide behind your ignorance of their religion. You blame their religion for their slyness and cowardly souls. That’s like blaming a gun for shooting someone. The blame belongs on their own heads and most of them know it. Thats why they avoid debating with someone like me. You have only power to fling mud in their direction, but you do not have the eyes to see them as they are. If you knew the truth about their religion you would also then have the proper measuring stick for their hypocrisy. For there is no fairer standard by which to condemn someone than the moral standard that they themselves claim to uphold.

        You think if they would just convert to some other religion (preferably some sort of Christianity) or just live secular lives, they would be nicer to women, less racist, less materialistic, etc.

        Hahahaha! Dream on. You dont these groups of people half as well as you think you do. Arabs, Iranians, & South Asians in particular. Arabs especially. Listen well… These people were all worse than they are now, before Islam. They will become the scum of the earth without it. You will truly hate them if you get to see their natures without the camouflage of a religion to blame for their wickedness.


      • “In Islam a woman’s testimony is viewed as less than a man’s”

        True. For reasons stated many times on this site as well as on many other red pill men’s oriented websites. Go to any number of mens themed sites for a refresher course on the dark side of base female nature. Or just read some of your own articles and poster’s writings about said articles. Remember that even though the black witch may be worse than most other women in her excesses, women in general share her lack of honesty.

        The recent public destroying of Bill Cosby’s life and legacy gives a recent sterling example of the wisdom of taking the honesty of female testimony at face value. (sarcasm)

        The #MeToo movement is yet another beautiful testimony to the honesty of the fairer sex. (sarcasm again)

        I also suggest trying one last time to explain to black women why we and the whole world are simply abandoning them as time goes on. Listen once again to their mental gymnastics, deflectionary tactics, and weak pretensions that “they dont understand all the anger coming their way”. Then go back and look deeply into the reasoning behind such a commandment and it may not seem so strange.

        Any man who has ever been falsely accused of rape, domestic violence, womanizing, etc. and had their lives or reputations destroyed with nothing but her accusation or testimony against his, can readily see the foolishness of assuming that the inherent honesty of both sexes is equal.

        In short… Women are not honorable. Sentimental perhaps, but not honorable. They are easily dishonest when honesty is inconvienient. This trait applies to all people to an extent, but is more easily accessed by the female psyche. Women have and have always had a nebulous relationship with the truth. Women believe that their feelings outway facts when those facts do not suit their interests. Facts are little more than inconvienient annoyances when a woman is trying to get her way.

        Women are also more easily swayed by group think and popular opinion than men are. This is why so many of them now support and/or endorce homosexuality, when 20 years ago most were just as dissaproving of it as we are. It has become accepted by the mainstream. Everyone who is anyone on TV approves! It’s a new day damnit!(sarcasm). And women crave public sanction and acceptability as a reflection of their own viability and self worth.

        Truth to most women is what the majority believes. If it is false, they would simply rather not know. This is why the church’s doctrine is not questioned by most female Christians and why they dont care when you prove to them that what they are following is Paganism. This is why most advertising is aimed at women. Why preachers and cult leaders alike have always focused their efforts at building congregations by focusing on women first and foremost.

        Women themselves will openly admit (usually about other females they dont like) that they dont trust other females.

        It is not a popular truth to females and non-red pillers, but neither is the majority of your articles or topics discussed on this site.

        That’s its beauty. And why I’m a staunch supporter of yours and this site. Truth is truth whether or not its PC. There has never been a society until now where it hasnt been known that women are untrustworthy creatures. That no matter how much we may love and care for them, that they simply do not value facts and truth as we do.

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      • “Middle Eastern countries tend to practice the militant form of Islam(Sunni)…”

        Incorrect. The “militant” form of Islam which was the driving force behind the creation of not only the Taliban but many extremist groups is called called Wahhabism. It was exported across the Muslim world overtaking and replacing the local expressions of the faith by the Saudis using their vast wealth and influence.

        Sunni Islam is in fact the most common form of the religion in the world. Most black Muslims the world over are Sunni. Many extremists who claim to be regular Sunnis are in fact following Wahhabism.

        However, there are also fundamentalists within the Shia branch of Islam.

        “…however remember, if you’re NOT an Arab then you’re a convert into the religion which means that you are still an outsider just like myself”.

        False. I covered this briefly in previous posts.

        In Islam it is believed that all humans (and the rest of the creation) are born muslims. Meaning simply born in submission to their creator. Then their parents make them a Jew, Budhist, etc. Thus if a person is born into the religion like I was, they are simply a Muslim. In fact, even a person you would call a convert to Islam is actually called a revert by pious Muslims due to the aforementioned belief. You are confusing the racial laws of Judaism and the Old Testament with Islam. Quite a different kettle of fish.

        “Again, the religion belongs to the Arabs, they are the authority when it comes to the explanations of Islam and the interpretation of the Quran, all others are outsiders or converts.”

        Strawman argument once again. Grasping at straws this time. You are slandering an entire religion based on nonsense you are pulling out of your own rear. You are making up arguments from thin air with no basis in anything beyond a desire for them to be true. So that you have…. something. This effort in intellectual dishonesty is worthy of a white supremacist. Come on Verbs, you are better than that man.

        Outsiders are non-believers in Islam and there are no converts to the religion according to its doctrine. Only reverts. This is why anyone can be a muslim and no special rewards or punishments are reserved for Arabs or any other race/tribe/ethnicity.

        Please see my previous posts. I would like to know your source for these statements. Because you so far off the mark that it isnt even funny. If didnt know better I would think a black female were writing this nonsense. Please stop worrying about what Arabs think or do not think. Many muslims the world over do not think very highly of Arabs because of their vices and behavior.

        Islam does not belong to anyone sir. Lol! The word Islam means submission to The Most High. This is the only criterion by which a muslim is judged by his/her creator. The relationship between a muslim and TMH is a personal one. There are no intercessors who can act as an intermediary as in Catholicism. No confessionals. A Muslim offers his/her prayers directly to God. Not to Arabs, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, imams, scholars, Bozo the Clown or anyone else.
        And is rewarded or punished by the same standard. On the day of judgement there will be no one else who can answer for what a muslim has or has not done except that person themselves.

        The faith came through Muhammad and many of his followers were NOT Arabs. The first muslims were his first wife Kadijah, young people, women(Look it up), and slaves(many of whom were black!). And these early followers have the highest place in the religion besides Muhammad.

        Thus an Islamic scholar can be of any race.
        Please educate yourself sir:


  2. Not many people know their is alot racism from the Asian community towards the blacks in the UK. I remember some Bangladeshi boy stabbed a Nigerian high school teacher in Bradford. But these Asians seem to forget that white people don’t like them as well. Most of the racism in the UK is pointed towards the south east Asian community and most problems come from the south east Asian community. To be fair Pakistani women are hot I would fuck to see what it’s like

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    • Black British Guy,

      I remember when these dudes first started coming over here to the UK in the 1970s, being persecuted in like manner by the white nationalist groups such as the National Front and the BNP, they were super friendly towards black folks, however as soon as they built up their numbers to significant levels, they began treating blacks as enemy hostiles.

      Agreed, whites only like those that look like them and even then sometimes they can be picky. Oh, Pakistani women look good all day and I’m sure that more of them would date out if it wasn’t for the ultra barbaric nature of their men.

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      • Very true! But these south Asian women don’t want acid thrown in their face. I think black people we are too friendly to outside groups and too willing to accept them. Especially in Africa I have seen how these Indians act in East Africa. In general I’m not a big fan of South East Asian men.

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      • Black British Guy,

        Indeed, I’ve heard about how these dudes carry on in Africa, bringing their decadent behaviours over to the mother land and we still accept them, smh.

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      • @Black British Guy
        “I think black people we are too friendly to outside groups and too willing to accept them.”

        Yeah and in recent years this dumb mentality has been kicked into overdrive by liberal BW with the “intersectionality” movement. Luckily there are BM like Tariq, PBT, TBA, and others pushing back against this madness because all it does is allow other groups to use us when necessary and then abandon/stab us in the back when they get what they want.

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      • I can deal with South Asian men when they are the civilized decent sort. But the older I get the more I dislike Middle-Easterners in general. Arabs and Persians in particular. Too many encounters with their arrogance, racism, and bad manners.

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  3. Let it rain Desi girls! Lovely!

    My half brother has three kids by a Desi girl, however she was disowned and cast out by her family. No matter, she eventually won.

    Keep it up pencil dick racist Indian boys, great work you’re doing.

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    • Michel,

      This is typically the case whenever a Desi girl dates a black man, she’ll be cast out by her family, however sometimes in order to live out and control your own life that type of price may be necessary. Like you said, in the end she won.


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  4. See, this is why non-black men don’t understand the true nature of the female psyche, and most likely never will. They somehow believe that if they can shame and berate non-black women from being with black men, that their women will stop having interests in us. Yet they fail to realize that women are emotional creatures, they will never think along the same lines as men. And when non-black men display their insecurities out in the open, thanks to technology, it is only reinforcing why their women are going elsewhere.

    A perfect example, look at the Rodney King beating. When it takes SIX white men just to subdue ONE black man, that sends a subliminal message to white women and other race of women that white men are incompetent when dealing with a black man ON THEIR OWN. I don’t care if Rodney King was on drugs or not, needing six white men just to subdue him shows the world a) white men aren’t that masculine as they claim to be, and b) non-black women have a good reason to seek out stronger genetics, in this case a black man that had to be subdued by six white men to be equivalent to his strength.

    I may have to do a video/podcast on this, on why the insecurities of non-black men drive their women to black men.

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    • Yeah, this has been analyzed before. One of the reasons so many cops shoot unarmed BM is because many of them are scared to go toe to toe with a BM. There was also a study that showed that people see BM as bigger, stronger, and scarier than men of other races.

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      • @James

        And when women hear terms “Bigger, Stronger, Scarier, etc” when it comes to masculine figures, those are powerful attraction points. And these non-black men are still baffled as to why their women secretly want a black man hahaha.

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      • @James S,

        The cops know why they shoot down this type of black men of whom is unarmed. With any real black men the cops won’t go after but a thug, bum or some form of degenerate, weak black male from the stereotypical urban neighborhoods led by the black matriarchy, he will be the target. Hey, these males and their mothers are properties to the government and this same government can do whatever they pleased either letting them live as “useful” slaves to death or to kill them.

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      • @Verbs

        And as always, thank you for having this platform for us thinking black men to speak out. We gotta used these great platforms like Slaying Evil and BlackAvenger.TV for us black men to keep using our voices and intellect. The more we do so, the more the truths come out.

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  5. I’m noticing these Desi girls myself now…no matter I dont care about all the insecure homo sick watchers and savages. If she wants to let black men smash she will do it regardless. All insecurities do for a woman is make her vag dry up. And in her mind she judges your insecurities as fear(of black dick). So if you fear him…he is more “alpha” than you. Throw in the increasingly popular image of negro male and those long dicks these non black women always hear about…you really think she isnt gonna let a brother smash??? Lmao

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    • Autodidact,

      The smear campaign that has been raged for years against black men hasn’t worked, non black women have clocked on to the scam and are deciding to test the waters for themselves as opposed to accepting the word of mouth accounts from their men. These guys really messed up with this one. The dick monitoring is getting out of control and now these dudes have decided to throw their hats into the mix, big mistake on their part, plenty of booty coming our way as a result, literally.

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      • Brother. Why are you bragging about being a sex toy? Who cares how many women use us as boy toys and human dildos? We don’t have any power, and at the end of the day, we are at the mercy of other races of men.

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      • But yet non black men can chase after whatever women they want. Do you see your hypocrisy?
        Your dick policing tactics will not work here. Us Black men will go for whatever women we see fit and no one, especially you will not tell us what women we can or can’t go for.
        In addition to this non black women are better option to deal with than black women regardless or whether they are the garden variety type or Valley girl type as we know they are just swirlers. I’ll rather take my chances going for non-black women.

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      • Jon,

        These dudes stay dick policing, telling a group of men who are having great success in dealing with non black women that we shouldn’t “chase” after them, in other words we should stick to dealing with the black witch and her dysfunctional nonsense, smh.

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      • Ive actually seen some really good looking Israeli women. I do like the Greek/Mediterranean look. Sexy as hell.


  6. When Trump got elected one of my wife’s female Indian co-workers that she was friends with told her that she didn’t want to go back to India if Trump cut H1B visas. She said that they (Indian men) don’t respect women and the fact that she was dark skinned made it worse. She and her husband were filling out paperwork to go to Canada if their visa got pulled, they are still here AFAIK so they are probably fine.

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    • James S,

      Indian and Pakistani men typically rule over their women with fear and terror, I’ve grown up amongst these guys and seen it for myself first hand. Yep, the darker the skin of the individual coming from those countries especially, the more problems they will have. There is a large Indian population in Canada. You’ll find that the Indians who don’t hold any prejudices towards blacks are the ones who live in the poorest areas ie those that are labelled as untouchables.

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      • As you know, my future wife is a Lawyer. She deals in matrimony, custody, etc. One of her clients is divorcing her husband(Indian) because he beats her regularly and she fears he’ll kill her. This guy actually threatened my girl’s life for representing his wife.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        That’s these dudes all over, they take being the head of the household to a whole new level, just like the black witch they typically don’t show their girlfriends/wives any care, attention, love, affection etc.

        Dude picked the wrong one threatening your girl, these guys believe they can run the same nonsense that they play on their own turf in a foreign land. Err no, homeboy will get taught a lesson big time.

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      • Yep. I never understood it either. Some of the finest Desi girls I’ve ever seen had beautiful rich brown complexions and clear skin. Yet they all want to be as pale as possible. They can be drop dead gorgeous and still look in the mirror at themselves and only see a “darky”. Sad.

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  7. Posting this again for brothers who haven’t heard:
    Black bull dyke goes on killing spree at work:
    “Her” name was “Snochia” …………………………..
    Like I have said before people with ghetto names are mostly to be avoided when possible IMO. A ghetto name usually comes from a ghetto single mother and a ghetto upbringing. As many brothers have pointed out, as the Wall gets taller these chicks will begin losing their minds and becoming more violent toward those around them.

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  8. Pingback: South Asian/Middle Eastern Male Insecurities – Now Using Black Men As A Verbal Attack Weapon Attempting To Shame Their Women Into Dating And Marrying Them | Afro Futurism

  9. Excellent observation. These people run all of the corner stores in the black community, and treat black folks like crap, but it’s “whyte supremacee!” That we focus on?!

    See, these Indians have a REAL rape culture, and I have no problem with women of any group wanting nothing to do with them. Again, notice that both feminists and pro-blacks say nothing about this.

    Just like with these white men, Indian men are just driving their women into the arms of black men. Look at how dysfunctional their society is. They don’t use toilets, despite them being widely available, instead $h1tting on the streets. Due to this, the women have to go early in the morning so as to not get raped.

    Black men should start going to India to live, since despite the stereotype, those guys are computer/scientific MORONS who couldn’t lead ants to a watermelon. You see how pathetic they are too. It’ll be like being a god amongst vermin.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Over here in the UK it is the Indians and the Pakistanis who own the black hair and beauty supply stores, they also own and run the overwhelming majority of fried chicken joints as well as the convenience stores that sell traditional African and West Indian foods like plantain, yam etc. Yet more usurpation that the black witch has brought upon black society through her lust for power over black men as well as her desire for government treats.

      I actually came across a video on Live Leak some time ago of a Middle Eastern woman being held down and raped by these savages, women in those countries actually have a real rape culture to contend with, not like the feminist snowflakes over here manufacturing one out of thin air. Like I’ve stated before, in the west we have a false rape accusation culture, not a rape culture.

      This is the point right here, for a group of individuals who openly defecate in the streets they have a nerve to act as if black folks ie black men are the scum of the earth, smh. Let them continue to show their weak hand, that just means more of their women for us.

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  10. That was an eye opening article. I had no ideal how ethnic groups other than white males are so envious of black men and threatened by our physical and personal attributes. It’s laughable actually, that just like American black females those loosers dicking patrolling campaign is in full affect 24/7/365. I must admit, that the ego boosting affect of their actions is enjoyable, I’m just being honest. I still prefer my Nordic, Scandinavian, Eastern European White Women however it is wonderful to see that the SYSBM movement is worldwide and is driving those pathetic crazy. However, I do smpathize for the lovely women who have to suffer abuse from them because they want real men in their lives and not a bunch of jealous, violent, controlling, barbaric clowns. Brothers, our movement can’t be stopped, keep marching.

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    • #TeamWhiteGirls,

      Yep, many of these males are betas in an ALPHA environment. They can’t compete which is one of the reasons why they are flipping out. Another theory is the contamination of their food, water and air supplies that is making them crazy.

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    • stop being a clown black man and stop chasing non black women in such an obviousmanner,,it is not an iseal situation or option either……black men are not as desired as you would believe,,,,the prejudice against us globally is very bad

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      • Paul,

        Chasing who, non black women are increasingly showing an interest in us, we don’t need to “chase” anybody. It’s interesting how you are telling us to settle for the gutter and the dregs ie black female society without coming out and stating that directly. No thanks dick police officer, I’ll pass. I stopped dealing with black women over 13 years ago and I’m never returning to the plantation.

        “Interracial dating is not an ideal option”, really bruh? Been dealing with my black/native Colombian mixed race girl for just under 6 years now, it has worked out just fine for me.

        Step your game up bruh, the non black female harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. This “not as desired as you think” talk is nonsense, this is not the 1970s, this is 2018, things have changed significantly.

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      • You need some self esteem courses. If black men are not as desirable as you say, then why are they using that statement..”we get ut, you like black guys”? And I’ll keep “chasing ” white women as long as I live and get a back bone and stop worrying about what others think of you!!

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      • “Paula,”

        You are not fooling anybody, sista. And it’s black women who are not desired anywhere for the most part, except in the hood. Quit dick policing grown-ass men.

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      • @Brotherdanunlimited,

        It’s not about protecting women. It’s about protecting ourselves.


      • Paul,

        Come on bro. We know you are a female in disguise. Or a dutifull simp slave catcher on patrol for runaways. Which we all are.

        I have been trying to get with a young white girl at my job who has been letting me know through body language and playfull attitude that shes down with the program. Lol! All the black whores in this place eyeball me like I stole something, but I dont give a shit. None of these bitches ever has anything except a scowl on their faces.

        I am curious. What do black whores/simps like yourself plan to do if this continues? What can you do? Is violence going to be your eventual reaction whenever you see black men with non-black females like some guys on here say?

        This is a serious question and not an insult. I am really curious to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.


    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      SYSBM cannot be stopped in any way, shape, form or fashion even though these guys are trying their hardest to do so, their insecurities and actions thereafter will only benefit us as more of their women will begin to flock in our direction. The ego boost is fantastic especially seeing these dudes lose their minds. Notice that their complaints aren’t about their women going after white men, it’s a problem only when black men are involved, lol.


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      • The sad part is that a lot of these white guys dont even respect them or their women. They feed into white male belief that the cosmos revolves around them. This is why white guys treat Asian women the way they do.

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    • And when white women see his confession tapes, do he honestly believe that’s going to change their minds about him? Heck No, he’s still a loser in their minds and it will only reinforce their beliefs that white men are still incompetent to black men. By his racially-motivated murder, he caused hundreds of future white women to be with black men. And once again, they can thank technology for expediting their own demise.

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    • Thats just it…all they have now is impotent rage. They cant do anything about it so they’re losing it lmao it’s funny to me tbh. The more they whine and cry the more the females walk away. Women want men who arent butthurt like this because it tells her that he cant compete without having to influence her somehow. Women smell insecurity and will leave or cheat on you if you are wallowing in it. Step your game up and stop crying if you want your women to choose you and only you!

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      • Yep. Impotent rage. Just one more reason not to sympathize with their so-called plight.


    • This guy was so fixated with one U.S. white woman-to-black men relationship(s), he couldn’t see that there’s a great deal of white women other than the one he was focused on. To me, European women in Argentina and the rest of Latin America are better looking and kinder than the average white woman/women from the surburbs here in the United States and western society. The so-called 200-year race purity argument is false.

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  11. The..”I get it, you like black guys” statement, is the same as…”you look like you date white women” used by the same butthurt bitter black chicks. Black chicks are the same as those clowns, they can’t take rejection so they make up bullshit to make them feel better about themselves.

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  12. Remember brothers, historically intermixing was a one way process. The same group of men, especially Asiatics have always been hypocrites saying don’t touch “our women” but we’ll fuck your women to Black men. Here are some famous examples of said dick policing. And notice that 2 of the links are very historically relevant stories that impacted the world.
    Abyssinian (East African) slave turned noble and alleged lover of Turkic female ruler of India. Dick policed with malicious rumors by Turkic nobles and cortiers

    Babylonian Talmud-The foundation of Western religions
    — that these same rabbis taught that Africans had “kinky hair,” “swelled lips,” and “elongated penises” and that these “traits” were “curses from God Himself;

    American South, where racist White men said its ok to rape Black women because their vaginas were larger, never mind consent. But Black men “rape” White women since we are larger. Well, that is how the big mandingo myth went out. Created by White racist men and backfired on them.

    Finally, 1001 Arabian Nights. Remember this kids? Aladdin? Sinbad? The king who killed a woman every night and Scheherazade had to read him a bed time story to keep her neck? Well here is why he went on a woman killing spree. He was cheated by his wife on……wait for it……testing….123……

    *_Two brother Kings, Shahriyar and Shah Zaman, each rule their own country. One day the younger goes visiting the elder, but just before he leaves he finds his wife, the Queen cheating on him with a black cook. He kills them both and then goes to his brother._*

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    • Does this shit not scare you? We are just meandering around without a care in the world while other races are obsessing over us and plotting our destruction. We need to get more serious about life.


    • exposingtheemperor,

      This is one of the best comments I’ve seen. That article Curse of Ham has info I had been looking for for awhile now. There are other article links on the NOI site I have to check out when I get a chance.

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  13. I had an idea these men were insecure, but not to this extent. Throwing acid on a woman because she doesn’t like you in that sense is pathetic on every level, and you should just go and off yourself at that point. Yet they wonder why their women don’t want to deal with them and are running for the hills. Unlike your typical hair hat, these women have legitimate gripes with their men.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: I wish more black bitches would date those extremely insecure Arab, Indian and South Asian men, and try bringing those horrific attitudes they expect us to deal with to them. Let’s see how long that lasts. If they willing to throw acid on their own women for disrespect, what do they think will happen to them? That strong and independent woman bullshit will get shut down reallll quick.

    I have slowly began seeing more brothers with Asian and Indian women in my area, and it is beautiful to see. If they keep this up, they’ll become obsolete in the dating scene within the next 10-15 years (if not sooner) like most black whores.

    Keep the wall up, and stay safe out there as more men will be hostile if they see you with their woman.

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    • Stephen,

      Like you stated, Middle Eastern women have legitimate gripes with their men, the acid in the face as well as rape are two of the biggest concerns they have. Many of these women are literally enslaved in their own households, these dudes just use them as breeding machines, their only jobs are to pump out children, raise them and keep the home in order.

      Oh, don’t worry, African women who go to work in the houses of these Arab men find out very quick what these dudes are really like.

      Desi girls are fantastic, the pro black bootlicking simps can’t talk about melanin being an issue if you deal with one of them. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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    • Stephen,

      ((wish more black bitches would date those extremely insecure Arab, Indian and South Asian men, and try bringing those horrific attitudes they expect us to deal with to them. Let’s see how long that lasts. If they willing to throw acid on their own women for disrespect, what do they think will happen to them? That strong and independent woman bullshit will get shut down reallll quick.))

      I would love to see that. Part of me believes that black women would put up a fight to the death seeing how they are just as rough and tough as Tyrones……

      But if Mr. Kim from the beauty salon can bitch slap black women into submission then I don’t think it would be a problem for these guys to to beat the jezzible out of them!

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      • I think Arab men deserve the modern day black female. If there is any group of men who are as nasty human beings as blk females its Arab men. They both possess some of the worst manners of any two groups. Maybe some Russian men too.

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  14. TBH I want to see how these non black men would react if BLACKED wasnt just WW getting it.. but ALL females. BLACKED vs. The world😂😂😂. The cries of anguish from these simps would be funny enough in itself

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    • King Kashta,

      This is it, they are worst than white nationalists, the men set the charge and in many cases the women particularly of the older generations follow along many a time doing so believing that they will catch a break from being beaten down by these dudes, however as we know things typically don’t work out that way.

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  15. So where’s Bahiyah? I want to know her opinion on this because maybe she can input on weither if she agrees or not, because I agree 100% with this post.

    Arab and south Asian culture is at the other end of the spectrum in terms of women’s rights! I’m fact, when you said how these pro blacks need to live in India for one year, I think you need to send all the SJWs along with the feminists too. THEN they can complain about Toxic Masculinity! If they live long enough that is…..

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  16. So let me get this straight, we have:

    White men,
    Black women,
    Black bootlickers (men)
    Hispanic men
    Gay men

    And now we Arab and South Asian men who are out here dick policing black men?????????

    WTF?!?!?!?! What next????? Native American men? Amazon men from the jungles of Brazil? Space aliens? Why are black men being singled out??

    White men go to Asia/south America/Africa all the time to sleep with and have sex with underaged/overaged, girls all over the world and are very open and proud of it but they choose to telescope where OUR penises go!

    White men will pop it and drop it and no one says a thing, black men does so much as to just exist and we have a world war III with all of the above mentioned groups that wants to initiate a Soviet style dating market place!

    GTFO of here!!!!!

    I personally am NOT attracted to and would not go for south Asian girls nor Arab girls(but i think some Arab girls are attractive ) but I hope SYSBM have a large influx of Desi and Arab girls to choose from to spite the dick police officers

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    • It’s because we have no power. We just run around playing around while other races work together to build power and influence.

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  17. These men are known for beating their women and treating them as slaves. They meet Black men who are not the stereotype (Ray ray can’t afford to travel outside the hood) and the women are head over heels. The men can’t compete. The more they refuse to compete and do what black women and white men do. (Shamming language and propaganda) That will just bring more women to us. SYSBM The fact that this became a meme of sorts “you date black guys” will just bring more attention to us.
    That pens envy man. something else.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Its a win win for us, they cannot compete with black men on an equal playing field. They know that they have no outstanding qualities that they can present to their women, hence why they have to bring black men into the mix, the penis envy is very real.

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      • I will also add I’m glad you linked to the child rape scandal that has been going over there in the U.K. These men are goddamn animals. They rape children and underage teen girls by the thousands and literaly premote pedophilia and incest in their “religion.”

        These fucking cunts are shocked their women are running away from them. Fucking Savages I tell you.

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  18. Have you noticed that alot of these non blacks E. G Asian, latinos, South East Asians aside from white people. The try shitting on blacks and to score browny points for whitey but they don’t understand that white people don’t like them too.

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    • Black British Guy,

      This is why black folks shouldn’t bring these guys into anything we embark upon because we already know that they would never bring us in on anything they do. These dudes won’t even employ black men, however they will employ the black witch and Eastern Europeans.

      Of all the Indian and Pakistani establishments and businesses I’ve come across(which is many), I’ve only come across one that had a black male employed within it. This is the thing, these guys think that because they have money and resources that they are now all of a sudden the white man’s pal, however just like the black female they are in for avery rude awakening.

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    • Yes. That is why I love that Trump is deporting all these parasites and inforcing the boarder. They piggy back off the black mans civil rights movement then talk shit and look down on us to be accepted by white men.

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      • >these guys think that because they have money and resources that they are now all of a sudden the white man’s pal, however just like the black female they are in for avery rude awakening.

        In the words of MBD: “This is the age of Trump. And now Thor is dropping the hammer on that ass!”

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Yours truly, whites don’t like them, but whites don’t FEAR them. That’s why they are allowed to succeed in the West. Everyone in the world sees black men as a threat, and this is a very dangerous position to be in when you have no power. Instead of brainlessly chasing other races of women, we need to hunker down and start getting serious about life.

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  19. What we must keep consistently in our minds brothers is that…these insecure non-black men are witnessing the long over due ascent of the TRUE ALPHA!! We are the original man which the creator saw fit in his infinite wisdom to make first. Even though many of our mentally lost brothers do not realize this…we no longer have to wait for them to figure it out! Why??? The awakening consciousness of non-black women who they intuitively know that the Black Man is the essence of authentic masculinity!!! Masculinity not rooted in physical, emotional, and psychological abuse but…in a quiet inner strength, a noble character grounded in compassion, love, intelligence and integrity. We do not have to engage in any acts of self-aggrandizement to make ourselves more then what we are! Our very presence radiates True Power!! It’s in a very nature, our very soul to be Sovereigns Among Men!! Let us continue to blaze that trail to our rightful place as KINGS!! Any thing less than that will never do!!


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    • nonsense… people dont own or control anything,,, that is what you need to start focusing on, black empowerment and not black dickment

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      • Paul,

        What are you talking about bruh:

        You need to start investigating and conducting some proper research that is wider than “the local block”, there are much bigger things going on with black folks in different parts of the world. Also you have to remember that unlike white folks we are coming from the bottom.

        As for your “dickment” statement, SYSBM isn’t about “dick empowerment”, you clearly don’t understand anything about the lifestyle if that is the conclusion you are drawing about thinking black men dating out. But I understand, what you really mean is we need to focus on BLACK FEMALE empowerment, in other words keep the black witch in her decadent faux position of power with her foot steadfast and fixed upon the black man’s neck.

        An interesting question to ask would be who would you share you “black empowerment” with since the overwhelming majority of black women have made it quite clear that they are NOT interested in anything grafted and created by the black man’s hands? You’ve suggested that it is NOT a good idea for black men to “chase” after non black females but at the same time black women as a group have made it abundantly clear that they much prefer to deal with thugs over the clean cut, intelligent, hard working brothers.

        Therefore, in light of these revelations, what is the solution for the everyday rank and file thinking black man? What other options does he have at his disposal?

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      • Paul, exactly. The level of discourse is nauseating. Many black men are like walking dicks. They don’t care about anything else.


    • CyberOmega,

      I completely agree with you, at this point we don’t even need to make a large effort because the Most High is using nature itself to realign things to their rightful positions. This is exactly what happens to those who establish themselves upon deceit, falsities and lies, eventually they will fall and the true heroes and rightful heirs will rise up by default and claim what is theirs. We may not be sitting upon thrones, however the least we can do is walk proud and stand tall, the fact that we are perceived as a threat by all of these other groups even though we don’t have the same level of finances and resources as them speaks volumes.

      What are these guys so afraid of to where they have to constantly places obstacles and hindrances in our paths? What are these guys so afraid of to where they have to continually demonise us in the media by any and all means necessary? What are these guys so afraid of to where they have to use us as a verbal weapon of attack against their own women in order to bully them into accepting their insecure selves and dissuade their women from dating out ie dating black men? Put simply, to ask the question is to answer it.

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      • you are correct,,I misinterpreted and misunderstood,,,we have the same conclusion,,,we as black men really have not much choice or options,,, damned if you do and damned if you dont


      • Verbs2015,

        Exactly…my brother!! Even though our people have suffered immeasurably for centuries by the thoughts, words and deeds of individuals who has not, as of yet to actualize their humanity…we are witnessing a significant shift in the current order of the world. Where those who has for so long been at the bottom of the fraudulent “social structure” now are stepping forward to claim what is rightfully theirs…nothing more, nothing less!!! And, for those who benefit from this sinister “social structure” are now for the first time, beginning to see their infrastructure crack from multiple areas!! With this brings an overwhelming sense of cognitive dissonance which can lead to many acts of lashing out to claim what they “believe” is theirs. Therefore, it’s imperative for all thinking Black Men to be thoroughly aware of this and take the necessary precautions to safeguard their lives…as we sit back and observe the “House of Glass” built of sand be utterly demolished by the very hands that built it!!!


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  20. Just like Verbs said, I hope these South Asian men keep up the good work of putting their insecurity and hypocrisy on full display for the world to see, they’re basically giving their women away to thinking brothers like us.

    I live in an area of the US with a pretty small Indian/SA population and even I can tell you that Desi girls are very much receptive to Black men when their South Asian male counterparts aren’t around. I’ve had many positive interactions with Brown girls, and they were the ones to initiate the conversations. Don’t even get me started on the smiles, waves, and stares I’ve gotten from random Desi girls in public.

    Oppressive cultures like these have to use death threats or threats of disownership or else their women will hop the fence for a taste of the “other dark meat”.

    I’m all here for it though lol, the rise of the Moors can’t be stopped.

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  21. I’m aware of the racism by these men…MANY are angry because a BLACK MAN can EASILY attract a WHITE WOMAN which many of these men deep down desire. Over all, I don’t deal with them and refuse to do any business with them as the project far more in your face racism than many whites do. Insecurity will only get them what it got the White Man, their women more and more curious about Black Men…….

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  22. I forget to say these south east Asians are inbreds alot of these Pakistanis breed with their cousins. And the kids are born retarded or with disabilities which cost nhs a fortune. But notice how the alt right cucks only focus on BM because we are taking their women and are their only threat in interracial dating. They want communism in the dating market not free market in the dating market

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    • Black British Guy,

      Very true, I was talking to an Indian guy who lives in an area that is predominantly Pakistani and even he said that their communities are littered with retarded and wheelchair bound children. You’ll also notice that amongst the girls that they tend to grow hair in places where you would expect to see only on a man.

      Many a times the daughters are bullied into marrying first or second cousins, if they refuse, go out and find themselves a man via their own choosing, often times the male family members will beat the guy she has chosen to a pulp.

      The men however as per usual are free to choose the women they want to marry, the hypocrisy is incredible. Communistic conditions is what all of these guys want in the dating and mating market, as stated before they simply cannot compete on an open playing field.

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      • Verbs15, why should they compete on an open playing field when they don’t have to? It’s called POWER. Maybe if black men would stop thinking like children and learn how to work together we wouldn’t be the punching bags of everyone’s insecurities. Aren’t you guys tired of this shit?

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  23. Your priorities are so low. Who cares if their racism brings their women to us out of some bizarre curiosity (it won’t BTW). These men see you as the enemy, and they are probably waging a covert war against you economically, socially and everywhere else they can.

    Are you really so simple minded that you only thing you are worried about is getting some exotic pussy? Our situation is extremely serious, and we need to grow up and look at it as adults. If you are applying for a job and the guy in charge sees you as a sexual threat, you won’t get that job. When these things happen over and over, eventually black men become marginalized.

    Stop thinking with your god damn dick. We need to come together on something other than complaining and talking about women.

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      • >America will eventually be back in Jim Crow…

        That’s a line straight from the Blackistanian/SIMP/Cuckistanian/White master playbook. Chances of Jim Crow 2.0 happening is slim and none. And Slim just left town.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Yellowbone Hunter,

      You seem to be misunderstanding SYSBM, it isn’t about dicking down woman after woman, it is about survival, conservation and continuing to build a legacy, the majority of us here are already involved in long term relationships with non black/mixed race women, myself included, thus your talk of us being a bizarre curiosity doesn’t stick. I see the war non black men wage against us on a daily basis, however the fact that they continue with this war even though black men don’t have the same level of resources and finances as they do speaks volumes.

      Sex is an essential part of a man’s life, you cannot just scrub out that need or cast it aside unless you are on the same level as the apostle Paul. You’re beginning to use the same talking points as the black witch, raising awareness of an issue or an event does not equate to complaining, complaining implies that we wish for black women to change for the better. This website doesn’t cater towards black women as they have made it abundantly clear that they aren’t going to change for anyone, therefore I decided to talk to thinking black men instead.

      Interracial dating for black men here in the UK is at 55%, what you’re claiming won’t happen has already been happening in the UK for years and unlike what you’ve stated before, most cases of interracial dating between black men and non black women at least over here are NOT based upon fetishes. It seems to me in a round about fashion that you are suggesting(without coming out and stating it directly) that black men ought to stick to dealing with the black witch. No thanks, I stopped dealing with black women over 13 years ago and I’m never returning to the plantation, never.

      We already have power(just not the kind of power you’re thinking about), this is why a war is being waged against us to begin with on the daily, non black men see us as a threat and remember this is without a plentiful supply of resources and finances at our disposal. Apparently we don’t need to unite and do anything on a collective front in order to get these guys riled and charged up, all we need to do is simply be heterosexual black men as that alone already has them shaking in their boots.

      Your problem is you’re looking for some sort of united front to war against these guys with when there is no need for such a weapon, we can do much more damage as individuals of the same mindset heading in the same direction. If you wish to inflict some serious damage upon those who continue to war against us then being involved in a committed relationship and starting a family are some excellent places to begin with.

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      • We are the cockroaches of the world because the smart black men think like you and the dumb black men think like Pookie and Ray Ray. It’s two sides of the same shitty coin, but you guys can’t see it.

        Whatever “legacy” you manage to create with a non-black woman will eventually end up back in the hands of your enemies. And eventually, your descendants will be ashamed of you and try to pretend you never existed, just like in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other creole countries. Hell, even Portugal and Southern Italy. Now, sure, women who lack the abstract reasoning to understand what real power looks like will always flock to black men. But people who know how the world actually works will see things how they truly are.

        I’m not even saying we should get with black women. Fuck that. The problem is that you aren’t working with other black men to create any culture or system of organization for your offspring. You are just blindly individualistic, shortsighted fools who haven’t mentally evolved past the stone age.

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      • Yellowbone Hunter,

        Sorry bruh, I’m nothing to do with the Tyrone and J Boogie types, I don’t know how you have reached such a conclusion seeing as we are polar opposites. Black women and white men it can easily be argued are two sides of the same coin as they BEHAVE in the same manner and work hand in glove, your mindset is way off balance bruh.

        “Cockroaches of the world”, you really need to get a passport and travel, again the world is much bigger than what you see happening on your local block. You aren’t going to see a black Eutopia under the European man’s system, that is a fool’s errand to embark upon and a pipe dream.

        The recent goings on in South Africa should show you that the European man’s boot is beginning to slip off the black man’s neck and that isn’t the only country where black folks are beginning to take a stand against white oppression. Your problem is you assume that the way things are now is how they will continue forever, however current world events are showing us otherwise.

        You assume that I am not working with other black men, also we can work together for a common cause but as individuals. Hasn’t history taught you that any centralised organisations that black folks have created have been destroyed, therefore it is more feasible for us to work as individuals ie have our own bases. I network with Obsidian Radio and the crew, K Jones, GW3 Extreme, Jointron33SYSBM, Sigma Jones and many others, however we each have OUR OWN base.

        If you still aren’t convinced then rally a group of black folks together, set up an organisation and watch how quickly it gets infiltrated and destroyed, use your head man. By the way, you need family in order to establish anything solid, you cannot X women out of the equation as they will be the ones to transmit the culture down to the next generation, the culture that the men will set up.


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      • Do you know why other men see us as such a tremendous threat? It’s because they know that if the black man got his shit together, every woman on this planet would be on our dicks. We are clearly a superior race of man, especially compared to evil insecure men from India or the middle east. You and I aren’t that different. We want the same things, but I think you are putting the cart before the horse.

        I’m looking at the long-term picture, and it doesn’t look good for black men. Chinese men are infesting Africa, impregnating women and taking over governments. Europeans are reverting back to the rightwing in response to all the immigration. America will eventually be back in Jim Crow…. etc. Meanwhile, I see clueless black men walking around the mall with their snow bunnies, absolutely oblivious to the danger they are in like cockroaches about to be stomped.

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      • >Do you know why other men see us as such a tremendous threat?

        Us? You’re just a trolling SIMP or Blackistanian masquerading as a black man. Your posts give you away.

        >You are just blindly individualistic, shortsighted fools who haven’t mentally evolved past the stone age.

        I rest my case. SIMP.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Yellowbone Hunter

      Well…. after you sir. What product or service do you have that we brothers might be interested in “uniting” over?

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    • You raise a couple of good points here, however, women in the Black Community (in various parts of the world) are a huge problem in our society. It’s pretty hard to unite without stable families and that woman has done more to destroy black families than anyone else.

      – You can’t “come together” if you can’t raise your own children & there are thousands of stories of black women divorcing & trying to block the father from his children (women in general do this).

      – Our communities have more single mother homes & abortions than any other community. “Come together?”
      – Whose teaching our black sons to be men? Her?

      I’m MGTOW/IBMOR rather than SYSBYM but there are some things that I relate to on this site.

      Maybe there could be more talk of where to meet good black women & the countries where a man can marry a woman & have protection under the law, unlike most Western societies.

      All I can say is that the black women in her current incarnation is a Trojan Horse, breaking down black men economically, destroying our families & giving our money to other communities (e.g., the billion dollar hair/weave industry). Their attitudes to good black men is toxic & they get a lot of men thrown in jail as a result of false domestic abuse charges. Have you ever watch Tommy Sottomayor’s TNN Raw? The number of black women abusing, murdering their children is absolutely crazy. Get together with that? It would be suicide. Your enemies would know your every move before you even made it.

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  24. Go away, yellow idiot. Noone’s coming together for yet more pie in the sky, hoping and wishing things get better for the black community, ignore the black women’s complicity in the wretchedness of said community, wait another 20 years and it’ll SOMEHOW be better than it was 20 years ago, ponzi scheme intended to keep the best black men in a perpetual holding pattern for the worst women on planet earth! Don’t you slack jawed embarrassments to the black male collective EVER get tired of parroting the talking points of black women!? Damn chump, think for yourself for just once in your life and realize where the problems of this crap community are truly originating from! Look, you retarded excuse for a BM, every argument, theory, excuse or twisted bit of reasoning you are going to use to either explain the the utter debauchery of your black queens or ghetto psychoanalyze thinking BM who want absolutely NOTHING to do with them, has already ALL been addressed numerous times, both on this blog and elsewhere! So you can leave now knowing that your way of thinking is the result of a failed 60 year old social experiment where the BAW and her simp army are the constant butt of an old, running joke that ceased to be funny long ago!

    Liked by 4 people

    • I already know black women are a lost cause. But women don’t matter because race is made up of its men. Just look at the Spanish conquistadors. They didn’t bring women with them to the new world. They worked together and created their own race with women of their choice.

      I’m not going to ignore the fact that we are much weaker and more disorganized than other races of men. And if they wanted to get rid of us tomorrow, they could. I sense you guys believe breeding out is the solution to our problem. If so, you are indirectly admitting that this is an evolutionary issue. I don’t disagree with you because I’m beginning to suspect it myself. If that is the case, keep in mind that your genes are part of the problem.

      Liked by 2 people

      • It’s because we have no power. We are the cockroaches of the world… we are much weaker and more disorganized than other races of men.

        And here we have yet another uninvited pyramid head preaching the Holy hotep gospel of “y’all niggas don’t build!!!!”

        Dude, you can believe you’re a powerless shit shit stain on humanity all you want. I certainly don’t think like that, neither do the #SYSBM brothers here. I just hope you seek counselling for your extremely low self-esteem.

        You Hoteps love clinging to 20th century pseudo-religious doctrines of “peace” and “brotherhood” because you’re too scared to make it in life on your own terms. Fantasising about the power of nations just means you feel powerless in your own life… the very belief system of no-confidence having, fist in the air pro-wack.

        Wean yourself off the titty of the “community” and grow up.

        Liked by 4 people

  25. And that, Michel, is the point of it all right there! These twits are FOREVER stuck in the ” if it ain’t black, send it back!” mentality of the 60’s. It’s like the last 60 years, with all of it’s subsequent socio\political changes never happened! Negro look, I know it hurts, but your going to have to grow up sometime! Black love IS dead. The black woman is NOT god! She was only loyal to the black male because of a lack of options, at least until big daddy government cut her a side deal to shaft the black nuclear family! Not all white people are out to “git ya”! Most black people are not necessarily on your side! Damn! Do you even know what SYSBM stands for? SAVE YOURSELVES BLACK MAN! Meaning noone is ever coming to your aid, or you shouldn’t expect them to, especially not the black community as a whole. So go out, with the mindset that you have to make it in a big scary world ALL by your lonesome. Do things, everything, with the assumption that you have to ultimately secure your own happiness and security however you can legally with as little drama and headache as you can, because a BM can and WILL do a great many good things, provided he doesn’t have to worry about being sabotaged by his own! Which, sadly , he will be not just by your average BAW but by the typical black person! Now don’t go getting angry at myself or others for pointing thi out. We didn’t create this situation, we merely acknowledge that exists and advise brothers to act accordingly because the BM knows, better than ALL others on thi planet how to get in where we fit in, and we’re doing just that!

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  26. To all,

    I am kind of in two minds about this. While there’s a part of me that believes people should be able to be with who they want, the other part of me also sees where posters like “Yellowbone Hunter” is coming from.

    Middle Eastern peoples (Arabs in particular) as well as Indians have been some of our most vehement and furious adversaries and I’m just not comfortable with marrying they asses. There’s a reason why Idi Amin kicked those racist Indians out of Uganda and why John Okello ordered the massacre of Arab colonisers/en-slavers in Zanzibar.

    Like I couldn’t care less if Indians or Middle Eastern peoples are racist because I don’t want them or their women any damn way (maybe it’s just a pride thing I dunno) but I really don’t care as I don’t particularly find Indian women or Arab women attractive (unless they’re very white skinned like Persians)

    Verbs is 100% right those people are far more racist then Europeans are in 2018. Funny how people talk about the trans Atlantic slave trade and the racism of the white man but completely ignore the 1400 years of enslavement by Arabs as well as the colonialism of North Africa. At least the white man has tried to fix some of the racism with things like Affirmative Action and ending miscegenation and showing IR couples in movies and the media. Did you know it is still illegal in many Middle Eastern countries for a Non-Arab man to marry an Arab woman. However in the Middle East as well as North Africa (which is STOLEN territory lets not get it twisted) Arab men have been sleeping and breeding with Sudanese, Berber and Bantu women for centuries and as soon as one of their women shows any kind on interest in us they becomes all kinds of “abeed” lovers. Now don’t get it twisted I have no particular interest in Arab women or Arab people as I don’t find them particularly bright or engaging but it’s the hypocrisy more then anything that annoys me.

    Concerning ourselves over the opinions of Arabs and Indians is a mistake if you ask me, what we should be doing is trying to STOP these motherfuckers from getting a foothold in Africa.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Odyssey,

      I see what you’re saying, however its just another option being put on the table for the thinking black man.

      “Funny how people talk about the trans Atlantic slave trade and the racism of the white man but completely ignore the 1400 years of enslavement by Arabs as well as the colonialism of North Africa”.

      You’ll notice how these Nation of Islam boys are eerily silent when it comes down to this factoid.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! Finally, someone who thinks like a man here. We need to get on code against Arabs and Indians Their hostility has transcended sexual jealousy and insecurity. It’s full-on warfare.

      This is what happens when Africans TALK to women in New Dehli, India

      This is what happens when Africans try and do legal business in India.

      They won’t even let black people open a BARBERSHOP in India, and then they wonder why Nigerians turn to crime. People won’t let them do any other kind of business.

      Basically, non-blacks marginalize black people out of the mainstream economy and then justify their innate racial hatred by blaming blacks for crime when they won’t let black people do anything else. As a result we become so poor and low status that even our mixed-offspring don’t want anything to do with us.

      It’s a complete psychological mindfuck, and it’s happening all over the planet.

      If you are a black man living in a world like this and you are still worried about getting some stinking Indian pussy, human evolution left you in the stone age.

      Liked by 1 person

      • you are right,,,,i do not find arab or indian women attractive at all, they are very racist even in jamaica where I am from,,,, what concerns more as a black man living in this wicked, stinking world is how to
        survive the end of this madness,,,, these people are even more racist than white people,,,,, fuck them,,, black people are too trivial, ignorant, lacking focus and principle and low mentality,,,,,completely defeated and off code people,,,black people too sellout and idiotic and backstabbing,,,,,look at the chines taking over jamaica,,,,that is why i left jamaica not to go back,,,blacks are fucked up….enslavement and extermination is around the corner

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yellowbone,

        Yup no surprises there and then in return Kenya makes it’s small Indian population an official tribe, amazing just amazing. The stupidity of the average negro is shocking it’s like they have zero ingenuity or common sense. I remember seeing a video that was floating around on social media about a year ago (it may have been Instagram) were an Indian woman in Kenya was arguing with a Black Kenyan man and proceeded to call him a “black monkey.” So what do these negro’s do in retaliation? Why they form a blockade around her to protect her of course. Shaking my damn head, had that have been a foreign African let’s say a Somali or a Tanzanian they would’ve poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire but as usual when dealing with Eurasians the black man (especially those Bantu African’s) proves himself to an ass kissing BITCH.

        You’re right about your economy statement. Europeans have been doing that for decades also, during apartheid and segregation. They still do it now to a certain extent but not as bad as during those times. This is what other groups do to us and we’re expected to take it with a smile but when we do it back to them in the very small instances we actually do. IE: Idi Amin kicking Indians out of Uganda or the Zulu rioting against Indians in Durban South Africa in the 1940’s we’re called savages and violent and jealous of their “economic dominance” hilarious.

        There was a small riot against Indian store owners in the Congo a few years back in response to the attacks by Indians on African students not enough if you ask me….We need to stop acting like fucking doormats and grow a fucking pair…..

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  27. Verbs2015,

    Verbs quick question, who do you think is worse when it comes to sexism against women and bigotry against blacks, Arabs or South Asians?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Odyssey,

      I would have to say that the Arabs are the worst on both scores. I talked to a Pakistani guy not so long ago and even he was saying that for himself the Arabs are hell to deal with especially within business because of their off the chain arrogance. What kills it is these same Arabs will treat Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis etc with utter contempt even though as a whole they all subscribe to the same religion. Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs2015,

        smh Arabs man, I can’t feel too sorry for those Indians though because they beat the shit out of Africans in their nations and do the same thing so this is some much needed karma if you ask me.

        Liked by 1 person

  28. SYSBM will continue to grow; these insecure cucks are too emotional to realize they are making it easier for us thinking Black men to date their women.

    Liked by 2 people

    • …I would love to get a hold of an Arab woman and roll by their hangout spots to see their reactions. I DARE anyone of them to step with some violent nigga hating foolishness unless they want some shots fired into their asses!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  29. …What amazes me to no end is how non black women in general do not berate their race of men despite the maltreatment those women receive from them. With the negro woman, it is MANDATORY to broadcast her hatred of the black man as if he is the only one who might offend or get physical with a woman. To be honest, black men seem to care more about having women close to them in order to have access to sex. Other races of men are murdering, disfiguring, beating, raping and pimping women on the regular. Yet the black boogie man is the poster child for being a knuckle dragging brute with black women. Hell, many white men are far more interested in another man’s anus than a fine white woman. I fully encourage western black women to go to other races of men and try their nigga woman behaviors with them. They will be thoroughly disciplined which is way overdue. look at those Asian nail shop owners reaction to black women who get out of order with them!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  30. “And eventually, your descendants will be ashamed of you and try to pretend you never existed, just like in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other creole countries.”
    -Yellowbone Hunter
    …Look at the lineage of these self hating mulattoes and understand why they are like that. They are primarily the results of white men and self loathing black women from the slavery days. Their rancid mentalities are perpetuated with having “good hair” and light skin for generations and is heavily driven by the females. Black women will forever despise being black so it is no surprise to see such mixed race people denying their blackness. It is only is recent times that mulattoes are having black fathers and white/non black mothers in meaningful numbers. Many of those offspring tend to admit their blackness. Either ways there is nothing you can do about what your offspring will choose for a mate. Would you really point a young decent black man in the direction of the average black amerikkan woman of today? You can count on a vast number of black men NOT being with black women in the future after seeing what is going down today!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rick Scorpio,

      I care about my legacy. And I’m not going to live my life as a blindly individualistic, short-sighted loser with no pride. That’s basically being R-selected.

      If more black men cared about creating cultural legacies for our offspring, our race wouldn’t be in the shit show that is in now. And there is plenty you can do to ensure your offspring pick a suitable mate. It’s called creating a fucking culture and society that he/she wants to be a part of instead of letting outsiders create a culture (and social role) for them.

      We have to come to grips with the fact that we are dealing with the mistakes of our forefathers. And if you aren’t willing to break that cycle you are part of the problem. That’s why I see no fundamental difference between smart black men and dumb black men. Our orientation is just so shortsighted and selfish regardless of so-called intelligence.

      Are we just going to run away from the problem like a bunch of whiny betas, or are we going to work together and create a counter-culture so the next generation of black men won’t have to deal with the bullshit we went through?


      • Stfu faggot.Go spew your garabage at hoteps r you truly believe all the thing you said are true then you dont belong here.The only legacy you can create with a scraggle daggle is one of dysfunction and destructional.Look no further than the so called black community.nobody the only beta here is your faggot ass because you mad black men with sense are avoiding scraggle daggles and their bastards.Why dont you build your “legacy” lmao with your quean.

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  33. Brown and Arab men are just one step above Asians in their universal undesirability. They are about as romantic as a prostate exam and have about as much sex appeal as a septic tank. This is why brownies hate black men but their women love us. Women want the forbidden fruit but they also are more perceptive then men. They can spot weakness a mile off. Men obsessing over other men is a sign of total weakness. By doing this they are telling their women they can’t compete with black men. I saw a comment somewhere on YouTube that is as follows:

    When a white man can’t get a woman he guns down innocent people.
    When an Asian man can’t get a woman he kills himself.
    When a Latino man can’t get a woman he beats them.
    When an Arabic man can’t get a woman he throws acid in her face.
    When an East Indian man can’t get a woman he rapes them.
    When a Black man can’t get a woman he goes to the gym.

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