She Loves Thugs But We Already Know How This Story Ends


There you have it folks, yet another example of what thinking black men have been stating for the longest while, that most black women love thugs, criminals and gangsters. This is one of many reasons why thinking black men and black women as a group simply cannot mesh, the black female’s mindset is one that is constantly steeped in warfare mode, and so she requires a man who will bring her that same type of lifestyle.

This chick’s name is Yung Miami from a group called City Girls, apparently herself and the group were made famous from appearing in Drake’s song In My Feelings, to be honest I don’t really care for any of that, her statement pertaining to the type of men she is attracted to is what I’m really interested in as it once again confirms why classic black men have left the building.

Looking at her Instagram page, as per usual with internet thots, Instagram whores and slackers with 20 inches of yaki as well as 50 layers of makeup, she is practically unrecognisable as a black woman, in fact black women as a group haven’t looked like actual black women since the late 1980s to early 1990s. Put frankly black women no longer look like black women, they more resemble mutants, monsters and creatures originating from a completely different dimension, and they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip. Should we also be surprised that Yung Miami is a single mother?

Again, just to be clear for those muddy bootlickers who would dare accuse us of whining and complaining about the fact that black women on the whole prefer the hoodlum type black men over the clean-cut, intelligent, hard working brothers, we DO NOT have any problems with black women chasing after thugs, we specifically have a problem with the consequences that arise as a result of their reckless mating choices ie the devil spawn seedlings they produce that we have to contend with, here are just a few examples:

We thinking black men also have a problem with the fact that black women having made such reckless choices are unwilling to accept the penalties of such decisions by themselves ie they will seek out the same classic black men they turned away from in their prime and expect us to now clean up the mess they have created with Pookie, June Bug, Skillet, Lil Cheezy, Two Bladez and J Boogie from the block.

As I have stated before on many occasions, I am no woman’s “fallback” option, my services are not janitorial. When these dysfunctional harridans come crawling back to the same good men whom they rejected in their prime years saying F**K That N***A, those good black men have an obligation and a duty to laugh in those women’s faces, give them the middle finger salute and thereafter walk away.

Blonde, green, orange, red, blue, purple weaves, 80 layers of make up, tattoos all over their bodies looking like Pirates of the Caribbean, blue, green and grey contacts, butt implants, lining up to get punched in the face and choked out by East Asian store owners(as a result of stealing from their stores to begin with), sucking on white men’s toes in a restaurant, taking part in some of the most degrading and disgusting pornography to ever be recorded on camera, it is evidence that black women as a group are suffering from severe cases of mental illness, mental instability and mental insanity.

Again, it is not the heterosexual thinking black man’s job to rehabilitate such women, they must be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures by themselves. Here is yet another example of a mentally ill black female confessing her love for the thug penis and notice how these black sirens will make a decent brother jump through 100,000 hoops before he can get access to their contaminated cooch, yet J Boogie from the projects will be permitted access to the goodies immediately.

Again, this is just one of the backwards philosophies that has been grafted into black culture by the Negro witch, as per the norm of non black women it is supposed to be the good men who get the first choice pickings as non black females unlike black women typically value the good, hard working men of their societies. When was the last time you heard a white, East Asian, Indian or Arabian female refer to the top-tier of men in their respective societies as “lames” or “squares”, I’ll wait?

Here is yet another example of an idiot black female confessing her love for the “hood niggas”, forward to mark 4:00, the dark skinned chick in the middle is the culprit here:

I personally would never dick down such a vile and artificial looking creature, the long flowing weave makes Jessie Woo look like a jackass and the excessive make up makes her look even more repulsive. The fact of the matter is if you remove the make up and the weave from Jessie Woo you know full well that her face would resemble a high level crime scene, in fact in 2018 this is the case with the majority of black women.

Notice the host Shamika Sanders tries her best to seem as if she is on the fence, however a brief look on her Instagram page quickly reveals that her and Woo are of the exact same mindset. As the commenter Gregory Chandler continues to state again and again, when you deal with one black woman in the US, from that experience you can pretty much say that you’ve dealt with the overwhelming majority of them as there is no real diversity within modern day black female society in the west, especially in America.

Yes, you heard it, she actually stated that she’d much prefer to deal with the “hood nigga” because he is going to appreciate what she is bringing to the table with much like himself is absolutely nothing. Black women do not bring anything positive to the table, this is why the other day on Obsidian’s show when I questioned a simp about what qualities black women have in 2018 that I should consider them over other races of women, he couldn’t give me an honest answer.

He tried to tell me that black women cook, look after the children and satisfy a man’s sexual needs, however we already know that most black women can’t cook, most black women hate children and only give birth to them as a means of getting on the government’s payroll and again most black females typically open their legs to the thugs and the devilish miscreants of black male society only, most black men who are not thugs but still choose to pursue black women are heavily undersexed to say the least.

Continuing, “the good men think that they are God’s gift to women”, no, you are just upset that good men recognise you for the trash that you are and would much prefer to give these types of women an extremely wide berth. Good black men value themselves, have standards and demand the same from the women they choose, however women like Jessie Woo have standards that are in the toilet, hence why instead she must turn towards the “hood niggas” as she knows that a good black man will NOT accept her in a gutter type state nor tolerate her funky attitude, weave and all.

The other black female on the panel Africa Miranda seemed to have a little more sense and recognised that dealing with “hood niggas” is NOT the best port of call when seeking long-term relationships. Of course Woo had to end it with the buffoonish statement that “hood niggas” will surprise you and do indeed have qualities that should be considered, smh, how dumb can you be? However remember, the “hood nigga” is the modern day black female’s definition of a “good black man”.

Of course there were other statements made in the video that we can discuss in the comment section, however yet again more evidence has fallen into our laps further bolstering the case for SYSBM and why we stopped dealing with these heifers to begin with. Have you ever come across another group of women who completely embrace stupidity and calamity and who feel proud to make idiotic and reckless decisions? I know I haven’t but your answers in the comment section please.

Gentlemen, continue to build and fortify the wall, these modern day black harpies are destined for destruction and misery and as brothers James S, Thebackhandofreality and many others have stated, some of these women will attempt to scale the wall ie try their best to slip back into thinking black men’s good graces just to save THEIR OWN HIDES, don’t fall for the Okey Doke and contrary to what Madame Noire recommends, as a black man with something going for yourself DON’T LISTEN TO BLACK WOMEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, INSTEAD WATCH WHAT THEY DO AND MAKE YOUR MOVES ACCORDINGLY.

Finally, one of the great things about SYSBM is we welcome rejection from bottom of the barrel women like the black sisterhood as we have already expanded on our dating and mating options and so we recognise that we will be valued and snapped up elsewhere. Let black women eat, sleep and drink thug, we thinking black men have other business to attend to:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Keep That Wall High And Fortified

Most High Bless

87 thoughts on “She Loves Thugs But We Already Know How This Story Ends

  1. What the simp should have suggested was the type of black women you should be dealing with instead of qualities all of them may or may not have.
    He could have recommended business owners, corporate partners, tradeswomen etc….. he messed up.

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  2. Good post Verbs. I checked out Yung Miami’s Instagram and its exactly like I said in a comment on your last blog post, she is yet another good looking young BW who has spoiled herself with trashy tats, weave, and thug love. She would be a very pretty BW without the tats and weave IMO, and if her attitude was on point she could probably get a top shelf man. Oh well, they would rather a thug that is going to knock them up and/or knock them around than to get with a “corny” “lame” man that is going to love and take care of them and any children that they have together, such is the twisted mind of the modern day BW.

    Like you said at the end of the post, the title of that video should have been “DON’T LISTEN TO BLACK WOMEN” lol, pay attention to what they do instead and keep note. Also as you pointed out if you look in the comments section on the video it is full of brothers pointing out how messed up BW are mentally and also filled with BW doing damage control full throttle and trying to climb over the Wall with the typical “NABWALT, I’m one of the good ones, These are just the hoodrats, Don’t abandon us, we love you BM, These women are embarrassing to us good BW, Etc.” statements. The Wall is working wonders, there is no need for us to fight or argue with them, just stay away from them and let karma and judgment have them.

    Some of my favorite comments:
    “White women sold black women FEMINISM to poison the well…Then while these SISTA Soljas were busy marching, rebelling against the black MAN and destroying their families, those same liberal, white women, quietly climbed into their luxury AUTOMOBILES, went home and submitted to their HUSBANDS in the quiet, SAFE neighborhoods with the lovely homes and the A-RATED schools….lol”

    “Nobody makes bad choices in men like women. A good man shouldn’t be considered lame, square or weak. A lot of us good men had to be strong enough to make the right decisions, especially black men! ”

    TRUTH. Being a good man and trying to live by God’s laws is HARD, resisting temptation is HARD, you have to be strong to be a good man in today’s Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0. It would be EASY for us to just turn our brains off and descend in to dustiness and thugdom like many (likely single mother raised) BM have done. Even back in high school there were a few hood chicks that wanted me and I could have probably knocked them up in the backseat of my raggedy old ride if I wanted too, but I knew better and didn’t want their nasty vaginas anyway. Thanks to that mental strength I am now a happily married, college educated, gainfully employed BM with no bastard kids, STD’s, criminal charges, etc.

    When it comes to dating the good man always wins in the end, one way or another. Keep the Wall up and stay away from these crazy chicks.

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    • James S,

      With more and more videos and Facebook posts continuing to surface of black women confessing their unconditional love for thugs, criminals and gangsters coupled with the monumental episode that recently took place at Jun’s beauty supply store, black women simply do not have a chicken leg to stand on at this point. The fact that black women are too stubborn to admit their errors and repent is amplifying the harsh consequences of their reckless decision making even further. Oh well, not my problem, as you keep on saying, keep fortifying and building the wall. These women will have to learn their lessons the hard way.

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  3. Finally, one of the great things about SYSBM is we welcome rejection from bottom of the barrel women like the black sisterhood as we have already expanded on our dating and mating options and so we recognise that we will be valued and snapped up elsewhere. Let black women eat, sleep and drink thug, we thinking black men have other business to attend to:


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    • “BREED THEM OUT” is a saying that I keep hearing about black females. In essence, many take the view that efforts need to be made to lower the numbers of black females. I am not yet this harsh about the existence of black females. After watching the City Girls video, “Fu*k That Nig*a,” perhaps I need to modify my views. It appears that a black male is engaged in child abuse if he plays a role in the creation of a black female child.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        Indeed, let’s not forget Nicki Minaj’s song “Looking Ass Nigga” in which much like these heifers she talks about the disdain she has for black men. These days when black women as a group speak about black men it is no different to hearing the views of the Negro male from an ultra right wing white nationalist.

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      • Verbs 2015 —- I await Jay-Z, Kanye West, or any black male rapper producing a song called “Fu*k That Nig*ress.” This rapper can also speak, in the manner of an ultra-right-wing white nationalist, of the shortcomings of black women. The lyrics of this incipient tune can be patterned after the lyrics in “Looking Ass Nig*a” and Fu*k That Nig*a.” I doubt, however, if such song will come out anytime soon because black women insist upon being addressed as QUEEN while the N-word is for black men.

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      • When they say “Breed them out” they must be talking about breeding out good BM, because for the past few decades that is what they have been doing with the help of the Government. Squatting out bastard kids left and right for no-good men that they aren’t married to has made good BM a minority almost. They are definitely breeding us out in that respect, but they are paying a heavy price for it, they and their communities are terrorized by the no-good men that they choose to sleep with and the out of control bastard children of said no-good men.
        Isaiah 3:12
        As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
        They are unwanted for marriage, overweight, going bald from weaves, STD ridden, and getting shorter while all other people grow taller.
        Black women in the U.S. appear to be shrinking
        “The gap is “truly phenomenal,” according to John Komlos, an economist and historian who has made a specialty of studying human heights. “Such a steep decline is practically unprecedented in modern U.S. history.””

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    • James S ———– Thank you for the information about black females, born after 1980, getting shorter. The view about black females getting shorter makes sense given the lifestyle habits of black females. Black females are known for using toxic chemicals on their hair by way of hair straighteners. Likewise, the use of hair weaves and wigs is common among black females. Perhaps the use of hair straighteners, hair weaves, and wigs, starting as a teenager, may impact the health of black females. That is a research topic for health researchers.

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  5. Black could NEVER settle into the sweet housewife mode successfully, not even for white men. They have embraced whoredom so long that it is now as breathing to them.

    I recently went with a cousin to court for his traffic case, and you should’ve seen the creatures rumnaging about in there. Dudes that looked like the just escaped from the ruins of Cabrini Green, dusty as hell, pants damn near to their toes. Meanwhile, many of the QUEENS didn’t look much better, looking like Mankey and Hitmonchan, many with JIFFY POP BAGS in COURT!
    Who wants to bet that many of them hit up the thugs in the room, most of whom were giving the court staff hell!

    The only “black woman” who looked good was the obviously mixed woman, who was very well dressed, with a fat ass no less. Nevertheless, black chicks love thug dudes because, no matter what airs they put on, they are just as lowly if not worse than these dusty dudes. That’s why their attempts to fit in white society, such as the valley girl mode, come off as so unnatural and forced.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, how many previous articles have I written talking about black women and their embrace of Jezebel and slut culture? Bottom line is these women love being steeped in whore activities. In relation to US courthouses and the creatures that lurk within, I’ve seen exactly what you are talking about with my own eyes. My friend had to go to court for child support reduction adjustments, all kinds of ghetto, trouser sagging mutants walking around in the building. Since black women love the dust so much let them lick it up.

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  6. Now…ya know….Ahehehehehe…..these are the saaaaaame n*ggacunts who war chant every 1-5 seconds…”yall aint bulidin nuthin fa us! white man out thurr buildin fo his womin becuz he luv hurr. Ya aint buildin fa us becuz yall hate us!!”

    Thats their punk ass narrative!!

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      These heifers have got a nerve, opening their legs to Two Bladez and J Boogie but at the same time charging good black men with the task of building for them even though in copartnership with the thugs they’ve already destroyed what was given to them by their white father. Black women can keep it stepping with that mess, we don’t build for trash.

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      • Like I said in a previous article, we decent black men ARE building…

        ….just not for these ratchets, THOTs, baby mommas, etc.

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  7. I got my first redpill about women from Tom Leykis when I was in highschool SWP got false flagged off of youtube and I was looking for somebody who women couldn’t flag off of youtube.
    His videos were uploaded from random users who just mirrored his talk show so it was impossible to flag all the accounts.

    Now black women are just flat out confirming everything we believed about thugs is true. This is going to redpill so many young black boys and they don’t even know it.

    Nobody is going to build for black women when they give their best years to bums and thugs for free then charge good men full price for leftovers.

    They better pray that Trump don’t cut section 8

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    • Yours Truly,

      “Nobody is going to build for black women when they give their best years to bums and thugs for free then charge good men full price for leftovers”

      That is a 5 star quote right there, these chicks are delusional to think that quality black men are going to create anything for them.

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  8. I respect that women honesty saying she prefers thugs. But when she hits the wall and wants a “educated lame” to provide for her pookie and Ray Ray kids. I hope someone shows her this video.

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  9. As a “educated lame” “oreo” I refuse to be the clean up man. Black women need to learn actions have consequences you make your bed you lie in it. 🖕SYSBM

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  10. She’s honest I’ll give her that much. She’ll run face first into the wall within the next five years, and attempt to look for a janitor (simp, clean up man). And it’s delightful to see more men (especially black men) are flat out refusing to do so.

    As trump continues to get rid of welfare, expect more of these heifers to bring their disease infested asses and bastard kids to civilization and destroy it while looking for an idiot to take them on. Stack paper, improve all aspects of your life, and keep the wall up at all costs.

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  11. Black women are demonic, pure and simple. There is simply no other way to put it. Black women are hellbent on the destruction of blacks and civilization. There are no words to describe the outright Satanic nature of black women. The problem with the three women above, is once again, not their hair, their, clothes, or even their beauty (Two of them actually look okay), it’s their mentality for their undesirable lust for the dregs of society. It doesn’t matter how smart, educated, or upper class black women are, the majority love criminals, bums, jailbirds, thugs, crime and squalor filth of men. Black men in prison get more love and attention from black women than black men working a 9-5. Why though? Black women love slaves, and their number one commodity is black men. Black women truly are slave handlers of criminal/thug black men, that’s why they love the bottom of the barrel black men. White slave master blood is practically flowing through black women, thats why they love criminal men but hate black men who left the plantation. They cannot control free thinking black men, so they consider us with a rebellious nature or in a military rebellion to their Gynocracy, Matriarchal, Plantation that the run for black people. Free black men truly are the first, last, and only defense to these slave holders. Keep the wall up! Defend the wall at all cost. Do not spend your wealth, time, or resources on black women. One of the first rules of war is attrition. Save your strength black men, its going to be long fight!

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  12. In a Florence flood, she tried to hold onto her baby. But the water ripped him away.

    I don’t know if I believe this, especially considering how often we hear about ghetto BW killing their children, both in the womb and after birth. The police seriously need to investigate this shit man. The shit sounds fishy, she was a black single mom, she had the kid in high school, she chose to drive through a blocked off flooded street, and “lost” her baby in the flood waters, and police found him dead a day later. I looked at a video of her on the news this morning talking about it and her ass didn’t look not even one bit remorseful.

    She needs to be investigated for negligent homicide at best, murder at worst. How many of these evil hoodrats do you think given the chance and the right opportunity would kill their kids and make it look like an accident?

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    • James S —- A black single mother will often regret the choice to become a single mother. An unspoken truth is that many black single mothers do not raise their children. Instead, the raising of bastard babies is often a task for other family members while the single mother looks for penis and attention.

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      • >while the single mother looks for penis and attention.

        In other words, she’s looking to get Thugged.

        Avoid these women like they never even existed.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • James S,

      I don’t believe it either, black women have a notorious habit of offing their children whenever the liabilities of them begin to outweigh the benefits. This is yet another reason not to have children with them as black women as a group no longer have a maternal instinct. Somebody here stated before that having children with these barbarians equates to child abuse, neglect and child endangerment, I completely agree.

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  13. Verbs,

    A creature from another dimension, Pirates of The Caribbean, and Skillet has me in the floor in tears. You are correct BW have morphed into another breed many look like men and most have a stank and dirty look to them. Exposing The Emperor yes most westernized thinking countries has some form of child support, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. From what I hear Canada child support system is a little worse than the United States also when I travel to Thailand i have met a few Australian guys over there they told me how messed up Australia child support system is as well.

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    • I would call these scraggle daggles walking corpses, but that would be highly insulting to corpses.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • @Sean yes Canadian family court is worse than the USA. That’s why I do not even look at Canadian women. We have some of the most masculine, disgusting women on the planet and that’s across all races so you can imagine how bad our black women are. Do not ever marry a Canadian woman. Canada is a feminist shithole.


  14. I really didn’t like this site when I started reading it, but the key was to not take what people were saying personally. I’m a black woman, I grew up with three brothers, so no man can tell me what kind of woman I am. It’s unfortunate that a lot of women settle for what they “think” they deserve. Someone posted on here that women choose thugs because those type of men don’t care what you do, what you wear etc.. Me, personally, I have never been attracted to a thug, but I have also never depended on any other man but my father and I only depended on him for his honesty. I do want to be clear, however, white women are not God’s gift, we are all that. Men and women of all races. Yes, black women have somehow lost sight of their greatness because the examples of greatness are almost always viewed with a “white eye.” No black man can say that they have built their success with their visions and resources alone. Those visions and the resources are partially yours, but you will always in no uncertain terms be getting permission from white people to live your life and your dreams. Especially, if you live in America. Those are the facts. I see a lot of harsh words being thrown around about black women, and the argument normally is to say some equally harsh words back, which is just proving this blogs point, I think. Black women, just like men wishing to be women or having feminine ways are judgmental, sometimes very hateful, and childish as we have seen on reality shows and in real life. Black women, let me tell you how simple it is to reply to this post. If what the blogger is saying applies to you, take the advice or don’t, try to be better or don’t. You’re not obligated to read it or reply. You don’t even have to agree or disagree. Also, uplift our black women and stop helping people demonize us, and furthermore stop giving men unrealistic expectations of the woman form. The surgeries on both black and white women are confusing men out here. Men say, “Man she’s in good shape!” No, the reality is Dr. Shape, shaped her up and got women thinking this is the standard of beauty. My self-esteem was never in the hands of other people, so I guess it just depends on your willingness to allow people to have that kind of power over you. Give it to man, if you want, but I don’t recommend it. In my opinion, they are not enough male or female opinions in the world to make me FEEL like I should be ashamed to be a black woman. Not even enough to make me decide to go to the gym or have plastic surgery. Those are my decisions to make. My father told me when you die, you die alone, so why should John, Jack, or Dre decide how you should be presented. When in doubt, remember that everyone has an opinion, you can’t control how they say it or why.

    Verbs2015 I appreciate you saying that it’s most black women and not all in your post. It’s true that a certain type of black woman is hard to find, but that goes for any woman or man of any race. As far as black women needing the good graces of good black men, I hate to admit the truth to this one, but some black men (not all) are fed up with the ghettoized nature of black women. Me, personally, I don’t like black men or any man for that matter that can’t make a way out of no way for themselves, and there are A LOT of those. For a woman, that put herself through college without any type of government assistance (I know that’s rare) and achieved my dreams on my own two feet, I won’t settle for any old type of black man and then be accused of not appreciating a “good” brother, even when he’s down. Black women should discover how to build themselves up before allowing a man to help build you. Same goes for the men, who can’t keep a job. It’s not a woman’s or a man’s responsibility to give you anything until you can get it for yourself. The truth is “good” men are hard to spot because as you mentioned in another post, men can and will say WHATEVER females want to hear.If it sounds good they like it and men don’t kid yourself, if it looks good you will try to hit it. These are the flaws of our genders. I have received lots of male advice and let’s be clear about black men: their actions are the only way to spot the reals from the fakes. Fake actions are not consistent, and unmotivated black men will move onto the next. It’s their actions you should be watching ladies. I also don’t just date black men, I also date outside my race and the truth is that both black men and women hurt our culture as a whole by blaming each other for our collective problems. For instance, both men and women have their struggles with child support. Some men really don’t take care of their kids and some women get pregnant on purpose to trap men that didn’t want to be with them. However, neither party is really thinking about the children. Men say “she won’t let me see my son!’ and women say ” you haven’t seen or provided for your child in months.” None of that should really matter, but ask yourself why it does. Because there are certain types of black men and women that are devils on this earth. And to my dad’s famous quote, “stop the bullshit and admit it takes two.” Don’t look at black men and women and say that’s what’s wrong with the world. That’s not a fair statement. Great discussion blog. Black women, cut the neck and eye rolls and open your mind to your own destruction. Men will only comment because it’s not their responsibility to fix you. And if nothing I wrote hits you…..remember this, we live in a world where every day there are men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men. There is ample opportunity for a black man to show you how to be a decent black woman if they really care and you too can become a better man. It’s a joke! lol. Sort of. Last thought: The quickest way to be viewed as an angry, jealous black woman is to begin with negativity, to be overweight, and defend every negative black woman comment (and you can’t defend them all). All that energy can be spent on better things trust me.


  15. Oh, I wasn’t going to comment about the pounds of makeup and weave, but I will just say this. All women of all races are guilty of cultural appropriation. But most importantly all races of women wear wigs, weaves, fake lashes, and what have you. Especially, if Instagram and TV are how they make their living. And for those that don’t….men take some responsibility for the reason why women deem these things appropriate to wear anywhere. Also, men were not here for the Natural ladies until recently, so please don’t touch on the things that have been impressing you most of your lives. Again not every man is guilty of this, but let’s not pretend like we don’t know why women add extra hair, color, etc.. to their face and hair. Everything doesn’t fall of the shoulders of the women. “Stop the bullshit, it takes two!”


    • So are you trying to claim that (black) women are nothing more than helpless, retarded children who have ZERO agency?

      You sistahs are ADULTS. Stop blaming men for what you willingly CHOOSE to do. If you as a woman CHOOSE to wear fake hair, makeup, etc., then feel free to. However, do NOT blame your decisions on the preferences and actions of others.

      If you sistas are supposed to be so “strong and independent”, then own your decisions to do whatever. Don’t blame someone else for your choices.

      No one put a gun to your head and forced you women to wear fake hair, makeup, etc.

      “All women of all races are guilty of cultural appropriation. But most importantly all races of women wear wigs, weaves, fake lashes, and what have you. Especially, if Instagram and TV are how they make their living.”

      What happened? I thought you sistas were supposed to be such “queens” and “goddesses”.

      Well, gods do not need to compare themselves to mortals, and queens do not need to compare themselves to peasants.

      If black women are supposed to be such strong independent queens and goddesses, then you should be setting the standards for other races of women, and NOT using the flaws of other races of women to justify your own failures in life.

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      • Then you are admitting to your own contradictions sir. Either I’m supposed to say women are wrong and tell them to chill OR I say hey ladies we’re wrong, let’s be better! And let me say it again for you, I don’t have to claim to be anything, nothing you write on here changes my views of myself. Common sense is to never expect a black woman to not defend another black woman, but if I’m going to do that, I’m also going to point out what’s wrong with this picture and say how to fix it. As you said, “there IS a Rebecca, a Ling, a Suzuki, a Patel, a Sadiq, a Lopez, a Kim” and each one of these women will defend another woman period.

        Kameron Brown, I don’t know what you read, but I never called ANYONE a goddess or a queen. I would never use those words. Actually, stop rewording what I said to fit your narrative. YES all women of all races do it! Don’t kid yourself. AND you think for one minute that ANY woman puts on things that make her uncomfortable for herself, you are delusional. I agree, yes we like to look good, but not just for our sake. And control I never said you had control, I said it’s done with men in mind which is not a lie. A certain percentage of their presentation is to attract other people be it men or women, so stop using strong and independent like those words mean that women don’t have some type of weakness. It does take two…when God made Adam he made Eve, you needed a man and woman to be born, see the theme, it takes two. AND please don’t bring accountability into it because black men do not take accountability for hardly anything, but we don’t need to go there. We are talking about the black women, right?


    • Black women do not wear “wigs, weaves, fake lashes, and what have you” for black men. They wear them for each other. I do not control the “strong, independent” black woman, therefore I take zero responsibility for how they look when they leave the house. It does not “take two,” please own your own madness.

      Even the so-called “educated” black NAWALTs leap to defend their sistrens’ ghetto fuckery.

      Liked by 6 people

    • ashnmars —– You lose credibility with your statement that all races of women wear weaves. The women that I have relationships with are non-black. I have been with zero non-black women that cover up their hair and scalp and sew-in the hair that resembles the hair of a woman of another race. I am well aware that non-black women use makeup and hair care products. The practice of wearing hair weave is for black women only. Please avoid the use of OUTLIERS and tell me that you know of a white woman wearing a hair weave. Please avoid the common black female lie of confusing hair extensions with hair weave because those are two different finished products.

      Liked by 2 people

    • My wife is colombian and dont fucking wear weave or anything of the gross shit her long healthy hair is hers. Stop lying, you blackened ogres try so hard to bring other women down in the mud with you because black women are soo damn ugly and got to slap on all that shit. There are women who put extra makeup on and hair extensions but thats because there ugly like black women are on average

      Liked by 2 people

      • WA,

        Well stated sir. You’ll notice that black women are constantly lying on non black women as if this somehow justifies their addiction to weaves and wigs. Black women are a damn disgrace, non black women as a collective wear their own natural hair proudly, not this modern day black witch though. Like you said black women know that they’re ugly, hence why they use all of these external appendages trying their best to water down and soften the ugliness.

        Liked by 1 person

    • @dimestore “NAWALT” (ashnmars)
      I live in one of the most multicultural cities on the planet and there are no non-black women who wear weaves. Period. Go away.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Oh and to the argument that black women don’t support other black women. That’s true! Certain black women don’t have well wishes for other black women. I hate that, but until black women can get past the judgments and the pettiness we will never be able to completely come together. I have been a part of some amazing black women organizations, but I’m immediately turned off and back to helping myself because certain black women have so many issues to work through that they can’t be supportive of another woman. I wish I could get a straight answer on why, but no black woman I know will openly admit to being any of the things I just said. Oh, and a word to black mothers, stop being the negative influence in your daughters’ lives. They are looking to you and asking you for guidance and you continue to fail at that. Okay, I’m really done. Peace.


  17. You know, guys, at this point it’s known that BW in their prime love thugs, it’s a given. But are these the types of women that we as educated, classic black men really want to be with anyway?

    What does a Jessie Woo bring to the table if you’re a Morehouse man, let’s say? If you have a professional job where the looks of your wife or date matters? If you’re on the move and like to travel (as I do)? We all know sistas can’t adapt to life outside The Matrix (USA) like we can.

    I give Jessie in the video credit for staying in her lane with so-called “hood niggas” and not trying to punch above her weight class. She seems resigned to the hood-type negroes, and that’s good.

    So leave them to the thugs and “hood niggas.” If you’re a classic man that knows better, then do better. I left the sistas from my hood behind decades ago. I guarantee there’s a Ling or Becky out there waiting for you, there was for me.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Schadenfreude — “We all know sistas can’t adapt to life outside The Matrix (USA) like we can.” True indeed. I do not know how to cut and paste onto this board. I did note a YouTube video in which a USA black female complains that she cannot get hair weave in Germany. Black women that are addicted to hair weave will have trouble getting fake hair in areas that do not have many black women. The reason is that only black females wear hair weave. The common black female lie about all women of the world wearing hair weave is torn apart when there are no black females in the area. A shortage of black females means that there is no hair weave of any type.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      Exactly, I never understood why some brothas around social media get so mad about black women dating “thugs” if you ask me Trayquonaquanavious and his pals are doing us a favour.

      Liked by 2 people

      • True but we also run the risk of being terrorized by their thugspawn. I, like David Carroll, am a eugenicist who believes black women need to be sterilized and the hood garbage needs to be gassed or placed into work camps.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Kameron Brown, Schadenfreude,

    And herein lies the problem and one of the main reasons why we walked away from black women to begin with, their lack of accountability, responsibility and honesty. You noticed the all too familiar technique of bringing other individuals into the equation in order to distribute the blame was used in classic fashion ie the “white women do it too” and the “what about black men” Kansas City shuffles.

    Black women continually attempting to place the blame for their own foolish choices elsewhere at this stage is played out and is one of many reasons why thinking black men are seeking sex, love and companionship elsewhere. As you said Schadenfreude, there IS a Rebecca, a Ling, a Suzuki, a Patel, a Sadiq, a Lopez, a Kim awaiting the thinking black men who choose to free themselves from the chains and the shackles of the dysfunctional and decadent black sisterhood.

    Just as Gregory Chandler continues to state over and over again, there really isn’t any diversity when it comes down to the modern day black female, you simply have those who engage in dysfunctional behaviour and others like Ashnmars who claim to be different but yet will still jump to the defence of the black female reprobate scum on the block, smh.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Gentlemen,

      We continue to build and fortify the wall, as James S stated before, we have no time for these endless and fruitless back and forth discussions with a group of women who are hard headed and who refuse to listen, the facts and the stats are in, black women have declared their undying love for the thug Negro male and we thinking black men have listened and at the same time given them the room they wanted to indulge in their thug loving. Those black harridans who jump up to defend the scum of black female society are no different than the scum of that same society, and they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip.

      Liked by 5 people

  19. Well, I enjoyed reading this hate speech, but I must move on! I refuse to believe that black men are really this horrible. If these are your inner feelings about black women all I can do is say sorry for whatever BW ruined it for you. But I won’t apologize for actions I’m not guilty of. I was born to be great and I have done that without romantically involving myself with a man. I hope all women can say that one day. What also won’t ever happen is me accepting the shame you are putting on our black women. The last thing this world needs is more hate, but I’m sure you don’t need that speech, so Peace and Blessings troubled black men and women. And I’m not calling you troubled to be funny, I’m calling you troubled because the disrespect of ANY women should be the issue here. And any man that will disrespect a particular race of women will disrespect them all. Period. Please remove me from your email list please.


    • S..t like this is the reason why the so-called black community has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland, nobody wants to take responsibility for anything nor do people want to see the source of the problem as living in a delusion is always more preferable to the cold hard truth in the ‘community’. You self-proclaimed ‘sistas’ can keep the house n…s, the thugs, the Neo-Nazi, black green and red flag waving simps and your benefits from the fascist State that you love and worship so much, we thinking black men will just pick up real feminine non-black empresses and leave you idiots in the dust. Let’s not say we didn’t warn ya!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Bye, see you then… Save your pagan peace and blessings.

      Typical BW pretending to not be one of those girls that likes unproductive thuggish males. “Not me!”, she proclaims, whilst defending and standing by those same women, because they look like you .Hypocrite. I’m not a thug, and will never support any thug.

      Black women by and large like thugs. That’s not “hate speech”, it’s documented truth. Grow up and deal with it.

      Liked by 2 people

    • “AND please don’t bring accountability into it because black men do not take accountability for hardly anything”

      What the hell were you smoking when you typed this?

      Black men hold each other accountable all the time. Hell, we are all too willing to throw each other under the bus just for the approval of you harridans (Steve Harvey, Derrick Jaxn, etc.), so the claim that black men don’t hold each other accountable is complete bullshit.

      Liked by 3 people

  20. She keeps saying she is done but continues to write stuff. No man huh, probably in her 40s and bitter about her early life choices. Typical BW garbage your KC Shuffle will not get approved on this blog now be gone we have more pressing issues to discuss.

    Liked by 4 people

  21. I’ve heard “black men ain’t shit” my whole life, yet when black men air their grievances with black women, it’s “hate speech.”

    What’s funny is some of those old black man bashing Ricki Lake and Rolanda Watts episodes from the 90s are on YouTube, so yes, brothers have receipts. LOL.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’ve heard it my whole life too and I’m in my early thirties. Lol! It’s slavery, control, and abuse of the black man once again. How dare black men air their grievances against black women? How dare black men defend themselves against the endless slander thrown at them from black women? Who gave black men the right to stand up for themselves against black women? I swear to God, it’s like black men are supposed to take whatever abuse, slander, humiliation, and criticism comes there way from black women. Like were slaves on the plantation and were just supposed to take the abuse. GTFOH! For too long black women have been dogging black men like routine clockwork. Those days fucking are over. Any black man who remains silent about the fuckery of black women or is to scared to defend himself from black women, needs his manhood checked. Black women going unchecked and black men not defending themselves from black women has resulted in black women thinking they have dominion over black men. Now you have black women harassing black men’s dating life, marriage life, and sex life regardless if’s she white or not. Hell, a black men can be with a light skinned, biracial black women and still get harassed by black women. No women of any other race would dare verbally, physically, publicly shame or abuse their men’s interracial dating choice. Practically every black magazine, black news source, and black gossip mag, degrades black men, especially if their with a non-black women. This is what is has come too, by letting black women run wild unchecked against black men. Black men remaining quiet and keeping silent has been one of the biggest mistakes for black men. If black women, bootlickers, and simps hate our opinions on black women, so fucking what! They’ve been dogging us since time immemorial. Black women love thugs. Let them stay in their ghetto hells with them! Black ghettos are the antithesis to civilization anyway.

      Many top white male actors and singers, married non-white women. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling. Not a peep from white women, magazines, TV shows, gossip rags, etc. I wonder why. Hmmm?

      Liked by 2 people

    • LOL. Actually, the so-called black QUEENS usually say is: “Nig*as ain’t shit.” It is not common for black women to address black men, in non-formal situations, as black men. Black women most certainly do not address black men as kings.

      Liked by 2 people

  22. …Do you know why black women act the way they do without concern for their behaviors?
    It is because they know for the most part some simp will take them in for companionship. As sorry as these women are, there is a never ending line of fools ready for forgive them. Brothers, just save yourselves and avoid these women if you can. There is little to no reward by getting with the modern day black women in the USA!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rick Scorpio,

      This is why in many respects the simps are an even bigger problem than black women themselves, because of their lack of self respect and constantly willing to lick the muddy boots of the decadent black female contingent, they have enabled black women to continue in their dysfunction and the worst thing is most of these dudes don’t get to experience these women in their prime. When she’s washed up with 5 children from 4 different men is when she will pay the simp some attention and even then it is only for him to clean up her mess.

      As I’ve stated before I refuse to be a fallback option for any woman, single mothers and dysfunction black females must be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      Liked by 2 people

  23. Don’t expect the criminal community to show high virtue or accountability. Get over and tie up the good people is the name of the game. God has already told us about those who habitually are accustomed to lying and wrong. Its really a dead cause. Save yourself. God has turned his back on many of these hardheaded people because they love evil and darkness.

    Liked by 1 person

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  31. I’m not a thug, and have dated plenty of high quality black women. It’s not that I don’t see those women you talk about, I just don’t talk to them nor pursue them romantically or sexually.


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