How Western Black Women Seek To Lesbianise Foreign Black Women

Exposingtheemperor, here is the second article as you requested. Again, the donations are much appreciated.


Anybody who believes this crock of nonsense about black women needing to get away from “white people” and “white supremacy” is a straight up fool and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Black women love white folks, additionally they love the system of white supremacy mainly because it has given them an advantage and power over black men, the same black men black women as a group hate with a passion. Aren’t black women through the wearing of the weave and the bleaching of their skin attempting to look like the same white women these Women Of Colour Healing Retreats court jesters claim to now hate?

Since when are black women being oppressed in the US, it is black men by far who are suffering the worst oppression at the hands of white supremacy, it is black men who are the main casualties of the state, not black women. Do you see yet again how black women will attempt to latch onto the victimhood status whenever there isn’t any room to lodge a claim to begin with?

Now, at this stage I know that black women will come out of the woodwork and say “well, why do you care about this since it has nothing to do with you?”. My issue with this retreat is I suspect that the genuine underlying motives for such a resort are rooted in debauchery and depravity and that a nefarious agenda is really at play here. It is my personal opinion that the organisers of this retreat are looking to expand upon their lesbian sex pool and thus have set up a retreat remotely located in a foreign country where unlike in a western one they won’t be monitored as closely and thus they’ll have somewhat of a free reign to “experiment” and see how many heterosexual black women they can convert to the dark side.

The thing is as Afrofuturism1 states time and time again, because of their subscription to a mutated much deeper form of feminism most black women are ticking time dykes by default and it really doesn’t take that much to push them into engaging in homosexual activities. Remember, the biggest pushers, proponents and supporters of homosexuality in black society are black women. I believe that the “yoga” as well as the additional exercises are simply used as a tool to get the women attending “loosened up” and to “empty out their minds” in order to prime them for the picking.

See, at the end of the day thinking black men already know that black women are NOT responsible, accountable nor honest, thus any dysfunctions that these retreat organisers had in the US they have simply brought over to Costa Rica. It’s bad enough that black women have made and are still making black men’s lives a complete and utter misery in the west, however now there is an increasing chance that thinking brothers could encounter the westernised black witch and her Jezebel type sorcery in a foreign land. Yoga classes will not heal a corrupt heart and a mentally unstable and dysfunctional mindset.

Go to the website and take a look at the front page, what do you see, bar a black man a group of black women sitting naked in a pool of water facing each other and pressing their hands against the person opposite. Folks need to start using their heads and reading between the lines as it is as clear as day to me as to what this retreat is really all about.

This is yet another technique large portions of lesbians use to suck heterosexual women into their web, present them with something that on the surface looks and sounds tempting, feasible and great but conveniently omit the finer details as it is these that will be used as the bait in order to draw these women in to where they’re wanted.

This is why when you read the bible the man is presented as the head and the covering of the woman, this is because the man sees all of these things already having a mindset rooted in logic, common sense, rationale, reason and critical thinking. Thinking black men will look at this retreat and will immediately know exactly what is going on, hence one of the primary reasons why it is for women only ie men are not welcome. If indeed these women are just trying to get away from white supremacy then why aren’t black men included as invitees? Give me your reckonings in the comment section.

Notice however with NatureBoy, a black man who set up something similar in Costa Rica once again, before he and his crew were busted for not renewing their visas, the retreat he ran was for everybody, nobody was excluded from attending. Do you see the difference here?

Any women who are still in doubt as to what is really going on down there need simply book their reservation, attend and see for themselves. When the lights go out at night that is when the real fun begins. Conduct some investigating at night and you will see and hear all sorts taking place, guaranteed. Black lesbians are fully aware of the fact that most black heterosexual women are already tipping on the edge of homosexuality, thus they have already figured out that it won’t take much to draw their black female victims into an experimental type of mode.

Again, because large swaths of black females have been raised in single mother households, their mothers having injected the spirit of Jezebel into them from a young age knowingly, have primed them to be easy pickings for sexual deviants and predators of debauchery. Well gentlemen, things are panning out exactly as we predicted, as the Wall Of Silence continues to grow in height, one of the main avenues we predicted that many black women would embark upon would be the cannibalisation of each other.

Again, my issue is them taking their dysfunctional spirits beyond the shores of the west to countries which would otherwise provide a sanctuary to black men aiming to escape from the black witch herself. The fact that the retreat is for black women only simply goes to show you how black women never repent for their wrongdoings and continue to carry many skeletons in their closets until they hit the grave. The exclusion of black men demonstrates the bitterness and the hatred that remains in their hearts against the Negro male.

However, as with many things that black women attempt to embark upon by themselves, simply sit back with some popcorn and a freshly squeezed glass of juice and you will soon begin to see the sparks fly. Looking at all of the evidence as far as I am concerned the Women Of Colour Healing Retreat in reality is a resort for feminists and lesbians under the guise of relaxation, fun, yoga, other activities and more which are merely fronts, just think about it:

We already know that your average black female being the depraved delinquent that she is must jump upon a dick regularly, now since there aren’t any penises at this resort then it is very safe to conclude that the black women there would simply seek out the next best thing(in their eyes), cooch.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Always Read Between The Lines

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “How Western Black Women Seek To Lesbianise Foreign Black Women

    • Black British Guy,

      And in their minds they know that they are unattractive both inside and out, hence why they’ve rolled out to a third world country to cannibalise themselves beyond the scrutiny of western eyes.

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    • >I watched the video Notice how these BW were all unattractive.

      That is the Blackistanian standard of beauty. Bar none.

      AVOID at ALL costs!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off.

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  2. These women are disgusting! Looked like planet of the apes, running around, gorilla bodies, licking clit everywhere!

    You will notice that black women are the ONLY group of women doing this “escaping”, and that it’s the majority of black women mentality wise.

    Notice how ugly and masculine they look! Yet they have the nerve to ask why no man wants them? And what do they need protection from? The thug dick that they love so much?!!

    I say, let em cannibalize themselves and go extinct!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is what these filthy sirens do by trade, however now they are taking their decadent behaviour to other lands. They need to beware because if the authorities of Costa Rica feel that they are stepping out of line in any way, shape or form, they won’t hesitate to throw them out of the country.

      Indeed, Madame Fruitloop preaches the same “escape” doctrine, however these heifers are the very ones who have created the same hostile environment they now wish to escape from. Don’t worry, no matter where they choose to go to in the world, judgement and recompense will still rain down upon their heads.

      As I stated before, black women will NOT be able to escape from the coming wrath that is heading in their direction, they will drink down their judgement undiluted at full strength.

      Yep, looking ultra masculine all day, this is what the spirit of Jezebel through the embrace and practice of feminism will do to a woman.

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  3. Great post Verbs, its basically a retreat for failed swirlers and (current and future) lesbians. ChroniclesOfJudah 144 did an EXCELLENT breakdown of this video:

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    • James S,

      Yet another reason why black women should be abandoned, how can any black man work with a group of women who simply refuse to face their inner devils and be honest with themselves? No, the answer to these women is to transfer their dysfunction to a different country. #BLACKWOMENAREFINISHED #ABANDONFOREVER #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • Yeah it’s sad man, even when I see a slender and in shape BW they usually have trashy looking tats on them somewhere. Modern BW are trying their hardest to get away from femininity and then complain about not being viewed as attractive compared to other women.

        A lot of young BW (early 20s) are also going bald from wearing weaves and wigs. I saw a girl a few days ago that couldn’t have been older than 19 or 20 with a receding hairline and a big weave ponytail. A lot of these BW have the hairline of a 60 year old man underneath those weaves.

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    • Great videos. I’ve never listened to that YouTuber before, but I’m now a subscriber. He deconstructed that Vice video like a champ, completely took it apart. Critical thinking at its finest.

      My attitude towards this “retreat” is simple. Clearly nobody, black man or white man, really wants these women, so let them go to Costa Rica and cannibalize each other on the low. It’s the logical end-point of black man-hating BW feminism. The Ouroboros snake eating itself. We have nothing to do with it.

      One commenter on the video made a great point; when we black men leave America, it’s to find women. When these black women leave America, it’s to find other black women.

      I’m all for women making a lesbo Paradise Island where they can finally prove to the world that they can create a better society than the evil Patriarchy. And women can do all the jobs, dig ditches, plumbing, build buildings, be soldiers. The WNBA can build a franchise there. The “studs” can be the “men.”

      All respect due to the woman who organizes this retreat. All these fist-in-the-air, super blackity-black Umar Johnson ni**as talking all this crap, but this woman put her money where her mouth was and left America, and made an entrepreneurial niche for herself in the process. Black women who need a “retreat” from the drama that they themselves in most cases create, what a business model.

      Keep the wall up, brothas. SYSBM is clearly starving the beast.

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  4. My question is, how are these witches suffering under “whyte soup-rim-issy”?!!!

    They are literally the most protected group, and for what? They produce nothing, not even worth a damn offspring! Not even white women are protected as much, and she’s the white man’s mate!

    With that bit of info, and the fact that, as seen in these videos, black women are embracing the fact that they look as masculine as the Day is long, is it any wonder why black men and white women are abandoning their prospective mates for each other?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The so called “persecution” from white supremacy is nothing but a joke when it comes down to black women, these chicks are full of garbage and should just come clean about the fact that they simply want to eat some snatch away from the watchful eyes of the west. The west especially the US caters to black women hook, line and sinker, they’ve got it so good over there.

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      • BW complain about “white supremacy” then jump on the first white dick they see. Serena showed us that. “Tennis is so racist and unfair and I fear for my little brother’s life from the evil, white LAPD! My solution? Marry one of those same exact white men and have his kid.” Hypocrisy at its finest. They’re showing you who they are everyday. Keep it moving, fellas.

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    • White “supremacy” my arse.

      When BW gladly suck the crust of a white man’s foot in public, and on camera, it tells me they are very comfortable with white “supremacy”.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      What you say about black women is so fucking true! Goddamn! Black women are the first to marry and support white supremacy men even at the cost of their own lives and family. Serena and Venus Williams are perfect examples. White men dogged them to no ends about everything they do. And they both marry white men. The Obama daughters. White men hate Barack Obama and threatened him to no end. Both daughters date white men. LOL! You can’t make this shit up! Muhammed Ali’s daughters, all nine of them married white men. Except one, and he was a football player. An above average black man. In the face of white men wanting to kill their father, they still married the enemy. LOL! You can’t make this shit up. I’m not going to lie. That hurt me personally. For your father to be persecuted by the whole nation, and to still marry white men after everything they did to him. It just hurts. Black women do not face problems in white supremacy. They thrive in it. Keep the wall up fellas! Black women have proved that the white man is forgiven in every situation, even if they degrade and humiliate you (The Williams Sisters) or they want to kill your black father and black family members (Obama and Muhammed Ali).

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  5. Those yoga poses don’t fool for me. It’s the gateway to their lust of introducing her to lesbian sex. Lesbianism is just really predatory behavior that based on sexual abuse by liberalism. Hillary Clinton is a lesbian as well when it came out she was getting it in with Huda anem, (Anthony whiners wife) on those computer files that were “deleted” which explains how 95% of black women voted for her. They voted based on “code”.

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  6. Good day,
    I’m formerly known as Daniel BrotherDan Ward on here.

    What an important article. I’ve seen this video of the so-called retreat before earlier this late year or earlier this year and I thought the same thing “where were the men?” If this westernized black lesbian foolish behavior get passed down to South American black women, it will finally be the end for non-westernized black women. This type of westernized black women who has access to international traveling are a flight risk and a danger to traditional countries like Costa Rica and other non-western world at-large. SYSBM.

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  7. I wanna add something that I think what this “Escapism” is really about aside from the rise of lesbianism between black women. I personally think that they are trying to spread lesbianism and/or feminism to forigen women because it is the last resort to prevent black men from escaping the clutches of black women. Black women KNOW they cannot compete with Marina the Eastern European or Deegi the Mongolian chick so they will instead try to fill these women with a sick philosphy so that black men would have a dificult time getting non black women!

    ((Remember, the biggest pushers, proponents and supporters of homosexuality in black society are black women. I believe that the “yoga” as well as the additional exercises are simply used as a tool to get the women attending “loosened up” and to “empty out their minds” in order to prime them for the picking.))

    Not just in black society, but in general! Gay lesbian white or asian women are no where near as aggressive as black and hispanic women! When I was in SOuth Bronx Job corps, Black women would just straight out sexually harrass striaght women. They were worse than striaight men! I will NEVER forget this incident before this butch dyke got terminated. South Bronx Job corps is predominatley black and hispanic. there are a few rare times when there were white or asians who attended the school. There were two white girls who came to this school and one of them was a staunch christian. This black chick yelled “FRESH MEAT!” as if we were in prison of some sort! That same dyke said “Y’all Niggas (refering to me because I was the only one who would talk to these two girls as we had very good wave length compared to 99% of the student population) can’t have it!, Any girl coming up in here will be MINE! I will make SURE she turns gay brfore she graduates!”

    The church girl would often cry to me and tell me how much the girls in her room would touch her, say sexually explicit things to her as if they were men! One of the dykes even threatened to rape her and told her that she will like it! She ended up leaving because it was too much! The other girl was extremely attracted to hispanic men so they really couldn’t get to her. But even I witnessed how sexually aggressive they were to this girl to the point that tyrone would feel uncomfortable!

    I will not be shocked if in the near future we will begin to hear of women on women rape by black women or rather, black women raping other women!

    ((If indeed these women are just trying to get away from white supremacy then why aren’t black men included as invitees? ))

    In my opinion, I suspect two things:

    1. Just like that other IDIOT Madame LOSERbomb, they truly believe that black women , after destroying the lives of countless black men and white women for the last 60 years, they truly belive they they are something special and foriegn men are lining up to meet with these planet of the ape like specimen and want to start a life with them. They see that the swirling movement is not doing so well in US main land and it is failing miserably in eastern places like Asia, they are going to the most (ironically) patricahcal societies to snatched up in hopes to piss off american black men.

    2. These idiots truly believe they are such victims that white men, black men (including simps) and all other races and genders are out to target black women and they truly believe that everyone in the world, including Kazakh nomads who have never used a TV before in their lives just happen to hate a group of women that they have no idea exists and just hates them for no reason and wants to kill black women, well just because they hate black women!!!

    They live in such a delusional paranoid fantasy and they, as a group, are justifiying their man hating, white women worshipping, lesbian lifestlye to justify this stupid assed “women of color healing retreats” movement!

    ((Remember, the biggest pushers, proponents and supporters of homosexuality in black society are black women. I believe that the “yoga” as well as the additional exercises are simply used as a tool to get the women attending “loosened up” and to “empty out their minds” in order to prime them for the picking….

    …This is yet another technique large portions of lesbians use to suck heterosexual women into their web, present them with something that on the surface looks and sounds tempting, feasible and great but conveniently omit the finer details as it is these that will be used as the bait in order to draw these women in to where they’re wanted.))

    If a white woman or any non black woman were to have showed up, I can almost gurantee you that she will be primary target to not only getting targeted for sexual fufillment, but I have a feeling they would try to somehow convince her or force her to shave her hair so that they can use it for their own extensions and weaves!

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    • Carnio,

      Good to hear from you bro, its been a while, hope all is well. Black women don’t seem to understand that they have a nasty and evil aura about them and it is this foul spirit amongst other things that has folks not wanting to associate or hang around them, they are truly the cursed people of planet earth. They’re so in love with white folks and white society in general they honestly believed that there would be no recourse in selling their own people down the river for government trinkets and temporary state treats and benefits, however as Dr David Carroll has stated time and time again, the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

      You don’t shaft your own people and not pay some sort of price for such actions, life has a way of repaying the wicked for their wickedness, the payment may not be immediate however you can guarantee that that judgement will come in the mail eventually, what is currently happening to black women now is proof of that.

      Agreed, black lesbians especially the leviathan dagger bull dykes are the worst savages on planet earth, they are extremely aggressive with their homosexual doctrine and I concur with your future prediction concerning black women going around raping white and other non black females. Black women as I continue to state have adopted a mutant form of feminism which goes straight into the lowest depths of hell and they are proud of their new found religion.

      The modern day black female has turned into a truly a vile creature and the pro blacks and pan African pundits like Dr Umar Johnson still expect us to date, marry and procreate with these devil spawns, no thanks, I’ll pass.

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    • @Carnio
      “When I was in SOuth Bronx Job corps, Black women would just straight out sexually harrass striaght women.”

      Black bull dykes are the worst. There was a straight female WNBA player who quit playing because the bull dykes in the WNBA were harassing her so badly.

      Candice Wiggins: I was bullied for being straight in ‘98% gay’ WNBA
      – Former WNBA star describes ‘very, very harmful’ culture in league
      – Wiggins said she was targeted for harassment because she was straight

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    • >I will not be shocked if in the near future we will begin to hear of women on women rape by black women or rather, black women raping other women!

      The prison industrial complex in some states have contracts with for-profit prisons to maintain a 90% occupancy rate which means more money in the pockets of private prisons. Expect convictions of black women rapists skyrocket in the near future.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  8. They can try as they might. Our predicament in this country is unique and certain condition s have to already be fulfilled for this to even take root. We speak as Latin America being a maybe but they have yet to embrace feminism outright.

    If I remember correctly they just offed a major feminist leader in Brazil I believe. That and their family structure is still intact and no welfare like here.

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  9. Damn. And I thought the post-apocalyptic mess going on in Jamdom due to single black mother matriarchy is bad, even though our current PM (a light-skinned black man) seems determined to stop it. One thing I know, if either a simp or a BOW black female should try to violently ‘convert’ me to their stupid fascist cause, all they’re going to get is this:

    Screw black women and their pathetic house n…a counterparts! SYSBM Forever!

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  11. The majority of black women will do anything in a weak, pathetic attempt to somehow strip black men of any form of power or authority. Women’s retreats, rights, feminism, lesbianism, lgbt rights, female empowerment, etc, on the part of black women, is simply black women doing everything and anything they can, in an effort to defeat black men.
    As I have said before (as have others), black women really believe they should have control over black men, tell black men how to think, and be the leaders of the so-called black community. Anytime you see black women involved in any of the ‘movements’ I named above, you are basically looking at a black woman who has a deep desire to see black men subjugated to black women, white men, white women, and any and everybody.
    Most black women want black men in a position of utter servitude. White daddy gives black women the power to place black women in a position of power over black men, and black women are thrilled to take that role of controlling black men, and giving black men orders.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  12. Ayo Peace Brotha James S! “failed swirlers” huh? I gotta use that if I may. But to seriously decode that, these are your…”all the sudden” “I love blackmen” war chanters. And the receipt for this facade….is one “paris milan” We know this heifer! she’s yet another prime example of what you call a failed swirler!! On the contrary, I call her….The Usual Swirlspect!!! And rightfully so..https://youtu.b

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  13. …These type of black women are found in a growing number of vacation places. Jamaica is infested with them along with their filthy teaching. Other islands also have similar problems. Even black men who have gone to Brazil or the Philippines have reported seeing the amerikkkan negro woman eyeballing them with hate there. These women REFUSE to leave black men alone yet they make their hatred of us a daily reminder. Why these people get passports is beyond me because they are NOT being sought here and damn sure are not overseas unless desperate men need a green card. When I am overseas and hear amerikkkan black women in public, I say nothing to them. I do not want to be reminded of them at all!!!


    • Rick Scorpio,

      Your videos are legendary bro. These modern day black female is nothing short of a pestilence and a curse upon black society and especially upon black men. Yes sir, they’ve starting travelling so that they can harass us abroad, let’s not forget the Charles Tyler video where two pestilent black heifers found themselves on the beaches of Brazil and had to be schooled by Tyler and the crew as to why black men from the west are travelling to foreign lands to meet non westernised women:

      They think they have the same power and reach as black men when it comes to interracial dating, however their reputation proceeds them. Black women particularly in the west are damaged beyond repair goods, any black men with sense and intelligence will abandon ship. I also refuse to converse with these harridans when abroad, we simply have nothing to discuss.


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