Black Women Who Prey On And Turn Out Straight White Women

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You have to understand, the homosexual does not respect the space/ground of the heterosexual, all the talk that the LGBTQ community stoked up back in the day about just wanting equal rights and to be treated fairly was all a lie, the fact of the matter is homosexuals in this case lesbians want superior rights to those held by the heterosexual community.

The article above was written in 2012 however in 2018 nothing has changed, lesbians especially black lesbians garner an intense thrill from hunting in forbidden territory, after all the so called third wave feminist movement was started by a group of lesbians who simply wanted to expand upon their dating and mating options and the way they opened up the door was to separate the women from the men via feeding gullible females lies and empty statements pertaining to “being oppressed by the patriarchy”

This is one of many reasons why I am completely against the homosexual lifestyle and I simply cannot go along with the “what they do behind closed doors is their own business” talk. The problem with most homosexuals is they DO NOT want to keep what they do behind closed doors, they seek to brag and boast about their lifestyle to the general public and especially enjoy pushing their exploits in the faces of those who are vehemently opposed to their way of life.

Black lesbians are an extreme pestilence, they are many times worse than heterosexual black females as they have fully submitted to the Jezebel spirit and then some, the bull dykes aka studs are the ultimate monstrosities of black female society. Notice how heterosexual black women through their embrace of feminism look and sound no different to black men, the studs however look and behave in a masculine manner that is on a far deeper level than their heterosexual sistren, here is an example for your study:

Black females increasingly are being rejected and passed over by black men for white women due to the fact that black women as a group are extremely problematic. Many black women upon seeing this interracial phenomenon out of their hatred and jealousy for white women and black men have now made it their mission to contaminate the white female population by any means necessary, this includes seducing, licking down and turning out straight white females as their form of revenge upon black men for choosing them over dysfunctional members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood as well as an offensive strike against the white woman for daring to touch and interact with the black man.

Consider this startling account that was left in the comment section of my semi viral article White Man Tells Black Women The Truth And They Don’t Like It – Swirl Movement Is Crumbling Fast by an anonymous white woman who went by the name of Karen Knox on the 24th June 2018, it reads as follows:

“Never mind the hate or mistrust that exists between the sexes within the black community. I’m an attractive white woman who recently attended an “all girl” party at a fashionable suburban home. Most of the women were between 25-35 and well educated. I would say that of the nearly two dozen of us there six were black woman and all were very attractive and could be described as very well-developed if you know what I mean. I knew most of the white girls there and know them to be “straight” so I was in total shock as I watched the six black girls start to sexually seduce one white woman after another and the relative ease at which it all took place. In most cases it startled as a compliment about the white girl’s hair or her clothes. The white women were well put together but the black women were all built beyond belief. I don’t think a single one was smaller than a 42FF yet I couldn’t get over how their complementing of the other wise well put together but lesser developed white women was used by the black girls to get their “white prey” seduced. Much to my shock I watch as the sexual aggressiveness of the black began to win over one white girl after another. The whites seemed easy pickings for the black and a great deal of interracial lesbian sex took place that night. I couldn’t believe how many white women were playing with and sucking on the breasts of the busty black and how many of them the black had in compromising positions up their skirts and between their thighs. Is this the new plan of black females to seduce the white girls?”

See, I understand perfectly how those black females were able to seduce the white women at the party, I personally reckon that alcohol definitely had a part to play in those black witches “sealing the deal”, additionally black women as a group are so deeply entrenched in their mutant form of feminism that they have now begun emitting a faux masculine energy. It is this deceptive aura coupled with the probability that they looked like men and plus much alcohol flowing that enabled them to turn out those heterosexual white females with ease.

Remember, as Afrofuturism1 has pointed out time and time again, most black women are “ticking time dykes”, thus it doesn’t take much for them to go from getting dicked down by J Boogie from the block to getting licked up and down by the local neighbourhood bull dyke Patricia from around the way.

As I’ve stated many times before, the more black men give black women the middle finger continuing to build and fortify the wall, the more these sirens will resort to embracing the lifestyles of whores, side pieces and lesbians. Again, when it comes down to black women licking and turning out straight white women, I personally reckon in the overwhelming majority of cases it is all about getting revenge upon two parties, white women and black men.

Straight white women ought to beware of the black witch and her techniques of enchantment and seduction, these predatory black females are everywhere lurking in the shadows looking for the ideal opportunity to strike, reread the Guardian article above for clarification of the predatory type techniques used by your average black lesbian, I never said it, Staceyann Chin did. Don’t fall foul to the black witch’s Okey Doke, the modern day black witch has no moral compass.

Black women hands down are the biggest pushers and supporters of homosexuality in the black community, I’ve now come to the realisation that all of this “black men on the down low” talk that they alongside the media arm of their white father relentlessly pushed in the 1990s and early 2000s was basically done in order to mask and distract from the heavy homosexual activities that were and are still taking place within black female society. Black women have a brazen audacity to always talk about black men and homosexual exploits when they are frequently engaging in underhanded filth and skullduggery such as this, smh.

In the meantime, I’ll just leave this one right here:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual and Clean

Most High Bless

61 thoughts on “Black Women Who Prey On And Turn Out Straight White Women

  1. Been noticing this happen on a small scale here in the Midwest……Used to be BW would simply try to indoctrinate WW into their ghetto attitudes and behaviors……This is correct, theis is all about poisoning the well for Black Men while they seek push us out of ANY stronghold for ourselves……Sadly, a lot of these white broads will fall for this and go down in flames with the Knee-grow whore……

    I know a White broad that got caught up in this dyke mess. After a long, abusive relationship she left….However, she has found White Men as well as Black Men ain’t trying to holla at her anymore. Family and friends have become distant as well….NOW she says this ruined her life and the best she is doing is being a side chick to a 62 year old man….As she is one of my Facebook friends and lives in the same neighborhood as me , I won’t out her identity, but this has altered who she was a great deal. She struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression. The brew of the knee-grow whore is potent ass shit. Drink at your own risk!!!!!!

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    • 8bitblerd,

      This is a growing problem, you’re right, this is the black female’s attempt to contaminate the fresher non black female waters and streams by any and all means necessary. The modern day black woman’s feet lead straight down into the lower depths of hell, and the pro blacks are still suggesting that we date, marry and procreate with these devils, no thanks, I’ll pass with an extremely wide berth.

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      • This is so much crap, with a capital “C”, back in 1995, I was going to a Mexican grocery store and as my daughter and I got out the car and was walking in, this big Black Dyke stuck her tongue out at my daughter, simulating oral sex, so I stopped to put her in check, now, I’m only 5ft.7in. and at that time I probably weighted about 135lbs. and this DYKE was almost 6ft and was over 200lbs. so I told her after she had this let’s get it on stands, I told her that I would beat her down like nigger in the street! So I went to my trunk and got the tire Iron, and told her to let’s go dyke bitch, now my daughter is half ghetto (she lived with her mother for a while) told her, If you hurt my daddy, ima havt a kill you! now guys, we all know dykes imulate men, BUT THEY ARE NOT MEN! I knew she did not have fighting skills physically or psychologically, so we were going around in a circle in the parking lot, I was twirling the tire iron in my left hand so that’s where her focus was, when I saw an opening, POW! I knocked her down with a right hook, blood splattered everywhere! her left eye started to swell, and I found out later that I broke her jaw, but guess what the first thing that came out her mouth? I can’t believe you hit a woman! What was amazing to me was that nobody called the police and a lot of the Mexicans coming out of the store were shouting at her, you can’t make this shit up! She thought that because I was a little guy that I would be easy, Ha! SYSBM!


  2. Gentlemen. Many lesbians inform that they will not take the “D” from you. Cheer up and get over the pain of lesbians not wanting to have sex with you.

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    • A few weeks ago I had just left the Gym and was in the grocery store getting a few things before heading home. I was still a little sweaty and my muscles were really pumped up and I caught a Black bull dyke checking me out while standing right next to her girlfriend. As Verbs and other brothers on here have said alot of the BW lesbians are only lesbians because no man wants them, many of them probably do want a man’s affection and sex, but no man wants them. Oh well, keep the Wall up.

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      • James S,

        Agreed, many black women as a result of the ever increasing stature of the wall are resorting to eating snatch in their desire for sexual fulfilment. Black women did it to themselves, rather than repent and change their ways for the better they would prefer to remain in stubborn mode and cut of their noses to spite their faces. Like you said, oh well, that’s not my problem.

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  3. When it comes to homosexuality keep it behind close doors. I don’t like how the LGBT is trying push butt sex/gay shit and tranny shit onto the school children. Children at a young age are really easy to mold. I once went a gay pride when I was 12 and in Stockholm it was pretty degenerate I will never go to gay pride again. But their is alot of repressed homosexuality in the black community.

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    • Black British Guy,

      The black witch is the primary culprit behind the increase in homosexuality within black society hands down, not only turning out children and other black women but also turning out non black females when and where she can. I have to sit there bewildered whenever I see heterosexual folks bowing down to and proclaiming that they don’t have a problem with homosexuals because homosexuals themselves have no problems expressing their utter disdain and hatred for heterosexuals.

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      • Verbs,

        True indeed. They are openly forcing themselves down everyones throats, so there is no longer any excuse to keep pretending that they are just looking for acceptance.

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  4. Great post Verbs, I didn’t read the whole Guardian article just skimmed it, it was pretty much what I expected. This comment summs up my feelings about it:
    “There is something disturbing about wanting to bed others of a different sexual orientation, a pursuit born out of some deep seeded masochistic personality issue perhaps? I would think twice about treating this activity as some sort of acceptable social game. It really says something about how one feels about their own sexuality, as well as how one views relationships. Personally, I would feel betrayed by someone, if I found out they only sought me out to satisfy a neurotic urge to conquer and convert, rather than out of a desire to develop a healthy relationship.”

    White bull dykes are usually ugly, but Black bull dykes are flat out GROSS looking most of the time. As you pointed out in your post equal rights was just the beginning for the LGBTQ folks, now they are calling you homophobic if you don’t want to have sex with them (see Ginuwine). Gays know that only a small (single digits) number of people in the population are gay, so the overwhelming majority of people that gays see that they may be attracted to are not interested in being with them UNLESS, the gays can convince them that they are gay too or shame them (Ginuwine) into dating them.

    As far as the WW who commented on your past article goes, I’m willing to be money that she was naive and didn’t realize that the “all girls” party that she went to was a LESBIAN PARTY. I find it hard to believe that that many women get together and randomly break out into lesbianism, that was probably a party for lesbians and she didn’t realize it. Even still women are often emotional and impressionable, so its easy for dykes to push up on a woman and try to get with (“convert”) her. Gay men know better than to try this with a man, because if they gay guy is wrong and they guy he is getting close to isn’t gay he may end up getting his ass kicked.

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    • Yup, many suburban white women I know are sexual freaks who marry a “checklist” husband but want sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere. This comes in the form of cheating, interracial orgies and lesbian parties.

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      • And that’s why I’m wary of men being told to just work hard and be a nice guy without learning to be attractive to women. Because otherwise, your suburban wife is a freak. I remember months back when this attractive White woman came up to me and kissed me on the lips while I was doing concert security. Her friends “girls night” said she was married with kids. Women are freaks!

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        The homosexual lifestyle is already one of decadence, these white women will be sorry messing around with the bull dyke scraggle daggle, she is a beast in more ways than one.

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  6. These black dykes are so jealous of black men and want to be black men so badly that they do everything they possibly can to mimic black men. Also most black women are consumed with hatred of black men, most black women are absolutely open to lesbian relationships.
    How many alleged straight black women have we seen involved in lesbian relationships? You see black women all the time who have children with black men all of a sudden become involved with a manish looking butch butch dyke.
    Black women are all over the place mentally, and their absolute mental illness leads them to become involved in the most perverse lifestyles simply because they ‘feel’ like it.
    Lastly, what most of this comes down to is black women’s deep desire to be white women. And these black dykes, if given the chance would be with white women 100 percent of the time. The black dyke is absolutely the most evil, vile, disgusting, black man hating creature on Earth.
    If these black dykes could somehow exterminate black men they would do it in a split second. Why? Because black men represent everything these mentally ill demons want to be, but they can’t and never will be, and this fact drives them crazy to the point of extreme hated and potential violence.
    Beware of the black dyke.

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    • Bill Smith,

      No lies detected, the black female bull dyke is the ultimate abomination and desecration of black society, she hates black men even more that the heterosexual black witch but at the same time she wishes that she was in our place. However, we thinking black men already know that this will never happen and that the black bull dyke is destined for hellfire and destruction.

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  7. Yo Verbs, I appreciate this article. It shows how predatory lesbians and women in general are, and if you notice in the article, they are very good at gaming women. Better than men by a long shot. Now we know this is not just some happenstance but an unofficial policy to contaminate White and other women. Looking forward to seeing how they use the progression from ghetto culture to lesbian deathstyle with foreign Black women.

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    • “they are very good at gaming women”
      Because most are naive women cant see them coming, the “feminine” dykes like the one who wrote the article in the link are able to act as caring a female friend while they insidiously try to convert whatever naive/distressed/confused girl they are preying on. The woman shamelessly admitting to doing this in the article. I just looked the author of the article up on Twitter and she has hit the Wall (looks wise) big time, she also apparently used IVF to have a child, she is nuts.

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  8. The sad part is that you honestly can’t tell nowadays as to who’s the bull dyke and whose the “feminine” black woman. Just look at the fact that black Women big up Serena Williams’ ugly gorilla ass as an example of black beauty.

    Black chicks will ping pong from “femininity” to dykehood and back in the span of three days, hell, probably three hours. Their embracing of feminism, along with a whole host of psychological and biological issues have turned most black women into damn near hermaphrodites.

    Speaking of homosexuals, you will also notice that most black fruits heavily resemble a typical black woman. Who do you think they’re imitating?!!

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    • Non-black homosexuals (particularly drag queens) imitate Black female mannerisms too (sassy attitude, finger snapping, ghetto tone, etc.), Tommy Sotomayor did a video about it a while back.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is sad but at the same time we shouldn’t be surprised that Serena Williams would be promoted as beautiful by black female society, remember that article I wrote back in April 2017 in which I showcased the front cover of People magazine World’s Most Beautiful featuring the fully loaded busted down oil tanker Danielle Brooks:

      Black female beauty is in serious crisis and black female femininity is practically down the toilet with no chance of redemption as far as I’m concerned. Black women have been behaving in such a masculine manner for so long now, it’s like I cannot even remember a time when they were actually feminine, smh.

      By the way, you’ll notice that thw likes of Dr Umar Johnson havw been kind of quiet for a while now. Word is that the dude has finally been forced to acknowledge the gutter plight of the modern day black female, however at the same time I hear that he is still trying to give them some room. Jun’s beauty supply taught us everything we needed to know, anybody who was in doubt before received their confirmation and then some with that event.

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  9. For starters never trust black women, especially around white women. There is always an ulterior motive to them. Second, black men keep your dating options open. A lot of times I feel that American white women are just to full of white guilt, too naive, and too ashamed to call out black women for anything. Black women hate white women, but white women always try to give black women the benefit of doubt and befriend them. White women always compliment black women? Why? White guilt and liberal stupidity. Black women never do that for white women. Black women are indeed trying to poison the well for black men. There are lots of ghetto and ratchet white women who are no different than black women. That’s why other races are women are more important white women. Latin, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern women don’t seek friendship for black women. Second, black women can’t bully those races like they can and been doing to white women, for fear of being called racist. Latin, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern women don’t fear or like black women, so there’s nothing to gain by befriending them. There’s no way in hell any of that lesbian and dyke shit would fly with those other races. Black women can’t corrupt those women, that’s why black men should have an open dating market. Black men need to start being wary of white women as well as black women. Especially if black women are hellbent on contaminating the dating pool. Only white American women feel they owe black women something. European women and other races of women on earth feel they owe black women shit. Be careful black men. Lastly, the movie “Single White Female”, had it wrong. It should have been a black woman who was obsessed, psychotic, and crazy for her white roommate.

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  10. FreeBlackMan,

    Your position on BM expanding on their dating options outside the realm of WW is…TRUTH!!! For some time now I’ve warned BM not to view them as their only way out of the BLACKISTAN DATING POOL!!! As, you mentioned:”A lot of times I feel that American white women are just to full of white guilt, too naive,” is very accurate indeed!! From my own personal experiences in dating WW…is that they have lesbian tendencies as well. Which makes them susceptible to the advances of BWDYKES. So…it’s no surprise to me that the statement made by the young lady’s experience at the “all girl’s party” transpired as it did. If, BM desire to avoid such evil debauchery??? I second that motion of BM pursuing Latin, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern women as solid viable options for love, marriage, companionship or a long-term relationship. You’ll thank yourself later for doing so!! However, there is an exception to this suggestion: when comes to foreign WW you still can find many them of outstanding quality and depth to their character and posses the desire to form a relationship of substance with a quality man!!!


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  11. Freeblackman, absolutely. There is a white female YouTube personality named shucks that goes our of her way to praise black women and claim that black women are unfairly marginalized and dismissed because of white racism. I commented to her many times ‘why are you defending a group of women that absolutely hate you simply because you are a white woman’?
    I never got a response. But it’s totally crazy that many white women go out of there way to defend black women when if black women had their way, black women would exterminate white women so black women could become the white woman they are eternally jealous of and hate, and be at the side of white men. Most black women are simply the laughing stock and joke of the world. But in the mind of black women they are Queens, and all other races of women want to imitate and look like. Also black women love to claim especially white women are doing everything they can to look like black women. What a joke. Could black women possibly be any more delusional and insane?
    Sadly I don’t think so. Absolutely pathetic.

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    • Shucks is likely in a gay relationship with a black woman. When people challenge her her comments get 100% ghetto, complete with insults and poor grammar despite how she speaks,perfect English. Most people type way better than they speak, so perhaps her dyke partner is responding or shes is putting on an act and is another piece of Canadian white trash. She is eastern European after all.

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      • FLCLimaxxx, you are probably right about shucks. There is no logical reason why a white female would be fighting SO hard to defend a group of women who collectively hate white women to the core. Shucks must be involved with a black woman or man. Either way her obsession with black people is suspicious and actually strange. No white woman should be that concerned with the issues affecting black people. Anytime I see a white female going out of her way to ‘defend’ the black ’cause’ it causes me to look at that white female as inauthentic or trying to please black people for her own perverse reasons. That shucks does have great tits, but she is a weirdo who is fixated on black people for some reason.

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    • Bill Smith,

      I simply don’t understand American white women at all. Black women absolutely hate them. Black women want to be them, by wiping them out as enemies, and black dykes worship them for sex and status. Can American white women not see that black women consider them their enemies not just as women, but as being the main competition to dating white men? Asian women and Latin women fall in this category too, for black women seeing them as competition for white men. Any white women who doesn’t call out black women for their destructive behavior, is not friend of mines. Any white woman who capes for black women is delusional and a fool. That’s why I love other races of women. They simply will not tolerate black’s women’s grand delusions.

      You know whats one of the funniest things I read about the who Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marriage.Is that black women didn’t just celebrate the marriage to a white man, but it was considered a victory over white women, that a white man choose her. Black women called it a victory over white women like the their main enemy had been defeated. And white women still caped for their marriage. White woman need a brutal lesson about black women.

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      • FreeBlackMan, I think most white American women are simply afraid of calling out black women for their bullshit. White women in America are afraid of being called racist or whatever, so they backdown and allow black women to walk all over them, even though black women HATE white and want to see white women dead. It’s absolutely crazy. But it’s the same principal with these black male simps. The black woman hates black men, but black men still how down to and defer to black women no matter what black women do. The entire thing is beyond insane.

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      • DAMN! Becky whooped that tanker’s ASS! Nice Job!!!

        More Beckies need to open a can of whoop-ass on the Scraggle Daggle. That’s the only language these dark she-beasts seem to understand.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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      • Wow. Cheerleader vs. Precious. Becky decked that fat bitch. Somebody taught her how to handle herself. That video warmed my heart, thank you.

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    • @Bill

      This is one of the reasons I’m starting to preach to all brothers who are serious about love and marriage: Stay Away from Western Women. No matter what race they are, if they are born on western soil, especially America, you can pretty much consider them contaminated. Go overseas, get you a foreign woman, and establish your legacy through that route. American women are done.

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  12. You will also notice a HEAVY increase in movies, tv, commercials and advertisement in which, seeking to cast a lesbian or bisexual female, the first choice is a black woman. Many times now, it’s not even an ugly black woman. The reason they’re doing that is plain as day: the showcase the loose morals and sexual debauchery of black women.

    Despite this being more and more on display every day, you will notice any black women or simps calling this out. Yet they’re so up in arms about the treatment of Serenape Williams?!!!

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  13. @above

    I at least understand why white folks, namely white women, would be afraid to call out black women, for fear of being called “racist”.

    This is why I REFUSE to get behind any of this bullshit kneeling, as it’s just black society begging for stuff from the same white ppl that they claim are so racist, further ruining race relations to where the cesspool known as the black society can not be further criticized (from racists or not, the black community deserves an ass whooping), as well as deflects from the real culprit, the black woman.

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      • These pro black idiots claim white people are racist, but expect white people to confirm or bow down to the whims of black people.
        Black people claim white people are devils, cave beasts, neanderthal, white supremacists, racists oppressors, but still are looking for white people to include them in this alleged racist society or system.
        If white people are so evil, why would any black person try to get white people to include them in anything? These pro blacks really just want to be loved, embraced, and hugged by white society. That is why these pro black idiots spend their time trying to force themselves down the throat of white people. It’s absolutely pathetic.

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    • @afrofuturism1 Malcom X said it best “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.

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  14. On a side note…

    Typical fat @$$ (high school) black female tries to bully a pretty, slim white cheerleader.

    Guess what happens next. Guess white women aren’t as docile as they think. LMAO

    Black women STAY taking L’s.

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    • IMO we don’t know the whole story from watching just that snippet, its possible that the pretty white girls were bullying the fat black girl prior to this and this video is just when things came to a head. But if I was a betting man, I would bet that the black chick started it.

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      • As far as I’m concerned anytime I see a confrontation with a BW vs (insert any group) I automatically assume she started the shit. Anyone who has spent time around or in most of our cases grew up exposed to them, know of their tendency to initiate conflict unilaterally and arbitrarily. Unless there is proof she didnt instigate…I’ll take the evidence of my own life experience, WSHH, media and statistics that tells me she most likely started the shit.

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      • I’m with Autodidact here. I assume 99 out of 100 times, if there’s a problem with a black bitch and someone else, it’s her who started it. Given my experiences, and given what I’ve seen on the internet, it’s almost always the case.

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  15. Now wait minute….is this actual facts though??? Damn I thought it was the other way around! Because I can remember when I dated white female who was bi, yet mostly lesbian on countless occasions, told me how she stole and turned out a married hispanic female to become….like HER!! And her words were… when that hispanic male who was married to that female she wanted to be….”KEEP F*CKIN WITH ME OR I’MA STEAL YO B*TCH!!” Those were the words of a white female. And long story short….she left and divorced…her hispanic husband…to be with her!! And I wouldn’t doubt that they have NOT broke up til this very day.

    I keep telling yall. Throwing rocks at this n*ggacunt is waaaay to easy because we know them tooooo well. This is why I say and will continue to say….the black and white female are The Bloods & Crips Of Feminism.

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  16. It’s quite obvious that when you look at the major proponents of Femi-Nazism it’s always BW and WW at the forefront! Leading the rest of the ignorant packs into the Abyss of Oblivion!! Next time you watch the StupidTube (i.e. mainstream television)…you’ll see it for yourself!!


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  17. Anytime I see any chick who has two or more hair hatted friends, I avoid them like a plague. Black whores will go out of their way to sabotage your relationship, even at the cost of their friendship because they’re that spiteful and full of hatred for you for no other reason that you’re a black man who refuses to deal with them.

    I’ve personally had this happen to me years ago when I was seeing this cute red head who had two best friends who were black whores. They would
    subtlety always say, why you dating her, she ain’t shit, she had no ass, you should be with a sister, the typical nonsensical talking points. One even friend sleeping with me when she was in the other room making dinner for everyone. Mind you this was supposedly her best friends saying this behind her back. Me being young and naive, told her about it.

    Not only did she not listen to me, her black bitch friends lied and said I tried sleeping with them when they were easily 240 plus, and denied everything. She broke things off with me because she listened to her friends, only to find out about a few months down the line one of her “best friends” was fucking her then boyfriend behind her back and was saying all the same things I told her about.

    After she disowned them, she called me, apologized, and wanted to try and work things out between us. I met her chatted, cleared the air and ended it on good terms after a few booty calls.

    I don’t care if it’s the woman of my dreams, if she has more than two hair hats as close friends, I won’t go anywhere near her.

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  18. The difference between the white and black community is that, as pointed out several times, it is the MEN in the white society who push this. How many times have you heard white men claiming that lesbianism is sexy? That is NOT an idea held by black men.

    Do you see black men pushing this agenda of lesbianism towards their women? Hell no! Black women choose it for themselves, many times going further with liberalism than the white liberals that gave it to them.

    Again, at least with white Dykes, they’re actually Dykes, not the switch hitting ticking time Dykes that are black women. Black men shouldn’t care about or complain about what white Dykes do anymore than vegans care about a steak restaurant. The difference is that in black women, you don’t know who’s straight and who’s lesbian.

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  19. I would say that many men who identify as American blacks, were pushing bisexualism and multiple sex parters in the late 90s and forward. Especially in those in the hood/street/rap culture. That being said these behaviors were probably already going on, but during that time it was being promoted and pushed more openly. I believe you guys refer to these classes of individuals as “pookie, ray ray, and skeet” etc and those they influence.

    Arcane Lurker Statement: And remember Chess is a 2 player game. I naturally reserve a bit of concern over those who play chess with each other 24/7. Seems a little too coordinated….and lacking in work/life balance

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  20. You do realize if gays remain in the closet they won’t come out, right? Do you want the DL phenomenon to continue or not…’s all up to acceptance.


    • Black women like this should just stick to purchasing escorts. Me personally, I prefer bisexual men with or without GFs open to threesomes.

      At any rate black male “homosexuality” has always been a deflection point for black female bicuriousity. I think I’ve seen a few single mothers linking up together.


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