Black Women, Their Love For Criminals/ Prison Inmates


Here’s a story from the UK:

As you can see black women have been quite busy when it comes to getting dicked down by thugs from inside the prison yard or helping them to escape from prison altogether. I’m sure I remember Jointron33SYSBM uploading some videos in relation to this same topic not so long ago. Whenever black women talk about “having the backs of and supporting black men” they are actually referring to these fellows below:

Yep, J Boogie from the block and Lil Cheezy have the full support of the black sisterhood of Bootlick City. To be honest these types of stories don’t surprise me at all as employing a black female in any prison is no different from placing a child in a candy store, however where the child would eventually get sick from consuming too much candy, the sexual appetite of your average black female simply cannot be quenched.

In 2018 most black women are quite capable of jumping from penis to penis indefinitely, black women live for the penis especially if the particular member is hanging from their favourite individuals, thugs, gangsters and criminals. With the plethora of links I have posted above can you clearly see how the priorities of black women as a group are completely backwards? To them jumping on the penis of a thug is more important than maintaining steady employment in order to pay the bills and to keep a roof over their heads.

Remember, don’t forget the For The Dick Challenge that black women such as Issa Rae, Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union(talks about what she would do for the dick one minute then wants to talk about rape the next, smh), Sanaa Lathan, Cardi B, Erykah Badu etc took part in back at the end of September 2017. The above is simply more confirmation of the fact that black women gravitate towards the unproductive, lower dregs of black male society, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if many black women apply for jobs in prison just so that they can get access to a plentiful supply of thug penis.

The modern day black female is the advocate for the thugs, criminals and gangsters of black society, she on the other hand detests the upstanding, intelligent, educated, hard working black man ie the classic, thinking black man. Thinking black men must begin to look upon being passed over for Lil Ray Ray and Two Bladez as a blessing, as them having dodged a 50 calibre bullet.

These same black females are currently stewing and marinating in their own failures and are now attempting to get back into the good graces of those same classic black men they rejected years ago, however it’s too late now, for the overwhelming majority of black women there will be no escaping the consequences of the reckless decisions they’ve made in the past, most unlike Ciara WILL NOT be able to find themselves a Russell Wilson.

Brothers, keep the Wall Of Silence fortified and high reaching up to the heavens, these black sirens are going to have to feel the pain of opening their legs to the wrong individuals and equally having the audacity to line you up as a “fall back, he’ll have to do, I can use him for his help and resources” option. I AM NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A WOMAN’S FALL BACK OPTION, I REFUSE TO TAKE UP SUCH A POSITION.

As I have stated before a man who truly honours and respects himself if he does indeed desire to have a family will start HIS OWN legacy from scratch, not take on board the bastard children of a whore who couldn’t keep her legs closed or at least be wise regarding who she chose to open her legs to. Additionally, watch out for these foolish single mothers attempting to make out as if taking on a single mother is “a man’s job”, don’t fall for garbage like this:

Single mothers bring nothing to the table but debt and liability, stand tall in the fact that you have standards and as a reflection have rightly chosen to reject those women who simply aren’t up to par. It’s funny how this Judith Israel woman identifies herself as a Hebrew yet at the same time is quick to resort to using Satan’s witchcraft in her attempts to manipulate black men into taking on board single mothers. Black women can’t pick proper men to save their lives yet they believe that they have the authority to dictate to us what a “real man” is, what a joke. Ask a thinking man what a real man is, not a burned out, rinsed through, reckless decision-making single mother.

There are plenty of simps available for these black witches to choose from, yet they still bypass them and head straight for the true men they ought to have gotten with from the beginning. Watch out for black women who claim to be reformed in some way or another, given enough time you will soon see that they are no different to the decadents who have no shame and who openly put their dysfunctions on display for all to see. If single mothers in black society require protection then let them seek it from the state as it has now become their new husband.

Finally, here is a video of some prison inmates live streaming and black women in the chat getting very moist between the thighs, the black woman’s undying love, admiration and worship of the thug/criminal/gangster black male is very real:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “Black Women, Their Love For Criminals/ Prison Inmates

  1. *Sigh* You know what’s sad. Most of these “Women” date and pro-create with the lower dregs of society then complain about the same Black Men they are with. Then try to play the victimhood role for attention & pseudo-support. Black Women (for the most part) are dumb ass bricks and lack any spatial reasoning. They want us to believe in their shit narrative and that Black Men are the problem when it’s their shitty decision making skills, lack of character recognition, & uncivil train of thought. Honestly, the more I see Black Women, the more I have a deep seated hatred towards them.

    The women in my suburban neighborhood, the women at my place of employment, the woman at the drive-thru, even the cashier at my local supermarket. Women, in general, but especially Black Women don’t evolve as logical adults but try to twist everything to their gynocentric, feminist shit narrative.Get this, Most of my female family members (except 3) are with the typical type of male that most Black Women are attracted to. One cousin is a TOTAL ratchet fuck-up. She is a former 3 time(and yes I said 3)felon. All her boyfriends (including the one she lives with now) are ex-convicts & gang-members. Including the father of her daughter.

    This “Blood” gang member boyfriend is 25, gets high all day, sells weeds all day out their apartment, plays FortNite & Call of Duty All Day, and has no goals or ambition other than being a “Real Nigga”. And get this, she has her 10 year old child living with her and witnessing ALL this dysfunction. The alcohol abuse, the weed clouds all over the apartment, the miscellaneous & sketchy traffic, & the retarded “Hip-Hop Culture” unimportant negroid babble. The 2nd cousin had a child from a fling, then had another child 7 years later with one of those conspiracy theorist “Hotep” types.

    He has another child from a previous engagement with a lard ass, does drugs all day, and more (if not just as much) mental issues as my cousin does. My Aunt (as much as I adore her) is married to a former Weed Dealer who used to get Marijuana Shipped to his house in POUNDS and used to be a huge dealer in the Metro-Atlanta area while having two kids. Endangering himself and his families future. My other aunt was married to a drunk and a gambler who used to beat her like Apollo’s exhibition match vs. Drago & would not leave until she was almost damn near found dead.

    My mother (which was married to my father until he figured out what an unstable, dumb bitch she is) is still in a relationship with your typical Jamaican asshole “Rude Boy” stereotype. My father was the total opposite of him & could see why it did not work. This character, to say the least, was a coke dealer, drunk, and a homicidal maniac. The ONLY saving grace I had was a father who lived in the suburbs and showed me a life much different than the Newark,NJ shit hole I was accustomed to.

    Sorry for the long rant but do you see the pattern here?!? Then they wonder why we don’t associate nor make ourselves available to them. This is the Black Woman ideal mate & biological attraction. I’d rather be called a coon and sellout than have to deal with the fuckery and dysfunction. I promised myself I rather DIE ALONE than to EVER marry, let alone date these vampires. Coming from a family full of Black Female fuck-ups, I feel no sympathy nor empathy for your average Black Woman. They can go on their delusional shit tangents but everyone can see them for what they really are. And this is the reason why no-one in their right mind wants them or respects them.

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    • That’s everything I wanted to say . what mature responsible clear thinking man would want a fucked out baggage carrying old woman with a house full of kids that dont like him but black women will never be accused of being deep thinkers . a long time ago I had a friend that tried it and was later falsely accused of molesting the daughter I forgot how long it was before the girl confessed the truth meanwhile everybody was looking at dude sideways and we know child molesting it’s like rape once you’re accused you never live it down

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      • Knutz,

        The cheek, and we already know that over 90% of child abuse is carried out by mothers. Black women love fiddling with children but because of their state protected status, many a times they are able to pass under the radar which enables them to continue in the filth. More black men are clocking onto the fact that something is seriously wrong with the overwhelming majority of black women, hence the mass exodus that is currently taking place within black society as well as the mass rejection of black women by thinking black men.

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    • Ryan,

      Damn, you went in bro and rightly so, how can a group of women deal with the worst individuals within black male society yet still expect positive results to come from such unions???? As yourself, I and many others have stated time and time again, black women as a group are by far the dumbest women on the planet, if they aren’t dating criminals and believing something good can come of those relationships, they’re getting dicked down by church beast pastors, bishops, reverends and other members of the clergy. At this point they are a lost cause, the best decision a thinking black man can make is to cut them off.

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      • Verbs2015- You know the dumb cliche’ Black Women say. “All the Good Black Men are Gay, Dead, or in Jail”.
        Well…they should get off dating & escort sites and link up with their local county jail/prison inmate. Maybe they will be happy with that arrangement and shut the fuck up. That would fulfill their “All the Good Black Men are Gay, Dead, or in Jail” mantra.

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      • Ryan,

        This is it, the black female’s definition of a good black man falls into the following categories a dude who had a criminal record as long as his leg or a guy who is homosexual or effeminate. The black man who has his stuff together and works hard is labelled as a “lame”, make that make sense. Only in black society, smh.

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      • @Ryan
        “You know the dumb cliche’ Black Women say. “All the Good Black Men are Gay, Dead, or in Jail””
        The reality is that all of the Good BM are either dating out or avoiding BW, BW are slowly waking up to this reality and its making them furious.

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      • James S

        #TRUTH. As I’ve stated many times before, black women have brought this disaster upon themselves and at this point there is no way they can reverse the tide. Oh well, recompense is a dish best served cold.

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      • That’s a Freudian slip. The men who are gay, dead, or in jail are “good” to them because THEY DONT CHALLENGE THEIR AUTHORITY. They love those they can run and rule and who wont try to put sense into them.

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  2. *2nd thought* Notice ALL the women in these stories & mugshots are fugly as fuck. No Black Man with status, standards, or financial means would touch these women with a plastic dildo. These women fit the racist, minstrel-show description of how Black Women look like. Overweight, fugly looking, and masculine. Then they wonder why 90% of men overlook most of these funny looking fucks. Except the desperate, single mother raised cucks. It’s pretty bad when your that fucking ugly and you have to fuck a Gay/Bi-Sexual desperate inmate to feel wanted and appreciated. But look who were talking about.

    They same group who got fucked up by Asians and go back to their establishment despite the maleviolent treatment & abhorrent attitudes they recieved earlier a few weeks back.

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    • Ryan,

      I said in a previous post that we’re the only race where the men are more handsome than the women are pretty. Most of us black men, especially those of us who are on the ball, are actually dating down when we mess with black chicks. Look around your city if you don’t believe me. We can do better. Keep the wall up.


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      • Schadenfreude,

        Walking around the streets of London I would honestly have to agree with you, most black women here are weaved up to the hilt, wear 85 layers of make up, sport fake nails, literally roll down the streets being incredibly overweight and still believe that they are divas and queens, smh. Attractive non black females in the UK outweigh black women by so many miles nowadays it’s gotten to ridiculous levels.

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      • Pretty exhaustive reading list from our man Verbs. Too many incidents for it to just be random. If black women were confronted with this evidence, they’d go right into “Not all!” spin mode. Those prison jobs pay like $30 an hour, but let’s put our money and health at risk for raw, thug dick.

        Tommy once did a video of a JUDGE who provided a gun to a parolee she was messing with (he stood before her in court), who beat her up so she could claim she was robbed and collect the insurance money.

        Any incidents of white female prison guards doing the same? Inquiring minds want to know.

        How many incidents like this have to happen before they re-segregate prisoners and guards by sex?


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  3. what saved me in my youth was looking at how married men were treated in their home and then seeing how those females with multiple baby daddies didn’t give a damn about the kids thank goodness for child protection .preventive birth control is kryptonite to the black female and black people still aint figured out why we come in dead last in everything good , no advance society was meant to be lead by women

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  4. Greetings. I am requesting a special spotlight on an extremely evil woman who goes by the name of Rokisha Eloris Cutno/Grangenois.

    She is a black American scammer on the run for scamming so many people out of their money through her websites and apps Roots of Royals and BlackWealthU.

    This is the worst of the worst for black females. This is a woman who has preyed on the insecurities. There is no black community and there will NEVER be a black community. It is dead. It is forever rotten and spoiled.

    She peddled several programs such as Wife School and the Husband Summit.

    Most of the black women and males that are working with her are known to be criminals.

    These include the following via Facebook at this time.

    Criminals and those who join in their crimes and support their crimes that go to that house

    Lavon Bellamy and her baby daddy
    Keshia Anderson-ex house manager
    Joseph Anderson -ex house manager
    Rokisha Eloris Cutno -founder of and criminal. Plus her baby daddy
    Rai Jones and her 12 year old daughter
    Kwesi black-criminal deals in internet scams, crime online post people’s Drivers license and send a cyber threats
    Kwesi wife Abena Amore-post people’s names and addresses to threaten them and deals in tax evasion like the rest
    Antjuan White head-on wrap sheet deals in drugs New engagement house manager along with his baby momma tiffany whitehead
    Walladah Muhammad-commuting crime stealing money we have the proof tax evasion.
    Periz Jackson- convicted of animal cruelty, she is also still committing crimes, stealing money and tax evasion
    Ajani- commuting the same crime
    Candice Colbert- committing crimes dealing in misrepresenting business to con people out of their money
    Tam lka- their newest recruit for their crimes
    Maya Hodges- committing the same crimes
    Sylvia D Jones- tax evasion and committing the same crimes
    E Darlene Jones- committing the same crimes
    Tara Moore- committing the same crimes
    Sean Michael francone- committing the same crimes
    April O Okpo- committing the same crimes
    Dainiell E Rose- committing the same crimes

    Unfortunately it does seem like countless black women fell for this scheme (who could blame them when they know they are worth more dead than in existence?)

    But under the circumstances regardless, there needs to be a spotlight on the criminal illegal enterprises that are called Roots of Royals and BlackWealthU

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    • Dude…this is SYSBM. We ain’t saving shit over here. With these Black Bitches, they are on there OWN!!! WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!! We are having a hard enough time with a “liberal”, feminist, gynocentric, anti-intelligent Black Male society. Go over to Dr. Umar Johnson or another Faux-Pan Africanist with that fuckery. As far as we are concerned, those bitches can drown and die with the rest of them. You are at the wrong place seeking asylum and a “safety-net” for these useless whores.

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      • P.S.-We are not engaging Black Male Simp Cuckery here. The same men that fell for that shit are probably just as dumb as the women they are with. I don’t feel sorry for them either. Your typical Black Male who “loves” Black Women are the your Mangina, Male-Feminist Cuck who is control and lead by his women. Fuck them and their “BLACK WOMAN IS GOD” nonsense. Please leave because we no longer care for the undesirables in Black Culture period.

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      • Please re read my entire post. I never asked for anyone to be saved within that group. I did ask for a spotlight on this person because this is an international illegal trafficking ring.

        If you wanted to know the evil bounds black women are capable of, this is as big as it gets.

        You’ve done articles on the crimes of black women but in localized areas.

        This is an international ring.

        It warrants an article.

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    • I don’t know much about her business dealings, but I’ve read Ro Cutno’s book “Man Leads” and I thought it was pretty good. Basically, her philosophy is women in western society have become too masculine and that men need to be the leaders of their households. I see nothing wrong with that.

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    • >I’m not going to pay full price for a used car.

      Especially one with a busted, rusted body and all kinds of chassis rot.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  5. As a “educated lame” “oreo” I refuse to be the clean up man. Black women need to learn actions have consequences you make your bed you lie in it. SYSBM and Mgtow is the black man only options!

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  7. This is like loving fast food and then saying “why can’t i find a healthy meal?”

    Cuz you only hi yo McDonald’s!!!

    The fact that they will literally go to these jobs for some thug dick says it all. How desperate and pathetic can you be to have to sink to that level for attention?

    Black women are feeling the pain, it’s all getting to them now. As I mentioned before, black men even in my small town are already known for not dealing with black women. The day of reckoning is here. Prepare to be bred into extinction.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They’ll never look at and examine themselves as possibly being the problem, nope, it’s always the fault of an outside source ie black men. Well, more and more black men are giving these sirens a wide berth, hence why the “blame the black man” racket is finally coming to a close. Since they love criminals so much they in turn shall go to the grave with them.

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      • > Well, more and more black men are giving these sirens a wide berth

        Especially the sirens of the wide-body variety, due to the fact that they occupy the lions share of land mass.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • “Black women are feeling the pain”
      Yep, I saw a BW wearing a shirt that said “Black Women are for Adults”. lol
      Shaming and begging for a date all rolled into one phrase,

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      • Black women are for dumbasses, that’s what the shirt should say. No man with a sense of intelligence and self worth would mess with these whores.


  8. I had some young ass BW come up to my car and ask for cold water, if I needed company and if I had money all of which was met with a hard NO. She moved on but this is something we will see more of. I’m NOT helping these whores. I’ve had it with these bastards and single mothers who sold the “community” out. But my greatest anger is for the simp, because they put the goal of obtaining pussy over correcting this out of control female in their midst. All degenerate and unproductive negros can eat shit for all I care. The deification of this abominable women is why I dont get upset when one of these simps dies defending these whores. Simping has no benefits in 2018…and if simping gets your dumbass out the gene pool? Good.

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    • Autodidact,

      Again, we have to refer back to the recent happenings at Jun’s beauty supply store, as a result there are many more black men who have joined our ranks in watching these whores burn as opposed to giving them a helping hand. You don’t save single mothers, you must leave them to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures as this will serve as a cautionary tale to childless women and on the whole deter them from walking down the same path of calamity.

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    • Autodidact,

      Agreed DO NOT help any black woman under any circumstances, as proven by the recent Asian hair store video black women will turn on you quicker then a Russian spy.

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  9. When black women open their legs to the most unproductive, wasteful and unwanted dregs you can find in society and then complain to black men about how it’s their (black men’s) problem like the state-worshiping house n…..s who can’t even bother to free themselves from the rotting socialist plantation yet try to regain their so-called ‘d…k monopoly’ (which never existed lol) and their NaZi (Inter[National) Socialist Zionist) masters these b….s love so much when the results hit them (black women) like the impact some sort of space-based orbital platform’s projectile when it hits earth, and the so-called ‘community’ stands back and lets it happen, you know that this must be the beginning of the end. Screw black b….s and the statist Stalinist house n…..s they love so much, they can keep the rotting socialist plantation and the misery that come with it, while we thinking black men scoop up feminine, submissive non-black Empresses and watch both groups reek with rage while laughing our butts off at them both for their rank stupidity, ignorance and gross arrogance that has come to bite them back in the ass. All hail SYSBM, and God bless Verbs.

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  10. I generally avoid all shebeasts regardless of race heavily into hiphop thug culture.. Now I listen to hiphop but that’s where it ends entertainment value.. Females and males who live it esp blkwomen I avoid like a plaque. As a classic blkman I now am proud of who I am I had identity crisis growing being a classic bm I went the route of trying to be hard dressing rough just to date these beasts after a while I just couldn’t keep lying to my self the classic guy kept coming up.spending college money on Jordan’s, durags and acting hard crap like that I look back like wtf were you thinking just to get with these dogs.I went back to wearing vans and Chuck Taylors sometimes they laughed I been called gay too by the thugs
    but I now attract nice intellectual Asian women so idgaf really. These shedogs blkwomen put you in situations where you face jailtime you eventually become the thugs they wanted sorta like getting assimilated like the Borg’s.

    Save your self’s bm.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      Don’t feel bad bro. I did the same foolishness briefly in my younger years too. Although I was never quite able to fool them (or myself for that matter). I did try however. Sadly, I was tough enough to fit in to a certain degree and can still walk around the toughest hoods without any problems. Sadly because I still carry that ebonics twang in my voice which serves a classic black man NO benefits when he is making a first impression to non hood denizens.

      I ALWAYS felt completely foolish though. So I stopped trying to fit in early on, and learned to enjoy being a loner and unique. But I paid the price by not learning to make friends easily, as I didn’t come into regular contact with other races until later in life.

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  11. Black bitches loving thug dick goes together like fleas on shit, figuratively and literally. They’ll ruin their entire lives for some thug dick. It’s pathetic.

    I am at my weekend hellhole, and I’m about to lose it here. Between two she beasts (they’re sisters which is all sorts of gross) having a threesome with some black dude who looked like a retarded chief keef, who got into a fight after the fact and stayed in the room well after the dude left their useless asses, to a hairhatted manly looking black bitch who was bigger than me (I’m not a small dude 5’11 stocky but muscular build) yelling st me for no reason and on the phone with some simp who was trying to apologize to her for who knows what, I’ve had my fill of black whores. I have more than enough reasons just by working here to never entertain the thought of dealing with theses beasts other than work related. I cannot stress enough how much I hate most black whores. As someone previously commented, I’d rather die alone before I got with any one of them.

    Another instance, Karen (the winery chick who resembles Olivia Holt) came to bring me lunch and chat a little. The nasty looks we got from these silverback gorillas was priceless 😂😂😂. Their weaves damn near caught on fire when she kissed me, then drovr off in her fully loaded Audi. They came in and try to tell l me how I need to get me a sister, she’s just using me for dick, her friends and family are racist (friends, dad and older sister all like me a lot. mom passed years ago), yo mamma black, you name it. Basically every excuse under the sun. Why on earth would I ever want to go deal with a black bitch again in this day and age?

    Be prepared for every shaming tactic, every dirty look, and even violence headed your way as the wall continues to build.

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    • Did the water buffaloes say all that with a lead water-influenced lisp?

      “yo momma blek” “yuh needs uh sustr” “dems wayciss” etc…

      Keep it up Stephen! #SYSBM for Life

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  12. What’s your definition of the classic black man?
    I know there’s different types but it would help if you could define them. I know about the obvious ones thug, smart types etc….
    Is the classic black man the same as the smart type?


    • Classic bm are bm WhO can think for themselves outside the box of the degenerate sections the blackistan republic.@jon. Eg childish gambino or 50cent whos a more out the box thinker? When you do things considered unblack youre called lame by the beasts thus most young blkmen are forced into thug personas so they don’t get ridiculed. Depending on where you grew up.obviously if you grew up amongst shebeasts and you have a different views on life you’re in trouble.

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      • Thank you for answering this as I’ve heard many interpretations of this. Amongst my generation in the UK this is rare to find unfortunately. I just wanted a clear definition. I’m lucky to have grown up in the suburbs and not in the inner city.

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  13. Is it weird? That I don’t find women attractive in Africa but I prefer Black or light skin women.


  14. Anyone see Serena Williams meltdown and go into full on crazy black woman mode at the US open tennis tournament? In classic black woman fashion when she saw things weren’t going her way, and she was going to lose, she throws a tantrum and blames everyone and everything around her for her failings.
    Of course she has to slam and break her tennis racket, basically verbally abuse the umpire, and try claim there is sexism going on, as if that’s the reason she lost.
    And you still have black men calling Serena Williams, who looks like a gorilla on steroids, beautiful and a ‘black queen’.

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  15. Alex C, obviously any sane man would be with the half black/half Japanese female.
    During the trophy presentation, which was supposed to be Osaka’s moment to get her just due, Serena the gorilla had to make it all about her.
    Osaka was actually in years, all because the demonic, narcissistic, entitled, arrogant, loser Serena Williams couldn’t handle losing to a clearly superior opponent.
    Serena Williams simply needs to go away. She’s getting older, and she’s not as great as she used to be.
    Serena probably will get stronger steroids and be back to her normal self. What a disgrace she (he) is.

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    • FreeBlackMan,

      I’m glad that the white girl unloaded some blows on that wide load cruise ship, its about time these black sirens got put in their place. That water buffalo probably thought that she could beat the white girl with ease, hence why she was eager to instigate trouble, however she quickly got put back in her place. The white girl had more fire in her chest. Another L for the black witch, personally delivered by the hand of Haley.

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