59 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. UPDATE: After the shaming picture of geoffrey owens was release on social media tyler Perry offered him a role in a new movie he’s making.

    So dumb black bitch who try to shame him HOLD THIS L:)

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    • Alex C,

      Notice how it is another black man who has given him a break, these black witches would simply be content watching Owens wallow in the shame that they created for him. Yet another reason why black women must be abandoned and avoided at all costs, they’d prefer to shame a black man as opposed to supporting and lifting him up.

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      • Bang on the mark, Verbs. The loudmouth Ava DuVernay, Hollywood’s poster child for “diversity” in the directorial ranks, who never met a camera or microphone she didn’t like, was strangely silent on Geoffrey. As you rightly point out, it took another black man to give him a break. So glad “A Wrinkle in Time” bombed.

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    • Initially, Geoffrey Owens was so devastated by the pictures that he quit his trader joe’s job. But then he was encouraged by the positive feedback of people supporting after his picture went viral. He was interviewed on Good Morning America.

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    • What are your guys thoughts on the following:

      1) Nike and the whole Kaepernick thing?

      2) The school Lebron opened up in his hometown?

      Been meaning to ask these things… Lemme know

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    • Not surprised it was 2 black bull dykes who tried to shame. As hateful as straight black women are toward black men, their lesbian counterparts are 10 times worse. Black lesbians hate black men because they’ll never have what black men have. A penis.

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  2. Hollywoods latest “masterpiece”, a movie about a BW falling in love with a Nazi in WW2 era Germany. Theres no doubt that the swirling sisterhood will sell this movie out and push it towards the top of the charts.

    Im sure the Black sisterhood of hypocrisy will support this movie the same way they supported Scandal, Loving, Chewing Gum,etc. or any other movie/show that satisfies their swirling fantasy. These same women would boycott Michael B. Jordan or any other black male actor because they saw them IN THE PRESENCE of a white or any non-black woman.

    I wonder if BW will boycott Amandla Stenberg the same way they tried to boycott Michael B.? Nope, doubt it, they will simply sell this movie out and then go home and watch Scandal reruns.


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    • SunGodRa,

      Lol, selling out this movie at the box office will not help these delinquent heifers in the real world when it comes down to dating and mating. I believe Afrofuturism1 did a video about that particular film a while back but of course the black witch’s coven flagged it down. It amazes me how black women somehow believe that watching swirling in a movie or a television show will somehow help them snag a white man in the real world, smh.

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    • Black women say: THAT NAZI KISS WAS FOR ALL OF US !!! WE ARE THE MOST UNDESIRED OF ALL WOMEN, BUT THE NAZI GUY CHOSE ONE OF US !!! [Borrowed, in part, from an actual response about Meghan Markle]

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    • I understand that Amandla Stenberg is a lesbian. Another major “L” for black women because she will not marry a white prince.

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      • Greg, cute women like Amandla are situational or “lipstick” lesbians. As soon as she’s ready for kids and a home life, she’ll stumble across a male simp provider. The reason real, mannish dykes are always so hateful and frustrated is because the cute ones always leave them for penis.

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      • Schadenfreude — Good point about lipstick lesbians. Lookup the name DIVINI RAE. Divini Rae is a former Playboy Playmate with a lesbian lifestyle. She appeared in many lesbian porn movies. Rae then proclaimed herself bi-sexual. After age 30, and with her body losing some sexual appeal, she found herself a Chinese-American male simp to provide for her. She produced some kids to seal the deal.

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  3. I meant to start a new thread, oh well. I’ll ask again.

    What are your thoughts on the following:

    1) The Nike and Kaepernick thing going on?

    2) The school Lebron built in his hometown?

    Lemme know.


    • Couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Mere bread and circus distractions. Nike getting involved with Kapernick tells you already that some pre-planned bullshit is going on.

      On LeBron? Well at least he did what that fucking charlatan Umar Gerbil Face continues to avoid doing in the name of collecting hos and dollars,

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    • Personally, with the Nike thing I think people are too plugged into the matrix to realize what is going on around them. To me, both sides are in the wrong. Black people are going to support Kaepernick on some SJW type & Black Lives Matter BS, and white people are going to shout patriotism while the USA continues to take away their rights and freedoms away & a man is one #metoo accusation away from losing everything. Somehow, Americans fall for the bait everytime.

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    • 1.) Don’t care. Don’t even like sports or nike. Nike is using him to make money.He wants and ensorsement deal from nike to make money. The end. People don’t want protesting in their football games so expect people to start burning shoes and more football uniforms.

      2.) His hearts in the right place but it will fail. You can take the richest private school in american and have all the black kids in the hoos go there and tbey will still fail because the problem is the culture. You need 2 parent households to build a strong community. Not one rich guy dumping millions into the hood out of guilt/virtue signaling.

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      • I agree 100 I wonder how long till the negros trash the school. Rich Black folks don’t owe the community the world doesn’t owe you anything. Giving charity to people makes them depended let the black community burn! MGTOW and SYSBM is the only black mans option.

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      • Yours Truly,

        Absolutely, you nailed it especially on point 2. It’s the reason why Nigerian kids come to the UK/USA and absolutely demolish African American and Afro-Caribbeans in all the standardised testing.

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    • My thoughts on those issues???

      1) Don’t care
      2) Could care less

      Those are issues that concern men that are still within the “community”.

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  4. So I overheard some black queens at my job stating that, to their chagrin, “Most deez Cleveland niggas date whiet wimmenz!!!”.

    Now keep in mind that Cleveland (NOT Cleveland, Ohio, btw) is a SMALL town, a podunk blip on the radar. If the black men in small SOUTHERN towns no less are through with black women, you think they will continue to deal with them in the cities where they are exposed to several other groups?

    Game. Set. Match!

    Oh what a tangled weave you wear!

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    • YET ANOTHER REASON why you should leave the ‘community” behind.
      If you’re with a WHITE WOMEN and you’re in a black club, and a bulldyke pushes up on your woman, you could be shamed for defending her from the lezzbo. Low black people love seeing kitty lickers do their thing and you are wrong in not letting her have her fun.

      by comparison,

      If you are in a white club and the same thing happened, no one would bat an eye if you were to punch the black dyke in her eye. The feeling would be, if you want to act like a man, then you will be treated like one.

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  5. Gentlemen,

    By the way our other resident pro black simp Stop Cooning has decided to return, thought he would be slick leaving his silly comments on the last Penny Claps back article because there is little to no activity on it.

    Remember him, the dumb Negro who failed to implement SYSBM properly and is now back on the proverbial plantation trying to shame other black men into returning there as well?


      • Michel,

        Yep, that’s him. You’d think he would’ve at least learned something from the episode at Jun’s beauty supply, however as we’ve stated many times before, most of these simps are going to have to learn their lessons the hard way.


  6. Verbs2015,

    Weave,Wigs,Perm,& Skin bleaching,lightening INDUSTRY
    Is about 3-4,billion each year for each one of them.

    I got a question for u,what do think black women will do if the women they worship dissapear from the planet earth ? Do u think that they would go natural,or that they would go for the next step,stealing HORSE HAIR ?

    Do u know that,African Women & African American Women spend if it’s not,quite the same amount of money on weave or skin lightening,skin bleaching,each year.
    Also majority of these beauty store are own by asians,mostly Korean,or chinese,indian or white people.

    Guess whose not spending Billion on NATURAL HAIR ? Yes that’s right u guess it.


    It would be really good to have some kind of dictator in African countries,who will put in jail every women who try to buy stuff like this.

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  7. I’m not a fan of Tucker Carlson, but he did a good job in this monologue on single motherhood:

    Tucker illustrated what many brothers have said on here before, with a 70%+ OOW birth rate the black children who are fortunate enough to be raised in a married 2 parent household with their father will be the new elite (educated, disciplined, financially stable) of black society.

    He also did a good job of illustrating how and why democrats pander to single moms and are scared to talk about the damage that single motherhood has done and promote marriage.

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    • I’m forever grateful how i was raised in a two parent home mum and Dad. Which is fairly uncommon in the black British Community these days. I tell you one thing my black friends who were raised by single mothers are fucked up!

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  8. I’m on day 92 of no fap I looked at porn for 30 minutes I didn’t fap does that count as a relapse? I hoe when I have sex I hope my brain isn’t fried


    • Black British Guy,

      I don’t even know why you would do that, the whole point of weaning yourself off the porn is so that you can establish a normal sex life. You’re only tempting fate and injuring yourself by returning to it, porn is a dead end road.


    • That’s not technically a relapse. An actual relapse would be watching porn and masturbating to orgasm. That’s why the acronym PMO is useful. You need all 3 – Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm – to re-wire the brain, because it’s at the point of orgasm that dopamine is released. But you are tempting fate. Don’t even look at porn. That’s like a recovering alcoholic going to a bar and having water. Don’t kid yourself. Sooner or later you’re gonna crack.

      By the way…congrats on making it to 92 days. I’m only on Day 4 after deciding to really dedicate myself to NoFap with the goal of cutting, not just porn, but all types of sexual images from my life, including the thots on Instagram and Facebook. You can’t truly be SYSBM or MGTOW or a thinking man if you’re being controlled by your sexual urges, in my opinion. And we have a mainstream media in America that wants to simultaneously arouse sexual desire in men while shaming us for having desires in the first place. It’s another way for the powers-that-be to keep us enslaved to the system.

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      • I don’t count it as a relapse. Still I have good will power because I made to day 90 on the first attempt. I will do another month of no fap to make sure porn induced erections dysfunction is cured . I’m getting a bit sexual frustrated I need to bust a nut

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      • Black British Guy,

        Don’t wait any longer. You need to implement sex as soon as possible. A lot of guys make the mistake of refraining from jacking off but then they don’t bring in the sex as the normal replacement at the same time, this is where a lot of relapses occur. You’re supposed to be busting a nut regularly, however with a woman, not with your hand.


    • Jon,

      As per usual it is due to a lack of fathers in the home. When black folks first came over the UK during the Windrush era, we never had these issue of mindless violence amongst the youth, however as with the US when the UK government implemented the same fatherless home welfare policies this is when things began to slide downhill rapidly.

      I guarantee you that the mother neglected her son and never paid much attention to him, this is one of the primary reasons why these guys are drawn into the gang lifestyle, as far as they see it the members of the gang are showing them love where their mothers did not.


  9. Dear verbs2015,
    Brother u need to see this one

    go directly at 28:00,U will notice that they are at least 2 black men who were note affraid to tell the truth about black women concerining interracial.

    They talk about how white women or non black women are easier to maintain and less expansive for successfull black men.

    No lie detect heres,

    Black women and the panel have lost their shit,when these brother talk about ww bein more submissive to black men,and bein morr docile.

    Then u got the same talking point about ”I’m a strong black women” U are weak because u prefer ”docile submissive women” ”Ur mama black”

    U will notice how it’s again the 2 dark skin women who are the less feminine,and most combative, delusional and arrogant.
    The half breed is the more feminine.

    Don’t forget that in their head ”white men treat them better than black men” but statiscally speaking they don’t marry them like that.
    It’s funny how they want u to heard that white men treat them better,but cannot accept the fact tha white women are more docile to black men less attitude docile etc…,the HYPOCRISY SMH.

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    • I watched only a few minutes from the 28:00 mark. That’s all I could stomach. I’m at a point where I’m tired of even having the discussion. I don’t care what black women think. I don’t care what pro-blacks think. I don’t care what white people think. I’m gonna be with who I wanna be with. Period. And 10 times outta 10, that will be a non-black woman.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      The facts are in, however black women are still trying to argue against them. As commenter James S said previously, it’s all about building and fortifying the wall at this point, all of these back and forth talks with black women as you can see go absolutely nowhere because they simply want to continue blaming us for the calamities they have brought upon themselves with their own hands, bottom line.

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  10. The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, SIMPistan and Cuckistan) aren’t happy campers today since their standard bearer lost the U.S. Open:


    Osaka’s father is a Haitian who didn’t re-invest in the BS known as “the community” and went SYSBM long ago. Now his daughter is a U.S. Open Tennis Champion.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  11. So glad someone mentioned Serena Williams at the US open. She flipped out and went into full on crazy black woman mode when she realized she was losing. Of course she had to steal the spotlight from the rightful winner, because like most black women Serena Williams is a mentally ill, attention hungry lunatic.

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  12. Verbs,This is another proof about what all of us have been said.


    The truth is located at 4:00
    This girl say that she date the street over the successful black men because,the hood black man don’t have option,so he gonna take her without expecting much thing other than sex,whereas the successful would tell her to bring more to the table because of all OPTIONS he has.

    Also to quote a brother from the coli who was perfectly on point,

    “They want a hood nikka with no options that depends on them because he has no where else to go…

    They can treat the hood nikka however they please and there is nothing he can do about it because the woman is the boss in that relationship”

    This goes on to prove how black women tend to reject bein femine or submissive.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      These black women are stupid as hell, the “good guy” is called that because he treats women good, he also knows his worth, that is the problem that girl has with the “good guys”. They won’t tolerate any nonsense she brings to the table. And you’ll notice that it is predominantly these weave wearing, busted down broads who have the biggest mouths and the most to say about anything.

      This is one of many reasons why I abandoned these heifers to begin with, they exhibit no logic nor common sense when it comes down to choosing a mate. Her confession also goes to confirm the epidemic of mental illness that is plaguing black female society.

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