Black Female Goes Ultra Primal Roadside – Black Male Simp Attempts To Take Advantage


Here we have yet another example of a black woman feeling that she has the right to destroy another persons property with impunity. This is where I have to agree with the techniques East Asian beauty supply and nail shop owners use in dealing with dysfunctional black females, if they attempt to destroy, disrespect, steal your property or attempt to abscond from paying for services rendered then they must be beaten upside the head as this seems to be the only language that black women understand.

Jun’s Beauty supply has given us the most efficient and viable blueprint in how to deal with these black sirens whenever they choose to step out of line and engage in unnecessary violence. This heifer decided to use a car jack to smash the side window and the wing mirror of what I believe is a bus all over what seems to be a minor roadside disagreement. How is busting out somebody’s window rectifying the problem at hand, answer, IT ISN’T.

I’ll lay this out on the table plain as day, if this termagant had tried this with me she would’ve been neutralised immediately as I do not and will not accept my property being damaged unnecessarily. However, this is the problem right here, very few folks outside of decent black men, East Asians, J Boogie and Lil Cheezy will put these women straight whenever they get out of hand, notice how nobody really came to stop this witch from engaging in further buffoonery.

The older white man in the blue shirt attempted to stand in front of her car, however that was a very stupid idea as we already know that one of the modern day black female’s favourite weapons is the automobile, she won’t hesitate to run him over as we clearly saw in the clip. The guy was lucky to have come away with some minor cuts and bruising as this could’ve ended a lot worse.

Now we get to the part that really ticked me off, when she attempted to run over the guy the first time, the man filming on the bus gets off and tries to stop her from engaging in further recklessness and guess who just happens to come up on the scene attempting to defend this witch while trying to get his weak groove on calling this devil “baby girl”, that’s right, the pro black simp. What makes me laugh is despite all of his slick talk she still curbed and ignored his backside.

You’ll notice how the simp didn’t attempt to stop her from running amuck until another man stepped up to the plate. Then all of a sudden this dude decides to throw on his freshly starched cape talking about “she aight, she aight, you ain’t gotta put your hands on her” and at the same time chasing her around like a dog in heat. Like the guy recording rightly stated, she just tried to run the old guy over, the simp in the white shirt and grey shorts looked pathetic.

About the smartest thing this simp did was reprimanding the old guy for jumping on the car in his attempts to stop her running from the scene. I guessing that the black witch didn’t want to hang around any longer after her destructive rampage, hence why she was so desperate to get away and the simp facilitated her escape. I’m sure the simp is very proud of himself for that.

To be honest, as soon as she tried to run the older guy over the first time she should’ve been apprehended and restrained there and then as in the US that would now be classed as vehicular assault, the irony is if it was a man who tried to do the same that is exactly what would’ve happened. This “let off the hook, benefit of the doubt” standard we give to women has to end, especially when dealing with violent devils like this chick as people’s lives are now at stake.

This is yet another video illustrating the epidemic of simps that at the behest of the Negro witch have swarmed black society and are willing to step up and stand in the gap for their queens, including facilitating their escape from vandalising another vehicle on the road, something the black woman was directly involved in. Brothers, please do not hesitate to swiftly put these ultra simps back into line if they ever attempt to stop you from handing out righteous justice to a violent, dysfunctional black female.

The good news is from what I read on the Facebook post, that violent Jezebel has now been arrested and is currently in police custody. Again, this case of primal rage does no favours whatsoever for the image and reputation of modern day black woman, the above video will simply be logged as yet another valuable nugget of evidence demonstrating just how angry and violent your average garden variety black female actually is and why more and more black men are choosing to give black women a wide berth. Gentlemen, we continue building and fortifying the wall. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Holding Black Women Accountable Without Fail And Putting Simps Back In Their Place

Most High Bless

53 thoughts on “Black Female Goes Ultra Primal Roadside – Black Male Simp Attempts To Take Advantage

  1. Yep. These are the queans the hoteps, pro-blacks and SIMPs want thinking black men to wife up, eh?


    I foresee many more SIMP carcasses strewn about as they get ROASTED to a lump of charcoal at the hands of the Dragon Quean!

    The Wall keeps getting higher!

    SYSBM until the wheels fall off!

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  3. Soon, real soon, black women are going to get their asses kicked by non black men and non black women. The Asian store owners later the foundation down and noticed how black women dont press charges against non black men.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Yes sir, well observed, these sirens only reserve calling upon the long arm of the law for black men, smh, and these simps are still pursuing these women at such high rates but getting nothing in return mind you.

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  4. If this was a black man, he would have been attacked by black women and white men. Notice you don’t hear a lot about this from black women on social media.

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    • Ever since the Asian hair weave story broke BW have either gone silent or are in damage control mode from what I’ve seen. BM have been highly scrutinized for decades in this country and BW always got a pass, until now………

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      • James S,

        Black women need to hire PR specialists because what they did at Jun’s beauty supply has to be one of the worst moves they’ve pulled in a long time. A lot of eyes have been opened from that event, especially black men who were still on the fence. This is why I stated before that black women are really on their own now.

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  5. I saw this story last week, the country is slowly starting to wake up to the root of dysfunction in the black community, BW. These young boys don’t grow up into useless bums and violent thugs on their own, they learn it from their hoodrat single mothers.

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  6. PBT has been going off on twitter about the BW lined up outside the weave store in spite of the BM protest:

    It’s a good time to be sysbm, keep the Wall up, an increasing amount of BW will be trying to crawl over it in the coming days. Good BM are leaving and Non-BM don’t want them, BW are about to experience Isaiah 4:1 in one way or another. I think many of them know this which is why they are trying to normalize being a “side chick”.

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      • Sage Highwayman,

        He’s a fool dick policing for a group of women who have already sunk into the gutter, black women are a lost cause a dudes like Black Truth need to simply accept the writing on the wall instead of trying his hardest to shame black men into unifying with defective beyond repair goods.

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      • British Black Guy,

        The problem with Professor Black Truth and Jason Black is they still believe that there is hope for the black witch, they believe that black women have room to change, however nothing could be further from the truth. Black women as a group are finished and attempting to look out for them or believing deep down that eventually they will see the light of day and change for the better at this stage is a fool’s errand.

        Dick policing is not acceptable under any circumstances, if anything these recent events at Jun’s Beauty supply have clearly shown us that even when black men choose to step up to the front lines, protest for and support black women, the sisterhood of failure will still turn around, spit in our faces and side with a group of men who will bust them up side the head and take their money in exchange for dead hair.

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      • Yeah. I used to listen to him all the time. I still recommend his talks on the truth about white crime and how the media refuses to accurately report it.

        But he and Jason Black who I believe are really brothers(listen to how similar their voices sound!), have fallen out of favor with me. At this point in the game anyone who cannot see how purposeful black womens fuckery is, is being willfully dishonest with themselves.

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    • James S,

      Those black witches who attempt to scale the wall will receive a full range of cannonballs straight to their chests, the wall is and will continue to remain undefeated.

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  7. Wow, the hits keep coming non-stop. Brother Verbs can barely keep up, these out-of-control BW keep giving him loads of fresh material. James S said it, “It’s a good time to be SYSBM.” Indeed!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      The war chest is already brimming over with so much evidence and data, you’re right, I can’t keep up with it all, this is why we need more Verbs, more Obsidians, more Jointrons, more Kid Organics, more Kirigakure Jones, more GW3 Extremes, more Sigma Jones’ more MBDs, just more good wholesome thinking black men documenting and exposing black female skullduggery. SYSBM is the best place for the thinking black man to be in right now, James S isn’t lying on that one.

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  8. As usual black women are so used to doing anything they want to that when things don’t go their way they lose control and attempt to destroy everything around them. Of course the black Simp has zero ability to control his animal-like companion. What man in his right mind would EVER be involved with such a beast? Oh yeah, your typical brain dead, pussy worshiping, weak minded black man.
    Lastly, I’m almost positive that that black woman is a mother. And we wonder why the average black young person behaves like an overly emotional, mentally ill, violent lunatic. And these pro black morons are still talking about white people and alleged white supremacy as the main problem facing black people. Unbelievable.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Haven’t we been stating for the longest that these simps are worse than the women because they enable them to continue in their dysfunction? The chick wasn’t even attractive yet this guy was still pining after her as if she was a quality catch. As you’ve stated many times before, most black men have no standards when it comes down to the type of women they are willing to sleep with, too many are rolling around with this “any cooch will do” mentality.


    • >”If we can turn black America around, it would be the greatest and best immortalization we could properly give to her for what she did for black America and the world when she lived.”

      The system-backed matriarchy will never allow this. For thinking black men, SYSBM is the correct path to freedom, happiness and prosperity. Anything else is just a pipe dream.

      The Wall keeps getting higher.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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      I must of missed this dealing with so many other stories and accounts, I just can’t keep up these days. I really don’t see anything wrong with what the pastor said, the problem is the so called black community is fully of people with itching ears who can no longer handle the truth and things have been created that way by the black witch herself in conjunction the state and these wizards behind the pulpit.

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      • True. F..k the state sponsored, so-called, fascist ‘matriarchy’ that is the black ‘community’, the Neo-Nazi SIMPS that help support, and were instrumental in its creation and the statist house n….s who are getting upset and throwing tantrums because we thinking black men left the rotting socialist plantation, and are grabbing beautiful, submissive and FEMININE, non black empresses left right and center these days! God bless and ALL HAIL SYSBM!

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      • Anton Nikolaev,

        Think back to the days when black men never had a platform or an avenue to get their side of the story across. Now compare those days to today. The internet has literally been the thinking black man’s salvation along side the passport. As Thebackhandofreality continues to state, SYSBM till the wheels fall off.

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  9. I’m on day 90 of no fap time flies. I’m going to try having sex this month hopeful my porn induced erections dysfunction hopefully is cured. 🙏 I have never managed to cum through sex or sustain the erection. I have only had sex twice and I’m 23

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    • Black British Guy,

      That is the trade off of regular porn use that the porn industry doesn’t bother to tell folks about, an impeded sex life and difficulty in ejaculating. You should count yourself fortunate, so many dudes now suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of watching porn on a regular basis, in real life they can’t even get it up when the rubber meets the road.


  10. Black women do nothing but destroy, and when they try to come off s motherly or feminine, it’s like a gorilla painting a bunch of brushstrokes and it’s handlers calling it “art”.

    These chicks offer nothing but destruction, and the world is becoming more open in admitting it.

    Verbs once said that the best thing these chicks could do is kill themselves, and that’s honestly true. It will be a mercy kill compared to the curb stomp ass kicking awaitinf then at the hands of EVERYONE, especially white daddy.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I had a black witch yet again comment on the David Carroll classic Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women video on my Youtube channel, talking about how the best thing black women can do is either have abortions or get with white men and have mixed children, that way black men will never be born. I had to remind this feral miscreant that it is typical for black women to make innocent children suffer as a result of the countless stupid decisions they themselves continue to make and that since it is them who choose to open their legs to the dregs and the scum of black male society, black women ought to doing everybody else a favour and offing themselves first instead of aborting innocent children.

      On top of this I had to remind the witch that white and other non black men simply aren’t checking for black women like that. I’m glad that the world is finally seeing which group of individuals are the root cause of the problems within black society, this is a time of reckoning that is long overdue.

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  11. Black lesbian couple photograph and shame former Cosby show actor for having a day job as a cashier:

    “Wow, all those years of doing the show and you ended up as a cashier.”‘Other fans would be surprised for sure as well.’

    No, we wouldn’t be surprised, most actors don’t go on to make millions and be rich, that’s just common sense. Also, Men actually have to work if we want to eat and have a place to stay, unlike females who can just spread their legs, squat out bastard kids, and live off the government.

    Thankfully other actors came to his defense:

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    • I tried to look up the witch who outed Geoffrey Owens (Karma Lawrence) but couldn’t find anything on her. Somehow I KNEW it was a black bitch and lo and behold, I was correct. And a disgusting bulldyke stud as well, why am I not surprised. Have you noticed that we as black men are more handsome than black women are pretty? Black, ghetto bitches are the complete bottom of the barrel. Leave Elvin alone and let him work his job. All blessings to Mr. Owens.

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    • James S,

      Dusty looking pair of coarse looking beasts they are too, they will not be missed. I wonder if I’d be wrong for taking a wild stab in the dark by stating that a black witch is probably the reason why Geoffrey Owens is working in Trader Joes right now. Just looking at those two is it any wonder why SYSBM is increasing in leaps and bounds?

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  12. So glad someone brought up the Geoffrey Owens story. Only black women are actually stupid enough to not only attempt to shame a man for earning an honest living, but photograph the man while he is working, and sell the story to a media outlet.
    Black women simply can’t mind their own business. Black women are in a perpetual state of gossip, non stop talking, and simply being their naturally demonic selves. How many thousands of non black women have entered that store, saw Geoffrey Owens working, and went about their business? But of course it’s a black dyke, who believes she’s a man, who has to be the one to cause an ‘issue’, when their is no issue.
    Black women are a walking, talking, breathing problem. Don’t ever forget that.

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    • Bill Smith,

      This is simply yet another piece of evidence for the archives demonstrating the disdain, hatred and lack of support the overwhelming majority of black women display towards black men. See how these heifers simply cannot allow a black man to live and let live?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs2015, this is one of the main problems with black women. Black women simply cannot leave black men alone and allow them to live life. Black women have become so used to having power over black men that they really believe they are the overseers and masters of black of black men. Black women believe they have to interject themselves into EVERYTHING that black men do, say, and think.
        In addition black women can’t seem to ever shut up. Black women always feel they have the answers to everything, especially when it involves black men. Black women believe they must give their opinion about everything under the sun every 5 seconds, not understanding that they know nothing, and nobody asked for nor wants to hear black women’s opinion regarding anything.
        But as usual black women have to force themselves down the throat of the entire planet because if they didn’t they would be completely ignored and irrelevant. But most black women are basically ignored and irrelevant anyway, so the entire existence of black women and everything they do is an exercise in futility.

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  13. I love it. Simps are being put to the test in 2018 going on 2019.
    These rachet whores keep assualting and robbing people then demand that black men step up and protect them when the people she steals from or assualts her fights back.

    BGS IBMOR had to get a woman to speak on the video he mad about weavegate aka jun’s beauty supply saga in a attempt to show black men that there are some nawalts left lol. This stuff is really putting these women on blast.

    The woman attacking the bus clearly has mental problems and this simp is caping for her because he is that fucking thirsty.

    Black women can no longer deny their fuckery, the simps are in short supply, and the cuts are on their way.

    Let the simps continue to crash and burn to serve as an example as to why we keep the wall up.

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  14. Alex C, black women are parasites themselves. The idea of a black man doing a job, and making an honest living, goes against everything black women believe in, desire, and lust after. To give you an idea of just how delusional black women are, the dyke who took the picture WORKS AT TRADER JOE’S!!!!
    But in her stupid, perverse, small mind, there is an ‘issue’ with him working there, while she herself works in the same establishment. Black women’s minds work in direct opposition to anything logical. Black women feed off of derision, problems, and drama. It’s all they have.
    These two black women demons brought drama in to the life of a man minding his own business and doing his job. But that’s what black women do, they cause unnecessary situations, drama, and problems because it makes them feel like the star of their own reality show. They are truly sad, petty, pathetic creatures.

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  15. I hope more and more people start opening their eyes and smacking the living shit out of these bitches when they act out like this. At no point in time, is it ok for her to destroy anybody’s property. People are getting sick of these violent whores, and in time will begin to act accordingly.

    The simp who tried defending her needs to realize that there is zero benefit in attempting to defend her violent behavior. Simps are just as bad if not worse than black bitches.

    As the cuts get deeper, and the wall gets higher, expect this type of behavior more and more.

    Karen (the winery girl) is legit btw. Fit, funny, incredibly not jealous,the nicest girl I think I’ve ever met, nonjudgmental, supportive, her own hair, extremely feminine, not ghetto at all. Hopefully this lasts, but time will tell. The complete opposite of your typical bt 1000

    Sysbm is the only way to go!!

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  16. The bitch in the video running over the dude is one reason I almost would rather see them continue to wear weave. At least with the tatted-up weave-worshippers, you know at a glance what you’re dealing with.

    Now that some black bitches are on the natural tip, when their inner hoodrat inevitably comes out, it debases their natural look. On top of that, most of the natural ones are demented black-man-hating “swirlers” to boot.

    The real sad one in the video though is the simp… as ever, defending the bitch even though all can see she’s in the wrong.

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  17. This incident happened in Washington DC my neck of the woods now you guys truly see what type of beast we are dealing with in this area. You guys can now see why I abandoned ship Friday m BW years ago. This has been all over the news here and not one word from BW or the Ultra Simp Black Ops Special Forces Unit.

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