48 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. Good morning gentlemen,

    What do you think of grown BLACK MEN using the same terminology, words and phrases that our enemies (the black queen and white king) use to degrade, demean and shame BLACK MEN. Nigger, or/and any of its variations, coon, darkie, dusty, and crispy are all words created by the white king to be used as tools against us. Swirling, race-mixing, buck-dancing, as well as others are all words created by the white king and used against us, so how do you feel about BLACK MEN using them????? My opinion is this, there are logical minds and romantic minds. The BLACK MEN here use our logical minds and logic dictates if you use the same words and phrases as your enemy, you’re no better than them. Romantic minds, are emotional and childish at heart and in this context, the black qween and white king are on the same level. Romantic minds say whatever comes to mind without filter, deep thought, or compassion let alone logic. but what are your thoughts???

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    • Sage, I believe it’s a lot simpler, although just as sad, then that. When black male simps and their damnable queens use such terminology against us it’s a signal to everyone else reading their comments that they’ve lost the debate. Plain and simple. They would give their right eye to be able to point to various scientific studies, surveys and whatnot that point to their beliefs about the black male\female dynamic in western countries being true as apposed to ours and to be able to bring practical, logical arguments to the fore the way we do if it were possible. Alas, they know that, ultimately, their beliefs are based on how they think the world SHOULD be rather than how it actually is, and it grinds their gears that they can NEVER escape that reality. Remind me again how many times d32018 has selectively skipped over how many valid, provable points about black female ratchetness in order to continue to hurl invectives in our direction! Stop cooning does the exact same thing, but don’t get too down about it because when the collapse finally does happen, these “muddy bootlickers” as Verb calls them will, conveniently, be nowhere to be found, even if they survive. These are the true cowards, tell a woman what they want to hear instead of what she NEEDS to hear, and then ghost when she needs you the most! Smh.

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    • I often point out that the N-word has, historically, a male form and a female form. Think of the word actor for males and the word actress for females. Under the black matriarchy, the female form of the N-word is primarily a part of history. Under the questionable leadership of the black female, the male form of the N-word is celebrated and used all day and every day. On another point, I have noticed black men using the term “mudsharks” to describe white women in relationships with black men. These ignorant black men do not understand that the word mudsharks is a derogatory word used against black male/white female relationships.

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      Black men with sense and intelligence shouldn’t be using such terminology. You already know my feelings on the word nigger, these black sirens can’t wait to throw that word out at black men. I’m personally for thinking black men inventing their own appropriate terms to deal with those individuals who chose to war against us without just cause, hence why I coined the terms “muddy bootlickers” to describe the pro black simps who worship and pine after their black queans and “black witch” to describe the modern day westernised black female.

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      • I basically play it like this; if the term was created or coined by a BLACK QUEEN or WHITE KING, I stay away from it. This includes “Becky,” “Coon,” “Swirling,” “Beta Male,” or “Tom”. I like your terms better.

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      • I wait for the day when Jay-Z uses the word Ni*gress 20 times in a single song. The black matriarchy has let the term Ni*gress die, so it may not happen anytime soon. Perhaps Jay-Z will make a song about the supposed mudsharks. Such a song will be appreciated by the black queens and white supremacists.

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    • Get a concealed carry permit (keep a firearm in your house and in your vehicle), get a security system for your home, and most importantly don’t allow yourself to be tempted by hoodrats no matter how good they look. As the vice slowly tightens on welfare hoodrats and single moms are going to be practically throwing themselves on top of you if you have your stuff together, side-chick culture will grow even faster than it is now. As white daddy (gov) slowly starts cutting these hoodrats off they will be desperate to have access (physically, financially, and emotionally) to a man who is worth a damn, even if said man is already in a relationship/married, don’t be tempted by the side-chick ghetto mistresses.

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      • They’re throwing themselves at you even if you’re not quite together, but are on the way. I seriously get hit on by some welfare, weave wearing silverback gorilla at least once a week. They’re beginning to venture out of their neighborhoods into more civilized areas, and driving everyone crazy in the

        I was with the cute girl from the winery just yesterday. She needed to get some things at the mall, I was free and the disgusting looks these gorillas were giving us was hilarious. It got to the point to where she would stop and kiss me in front of them just to get a rise out of them.

        After that, we went to Friday’s for a drink and some apps. SHE PAID with absolutely no issue and made a point to do so. I know it’s just Friday’s but it’s not the point.

        Then we went back to her place for some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Point blank period. Getting the cute good morning hope you have a great day texts and what not.

        But ya know, they’re just using us and we can’t get women like that right???

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  2. What’s do you think about social media e.g. Instagram, Facebook etc…..
    Should black men boycott or keep it or don’t have it all?
    I would say it can be beneficial to a certain extent but at the same time a waste of time.

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    • Social is fine if you’re a known personality or have something to sell or promote. Or if you’re monetized to where clicks mean cash. Everyday people, especially women as a whole, thirsting for likes and cooning for free is a different story.

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  3. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2018/08/28/london-falling/
    What do you guys make of this?
    It was Notting hill carnival
    These white nationalist do have lots of issues although at times they do bring up some facts but they at the same time they do it to themselves and are to blame partly too. As time and time again they are all talk no action.
    In regards to to the twitter thing. Its mostly Caribbean blacks that do this in the UK. African ones rarely do things like this unless they’re so westernised.
    Personally I don’t go Notting hill due to many factors. What’s all your opinions on it?

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    • Notting Hill is a suburb of London, divided by half: The rich bit (like the movie) and the poor bit (the bit I used to regularly visit).

      Not sure what these Yankee Doodle race warriors want with a London suburb, but the carnival attracts all types now. Where was this tosser back in the day when the carnival was basically an open police sting for blacks?

      Like those who call Birmingham and Manchester “no-go areas”, because of the “Muslims”. No, what they’re really worried about, and it has been since time immemorial is this:

      The Black Mans Dick.

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    • Jon,

      We have to remember that these white nationalist are no angels either, all we need do is simply visit holiday resorts and popular cities abroad and we will see exactly what those guys get up to, here is just a small example and this is just the light stuff, enough said:

      As Michel pointed out, London has been swallowed up by Islam, not black folks, but yet and still these dudes are still concerned with what black men are doing. I personally haven’t been to the Notting Hill Carnival in over 20 years, I personally lost interest in it way back in the days of Westwood and DJ279, somebody was always letting off gas in the place.

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      • Very true I have been to 20 countries. And the English behave terrible in Spain. The emperor has no clothes, the Spanish only tolerate the English because of the money they bring. And don’t forget about the English enclaves in Spain. Were some English people have lived in spain for 20’s and can’t speak Spanish to fluently or conversational. And they talk about ethics not intergrating

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      • Verbs,

        Believe me I know that. The evidence is out in the open and can never be denied. The Brit’s do have bad reputation abroad. I agree they are funny because they focus on black men so much but ignore London being swallowed up by Islam. These are irrefutable facts.
        Unfortunately this is the world we live in not an ideal one at all….

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    • Yeah, this was some bottom of the barrel shit for BW. Gigantic L for BW, But we have known for a while the lengths that BW will go to to get weave, there are videos of them rummaging through burnt up hair stores and digging through filthy dumpsters for weave:





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      • Dumpster diving for weave. Remember these are the queens you’re supposed to wife up, make families and build with. Especially you, college educated black man who they didn’t want in their prime! Go back to the hood and save your queens!


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    • Wait so these simps are “protesting” at a weave shop at the EXACT SAME TIME black women are lined up buying hair from that SAME EXACT PLACE? Hahahahahaha! Aren’t these the same Asians who have been whaling on black hoes with impunity lately? Looks like the price of sistas selling out black men is 50% off Yaki. That tells you all you need to know.

      SYSBM, increase shields to maximum.

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  4. Nothing deep to say today.

    Had THREE non-Black women wandering, getting close to where I’m at in the gym:

    One blonde who was getting instructions from another brother kept floating by me, one Desi girl (fit as hell, 9/10) came close for a weight, and another Desi chick doing her shoulder raises near me checking me out by the mirror.

    I usually don’t notice stuff like that (as I’m busy) but it happened more than once, so couldn’t just chalk it up to coincidence.

    Nice to get that kind of attention for once, and goes to show that you never need to SIMP for female attention, eh @d1ckh38d?


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  5. yesterday on the subway going home I sit across from a Desi girl. she was looking up an down at me from my head down to my shows. her eyes were going up and down as she was looking at me.

    earlier this summer on Sunday morning. on my way to church on a bus these 2 Desi women, one with a Hindu Bindu was looking at me. the one with the Bindi did more looking at me. in the Afternoon after church on my way home I saw these to same women and one with the Hindu bindi kept looking at me.

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  6. black women are so stupid..they think because no other races call them out and because they get a few token jobs and govt benefits that ppl somehow agree with them, like them and support them.

    When in actuality ppl want them to fail at the community level and thats EXACTLY what these dumbs hoes are helping them do!!! Its amazing how stupid black women are…how NoNE of them WILL aRgue that the black community is getting WORSE and that it is in a continual decline WHILe at the SAME time believing those programs and their ACTIONs have NOtHING to do with it….EVEN though black women DID NOt ACT like this BEFORe the decline started!!!! Amazing how ONCe those benefits and actions of black women started, we see a decline! Nobody denies that, but at the same these dumb hoes claim they aint have NoThing to do with the failures of the black community!

    Like you cant even argue it…also we are getting to the point that ALL of black womens talking poimts have been knocked down and defeated, that they just need to admit that YES they are nothing but a pathetic bunch of lazy, piece of shit, welfare, self hating nasty ass bitches!!!!

    Just like Tommy interview with the 35yr old “fake model” from Miami..
    Thats how these hoes sound trying to defend their bullshit…they have been broken down now to the point everyone sees them for what they are!!! Pieces of shit….and the funny part is, Blk women a.ctually believe they had ppl fooled!!! Hahahaahah…..no bitch!!!! Ppl have always known this, they just didnt say ANyTthing because they want YOU and UR community destroyed!!!

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  7. Topic on Natural Hair vs Weave addiction

    U got these 2 beautiful natural women with long natural hair, black men don’t ask for much, they are just doing what other race of women doing daily.

    They were ashamed of their own hair in the past, this is nothing but at least they haven’t deflect and recognise the problem and learn how deal with their HAIR.

    Now, does every natural black women can obtain this lenght ? Who know ?
    The true is ur hair will be more longer if u take care of them as soon as possible, with good product, maybe not as long but a respectable ”LONG”.
    That would always be better than to be bald healded, and die without even try to deal with your own hair.

    The argument that black women bring up is, is too difficult too maintain my ” HAIR’, my answer to this is I believe u were a ”STRONG”
    ”QUEEN” WOMEN. If it’s true a simple stuff as dealing with your own hair should not even be questionned.

    Lasty, if even they could have so called protective style with an ”African looking texture” that would be fine but most of the time that is an european looking.

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  8. Dumpster Diving for fucking weave???!!!! It’s obvious at this point, that there is no level of depravity with which BW will not go in their behavior. Then seek some kind of justification for doing so!! WTF!!! ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!!!!


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  9. Maybe a fitness article about the kind of physique that is seen as attractive by non-Black women, or what they like most. Or where are some places to find them, where are you likely to find non-Black women who are interested in Black men more regularly?

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    • Why is it in 2018, some black people STILL act like they JUST got realized off some ones plantation??????? This looks like a bunch of newly escaped slaves.


  10. Somebody wanna laugh ?
    The delusional,in this black women is really big.
    The question was ”What is the state of black women today” on the Fallenstate channel.
    U a damn fool if u think she gonna be honest and don’t talk about what she wishes were true,and look at the stats.
    She goes on talking about ”Black women bein in her opinion the ROLE MODEL,& TEMPERATURE OF AMERICA”
    U can’t make this shit up,talking about bein a role model when wearing hair of other women,in their head.
    I must point out,that she is right,BW are the role model when it come to ABORTION,OVERWEIGHT,SINGLE,MASCULINE,WEAVE,SELF HATE,FEMINIST,DELUSIONAL,BASTARDS KIDS,which is a role that nobody try to follow.

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    • Consider the source. This Tiffany “New York” Pollard was a contestant on Flavor of Love back in the day, and several other reality TV shows. She has no problem making a fool of herself for entertainment, all the while claiming to be a strong black woman. Plus, her mother is a ball-bustin’ bitch. Her parents were guests on one of her shows and you could tell her father didn’t wear the pants in the family. She was raised by a harpy for a mother and a simp for a father. That should tell you enough about her.

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      • I’d rather watch paint dry, or rub one out with sand paper. I have male friends who watch stupid shows like that (love and hip hop, power, any show wirh a jackass weaved up, obnoxious black bitch) and most of them come from single mothers no man in sight. Go figure.


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