Black Women Continuing To Target Black Men Who Date Out – Kali Muscle And Girlfriend Helena The Latest Victims, The Jealousy And Attempts To Dick Police Continue


Before I even watched their video I had a very strong suspicion that a black female was involved in this drama and lo and behold my suspicions were confirmed upon watching their footage at the airport. Now, I don’t know if Helena was attempting to give that black witch the benefit of the doubt by stating that she had a problem with the dog, however we honourable knights at the SYSBM Thinking Black Men’s Roundtable know full well that the Delta decadent actually had a problem with the fact that Kali’s girlfriend was white.

Here we have yet another situation where black women and bad customer service go hand in hand. I know many of you guys who have non black girlfriends have mentioned things similar to this in the past, some from dealing with black women being their customers, others from dealings with random jealous black harpies who cannot accept the fact that thinking black men simply aren’t waiting around for them to fix their attitudes and their funky behaviours.

Now Kali Muscle has a popular brand to protect and so he must be careful with the statements he makes, his girlfriend Helena also understands this and thus she is also picky with her words, however here at Slaying Evil our brand is exposing black female skullduggery and dysfunction, therefore we don’t have to be careful with what we say because calling out and holding black women accountable is precisely the name of the game.

This is what thinking black men who make the decision to leave the plantation have to deal with on a daily basis, bitter and jealous black females who are at the bottom of the dating totem pole, whenever an opportunity presents itself to make our lives miserable these sirens will take it with both hands and run at full speed, and they wonder why they remain chronically single at such a high clip.

Remember in May 2017 when I wrote my article Black Women And Bad Customer Service and showcased some examples of black women behaving badly at the job as well as testimonies from others concerning the same? Then around 10 months later in February 2018 I dropped an article entitled Black Women and Bad Customer Service, Part 2 – Feel Free To Share Your Personal Experiences/Testimonies and then two days later followed it up with another article entitled Black Women, Bad Attitudes, Bad Encounters And Awkward Moments – Share Your Experiences. Not surprisingly both of these articles are chocked full to the brim of testimonies from black men who have had horrible experiences dealing with black women on all levels.

Yet the black witch continues in her attempts to claim victimhood status whilst at the same time engaging in some of the most disgusting, reprehensible and ignorant behaviours imaginable. Its gotten so bad with black women these days that even being out with non black female work colleagues will draw some seriously unwarranted attention and dirty stares from the black witch’s coven, I’ve heard a few of you brothers talk about this also.

Remember the first article I wrote about Kali Muscle back in November 2016 pertaining to a video he released in which he talked about getting a divorce, would you believe that his estranged wife Dvyne Kirkendall to this day periodically visits the website, in particular that article and brags about how they are still married, how she’s getting half. Don’t believe me, go and check out the comments for yourselves. The fact is Miss Kirkendall still doesn’t seem to understand that she failed as a wife, when a woman fails to keep her spending habits under control she automatically becomes a liability to the man she is with, not longer an asset. Here is the latest comment she dropped on 24th August 2018 responding to Afrofuturism1 which you can see for yourselves when you check out the comment section of that particular article:

“You sound dumb we still married all you guys will hear about it next court date Sept 21st la courthouse bring your ass Dvyne was awarded half and I have receipts of my investment and my husband cant have kids why his new girl not pregnant and they planned a baby? Shut up at the end the right one will win and his girlfriend is a mistress and if anyone wants a interview contract my lawyer Maclean chung law firm for facts dummy Burbank ca Google the #”

The fact of the matter is Kali is no longer with you dear, he is now with Helena regardless of what the personal circumstances are concerning himself, his girlfriend and the lack of children. From reading the comment do you also see how money/materials are more important to your average black woman than supporting and standing by the man she is with? Of course this is nothing new to us, this is one of many reasons why we decided to walk away from Bootlick Mountain to begin with.

Brothers, watch out for these black witches in positions of authority when it comes to customer service interactions, if you are out with your non black female significant other, there is a good chance that black women or their pro black simp advocates may attempt to ruin your day, remember what happened to this guy when he decided to take his white girlfriend to a Caribbean restaurant:

As black women continue to dig their heels deeper into degradation and dysfunction and as a result are rejected by black men even further, scenes like the above will become very common place. Remember I told you in my book Negro Wars that eventually it would come to a point to where black women and their pro black simp goons would begin resorting to violence in their war against interracial couples ie black men with white and other non black women.

Again, you’ll notice that it is distinctly 2 particular groups who are the main culprits actively warring against black men who date out, racist white men and their side kick flunkies black women, the simps can be counted as a sub factional contingent who are simply going along with the programme in the hopes of one day landing themselves some contaminated cooch from their black queans(yes, queans is an actual word, look it up). The bottom line is this, black women and racist white men have no problems with interracial dating as long as THEY are the ONLY ones participating in it.

Gentlemen, stay strong as stormy waters are coming. Continue to date out and keep your contact and interactions with Jezebelian black women down to a minimal when and where possible. The blatant hypocrisy and dick policing from black women concerning black men and interracial dating is very real. #SYSBM


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Verbs 2015 Doing The Lord’s Work Continuing To Call Out Hypocritical Black Women And Their Interracial Dating Double Standards

Most High Bless

102 thoughts on “Black Women Continuing To Target Black Men Who Date Out – Kali Muscle And Girlfriend Helena The Latest Victims, The Jealousy And Attempts To Dick Police Continue

  1. Qiana—- Ghetto name. Hair/Scalp that is loaded down with chemicals. Obesity.
    In other words, the typical black American female.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Delta airlines witch Qiana was bitter as hell that a brother chose to opt for peace and tranquility instead of strife, misery, pain and suffering at her hands. #SYSBM

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      • and that’s the bottom line . Don’t you love how white women let their man be the man , never tries to out talk him , no vulgar language . plays her role like a pro

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      • Jayjay5079,

        These simps are a joke, the woman chose that dude, therefore she also chose to get pushed down to the floor by him in addition to being beaten up. Upstanding women rarely if ever find themselves in situations like this because they use their discernment and make good choices concerning their mates from the start.


  2. It’ll get to the stage where even non-White men will start dick policing you, out of deep jealousy, trying to see if you’re going to take one of theirs…. And their women know it.

    Keep doing you, the hate for black men always backfires.


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  3. BW are on damage control. They finally realise that BM we are their only option and BM we have far more interracial dating options then BW. SYSBM or Mgtow is the only option for BM

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    • BW have known that their options are slim for a while now, these days they are probably regretting all of the strong and independent talk. The “We gonna date WM” threats are an empty joke and they are desperate to hang on to the few remaining Good BM.

      Another crazy WM stabbed another BW in the neck, I’m sure the same BW talking that strong and independent and don’t need no man mess are now talking about how they need BM’s protection. Now that white supremacy is tightening its grip and the WM is shutting the door in BW’s faces (welfare/section 8/gov job cuts) BW want to come to BM talking about love and protection.

      Good BM will protect women of our choosing, for all the “strong and independent” BW who don’t have a man to provide and protect them, good luck.

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      • James S,

        As you continue to say, keep the wall up and fortified, as things begin to get more hectic more black women will attempt to scale it. I keep on saying tvat most black women are destined for hellfire and destruction and this has been their own doing. Let their feminist “strength and independence” save them from the wrath to come.

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    • Black british guy —- Yes. And remember that one can be SYSBM and MGTOW at the same time. A black man can be SYSBM with black women. The relationships with non-black women are MGTOW in the sense that the black man does not become a pawn in traditional male/female relationships.

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    • Black Women know that the unions between Black Men & Non Black Women are genuine & are happening more & more these days & nobody looks at them as trophy wives, thats why they seek to damage the Black Mans reputation on social media because they know that without us they hold no value as women

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    • Black British Guy,

      If black women could jump ship they’d be very few of them left. To be honest that wouldn’t be a bad thing for black men even though most of them still pine after them and wouldn’t be happy about the shortage.

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  5. Notice, like you said, how she JUST brought up money. We didn’t and doesn’t have a kind word to say about this man, yet black women want to have a sweet, feminine image?

    You will notice that young black girls do not have any kind of romantic, fairy tale fantasies about marriage like white and other girls do. Hell, ever wonder why white women have wholesome Hallmark Channel romance movies and all black women have is stuff like Tyler Perry that emphasizes “struggle”?

    If black women see nothing romantic or feminine about themselves, why should any man look to them as a potential mate? Conversely, when they see men as just walking atms, why should men see them as anything but walking flesh lights?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I remember stating in Negro Wars how black women hate not being with reach of a black man’s resources so in the event that he says or does something she doesn’t like, she can pull the plug and ruin his life. As I continue to state over and over again, most black women are not fit for relationships and marriage and it is unfortunate that Kali had to learn this lesson the hard way.

      The modern day black female is a basket case and she knows it, hence the heavy bullying, shaming and intimidation tactics she uses in her attempts to lock black men and now white men down.

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      • Hello, Verbs…well I am not sure about this adoration from non-black women and especially white women towards and for black men!!! I am not so sure black men are as desired as we may want to believe…what I do know is that black women hate and put down black men all the time and that white man are always more desired. some people say is because of the big dick myth of black men why many white women go to them but it is not based on true respect or feelings. I will provide you with a link to a youtube called sultan cheeks and his views on all this interracial thing between black men and non-black women.

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      • Paul,

        Even though I’m not with a white woman speaking for here in the UK I see genuine companionships between white women and black men all the time, its been that way for many, many years. Sorry bro, I couldn’t listen to that Sultan dude because he kept going off on tangents and he took too long to get to the point.


    • James S,

      I have no idea why the dude just sat there and took that beating on the head, I would’ve put that oil tanker down immediately. Violence is not to be tolerated by anyone, especially from wide load cruise liners.

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  6. Why can’t black women work where they don’t need to deal with customers. We all know that most of them hate black men & white women.

    This is a perfect example why am not going to employ any black female when I build my business.

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    • “Why can’t black women work where they don’t need to deal with customers.”

      Unfortunately assembly line, shipping or mail-packing jobs and other behind-the-scenes work is going the way of the dinosaur. I would never put a BW into a back-end accounting position as she’d be robbing you blind in no time. Cashier work is only temporary for white women as they move on after college or they get married. Single babymama Sheniquas stay in those minimum wage front-line jobs forever. Double-minority hiring practices demand that BW stay in your face with those front-line jobs.

      Soon as I started making money as a young man and I bought a car, I shopped exclusively in the ‘burbs where smiling, cute white female cashiers made you happy to spend your hard-earned money.


  7. Even in 2018, a black man has to deal with a lot of bullshit from racist whites and bitter black women if he dates a white woman. But it speaks volumes about just how far the black woman has fallen if a black man can find more peace and tranquility with a white woman, with all the typical obstacles faced by interracial couples, than with a black woman. At this point, I’d rather drive through Klan country, at night, with a pretty young white woman in the car, than date your typical black American harpy. It just might be safer in the long run.

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    • Hello,..well I am not sure about this adoration from non-black women and especially white women towards and for black men!!! I am not so sure black men are as desired as we may want to believe…what I do know is that black women hate and put down black men all the time and that white man are always more desired. some people say is because of the big dick myth of black men why many white women go to them but it is not based on true respect or feelings. I will provide you with a link to a youtube called sultan cheeks and his views on all this interracial thing between black men and non-black women.

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  8. Marriage is a dead, outdated concept in Western Societies. It is only meant for the “Financial Security” and Family stability for women and children. With that being said, I don’t know any Black Men that are “happily married” to Black Women. I asked a 50 year old brother how is his marriage to his spouse. And like all answers from other men, either it was a “Depressed face” or just an answer of plain out slavery. The sex gets stale, they have to mentor bastard kids, she becomes (if she wasn’t already) fat/obese, and they never have any cash for themselves.

    Black Women often call Black Men “Coons” and “Sellouts”. Guess what? These tactics don’t work anymore. Their reputation is so damaged that literally NO-ONE takes them seriously for marriage or dating purposes. Many are passive or overt whores. You ever wonder why in other countries like Italy, Spain, Greece,etc they are called whores. Because they are usually prostitutes. Let them deal with their delusions of granduer because its not working. People are watching with a eagle-eye of African American Women culture.

    I’ve known more Black Men to be at peace and relatively happier with a non-Black Partner. Because she is a real PARTNER and knows she has to bring something to make a mans life better or allievate certain things in his life. Black Women are breed to be prostitutes. Nothing more or less. Black Women see Black Men as a disposable unit. Only good for child support and emotional support ie “THE BLACK WOMAN IS GOD” mantra from simps.

    They could have that. I’d rather beat my dick with sandpaper and soak in hydrochroric acid that to ever date, let alone, deal with Black Women on a conversational level.

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  9. Verbs2015,
    I’m speechless,

    This girls is a GUESS model, she’s easily a 10′ and she date u will guess and educated black men,seriously it’s hard to find more beautiful. U can understand, why black will try to dick policy black men no matter, like look how many hot non black women they can have when black men date out. Seriously,like black can be bald head, have ”nappy” hair wear their own blackness without shame and still get model like that, damn I would be mad too if I’ve to compete against women who look like her.

    View this post on Instagram

    With my ❤️

    A post shared by Kseniya Belousova🧚‍♀️ (@kseniya_bella) on

    Yes, u will guess it this black men if not dating out will probably be called ”nerd” and lame or whatever other bw got in their books lol, I definitely now that this brotha gotta make a lot of black queans mad,no doubt about it

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    • A Good BM who has his health/life/finances together can date out easily, its not too surprising to me. The queans will only be angry because even with their degrees, jobs, and all of the other stuff they like to brag about they still practically have to beg a man to date/marry them, no matter how hard they try non-BM still aren’t checking for them. Good BM can put up the Wall and get their fitness (mental and physical) and finances in order and then date who they want to, the queans cant say the same and this makes them frustrated and angry.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Kylie, Ling, Sadiq, Patel, Suzuki, Lopez, Abdulla etc have time for the thinking black man all day, it’s only these dysfunctional black sirens that feel that they are too good for us. No doubt the brother was rejected by black women left and right and so he simply decided to go where he would be loved and appreciated, the same case as with the majority of thinking black men.

      I see couples like this over here in the UK all the time, Michel will be able to confirm the same. Black women are quickly finding out that rejecting good black men has seriously been to their detriment big time. Since they never wanted us we simply went elsewhere and were welcomed with open arms and a smile followed by a big hug and a loving kiss.

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  10. I love seeing the Scraggle Daggle get hyper angry when they see Black Men with beautiful feminine White Women!

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  11. Black women do this shit like they don’t realize they justify the REASON a BM is with a non-black woman. Had to put with harassment from some dyke-ish looking BW at a gym who saw a Danish girl buy me a Gatorade.

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  12. Just because ONE white woman (that white men would go after) would go for a black man means nothing. One exception does not make a rule.

    I have to laugh at you guys for thinking any woman of any race wants you damaged people.

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    • D32018 aka Bootlicker,

      Still holding out for your weave wearing, overweight, single mother of 12 huh? On the contrary, we have to stop and laugh at you, dedicating so much time to defending black women and they still aren’t giving you the time of day, how silly do you feel and look bootlicker?

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      • I looked over some of the postings of d32018. d32018 talks about what white, Asian, and Hispanic men are doing. d32018 also talks about what, supposedly, black men are not doing. d32018 forgets a KEY POINT. The non-black men have better women in their lives. We can rightfully criticize adult black men for any failures in their lives. However, one is hard-pressed to criticize a five-year-old black boy for his mother’s shameful conduct. Given the view that black women make the worst mothers, it would be proper for d32018 to address the bad conduct of black women. Five-year-old black boys are not responsible for black female obesity, black female hair weave wearing, and reckless procreation done by black females. d32018, black women, and black simps talk about black men not being builders. These people, however, fail to notice that the building of anything begins with a good foundation.

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      • Not a fucking chance @d1ckh38d will EVER highlight the BWs bad conduct towards themselves, others and their children. He hasn’t got the balls.

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    • Oh ok. I guess I should just ignore the cute white girl (looks sorta like Olivia Holt from cloak and dagger but with green eyes) I’m currently chatting with and getting to know because we’re damaged goods huh?

      Best apart about it is, SHE CAME UP TO ME, literally stole my phone, and put her number in there. But ya know, it’s just a rare exception eh??? Don’t be mad you can’t get decent women and have to settle for black whores.

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      • Stephen,

        Don’t mind our resident muddy bootlicking simp D32018, he’s chosen to lock himself down with and commit to black women, even though black women still refuse to give him the time of day. Dude has been defending the sisterhood of failure for forever and a day and yet he still doesn’t have a black queen by his side. Things are so bad for him he’s even getting lit up in the comment sections relating to the lame articles he’s posting on his website in his attempts to defend black queans. He wishes he was getting the same level of attention from black women that we thinking black men regularly receive from non black females.

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      • @Stephen

        See how easy it is to just date out, when WW come to YOU to date?

        Simp bitch will never experience that, preferring to beat one off in front of Ghetto Gaggers.

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    • “Just because ONE white woman (that white men would go after) would go for a black man means nothing. One exception does not make a rule”
      You really need to get out of the HOOD for a while. SERIOUSLY, there is a WHOLE world outside of the sheltered and limited one you live in. In the rest of the world, Asian woman are checking for DAMAGED GOODS. Hispanic women are checking for DAMAGE GOODS. Russian, Greek, East Indian, German, French and other WOMEN are all checking for damage goods. The only people who can’t see this is fat, ugly black bitches, gay black men, and white racists.

      But check out, or MBDX on youtube, you will see the NEW RULE.

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      • Sage…

        Not in my area. I live in the suburbs. Race mixing is rare here and it is mostly black women getting the action. The black men getting the action are usually with the ones no average white man would touch.


    • @d1ckh38d

      You can laugh all you like, #SYSBM is working, by the fact you’re single SIMP ass is on here, and being told to come here by your queans.

      I mean, you should be happy, more rotten single mother hippos for you! Or, you still haven’t got your single mother catch yet?


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      • Yep Michelle… I am laughing at all you sycophants stupid enough to eat every word this pseudo-intellectual Verbs is saying. Verbs lies about everything. He lied about Dvine Kirkendall. He gave fake news about Kali Muscle. And this is what you believe?

        You truly are hopelessly dumb.

        And you have the gumption to call me a simp?

        #R O A S T E D


      • D32018 aka Bootlicker,

        Fake news?? You dumb fool, if you’re talking about the first article I wrote on him I went off Kali Muscle’s own testimony, he’s taken that video down since, others here saw the same video when the article was released. Do you even think before engaging your fingers to the keyboard shine?

        Here’s an even better question for you, where is your black queen bootlicker? Since you love licking the muddy boots of these women so much, why haven’t you landed yourself one to this day? That’s what I thought, crickets. Get outa here brown noser, scram.


      • Verbs…

        Everyone that is not a sycophantic fan of yours know that you are a pseudo intellectual that bashes black women. Kali Muscle took it down because he was forced to because it was full of biased lies.

        I know all your tricks. You are a misogynoir that hates black women and you are an Uncle Tom that hates your own race.

        Because I respect black women I’m a bootlicker that licks the muddy boots of a black woman?

        Right. I don’t have to explain a motherfucking thing to you. You don’t know shit about me you fraudulent scorned loser.


      • D32018,

        You’re full of putrid garbage bootlicker, he took the video down because the matter is now over and done with and he wishes to move on with his life. Keep on reaching beyond the stars shine, so because I call out dysfunctional black females this now equates to me being an “Uncle Tom”(who was the good guy by the way, conduct some proper research) who hates his own race and is a misogynist, really bruh???

        What exactly is there to respect about this modern day black female and again you keep avoiding the question, if black women are so great as you continue to attest to then you haven’t you gotten one yet? You respect black women, you protect black women, you would put your life on the line for black women yet they still won’t give you the time of day, and you have the audacity to call me a loser, lol.

        It seems to me that you are the fool as any man with intelligence wouldn’t stick around waiting for a group of women who aren’t interested to give him some play. Stick to Pornhub and beating your monkey to the black women you wish you could get with and dick down in real life, smh.

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      • Verbs..

        So I’m full of garbage because I find Dvine Kirkendall credible? Seeing her page on facebook and instagram… I find no reason to go in on her. There is nothing wrong with righteous indignation after being betrayed by a snake in the grass.

        Kali Muscle could have told the truth and said he no longer loved her. He’d still be stupid to leave her though since she was loyal and true throughout their relationship.

        However… instead of Kali Muscle being honest… he tried to finesse his now estranged wife and that shit is blowing up in his face.

        Helena is nothing more than a gold digging white woman who would never have given Kali Muscle any of her time if he did not overcome his prison life and make a name for himself. Helena is finessing Kali Muscle to besmirch Dvine Kirkendall.

        Like I said… I know all of your tricks. You won’t finesse me with your pseudo intellect.

        You were scorned by black women so you bash black women. That is what it is.

        I almost feel bad for what you went through in your childhood… but there is no excuse for your flagrant misogynoir.


      • D32018,

        Without fail you will always give black women a pass, you’ll never check them on anything, even when you have a situation where they are 100% at fault you will still make great attempts to excuse their shortfalls because you simply don’t have the testicular fortitude to bring them into line. The simp meter always breaks whenever it tries to measure your level of bootlicking.

        Kali’s ex wife is your typical hoodrat who simply couldn’t control her spending habits, this is why in the aggregate your black queans have a median net worth of only $5. He fell out of love with her because she was destroying his life and his health, trust you to get swooned in and bewitched by that woman’s dodgy testimony.

        Kali is not stupid, he recognised when he was being fleeced before and if Helena had doing the same thing he would’ve gotten rid of her in like manner. The fact of the matter is Helena is much more supportive to Kali than his ex wife ever was, he looks much happier and at peace with himself.

        You can’t “bash” somebody when its the truth you’re telling, you simply cannot defend black women, this is why you resort to negatively labelling others who righteously call them out on their dysfunction. It’s not my fault you fail time and time again to present a solid case in support of black women, that’s your doing.

        Again, where is your queen fuzzy, all this talk about how great black women are yet you are still single, what a disgrace.

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      • @d32018
        Damn @d1ckh3ad take the tampon out, your SIMPTASTIC engine is about over heat. We all know you haven’t detached your lips from your mom’s sagging tit, that’s why you are constantly bootlicking making excuses and caping for your black queen who are utter PIECES OF SHIT. Now go put your weave and your high heels own and switch your little ass down to your nearest Asian beauty supply store and tell your black queens to stop letting their “Asian Kangs” karate chop them in the throat because they want to go in there and buy blonde weaves so they can look like the very women they hate the most , you know…Beautiful, Feminine WHITE WOMEN.

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      • Team Uncle Tom…

        Stop ogling white girls so much.

        Worry about building you loser and I’ll worry about mines punk.

        #R O A S T E D


      • d32018

        Any black man uses the term “misogynoir”
        Is not a man at all. Black feminists are just bitter swirlers. The fact you want to be adopting words like that just makes you pathetic. Why not for once in your pathetic life just say it how it is. Its not hard there’s no need to hide behind a word. Tell it as it is or begone.

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      • Michelle…

        I’m not worried about you sellout coon Uncle Toms.

        I am just here to roast your misogynoir attitudes.

        You are a dumb ass Verbs sycophant that couldn’t read a book let alone think critically.

        You are racist against your own race and you are a misogynoir bigot.

        #R O A S T E D


      • D32018,

        Here to roast who, when you land yourself a wide load cruise liner black female with diabetes and 7 children en tow then come back to us, until then stick to Pornhub and beating your monkey bruh.


      • @d1ckh38d

        You dumb fuck, couldn’t bring yourself to call out your queans! On top of that, you’re in our pockets watching where we put our dicks?

        I mean it would explain that, despite your laughable article praising single mothers, Shaniqua the 350lb cargo ship with five kids would much rather suck the crust of a white man’s toe, than look at your no pussy-having, bitch made dumb ass.


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    • NOT WHERE I’M AT……..again, you really need to get out more but now I realize, its best you stay right where you’re at.

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    • d32018
      In your mind, you think your actually doing something, but what, I have not a clue. Despite ALL your name calling, shaming tactics, and outright over emotional response to MEN thinking for themselves, you are accomplishing NOTHING except for maybe giving some of us here more material to use when we’re roasting the living fuck out of BLACK QUEENS, their REAL MATES, WHITE KINGS and you, the BLACK KNIGHTS, defend the honor of black women all over the world. KID ORGANIC did a beautiful job of showing how BLACK QUEENS treat their BLACK KNIGHTS. They don’t love you, and they don’t respect you, BUT they WILL USE YOU.

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  13. People still listen to and take black bitches seriously??? I honestly don’t get it. These whores bring nothing to the table but dysfunction, death, diseases, debt and bastard children. Nothing about them is redeemable, and they need to be left to rot. I refuse to save them or interact with them anymore than I need to, family included.

    On a side note, I took off this past weekend from my weekend hellhole and went out to the north fork on eastern Long Island to do some wine tasting with friends. First off if you’ve never done it, DO IT. It’s a different atmosphere than what you’re used to, extremely relaxing, TONS of beautiful women and a pretty good time. It wasn’t my first time ever, but a first in sometime.

    Gentlemen let me tell you, if you’re a brother with common sense, decent shape and some ambition women of ALL races are gonna want to talk to you. The chances of you running into a scraggle are pretty much non existent and if they do go, they’re on their best behavior as the wineries have zero tolerance for bullshit of any kind.

    There are so many options for you out there is incredible if you open yourself up to it… Keep the wall up, get in better financial and physical shape (something I’m doing, gonna start back up on the keto diet here soon), and avoid the scraggle at all costs!

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    • “People still listen to and take black bitches seriously??? ”

      Thats the thing, since the end of the gender wars people (of all races) are no longer taking them as seriously as they did before, that whole “The BW is the pillar of the community and Queen” crap is a played out joke at this point. During the gender wars when thinking BM began (and still do) shining a light on how many of BW’s problems come from her poor choices in dating/reproduction/sex and illustrating the devastating effect that those choices have had on the black community people started to see through the “I’m a strong independent single mom who is a victim of a no good BM who left me”.

      BW for some reason are also some of the BIGGEST SWJs in the country, because of this even right wing conservatives on youtube have begun pointing out their dysfunctional beliefs.

      Liked by 4 people

  14. On another subject gentlemen, Black Women are applauding & praising Chili (from TLC) comments on “expanding their options”. I literally died laughing at the YouTube videos and comments from Black Women. Black Women have this utter delusion that other races of women still want to be like them. And other races of men desire them (besides sex). Coming from an almost 50 year old washed-up artist who has been passed around the industry and passed around by other races of men, I find this quite hilarious.

    Chili, who has been with the HIGHEST quality of men (Usher, Floyd Mayweather, Dallas Austin, L.A. Reid,etc), still couldn’t manage to pull the big one. She is like the Philadelphia Eagles (before the Superbowl win) of dating and relationships. This only shows she is the problem & only a failure as a Black Woman. Also, she must have forgot she was the product of a FAILED interracial relationship. Her Punjab dad abandoned her and her mother. Maybe rightfully so.

    If the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree, it no wonder ALL of her relationships have failed due to her background & upbringing. And seeing how her deameanor and cadence is, no wonder she has a hard time as a person keeping any relationship with a man of status.

    Liked by 5 people

  15. RIP Kofi Annan but even he was sysbm to a certain extent. I would say in my opinion he started early when he got married to his second wife. What are your opinions on this?

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Kid O did a video about a black queen getting stabbed by her white king, and I was like “SO!!!!”.

    Here is the thing, in this context, there are two types of BLACK MEN; one who righteously protects HIS WHITE WIFE because the world is evil, and two, black men who have to fight the world because his black wife is evil.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. This is for everyone, u remember the asian men who put their hands on black women face ?
    Here is your black quean, still shopping at the store like nothing, happen.

    Again, black women have so much SELF HATE and hate their hair so much and feel so much ugly without it that anything asian, or Arab, or any people who can give them weave, wigs, human hair, would never be boycotted.

    U will notice that’s they would boycott stupid thing like black celebrities because he dating a non black women tough.

    They don’t have respect for themselves and the world see it, they just use the self hate of black women to gain money nothing else.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Tyrone Nyx,

      That’s deep, truly disgusting and incredibly disturbing, the same black men whom these siren claim aren’t looking out for them are protesting on their behalf outside of the store and these decadent reprobates are still lining up to buy things out of the same. These women are gone, completely lost, why would anybody with reasonable levels of common sense and intelligence wish to be associated with low self esteem suffering scum? If this isn’t a blatant kick in the face of black men then I don’t know what is.

      Where you at D32018 aka bootlicker, what do you have to say about this, what excuses are you going to conjure up for your black queans this time?

      Liked by 4 people

      • Tyrone Nix —– d32018 will place the blame on JaQuanMoFo, D’Quell, and JaBudweiser. The bastard five-year-old boys of the queanz.

        Liked by 4 people

      • The lack of accountability creates a vicious cycle in the black community. Like Professor Black Truth said, although both black men and women are at fault for the problems within the black community, it is disproportionately the fault of black women as they have chosen to be the face of the community. With no accountability, without realizing their faults, they cannot reflect on their actions and realize where they went wrong. Without recognizing their faults, they inhibit their growth and capability of being good mothers, wives, aunts, grandmothers, and decent people. This is the reason why the black community will remain stagnant. What can be built if there’s no foundation? And even if a foundation is present, it’s not always sturdy. This explains why black children struggle, academically and emotionally. People who uplift these women rather than chastise them are a part of the problem, not the solution.

        Liked by 4 people

    • Wow, I don’t know what to say after watching that. BW are LINED UP outside the store. This is a gigantic planetary sized L for BW. These (naive) brothers thought they would be righteous and stand up for BW after the “attack”, but just like PBT said, BW are like drug addicts when it comes to weave, try to get in their way and they will hurt you. Also like PBT predicted BW would be climbing over any picket lines to get their weaves. Contrary to what many BW will try to tell you its not just the hoodrats either, but the so called educated white collar BW have to get their weave fix too, they wear them just as much as the hoodrats do in my area.

      BW will still try to blame BM for this and say shit like “BM should be building weave shops for us to shop at”, no because weave is dumb and you would just attack us and steal it anyway.
      Well this BM did build a weave store and the queans hit him for $15k worth of hair:

      File this video under “Dont save them, they dont want to be saved” and keep the Wall up.

      The brothers in the comment section are laying it out:
      “I’ve said it before, and I’ll KEEP saying it until it gets through the thick skulls of Black people: Every problem in the Black community is the sole fault of the Black Woman. If she is not brought under heel or banished from the community, then fixing the Black community will be IMPOSSIBLE. Blaming White racism, colorism, religion, lack of promotion, lack of money, or any other thing you can think of is a foolish and cowardly response to what plagues the Black community. The problem is the BLACK WOMAN. She has a mouth watering appetite for chaos, confusion, and calamity. Either bring her under heel or ban her. Failure to do one or the other means CERTAIN DEATH for the Black community.

      You’ve been warned.”

      “This is how “Crazy rich Asian’s” got funded!!!”

      Liked by 6 people

  18. Good afternoon Verbs and the commentators of Slaying Evil. I would like to say that this is one of the best forums I’ve come across! I appreciate that you’re spreading the knowledge to these men, young and old, about the behaviors of most black women. Many of us are hungry for knowledge, yet are too afraid to hear the truth. Fortunately you aren’t afraid to do so. I do, however, have a question for you and the other commentators. I am a twenty-seven-year old black man and I have been in a relationship with a black woman for the past four years. Unlike the majority of black women I’ve seen, she’s kind, submissive, intelligent, and overall, a decent woman. She takes pride in her natural beauty (natural hair, doesn’t bleach her skin) and she’s fit. Basically, she’s a rarity amongst those who are too devious, manipulative, plastic, and overweight. She too talks about the issues of the black community, namely black women and the destruction of the black home. Anyways, my question to you is does #SYSBM include black women or is it exclusively catered to black men building relationships with non-black women? I always considered myself to be a part of the movement, but it seems that the face of the movement is non-black women and black men. Thank you for your time.

    Liked by 3 people

    • DM. Robinson,

      SYSBM is about avoiding the “dysfunctional” black witch and any other females who exhibit the same decadent traits and tendencies, functional and feminine black women are not a problem, however as you can see from the mountain loads of evidence posted in the articles, good black women as you yourself have acknowledged are very, very few and far between, therefore the chances of landing a decent female from another race outweigh locating the so called unicorn within black female society.

      This is a primary reason why SYSBM is predominantly focused upon non black women. Black women who are good looking, feminine, submissive, honest, accountable and responsible are included, however as mentioned before such examples have now become an extreme rarity.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Welcome, here is my 2 cents:
      “does #SYSBM include black women”
      As far as dating goes it does include good BW. SYSBM IMO is a movement a movement away from the destructive matriarchy that has run the black community into the ground for the past few decades. The idea is that a good BM can only build a family with a Good woman (of any race).

      “I always considered myself to be a part of the movement, but it seems that the face of the movement is non-black women and black men.”
      The face of the movement is the non-ghetto, thinking BM, no dusty BM or hoodrats allowed. Date whoever you want to, as long as she is a good woman who will cooperate with you instead of oppose and compete with you.

      Liked by 5 people

    • SYSBM is about BLACK MEN building AWAY and without black women. I don’t know why some people just can’t say that out loud. There is NOTHING wrong about BLACK MEN being with non-black woman, and for me I prefer WHITE WOMEN.


      • Of course there is nothing wrong with a black man preferring white women. I, myself, prefer black women. Fortunately, I found a great one, however, I understand the pickings are very, very slim. I now see that SYSBM has a different purpose to different people

        Liked by 1 person

  19. View this post on Instagram

    An Asian man who owns Jun’s Beauty Supply in #Tulsa #Oklahoma was caught on video punching a Black female customer in the face and giving her a bloody nose. Locals say this store owner has a history of violence against Black female customers. So Black men started protesting outside of the store, in an effort to shut him down. The owner announced a 50% of sale on the products, and now there is a line of Black females customers outside of his store trying to get in. And some of them even started arguing AGAINST the Black male protesters. Is it really that serious to get hair products from these people? Are bundles more important than dignity? Are we willing to get socked in the face for a lace front? Is it this hard for us to get on code?

    A post shared by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸 (@tariqelite) on

    Directly from the Instagram of Tariq Nasheed. Black women were lined up to buy weave from the store of an Asian man who had previously punched a Black woman in the face.

    Brothers were protesting against the store but to no avail, BW ignored and even argued against them.Take note, these are the kinds of “rewards” you get when you stand up for your queans…. absolutely nothing.

    BW tried to “cancel” Michael B. Jordan because he was simply seen in the presence of white women, but this Asian store owner can’t get boycotted? Great job “queens”.


    Liked by 3 people

    • SunGodRa,

      Nasheed is right, however he needs to start calling out these dysfunctional black females separately instead of continuing to pretend that this is a group issue. NO, this is a BLACK FEMALE issue, this has nothing to do with black men. Black men were out there on the front lines protesting this dude and these stupid heifers instead decided to rail against those black men who were there on their behalf, how backwards is that?

      This is why I continue to state that I don’t stand up for scum and those black women who made the decision to line up outside that store ie defend their East Asian God/father are nothing but low life decadent scum and more. And the pro blacks still want us to date, marry, procreate with, stick up for, defend and provide for these women, smh.

      Not me. Again, where you at D32018/Bootlicker, what are you going to say concerning this mockery? That’s what I thought, crickets because there is no absolutely room to blame black men on this one.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Shit like this makes me want to crack up with laughter until I die from over-excitement, or sit in a corner and weep from the utter stupidity of black females and their sidekicks in racist house n….s as well as fascist simps. Anyways back in the Caribbean ‘promised land’ of all sorts of criminality, which I happen to live in for the moment (I’m going to do an IT degree in college) two young girls lost their lives last week. One was shot by her thug boyfriend while they were playing with his pistol and the next one seemed to have been sexually abused, then killed and the remains disposed of in a brutal manner. Guess what? The two girls were from the inner city.

        But as usual the Neo-Nazi fascist simps won’t say anything against it because it goes against their so-called ‘creed’.Some things never change…(sigh)

        Liked by 2 people

    • This weave store nonsense is why I stopped taking black women seriously years ago.

      They call all black men who date out sellouts who “give their money back to white communities” but these women literaly have kids fot welfare checks,make planned parenthood rich, and spend billions of dollars on asian owened weave stores literaly helping these asians become middle class and up.

      Then they turn around and boycott black actors, filmmakers, and buisnessmen because they date white or have white women in their ads.

      Maybe now these simps will see the light. You stupid cucks protesting for your “black queen’s” abuse at the hands of the evil asian store owner onlybto see your queen linned up around the block trying to push you out the way to buy more weave.

      I will never waste a single moment of my time protecting these whores. let the simps and cucks burn with these whores.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Yours Truly,

        Notice how the dudes protesting outside still referred to these whores as “sistas” even though these witches all defiantly lining up to buy from the store was a direct slap in the face to those black men. Black women love ploughing bucket loads of money into other communities, they love making Asians rich but then at the same time have the audacity to question why thinking black men point blank refuse to build anything for them.

        This right here is a sweeping indictment against black women if ever I did see one, arguing against the very same men they claim don’t look out for them. This ought to be a serious lesson learned, do NOTHING for black women, NOTHING. It reminds me of this article I wrote back in February of this year demonstrating how black women simply don’t appreciate any good deeds that come from black men:

        Gentlemen, as we can see weave and skin bleaching products are more important to black women than the members of their own society. The sisterhood of failure I very much doubt will talk about this.


        Liked by 2 people

      • I just realized that Tyrone Nyx posted this same video a few comments before. Kid Organic also dropped a video response on it today.
        This footage is spreading like wildfire. I’m sure The Root, Lipstick Alley, Afropunk, and “certain” female Youtubers 👀 will find SOME WAY to make this “the black mans fault” though….

        Liked by 3 people

  20. For those who don’t understand, I would let this HAIRHAT explain this for u,

    Yes, that’s correct this bitch say ”WE NEED OUR WEAVE”, on a National Media SMH.
    After this she goes on saying ”I don’t wear it, but we need it” SMH.

    How can this bitch contradict herself in the same sentence goddamn, I mean they are a lot of low IQ rampant in the black community.

    Liked by 4 people

    • And notice that weave is the first need. Question: After a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, flooding, etc. has any non-black female stated: WE NEED OUR WEAVE ? In that non-black females DO NOT WEAR HAIR WEAVE, the answer is NO.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. At the end of the day the owners of that weave store will send their children to college and all of these dumbass will still be in the s**thole called the ghetto.

    P.S if you still trying to defend these heffers you getting what you deserve.

    Liked by 8 people

  22. Why do simps like d32018 follow us to boards clearly not designed for them? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you’d think they’d be happy that there’s less competition for the black hoes they love so much. Those who have implemented SYSBM are off the chess board, leaving more black queens for them. But no, the simps follow us around like BW do and even use their lingo, like “misogynoir.” Strange!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I dont even bother anymore. I just figure hes a homo and move on. That’s the only way a man would be so concerned about other men’s dicks


      • Autodidact, I think it’s bitter BW pretending to be a “man.” Which isn’t really a stretch to be honest. Who else would claim that single mothers are great catches?

        Liked by 1 person

      • True it could also be a man. It’s a strong black female tendency to follow black men into places where they obviously arent wanted. So either the simps shi come here are either women or gay…there would be no other reason to come and dialogue with men you KNOW have nothing to say to you. All the SIMPS, BW and racists have to SEARCH for this place…you dont stumble on this shot. That tells me they monitor it and it you monitor something you are concerned or threatened by it. I dont bother responding because their trolling in the face of all the overwhelming evidence just backfires and wakes more brothers up. So the trolls can keep coming …all they are doing is helping us really.

        Liked by 1 person

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