Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 11

Penny’s back once again. She hasn’t clapped back for a while but she can still lay down that heat. Always grateful to Vurbyl Khent for creating these masterful memes, enjoy:

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Scraggle Daggles

Most High Bless

30 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 11

  1. Those memes were excellent! To be fair Penny is a attractive women I wonder if she’s attractived to black guys? Well Penny is starting to hit the wall.

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    • I don’t know if she’s into black men, but she got a lot of flack a few years back for claiming not to be a feminist and saying she enjoyed taking care of her man. I’d take a post-wall Penny over a young, pretty, big booty Brenda any day of the week.

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  2. “Y’all can have those white bitches anyway!”

    Thank you, like we needed your permission anyway.



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  3. The most unprotected, unloved woman on earth?

    When you were raised by the most hard-headed, unsympathetic, cold-blooded, narcissistic, violent woman on earth, who the fuck wants to protect that?

    “Skrong and independen'” has real life consequences. Deal with it.

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  4. Blk whores are the most disrespected on earth its their own making…there’s an increase in violence against these shebeasts. To the point that wm feel they have extreme rights to do whatever without Consequence’s. E.g

    Expect more shit like that in the future.blk women by doing shit like ghettogaggers and other race based fetish porn and choosing no good bm have emboldened racists and these blk women are moreor less sitting ducks now.these shedogs do things without thinking of future generations. The blkshebeast must be avoided at all costs.

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  5. I always enjoy these. The black American woman is the biggest joke in the world. Who else but the black American woman would think getting a college degree is a great accomplishment, while having 4 or 5 bastard children and no man in sight? She may have passed her classes, but she failed Life 101.

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    • Morpheus2275 “…black American woman is the biggest joke in the world.” Yes. In that 80% of black American women are overweight, they are indeed BIG.

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    • BATV,

      Another muddy bootlicking pro black simp more than willing to scale Brown Nose Mountain for a group of women who wouldn’t urinate on him if he was on fire, smh. At first I thought it was satire but then I realised that this guy is very serious about his pro black female muddy bootlicking campaign.

      Again, as per usual with dudes like this they always profess their love for black people and in this particular case black women, but he just like the rest is still refusing to call out black women on their dysfunctional skullduggery. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t chastisement and correction also a part of love?

      Where is his video dealing with the 1876 unborn children black women are assassinating in abortion clinics in the US on the daily? Is this guy so stupid as to not understand the fact that black women themselves hate their own and especially hate black children? As per usual idiot black women are littering his comment section giving him fake accolades.

      I also notice in this video here how he just like Synthetic G attempts to align swirling with black men:

      Black men don’t “swirl”, that is something that is exclusive to black women as it was the high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Christelyn Karazin who coined the term to describe interracial relationships between BLACK WOMEN and non black men ONLY.

      Going to be setting up an account over by you really soon by the way, love the excellent work you’re doing over there at Black Avenger TV, keep it up.

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    • Stop Cooning,

      I see dysfunctional Negroes such as yourself are still licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, just wondering if you’ll ever accept your mission of brown nosing to be a fool’s errand.


      • Stop Cooning,

        Trust me, you look even dumber than me brown nosing and thinking that you can save a group of women who already have an image and reputation lower than the gutter, good luck with that.


  6. It is so weird…White or Asian or Hispanic men who date outside of their race don’t belittle their own women, but why do some Black men do that? And why is it that “ghetto” Black women somehow represents all black women, but “white trash” is limited only a certain group of undesirables?


    • I’m Not Even Black And I’m Disgusted,

      Not that I believe for a second that you are non black but why don’t you read the endless articles that have been posted on this website concerning the continued dysfunctional, deplorable and abysmal behaviour that black women have been engaging in for the last 50 years?

      Unlike black women white folks actually have different classes of individuals who BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY FROM ONE ANOTHER, black women on the other hand no matter their social, economic and academic status as a collective will typically engage in ratchet behaviour. Black women are not victims, thus they will not receive any sort of sympathy from me.


      • My confusion lies in your willingness to lump all Black women into a group like that. They ALL “engage in ratchet behavior?” All of them? Whether they are victims or not is not my arguement. I just find it truly strange that someone would quickly align people (of any race) into one large, negative stereotype. I have a diverse friend group, including men and women from all different races and backgrounds. Some are Black, none are ratchet (and believe me, I would quickly distance myself from them if they were), and I don’t think any of them want any sympathy from you. I’m glad to say my Black male friends (some married to Black women, some not) do not think the same way you do.


      • I’m Really A Black Woman And I’m Disgusted,

        You’re wasting my time now because there is nowhere in any of my articles where you will find the word “all” being used. I’m puzzled as to why you would attempt to inject “ALL” into the discussion when the word “ALL” was never mentioned nor implied anywhere.

        It’s always the same with black women and their advocates, they somehow believe that those who point to their dysfunctional behaviours and disapprove of them are worse than the disjointed harridans who actually engage in the destructive actions, smh.


  7. In your initial response to me, you stated that Black women “as a collective” display this negative behavior. I took that to mean “all.” If I am mistaken, then my apologies. Can you point me to an article where you discuss your feelings about Black women who do not display these characteristics?


    • I’m Really A Black Woman And I’m Disgusted,

      Black women who don’t fit the dysfunctional demographic aren’t making themselves known enough, in fact many of those who claim not to be like the scum will still jump up to defend them. Nicole Michelle of the Inner Beauty Movement is one such female, however in 2018 going into 2019 black women who aren’t dysfunctional and degenerate are extremely few and far between.

      The very, very few black women who are clean from dysfunctional actions aren’t the problem, it is the overwhelming disjointed majority who are, they are the ones that need to be talked about and exposed which is exactly what I do here.


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