39 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. Posting this again because I would really like for the brothers to give this a listen and hear their opinions on it. As I said before I’m a big proponent of not gender warring and instead adhering to the Wall of Silence. The gems that PBT dropped in this video essay are some of the best arguments for the Wall of Silence that I have heard yet:

    I like how he points out that BM never “left” the black household, but in reality they were the victims of a Coup that was funded by the Gov (welfare) and carried out by BW. BW are ashamed by this and don’t want to admit their involvement in it, just like they don’t want to take responsibility for the damage that their poor choices dating/reproduction and the damage that those poor choices have caused.

    Worth a listen IMO.
    Don’t argue, don’t fight, don’t gender war, just Keep the Wall of Silence up.

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    • I definitely agree. I dont care for engaging in back and forth dialogue with these women when it wont go anywhere. I just live my life…their choices will catch up regardless of me talking to them or not.

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    • I personally do not engage BW on anything but a superficial level. I ignore for the most part, and am lucky enough not to come into much contact. Most BW have devolved to the point where arguing is engagement. If you’re fighting, that means you care. That’s why they follow us around to boards and blogs like this one. They want our attention, even if it’s negative. I’m with James S. Keep the wall up.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Went to a bike store earlier today to pick up a few bits and pieces, had a black witch in there who was giving off the usual stank attitude, who didn’t want to serve me and who just stood around trying to look important doing nothing. There were two black guys who were also working in the store, I honestly don’t know how they were able to work around that siren. Agreed, avoid black women when and where possible.

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    • James S,

      If the definition of gender war means going back and forth and getting into arguments with black women then I completely agree. Since black women have made it abundantly clear where they stand and have drawn their decadent line in the sand, there is really no point in engaging them in any form of discussion.

      The problem is there are some black men out there who are attempting to equate the gender war to calling out black female skullduggery and enlightening black men, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      I checked out his analysis, it is on point, black women must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures, thinking black men must not reach out to save these scoundrels, black women must and will drink down their judgement.

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      • @Verbs
        “If the definition of gender war means going back and forth and getting into arguments with black women then I completely agree.”

        That’s my definition of gender warring, and as we have seen over the past few years it is completely pointless. We should stop arguing with BW (in public and online) and simply put the Wall up and talk among ourselves about what needs to be done, which is basically what we do here.

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    • Yeah, I saw this on ABC News a couple of days ago. Typical feminist hypocrisy with women calling for “due process”. But where was the due process for the countless men who’s lives were ruined? What’s even worse are the blue pill cucks saying stupid shit like, “that kid was lucky,” or “where were these women when I was that age?”. These dumb-asses are actually defending the double standard between men and women who are accused of sex crimes and are apparently uneducated on the psychological damage that having sex with a grown woman almost his mother’s age can cause to a teenage boy. I liked older women when I was 17, but older for me was college-aged, not a woman pushin’ 40.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        This is the problem right here, no due process for men, this is typically the case in the west and its additionally irritating to see men throwing their brethren under the bus.

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    • Jon,

      This #METOO movement is a hypocritical pestilent piece of garbage, it was only meant to be about demonising men, especially black men and this is the direction they wish to continue in. I highly doubt anything will come of this.

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  2. What is your opinion on South Africa Farm invasion situation? I have been to south Africa it isn’t a African country white people built that shit. When the white south Africans farmers leave SA it bill Zimbabwe 2.0. It will quickly turn into another failed black country. Its funny how history repeats itself. I have tried earning these blacks but they don’t listen I get called uncle tom oreo.

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    • @BlackBritishguy The White south Africans should have never been their in the first place; just because you find a inhabitant land doesn’t mean you get to own it. The White south Afrikaners are seeking asylum via Australia and Russia which means that they leave those native south Africans to their own devices in maintaining their own country(i.e. land, etc.). Truthfully, those black south Africans have displayed ineptitude and their lack of managerial skills when it comes operating their own stuff. Hopefully they’ll will be able to call their own shots without any foreign influence. In the near future, I predict that Europe and the U.N. will stop giving aid to those Africa in attempt to reclaim the whole continent.

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      • Yeah I know white south Africans were in SA before the bantu. White people should of never gone to Africa

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      • @TheAmazingSecularist
        “In the near future, I predict that Europe and the U.N. will stop giving aid to those Africa in attempt to reclaim the whole continent”

        Its possible that they will do something, mainly due to the fact that China is making big in roads in Africa and quickly gaining influence.

        There is money to be made in Africa, even Trump admitted that some of his rich buddies are making a lot of money in Africa.

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      • James S,

        The West really fucked up royally when it came to Africa. They were too busy indebting Africans and pushing neo-liberal agendas like homosexuality in Kenya and Uganda. China on the other hand was happy to do business with Africa and sent business men with briefcases to the continent instead of troops with guns.

        To this day we still have French army all around their former colonies in Africa (with the Americans) causing a ruckus.

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    • Black british guy,

      Yes whites did build South Africa into what it is but they still invaded that land from Europe just like they invaded the Americas and Australia. The Africans are right to take their land back just like the Europeans were right to take their land back during the reconquista (when they were expelling the Muslims and Moors out of Europe)

      Also I’m sorry but I don’t buy the whole “But Bantu’s aren’t native to South Africa” argument. First of all the Bantu migrations began around 400-500 AD and the Bantu mixed regularly with the Bushmen and Khoi-San. Second of all the same has happened all over the world including Europe. Anglo-Saxons aren’t native to the British Isles and neither were the Norse Vikings now does that mean that Nigerian immigrants have equal right to the British Isles because Germanic peoples displaced the native Celtic tribes?

      Now don’t get it twisted do I think South Africa will turn into economic ruin? Absolutely. Negros have proven time and time again they do not know how to run shit properly and would rather fight among themselves (because they’re from different tribes) then actually attempt to sustain a running/functioning economy. But at the end of the day Africa belongs to the black races and it’s mulatto offspring. If Africans fail to sustain themselves it’ll be there problem…..

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    • Black British Guy,

      The problem is whites build up South Africa using the resources from Africa, not from Europe. I hope that black folks there will utilise the land once its given to them, they would be utter fools not to do so, however white folks down there do not have a right to possess land that was stolen.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Precisely the same goes for the Arabs that currently inhabit North Africa (although the history of North African colonialism is much more complex)

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    • BW have been trying to date non-BM for a while now, they have been advertising themselves to non-BM but the reality is that there aren’t many takers. Shaming non-BM for not wanting to date them is pathetic and shows the amount of desperation they have for someone to actually want them. I would feel bad about it, but this is the path that feminism has led them down and many are too stubborn to turn back, and even if they did turn back they would just be met by a Wall of Silence at this point. Many BW at this point don’t have the ability to date a good BM, they have been programmed from birth by their strong and independent single black mothers and other BW to see BM as competition at best and as the enemy at worst.

      The strong and independent BW movement has left them with no men and only loneliness, bastard kids, and lesbianism. Side chick culture has grown in the black community because so many of the lonely and desperate BW are desperate to have the attention of a man that is worth a damn, even if he isn’t committed to them. They want that man to do for them what he does for his wife, even if its only on a part time behind closed doors basis. Its sad, but oh well………….. keep the Wall up.

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    • Reynagirl14,

      On the one hand you have black women attempting to shame white men into dating them, then on the other you have black women advising the sisterhood to date out. As I’ve stated many time before, most black women will fail attempting to climb Swirl Mountain, only a select few will ever be successful in that endeavour.

      As we keep on pointing out, non black men just aren’t checking for black women like that, it seems that the swirling sisterhood is going to have to learn this lesson the hardware, maybe then they might realise that merchants like Christelyn Karazin have not been giving them the full picture.

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  3. Kid organic knocked it out of the park with this one. As he stated, they wouldn’t date you if your life depended on it:

    Man, l can’t get out of amerikkka fast enough. Thank God for passports.

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    • Jay,

      Thing is stuff like this doesn’t even bother me, I have no problem with black women sucking off white guys or any other men for that matter it’s never bothered me personally. The only thing that bothers me is hypocrisy and double standards.The black woman and white man are the first to complain about black men and white women getting with each other but never call out interracial relationships concerning. This also goes for Arab guys, they’re just a jealous as White males are, you don’t see it as often because their women typically don’t date out as much. However Arab men have no issue with taking a black woman and filling her mouth with some brown dick but as soon as they find out a black dude has even as much as held hands with one of their women they want to bitch and moan.

      Again people are free to date, marry, fuck and suck whoever they want just don’t be a hypocrite that’s all I’m saying…..

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    • Wow. That is fucking disgusting. And just think some simp is gonna kiss her with that same mouth. Just think, we are supposed to “protect and provide” for that toe-sucking queen. Keep the wall up, gentlemen.

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  4. Man babs, you spoke that hot fire on obsidian radio show last night. I don’t trust these pastors because a lot of these men need to be careful when they hear someone saying “I’ll pray for you” because the black church is a cesspool of corruption.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Thanks bro, these institutional church beast pastors are just as evil and deceptive as the black women they serve, I talked about black women and the “special” relationship they have with these wizards and warlocks in the church in both of my books. The black church is a complete failure, a gutted empty shell of its former self. Church beast pastors will suffer the same fate as the black women they so eagerly protect and dick down behind closed doors.

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  5. Another thing us thinking black men need to look out for is these women and pastors “speaking in tongues” they have to use women against men to control the money. I woke now.

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    • D32018,

      Back again bootlicker, when was the last time you wrote an article in support of your queans? You’re slacking over there at Bootlick Mountain, better get back to work rendering brown nosing services, chop chop.

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    • I see you’re a simp and have checked your site out. You honestly need to check yourself and self reflect which you won’t probably do as you are like black women. Get yourself out of here. As people like you are the ultimate disgrace as you defend foolishness. I think you should check your site as you have been called out by others.

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  6. Verbs2015,
    U have to check asian, and black women act exactly the same way with their opposite sex in race when it come to rejection.


    U wil notice the same shaming tactics, dick policing that black women do with black men, when it come to dating.

    I would suggest that the fact of both group bein seen as the least desirable around the world play a role, but come on I’m dissapoint with asian men behavior, that’s really a feminine attitude, U would notice that arab men are like that too. It’s not strange that when you are at the bottom of the bottom u will do something such as this, because deep down u know well that u cannot compete.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      I’m glad you posted this as I’m soon going to have to deal with Middle Eastern/South Asian men and their incredibly insecure nature. That is the main reason why you don’t see more Desi girls dating out, because these dudes will go ultra ham and try to kill the women concerned. However it seems that their ultra militant dick policing tactics are beginning to seriously back fire. All this will do is simply send more South Asian women in our direction. Panjid is going in exactly the same direction as Brad with the relentless dick policing antics, expect to see a sharp rise in Black men/South Asian women relationships coming soon to a street near you.

      I remember on one of these open mics somebody posted a video of Indian women being asked what type of porn they like, and lo and behold a good portion of them stated that they like watching black men. You have to understand, in Middle Eastern countries it is the men who dictate the culture, they are the culprits who have constantly been putting across the notion that black men are gutter. Therefore they use black men as a shaming weapon against their women, a very bad move on their part as all that is doing is showing how weak and fragile South Asian men are.

      You’re right, black women, South and East Asian men are at the bottom of the dating totem pole, and in true insecure fashion they refuse to compete and choose instead to use bully boy and dick policing tactics in their efforts to secure their respective women and men, smh.

      Just like the black witch South Asian men simply aren’t romantic and affectionate, once they put a ring on the finger of the women the little romance and fake affection they reluctantly put on display goes right out of the window and the women now have to get down to the job of churning out child after child as a breeding machine. Just as black women beat their children from pillar to post, there are large swaths of these South Asian men who do exactly the same to their women.

      Watch this space, the more these dudes continue to use black men as a weapon of insult against their women, the more South Asian women are going to start giving them the middle finger and actually start rolling with the brothers in significant numbers.

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  7. Once again BW and their WM allies demonstrate their hypocrisy for the world to see, and they have zero shame. I’m no fan of Jesse Lee Peterson himself, but I do enjoy many of the guests he brings on his show and the topics they discuss. In this particular video his question about interracial dating exposes some hypocrites amongst his staff.
    At the 10:00 mark you will hear a BW state that she doesnt believe in IR dating…and then later implies that she’s not interested in dating black men….make that make sense.
    Prior to her statement the same question was asked to a White male who also stated he doesnt believe races should mix, but here’s the kicker…this White male has never dated a White woman and all of his partners have been Black women. I can’t make this stuff up, you have to watch for yourself.
    This video shows us once again that BW and WM only agree with IR dating when THEY are the ones participating. If they EVER catch their counterparts doing the same, all hell breaks loose and they preach the gospel of “Black Love Only”(BW) or “White Racial Purity”(Alt Right WM).
    These are the same people that di** police you when they see you with Becky,Lee,Suzuki,Vasquez, Patel, etc.

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    • SunGodRa,

      Your analysis is exactly the same conclusion I came to listening to her stutter and jabber on, she’s in agreement with interracial dating if she is the one participating in it, however if a black man does the same she’s in complete disagreement with the move, smh. More and more black men are clocking onto this blatant hypocrisy from black women and white men concerning interracial dating and marriage. Black women and racist white men, two sides of the same decadent, rusty coin.

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