Black Men Should Protect Who, You???


The modern day black female is definitely 7 kegs short of a six-pack, one minute she talks about being strong, independent and having no need for a man, then the next she is running around like a headless chicken questioning why black men aren’t jumping up to protect her. This is the problem with the overwhelming majority of black women today, they use emotions to think and having the memory of a goldfish they forget about what they’ve said previously when uttering new statements.

Besides, I really don’t know what this heifer is talking about because I see the pro black simps jumping up to defend black women all the time(At least online). So apparently protection from these guys is not viewed as “real protection” in the eyes of most black women. I believe a great question to ask at this point is what have black women done for black men and black society whereby I would feel the need to protect them?

The bottom line is black women don’t deserve the protection of black men and here are just a few reasons why. Firstly, black women don’t appreciate anything that comes from black men yet alone protection. Remember the video that came out roughly a year ago of a white man who had assaulted a black female on the New York subway and was continuing to go in on her until an ultra simp black male decided to jump in and render white knight protection bootlicking services on behalf of the black witch:

You’ll notice that she DID NOT THANK said black man for intervening in her conflict, this is typical behaviour from black women as they believe that because we share the same skin colour, we should automatically jump to black women’s defence when they find themselves in a spot of bother. Nope, sorry, protection just like respect is earned and I certainly will not be defending you if you’re scum.

The second reason black women don’t deserve protection from black men is because as mentioned before on many occasions both past and present they have already declared themselves as strong and independent feminists and have also stated that they don’t require men. We have now reached a stage where black men are actually listening to what black women have to say in this area and in turn are giving them the space they need to exercise their strength and independence to its fullest capacity.

The third reason as to why black women don’t deserve protection from black men is because since slavery black women have been urinating and crapping upon the heads of black men at every opportunity given to them, the latest treachery coming in the form of their acceptance of fatherless home welfare policies that were introduced in the mid 1960s. They’ve single handedly turned against black men but still expect us to protect them, what a joke.

As I wrote in Negro Wars, when black women decided to accept money from the government in lieu of a father in the home, a transfer of ownership took place and they immediately became the property and the responsibility of the state. Therefore it is no longer the black man’s responsibility to protect the black woman, that yoke of protection now lies upon the shoulders of the government, thus whenever black women complain about not being protected, as I’ve stated on numerous occasions before, feel free to point them towards the nearest police station or government building.

The fourth and one of the most important reasons as to why black women don’t deserve protection from black men is because black women themselves fail to protect the young and the innocent. Black women are supposed to nurture and protect the young, however what we observe instead is black women abusing and killing off children especially the unborn at ridiculously high rates. I’m sorry, I don’t protect scum, abusers and cold-blooded killers. In the US black women on average murder 1876 unborn children per day in abortion clinics and yet they still have the audacity to ask black men for protection, keep on moving with that mess.

A fifth reason why black women don’t deserve protection is because they are extremely reckless and irresponsible with their vaginas and additionally they choose to submit to the wrong types of individuals to their own detriment. Remember, black women for the majority part like being abused and getting their heads bashed in, this is why they continue relentlessly to gravitate towards those types of guys that engage in such behaviour.

Between black men being relieved of their “protection services” towards black women by the state and the government beginning to issue black women with divorce proceedings, black women as a collective are pretty much on their own at this point, they will have to defend themselves and personally deal with situations similar to this:

Yep, here we have yet another Asian beauty supply store owner punching a black woman upside the head, however as per usual the black female is the aggressor. She just like the rest believed that she could transfer her dysfunctional behaviour to non black men and they would accept it, however Kim above soon put her straight, bleeding straight and casually walked back into his store.

Notice how she as per the usual black female protocol got up in his face, struck the man and then tried to walk off believing that nothing would happen to her, she thought wrong. At the end of the day I don’t support the East Asians under any circumstances, as I’ve stated before they open up shop in poor black areas specifically to exploit, however if they are the ones that are to bring harsh judgements upon black women then so be it, I won’t be standing in the way.

Again, the reason why these East Asian store owners keep on beating black women to a pulp is because they know that they have no men around to protect them. Since black women have declared themselves as strong and independent feminists who don’t need men, they’ll now have to fight their own battles, black men are no longer obliged to take up the baton of defence on their behalf.

At the end of the day it is the men who are the warriors, women are the weaker vessels and are not respected by men when it comes down to strength. When we look at the animal kingdom the same thing occurs with hyenas and a pride of female lions, hyenas can pretty much intimidate a pride of lionesses away from a kill even if they are less in number. However, whenever a male lion arrives on the scene, the hyenas no matter how many in number will immediately scatter, observe for yourselves:

Black women are grade A numbskulls if they believe that they can go up against non black men by themselves and somehow be successful in such a venture of lunacy. By rejecting good men and instead choosing to open their legs to unproductive black men who are misguided and have relatively no direction, they’ve sealed their own fate. Bottom line, PROTECT YOURSELVES BLACK WOMEN AS YOU SIMPLY AREN’T WORTHY OF OUR PROTECTION.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From The Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

54 thoughts on “Black Men Should Protect Who, You???

  1. what have black women done for black men and black society whereby I would feel the need to protect them?

    DEY GAVE BURRF TEW YEW!!!!!!! Lol!

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  2. This is what happens when 40 years of social programming meets biology, a mentally ill and unstable black woman flush with cognitive dissonance. Talk about talking out of both ass cheeks…

    It it’s not your job to protect anyone except maybe children at risk, which they will be under this witch. Kids have no choice in who their piece of shit mother turns out to be yet they’ll pay the price later on in life. Why does she need protecting, when the child isn’t?

    #SYSBM – for the children.

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  3. Oh and notice the shaming and subtle dick policing from this witch too…

    Guess which type of women we “useless, ball less, lames” are going to protect now?

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    • I checked her page. Nobody is jumping up to protect that grill anytime soon, sorry. You’d think unattractive women would be nicer people to compensate for their lack of looks. White women seem to understand this. Even fat little 4s and 5s are getting girlfriended, wifed up, and protected. Sistas, not so much. Oh, well.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        The fatter and darker they are in black female society, the worse they tend to be. Again, because these heifers view us as slaves, they don’t feel that they have to humble themselves(for black men), even if they are a 2 at best and weigh 550 pounds.

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  4. ((The second reason black women don’t deserve protection from black men is because as mentioned before on many occasions both past and present they have already declared themselves as strong and independent feminists and have also stated that they don’t require men. ))

    Let’s be honest here, How many black men on the train was quietly rooting for that white guy? How many black men would have been HAPPY to do the exact same thing as what the white guy was doing?? How many black men was holding in laughter when he made fun of her weave?? The entire time I was wtching that video, I was clapping for the white guy! Most black men would NEVER do what he did and would get away with it even if he did!

    I have a gut feeling the minute SYSBM begins to become mainstream, black men are going to become like the white guy and lash out on any black woman that for so much as breathe the wrong way and not give a rats ass if any Black simp tries to run to her defense!

    LASTLY! How many of you bet that the black woman was getting secretly turned ON by being demoralised by that white guy! Heck, we didn’t see where the black women went, for all we know she stayed on the trained, went home with him and dropped her panies for him. If they did, more power to him I suppose, but it just goes to show you how foolish these simps are!

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  5. ((Yep, here we have yet another Asian beauty supply store owner punching a black woman upside the head, however as per usual the black female is the aggressor. She just like the rest believed that she could transfer her dysfunctional behaviour to non black men and they would accept it, however Kim above soon put her straight, bleeding straight and casually walked back into his store.))

    Here is something that many people seem to be over looking! If a white, asian or hispanic many for so much as slaps a black woman, she becomes submissive, if a black man beats a black woman, that black woman will fight back! They will fight back black men to the death before she ever admits defeat to a black man yet here a korean guys throws a weak punch and she “gives up”! This just goes to show you how much black women hate black men to the core!

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  7. These chicks have some nerve. They are of course the main women claiming to not needs no mans, and lo and behold, the worst off for it. Black women live in absolute piss poor conditions, yet have the audacity to act out of a sense of authority?

    These Asians, along with several others, will move in to more than ever take advantage of and exploit these ghettoes. My only regret is that they took so long.

    Honestly, I say that the best way to prepare for this turmoil is to be in a position to exploit them ourselves.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Their nerve/audacity is beyond ridiculous, declare themselves as strong and independent, treat good black men like garbage but then still expect us to “protect” them, these chicks stay guzzling down high octane dumb fuel for life. As Carnio pointed out, they can’t even pretend to be nice to us anymore, they simply can no longer contain their disdain and hatred for heterosexual thinking black men.

      Besides, how many times have thinking black men tried to warn these women about certain individuals lining up to take advantage of them, however because black women as a collective believe they know it all, they can never put down their pride for long enough to listen to reason and sound wisdom. Like I said, they sealed their own fate.

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  8. The only black woman I’m protecting is my mother. All others can fend for themselves. Unless a woman gave birth to me or married me, she is not entitled to my protection. Black women gave up their right to our protection when they embraced feminism and led the charge to destroy the black family. As Obsidian has noted in the past, they destroyed the social contract, which guaranteed a man a good, loyal, loving wife so long as he fulfilled his role as protector and provider. But black women rejected that en masse and now they’re paying the price. Too bad, so sad. SYSBM fo’ life!

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  9. If black women are “strong” and “independent” why should they need black man to protect them? If women are “equal” then don’t expect special treatment. The only time I want a women is a escort you pay the bitch to leave. SYSBM!

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  10. Many black women claim that they wear HAIR WEAVE as a protective style. If a black woman is wearing a hair weave, she already has, according to her, protection.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Hahahahahaha, lol. These women are a joke, claiming that they want real men but yet everything about them is fake from the hair they put on their heads to the nails they put on their fingers and in some cases toes, smh.

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  11. I thought it was fitting to include your videos of animals. In my homeland, it is said that a hyena will always stalk a woman or child, but be wary of a man with a stick. They’re pretty smart. Also, in hyena culture, the females are larger and more dangerous. Kind of like modern Black America where many women outsize men.

    This is also why they get their asses handed to them. They start conflict with Patriarchal men such as East Asians who come from a Confucius background vs modern scraggle daggle programming. And of course violence would happen. Social media reveals they are the aggressors, get they nigga moment, and scream racism or I’m a woman. And pro blacks don’t care for facts.

    They want to “shut them down” and “black dollars matter”. ALWAYS AFTER THE FACT.

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    • Exposingtheemperor,

      The black community pre civil rights once upon a time used to resemble a pride of lions, however in 2018 it more resembles a hyena’s clan. This is one of the main reasons why thinking black men leave black society as matriarchies within human civilisation are always destined for failure.

      The male lions with sense ie thinking black men have gone our own ways to start our own prides realising the dysfunction contained within the community as a whole. Black women are a destructive breed of individuals, hence why to date nothing in “the community” since the civil rights era has improved.

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  12. The modern day Black woman is not worth protecting. We all know the fickle nature of women but Black Women are 10x worst. If you see the absolute non-sense and trash they spew online about Black Men,it would make you vomit. From a prespective from most males, Black Women are easy prey and sex. No-one takes them serious beyond words. They hold absolute NO power. They don’t present themselves as an asset in a mans life.

    Everything they do is to make a mans life much more difficult. This reminds me of the whole Omarosa scandal. Donald Trump gave this Negropean notoriety from his former TV-show and a position in the oval office just to be betrayed and thrown in negative press. Nothing men do for Black Women would be appreciated and reciprocated with gratitude. This isn’t a problem with only Black Women & Black Men. Its a problem Black women have with their mates of any race.

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    • Ryan —- I constantly say that black women take the faults of all women and multiply such faults. If, for example, 20% of the white women in an area are overweight, one can expect 80% of the black women from the same area to be overweight. Black women take the excess weight situation and multiply the problem.

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  13. Why do BW want BM to protect them they look like offensive and defensive linemine in the NFL they can protect themselves. Also why would we protect you BW when all you do is try to destroy BM nope you will not get Sean protective services to help you we do not protect vile scum. BW are the most crazy and deranged people on Earth and I am dead serious when I say this.

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  14. When I was younger, I had a few altercations with blk females. They do this knowing that the guy is between a rock and a hard place. If he whips her behind as nature intended, he’s a villan. If he doesnt then he got beat by a female. Plenty of useless piece-o’-shit males will be ready to jump in on her behalf which just leads to more drama.

    The funny thing is that I havent had any female except moms get up in my face in many years. I can look pretty mean sometimes without intending to. Too many years growing up in a home surrounded by black females, too many years of being fustrated and disgusted at dealing with blk folks in general, and too many years of societies bullshit have marked me Im afraid. I think my face gives off the “I dont give a fuck anymore vibe” a little to well. Lol!

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  15. Verbs,

    By the way, I left a comment on your previous post and it was awaiting moderation/approval and then it just vanished!


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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      If there is a link in your comment then usually it should be moderated by WordPress automatically in order to prevent spamming. On occasion a few legit comments with or without links will get sent into the spam folder by mistake instead of to the pending section of the admin. This is where I personally have to go through the spam in order to check if any legitimate comments have accidentally been sent there. If I decide to empty out the spam folder without first checking that may be where the problem lies. It’s not intentional and usually the system that deals with spam on WordPress is pretty good, however occasionally it can get a bit sketchy, my apologies. It’s unfortunate but when you churn out articles regularly, your website gets hit with spam like crazy. Here is an example of the stuff that lands in my spam folder, I got this through today:

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  16. After everything these blacck witches have done they think we are now going to protect them?! Protect them from what?!

    Are we to protect them from their thug boyfriends they love fucking so much when he beats her upside the head?!

    Are we to protect them from the evil white men they love to worship, ghetto gag, and bedwench/race play for when he gets mad and calls her a nigger outside of the bedroom?

    Are we to protect her from the asian weave shops that she gives millions of dollars a year to when she gets hits with the 5 point palm exploding heart technique when they get caught stealing weave for the 100th time?

    These women carry themselves like wild animals and have no respect for guys like us but think we are just gonna drop everything and be her attack dogs?

    Also white women crying rape on everything led to the #meetoo movement so yeah that kinda backfired on white boys didn’t it.

    lastly low iq africans and muslims are pouring into europe raping women and children all day 24/7 and white men sit back and do nothing. She won’t talk about that tho.

    This shit only comes up because there is a new video of an Asian store owner beating up a black woman for stealing every week and its making them look bad so now it’s all “muh protection” horeshit.

    These bitches are on their own. #sysbm

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    • Yours Truly, another bomb post. No lies detected. I don’t know about you, but the sistahood was never feeling a dude like me, yet I’m supposed to put an “S” on my chest and take a bullet for them, with nothing in it for me. They need to get their black lesbian “studs” to cape for them.

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      • “They need to get their black lesbian “studs” to cape for them.”
        absolutely. Let the men they chose to have children with protect them.

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  17. You’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man, now you need protection? Good lord these black bitches can’t make up their useless ass minds. Black bitches know they’re in trouble, and they are doing anything and everything to avoid their horrible fate. New flash: you can’t hit the snooze button on your impending doom as much as you try. Nobody I mean NOBODY with a brain feels bad for them, and they shouldn’t.

    Keep the wall up at all costs.

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  18. Honestly this shit warms my black heart. Finally the universe is handing out justice. Even my bros that are kinda pro black are seeing it bit by bit. Like every reign it eventually ends.

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  19. Every time a BLACK MAN protects a black woman, he ends up either dead or in jail. Black women STAY in trouble with her bad attitude, and loud over emotional ass.
    WHITE WOMEN like us, just want to live and be left the fuck alone.

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    • Exactly, there are risks associated with “protecting” a woman, so most guys are only going to do it for THEIR women (wives and daughters). These strong and independent hoodrats and single moms are angry because they believe that they are entitled to protection even though they have no husband or even a man that is worth a damn in their lives. The hoodrats want good BM to take time away from protecting and providing for his family to protect and provide for her and hers too, and when we don’t you heard the cries of “Black men aint protectin us!”. They are strong, independent, and on their own, don’t save em.

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  20. I wan’t going to, but I curiosity got the better of me, I went to go check this bitches FB page out……….JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!
    Assuming she isn’t an attention whore who puts outrageous shit on her page just to get a reaction, ANY KIND OF REACTION, she is too fat and ugly to be talking about what ANY MAN should be doing for her. She’s a busted out single mom

    (funny how women like her are always telling MEN what and how they should be MEN, but she can’t handle the basic task of keeping her legs shut infill she found a husband)

    trying to dictate what MEN should be doing for her. But you know what is more frustrating, the amount of thirsty CUCKS dancing around the fact she is a fucking loony toon.

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    • Gotta stop you there, Sage. She has no kids. Amazing, I know. In a couple of her posts, she talks about what she’d do if she *did* have kids. No man, either it seems like. Other than that, carry on.

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  21. Once saw a BW getting her ass stomped by her White BF outside a Mexican restaurant……..I had to get up……..and order some more chips and salsa…..

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  22. This is one of the best PBT lectures I’ve heard in a while, its also one of the best arguments for the Wall of Silence that I have heard in a while.
    Highly recommended that the brothers here listen to this and share it:

    He makes A LOT of good points in this lecture.
    They are strong and independent and don’t need no man, dont let them back away from those words now.
    The gender wars are over, now there is only the Wall.

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  23. Lynching was never about white women.

    In the vast majority of cases, it was about property and land disputes. The lynching was just an excuse to take black peoples’ land and property or scare black people out of an area. It was actually white racists who re-wrote history to make lynching about sex (this was to justify it), and it’s interesting how black women are copying the exact same talking points as white racists.

    To give you the numbers, 80% of lynchings had nothing to do with sex. And out of the 20% that did, the vast majority were fabricated as a cover for property and land disputes. And it wasn’t just black men who were the victims of this:

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    • The problem with people who like to retcon history is there’s no real way to disprove it. If lynching wasn’t about white fear of the black penis, then why were many lynching victims castrated to boot? Lynching may not have been ONLY about sex, but fear/envy/attraction to (!!!!) the legendary black member was a component.

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      • I don’t disagree with that.

        But you (African-Americans) have a way of denigrating yourselves without even realizing it, and that is why many blacks from other parts of the world try to distance ourselves from you when we come to the U.S.

        Whites made lynching about white women to JUSTIFY IT.

        Why can’t you get this through your skull? It’s the whole “Birth of a Nation” we have to keep these negros in line before they rape all the white wimmenz tripe. So why are you repeating a white racist talking point as if its something you are proud of?

        It’s just like how you still follow the one-drop rule and call yourselves the n-word. Self-denigration is embedded in your psyche.

        Here is a news article from the 1930s about the subject:

        They put the figure for white-woman related murders (I prefer this term to lynch) at 1/4th or 25%. Out of that 25%, the majority were fabricated and or “attempted” rapes which could have been something as small as bumping into someone or “reckless eyeballing”.

        Your ancestors weren’t thirsty white-woman obsessed morons who risked their lives over pussy. Stop letting that retarded narrative continue.

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