Behold, Another Dick Policing Pro Black Bootlicker


Gentlemen, this is what we thinking black men are up against, brain-dead, bewitched, dysfunctional black female loving numbskulls like Spence Taylor who unconditionally choose to lick the muddy boots of the modern day black female while at the same time purposely overlooking her innumerable shortcomings. These pander bears are really coming out of the woodwork thick and fast attempting to defend arguably the worst group of women on the planet.

Did you notice how this shine just like the black witch readily used the term “bashing black women” somehow trying to imply that black women are victims? I’ve asked this question before and I’ll do it again, in light of the endless death and destruction black women as a group have brought upon black men and black society in general, exactly what are they victims of?

By the way, you’ll notice that you rarely if ever hear white women or other non black females use the term “bash” when their respective men call them out on their dysfunctional behaviour. When was the last time you heard an Arab, Pakistani, Indian or Japanese woman turn to her man after being reprimanded for bad conduct and state that she is being “bashed”? Again, I’ll wait.

To date nobody who advocates for black women has been able to answer that question. Taylor here is simply trying to be like the simp and pander bear Derrick Jaxn, he believes that pandering towards black women will help him land some cooch, however the fact that the dude is light-skinned he should know is enough for multiple black women to jump onboard his wagon.

Brothers, herein lies yet another reason why you ought to abandon black women altogether, you’ll notice that most non black females will look upon men who worship them and continually excuse their transgressions as creepy as non black women as a whole are fully aware and accepting of the problems within their respective groups, the black female however is a completely different kettle of fish.

Because of her subscription to deep level feminism and the need to hold onto the victimhood status with all her might, the black woman instead will always blame outsiders for the problems that she has brought about with her own two hands and the black male is normally her favourite scapegoat. Tell me, when was the last time you heard a black woman admit she was in the wrong and apologise for it, I’ll wait?

The reason why I label Taylor as a fool is because when black women see his pander bear antics they will immediately think the following:

“That’s right slave, you continue supporting, defending and licking the muddy boots of your black queens even though we treat you like garbage, claim we don’t need you and constantly tell you Negro males slaves that you aren’t worth a damn”.

There are increasing numbers of black men who are choosing to give black women the middle finger because black women as a whole are extremely problematic and Spence Taylor knows this even though he is openly pandering for doggie treats and Scooby snacks. So because I’m black I have to date a black woman, really bruh??? Do you see the disjointed mentality that is created when you are raised by a single mother or predominantly around black women?

Me choosing to avoid black women because of the endless drama they bring to the table is self-hatred??? Do you see this guy’s slippery slope logic at play here? Then this bootlicker had the audacity to claim that black women as a group are beautiful, not so clown. Maybe 30-50 years ago that was the case, however the monstrosities walking around today can in no wise be labelled as beautiful, not at all.

Beautiful black women in 2018 are very, very rare, this is one of many reasons why most black women are single. There is a serious dearth of beauty within modern day black female society. Between most of them being overweight, wearing weaves, looking like pirates with body loads of tattoos, skin bleaching, fake eye lashes, bad skin, excessive make up etc, most black women these days resemble swamp monsters and Krakens from the deep, sorry, that is the truth.

Did you also note how in true black female indoctrinated fashion how the dude called out black men for having a dating preference geared towards non black women, yet are there any videos on his Instagram calling out black women who exclusively date non black men, we already know the answer to that question……..NO. If you can somehow find one then by all means post the link to it in the comment section below.

Dick policing Taylor then went on to talk about non black men not declaring that they don’t date their own respective females, again, non black women on the whole ARE NOT problematic whereas black women in the aggregate ARE seriously problematic and exceptionally dysfunctional. This is why non black men do not have to declare that they don’t date women from their own races because they still have a significant number of functional women to choose from, however for black men dealing with black women this is NOT the case.

I’ll let you guys finish off this suspect fruity Negro, your thoughts please gents.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Fruity Pro Black Simps

Most High Bless

65 thoughts on “Behold, Another Dick Policing Pro Black Bootlicker

  1. What I find funny is technically women of other races do indeed “bash” their men but they leave it more ambiguous and classy by just saying men or even broader statement like men are dogs you just have to read between the lines.

    Anyone catch the wig though when he pretends to be a white guy, someone spends way too much time in the company of women.

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    • Darthamon,

      The dude behaves like a straight up fruit, this is the typical behaviour of a man who has been raised up around and predominantly by women. Non black women do indeed have their gripes concerning their males counterparts, however I have yet to hear for example a Chinese woman turn around to a Chinese man and accuse him of bashing her after being corrected or reprimanded for something she did wrong or was in error on.

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  2. What a simp. I can date white and Asian women and “bash” black women at the same time. I’m a multi-tasker like that. LOL. Why [b]shouldn’t we[/b] talk about them, they damn sure talk about us. Full disclosure: my Asian ex-girlfriend hated BW too and we used to [s]bash[/s] discuss them all the time. She could 100% understand why I was with her and not a sista. I sincerely hope the sisterhood is rewarding this man’s loyalty, but somehow I doubt it.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Black women believe they are above reproach, couple this with their view of black men as slaves and you have quite a nasty combination. These bootlickers are really getting out of hand.

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  3. I have to cover this,

    “Dick policing Taylor then went on to talk about non black men not declaring that they don’t date their own respective females…”

    The main reason why you don’t hear non-black men declare they don’t date women of their own race is because despite the damage feminism may have inflicted on non-black men, those men are STILL MEN.

    They don’t put their preference out there for approval or disapproval because THEY DON’T HAVE TO!

    Consider this,
    when have you been witness to a white woman shaming a white man because he’s married to a Chinese, Arab, Jewish, Korean, Japanese, or black woman???

    Never, because a white man will stick his dick into whatever he fancies and DARE ANYONE TO CHECK HIM ON IT!

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      We have to continue lighting guys like this up as well as black women who engage in the same type of foolishness. This court jester is still trying to behave as if black women are amongst the finest choice of females on the planet, smh. Exactly what is so great about black women as a group in 2018?

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      • Have you heard that Samira from Love island has taken another L? Her boyfriend from Love island Sam Mighty has been caught kissing white women in a club. And he even said their relationship is for the show. And he even invited the white women to his room. Suprise Suprise

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      • Black British Guy,

        See how these black women are being rejected on all fronts, hence why they and their bootlicking pro black simps have kicked up the dick policing antics into overdrive. Neither Amazon nor the Royal Mail have been able to keep up with the high volume of Ls it’s had to send in the direction of black women this year.

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    • Actually, other races have the self-respect not to viciously attack each other in public. This is something black, people lack – as evidenced by the black women’s behavior as well as black men’s behavior on websites such as this one.


      • Yellowbone Hunter,

        Other races are not dealing with a majority of their females being dysfunctional and defective beyond repair, therefore your point is moot.


  4. Do these dumb ass, simple Negro clowns ever get tired of using the same old ‘your mom is black’, ‘ black women are queens’, etc, etc, nonsense?
    And notice how effeminate and probably or possibly homosexual this guy is who is ranting and raving about disrespecting black queens.
    I literally cannot stand the majority of black people. And these fucking simps are the main enablers of black women and their nonsense. As long as Blackmen continue to praise black women no matter what they do, black women will continue to be the world’s biggest joke, and these black women will continue to murder black children and destroy the so-called black community. Pussy hungry, idiotic Blackmen are the main reason why the black community is so fucked up. These black men are so addicted to black pussy that they will literally allow a black woman to kill her child, and will still defend her.
    As we all know black women are a problem. But the more that I think about it it’s these black men Simp idiots who allow black women to do any and everything they want to, to the detriment of the so-called black community.
    The vast majority of so-called black men are simply weak, women worshiping idiots, who will put up with anything black women do if it means they might have a chance to get some black pussy.
    Fucking morons, every last one of them.

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    • Follow this logic….I want to go out to fuck a female. We might make a relationship out of it, we might not, but one thing is for sure, I can’t fuck a woman in till I find one that is like my mother.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Its exactly as we have been saying, the simps have become even more of a problem than black women as they are now the ones who continue to add fuel to the black female’s dysfunction. And what else kills it is the fact that these dudes aren’t even throwing on a freshly starched cape for top notch women, nope, these dudes are eager to please and get into the panties of masculine, looking monsters, Krakens and wide load sea creatures. Just take a look at these twin sisters the black guy in the video was dicking down, talk about no standards whatsoever:

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      • That video looks like a 3-way between two trannies and brown egg-headed Cuck.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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      • Oooooooh, $h1t, that looked like deleted scenes from ANY Tyler Perry movie!

        Those chicks were dressed to the nines, and THAT is the result. This is what you get with black chicks, a tranny in disguise.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Exactly, even with their weaves and other female attire, their masculine features still shone through. A noble effort on their part trying to look feminine but it looks like they’ll have to take the L anyway.

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    • Preach it Bill. I cannot stand being around most black folks, and I don’t care how many uncle toms, sambos and coons I have been called because I refuse to deal with dysfunctional idiotic negros if I can help it. I have enough of them in my family.

      Honestly, most black people should be avoided at all costs especially if they were raised by single mothers.

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  5. Just to answer his question in the first 5 seconds of the video of …”how can I fix my face to say I don’t date black females”..well Mr SIMPTASTIC, I’ve done one better, I’ve fixed my life so my interactions with your black “queens”are as few as possible. I don’t date black chicks under any circumstances, I only speak to them if they speak to me first, and I don’t socialize with them. So why is MR.SIMPTASTIC so angy at what other black men are doing? He now has an ocean of used diseased black pussy to choose from with ever diminishing competition. This clown should be like a kid in candy store with all of the beautiful 300lb, weave wearing, tatted up, diseased,masculine, belligerent, multiple baby daddy black “queens” to choose from.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      The problem with these simps is usually the black women they are brown nosing and bootlicking for aren’t paying them any mind neither any attention and are instead opening their legs to the rough neck thugs of black male society ie those guys that aren’t simping. You’d have thought that guys like Spence would have learned this by now, however it seems that many must learn these lessons the hard way.

      On top of these dudes get extremely jealous when they see guys like us refusing to lick the muddy boots of the black female contingent and additionally have great success in dealing with non black women. Dude is a straight up slave to the black witch and he wishes to see other black men throw off their manhood and follow in his footsteps, sorry, not me, I have standards.

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    • Except simp bitch is not going to get hungry hippo pussy, as high yella as he is.

      He don’t want pussy. He wants dick in the booty. He’s angry as he wants all the black dick to himself.

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  6. I started to view the video and right out of the gate, he states black men who EXCLUSIVELY date non-black women pisses him off…………………………………let that settle in for a second……………………….I stopped watching after those first few seconds because I have EVERYTHING I need to know about this….young man to know how to deal with him.
    He’s a gay man in denial about his sexuality, or maybe he’s openly gay, I don’t know and don’t want to know so I’ll leave you with this.

    Forget race for a second, if you are a straight man, you will give TWO FUCKS about where ANOTHER MAN sticks his cock, UNLESS, its your ass you want him to stick. Think it through for a second, only a gay black man wants BLACK MEN to stay focused on black females, because it doesn’t take much for gay black men to mimic or surpass black women in sexuality (due to the manly nature of today’s black woman) and the more BLACK MEN focused on being with black women, the more black gay men will have an endless supply of BLACK MEN to fuck them in the ass.

    So, going forward, when a black man makes his disapproval at me dating non-black women known, I will simply and kindly state, “I’m not gay and I don’t care where you stick your dick”. and leave it there and let him work out his/her issues by themselves.

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  7. OK, I was curious to see exactly how far female this….dude was going to go…..when he said he was confused, he wasn’t lying. He hit EVERY SINGLE BLACK WOMAN TALKING POINT like his LIFE depended on it. Like he was in some sort of pandering Olympics or Championship game. That was not a MAN talking. That was a young little female sounding bitter that she’s never picked by the type of men she likes.

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  8. This is a conscious decision by a moron. Fatherlessness has nothing to do with it. White “supremacy” has nothing to do with it. This guy is a panderer to the nth degree. Besides the biggest enablers for the modern harridan is the musician, politician and other dumb females- esp the so-called good ones who will defend the fckery to the end. Whoever this loser is… he’s just trying to cash in on a proven moneymaker.

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    • Vinnie Anselmo,

      It has to be noted that most of these pro black simps grew up in single mother households, the lack of a father in their lives is not something that can be so easily dismissed. His motive to cash in can explain the hustle, however it cannot explain his effeminate mannerisms. Theses dudes raised by single mothers for the most part typically go in three directions, hyper masculine, effeminate or homosexual.

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  9. As to Spence Taylor, what caught my eye and ear is his talking point about all black women not being the same. We agreed earlier that all USA black women are the same. We all agreed that there is very little diversity among USA black women. We also agreed that with the mass media, the behavior and misconduct of USA black women are being spread throughout the world to other black women. If you have dated a few black women, you have dated every type of black women that exists. Black women do not have the yoga group, the outdoor sports group, the Republic group, etc. Black women only have the black female group. Black women are generally the same in terms of voting, personal behavior, body type, conduct, and everything. Black men need to date non-black women because all black women are the same. SYSBM.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      As you have pointed out many times in the past, 96% of black women voted for the ultra left wing feminist Hillary Clinton whereas only 4% of black women voted for Trump. I agree, from my observations here in the UK black women for the most part are the same though you can find black female attending the gym, yoga or fitness classes over here, so there is a little diversity in terms of the activities black women take part in. However it isn’t by much as even those black women who take part in alternative activities are still wearing weaves and displaying the same insecurities as your everyday black female.

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      • 1. I suspect that only 1% of black women voted for Trump. Please note that in many states there were as many as six candidates on the ballot. The voting breakdown for black women was probably 96% Hillary Clinton, 3% other candidates, and 1% Trump. 2. I suspect that there is a small amount of diversity among UK black women because UK black women come from more diverse backgrounds. UK black women tend to be immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants, that came from the Caribbean and many African nations during the past 50 years. In the USA, even with increased immigration, the majority of black women are the descendants of early arrivals to the Americas. The USA black women tend to come from the same background and there is very little diversity among USA black women.

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  10. Spence Taylor is a Platinum Massa Card holder and stank cooch chaser of the highest degree!

    He holds dual citizenship within the Ghetto Union Of Ratchet States:
    The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan
    The Cuckold Republic of Simpistan

    It is too late for him – for he is truly doomed.

    Brothers – follow the path of SYSBM – lest you may suffer the fate of Spence Taylor.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Indeed, dude is also a high priest of Bootlick Mountain. Again, what is so great about black women in 2018 that these dudes always feel the need to bend over backwards for them, I’ll wait?

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      • >Again, what is so great about black women in 2018 that these dudes always feel the need to bend over backwards for them, I’ll wait?


        I suspect you, me and the rest of the Knights of SYSBM won’t hold our collective breaths over that question.

        Keep up the good work, brother!

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  11. > the black female however is a completely different kettle of fish.

    Which also describes the stench emanating from said female.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  12. Part of me suspects that these dudes see big time simping (which spell checked as wimping lol) from Steve Harvey and such and want to try to make money. I would also throw those pastors into the mix as “role models”.

    The difference between these pastors and these low level simps is that the pastors at least look the part, whereas, when was the last time you’ve seen one of these social media simps ballin out of control? Exactly, most simps are more broken than a fractrured leg, living paycheck to paycheck and with enough child support to make your head spin.

    Just like most white male feminists are actually pervs and legit rapists, most simps have a whole bunch of kids that they left with the women they big up so much.

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  13. Not only would I write down what and why I cannot stand about black bitches and would never date or marry one, and hand it to my mother, I’d make a PowerPoint presentation if I had the time and present it to her. And you know what? She’d agree with almost everything in said presentation. Simps like this fruity ass dude and black bitches fail to realize is that most of our mothers AGREE with what we’re saying.

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    • They seem to think our mothers would want us to go through the bullshit they bring. See here is the thing, these monsters running the streets ARE NOT OUR FUCKING MOTHERS. Our MOTHERS actual raised us like human beings. Our MOTHERS are MARRIED to our FATHERS. Our MOTHERS are not in Asian stores tearing up the place.

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    • Yep. My mom already knows where I stand…she met all the serious girlfriends I had and contrasted them with the young weave rats out and about. My mom knows I got too much going on and too much potential to waste it on a woman who hates me and wont respect me as a man. The thinking negro male has NO compatibility with probably 95% of american/western negro females and my mom agrees with me on this. If I want a negro female that bad I’ll take my ass to Central America, South America, or East Africa….not fucking with these females here.

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    • > Simps like this fruity ass dude and black bitches fail to realize is that most of our mothers AGREE with what we’re saying.

      Add my mother to the list of those who AGREE with what we’re saying.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  14. This is getting old. Another day, another simp faggot trying to tell me where I should stick my dick.

    Spouting yhe same recycled garbage that every common hoodrat with a obama phonr has already said a thousand times over.

    I suppose its a good thing at the end of the day. More and more childless black men with money in their pockets are marrying non-black women in droves and they are in a state of panic.

    I know the madam logicbombs of the world lurk on this site. Hear this. Stay the hell away from us and tell your simps yo fall back before they get hurt out here.

    If any of your soldiers in your cuck army try any of this irl they run the risk of catching a bullet.

    I have a preferencr for non-black women just like black women have a prefetence for thugs and ghetto gaggers.

    My body.
    My choice.
    Stop body shaming me

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  15. This is a high yella bitch telling me I shouldn’t date white women?

    Just another commie bastard getting angry over people he cannot control, for if he did, thinking black men won’t hesitate to beat the black back into him.

    I’m not having no simp bitch try to tell me who I should date. Especially no 140 pound, no testosterone-having, testicle free mangina.

    Even so, I await Spence Taylor’s impending child support baby mama drama. Since he’s “high yella”, the hungry hungry hippos will gladly do all the dick watching for him.

    Fuck outta here. My dick, my choice.


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  16. These pussy panderers and soft mamas boy. Derrick Jaxson, Angel Ramirez Jordan, and this guy are all the same. They use Black Women and absolve their shit for profit & ego gratification. It’s very easy to swoon Black Women if you are muscular or a lighter hue. Especially if you seem to be like a naive lap dog. These are generations of black male feminist are products of the 2000s.These new age millenials 25-35 currently. I would say the 80’s simp would be the dumb-ass to create these bastards. You know, the R & B singers types who used to promise stupid shit to Black Women in their songs.

    These damn dumb ass words of black bitch affirmation & solidarity are horrendous. Its like Black Men do not understand there is no support system or network for us. But will sit there & support a dumb whore feminist(s) who only hates and wants to oppress them. Young Black Men need to learn that this generation of Black Women bring nothing of substance or value to the table. It’s too common now to hear and see young Black Men gravel and simp.

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  17. Verbs2015;
    All I Got to Say is. ”Feminized Negro’s Like Spence Taylor. Are The Worst Kind of Negro’s”. SYSBM For Life!!!


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