Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

It’s that time again folks, what’s on your mind, what do you want to discuss? Feel free to talk about what you want on yet another Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday. You’ve got the floor folks, enjoy.

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Stay Individual

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54 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. Let’s talk about being Digital Nomads and having our own online businesses. We can’t talk about going overseas without economic sustainability. The Black Empowerment folks got it right on this. We need to already be working on able to work and generate income. I say lets take a break and focus on those areas. I will be glad to write more articles on the matter. I wrote one last time on the importance of having a career.

    We gotta eat!

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    • From what I’ve seen online, computer science majors allows people to work remotely and some trades in oil and gas offer shifts that make great money and one can screw off in the country of their choosing for a great portion of the year.

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    • Good topic. I had a freelance business for about a year or so. What really frustrated me was having to do my own accounting, particularly estimating quarterly taxes due to having an LLC, and being able to find clients. What I found especially disheartening was trying to do business with other black business owners who were all talk and no action. Also, healthcare costs for an entrepreneur may be an obstacle down the road, although Obamacare is still around now and really helps with costs. I’ve been revisiting some of my mistakes, and will be looking to restart my business soon. I really want the freedom to be able to travel whenever I want while still making income.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        This is what it is all about, being able to travel the world while at the same time still making money. While you have certain pro black individuals who would look down on us for having a job, that job oftentimes can be a stepping stone towards something greater. The main obstacles with any business are by and large government red tap and endless state bureaucracy.

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      • Hey Morpheus, I would head back into doing your own thing again. As it is with the economy, you want to have your own business as a side and grow it. There is a guy on YouTube named Hustler Kungfu who has excellent material on building your own business, and he’s Black if it matters. If you are concerned about taxes, accounting, you can hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) as a contracted employee and you don’t have to see them face to face!

        You can focus on your own business and hire someone for the other function. And don’t concern yourself with Western Black idiocy. Just take care of you.

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    • Exposingtheemperor,

      The problem is black women are NOT taking a break from besmirching the image and the reputation of black men on the daily. On the contrary, its all about those who have expertise in the areas of finance and economic sustainability like yourself bringing your information and skills to the table.

      Feel free to write articles on these topics and be sure to post the links here on the website. We each have our own particular dragons to slay, mine is dealing with black female dysfunction, feminism and the institutional church beast infrastructure. If you see an area that needs supplementing and you have the ability, the skills and the mindset to deal with that particular zone, then go right ahead and jump in, you don’t require the permission or the approval of anybody else to do so. This is open mic/free topic Wednesday, you’ve got the floor to talk about whatever you want.

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      • You know something Verbs,

        You are absolutely correct. It takes a strong heart to do what you do, stomaching the most inane garbage and focusing on spreading the SYSBM message and being relentless. I will provide more value to assist you, but I’d like to see more exploration from the brothers on a range of issues. Keep it up.

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    • I want to write an Ebook, specifically for SYSBM, on how to live as a digital nomad! maybe I can add it to Verbs2015’s new book to come soon. or maybe I can donate it for everyone to read. I think that If everyone here can get themselves OFF the Western grid and keep the money within ourselves (or not, no obligation) that we can share all our knowledge and secrets to ourselves and share it on to new comers ONLY if they have seen the EVILS and DEGREDATION of blackistan.

      Due to the fact the Slayign Evil has done SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much mental healing and validation for me, I feel like I OWE Verbs2015/Slaying Evil and the other commentors something in return. It seems like I am already making name for myself in the Anti-SYSBM community, and I am BOUND to make more enimies once I release my blackistan story for everyone to read! I already owe verbs some donations but I think sharing my knowledge to others on how I was able get away from the USSR and how other thinking black men can run away from the weave wearing venezuelan communist style community known as blackistan will help out the Slaying evil community ALOT!

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      • Hey, this is just my 2 cents, but do not give your work away for free. Writing an ebook is a lot of work, and you deserve to get paid for it. Too many black people think that just because another black person has a business, they somehow should get services, or products for free or at reduced cost. I made that mistake in my business, doing speck assignments for potential clients, but once they received the work, I never heard from them again. If you feel like you owe a debt to Verbs for this site, maybe consider a deal where Verbs can promote the ebook for a commission. That’ll be between you two, of course. But don’t do shit for free…EVER. Don’t think like a nigga (lol). Your time and effort are valuable. Think like a business person and get paid for it. Average cost for an ebook is, what, $9.99? If a brother can’t spend $10 for some knowledge, then let his poor ass continue to wallow in the filth of Blackistan for the rest of his natural life. Again, just my 2 cents.

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  2. Guys this is mainly for younger brothers that left school in the past few years. If older ones know about this feel free answer too. I’m from UK as well, I know things maybe similar to the USA. Have you notice that there was some people who didn’t even talk to you or give you the time of day but then once everyone has finished with schooling and moved on they try to get into contact with you over some business opportunity/idea or pyramid schemes in regards to investing. I had a few people try to recruit me but I politely told them to **** themselves. The black female ones are the worst as they can’t take no for an answer which I just ended up blocking them or give them the silent treatment.

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    • Jon,

      Indeed, watch out for dodgy black folks who come around the way with “too good to be true” business ventures and schemes, in the overwhelming majority of cases these folks don’t have a track record of successful businesses and they are attempting to sucker you into some sort of scam.

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      • This is so true. I can’t count how many times some black man or woman approached me with a “business opportunity” that turned out to be just a pyramid scheme. And, as you said, they had no track record of success, yet expected me to be on board with their plans. Black people are especially prone to believe in the pipe dreams that some of these MLM companies offer, particularly the desire to earn big money with little effort. I avoid these types like the plague.

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    • Omg this reminds me of how I tried to warn a distant relative about how the “business” is actually a pyramid scheme and it’s under investigation. Nope gets pissed at me for trying to help her avoid jail time lmao

      I got invited three goddamn times to that wish you here scheme under the guise of it being kickbacks smh

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    I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all of us, agree that the black “community” is dead and gone, never to return. And that is for various reasons, not the least of which liberal Democratic policies that destroyed the black family.
    I ran across this post on Instagram from a so-called pro-black account and it illustrates perfectly the problem with pro-blacks. While I have no issues with the LGBTQ community, and believe that everyone should be able to live their lives as they choose, their issues are not our issues. Yet some pro-blacks choose to carry the torch for LGBTQ in some misplaced sense of solidarity, not realizing how that further damages the black community. This post just shows, once again, why there can be no saving of the black “community” if there are bootlicking pro-blacks who want to fight battles for other communities while theirs is in turmoil.

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    • Ugh. I ain’t going to bat for trannies. According to them, the straight black man is a “terrorist” or the “white man of black people.” Black trannies and queers can fend for themselves, neither are doing anything for me.

      Funny how I’m supposed to accept this LGBT fuckery in the black community. “Love is Love” until a brother is seen with a woman any lighter than a Tar Baby. And a white woman? Forget it. Gays can marry but don’t let a black actor be seen on a yacht with no black women on it.

      This is the kind of cesspool they want to suck you into. Keep that wall up, gentlemen.


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      • Schadenfreude,

        #STRAIGHTTALK You’ll also notice that any ground that the LGBTQ movement makes it benefits them and them alone, however when black folks manage to get some sort of traction, these same dudes will equally roll in and claim rights to the ground gained under the title of “minority”, smh.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      One of the main problems I have with the LGBTQ movement is they never respect the boundaries of heterosexual men and women, in fact these particular individuals will commonly go out of their way to encroach upon our territories. With the homosexual unlike us they don’t have a policy of live and let live, their policy is to dominate and to literally convert those who are on the straight and narrow so to speak.

      You simply cannot have a strong and upright community with homosexuals and lesbians running loose unchecked. BLM is nothing but a homosexual movement sponsored by the white billionaire George Soros attempting to use the deaths of black men to forward the homosexual agenda further into black society and now that the modern day black witch is leading the charge, the job has become that much easier.

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      • “You simply cannot have a strong and upright community with homosexuals and lesbians running loose unchecked.”

        Yes! I agree 1,000%. And white liberals will guilt-trip black people into supporting other movements, whether it’s LGBTQ or illegal immigrants, equating everyone else’s struggle with ours. But thankfully more and more black men have stopped falling for the okie-doke. But it’s much too late to save the so-called community. Like the whores of Sodom and Gamorrah, their fate is sealed.

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  4. It’s always funny to me when I hear black women criticizing the character of other black women like they aren’t all trash. This is the only way women compartmentalize: by highlighting other women’s bad traits and ignoring their own. And a lot of times, they exhibit the same flaws and just don’t realize it.

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    • Anthony Wilson,

      Black women believe that they can make themselves look better by continuously highlighting the faults of other women, particularly white women, however black women as a collective are still trash no matter what shortcomings white and other non black women have because as you said, black women refuse to deal with their own faults.

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  5. I couldn’t wait for this Wensday topic to come. I want to ask everyone, as long as everyone knows me here in Slaying evil, I have said LOTS fo things on here that would normally have me sent to a mental asylum or have “Christian Moralists” try to preach to me about “forgive and forget your enimies” or “turn the other cheek”. but I REALLY need people’s honest opinion about me. DO you guys think I am cold hearted, evil or in someway disturbed in terms of my views of Black women, Simps, black women, Ignorant white leftist men, black women, the general Left/Democrates or the whole of blackistan itslef??? The reason why I ask this is becuase…

    I have NO guilt! NO heart, NO shame for any of these fucking dogs! to some extend, I may have extremist views against them (as told to me by concern trolls) and that I should forgive, and forget because “hatred” or “anger” is what will eat me up inside. The issue is not so much that I hate them, I have complete apathy to these people. But the problem is, we see the stupidity, and BULLSHIT from these people everyday, destroying and ruining people’s lives! It would be one thing to say that they did somethinf once upon a time, maybe 10 years ago, apologized but I hold a grudge against them and then the hatred/anger eats me up. The problem is, how can you NOT HATE or be ANGRY at the injustice that happens to innocent people every damn day that we see or experince in daily life! thats like saying, some one punches you in the mouth, then you forgive him then he comes back and punches you in the mouth again, and again m and again. Aren’t you not justified in hating or being angry at that person for contiuning their action? Are you still wrong for hating/being angry at a group of people who destroyed and continues to destroy the lives of other people on a daily basis with no remorse or regret?

    So am I evil? wrong? or extreme in my views for feeling the way I feel about the unholy trinity of bigots???? I notice that MY NAME is being called out in other forums (Anti-SYSBM forums) and the thing I notice is that many people are saying that my views are crzy extreme and need a “psycologist” (As if the psycologist is going to change anything).

    Are others on this comment section wrong for feelng the way they feel? I don’t think I or others here are wrong at all. but I want to know whaty others think.

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    • Carnio,

      You said something about outright hating or exterminating these bitches and that’s what got you on Madame Fruitloop’s radar. You and I both know it doesn’t take much to trigger these hoes especially the ones who are mentally-damaged to begin with. It’s just internet talk as far as I’m concerned.

      In fact, triggering black women is the best entertainment value on the internet. A bro can do one thing like have a boat full of snowbunnies, and sistas will devote hundreds of posts and tweets to it. I bet if you check traffic, clicks and hits at sites like Bossip, Shade Room etc. they’re through the roof and the webmasters are driving BMWs thanks to black hoes.

      I think it was even MBD who said once a year Kim Kardashian braids her hair like Bo Derek, and every year black chicks cry cultural appropriation. Even Kim knows how to manipulate these low self-esteem hoes. LOL

      I say carry on and express yourself as you see fit.

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    • Nothing wrong with being angry and frustrated with the B.S. that we witness daily from the triumvirate of black women, black simps and their white liberal enablers. You are among like-minded peers here. But I would ask, why do you bother going to Anti-SYSBM forums? You’re not going to convert those people to your way of thinking. Most people will stay plugged into the Matrix. I would shy away from those forums as they will only serve to feed your anger and frustration. As Jesus would say, let the dead bury the dead. You follow the ways of SYSBM and live your life on your terms. The best way to show people the efficacy of your way of thinking is by example as you live a fulfilled and successful life. Besides, trying to argue with the triumvirate might send you to an early grave. You know as black men we can have issues with our blood pressure. Don’t let ’em do it to you.

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    • Carnio,

      Anti SYSBM forums??? You’ve got people besides Madame Fruitloop calling you out? Have you got links to these forums? I don’t think you are crazy at all, like you said had black women messed up in the past, repented and made a genuine change for the better then that would be one thing. However, black women continue to dig their heels deeper and deeper into the pit of hell, what is there not to hate about that. Black women as a collective have literally become the whores of Satan himself and have no problems carrying out evil works in his name. I don’t like devils, I despise them and there is nothing to like about this modern day black female, she is a complete and utter disgrace to the black nation.

      These black female monsters in the US are assassinating just under 2000 unborn children PER DAY in abortion clinics, in Africa because abortion is illegal in the majority of the continent these heifers perform illegal, under the table abortions and take the lives of 6 million children per year. Again, what is there to like about a group of individuals who engage in such evil? The hatred many black men have for black women is fully justified. I know a lot of black men are afraid to use the word hate, however I am not. The very few functional black women that remain I have absolutely no problems with them at all, however I despise/hate scumbag black women and those black females who regularly jump up to support them. I’ve said it before, I don’t like scum period.

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    • @Carnio

      You’ve been chosen to be a useful idiot for the likes of Madame Fruitloop to get a SYSBM vs Bootlick City war. There is absolutely no need to volunteer yourself to be their sacrificial goat.

      Best thing to do is, like we keep saying, practice SYSBM, live your life and keep the wall up. Don’t scale the wall you’ve just built.

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  6. Anybody have days where things aren’t so bad, and are trending upwards, to days (like today for me) where they say fuck this, sell everything you own and just leave home (NY for me) and just travel abroad ie an expat or nomad?? I’m close to doing that, but haven’t the slightest idea how to get started. I miss traveling like you couldn’t imagine, no kids, and just not happy in all honesty. I’ve got a current passport, but outside of that, i am clueless as to where I’d go or what i would do.

    Any suggestions, advice? Sorry for unloading but any help is appreciated.

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  7. Verbs2015,

    It seem like black women in the UK become, or already delusional like US black women. There it is of interracial dating and u guess it,they try to dick policing and being obseesed wirh black men ir dating at 10:00.

    These conversations engaged by black women will always make me laugh, don’t they realise that’s them talking will change nothing in the end of the day ? Also they will always use this excuse like black men like white women because ”WHITENESS” ”WHITE SUPREMACY” ”FETISH” ”STATUS”. These are the same women who, cannot since young, stop putting european texture on their head or imate all non black women, lol.

    They are extremely mad at this topic cause they can’t do nothing to change. U will never heard them talk about the fact that MAYBE NON BLACK WOMEN are more ”FEMININE” ”FIT”
    ”SUBMISSIVE”’ ‘SUPPORTIVE” than them in general.

    Lastly they are mad black men with weath don’t spend on them, don’t buy them weave, skinbleaching cream, fake nails, fake butt, fake eyebrows that’s all. They should be happy at least rich black men spend their money outside of the community when already adult,but black women since young spend billion each year on asian store weave, the nerve lol.They like to bring simp black men in the show lol, they feel like what’s they say are true when it’s total bullshit !

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      The dude with the dark blue cap on backwards had his cape flapping in the wind big time. Don’t these simps ever learn that licking the muddy boots of the black female contingent won’t get them that snatch? I noticed some of the same faces from the Candid Conversations video were also in this one, and they’re trying to tell me that this isn’t scripted? Just like Madame Noir they heavily vet the men to ensure that they will fall into line with the program and fall behind the women, they would never invite the likes of me, Obsidian, Jointron33SYSBM, Hardcore Tito, GW3 Extreme, MBD, K Jones etc onto that panel because they know we would be bringing some serious home truths to the table that would cause severe ripples and upset the black witch’s coven.

      I can never understand how these dudes can so easily psychologically castrate themselves for a group of women who are well under par. The chick at the 11:15 mark looks like a straight tranny and that Kelechi chick looked like a masculine sight of horrors too. There were very few attractive women on that panel and they wonder why black men are crossing over to deal with non black females instead.

      One thing to note with the set up, you’ll notice how the black women were placed in front at the table but the black men had to stand behind them, do you see how they subliminally they continue to push the matriarchal failure within black society? The simp in the white shirt at the 27:17 mark talking about black men needing to check other black men for their preferences, in other words dick police much like the pro black muddy bootlicking simps.

      At the end of the day black women as a group are allergic to the truth, they have become masculine, violent, uncouth, unhygienic, rebellious, self hating, un-submissive, unsupportive, non loving, unaffectionate, yet none of these things were brought up in the conversation. Our job as thinking black men at this point is to simply continue voting with our feet, keep the wall up and just do us, let black women crash and burn in their own failures, they cannot say that they weren’t forewarned.

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  8. An other black men saying the truth,
    ”When I was little black women always tell me, u cute for a dark skin guys,and they will always choose the light skin guys”

    This right here is an confirmation,to what we already now black women are even more colorist than black men but, nowadays the biggest ennemy of black women aka”lightskin women” and’ ”non black women” start to like more & more dark skin guys and browskin black men, and this is not because of black women, black men themselves have been successfull about elevate their image and attractiveness trought sport and other thing, but it’s definitely not because of black women that black men are desirable to non black women like they want to claim

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  9. Hilarious stuff here on The Root, although this video began life on Facebook. The fat, black hoe has the utter gall to ask why creative genius black men all have white wives. I can save you the video run time of 4:12 and answer the question that the plus-size hostess could not: BECAUSE BLACK WOMEN DO NOT LIKE AND ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO THE NERDS WHO GROW UP TO BE DONALD GLOVER AND JORDAN PEELE. And if the hefty hostess of the segment is representative of BW as a whole, then that’s strike two. Nobody wants a fully loaded oil tanker. Link is below, enjoy.

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