Black Women Are Cold Blooded Killers – Another Innocent Child Found Dead In River


This is the devilish black witch named Shakayla Monae Denson who recently decided to take the life of her own daughter by drowning her in a river:

Here is the daughter that she drowned:

Here is a picture of Shakayla Denson coming out of the river after performing her devil’s sacrifice:

This is one of Denson’s mug shots, notice the smile on her face:

I’ll stick to the statement I have made in the past, that the overwhelming majority of black women should be prohibited from having children until they undergo a full psychological evaluation and if they manage to pass this should be followed up by repeated testing every 6 months to a year until their children reach the age of 18 years. The fact of the matter is most black women are unfit to be mothers and thus should automatically be sterilised for the safety of black children everywhere.

I found this article from the Facebook post below:

Of course I made my feelings known about the situation(which was a mistake on my part) and in turn the black witches of Bootlick City made it known that they were not happy with my commentary. Predictably, it wasn’t long until I received the following message from the Facebook communist Gestapo bureau:

This is why I stopped posting directly to Facebook from a while back and now only use it as a means to promote my articles, Facebook is Social Justice Warrior Central and there are too many bitter, soft, weak, Becky hat wearing, masculine looking black women in conjunction with their pro black simp lackeys who are more than ready to report you to their white father in an instant, remember the same white father that they claim is causing problems within black society, make that make sense.

Isn’t it amazing how these same $5 whores of Satan will talk about white supremacy and its detrimental effects upon black society on the one hand, yet on the other will be extremely quick to use the services of the same white supremacy in order to stitch up and shaft black men? I keep on telling you black men that this modern day black female is most certainly NOT your friend and DOES NOT have your best interests at heart by a long shot.

What was even more sickening were the amount of black women in the Facebook post who were actually attempting to defend this witch, don’t believe me, take a look for yourselves. This is one of the main reasons why black society will never be restored in this lifetime, because you have too many black women who will willingly jump up to defend the scum of their said group.

You’ll notice that black men on the other hand aren’t afraid to call out other black males on their dysfunctional antics, we see slack behaviours and we will make it known that such will not be tolerated by us. Not this modern day black witch however, she’ll make it known that black women must always be given a pass, even with horrific crimes such as murdering innocent children.

This story above is one of the main reasons why you as a black man should never have children with black women, we already know that black women as a collective hate being black(blonde, white, red, green, blue and brunette non black hair weave and wig wearing, skin bleaching, blue/green/grey contacts) and thus anything that comes from their loins that reminds them of who they really are by default they will have utter contempt for. This is why black women will go out of their way to get pregnant by non black men, have a mixed race child and live vicariously through him/her in their attempts to escape from their blackness and heritage.

This is why I don’t understand the muddy bootlicking contingent of simps that continue to praise and worship black women, between black women murdering an average of 1876 children per day in abortion centres coupled with horrific accounts like this and many more, exactly how would they propose building back up their populations when it is quite clear that most black women hate black children and want nothing to do with them? On what grounds could you possibly form a confederacy with a group of child killers?

How many stories have we come across of black women throwing their new-born babies in the trash, down the toilet, mutilating their children, beating their children to death, killing their children and storing the body parts in the freezer, sexually abusing their children or allowing their live in boyfriend to take full advantage of the situation while the biological father struggles tooth and nail to obtain basic visitation rights? Here are a few other examples of black “motherly love”:

The bottom line is black women as a group hate children and only have them as a means to get on the government payroll in addition to using them as a weapon to manipulate and control the father. That’s right, black women will not hesitate to use children as a means to shaft black men and in order to get them entwined in the judicial washing machine. Remember this article I wrote back in October 2017 in which I showcased a black female bragging about how many abortions she’d had and how she was proud of the lives she took:

Again, with Shakayla Denson we have yet another case of a black female who decided to open up her legs to a dreg, bottom of the barrel, unproductive black male who was not fit for fatherhood, she couldn’t deal with the responsibilities of parenting by herself and thus made the decision to take matters into her own evil hands. Note that this woman could’ve easily given the child up for adoption, however such a path is not seen as attractive to most black women as no bloodshed is involved.

To be honest the welfare cuts will be the icing on the cake, the fact that more black men are giving black women the middle finger and are choosing to cross over into non black female pastures and the fact that thinking black men are rejecting 2nd hand goods ie babymothers is already a deep gashing wound that the sisterhood of Ghettosville is struggling to stem the profuse flow of blood from.

Keep that Wall Of Silence up and fortified brothers, as I have stated before black women are going to have to stew and marinate in their own failures, for the overwhelming majority there will be no escaping the consequences of the jacked up decisions they have made. Black women as a collective will drink down their judgement undiluted and at full strength, this is definitely fitting when dealing with a group of individuals who revel in the deaths of the defenceless. DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN WITH THESE WOMEN. R.I.P Je’Hyrah Daniels.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual, Keep The Wall Up, Guarded And Fortified

Most High Bless

55 thoughts on “Black Women Are Cold Blooded Killers – Another Innocent Child Found Dead In River

  1. We start with the fact that she has the ghetto name of SHAKAYLA. We continue with the fact that she has a hair weave on her head. [The hair on a young black girl’s head, as above, rarely looks like the hair on her mother’s head]. Finally, it appears that her chunky middle body is held together with body-shaping undergarments. Gentlemen: what you see is the mainstream USA black female. SYSBM and say NO TO child abuse. Your daughter will view inferior until she gets her first hair weave between the ages of 13 to 16. Therefore, your daughter will have the psychological pain of feeling ugly as a young child. After your daughter gets her first hair weave, fake hair will become an addiction.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Agreed, ghetto names and wig/weave wearing are always outwards sign of mental illness but somehow these muddy bootlicking pro black simps would have us believe otherwise. Black women will deliberately move in to jack up their children’s future, this is the main reason why very few achievers are emerging from the mish mash we call modern day black society.

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      • When white women shave their hair OFF it’s an outward sign of mental illness; when black women put white women’s hair ON it’s an outward sign of mental illness.


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    These are the QUEENS we’re suppose to RESPECT, LOVE, and PROTECT.
    These are the black magic women who RULE the world, and EVERYONE WANTS THEM.
    These are the STRONG and INDEPENDENT women who are MOTHERS OF THE EARTH.

    ……..and AS ALWAYS, to lessen the sheer FUCKERY of this story, let’s say it all together;


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  3. UPDATE: The name of the dead daughter is: Je’Hyrah Daniels. [The mother has the surname of Denson. The, probably, bastard child has the surname of Daniels]. Gentlemen: Please instruct the younger men in your family to stay away from black females. Men should not want their children named: D’quell, Je’Hyrah, LaBowelMovement, LoMoFotavious,et. al. If you have a daughter with one of these demons, the daughter will pray to the hair weave gods.

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      • Black people, as a group, with have problems for many decades. If four-year-old children are named Je’Hyrah, in the year 2018, the year 2038 is looking bad for USA blacks.

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  4. Like Verbs said there is no fixing things at this point for the American black community. The gender wars are over, other than opening the eyes of good BM to the fact that the actions/choices of BW (along with the gov) have been the driving force behind the decline of the black community. The time for arguing and debating with BW and simps is long gone, and doing so is a waste of time anyway (yet another lesson we learned from the gender wars). Just keep the Wall up and avoid dealing with them. RIP to the little girl.

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    • Fuck the black community. Let it burn to the ground. More black men with brains are finally getting it through their heads, and are in turn leaving to never come back.

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      • Stephen —– The term “food desert” is used to describe many predominantly black communities in the USA. A food desert is an area with zero or few grocery stores. Mainstream business people of any race just cannot do business with dysfunctional blacks. This fact is the main reason for a lack of grocery stores and businesses.

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    • James S,

      Truth, at this point it is simply about continuing to build up the evidence against this modern day black female, black women aren’t interested in changing for the better and the pro black flunkies are too blind to see that there is no redeeming their queens.

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  5. Notice the fake names of both the mother and child. That alone lets you know that these chicks hate their kids, as they set them up for failure with these ghetto names. Speaking of white supremacy and “waycizm!!!!”, why the hell would you further handicap your child with these unhireable names if you KNOW the only ones who will be able to give them real jobs are those same white racists? Remember, most businesses in the black community are not black owned.

    As I’ve mentioned before in my videos, actual white racists have a term called ghetto lobster, detailing the sad commonality of black Women and/or their thuggish Simp mayns taking children and either placing them in the oven or boiling them with hot water. THIS is the black family for most black children, especially boys, so why would you be surprised that those boys grow up trying to partner with non black mates, namely when their mothers fight so hard to erase their own blackness?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This story here is yet another sweeping indictment against black women, and to think that black women still try to claim that they love and care for their children. Of course this is nowhere to be seen, I cannot remember the last time I heard a black women say “I love you” to her son or daughter, black women however certainly know how to be rugged and thuggish towards their kids. Black women simply don’t want their children to outshine them and so they deliberately set obstacles and roadblocks in their way.

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      • Verbs, spot on. In the case of the boys, most BW try to sabotage them from the beginning because they know that with education, leaving the hood, and eventual success comes the dreaded White Woman ™. And this cannot be allowed. The boy must remain a utility for BW, from mom on down.

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    • The typical black baby boy is born because mama took off her oversized panties and had sex with some deadbeat guy that she met at the club two hours ago. The boy is raised in a world of dysfunction in which mama’s hair weave is more important than child-rearing. After the boy becomes an adult, black women, in unison, shout: NI*GAS AIN’T SH*T !!!!! Gentlemen, 99.9% of delusional black women cannot understand the consequences of the bad conduct of black women. SYSBM and limit child abuse.

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  6. Serious question why most of the time it’s mainly women in the darkest shade spectrum, who do and act like this ? It’s like they can’t help themselves.No denying brown skin women and light skin don’t do this but, most of the video I come across, it’s mainly ”dark skin women”, that’s the image they portray on themselves on the media, they have destroy their own attractiveness on their own.
    They can complain about colorism, or whatever because in honestly they know they can’t compete with other women. They can’t even compete in the world of fitness,feminity etc

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Yet these are the same shade of females shouting about so called “colourism”. Dark skinned black women are the most bloodthirsty, savage, barbaric and brutal individuals on the planet bar non, it’s not surprising that they are the least sort after and attempting to guilt trip black men into dating and marrying them still isn’t and will continue NOT to work.

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  7. This is absolutely sickening. They seem to sink even lower into shit and dysfunction when one would think it isn’t possible. Keep the wall up, and avoid these jackasses as much as you can help. Nothing good will come with dealing with them.

    On a side note, the new heifer at my weekend job is into me and she could be an uglier (if that’s even possible) Leslie Jones knock off. Ugly as shit and all, with a ghetto name, mannish voice, and tried hitting on me even after I flat out dismissed her on numerous occasions. People would come in, she had her wings out on the desk helping them and eating, licking her fingers and all. Just ghetto and really disgusting.

    Even tried getting inappropriately close to the point where I damn near had to run out of the office. They’re getting desperate..

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    • Even uglier than Leslie Jones??? Goddamn, do you have to look at her through a mirror to avoid turning to stone? Geezus! Now that must be one ugly bitch. Lmao!

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      • This was one manly ugly ass bitch. Horrendous. This dumb bitch even said “I need to act white because I don’t want people to complain about me”. Translates to I have to act like a normal person without the ghetto venicular and tendencies which are “normal” to other dysfunctional black folks.

        Black women and simps who don’t hold them accountable, annoy me to no end,and I avoid them as much as possible.

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    • @Stephen

      Some death metal and a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap should solve your problem. Don’t forget the holy water.

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      • Effective but I have other co workers to deal with on the weekends lol. One doesn’t mind, the other is against it though I’m slowly changing his perspectives.

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  8. This is a quote from W.E.B. DuBois regarding black people having too many children:

    “…the mass of ignorant Negroes still breed carelessly and disastrously, so that the increase among Negroes, even more than the increase among Whites, is from that part of the population least intelligent and fit, and least able to rear their children properly.”

    DuBois made this comment in support of Margaret Sanger’s The Negro Project, which was an initiative started in 1939 to introduce birth control to poor black people. It’s funny that in 2018, we’re still dealing with the same problem of ignorant Negroes having more and more children as we did in the 1930’s. I would be all for a real eugenics program to discourage breeding by the less intelligent among us. Of course, the pro-blacks and white liberals would fight against such an initiative tooth and nail. But when you continue to allow the ignorant and stupid to breed, results like this innocent child’s murder are the kind of results you get.

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  9. Damn shame to the little girl. It was no reason for that to happen to her so the conclusion is that these women are truly mentally ill. The DNA from Tyrone and her mental illness is not a good mix. Oh, I listen to obsidian radio when you come on, but that old female guest had me wondering as to why would they allow her to talk shit to you????

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I held back on that old heifer, I was going to go in on her fully but it was already clear that she wasn’t playing with a full deck, she was a case study in black female mental illness/insanity right there. Blonde wig and on top of this talking complete and utter gibberish, lol.

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  10. Thank god for this site and as soon as I get paid I’m ordering your book bro.

    Honestly I’ve lurked for a few months as I’m sure others are and there’s very little I don’t agree with you on.

    I’m not gonna pretend that black women don’t light my fire but knowing all that I do now off to Latin America/Africa I go, and what’s sad is their fuckery is even spreading overseas.

    I wonder what the critical breaking point will be and the aftermath.

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    • DarthAmon,

      Welcome aboard sir, much appreciated for the support in advance. Black women at this point are a lost cause and I hear you loud and clear on their skullduggery spreading overseas. As I have stated before, women oversees who live in the provinces/countryside/small towns are the least likely to be contaminated as opposed to those who live in a city type environment. When seeking a companion keep this in mind.

      The fact that more black men are rejecting black women is bringing that breaking point closer at a faster pace, black women played their deck and as a result they have set themselves on a long term losing streak. Oh well, they did it to themselves. There is no saving black women nor black society, it’s all about saving yourself as an individual.

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    • DarthAmon ————— Be careful with all women in the world. Be EXTRA CAREFUL with any black woman. The hair weave culture has spread to Africa and the world. There are YouTube videos that feature African women spending one-half of their disposable income on fake hair. What is more is that, in a nation that is 99% black, it is hard to blame the hair weave addiction on trying to fit in with the majority culture.

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  11. I dont know how in God’s good conscience any mother could end the life of a young girl on a whim. But this is the big booty devil we’re talking about, carrying out her Satanic duty to her white “lord” and “saviour”. Her smile at the police station is the smile of a job well done.

    For the kid, rest in peace.
    For the “mother”, burn in hell.

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  12. I cannot remember the last time I heard a black women say “I love you” to her son or daughter, black women however certainly know how to be rugged and thuggish towards their kids. Black women simply don’t want their children to outshine them and so they deliberately set obstacles and roadblocks in their way.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that my own mother falls into this category. From the day I was born it was clear she wanted a girl in her own image, so she had my hair in pig tails. Then when a girl came along, I was pretty much cast aside, and asked to look after her in her absence.

    Add to this the physical and emotional abuse inside and outside the home, and try to guess where my self esteem was located? That’s right, in the toilet. I’ve probably heard the words “I love you” twice in my life, ever.

    Don’t try to good at anything either, it’s all “rubbish”.

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    • Michel ——– And black women are the number 1 evil in issues such as colorism and the hate of natural hair. If black men shared the same hatred for natural hair as black women, 80% of black men would be trying to imitate the hair of white men. At no time in history have the majority of black men tried to copy the hair of white men.

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    • Michel,

      This is an all too familiar set up within black society, I’ve seen many videos of black women literally throwing their children into a corner just so that they can twerk for the camera. Most black women lack affection, they’re simply cold hearted monsters with no empathy nor love within themselves, only hate and ice cold evil.

      I remember one time I was on the tube(metro/subway for our US brethren) travelling home and opposite me sat an Eastern couple with their daughter. Now to my right sat a becky hatted old black witch who was observing how loving and interactive the couple were towards their child. Looking at the mirror opposite me I could see how disappointed the black witch was, I knew she was thinking “you have to be hard on these kids, you can’t be all lovey dovey with them”, however this is the problem with the overwhelming majority of modern day black females right here, all they live for is the smackdown and to clap their children up side the head, they don’t know how to exhibit positive behaviours towards their children as so called parents.

      They beat their children from pillar to post day in and day out both indoors and in public, don’t show the child any love, attention, affection or care and then wonder why many of the youth grow up to be lost, incredibly violent and distant. A lot of black men are walking around still suffering from the trauma of being beaten and rejected by their cold hearted, affection lacking, distant mothers when they were younger and this is one of the main reasons why SYSBM is so important.

      SYSBM brings an end to the black woman’s cycle of misery and suffering as thinking black men can now embark upon a mission to link up with other women who actually love children, who aren’t trying to be in competition with men and who actually know what love is and can reciprocate it with ease towards their male significant others. As I’ve stated before and wrote about in Negro Wars, SYSBM is the only viable way forward for the thinking black man.


      • Verbs, this comment hit home with me. My mother beat the living fuck out of me for years, and even doing it in front of company. Any attempt at me trying to be my own man would be severely underminded by her. Her justification was that she wanted me to respect her. She took my childhood and adolescence. All she did was call me outta my name and hit me. She even allowed a babysitter who looked like Billy Bob the Bear from Showbiz Pizza and King Kong mistreat me. I told my mother about how this ugly bitch treated me, and she thought that her being friends with this bitch was more valuable than me. She never confronted her about how she treated me. All my life I have known nothing but fear and this trauma carried over into school due to me being constantly bullied and harassed, I was afraid to fight back. You are right, I am still suffering from this trauma to this day, I tell my story to people and they all tell me that yes I was her son, but I was a human being and that she was lucky that I did not hit her back. I really wanted to, but my family would have came down on me, so I say fuck the Black Community and these so called families,it is time for us to create our own tribes and family. We really are on our own here.


      • Gryphon,

        I’m sorry to hear that bro. This is sadly an all too common occurrence in black households ran by black women and the additional problem is that family members, friends and often outsiders will side with the black witch’s nasty, vindictive and violent behaviour over the child’s welfare and safety. Your testimony goes to solidify my point even further, the overwhelming majority of black women are simply not fit to be mothers and thus they should be sterilised in order to save black children everywhere.

        However, on the flip side a large part of the healing process is acknowledging that what was done to you was NOT your fault and that what your mother did was just plain wrong. You’ll notice that a lot of black men cannot bring themselves to simply admit that their mothers were violent, loose cannons and that they deserved to be brought up under better conditions. All this common talk about “that is your mother though, she’s only doing that because she cares” or “you’ve still got to respect her as your mother” is utter rubbish.

        Non black women as a collective do not beat their children from pillar to post, they actually will engage them in an attentive and loving manner because unlike black women they actually care for their children. I see examples everyday of non black females showing loving kindness to their children, not this black witch however, trying to find a black woman who cares for her seed is like trying to look for a premium cut T Bone steak in a dumpster.


      • @Gryphon

        If you’re still reading this, trust that things will get better and you will heal and learn from it. It wasn’t your fault, you must believe that. Do whatever you can to burn that into your brain.

        Black mothers especially Jamaicans are violent, brutal sadistic, hard headed evil “people, and they wonder why, once grown up 55% BM date out?


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  13. Another day, another BW vs Asian owner nail salon brawl:

    ““So I’m at the nail salon and they f–ked up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke outttt,” explained Mercy Maduka in the video caption.”

    Its hard to feel sorry for people who open stores that either are in the hood, or cater to hoodrats. If you do one of those things then you already know that your life will be hard.

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  14. Any of you lurkers on here who are on the fence do this: go to the nearest city by you dressed decently and cleaned up. Watch and see how many beautiful women who aren’t related to harambe check you out. I’m on my way back from manhattan (Grammercy Park to be more specific) and holy shit. Beautiful i mean BEAUTIFUL women all over the place, and a good portion of them checking brothers or or are with one themselves. We can give you all the examples, all the proof you need and then some, but leaving the fuckery of the so called black community is a choice you’ve got to make for yourself.

    The world is your oyster if you make the necessary changes and let it be (something I admittedly struggle with at times) gentlemen.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I forgot to add I got this French chicks number and would’ve went out for drinks if i didn’t have to get back out by me ASAP. Oh well, another trip into Manhattan!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Stephen,

      This is my point bro, here you have these pro black muddy bootlickers pining and chasing after this black woman who isn’t giving most of them the time of day, yet if they would only open up their horizons they would quickly discover that women from other ethnicities who look 100 times better than these redundant black harridans are more than willing to give them the time of day and will reciprocate as normal individuals ought to.

      I get greetings all day from non black women, not this black witch however, over here in the Uk when she sees a brother it is now her sworn duty and mission not to look in your direction or to acknowledge you in any way, shape or form. They love checking their phones as if they’ve got something important to look at, this is especially the case when travelling on the subway or the bus.

      These have been my observations both past and present, of course back in the day before implementing SYSBM and thereafter meeting my lady it bothered me because I was still operating under the “got to keep it black” doctrine. I feel sorry for black male youth, I only hope that they can come across this website and realise that they don’t have to tolerate the dysfunctional, becky hat wearing black witch and her foul attitude.

      One of the best things about SYSBM is once implemented is results are extremely quick to manifest themselves, unlike holding out for that piece of gold in the desert black female.


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