Michael B Jordan Comes Under Fire Once Again – Black Women Insecure, Dick Policing And Hypocritical As Always


The fact of the matter is Michael B Jordan cancelled out black women first a long time ago because we already know black women as a collective are notorious trouble makers as well as instigators of confrontations and violence. Look at how many videos you can come across on social media where you have groups of black females engaging in street brawling for the fun of it or involving themselves in arguments and fights, are these the type of feral beasts that Michael B Jordan wishes to surround himself with, I think not.

Once again we have another situation with black women and their dick policing antics believing that they have the right to dictate to us who we can and can’t date and marry. However, when Meghan Markle recently married Prince Harry back in May of this year, black women were performing cart wheels, jumping for joy and expected us as black men to go along with the program without protest:

It should also be noted that Meghan Markle looks nothing like your typical black female, so it baffled me as to why black women got so excited over the wedding. Plus there is also the fact that Markle outside of her mother doesn’t associate with black folks, yet only black women have jumped up to lick Markle’s boots. Of course black men as a collective don’t have any problems with black women dating or marrying interracially, it is when the shoe is placed on the other foot do we typically start to see multiple fireworks and heavy unrest.

The interracial wedding of mixed heritage women like Markle has also revealed even more hypocrisy on the black woman’s part concerning when they will claim mixed race women as their own. If a woman of mixed heritage marries a white male then black women will gift her with an honorary black card, however if that same woman were instead to marry a black male, black women without hesitation will turn around and claim that she isn’t black or isn’t black enough:

Black women are unable to keep their insecurities hidden when it comes to black men who date and marry outside of the race and for good reason, black women come dead last when it boils down to dating and marriage. For non black men black women are the last choice on their companionship list and increasingly more black men are beginning to adopt that same approach.

Michael B Jordan can’t seem to do anything these days without the sisterhood of Bootlick City kicking up a fuss, remember the article I wrote back in January of this year in which black women threatened to boycott the Black Panther movie because yet again Jordan was seen out and about with an attractive Latina by the name of Ashlyn Castro, the link to that article can be seen below:


Of course black women were very quickly forced to wipe the egg off their faces and throw their proposed boycott into the toilet when the film itself set a pre sales record. Unlike Nate Parker and his film Birth Of A Nation, when it came down to the Black Panther Movie, black women had absolutely no traction nor influence in it.

I decided to search MTO News to see just how many articles have been written by their editors concerning Michael B Jordan and his dating preferences and this is what I found:










As you can see the MTO team have been busy at work documenting Jordan’s dating escapades. Of course I believe a large part of the documentation is all about drawing in numbers as well as getting black women riled up because they know that black females simply cannot help themselves when it comes down to black men dating outside the race.

The blatant hypocrisy when it comes to black women and interracial dating as of late has gotten extremely irritating, when black women date out everybody is supposed to congratulate and be happy for them, they never get called coons or sellouts nor are they ever accused of not being able to handle “a strong black man”(which is the way black men are supposed to be).

Yet when a black man chooses to embark upon the same interracial dating and marriage journey, dick policing black females and their muddy bootlicking simp advocates will immediately come out of the woodwork thick and fast calling the particular individual a coon and a sell out, black women as always will make the claim that he “couldn’t handle a strong black woman”(which is really code for an unruly, unbridled, feral, uncouth, violent Jezebel, we are not fooled over here), bootlicking black men will claim that “these be our queens and mother earth” and that we must “respect and protect the black woman”(why, seeing as most black women at every opportunity they get will not hesitate to declare themselves as strong and independent as well as not requiring a man).

At the end of the day Michael B Jordan is playing it very smart, he knows that the most effective way to prolong his career as well as his life is to keep the black witch out of it and he isn’t the only one implementing such a policy. Many other prominent black male figures are doing exactly the same because black women as a collective have a nasty and evil vibe about them which completely changes the atmosphere of any environment they walk into, that’s just the plain truth.

Finally and I believe the most important reason why Michael B Jordan doesn’t deal with black women is this, does anybody remember this gentleman:



For those who may not know the man above is the late Merlin Santana who was a black actor out of California, he had a prosperous and fruitful acting career ahead of him, however this was abruptly cut short on November 9th 2002 when he was shot in the head by Damien Andre Gates while in the process of leaving a house. It turns out a bitter and disgruntled black witch by the name of Monique King( who was Gate’s girlfriend at the time) managed to summon himself as well as another muddy bootlicking simp and thus told them the lie that Santana had made sexual advances towards her.

Of course these mindless numbskulls jumped straight into action and the rest is history. What I personally believe happened is as per the usual protocol of most black women, King was on the creep, attempted to practice some hypergamy which blew up in her face when Santana rejected her advances. Therefore, being the insecure, bitter, spiteful and evil black woman that she is, she decided to lie on Santana in order to ruin his career, however the events turned out far worse and he ended up losing his life.

As per usual black vagina worshipping pro black simps who carry out the black female’s dirty work will most assuredly find themselves being thrown into prison, Gates and his buddy were no exceptions to the rule, however guess who received a suspended sentence even though she was the conspirator who initiated this entire chain of disastrous events, that’s right Monique King.

Didn’t I already inform you in Negro Wars how black women have a “special” relationship with the state and how typically they will receive less harsher sentences than their black male counterparts for the same crimes? Remember, the black female’s occupation as per her contractual obligation towards the government is to keep black society in tatters, however she cannot carry out such actions if she is behind bars, think long and hard about that one.

This is possibly what I believe is the number one reason why Michael B Jordan keeps black women OUTSIDE of his circle, he recognises the fact that most black women outside of violence, destruction, death and misery bring absolutely nothing good nor positive to the table, he simply doesn’t want to end up as another statistic as black men who hang around black women long enough usually end up in jail or worse still dead.

Thinking black men like Michael B Jordan will continue to do whatever they can to minimise their contact and interaction with the overwhelming majority of black women, the muddy bootlicking contingent over there at Minstrel Gardens however will continue to do what they do best, attempt to shame the thinking black men’s regiment into dating and procreating with second-hand, ran through, rinsed out, broken beyond repair goods ie single black mothers.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of The Females From Bootlick Mountain

Most High Bless

134 thoughts on “Michael B Jordan Comes Under Fire Once Again – Black Women Insecure, Dick Policing And Hypocritical As Always

  1. This is what I want to know; black women collectively said they have cancelled Thrillmonger, to which I say, SO!?!?!?! AND?!?!?!? The smartest thing ANY man of color can do financially is make sure his money is NOT tied to black women in any form or shape, like being a Hollywood actor. HOLLYWOOD pays Mike, not black women, now I know what you’re going to say, “but black women goes to movies,” which is a true statement, but what kind of movies do they usually spend THEIR money on????? You already know, so it goes without saying, if every black woman on the planet were to stop going to see Mike, he would still be a high grossing A-Lister.

    2018 is going down as the summer of “Ls” for the sisterhood of failure and the said part, is either they are too dense, or pridefully ignorant to see it. Ehhh, doesn’t matter to me any more, at this point, its like watching a huge apartment fire that firefighters feel its best to let burn instead of risk lives to put the fire out.

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      Agreed, black women only want access to a successful black man’s resources so that in the event of him upsetting her or rubbing her up the wrong way, she can initiate sabotage mode in the aims of destroying what he has built.

      More and more black men are wising up to the modern day black female’s trickery and scheming and are choosing to avoid her when and where possible, Michael B Jordan is one such example.

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    • Please love try not to believe everything you see or read about women period. Whatever a white woman has done a black one has done it to, whatever a black woman had done a white woman has done it to. They way it is always a twist on words it’s like no one is watching or reading the history on relationship and coming up with some of the stale is thing to say as if humanity is pure. Not by a long short. The only narrative that gets me is when a brother can go so deep to put down a woman and he came from a black mother, so when you loop all of this together you are not honoring your mom or your dad. Now where is the sin, try not to take all of this so serious if not for my whiteness and other race of blood I would not be her with all my beauty. I could care less who a person bed, to me if they are of color the more the merrier Nd this is how my multi culture family feels deeply. I am not going to praise my Queens, blacks, Whites , Asian, Indians, and etc and not praise my Kings for finding happiness in a world where we have bills, health issue and so many blanket disrespect for the living. Sage, don’t fall into the narrative of a negative because the article and the writer has a disability with the lack of respect he feels toward the woman who gave him birth and takes the time to put down only black women, but just lost year a black man in the military fighting for his rights to visit his child was gundown in daylight because he wanted to see his child and the white woman that married him decided to devour him as a man because she made a mistake in marrying a black man and to her her daughter blood would not be pure. Her family had disowned her and in order to get back with them she denied the man she loved or said she loved. Women and Men have been a tornadoes in each other lives for years, read your Bible and stop looking at the negative side of this brother…..do you really think either of these women going to stop seeing Jordan, they will be the first in line, Love all humanity and know all of their faults.


      • Equate any BLACK MAN talking about black women with talking about his own mother.
        Excuse the bad behavior of black women by saying WHITE WOMEN ‘do it too”.
        Invokes religion to placate BLACK MEN

        Either you’re a RUSSIAN bot sent here to gaslight the BROTHERS,
        You’re an out of touch old black woman that needs to stop with the bullshit,
        (and this is more likely) You’re a young black female just showing up to show out.
        Either way, if you’re using the same old tactics that historically have been used to bring lesser men to heel, you really are lost. But your post makes for a good “Open Mic Wednesday” topic to talk about, thanks.

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  3. Black women are a sick joke, point blank. They want to “cancel” the blatantly black man’s blackness, but bestow said blackness to a mixed woman who looks NOTHING like a black person.

    You will also notice that they say nothing of Markle’s father clowning the hell out of her. Black womens’ hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    They are the ones who love “yella fellas with pretty ass eyes and hair”, they are the ones who will probably resort to raping light skinned and mixed men, they are the ones who worship mixed and non black men, especially when they themselves are dark skinned and resemble something akin to a certain simian villain of The Flash.

    Funny how they think removing the finance loyalty of the brokest people on Earth will do anything. Conversely, by being in movies that tons of whites and other non blacks see, Jordan guarantees that he will have a prosperous career. Black movies, however, are known to still be a low quality, uncreative chitlin circuit, where many black actors languish for years, starring in low budget hood flicks. That’s EXACTLY where black women want black men, literally and metaphorically.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I wonder if this was the beast you were referring to:

      The black female’s hypocrisy concerning interracial dating at this point is extremely annoying and more black men need to start checking these heifers on their blatant hypocrisy and double standards. They can date out and not be criticised, however let a black man do the same and he is called every negative name in the book.

      You’re right, these woman are a complete and utter laughingstock. Note the ease at which they will think about and resort to evil works in order to spite the same men who they claim to have the backs of, smh.

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      • “Note the ease at which they will think about and resort to evil works in order to spite the same men who they claim to have the backs of, smh”
        With women like this, who needs white nationalist????

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      • You’re a nasty, racist bitch. It’ll catch up to you. This may feel like a safe place for you and your little white friends to be unapologetically racist, but mark my words, it WILL catch up to you.


    • That doesn’t mean they can not fuck things up for everyone if they are not checked. A virus is small, but left alone with no countermeasures in place, it can cause death on a massive scale.

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      • The reason I brought that up was because even if every black woman and black simp in the United States boycotted this man, he would till be making money; it would not put too much of a dent in his pocket (if any at all).

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    • In the black community I would say:
      Thugs and bums have Good BM outnumbered 15:1
      Hoodrats have Good BW outnumbered 30:1

      BW and their decades long bastard baby making spree with Thugs and Bums has laid waste to the black community.

      Its like in the game Fallout, the black community is a wasteland and you have a few good people (Good BM and Good BW) coming out of the vaults (stable, two parent households) and trying to figure out how to survive.

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  4. Yet they keep spouting that they “aren’t bothered” by who BM choose to date. The fact the seem painfully oblivious to their own BLATANT actions and hypocrisy shows there is clear and extreme mental problems plaguing these black sows. It isn’t about them caring for BM, it is about them NOT gaining access to a BM’s money and resources…….They even get upset when you AVERAGE BM dates out. Which is largely to them ONLY seeing value in you IF a WW wants you. I have experienced this first had. I’m not crying if BW call me a LAME because I don’t want them in my life. Second I got a NON-Black woman they all had something to say about it…..BW gets on an internet FILLED with evidence of her failures and fuckery and still has the nerve to ask “Why?”

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    • 8BitBlerd,

      Yep, this is exactly what I’ve stated before, the ACTIONS of black women must be examined, not their words. In speech they continue to claim that they aren’t bothered by black men dating out, however their actions tell a completely different story. I’ve never come across a bunch of heavily insecure, dick policing harridans before in my life. Yet the muddy bootlickers from Cuckville still expect us to deal with women who have obvious severe psychological issues, no thanks, I’ll pass.

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  5. UPDATE: We are having a WAKANDACON here in Chicago at the Hilton hotel Aug 3-5, lets see if the black woman’s cancellation will affect it.

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  6. Nothing makes me more happy and nothing makes me smile from ear to ear MORE than seeing guys like micheal Jordan doing this exact thing! This is wonerful! Because when little black boys see this, when they see black men or role models like MJ doing things like this, ie only dating white (or non black) women and cutting contacts with women, it is going to hit them that if they want to be like him, they must cut off black women from their lives and only date non black women. Little kids are NOT stupid! lttle kids DO have basic concept of logic and can see that these black men are much more successful, happy, and in loving relationships with white women than all the other Boot licking smps and tyrones who are chasing black women!! Black boys WILL try to emulate this and thus SYSBM will be reaching much younger audiences to which they can see the double standards for what they are at a younger age!!!

    Yes, the double standards is out of this world, one to which I was not even aware of untill you pointed it out: Light skin black women marrys black men = Not really black but Light skin black women marry white/nonblack man = Mother earth of all black women! WTF kind of logic is this??? This is the 1 drop rule double standard as per usual. If I had a chinese gf who was half black (maybe she has a black dad), she is not really black, but in all other scenarios she is 100% black. Since when does a light skin/half black female can swtch races upon command??? Black women, as per usual are act just like overgrown spoled children that when she loses, she wants to switch teams to the winner so she can say she won.

    What kills me with black women more than anything, just like verbs mentioned in one of his eariler podcasts with Obsidian is, black women will openly tell you to piss off, they don’t want nothing to do with no Nerds or lames and only want the Ruff necks. you YOU, the “educated lame/nerd” says”ok, fine” and then walk three steps over to becky, the same black chick who rejected you, suddenly out of no where goes super Asylum nutjob level 3 and Blasts you for it! WTF? This is striaght (dating) COMMUNISM! None of these idiots want you but they can still dick pollice you , even if though they still don’t want you!? No amount of logician philophers can figure this double standard out!

    Awesome pictures at the end!

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    • CARNIO ——— Yes. My view is that many of the black men with non-black women are the type of black men that black females do not want to have relationships with. As I said earlier, young black females typically do not like BUILDERS. Young black females prefer the broke and busted black men that share many of the negative traits of mainstream black females. Builders, in the view of young black females, are lames or nerds. Most young black females are not compatible with black males that are builders. The black females, however, start the name-calling when black male builders get a non-black female.

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    • Carnio,

      These modern day black females are mentally challenged individuals who see nothing wrong with exhibiting such blatant levels of hypocrisy. Michael B Jordan through his actions and other fellows like him are saving lives out here, good on them. Indeed, black women are nothing but communists when it comes to the dating market. Yet another reason not to deal with them.

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    • I often think about how many young black boys are currently being raised by angry, domineering, mean single BW, and how many of those young boys are slowly adopting the SYSBM mindset. The ones who don’t end up broken (becoming thugs, bums, etc.) by their single black mother upbringing may end up deciding that they want to distance themselves from BW when it comes to dating. Notice that you have alot of young boys saying today that they don’t want to date BW and that BW are mean.

      BW get angry and try to dismiss those things because they are unwilling to accept the fact that many of those boys are speaking from experience, not only experience from dealing with their mothers, but from female family members, and BW in their community.

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      • James S,

        Absolutely spot-on. Feminists always talk about how they’re “gaslighted” by the “patriarchy,” but nobody gaslights like BW do their boys in the so-called “black community.” They’ll have you thinking you’re the problem, until, as Carnio pointed out, you walk three steps over to Becky, and weirdly find love and acceptance, at which point BW go ballistic. That scenario happened to me growing up, but there was no internet yet to trade notes with like-minded brothers. The internet has also laid bare rampant sistagirl hypocrisy as Brother Verbs so deftly illustrates.

        Interesting times, James. Keep the wall up.

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    • That’s why there are so many late bloomers in thinking Black men. They have a huge disadvantage in life, starting from -100, that by the time they reach 40, they’ve actually lived the life of a 25 year old.

      Of course things are changing, but that time spent trying to claw something back to normal has been a waste of life, thanks to the BW parent overseer and destroyer.


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  7. Another point is that the world only knows that Meghan Markle (Markle) has, perhaps, 2% Negroid ancestry is because the media made such a big deal about it. But for the media hype, Markle could easily be mistaken for a caucasian of Italian or Greek heritage. As I said before, Markle would have to gain 100 pounds to even have the same body type of a USA black female. In addition, Markle has the features of a white female. As has been observed, most black females are viewed as having so much testosterone that most black females have the appearance of a male. Finally, Michael B. Jordan (Jordan) has been described as a nerd in his teenage years. In the opinions of most, young black females do not favor nerdy black males. As a result, at this stage of his life, Jordan is not even used to having relationships with black females. FINAL POINT: I do not recall many black men cheering about the other Michael Jordan, the basketball player, marrying a non-black female. Most black men are secure enough to not get excited about a black man being with a non-black female. PEACE.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Indeed, we thinking black men don’t make a song and dance about dating out, we simply get on with it and that’s that. Black women on the other hand will feel the need to blaze abroad their interracial relationships from the rooftops, the problem is nobody gives two monkeys about who they are dating except themselves.

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  8. A great read as always dude! I hope Michael B Jordan continues to enjoy his success and the women he chooses to share it with. I remember Merlin Santana. I loved watching him on The Steve Harvey Show as a kid. He had a real special aura about him and you can tell he was going to be a big star if his life wasn’t tragically stolen away from him like it was.

    Anyway enjoy your Monday dude

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    • Metal Heart,

      Indeed, Santana was poised for greater things, however the black witch made sure that she put an end to that, sad, just sad. Thanks bro, you have a good Monday too.

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  9. MBJ didn’t (publicly) say anything negative about BW, he just quietly went about dating (as most thinking BM should) and ended up with a non-BW. Even after you put up the Wall and walk away you will still be attacked by BW and simps, just ignore them. Don’t feel sorry for BW being single/unmarried, they are “strong and independent” and “don’t need no man” and tossed those two phrases at us for decades. The only reason BW today are trying to deny saying those things and backpedal is because its blowing up in their faces in real time.

    As we and many other have said before the whole BW crying and supporting Meghan Markle thing shows just how desperate BW are when it comes to dating. They completely ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of BW don’t look like Markle. Its really pathetic.

    I never heard about Merlin Santana but murders like that probably happen all the time in the black “community”, all the more reason to separate yourself from hoodrats and their offspring. Thankfully BW have made it easy for us to tell who their bastard offspring are by giving them ghetto names. I used to be against BW giving their kids ghetto names but the more that I think about it it might actually be helpful to non-ghetto people when figuring out who to avoid associating with/dating/hiring. For the kids that grow up and don’t want to be ghetto, they always have the option to change their names when they turn 18.

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    • James S ————– Rule # 1: Stay away from females named: JaNiqua, Shaemonisha, LaCrackheadisha, etc. Instead get with: Ashley, Lauren, Rebecca, etc.

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    • ((MBJ didn’t (publicly) say anything negative about BW, he just quietly went about dating (as most thinking BM should) and ended up with a non-BW. Even after you put up the Wall and walk away you will still be attacked by BW and simps, just ignore them. ))

      In the logic of the Sista’s Republic of Blackistan:

      A simple genuine smile from a black man = Bashing black women.
      asking a white women for directions = bashing black women.
      Having children with a non-black woman = bashing black women
      playing video games, doing math, going to college = Bashing black women
      Not spending money (on black women) = Bashing black women
      Flying overseas to Europe, Asia, South America or even Africa = Bashing black women
      sneezing in her direction = Bashing black women
      Being rejected by black women = bashing black women
      Black women bashing black men = bashing black women
      Black men existing = Bashing black women

      No matter what you do, you are damned if you do damned if you don’t. Even if MJ did “Bash black women” You wouldn’t hear a peep out of me from it!!

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  10. Black women are fucking pathetic and turn coated as hell. They’re sitting around complaining about the dating preferences of a man they have no chance with and like usual the dumb pro black simps who kiss their
    asses are agreeing with them even. Most of them aren’t even relationship quality yet have the nerve to demand someone should be with them. They’re probably mad because they can’t trap him with child support like they do to regular black men. Maybe if they spent time learning how to be better wives they wouldn’t get ditched for white women so much.

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    • Jay,

      This goes back to what I have stated before about how black women view black men as slaves/commodities/assets, as far as most black women are concerned we shouldn’t have any rights to date anybody apart from themselves.

      You nailed it bro, its all about them not being able to access his finances, this is one of the main reasons why black women are disgruntled about him dating out.

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  11. I just hope Michael B. Jordan doesn’t allow himself to get bullied into dating a black woman the way Usain Bolt did. Bolt was dating a white fashion designer until he got shamed for it by black women. Then he broke up with her and started dating a Jamaican woman who, of course, ended up pregnant.

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  12. @Verbs
    I went into my closet and pulled out my “HAZMAT SUIT” zipped it up and crawled into the psyche of the black female. Yes it’s a dark, dangerous and contaminated place. I wanted to see if I could find the logic behind the black beasts intense hatred of IR relationships when it involves bm/ww couples. Michael B Jordan has never said anything remotely negative about black females, quite the contrary… he’s done nothing but pander to them in such a sick and digusting fashion that it makes you want to vomit. So I couldn’t figure out why black females continue to say he’s “bashing” or”disrespecting” black females when he’s with a white woman, or how it’s a “slap in their face” when he dates a white woman. Well, my trek into that contaminated realm revealed the answer….AND THE ANSWER IS…You see a black man dating a white woman never has say the 2 words “black” and “female” consecutively in a sentence or never say anything remotely negative about a black female…because the very act of a black man dating a white woman in their eyes means he’s “bashing” and/or “disrespecting” the “black queen”. So there it is, the warped demented so-called logic of the black female. So I crawled out of her contaminated psyche spent about 2 hours in the decontamination chamber, received a medical check up, was administered a SIMP booster shot as to not bring back any of the SIMPitis Virus.

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    • YES! in the psyche of black women, Actions speak waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay louder than words. If MJ said, I don’t mess with black women because abc, it is one thing. but the ACTION of NOT dealing with them and only dealing with white women is the equivilent blasting your car radio and blaring the airhorn about how much he hates black women and only deals with white women.

      Every little action you do outside bootlicking them = bashing black women.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Its a severely toxic environment down there, I’m surprised you only needed 2 hours in the decontamination chamber, lol. Black women always have something to complain about, black men can never do anything right by them at all which is all the more reason why black men should stop dealing with them period. Black women stay miserable for life and they want black men to wallow with them in the same conditions, no thanks, ill pass.

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  13. These negro women only care when these negro men are rich and famous. If Michael b Jordan was a average negro man the negro women wouldn’t care. BW just can’t compete in interracial dating they know that BM are leaving blackistan at huge numbers.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Exactly, when Jordan was up and coming I can guarantee you that black women weren’t giving him the time of day. Checking out of Bootlick City aka Blackistan is the best move any thinking black man can make.

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  14. This shit is funny to me. Like I’ve said before these females overlook you then get angry when a non black woman is interested. Its like the baby who passes up one toy for another, then sees someone else talking that toy they passed up and having fun…they get upset! Because it’s about the right of first refusal…ALL negro men are to remain on the shelf until SHE gets ready to deal with you. That’s what defines simps versus non-simps. Men who submit to the negro womans right of first refusal versus men who take the hint and go try other options AFTER being refused. The cognitive dissonance here is just hilarious to me.

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    • Kage,

      Yep, just as MBD said, black women see no value in good black men until we cross the fence and start dealing with non black women. I got the hint over 13 years ago and I took my backside elsewhere. they call us lames, they chase after the thug types, therefore they shouldn’t expect us to hang around for them.

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  15. These whores think that when we get rich, famous and successful we automatically owe them something ( giving back to the s**thole aka the black community and getting into relationships with them). In the past we would have cave in to their demands, but in today’s world WE DON’T OWE THEM NOTHING. THE SHAMING TACTICS SPELL IS BROKEN.

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  16. It’s a joke at this point,women with a net worth of $5 claim to cancell people, when themselves are BROKE.

    Black women think, that they can control black men dick could not be more wrong. Listen black men in interracialy level would always date more than black women can all over the world. Since sexual market value of black men seem to be more important than those of black women. The fact that these women can not cancell ”European looking, texture, weave” ”Cannot” remove blue eye contact, or anything white women does, which show black boys subconsciously, that white is better let u know everything u know.

    Also Verbs2015,I came across a UK channel, seem like toxic narrative from US black women affect black women all around the world.

    30:50 U will never heard white men disrespect ”white women”, WHAT THESE BITCHES DRINKING ? Does they know MGTOW is majority white male ?

    U will notice how they are hostile, and how offense they take whenever black men on the panel don’t agree with her, also u got the typical black simp in white shirt on the panel.
    Lastly these bitches can’t even explain what is the so called ”black male privilege”, also most of them are fat, they generalise black men but hate when black men generalise them lol.

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    • Given the fact that the women in the video are heavyweights, the question should be about black women protecting black men. In the National Football League, the 300-pound offensive linemen protect the 170-pound punter. The punter is never called upon to protect the offensive linemen.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      In response to the video you posted, this is how stupid most black women in the UK are, unlike the US over here black women are in exactly the same boat as black men, bar a few welfare privileges both groups are treated exactly the same, which is why I have to scratch my head every time I see UK black women jumping onboard the US black female talking points bandwagon.

      The dude in the white shirt got shook by the Jezebel spirit up in there and so he psychologically castrated himself. The other dude should’ve stood his ground more, you can’t go up into a room full of Jezebels and start pandering towards them.

      At the end of the day these chicks aren’t genuinely looking for real solutions, as per the usual protocols of the black witch contingent, they are only there looking for confrontation and to feed on the energy of black men, especially the masculine looking heifer in the pink, green, black and white blouse sitting next to the dude with glasses. They won’t bring black men like me into a conversation like that because they already know that I won’t be compromising for anyone and I would not hesitate to tell those heifers about themselves.

      Black women are NOT victims, the woes that they claim to experience they have brought upon themselves because of the jacked up decisions they’ve made in the past, especially in the area of single motherhood and the men they choose to open their legs to.

      The bottom line is black women are a miserable group of women who always have something to complain about, if it isn’t concerning colourist then its about protection, if it isn’t about protection then its about abuse, black men need to simply accept the fact that they will never be able to satisfy this modern day black female and as you can see these heifers in the UK are just as unaccountable and dysfunctional as their US cousins. Same spirit of Jezebel, just a different part of the world.

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  17. Black women complain about their image but ignore how they act on social media.

    Their insecurities about Michael b. Jordan expose so much about them.

    first they think he is gay because he isnt a thug. Then they want to boycott the movie and actually tried to act like they wern’t going to at the last minute when they saw how bad it made them look.

    Now that they see him on a boat with some snow bunnies now they are back to boycotting him again and now they insult him and say he has a little dick. They are so fucking fake it hurts. And they wonder why men like Jordan avoid black women at all cost.
    Also I doubt he will feel the sting now that these broke bitches are going to stop spending their child support money on a $10 movie ticket.

    And of course they have nothing but praise for Merkel and her prince. “thank you for picking one of us” she said but if a black man got with her she wouldn’t be condsidered “one of us”.

    Thats why I never took “colorism” seriously.

    side note look how sexualized black men are. The shaderoom takes a picture of him on the boat amd immedaitly mention his dick size because i guess we’re suppose to have erections 24/7 huh?

    I get that black women are in survival mode because they realize nobody is checking for them in 2018 other than simps and thugs but they did it to themselves by rejection an entire generation of good black men for welfare.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Black women brought these calamities upon themselves, they have nobody else to blame and their attempts to blame black men for their own dysfunctional behaviour are making them look even more ridiculous. When black men refuse to check for black women, black women will not hesitate to bring out the labels, but I thought they had our backs?

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      • They only have the thugs back. They are on great liberators channel complaining about black men not accepting single mothers but single mothers accepting black men with felony records admitting for the No.1445th time that they do love thugs.

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      • Yours Truly,

        What is that saying that Obsidian keeps using about water seeking it’s own level? At the end of the day it is the felony record having black men who got these women pregnant to begin with, why are they so upset about only being able to get the very guys they chose to open their legs to in the first place?

        These black women are ultimately confused, they give the thugs and the gangsters the red carpet, royal treatment yet spit upon and mock the very men who can actually make a difference in these hellholes called black communities, smh.

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    • YOURS TRULY — “…survival mode…nobody is checking for them in 2018 other than simps and thugs…” Note the classic video by TRICK DADDY, a self-identified, thug telling black females to “tighten up” and that black women are becoming useless. Even the thugs are leaving black women. This is especially so for the thugs that have food and housing. In addition, the simps are becoming aware of black female dysfunction. After the simps and thugs leave black women, black women will be hurting even more.

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      • @FLCLimaxxxx
        Actually the average median net worth of black females is $5.00 ..your figure of $0 is correct, but it’s for single black female baby mamas who’s net worth is $0…

        Here’s the break down:
        -Single BF college degree..Net worth -$12,000(yes that’s a negative)

        Single BF employed 18-64 median net worth.. $100

        -Single BF with children….Net worth $0

        Overall median net worth calulating in the above figures and other criteria is …. $5….YES it’s true..$5

        In other words leave these broke, 300lb, diseased, weave wearing, tatted up, 9 kids by 9 different dudes, section8, EBT card, belligerent black whores alone! Because most black females figuratively and literally…AIN’T WORTH SHIT!!!

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        Black women’s(single mothers) median net worth in the US = $0
        White women’s median net worth in the US = $40000 plus. The writing is on the wall.

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      • FLClimaxxx ————– like the stock market, the net worth of black women get updated daily. Note that Stacey Abrams, an unmarried (single)black woman, is running for governor of the US state of Georgia. Abrams has a net worth of -$200,000.00 (negative $200K) because of debt. Many black women do not get to the $0 net worth level.

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  18. Actually the ones who are “cancelled” are bitter black hoes, and Thrillmonger did the cancelling! That’s like claiming you quit, but you were really FIRED. Throw them black chicks back in the ocean with their ancestors. LMAO!

    These “strong, independent” women who “don’t need no man” bitching, wailing and crying on MTO, Shade Room, LSA, Bossip, YouTube, etc. about brothers who have bailed out on BW’s bullshit, while at the same time Mammying for White Zaddy, is the best entertainment value out there today!

    On another note, our friend Madame Logicbomb’s fixated on this site and has shouted it out in several videos! She mentioned me once, but singles out Carnio and is making him “famous!” Her irrational screeds and misandrist rage are also a laugh a minute. It’s not nice to laugh at mental illness, but I can’t help myself in this case. One must wonder what a black man did to her to make her so unhinged.

    It’s been a long time coming, but thinking brothers like us who fled the plantation are finally getting the last laugh, and I’m here for it! They got the world that they wanted, with single babymamahood, deadbeat babydaddies, thugs, goons and simps. The productive, thinking black man is out building with his mixed or non-black queen, as MBJ shows!

    Thanks again to Verbs for providing this forum!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Its all good bro, just doing my part to give thinking black men a voice and space to air their grievances. Black women are going to have to stew and marinate in their own failures, they don’t deserve any help or protection from us seeing as they have mocked “educated lames” for the longest. I’ve already got the popcorn and a fresh glass of juice ready.

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    • Yeah I saw that!

      Why the hell am I being the only one called out? Not that I feel offended or anything. She didn’t really even insult me, she just cursed up a storm. Am what I am saying really hurting peoples feelings? Does the things i say cut hurt that much??

      What is funny is when I was reading the comments on that video, there are black women pretending and posing as Asian women.you can always tell because black women are the ONLY ones who say things like “They should know other women wear weaves too” or “They hate themselves because no one talk about their moms. Our men (referring to Asian men) do not bash their mothers (which is B.S. because Asian men don’t play that crap. They WILL call their women out)”. I guess they know about my preference and are trying to psychologically attack me using Asian women. They are not fooling anyone!

      Btw. The reason why these people are fixiated on slaying evil is because simps like “stop cooning ” are sending emails and messages to other people and twisting our words to rile up Asylum nutjobs like Madam logic bomb.

      Oops looks like I just insulted madame logic bomb. Let’s see if she makes another video calling me out again. Anyone want to make a bet she will?

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      • Carnio,

        Madame Logicbomb is a mentally challenged laughingstock. She can’t even muster up the courage to get on a plane and travel to the same places she recommends other black women should take trips to ie Europe. Talking about “prepare for war” yet what kind of leader will not first set a solid example for his/her soldiers to follow? Madame Logicbomb is an unhinged specimen you could put in a cage and study for the next 20 years.

        “Black women, prepare for war, but by the way all of those places I told you to travel to I cannot visit myself because I have an innate fear of flying”, hahahahahaha. Great leadership huh, lol.

        The first war she ought to be focusing on ought be against her fear of flying so that she can at least start travelling outside of the US and show her acolytes that she is dead serious about what she talks about.

        You’re a mockery and a disgrace Logicbomb, and I already know that as you instructed many of your Becky hatted flunkies have eyes on Slaying Evil and will alert you to this conversation.

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      • @Carnio
        Madame logicbomb is one unhinged lunatic clown. I must admit, she’s funny as hell, she literally can’t string together a coherent sentence without it being laced with profanity😂😂😂. I would imagine she’s what a mental patient sounds like when they’re off their meds. Keep it up fellows the #SYSBM movement is literally driving them insane!

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      • That whore isn’t even worth commenting about, nor is her waste of time YouTube videos. She’s a joke, like her following.

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  19. I can’t see how any BMW or man in a better class would go low as the shit hole for women. esp when we are offered daughters if we don’t like older single women. smh. even I a single man no kids no debt good good good looks 125 pounds 30. that would be quite a reach to go from sexy face right body women. who just are trying to have fun to fighting every day. hell from what I see even if a women is sexy but displays bad attitude. she is out. now fat wave nasty mood all the time.

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    • I can’t see how any BMW or man in a better class would go low as the shit hole for women. esp when we are offered daughters if we don’t like older single women

      Ain’t that the motherfucking truth 😆 scrambling around for trash, when White girls will give away their daughters for some black sausage.


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  20. Gentlemen,
    You do realize Madam (a title given to a whore) Loonybin is a lesbian right????? She is a lesbian whore trying to put the vex on younger black females. She loves black coochie, and hates BLACK MEN. The only thing good about her is the fact she lives in the ghetto and not around decent people like us. The only damage she can muster up is run her mouth online and that’s about it.
    Though she is funny sounding.

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      I honestly had no idea that Madame Logicbomb likes to munch on cooch. Of course it makes sense as to why so many black females are following her seeing as most black women as Afrofuturism1 puts it are already ticking time dykes. Well, she isn’t getting a passport anytime soon or on the off chance she already has one, she certainly isn’t going to be getting on any planes. I have to admit that the way she talks is funny, I can get quite a few laughs out of her performance especially when she blows a gasket in responding to criticism levied in her direction. Well, she shouldn’t have any problems adding some of her followers to her carpet muncher’s list, that’s if she hasn’t done so already.

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    • I’ve never even bothered to watch any of her videos, just based on what the brothers here say about her is enough for me not to bother.

      “She is a lesbian whore trying to put the vex on younger black females.”
      Gays are constantly trying to grow their dating pool. The gay population in this country is low, so most gays walk around seeing people that they find attractive but knowing that they have no chance of being with them (because odds are that person isn’t gay). They try various means to convince the population that they are secretly gay, one of their favorite talking points is “There is no such thing as sexuality, its a social construct. Anyone can be attracted to anyone at anytime, everyone is a little gay.”

      I was in the barber shop the other day and two young teenage lesbians were in there getting their hair cut. After they left the barbers talked about them (not in a bad way) saying that they actually weren’t a couple and they liked to try to “get” (convert to lesbianism) non-butch girls to date. I thought to myself that as the Wall gets taller these black lesbians are going to have a smorgasbord of lonely and desperate BW to choose from.

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      • James,

        “…saying that they actually weren’t a couple and they liked to try to “get” (convert to lesbianism) non-butch girls to date.”

        THIS is what Whore Loony Bin is doing on YouTube. She takes advantage of young black females anger at US going for WHITE WOMEN by creating yet another sub-section of righteous black women. Once she has them all riled up over us, she makes her move on them to try “something different”. I’m a little older than others here and I can tell you, I’ve seen this type of bull dykery before.

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    • Sage,

      I’ve watched her videos for a minute, but never got the vibe that Madame Fruitloop was a lesbo. You can be a damaged, psychotic misandrist and still be heterosexual. Why would she push the “get a European man” BS if she was a lesbo. She’d just be a straight-up dyke man-hater and tell her followers to lap twat and forget ALL men of ANY race.

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  21. For a group of men who are only able to get “fat white chicks, or rejects of other races”, black bitches are sure doing a whole lot of complaining. At this point, they don’t even know why they’re complaining other than to just to hear their annoying ass voices and mentally circle jerk each other.

    More thinking black men are openly confessing their desires and affection for whatever type of woman that isn’t your typical silverback gorilla with a weave, and I am loving it. The more they do it, the more it reinforces the well known fact these whores are DEAD LAST in every dating category and statistic, it builds and reinforces the wall that much more, and the best part is that these jackasses brought ALL of this onto themselves.

    In surburban New York, it’s becoming hilariously bad. Black boys as young as 10-11 aren’t even hanging out with these chicks (unless they’re from the same shitty areas) and it’s driving them crazy and the boys do not care whatsoever. They’re getting the message earlier than we did and it’s a beautiful thing! Stay safe out there gentlemen.

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    • “For a group of men who are only able to get “fat white chicks, or rejects of other races”, black bitches are sure doing a whole lot of complaining”

      I’m gonna help them (BW) out a bit with that. See BW wants you to think, or rather they believe it looks bad on them if BLACK MEN aren’t checking for them instead of non-black women. With so many of us going after non-black women, the reason for this has to stem from the fact that BW just isn’t compatible with non-hood individuals. NOW, as for the fat white chicks, or rejects, I have two things to say. First, if women like, Shelby Keeton, Olivia Williams, Kendra Leigh Baskett, and Lindsay Czarniak are “fat” or “rejects” then call me a garbage collector. Second, and this is more to the point, if BLACK MEN are going after white fat rejects over them, that’s an indictment on BLACK WOMEN, not BLACK MEN, but as always, that “black girl magic” has them thinking backwards.

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  22. The best thing Michael B Jordan could do is simply not respond to anything any of these mentally ill degenerate black women have to say about anything. Black women, because they are so insanely jealous of white women, already have Michael B Jordan ‘marked’ because he actually had the good sense to be around women who won’t try to destroy his life.
    Black women attempt to bully Blackmen into loving them, being with them, and ‘respecting’ them. When black women see a black man who isn’t buying into the ‘bully game’ that black women play, black women lose their minds and will do anything to destroy that black man. Black women are vindictive, hypocritical, insane, violent parasites. Black women claim that Blackmen ‘ain’t shit’ and that they are done with Blackmen, but anytime they see a black man who finds actual happiness with a nonblack woman, black women cling to that black man like barnacles and will do anything in order to destroy his image and bring him down to their level.
    I believe I have heard Michael B Jordan attempt to explain his dealings with nonblack women to black women. But if Michael B Jordan is smart, he will simply live his life and ignore anything black women have to say regarding his lifestyle choice.
    As we all know no matter what you do as a black man black women will never be satisfied, they will continually and eternally hate Blackmen, and nothing you can do or say as a black man will ever satisfy black women.
    And black women will never be satisfied because they are truly mentally ill, insane, jealous, bitter beasts, who hate white women because White women are everything they want to be, and they hate black men because black men because Blackmen are doing everything black women only wish they could do.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  23. Now I am worried. If black women are time ticking dyke bombs, won’t they try to go after and chase white and other non black women too?

    Won’t they try to steal the girlfriends and dates of Sysbm?

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    • BRO,
      I hope you’re joking. First, even white female lesbians DON’T want to be with black women, let alone straight ones. They will TRY to get with WHITE WOMEN, but get shut down big time. Black dykes are stuck inside the black community, and in some cases, they run it. What do you think BLM is? A group of carpet munchers mascaraing as pro-black leaders. So, no, there is nothing to fear.

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    • Carnio,

      It’s just as Sage Highwayman stated, black women are still dysfunctional individuals no matter what sexual orientation they decide to embark upon, they are the problem however because of their ultra feminist mindset, the victimhood status will always be upheld.

      Black women who munch on cooch are pretty much stuck with other black women of the same tendencies and lifestyle, therefore there is nothing to worry about. Where black women go their dysfunction will automatically follow, like Sage said even non black lesbians aren’t even checking for them like that as they see just how disjointed most black women are whether they are heterosexual or homosexual.

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  24. @Verbs
    Please, Please, Please go to Jason Black’s channel on YouTube because” Synthetic G” called in and unleashed an unhinged diatribe of hatred towards black men. This Synthetic whore who whines every nano second about ” white supremacy” said…. “10 white men are better than every black man”. So lets see if the pathetic bootlicking black male SIMPS will still follow their queen after that performance. Jason Black just laughed at her because he and everyone else knows that’s exactly how the overwhelming majority of black whores feel about black men and then they wonder why the #SYSBM movement is such a fantastic worldwide success!!!

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  25. The war between the Pro-blacks and Black feminist have BEGUN!!!! Its even spreading over to others like Supasly75. And the comment sections, WHOO-WHEE! I’M LOVING IT!!!

    On one hand we have Black Feminist saying, “Jason black exposed himself, with everything going down with black males wtf does hair have to do with anything??? She exposed him and he fell for the bait”

    and on the other hand

    we have the pro-blacks saying, “Yea, But I trust Jason Black more than Cyn she no good I use to follow her a when she was bashing black men but I stopped when I notice she stays on that subject way too much and now she fights with just about everyone including Chrissie who doesn’t even attack her or mention anything about her platform”


    I can NOT wait to hear My man Gs come back.

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    • >The war between the Pro-blacks and Black feminist have BEGUN!!!!

      Breaking news! The SYSBM News Network has reported sectarian fighting between factions within the Ghetto Union region – The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan vs. The Cuck Republic of Simpistan!

      The SYSBM State Department has elevated the travel advisory to the status of AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the two factions take out each other!

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      • If I had the editing software, I would do a breaking news report just like this!!! Good one!
        Side note, I took a look through some what Cyn Gs followers were talking about……MY GOD, those people are BEYOND clueless. The white man this, the white man that, one stupid bitch was calling science a evil tool of the white man…SCIENCE!!!!!

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  26. The SYSBM is strong with Michael B. Jordan. An honorable and worthy addition to the Knights of the SYSBM table!

    Scraggle daggles everywhere are blowing their weaves!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  27. Verbs2015,
    ”Black Twitter” is All Kinds of Hilarious Verbs. They Rant Rave & Bitch About Michael B.Jordan Dating Outside The Community & Yet They Praise Malia Obama Who’s Dating a White Man, Praised Meghan Markle For Dating/Marrying Prince Harry. Kerry Washington Who Aside From Being a Bedwench Off Camera, Portrayed One on Scandal & Don’t Get Me Started on Tamera Mowry With Her Husband Adam Housley From Fox News/Fox Klan. Who Recently Told Blacks That They Shouldn’t Be Protesting Independence Day. I’m Like REALLY? American Black Women They Seem to Think They Have a Legal Claim When it Comes to Black Men, When in Reality They Do Not. Hell This Same Swirling For The Wrong Reasons Rule Seems To Also Apply to Some Non-Black Women As Well. As I Mentioned in a Previous Statement About S.H.I.E.L.D. Asian-Actress Chloe Bennet Dating White Racist Youtube Blogger Logan Paul, I Recently Discovered Afro–Canadian Actress of Riverdale Vanessa Morgan is Dating White Racist Baseball Player Michael Kopech. Few Are Speaking About Those, But Michael B. Jordan is The Focus of Viral Aggression. Cause He’s a Successful Black Man. It’s Always The Instance ”The Black Man” is The Center of Negativity. If Not Out of The Community Then it’s Withing The Community. Successful Black Men is Considered An Eye-Sore to White Men Cause He Represents a Threat to His Power & Successful Black Men is a Threat to American Black Women, Cause When They See Him With a Woman That is Non-Black Then The Venom & Bitterness Sets in & Then Comes ”The Shaming Game”. Bottom Line. Michael B. Jordan is a Perfect Example of #SYSBM. Fellas Disregard & Don’t Waist Any Energy on The Bitter American Black Sistahood. Leave Them to The White Men or Other Men of Color Who’s Crazy to Deal With Their Ratchet, Aggressive, Savage & Rage-Filled Selves. Never Touch Them. #SYSBM 100%!!!

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  28. I love coming to your page and reading the inappropriateness of your flow of the English language toward black women and black meant. Makes a person think you are truly dishonorable toward your black mother in full essence of a person. Sometime when I am reading your articles I always get the impression that you are either white or you truly hate the fact that you are black, and you blame Black women but not the father. But, I give you this you have find a way to get paid by what is coming out of your heart and your soul and once you are older and dead, for every dishonor you have to answer to I pray before that times come while you are getting paid for all this hate that you have repented I will always read what it is you are saying and reading the comment is sad, because they to come from BLACKNESS, WITHOUT A WOMAN, BLACK HUMANITY WOULD NOT BE HERE. EASE UP BROTHER WHITE OR BLACK I LOVE YOU NOT MATTER WHAT YOU SAY AND NO I AM NOT BLACK….


    • LadyDay777,

      Of course u are a black women who do u think u fooling ? Secondly deal with the subjects I’m seek of y’all black bitches coming here, and try to use stupid shaming tactics.Black women will never exist without black men too so whats ur point ? Secondly it’s black men who have build all the things in the past, and still nowadays, Y’all bitches can’t even stay full black but want talk about ”Blackness” Most of y’all wear ”Anti-blackness” on your head all ur life. U create nothing, the only thing u know, is sit here, complaining about all kind of stupid, and show your insecurities to the world I would say that again no race of men, have to deal with so many insecure group of female in their race, most black men now that’s black women are an embarassment for them that’s they dating out more and more.

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      • Tyrone Nyx
        They are SO used to dealing with the slowest black men on the planet, they think ALL BLACK MEN are stupid. If she is a black woman and not a bot, she is one of hypocritical, bigoted, self-righteous church ladies that believe black women are magic and the world should revolve around them. Want to know the irony????

        Just like black women, white men believe they OWN their counterparts and the WHITE WOMEN smart enough to see this come over to us because they understand the stupidly of it all. That’s why we make GREAT matches, BM and WW are escaping the bullshit of their respective communities.

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    • Let me fix this for you,
      I love coming to your page (So do I, he does the LORD’S work here) and reading the inappropriateness (Do you go to sites like World Star Hip Hop where black women are called out there names left and right? If you do, STAY THERE and don’t come back here until your missionary work is done) of your flow of the English language toward black women and black meant. Makes a person think you are truly dishonorable toward your black mother (He’s talking about OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, and NOT his mother. She only share your skin tone, NOTHING ELSE) in full essence of a person. Sometime when I am reading your articles I always get the impression that you are either white or you truly hate the fact that you are black (No, he hates the fact that he shares the same skin tone as some of the most vile human beings on the planet), and you blame Black women but not the father (Because he is a man and not a woman or fag). But, I give you this you have find a way to get paid (Just like rappers have been doing for YEARS calling black women hoes, bitches, and sluts) by what is coming out of your heart and your soul and once you are older and dead, for every dishonor you have to answer to I pray before that times come while you are getting paid for all this hate that you have repented I will always read what it is you are saying and reading the comment is sad (not as sad as what I’m reading right now), because they to come from BLACKNESS, WITHOUT A WOMAN, BLACK HUMANITY WOULD NOT BE HERE (STOP IT!!!! Black Woman are NOT GODS!!!!) EASE UP BROTHER WHITE OR BLACK I LOVE YOU (Keep your love, it’s no good here) NOT MATTER WHAT YOU SAY AND NO I AM NOT BLACK….(I get the feeling you are a RUSSIAN bot sent to stir up emotions that send the men here to sites like CHRISSY and Crazy CK to troll their pages, which will prompt the hyenas to come here and troll us. PSYOPS Warfare 101; get your enemies to take each other out).

      There, you’re welcome.

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    • I know I am late to the party here, but:


      You clearly weren’t payi9ng attention in high school biology. Either that, your you flunked it altogether.

      Without a man’s sperm, a woman can not get pregnant; ergo, she can NOT give birth. if anyone is responsible for blackness, it is the MAN because he carries the seed, the spark of life. The womb (woman) is merely an incubator.


      You’re welcome.

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      • I know I am late to the party here, but:


        You clearly weren’t paying attention in high school biology. Either that, or you flunked it altogether.
        Without a man’s sperm, a woman can not get pregnant; ergo, she can NOT give birth. if anyone is responsible for blackness, it is the MAN because he carries the seed, the spark of life. The womb (woman) is merely an incubator.


        You’re welcome.

        (Edit from the above post)


  29. Sage Highwayman, Tyrone Nyx,

    Again, if this is a black woman notice the familiar pattern of jumping up to defend the scum bags of her group. Herein lies the difference between black men and black women, at least black men will check the scum and dysfunctional behaviour amongst themselves, black women on the other hand without fail will always defend the disjointed and dysfunctional members of the sisterhood.

    As for her attempts to invoke my mother into the conversation, I already dealt with this particular technique of witchcraft in Negro Wars, just like king Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. And to think the pro black bootlickers still believe that they can build with such women.

    Without a moral foundation first being put in place nothing in these so called communities can be reconstructed and black women continue to inject dysfunction and immorality into black society. This is why the pro black muddy bootlickers contingent and their talk about getting stuff done is nothing but a joke and their so called “code” is non existent.

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    • “And to think the pro black bootlickers still believe that they can build with such women”
      They can build with these heffer, its just nothing worth being in.

      “This is why the pro black muddy bootlickers contingent and their talk about getting stuff done is nothing but a joke and their so called “code” is non existent”
      That’s why I have my own code.
      Feel free to check em out on YouTube. Nothing fancy, just a code of conduct for righteous men.

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  30. Someone should tell certain individuals that a “Code” is an arrangement and ordering of something which in context usually means we are talking about existing laws or principals being ordered or arranged for the convenience of the codifier and or users of the the principals or laws which have been codified.

    For example we codify the color spectrum of visible light as ROYGBIV, or for change in pressure etc, by PV=nrT.

    However if we do not have existing laws or principals in place, then there is a question as to what could be codified or made into code. To claim “a code” without an authoritative codification process having been completed is misrepresentation at bare min. Fraud, theft, etc may also be likely.

    Some may say the code is just common sense, then why not just say that than pretend you have codified common sense if such were even possible? Why the gimmicks when it comes to free national standards, supposedly? Why are the key matters commonly fraught with vague and ambiguous language/ideas of expression?

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  31. Let them be mad Michael B Jordan could get it he’s hot as hell as a black female I say these black female’s I’ll be seeing are nothing but a bunch of Hypocrites they go berserk over Meghan Markle who’s not even black that is marrying a white man but they get all mad just because MBJ is on vacation with a bunch of white females who clearly are not even his girlfriends. Stupid asses…

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  32. That’s a shame about Merlin. She put him in a lose lose situation. She was 16 years old so if he was trifling enough to mess with her she would have had him arrested. So she was going to ruin his life regardless.


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