The Tales Of BGS, Angryman And Cerulean The Grey, Gatekeepers Of The Cuckold Republic Of Bootlick City

1. There once was a man from the land of Prosper whose name was Hakiah, and he had two sons, the name of the first was Jedi and the name of the second was Kebiah.

2. And Hakiah loved his sons with all his heart and they him in like manner.

3. And over time his sons grew greatly increasing in stature. They also increased in knowledge and understanding for their father had passed down to them the wise teachings of his fathers.

4. Thus they walked uprightly in the sight of Hakiah and he was very pleased with them.

5. Now the land of Prosper was towards the north of that Mount named Liberty and Hakiah on occasions would venture up the mount to meditate and reflect upon his life.

6. But to the south of the mount lay another land by the name of Destructo. Within that land was a city by the name of Cuckville that was also called Simp and Bootlick.

7. Now Cuckville was a city of much decadence and reprobation and ofttimes Hakiah would view the city and the people therein from the top of the mount.

8. And one day whilst upon the mount observing the inhabitants of Simp City Hakiah said to himself, the time has come for me to warn my two sons concerning that city and the people thereof, for they transgress much and their ways are not upright.

9. And it came to pass in the process of time that on a particular day Hakiah took his two sons to Mount Liberty and they sat at the top of the mount and looked down upon the land of Prosper and it’s greatness. And Hakiah said unto his sons, behold the greatness of our land and look upon the good fruits of our city.

10. And his son Jedi turned unto him and said, yes father, we have been raised in a good land and you have taught us all things righteous. We thank thee for the knowledge and wisdom that thou hast bestowed upon us because we know that thou art a good man who walks with an upright heart after the ways of his fathers and thou has loathed and hated evil and the ways of the wicked.

11. And Hakiah upon hearing these words was very pleased with his sons, albeit his countenance soon changed and he said unto them, gather yourself together and follow me. And Hakiah took his two sons to the side of the mountain which faceth towards the south and showed them the land of Destructo and Simp City that is also Cuckville.

12. And when his sons looked upon the city and observed how the people walked in iniquity and unrighteousness and how the city lay in a ruinous heap, they said unto their father, what manner of city is this and why doth the people walk in the ways of evil and destruction? And Hakiah said unto them, I once upon a time resided in that decadent city called Cuckville, however recognising the unlimited evil and the backward traditions of the people I exited that place never to return.

13. Moreover Hakiah said, the women rule the city and ensnare the men, the men are afraid to stand for what is right, yea, the men defend those women that are wicked and care for children that aren’t of their own blood. They worship the private members of the women and speaketh lies to the people in the hopes of laying with the women of the land.

14. And as Hakiah continued to speak on Simp City and its people, his son Kebiah observed an iron gate at the east side of the city and three men who stood by the gate. Moreover Kebiah also observed these men and saw how they sought to hold the people within captive. And Kebiah said unto his father, who are those two men who stand by the gate and what doest they towards the people?

15. And Hakiah answered and said, these are the three grand wizards of Bootlick who seek to keep the city in ruins, the name of the one is Black Gnostic Speaks, the name of the other is Angryman(he is short in stature) and the name of the third is Cerulean the Grey, for it is only in that state that the women can continue to rule and lord over the people. These 3 wizards prophesy lies and deceive, they speak many words and do not, many times have they promised the people of Destructo to rebuild the city and the wall round about, yet behold how the land lies in a pile of ashes and is desolate unto this day.

16. Hakiah continued and said, moreover these men seek war against those who have escaped and who live without the borders of Cuckville for they know that it is only those fellows who reside in our land that can successfully rebuild their city, for without us they can do nothing for themselves. Besides, nothing can be built there anew as long as the women remain in charge.

17. My sons, hearken unto me, enter ye not into Bootlick, hearken not unto those wizardly cucks and seek not a wife from the women of that land for they will surely ensnare thee to the point of death. Are not those men encompassed round about by Rome because of those women, are not these men ensnared and do they not pay tribute towards their children by force?

18. And his sons responded and said, behold father, all these things that thou sayest are true, behold the women of Bootlick practice witchcraft, they entrap their own men and we have seen this with our own eyes, the men thereof lack the fortitude to chastise their women, for they themselves are bewitched and under spells which those three wizards at the gate continue to help prosper.

19. Moreover they said, behold we swear unto thee this day o father that we will not seek wives out of the women of Bootlick and that we will instead look towards the other nations for women to marry, for the women of Cuckville are corrupt beyond measure and they would surely turn us away from righteousness, are not these and many other things written thereof in The Gospel Of Tyrone? Are not those fellows of Simp City who guard the iron gate called Muddy Bootlickers unto this day for good cause? Is not Bootlick mountain towards the west of their land?

20. And it came to pass when they had made an end of speaking that Hakiah and his sons descended from Mount Liberty and went unto their house. And while their father slept, Jedi And Kebiah read the Gospel Of Tyrone as in times past and held the words contained therein close to their hearts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Cuckville And The Inhabitants Thereof

Most High Bless

43 thoughts on “The Tales Of BGS, Angryman And Cerulean The Grey, Gatekeepers Of The Cuckold Republic Of Bootlick City

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      • If you have the time, how about dealing with ZENDAYA, a biracial female, telling the world that hair weave and hair extensions are two different finished products. My view is that black women will attempt to deflect from views similar to Zendaya about fake hair.

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      • > Gatekeepers Of The Cuckold Republic Of Bootlick City

        In the country of Simpistan which borders The Sistuh’s Republic Of Blackistan. Together, both countries create the geographic region of The Ghetto Union (GU).

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  2. OMG!! Holy shit!!! Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • The Emperor is here.A great city needs great like-minded people.But pookie-dookie and sh@t-stained rayray are not our Brothers.And their mothers are not our family.Hope all is well

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  3. Yea, Verily, my friends!

    Harken thee to our soothsayer, Sir Verbs! Hath not all he hath written come to pass? Avoideth the poisoned land of Destructo and its women at all costs, and leaveth the denizens therein to rot in their own iniquity!

    So let it be written, so let it be done!

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  4. One component of black culture is for black men to be sex starved zombies. You’re not a real black man unless you have as much sex as you possibly can with multiple partners. Now, with that mental imperative in place, black women use it to control, and manipulate, black men into giving them children not to raise, but to be used for financial gain. This way, with the help of the state, black women will always have another source of income to supplement her state welfare check. All this leads to black women gaining excess amounts of weight, spending money on someone (else’s) hair, and just being undatable to any hetrosexaul man with good taste.
    Even WHITE WOMEN at some point and time, looks at herself and realizes, there is no way she’s going to get a good man looking the way she does and puts in work to improve herself. Black women instead double down on being unattractive, and black men encourage this behavior because they are pre-programed to be sex starved zombies and the cycle continues.

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    • I read where male slaves were “encouraged” to breed with the female slaves as much as possible in order to increase the slaveowner’s labor force, and by extension, his profits. Stupid negroes don’t realize when they go around making babies indiscriminately, they are unknowingly fulfilling the programming from the slave masters. And the white-owned private prison system profits from it.

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      • Morpheus2275 —- Good point. In addition, black females have historically been trained to produce slaves, sharecroppers, and prison inmates. That is why young black females, as a group, prefer the deadbeat black male population over black men that are interested in building. Most black females, under the age of 35, do not want good black men.

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        I was wondering when someone was going to make that connection.

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      • The Prison Industrial Complex relies on a permanent underclass to sustain itself.

        Remember that, brothers – and take heed: Steer clear of those inhabitants of the Ghetto Union, lest you may suffer their fate.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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      • I will also add that USA black women tend to name their children the so-called “ghetto names” that hinder the child from getting employment. The white prison system is assisted when a black baby boy is named: D’Quell, LaMoFotavious, JaBudweiser, or Beefpattydra. Meanwhile, Chinese illegal aliens in the USA name their sons traditional USA names.

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  5. After thanos (angryman) pays his child support, he lust after Cynthia g and her strange eyes and her questionable Adam’s apple.

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  6. That BGS is a CLOWN. The rest of them are not even worth mentioning. Now we see why we are in the condition we are in because of the thought process of these “men”. Shit is comical

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  7. The scripture that you just quoted must have came from the book of ‘Saving Yourselves’ in the Thinking Black Men testament chapter 46,928:1-20 after the 46,927 reasons on not to deal with black women of this ilk and their beta army. Hallelujah and Amen! SYSBM.

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  8. A Planter’s Confession

    In the last days of chattel slavery aka the encomienda system a young free coloured man named James used to work on a plantation under the corvee system popular in these dark times. As he cut fresh cane stalks, distilled the sugar and fertilized the fields, he used to sneak a peek at the Great House. Sometimes he would see the white female servants sneaking out of the mansion on Sundays to go and visit the underground ‘non-conformist’ Church which usually was lead by African converts to Christianity brave enough to oppose the plantocratic tyranny that even had the state Churches in its tyrannical grip. Sometimes they would look at the natives working for hours and then pick out random black males from among the field slaves to take into the great house for seemingly for no reason. Sometimes the white women would get caught by the planter who would beat them severely. He never gave much thought about it as he was too busy working.

    But what always confused James was the behavior of the white males and native black women on the plantation. Most of the white males on the plantation usually never reached a higher rank than a overseer and usually received the brunt of the planter’s anger along with the native black women if a native black man or a white female servant managed to escape from the gulag that was the plantation, but they behaved as if they were the overlords of the plantation and along with their native black female counterparts showed a loyalty so fanatical it could be compared to that of the ISIS thugs used by the ‘Greater Semitic Reich’ of Saudi Arabia and Israel and the Soviet Communist Party-controlled “American Federal Socialist Male Caucasian Republic’ in slaughtering Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, although the two groups (white men and black females) usually received nothing but constant abuse from the planter for their consistent effort. The native black women were just as stupid and arrogant, they consistently sold out their own males for power and position and told their male children that desiring freedom, education and economic independence was being ‘lame’. The white males usually did a similar process of brainwashing to their children, teaching the boys that being hired thugs and wannabe jihadis for the planters in the name of ‘racial purity’, ripped straight out of the hellish Talmud the planters secretly lived by, was good and noble although the planters would constantly abuse and degrade them, that it was necessary to keep the ‘bloodline’ pure. The girls were mind-raped into believing that life as ‘breeders’ on the plantation was the only way to maintain a good living mostly via the ‘black man’s gonna get you’ deception. This was straight poppycock but the white men and black women kept on doing it.

    James was thinking about these things as he walked up to the door of the Great House, hoping that the planter wasn’t angry with him. One thing that always confused him was the whorish behavior of the black women, they would try to screw any man who approached them. The door opened and he gasped when he saw the planter waiting for him.

    “Don’t leave son….I have something to tell you before you leave this hellish place forever,”

    James raised an eyebrow, was the planter trying to screw with him? Tension coursed through his body as he tried to figure out what to do.

    “The behavior of the white males and the black women in any area of the New World is so repugnant and shameful it exposes itself. The white males act like they are addicts to opium, they claim to be the saviors of their so-called race yet my friends in the British government have often observed them screwing Chinese and Indian women instead of going for many white women. Strong homosexual tendencies have also be observed, no surprise there.

    But the black women, these are the real fear. They will try and have intercourse with any man that passes them and behave like whores and harlots, I have noticed that many of them will go bald and wear the hair of white women and horses to imitate the superior white females.

    As for me, I have nothing to live for. If the blue bloods and aristocrats that rule Europe find me they will immediately arrest me and execute me for treason. I hear that some of my fellow Jews are getting disgruntled with the planned abolition of slavery and plan to replace the ancien regime with slavery-supporting, useful idiot type white men who will do anything these Jewish cultists tell them to do. What I am telling you is not an order as a master. It is a warning.

    STAY AWAY from white men and black women in general. If you absolutely have to deal with one of them, do your business and get out! White men in general are addicted to power and authority and will do anything at all to get it. Black women will stab you in the back for absolutely no reason, a white man and a black woman conspired together to kill me and take the plantation from me. James, take a submissive, beautiful white woman as your wife and leave these two groups of idiot goyim alone. It’s not worth the effort…”

    “But boss…you sure this ain’t no joke? This can’t be for real man…”

    The planter nearly lost it. “Have you not read the writings of L Smooth and J Boogie, who infiltrated a plantation as field slaves on the orders of the blue bloods and found that white men and black women are the most disgusting and hateful individuals that ever lived? J Boogie even said that black women are demons disguised as human beings and he was not being figurative. Have you not read the Gospel of Tyrone and the Epistle of Becky that shows the idiocy and cruelty of these two groups? Are these things not shown in the Negro Wars? Read them for yourself and stop being letting yourself being blackmailed into supporting these two groups of fools! They will wreck your life and lie about it to scavenge what’s left!”

    As James held the large bag of clothes, cash and papers he needed to start his life, he reflected on the planter’s words and recalled the books the planter had mentioned. He decided to get the books and inform future generation of the warning the planter had given him……

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    • Anton Nikolaev,

      This is some top quality writing right here, had me glued to my phone. The Epistle of Becky, that is definitely an idea right there, I’ll have to keep that one in mind. The planter told old boy the truth, he forewarned him of what was to come and look at where we are today.

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      • Thanks man, will remember to bring some more. Originally I was going to write this in “Free Topic Wednesday’ but couldn’t due to some personal problems. This was written after I found some weird facts on the net related to SYSBM, turns out feminism, the welfare state and the thug mentality were created by the Talmud and Kabbalah-worshiping Zionazi Catholics that run the world and spread via statist closet Communist-type cuck white men as well as the CIA (Cocaine Import Administration) and the Soviet KGB, which we now know as the Department of Homeland Security to try and stem the rising tide of white women resisting socialist slavery by screwing the closest ‘educated lame’ type black man in the days of segregation, and as a means of keeping thinking black males down. This unofficial war against SYSBM type, thinking black males and their non-black wives and partners in the New World has been going on since at least the 1920s and has never ended. The only difference is that the controlled opposition known as the ‘alt(fake) right’ has been reactivated in a desperate attempt to contain the Zionazis’ failure in trying to keep non-black women from leaving the rotting socialist (white supremacist, the Communist Manifesto is essentially attacking black men but disguises it by calling SYSBM type black men and their non-black partners ‘the bourgeois’ and (racist) white men and black women in general ‘the prolaterat ‘ who will overthrow us and enforce the Zionazi’s Communist hoax upon the world. This is why white men and black women say one thing and do something else.) plantation and keep the ‘white supremacy’ protection racket/extortion scheme alive just in time to implement the Fascist World Order.

        This was exactly what the Matrix and Terminator franchises were warning us about. The Terminators and Agents (racist white men and black women) look and even behave human, but are operatives of the system created for the purpose of destroying the Resistance (SYSBM type black men and their non-black partners and wives).

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  9. 25. The sons of Hakeith hath declared unto his father “we are of Negro blood, thou must contribute to the community! Yea are we not coons?”

    And Hakieth spake: The citizens of Cuckold speaketh with the double tongue. “Yea, thou art coon, but thou tithe ye not with the support of bastard babes”.

    Hear not ye ramblings of a fake gangsta that boweth in front of Jezebel, nor listen ye not to an old fool with the Alzheimer’s. Free thyself.


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  10. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, this was great! Also thanks for calling out that fool Angryman cause no one ever seems to. See, THIS is the way we need to teach young Black boys. The Serpent of Old wears the skin of our people,but ye shall know her as she adorns her head with the hairs of women from a foreign land. Her eyes contain no light therein. And when she speaks, it is as the venom of the cobra……

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  11. I guess I’ll throw in my prophecy…also new article being published in a few hours, please check my blog brothers….

    Ah hum. A long, long time ago, a wise prophet was struck with lightning. Many have heard of the Book of Enoch, but never the Book of Eunuch.

    Eunuch was a castrated weak punk ass male who couldn’t “handle a strong ____ woman”.
    Evil is never mentioned in name. Anyhoo, his life was filled with trials and tribulations, and since he could not have children, he raised a bastard of a local highway ruffian named Barnaby Ruckes.

    One day, he told his bastard son that he would have to wage war against the inevitable enemy from abroad, the righteous Savior Selfless Brotherhood, aka the Selfish Foreign Nation Women Saviors.

    He explained that in the end of all end, there would be a Battle of All Battles.

    And said The Lord, there would be a final battle between the Pimp God and Simp Lawd, and the earthly battlers the Savior Selfless Brotherhood against the Mutant Sodomite Simpish Hordes.

    So it is written in the Book of Eunuch, so let it be known.

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      • Yeah I saw that too. I wonder why I am the only one who gets called on. Anyways as per usual, She took my comment waaaaay out of context. And as usual they have selective reading.Notice she got offended when I mentioned weaves?

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    • I don’t side with MGTOWs, but I have to admit, he straight BODIED that stupid bitch. I love it when black borgs get shut down by their masters.

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