Muddy Bootlickers Club Association Members BGS And AngryMangina Respond To Are Thinking Black Men Coons Article – Verbs Claps Back


Let’s first deal with the mobility scooter riding, ought to put down the mic and collect his pension, fossilised old codger named BGS. I’d been told before that BGS has a serious problem staying on point and his video response to my article Are Thinking Black Men Coons pretty much supports that position. Let’s get into it and deal with what we can.

“Black women are not feminists”. Yes you heard that statement correctly, that’s what he said. I honestly don’t know how to respond to such a retarded comment. The reason why black women “take advantage” of feminism is because that is the philosophy they believe in and subscribe to, this isn’t rocket science.

It’s not a case of black women occasionally dipping their feet in the feminist pool whenever convenient, no, black women have been militantly pushing the doctrines, edicts and tenets of feminism for the last 50 years and they have no intentions of giving up the religion. This is the problem when you have confused and senile elderly black men leading the younger generations, they frequently inject nonsensical foolishness into the mix in order to make themselves look important and of value.

Most black women actually identify themselves as feminists, 96% of black women in the 2016 US presidential election voted for the ultra left-wing feminist one Hillary Clinton, but according to BGS black women aren’t really feminists, make that make sense. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, according to BGS’s logic it’s actually a donkey.

The modern day thinking black man has never attempted to restore that which cannot be rectified. A thinking black man is simply an individual who recognises the need to separate himself from the SCUM of black society and realises that he can achieve far greater things for himself and his life AWAY from those black folks who are toxic.

Desiring to remove yourself from destructive people does not make you an elitist or part of the Boule, it simply makes you smart and shows that you place value upon your own life, allow me to demonstrate. For example, you live in a town with a nuclear reactor, the reactor fails and there is nuclear fallout. According to BGS’s logic if you decided to move AWAY from the radiation you are an elitist simply because you wish to preserve your life rather than remain in that town, be exposed to heavy radioactivity, become sick and eventually die.

This is the type of Alice In Wonderland, Twilight Zone thinking that is pervasive throughout black society and older black men like BGS who are meant to be imparting real knowledge and wisdom to the younger generations instead are choosing to peddle off logical fallacies.

Nobody lives in Chernobyl, it was abandoned when the nuclear reactor exploded. In like manner modern day black society has become a contaminated pile of ashes and rubble which is beyond repair, however unlike the former residents of Chernobyl there exists a large contingent of black folks who still wish to remain in it and in turn will criticise and negatively label those blacks who recognise black society’s grim future and instead choose to leave.

Again, you’ll notice that with these pro black community male pundits, everything they talk about with regards to thinking black men revolves around white folks. If we choose to date outside of our race “you just want to be with white women”, if we choose to move away from destructive members of black society “you just want to integrate, look good towards and fit in with white people”. These guys have white folks on the brain far more than they claim thinking black men do.

For most of my life I’ve lived in a community that is predominantly made up of Middle Easterners, no sir, when I was younger my mother had the sense to move us away from the black community because she recognised just how destructive the overwhelming majority of people within it were. Thinking black men who move away from the black community do so in order to have peace as well as to preserve and move forward their lives without further hindrances or obstructions, this talk about assimilation is utter nonsense EXCEPT however when it comes down to the black witch. Black women are the ones who are longing to be accepted by their white father and white society, not black men and such a statement is easily demonstrable:

Skin Bleaching – The Black Woman’s Desperate Attempt To Reach Whiteness!

Black Women Now Attempting To Shame White Men Into Dating Them – Shame On You Black Women, Shame On You!

Then BGS talked about me leaving black society but still throwing rocks back into it, yet he fails to acknowledge the boulders that he has been casting in our direction. Again, I don’t have a problem with functional blacks, I have a problem with the scum within black society as well as those who choose to jump to their defence as they seek to keep the scumbags in power.

Any so called “good works” that are being done in “the community” pale in comparison to the destruction that is also taking place within it. The so called black community no longer has anything of value within itself and guess which group of individuals have brought things to this point, that’s right, black women. Black women DO NOT want functioning, normal and peaceful black communities, this is why they continue to breed with bottom of the barrel black males and thereafter bring forth devil spawn seedlings who in turn grow up to terrorise those same neighbourhoods.

Then the old man attempts to imply that thinking black men somehow have a connection to the swirling sisterhood because we both use the word Blackistan. The swirlers in creating Blackistan have actually invented a word that directly works against themselves simply because of the fact that most folks are fully aware that black women in conjunction with the state are the ones who have created the wrecked black society they are now complaining about. Using the word “blackistan” is not harmful to us as thinking black men.

With regards to distinctions, when the swirlers talk about savages within black male society they are referring to all black men, however when thinking black men use the term savages, it is specifically being used to describe the dysfunctional element within black society, whether they be male or female. Besides, exactly how would BGS have us describe the dysfunctional contingent in the black community instead, as God’s children or saints of Christ?

The same argument can be used for the Muddy Bootlickers Club Association members who call black men “coons” and “niggers” every 5 minutes, haven’t I already stated in Negro Wars that the pro blacks use the exact same terminology as extreme right-wing white nationalists? The words “coon” and “nigger” are derogatory words that are used by racist whites and other non blacks against us, yet here we have other blacks using these same words against their own and not even the dysfunctional part of their own, no, they reserve these words especially the word coon to use against GOOD black men.

It looks to me as if these pro black men are in fact the ones trying to fit in with white society, just like black women they too indulge in disparaging other members of the race who refuse to adopt the collective mindset. Since we already know that black women are working in conjunction with the state, by these guys using the same words, terms, slogans and phrases as their queens, why shouldn’t we believe that these pro black flunkies have the same objective?

Wrong again old man, I shun SCUM BLACK FOLKS and their advocates whereas you welcome them. As I stated before I have no problems intermingling with functional, intelligent black people, it is the SCUM of black society that I have a major problem with and I must continue to repeat this because you are attempting to inject this false narrative of me having a problem with good black folks which is incorrect, anybody can clearly see this for themselves from reading my articles.

Then he talked about us thinking black men actually doing what the racist whites want us to do in the area of interracial marriage. Yep, according to BGS’s logic once again racist white men now want black men to date and marry white women because that is what is being shown on television. Remember, this is despite the fact that these same racist whites as well as Asian men will immediately form Voltron and jump into dick policing mode whenever they see black men with white or Far Eastern women.

Again, his assumption and faulty logic is that because I have no desire to interact with dysfunctional black folks, somehow this now equates to me wanting to fit in with white people and their society, yet I and many other thinking black men here have talked many times and extensively about leaving the west and living elsewhere if possible.

Yet more evidence demonstrating BGS’s discombobulated mindset, he states that I am actually liberal but I don’t know it, yet the hangout in which he called me out and invited me to put my points across is entitled Challenge Day For Conservatives. Which one is it BGS, if I’m a liberal then why call me out to a hangout that was specifically addressed towards conservatives? It seems that the old bean is losing his marbles.

Finally, BGS attempts to use the “you don’t live here so you don’t know what it’s like in America” argument. This is typically the pro black’s last bastion of hope in trying to defend black women as well as attempting to explain the complete mess they have brought upon black society. Yet at the same time he openly admits that black society is dysfunctional, make that make sense.

Black female society in the US is a complete disaster just like it is here in the United Kingdom, saying that because I don’t live in the US therefore I don’t know what I’m talking about in the age of the internet, rapid communication, statistics, facts, studies, social media, the ease to travel from one country to the next in order to experience and verify things firsthand, is dumb as hell. As I’ve stated in Negro Wars black female dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL problem and the black female of the US is the mascot of destruction leading the charge.

I’ve had several folks from the US read Negro Wars and not one of them has come back and stated that anything contained therein is inaccurate or incorrect, therefore I suggest that you stop with the “you don’t live here, therefore you don’t know” narrative, you sound like a primitive simpleton fresh off the shelf.

BGS had a lot to talk about, however the majority of the topics he brought into the conversation had nothing to do with the subject matter at hand. Black men, don’t allow these confused elders of black society to bamboozle you with many words in combination with feigned wisdom and jack legged knowledge. Recognise these black men who lick the muddy boots of the dysfunctional black female contingent, call them out, expose and shun them. Now let me deal with the AngryMangina.


I’m simply going to respond to the muddy bootlicking court jester from Minstrel City named Angryman in the same manner he did with certain excerpts of my article. My bullet points may be slightly ahead of his but please bear with me. He starts off his so called critique by attempting to disparage my intellect. So because I don’t look and sound like you, a spastic on a tricycle mumbling to himself, rolling backwards down a hill, somehow you view this as a problem? Is it my fault the cheese fell out of your sandwich when you were younger? Is it my fault that you enjoyed bashing your head against a wall in your youth believing that this was a form of exercising your brain?

1. Firstly, I’m 5’11”, that is far from being short, secondly nobody commissioned me to do anything, since you read my article you would’ve clearly seen that I linked to another article I wrote on the same subject back in 2013. I can write about dysfunctional hoary, brown-nosing ultra simps like yourself off the cuff, I don’t need to be spurred on by anyone.

2. Again, running the “you don’t live in the US so you can’t speak on our issues” ridiculous narrative, just like your bum chum BGS attempting to save the already in the sewer image and reputation of the black witch who you regularly render brown-nosing services to. So what, if I moved to the US would I see anything different, would the 77% single black mother rate all of a sudden drop down to 25%? Would the ghettos now be clean, pristine and the roads within them pathed with gold and platinum? The “you don’t live here” leverage is pathetic and doesn’t change the facts sir.

3. I’m not talking about those who have excluded themselves from black society, I’m referring to those like yourself who are still in it, who continue to talk that “building” talk, have yet to lift a finger to do anything but yet who still have the audacity to call black men like me coons. Instead of calling other black men coons all day, why aren’t you focused upon “building” for the black community you claim to care for?

I’ve already dealt with the Blackistan issue in my response to your side kick BGS, see paragraph 13. But no problem, since you’re throwing your sour milk out of the buggy with regards to the word Blackistan, I will use the term Minstrel City instead to describe the dysfunctional hell hole your grey haired black side lives in, are you happy now?

4. So now getting rid of thinking black men is the first step to rebuilding black society, yet didn’t this circus clown admit not so long ago that the Tyrones and the J Boogies of the black community are indeed useless and that thinking black men are in fact a requirement in order to carry out the reconstruction process? Which one is it Angrymangina, are you suffering from Alzheimer’s?

5. Again, what code, a code indicates there is already some sort of order in place, black society as it currently stands in 2018 has NO order, is completely dysfunctional and has no rules other than not to criticise or call out black women on their skullduggery, as I stated before that is what this muddy bootlicker really means by “on code”.

You’ll notice how this guy frequently equates wealth to white folks, as if white people are the only people on the planet who are well off. No, the Angrymingina is simply jealous and disgruntled at the fact that he jacked up his life to the point where he may never be able to obtain the finer things. Well, that isn’t my fault, when you behave like a donkey and make stupid decisions for most of your life then dire consequences are sure to follow.

Don’t you get ticked off with these pesky pro black community bootlickers constantly equating any black person who wishes to improve their life as trying to be like white people? What ruffians like Angryman are saying is wealth and riches are only for white folks, black people on the other hand must all share the same gutter experience, if one black person is poor then all of us must remain poor, this is the “logic” of this minstrel.

Just like I told your friend BGS, I look down upon SCUM black folks as a normal person or a society that runs normally ought to. You don’t uplift scum, societies that uplift the scum of their people DO NOT prosper, this is one of the main reasons why modern day black society currently is in the toilet and why you have yet to build anything for those blacks you reside with.

6. I decide who I choose to represent and stand up for, I choose to stand and speak for thinking black men. Why on earth would I stand by a black woman who hates my guts and would prefer to see me dead as well as dysfunctional, lower dreg black males like Tyrone and J Boogie who bring nothing but death, destruction and misery to the table? I’m not like you, I’m not a fool, only a buffoon would stand up for those within his/her group who only bring detrimental effects to the remaining members. Continue being dumb by yourself standing up for Lil Cheezy, Tay Tay and Shaquanda.

7. No sir, YOU are the one who believes that Bread And Circus Monkey Show Central can be redeemed, YOU are the one who continues to talk about rebuilding for black society, YOU, NOT ME. Therefore YOU according to the reconstruction agenda must procreate with the modern day black woman, YOU. I left Minstrel City over a decade ago remember, are you sure you’re not suffering from Alzheimer’s, you might want to see your GP and get that checked out.

Again, since you seem to have a learning impediment, let me just repeat myself. I don’t like SCUM black folks, those who do nothing but destroy and bring death and misery to others around them. By the way, since you stated that black women are a requirement in order to rebuild, how would you propose procreating with a group of women who hit these abortion clinics far more than they hit the gym? You cannot build up your population when black women are busy killing off unborn children at ridiculously high rates.

8. Your attempts to make me out to be a head bashing retard like yourself are noble and admirable, however they simply won’t work. So, I made a grammatical error, so what, I’ve gone in and rectified the mistake, calm down, I wouldn’t want you to throw your rubber ducks out of the shower as well. Unlike yourself I can go in and correct my errors, you on the other hand will have to stew and marinate in most of yours.

You don’t have to state that black men should follow the lead of black women, you’re actually doing it. When you decided to lay on your back and allow the queen of Swirl Mountain, one Christelyn Karazin to place her boots over your mouth to which in response you began licking the mud off, what kind of example of male leadership was that? Is that the example of “black male leadership” other black men are to follow, apologising to a black woman who advocates for the genocide of black males?

NO, rebuilding Minstrel Boulevard ie “Coon Slayer’s City” is YOUR JOB, NOT MINE. That is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and it is noted that you still haven’t initiated anything with regards to getting the process started. Gentlemen, do you see how the overwhelming majority of these “rebuild the black community” pundits are full of steaming garbage? Why is the bootlicking trio so worried about the so called “coons” who left Bootlicker Gardens a long time ago, why aren’t they actually doing what they continue to pester others to undertake ie build?

9. No squire, I have a woman and guess what, she’s childless. I have no problems getting laid. Again, unlike yourself I don’t gauge a man based upon how much sex he can get, I instead look at his overall achievements and how he conducts his life. In the case of yourself you would have to admit that your life for the most part has been a failure, wrought that way via your own two hands.

It should also be pointed out that you have admitted that all you have dealt with is ran through used goods ie single mothers, therefore of course you haven’t had any problems getting with women who ALREADY HAVE CHILDREN. Where is your self-respect, where is your integrity, where is your pride, where are your standards at sir? Besides, I said MOST black men who advocate on behalf of black women receive no reciprocal benefits ie sex, listing off a few exceptions doesn’t change the general rule.

10. Stop trying to act as if you still stand for the same principles that you preached before you got on your hands and knees and guzzled down the thick mud dripping from Karazin’s boots, YOU DON’T. You have become an empty shell of your former self, no longer an Angryman but now an angry mouse who in his desperation to redeem an image and reputation that is now dead, extinct and fossilised goes around the black manosphere beating his chest as if this is supposed to impress anyone or achieve anything.

You don’t call out black female skullduggery like you did in the past as you have now decided to embark upon a journey licking the muddy boots of dysfunctional black females when and where you can. ACTIONS speak much louder then words and we thinking black men see YOUR ACTIONS clearly, we are not blinded to your new-found mission.

11. So I’m an idiot for stating that black women wish to enslave us again, really? Here’s a little something for your minuscule cranium to process if you’re able to:

Just like many black men you don’t engage in expansive reading and conduct proper research, and you had the nerve to talk about me putting my foot in it, what a joke.

12. You didn’t answer the question Angrymouse, what benefits are there for returning to the community? Don’t worry bootlicker, since your mouth is packed full of mud and gravel and thus you’re unable to speak I’ll answer that question for you, NONE. There are no benefits to returning, in fact there aren’t even any benefits to those folks like yourself who have no choice but to remain.

13. Again, typically the likes of Lil Cheezy, Tyrone and Dequan aren’t funny. Is it my fault that I can be funny, mix different elements into an article in order to keep people reading until the end but you can’t? Again, note how this “coon slayer” attempts to disparage black men for having abilities, talents and gifts he doesn’t.

14. You are no longer highly critical of black women, you were once upon a time, however those days are long gone. Now in 2018 you simply provide yourself as a doormat for black women to wipe their feet on. You messed up big time apologising to that witch and you’ve never been able to fully recover from making such a reckless decision. That was YOUR FAULT, not mine and your response to my article will not help you either.

Keep trying to patch together and breathe life back into an image and reputation that has already turned into dust.


You should’ve taken your chastisement on the chin and kept it moving, attempting to take some sort of moral high ground with me whilst at the same time already standing guilty as charged as a treasonous piece of trash does not bode well for you at all mouse. You keep talking about me using the word Blackistan as if somehow this was as bad as your monumental transgression and failure on Angel Ramirez Jordan’s hangout, besides your critique of my hashtags is simply yet another attempt to redeem yourself, however I can tell you from now that you will NEVER resurrect your image upon somebody else’s back because it was YOU and YOU alone who destroyed your own reputation, nobody else.

Again, anything black women do wrong falls upon YOUR head not mine as YOU are the one still residing in Minstrel Gardens, not me. If I was still a part of the calamity called black society then and only then could you place that responsibility upon me. In case you haven’t noticed there are plenty of other women to procreate with on this planet, unlike yourself I’m not locked into the outdated doctrine of “keeping it black”.

It’s funny how this bootlicker has kept it black and look at where his dedicated loyalty to the black witch has gotten him, trapped, can’t get a passport, can’t travel, cannot enjoy the finer things in life, hemmed up on child support, baby mother troubles and this fool still refuses to look at and fully acknowledge the extremely destructive and vindictive dynamics of this modern day black female.

I have NO CHILDREN at 42 years old, unlike yourself I have heavily guarded my seed against traitorous black witches who would seek to use my life givers as a means to get on the government payroll as well as to stitch me up financially. I’ve kept it in my pants, you haven’t, hence why Uncle Sam currently has a child support noose around your neck, not mine.

Again, I’m not concerned with black society as it is clearly a basket case, my job is to reach out to thinking black men by showing them that they are not crazy and that there are better paths in life they can walk through. Documenting black female skullduggery is not complaining about black society, it is simply bringing to light those things that people like yourself have become very reluctant to talk about.

Finally, exactly what is there about black women that I or other thinking black men are missing out on, the 80% obesity rate, the 77% single mother rate, the 60% multiple baby father rate, the 50% herpes rate, the fact that black women assassinate an average of 1876 unborn children per day in abortion clinics, the fact that most black women hate children, the fact that most black women hate being black, hence the rampant skin bleaching and their addiction to wearing weaves, the fact that in 2018 good-looking black women are like gold dust having been swamped out by masculine looking wide load cruise ships, oil tankers and tug boats, the fact that black women have become the most violent individuals on the planet, the fact that black women as a collective in the US have a median net worth of $5, the fact that black women have the highest debt, the fact that most black women have poor hygiene standards and those are even worse when it comes down to sexual health, the fact that the overwhelming majority of black women are ultra feminists, argumentative, rebellious and combative, exactly which of the above is any black man with his head on straight going to miss, I’ll wait?

Keep licking the black female’s muddy boots Angryman, that’s now your new occupation and what you are best at.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Angry Manginas And Muddy Bootlickers

Most High Bless

103 thoughts on “Muddy Bootlickers Club Association Members BGS And AngryMangina Respond To Are Thinking Black Men Coons Article – Verbs Claps Back

      • You do know that different races have different average iq? And in the black community we do have a iq problem we need selective breeding to rise the average Iq we don’t want to become a violent underclass especially when automation comes in hard and fast.

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      • Black British Guy,

        Indeed, the problem is the fact that the scum, low IQ ruffians are dictating the standards within black society and bootlicking simps like BGS and Angrymangina are facilitating the process. They won’t call out J Boogie from the block, instead they’ll defend him to the hilt even though Boogie himself wouldn’t hesitate in scalping them in a second.

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      • Thank you, Brother.I am going to taunt bgs-pms again today by reminding him ao angrymouse’s criminality.And resubmitting those videos across different platforms and social groups.In one way or another they shall be seen weeklymonthly and yearly.Hope all is well, Brother

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      • wow that was brutal smh. I
        my mom moved me from that hall during 4th grade. one of the best choices she made. to bad she could not save her own life. now single fat bitter of my father for life. but on the good side I can create good black people and also teach my.neices and their brothers the mistakes of old

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      • Damn Bro! This one of the best articles on feminism/pro-black manginas I have ever read! As an older Afro American male, I too feel your pain as well as your position regarding black women in America, I am 65 years old, and I have 5 sons, my older sons are fucked because of their mothers IE feminism by proxy, and the stories alone would be a cautionary tale in itself, my two younger sons, 19 and 16 do not date or deal with black girls, and the reasons are too numerous to list here, but suffice it to say that your articles are on point, and that I do not understand BGS nor do I really care for Angryman as there is very little to digest from his side of the fence (at least BGS can give some historical info that I find intriguing at times) sorry for the long reply, I don’t usually respond to very much, but this moved me, and I share many of your articles with my two younger sons (I don’t want them to go through what I went through with their mothers) in closing my younger son who’s a bit more red pill than his brother told me a few weeks ago life for a young black kid surrounded by racist, feminist, pro-black simps, he told me me “Dad, at this point in life, I just need to fake it until I make It, and I know that I will be okay because I have the greatest dad in the world to guide me” after he told me that, I’m glad that we were on the phone so he could not see the tears in my eyes, because he is aware of the pitfalls of women like his mother and women like her, thanks for all that you do for the young bros as well as the old dudes like myself, I wish there were more like you. Peace be with you Verbs2015

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      • Darryl Bailey,

        We need more fathers like you sir who are doing right by their children, or at least trying to. Glad to hear that your two youngest sons are clued up on what is going on with these modern day black females. This is exactly what it is all about, sharing the articles with the younger generations in order to help them make better choices in life. I’m glad that what I’m doing here is of great benefit to people like yourself and your sons and I’ll continue to do my part in speaking up for thinking black men and at the same time exposing the modern day black witch. Peace to you too sir.

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  1. >Muddy Bootlickers Club Association Members BGS And AngryMangina Respond To Are Thinking Black Men Coons Article

    An alternative title to this article would be: The Residents of The Cuck Republic Respond To Are Thinking Black Men Coons Article.

    The Wall continues to grow!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  2. Wow!!! This was an ass whuppin’!!! I unsubscribed from BGS (Black Geritol Speaks) years ago. The guy does some decent REsearch but he’s such a pompous, arrogant, narcissistic old fart that I couldn’t take it anymore. And i never fucked with Angry Maggot since he told someone they “couldn’t handle black women!” What??!!! That’s what these Klingon bitches always say, so that’s all I needed to know about him. Verbs, fuck those two AssClowns! When BGS puts out a masterpiece of a book like yours instead of doing amateur research on OTHER people’s work, then he can talk. And AngryMangina, really isn’t even worth mentioning. Real talk!👊✊💪

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    • Ducati Rottie,

      Thanks bro, when it comes down to the condition of the modern day black female and what viable options are available to black men, these dudes simply aren’t being honest. Licking the leaky butt crack of the modern day black female and for what, just to get a whiff of some putrid snatch, smh.

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  3. One thing that really pisses me off when it comes to these pro-black bootlickers is how satisfied they get when a black person, a black man in particular, gets a so-called Nigga Wake-up Call. It’s like they derive great joy when someone they deem a “coon” or “sellout” experiences some injustice, as in their minds, it proves their warped world view correct. This attitude that you’re not supposed to assimilate, and exercise your rights as a citizen to take full advantage of all the opportunities your society has to offer, holds black people back more than anything else. And the fact that it comes from other black people makes it especially disturbing.

    I don’t work my butt off to succeed in this society because I want white approval. I don’t “talk white” and wear my pants up to my waist because I want white approval. I don’t date non-black women and go to majority-white venues because I want white approval. I do all these things because I want to exercise my rights as a citizen to pursue my dreams and goals and to live my life as I choose. I don’t let anyone, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, or otherwise tell me how to live my life or set barriers on what I can or can’t do. It is these pro-blacks who try to erect barriers to keep other black people “on code” by warning us about “nigga wake-up calls” we’ll inevitably get if we dare to leave Blackistan. This is utterly pathetic and self-serving on the part of these bootlicking pro-whacks.

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    • “I don’t work my butt off to succeed in this society because I want white approval. I don’t “talk white” and wear my pants up to my waist because I want white approval. I don’t date non-black women and go to majority-white venues because I want white approval. I do all these things because I want to exercise my rights as a citizen to pursue my dreams and goals and to live my life as I choose. ”
      100% Truth

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    • And what kind of “white” approval would a non-pant sagging, mumbling, violent stereotypical black man receive, I wonder?

      Minstrelopolis – where the water contains lead.

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  4. The majority of urban black slaveowners were women? black feminists and their white feminist’s handlers refuse to mention historical facts like this. and this was a time when women could not vote but can own slaves!

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    • I was surprised to hear that too, but it makes sense. BW have been the WM’s bedwench/lieutenant for centuries now. Keep the Wall up as they are exposed.

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  5. Excellent article. Angryman been discredited long ago. Thanos is angry because he owes all of that child support from the black women of blackstain

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Indeed, a grammatical error in an article can easily be corrected, getting a dysfunctional black female pregnant however is a completely different kettle of fish, there’s no walking away from or correcting that horrible fate.

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  6. Excellent article. Angryman been discredited long ago. Thanos is angry because he owes all of that child support from the black women of blackstain

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  8. BGS IBMOR is a a
    bitter old negro who’s jealous that he never had the opportunity to leave blackistan. He probably wishes he could of got with a Becky. Angryman is a loser thug who wishes he could of got of the hood. SYSBM

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    • Black British Guy,

      These guys have made some monumental mistakes but instead of being happy for those who have embarked upon more successful paths in life, they instead choose to label them as “coons” in their attempts to shame them back onto the plantation of failure. That is not going to happen with me, returning to the plantation is NOT an option.

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  9. These old farts absolutely piss me off to no end, pushing the same pro-black Queen rhetoric and liberalism that has RUINED black society in the first place.

    As Verbs pointed out, these are the so called elders who are supposed to be passing wisdom and knowledge down to the next generation. If THESE dudes are the sages and brains of “da comoonittie”, is it any wonder why black people in the hood (i.e. the majority of blacks) are at a retarded, inbred, moronic genetic dead end?

    Again, these pro-blacks ONLY really mess with other black men, much like the Nation of Islam before them. What white content creators are they harassing? Not a damn one.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These dudes don’t understand how weak and floppy they look when even black women themselves know that they are a complete mess, licking the boots of these black female has only furthered the calamity and fallout.

      As Obsidian has already pointed out, these fellows are simply incompetent and couldn’t run a bath yet alone a community. Exactly, all their efforts are always towards firing at other black men, they never actually go after “the man” or the white supremacy they continue to claim is holding black folks back, smh.

      Liked by 2 people

    • those dumb mfs think cleaning up a hood moving there or giving them money will do some. you fix this by creating new black people. the reason they so mad is Cuz time is up for them. alt delete scum

      Liked by 3 people

  10. :To the pair of wankers across the pond:

    We don’t live “here” so presumably we don’t know shit about women having an 80% obesity rate, a single mother rate of 70% and the abortion rate of 1,800 babies being killed in the womb EVERY DAY.

    We don’t live “here” despite the influence of your daytime talk shows, showing the whole of Europe your “Kween” shout “I’m strong and independent and I don’t need no man!”, “niggas ain’t shit”, “niggas need to look after their kids” etc. Then we have to cope with that propaganda in our own country.

    We don’t live “here” yet we can use our brains to do some simple research. Not even counting the thousands of Worldstar HipHop videos of YOUR Hungry Hippos twerking, fighting and fucking. They probably think the internet hasn’t reached the UK yet….

    No SIMP alive has still to put their case forward for why thinking black men should go back and wash dishes in “da communiteh”. Not @d1ckh38d, not that other white girl reject simp (I’ve forgotten his name). Not even AngryMouse himself – despite putting his own head on the chopping block, ending in his pending arrest. Best hook up with Pookie and Lil Greasy for that re-up on Patreon!

    AngryMouse, that’s what you get for betraying Tito and your ex-SYSBM brothers. How’s that bullshit committee going to keep you out of prison when the Feds come looking for your child support money? Karazin going to bail you out of jail? We’ll all wait….

    Sit yo’ collective Al Johnson SIMP asses down, twats.


    Liked by 8 people

    • Michel,

      Well stated, these guys are stuck in the stone age, the vast amounts of information we have at our fingertips and they would still attempt to run the “you don’t live here so you don’t know” tripe. The facts remain whether I live in the United Kingdom or the Artic Circle. We must continue to light these simps up and expose them at every opportunity.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. That was an EXCELLENT article!!!!!!

    When BGS said that black women are not feminists, I stopped listening to the video! This is the biggest denial I have ever seen!

    and this angry mangina here, what is it with these giys that they cannot understand or comprehend that thinking black men do NOT want to be with black women????

    and why do alot of these guys go from a fair critic of black women to a striaght up mangina. ex: Sargent willipete, Tommy Sotomayor, and This Angry guy?Do they get shamed so bad that they turn the other way???

    Liked by 9 people

    • There’s something to be said for the way black boys growing up in abusive conditions.

      Their self confidence is so shot to shit, that any sweet talker like Dr Gerbil Face, Hotep Negros and these fake e-wacks can come in and basically tell them who they are.

      Weak minded, yes. If they’re susceptible to big booty bimbo hocus pocus, the ground was already set in their childhood.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Carnio,

      Some folks love to wallow in the mud and return to the mire. The “black women are not feminists” line had me slapping my head twice just to make sure I was still in reality. Outside of sex and even then you’re taking a huge risk, I don’t really understand why black women would continue to advocate for the Devil’s whores.

      Liked by 4 people

  12. @Verbs
    What an after work treat. I read what was the greatest, epic, monumental INTELLECTUAL BEATDOWN of The “Angry Mouse” and BGS “Big Geriatric SIMP”. That was an absolute MASTERPIECE of utter intellectual superiority. I’m still waiting for them to break ground on the building of the “community”. Oh, I forgot, all of the Angry Mouse funds are going to child support and since his black queens only have a $5 median networth, where oh where in the world will the finances come from to fund this pie in the sky dream? Oh, that’s right from those “lames” and “coon” thinking black men. Good luck with trying to squeeze a penny out of my “coonish” pockets. I’ll stick to building with my beautiful white girlfriend. Hey Verbs just to piggy back off of this article, the black female scum are at it again trying to drag Michael B Jordan back to “blackistan” with their all out psychological breakdown of seeing him vacation in Italy with beautiful white women 😂😂😂😂..Keep using the flame thrower of truth on these clowns.

    Liked by 8 people

    • #TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks bro, all these guys are doing is navel gazing and then at the same time getting frustrated that nobody else is stepping up to do the work. Well, its gone from “we thinking black men are required in order for the community to be rebuilt” to “we’re glad that you left, now we can get started building without you”. Let’s check back in a year and see what these bootlickers have done to improve the so called community.

      Oh, don’t worry bro, I’m going to be dealing with this Michael B Jordan fiasco, an article is on the way.

      Liked by 4 people

  13. BGS is a two tongued troll. I have seen him advocate SYSBM to young black men because of the glaring disaster with black women. Then he turns around and tries to shame black men into saving women who do not want, respect or value them. This is the mind of black people who perpetuate the misery for decades to come. As for angry man, just another feeble minded felon with a computer!!!

    Liked by 8 people

    • Rick Anthony,

      For any black man looking for a long term relationship, marriage or simply just a female companion, SYSBM is the only viable option. To continue to recommend that black men get with a group of females who are visibly a bunch of failures would be pure insanity on its face.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I guess these psychological castrated males forgot than in Africa, Patriarchy rules. The only people more patriarchal are Muslims irrespective of ethnicity and Asians. Black America is a bad sad joke. In only 50 years it has become like Escape from NY. That’s why Thinking Black men have to flee. When I was young I thought why did many Black men/boys go out. As I got older the answer was too prevalent. And I blame these simps more than the women, because I recall a time when Black American women had their charms and were not as infected as now.

    Guess who gave them incentive to fuck up? Black male simps. And guess whose shaming Thinking Black men to fix up a hellhole? Simps!

    Great read my brother.

    Liked by 7 people

  15. Whooooooo this article is so hot that my phone almost burst into flames, especially at the end!!!

    If there was ever a manifesto to keep away from Daggles and Simps alike, this is it!!!

    Liked by 8 people

      • Anton Nikolaev,

        Blackistan must be left to burn down to the ground, the black community is dead, however these simpletons either haven’t gotten the memo yet or they point blank refuse to read the writing on the wall.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Much appreciated bro, these muddy bootlickers need to be lit up at every turn, Angrymangina especially picked the wrong one to mess with. He ought to be humbling himself, yet instead he is still sticking his chest out as if he has the ability to stand tall, not at all.

      Liked by 3 people

  16. >“Black women are not feminists”. Yes you heard that statement correctly, that’s what he said.

    When it comes to feminist philosophy, the average black woman is living “high on the hog”.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

    Liked by 4 people

  17. >If we choose to move away from destructive members of black society “you just want to integrate, look good towards and fit in with white people”.

    We, The Knights of SYSBM aren’t looking to follow or set trends. We’re looking to do our own thing and go our own way whether other people like it or not. We just want to be left the FUCK alone so we can succeed or fail on our own merits.

    That’s it. The End.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

    Liked by 6 people

    • Thebackhandofreality,

      In the eyes of these pesky mud sucking minstrels, any form of self improvement a black man embarks upon is automatically viewed as “trying to be like white folks”. Some examples:

      A black man has an old car which is not performing reliably, he wishes to change it for something more up to date, the pro black squads immediately label him as trying to obtain the white man’s luxuries.

      A black man has a house but his family has gotten large to the point to where they have outgrown the property, he desires to buy a bigger house, the pro blacks roll in and label him as a coon for wanting to do right by his family.

      A black man desire to buy some new clothes because some of the ones he has are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, the pro black muddy bootlickers label him as trying to be white because he doesn’t want to walk the streets looking like a tramp.

      This is how petty and narrow minded these guys are, according to their logic trying to better yourself is trying to be and live like white people. And these are supposed to be the so called leaders of the community, smh.

      Liked by 5 people

  18. Fan FUCKING tastic read. Good job and well done sir! Fuck BGS, and FUCK Angry-man. Both of them are the type of black men that will say and do ANYTHING to fuck black women. They know black women are easy, all you have to do is cape for them and BAM, you’re in there. Easy, and that’s what’s going on with those two (as well as with some others).

    Liked by 5 people

  19. I painfully listened to angrymans entire video (I don’t have much to do while stuck on a train) and I applaud you for even responding to it. I used to mess with him way back, but after he apologized to whatever that whores name is, I couldn’t do it.

    Guys like that are pissed that they’re stuck in child support hell, forever linked to the same horrible women they secretly (I’ll say with most) cannot stand, but have no choice but to deal with these oil tankers due to the fact they put themselves there.

    It burns them even more watching men like us who aren’t burdened with child support, are good people with common sense, work ethic, and can construct a proper sentence without having to say nigga this, nigga that, you know what I’m sayin every other word due to their very limited vocabulary (though I’ll give Angryman credit, he sounds halfway smart if he cut back on cursing every other word) can and do choose to run for our lives away from the dysfunctional disaster known as the black community.

    I don’t even know who the other dude is, and given from what I’ve read I don’t want to. All in all, we left that condemned hellhole years ago, and we aren’t going back, and all the shaming tactics, name calling isn’t going to change the fact that we are free, and most of you never will be.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Stephen,

      I sick and tired of this contingent of bootlickers continually coming out of the woodwork and accusing self improving black men of trying to be white. These lame shaming tactics simply aren’t working, however just like the black witch these muddy bootlickers have yet to revise their book of tricks and spells.

      Liked by 2 people

  20. BGS and Angryman literally made a hang out where they stated that they wanted “educated lames” to go back to the plantation and sacrifice ourselves for hoodrats. Now that they see we have rejected that idea and called them out now they call us coons and say they want to “slay” us. They have lost all credibly and are have been exposed as nothing more than simps and reformed thugs trying to con educated lames into being slaves for the horde of single mothers they have created.

    it’s SWP’s “men need to MENTOR thug babes for the community.” crap all over again. (((nooooooooooooo)))

    Liked by 6 people

    • Yours Truly,

      It is not the thinking black man’s job to mentor the devil spawn seedlings of the black witch, since she created those gremlins with Tyrone and J Boogie, let those guys take up mentoring duties.

      These minstrels are simply upset at the fact that they just cannot get anything done in black society without us. How can they expect a group of individuals they ran out of the community in many cases by force to return to help them?

      Liked by 2 people

  21. Why are they so worried about us thinking black men for? Simple, they need us to build the community so they can steal our resources and then laugh at us when we’re broke. It’s theft by stealth

    Liked by 4 people

    • These chicks know that at the end of the day nobody wants to marry them, and increasingly no one wants to DATE them either. They are talking trash about MBJ in the comments section and at the same time saying that they don’t care about him. LOL! One chick said “Ignore BM like him don’t let them see you sweat.” and I thought as overweight/obese as BW are its hard not to see them sweat, I see them sweating all the time. The Wall id driving the BW nuts, just quietly walk away from them like MBJ.

      The have been beating us over the head for decades talking about how “strong and independent” they are and how they “don’t need a man”, put up the Wall, sit back, and watch them choke on those words.

      Liked by 4 people

      • The entire comment section is full of bitter bitches trying to make themselves feel better but contradicting themselves at every turn.

        Liked by 2 people

  22. Extinction-level smackdown with links. Brother Verbs does it again. Lead paint chip eating negroes always have the temerity to go up against actual smart people. I guess they feel their ignorance is the equal to your knowledge.

    I used to like BGS to a degree. I had no idea he was “old.” His high point was when he unearthed that James Earl Jones clip from the late 60s, where he was talking about black women and saying the same shit we say today.

    Never liked Angryman. I look at YouTube like radio, if you’re not articulate, I keep it moving. Angryman and Minister Jap sounded like they were rapping when they talked so that was that.

    Wonder what happened to make these guys turn simp. Black hoes are nobody to impress. Read the comments under any article on Bossip or Shade Room, especially when it’s about a black man dating or marrying out. These are their unvarnished, disjointed thoughts on display. Who wants that?

    I always say these people should be happy we’re going Blaxit. More black hoes for them and sistas never wanted us, anyway. Weird how they want to come after us now, though, instead of out rebuilding with their queens. Wonder why that is? Any ideas fellas????

    SYSBM, family. I am a decade younger than the 65 year old gent who posted above, and I think SYSBM is the best thing going, especially for the young men. Black women systematically erased black male influence from the home and pushed into male spaces like the locker room and the barber shop just to thwart real man talk. Your cool, player uncle or older cousins used to impart this knowledge. Now it’s on the internet and it can’t be stopped.

    Keep the wall electrified, fortified, bona fide and justified!

    Liked by 4 people

    • “Wonder what happened to make these guys turn simp”, they are not simps, they are CUCKS which is worst. Also, black women are easily conned out of their time and money which con men like BGS can parlay into a profit. As for the logic of leaving men like us alone because as we leave “the community”, we leave a surplus of eligible black women for them…..think about my first four words, as for the LOGIC…that should explain EVERYTHING.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. It’s odd that BGS IBMOR would sit there and give more of a rebuttal when none is needed. He has the nerve to respond to you but has yet to give a response to Kid Organic’s video about him regarding upper & middle class Black Men becoming a “Pookie” & “Ray-Ray”. I used to follow BGS because it was the older generation giving knowledge to younger Black Men & what pitfalls to avoid. Now, it seems that either he has a change of heart or wanting to “work-with” Black Women.

    Thing is we will not come to terms with the underclass of Black Society. Black Women are damaged beyond repair & broken. And further more, this side of the Western Hemisphere is where Black People will be the forever undesirables and the underclass. Whatever he is trying to ignite is only dissention and a distraction. Like I stated in a comment in the a previous post, they are MAD that the “Brain Drain” is happening to the Black Community. And rightfully so.

    When ignorance, poverty, & stupidity are favored over knowledge, wisdom, and principles. What would you expect to happen? I would ignore BGS as he is going to burn with the rubble he is trying to salvage. Trying to have a logical & intuitive dialogue with Black Women is an inherent waste of time. And beyond their reason. This is why I somewhat side-eye Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed, Umar Johnson, or anyone of their ilk to a degree.

    My best advice to anyone (Black Men) reading is LEAVE the burning house of the Americas. There is only a salvagable 20% of Black People that can be saved. The rest can live their simple lives wasting away in a oasis that will never happen. As analytical as BGS can be, he is totally wrong in his case. And he has to be put in that category of simp Black Men who are the footstools of Black Women. For him, it’s too late. He has Black female children and previously married.

    Anyone who has the gall to try to reason & appease a passive-aggressive Black Feminist (Cynthia G) and encouraging Black Men to date the scraggle daggle is beyond insane. We are not cleaning up behind Yung Dump or Darkie Danger any longer. We are taking our talents and gifts to where we are revered and appreciated.

    Liked by 5 people

    • This idiot still argued that black women gave up feminism……..

      And it’s no one but “pro-blacks” using ashy as a term to disparage other black men. Not even white racists do this!

      At this point, most of the black community needs to DIE, period. When you have a community whose sages and elders elevate the scum of the earth, you’re dealing with demons on earth. **** the black community and the dumbass, inbred, tide pod eating apes that dwell within.

      I literally wish that welfare was cut off tomorrow and that they let these savages kill each other. They are of no earthly good besides destruction, so let them target it toward each other!

      Liked by 6 people

      • As long as Black Women try to “Culture Appropriate” White Women, follow their doctrine, worship their religion, celebrate white holidays, use terms like “intersectionality”, & think they can be head if household, feminism will still exist. It benefits their cause & selfish reasons. Notice other races of women(even Asians) only go but so far to assimilate into someone else’s race, ethnicity, or idealogy. They keep their identity, culture, & legacy to a degree. They know they cannot be European nor try so hard to be.

        Black Women in the US (and even in places like the U.K. & Brazil) have really ruined themselves beyond any recognition. Swirling, whoring, nor complaining will help them in the long run. They have sold-out and turned on good Black Men for the underclass, petty privileges, and nigger trinkets. The last time I remember Black Women actually being who they are in their natural full feminine state was the 90s. And even then, those were in media and entertainment. Black Women are as dated as an IBM floppy disk and have relatively little use to anyone in the long run.

        Liked by 6 people

      • Tito WARNED us awhile back. In the end, the enemy used to take us out will look and somewhat sound like us. Call it NEGRO WARS 2: Rise of the BLACK CUCK.

        Liked by 5 people

      • “Call it NEGRO WARS 2: Rise of the BLACK CUCK.”

        That is a beautiful title!

        I am working on my financances so that I may be able to donate to Verb’s website and book to make this happen!

        Liked by 2 people

      • @afrofuturism1

        “At this point, most of the black community needs to DIE, period. When you have a community whose sages and elders elevate the scum of the earth, you’re dealing with demons on earth. **** the black community and the dumbass, inbred, tide pod eating apes that dwell within.

        I literally wish that welfare was cut off tomorrow and that they let these savages kill each other. They are of no earthly good besides destruction, so let them target it toward each other!”


        Liked by 3 people

      • The War of the Cucks or what I call the ‘Hotep Simp War’ phase of the gender war is just about over with the posting of this article and the many #sysbm hangouts popping up on YouTube in 2018. The year will close with the ‘War of The Unicorns’ taking off as more American Black women reject radical feminism, swirling, Hotepism, and intersectionality embracing real world results (2018-2019).

        The final campaign of the Gender War will run parallel with the War of the Unicorns (2019-2020). We can call it the ‘Hotep Simp CIVIL War’ as the Hoteps turn on each other as their fan base disintegrates in the face of the cold-hard truths of facts backed by stats. Eventually, the followers of the Hoteps will have to weigh the arguments and promises of the Hoteps against the ideology of freedom, diligence, self-respect, prosperity and positive voluntary association based on mutual benefit.

        With the old Black Manosphere infected with hotepism and con artist heavy bias, it will completely collapse with YouTube de-platforming of red pillers, hoteps, and others. The New Black Manosphere will continue on personal web platforms as mostly #sysbm fueled brain storming, net-working and resource trading.

        Stay tuned.

        Liked by 4 people

      • As somber as this sounds, @ afrofuturism, the Black Community is almost dead. It has been dying since circa 1970. What we are witnessing is the last breath of life it has. Between “White Supremacy”, the mud-slinging, finger pointing, and airing out each others dysfunction to see online, I’m just waiting for the euthanasia. There’s little point to even have a “Black Movement” as Black Women & Black Men have angst for one another. We have gotten along fine without each other currently & only a hinderance together.

        There need to be a civil war, yet, more so a “Purge” as the undersirables are the standard of Black Society. The undesirables cannot be the standard or your society will begin to deteriorate. All other nationalities & ethnicities grasp this concept except the American Negro. The “Sididdy,Uppity, Bougie” Negro (which the term comes from racist whites),does not exist except for Black Men. An education is not a barometer to climb in class or stature for Black Women. It’s only bragging rights. Their standards & morals do not change.

        The full actual death will come in the form of full gentrification, prison industrial complex, discriminatory employment, hate crimes, “accidental” police manslaughter, and homeless shelters ie FEMA concentration camps. The rest that are the “Talented 20th%” will resort to interracial dating & assimilation, whether it be here in the U.S. or abroad. Honestly, there is no choice. Something that was built on a faulty & weak foundation will stay sturdy for how long?

        Liked by 1 person

  24. Gentlemen,

    The likes of BGS and Angryman are deeply wounded dogs who are merely trying their best to save face from the embarrassment of defeat, this is why BGS is making ultra long videos dealing with issues that should only take a couple of minutes to hash out.

    BGS is extremely disgruntled at the fact that I’ve exposed his “debate” technique of flooding the conversation with a million and one irrelevant topics in order to distract from the fact that he simply cannot deal with the subject matter at hand directly.

    What’s even more disappointing is the fact that his followers are actually falling for this nonsense, because he talks about a thousand different things at once, they believe somehow that he is giving them some profound wisdom and insight, however nothing could be further from the truth.

    Don’t worry I’ll be dealing with these deeply wounded bootlickers tomorrow on Obsidian’s show at 12 noon EDT(1700hrs GMT). Again, as Afrofuturism1 pointed out, notice how efficient these dudes are at going in on other black men who are not restricted and who have the ability the improve upon their lives.

    According to Angryman we thinking black men are no longer a requirement in order to reconstruct black society, therefore what are these guys still waiting for, why aren’t they actually focused upon building for the black community they claim to care for?

    Why are they so concerned with “coons” and those they claim want to “assimilate” into white society? If I wished to embark upon a programme to help a particular group of people, I personally wouldn’t be concerning myself with those individuals who are NOT interested in joining the cause.

    Liked by 6 people

    • “According to Angryman we thinking black men are no longer a requirement in order to reconstruct black society, therefore what are these guys still waiting for, why aren’t they actually focused upon building for the black community they claim to care for?”

      Exactly. If we aren’t needed then they should be working on teaching Pookie and Ray Ray how to clean up their mess instead of arguing with us. They keep coming after us because they know that thinking BM are their last and only hope, Pookie, Ray Ray, and Shaniqua are useless as are many of their children, and they know that no WM is coming to fix the black community. The only part of the community that WM are interested in is they cheap property in the hood that is ripe for gentrification.

      The waters are rising in the hood and dusty BM and hoodrats are looking for good BM to build them an Ark, the answer is no.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Problem is, when the young Pookies get the knowledge and skillset they flee Amerikanda too; when they realize the clusterfuck they were born/raised into. Isn’t that quite the dilemma?

        Liked by 4 people

  25. I re-watched the Matrix film yesterday. So much of this Hotep Simp War reminds me of the Matrix film. The word MATRIX is literally Latin for ‘mother; breeding; womb.’ We can call it the Blatrix (Black-Matrix).

    The fully aware competent free thinking Black man is like Morpheus. The partially awake thinking Black man that feels something is wrong with a gynocentric tyranny but hasn’t realized his full potential is – Neo.

    The agents (black + agents = blagents) of the Blatrix, are like the agents in the Matrix film; fully committed rejecters of freedom. They see your unplugging as a threat to the Blatrix and their own self-interest. Like Neo, when he discovered his own powers in the last segment of the 1st Matrix film, he was able to dodge bullets, absorb the powers of the agents, and obliterate the Matrix drones. When you are trully mentally free of the Blue Pill in Blackface, you will be free of these Hotep drones.

    Lesson in there. Take notes.


    Liked by 5 people

  26. I left this comment on BGS video: If Feminism is model from Black Matriarchy which is fuck up. Therefore, The bloke is correct, Black women are feminism by your own logic. I make it simple for you If A = B, then B = A.The only way your logic would work. If your trying to A=\ B, then you are saying all Jacuzzi’s are hot tubs but not all Hot Tubs are Jacuzzi’s. The Black matriarchy must be destroy. SYSBM

    Liked by 5 people

  27. Let the fascist state-worshiping racist house n…..s and the hellspawn BOW black females as well as the Neo-Nazi simps and senseless cucks keep killing themselves and going straight to hell while watching us pick up submissive, beautiful and actually worthwhile non-black women. That’s the ultimate revenge.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. I did a live stream last week on this exact topic. You should take a look. As far as Angry Smurf concern, he should worry about how to get out of debt/child support LMMFAO. He’s neck deep into it LMMFAO.


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