“You’re Not Being Single” – You Can’t Leave Them


I keep on telling you that the overwhelming majority of black women are mentally damaged and mentally insane individuals, this is how pathetic the modern day black females has become, she has now brought herself into using violence, bullyboy and intimidation tactics in order to keep a man around because they know deep down that they simply aren’t relationship material.

She literally told the dude, “you’re not being single”. I don’t really feel sorry for this guy either because why would anybody in their right mind get involved with such a volatile woman? Maybe he thought that he could roll in, get some quick snatch and duck out again, however this black females isn’t playing that at all. Old boy is weak for putting up with that garbage.

This is what large swaths of black men who still choose to deal with black women have to go through whenever the relationship comes to the end of the road. It is noted that the dude told her to pick up her things so at least he isn’t under her roof because he would’ve been in some serious trouble otherwise. Do you see the slave master vs slave dynamic at play here?

Do you see how black women view black men as property and that we have no rights that they are bound to respect? She made it clear that he had no choice in the matter and that if he did try to pick and leave, she would mess up his life. You heard it for yourselves, she stated that she would “f*** up everything the guy has going for himself”.

This is the vindictive and spiteful nature of the modern day black female right here, if she cannot control you then she will instead go out of her way to destroy your life and she has no problems toiling night and day to ensure from that point forward your life resembles a bucket of misery just like her own. This is one of the major problem with most black on black relationships, there is no love present, only hate towards one another and a reluctance to move on because the situation may be convenient for one, the other party or both.

Now, I don’t know if this guy was joking around as an experiment just to show folks what kind of mad hatter black female he is dealing with or he was serious but either way the guy is playing Russian Roulette with his life. This chick was dead serious when she stated that she would mess up everything positive that old boy currently had going for himself if he chose to break off the relationship, many black men have been seriously hurt, maimed or even killed for attempting to break off volatile relations with black women, this is how the modern day black witch rolls.

I find it funny how the Pro Black Association of Muddy Bootlickers Incorporated who heavily advocate on behalf of black women never talk about this aspect, the fact that black women as a collective have a much harder time dealing with rejection when compared with black men and I believe the main reason why is obvious. In following they would have to admit that black women as a group are indeed a basket case on their way to hell which would vindicate all that we thinking black men have said 100 times over.

Understand, our case concerning that modern day westernised black female in how she is no longer fit for dating and marriage purposes was proven a long time ago, we don’t require the pro black muddy bootstrap licking simps to acknowledge any of the smoking gun evidence we have placed on the table, however it is now getting to a point where black men who are still fiercely supporting black women are looking incredibly stupid, especially when you have men from other groups who are pointing to the same dysfunctions these Minstrel City residing pro black community flunkies are attempting to cover up.

Black men, it is NOT YOUR JOB to go in and attempt to rehabilitate broken beyond repair, mentally insane and mentally damaged black females, they brought such a state upon themselves when they chose to subscribe to the religion of feminism as well as take on board fatherless home welfare policies. Most certainly do not allow yourself to be bullied by black women and their simp advocates into sticking with a group of females you know and can clearly see are already in the proverbial toilet.

Brothers, be free, have sex with, date and marry whomever you want, you are not obligated to stick to one particular race of females just because they do not have the same reach and power you do when it comes to the dating and mating market. Tyrone and J Boogie are on standby for black women, let them deal with those guys since they have already made it quite clear that these are the types of black men they are attracted to and much prefer.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

66 thoughts on ““You’re Not Being Single” – You Can’t Leave Them

    • I know that there are posters here who dislike MGTOW but I think they will enjoy this funny clip.
      I think this video is relevant to this topic:

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      • This is hilarious and soooo true. They know the score and they KNOW that men are no longer putting up with this SHIT.

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      • There are a lot of things that she finds disgusting……her limited vocabulary will not allow her to explain HOW or WHY the things she found disgusts her, so I’ll just take her word for it.
        Also, after watching this entire video, has anyone changed their minds about black women??? I know it changed my mind….instead of leaving their black asses at WARP 5, I’m kicking in the TRANSWARP DRIVE and push the engines in till I end up in the DELTA QUADRANT.
        Lastly, I’m one of those old BLACK MEN that still looks young and healthy, so much so that I’m banging WHITE WOMEN ten years, sometime fifteen years younger than me. She sound jealous and bitter that MEN like myself won’t holla at her wrinkled up, washed up, fucked out ass.
        The problem with black women like her is she is too much like her bigoted white pappy. Like the slave masters of the old south, she is accustomed to BLACK MEN doing as she say, when she say it. Also, she believes in only one kind of BLACK MAN, the kind SHE’S used to dealing with. When she comes into contact with brothers like us gentlemen, her brain short circuits and goes into a endless bitter feedback loop.

        Stay team WHITE WOMAN
        Stay team SYSBM
        Stay HAPPY

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    • Some of these females will not take no for an answer. There was a time when people put rabid dogs down and nobody batted an eye. If this behavior persists THEN I have a strong feeling that putting these types of females down is right around the corner. She earned a 2 piece with a biscuit at least.

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  2. But Verbs, don’t you understand? If black men dessert black women, who will they procreate with?

    See, I’m a Simp, and can’t pull women from other races, but big booty Brenda loves me, so I gotsta keep it real!

    Plus, other groups of men TOTALLY live in fear of being beaten and overpowered by their women, that’s not a black woman thing! It’s completely natural to have sumo wrestler sized women!

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  3. A lot of us on this board have been saying that violence and intimidation from desperate BW would increase as more BM put the Wall up. This is only the tip of the iceberg as the Wall gets higher and BW realize that finding a non-BM who will be willing to date them isn’t as easy as they thought. If you are a good BM, in shape, financially stable, etc. BW will be cut throat trying to get with you, just avoid them. I’m still laughing about Michael B. Jordan’s Non-BW only yacht party and VIP room.

    I’ve said before on here I had hoodrats legit angry at me in high school because I wouldn’t date them. I think one of them keyed my car too, I didn’t even notice because it was on the trunk, my dad pointed it out to me. Keep the Wall up, for decades they told us that they were “strong and independent and didn’t need a man”, as they continue to choke on those words don’t save them.

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    • I’ve been out of the loop for the last couple of days, and finally just read about Michael B Jordan’s yacht party. That shit is hilarious. Good for him. I’ll bet him and his patrons all had a great time. Not one black bitch there to ruin it with her foul attitude and mouth, or not having to look at these obese hogs stare at the water and not go in because of the ridiculous rug in their heads.

      I’m in Virginia right now visiting some friends, and the amount of black wilder beasts that were checking me out (especially in dc on the metro especially when I was in Union Station), trying to get me to talk to them is hilariously pathetic as they have zero chance.

      The Wall is absolutely unforgiving.

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  4. I had a conversation not an hour ago here at work about black men and IR dating. This black female literally asked me why this is increasing, so I asked her…what type of men did you go for in college…luv then roughnecks huh? And she conceded that I was correct. I then said while you were busy ignoring the “lames” who enjoyed reading, studying and productivity…Becky, Li and Yisenia were paying MAD attention. The moral of the story is…black women and their simps have no business demanding the “talented tenth” THEY themselves exiled to come back and wife up women who HATE them and NEVER DESIRED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. You dont have the fucking right to pass up something and get mad when someone else takes it. These fools honestly believe that we should either be content to be used by them or to just wait on the shelf alone until they need us to wipe their ass for them. Nature and biology will NOT suffer this. The biological drive is there in men…if your race of women leaves you on the shelf…dont be surprised when another picks it up. It’s easier to shame us than take these black women to task because these simps would rather placate black women in the hope’s of sympathy pussy, then try to save themselves.

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  5. Fortify The Wall with titanium. Surround it with a moat full of acid. Surround that moat with a moat full of clear water and crocodiles. Surround that moat with a moat full of sharks. Surround that moat with a moat full of piranhas. Surround that moat with a moat full of flaming oil and tar. Surround that moat with land mines. Arm the perimeter with lazer guns, grenade launchers, heat-guided missiles and gatling guns.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Bro this is a good idea but you’re forgetting one thing…securing it with Crynet’s CELL soldiers as well as a few Nanosuit armed soldiers armed with high-tech weaponry would be a good idea. Also hire a few PMCs to guard the area as you don’t want statist house n… zombies and demon BOW black female Players to find a way to pierce the wall.

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  6. Uuuuughhhhh! why would this man be with a women like this to begin with??????? Are these simpsp really that sex deprived that they are open and willing to sleep with women like this just for a few mins of pleasure? I would rather be chemically castrated (the process of killing off my sex drive entirely) than ever to have nightmares of sleeping with women like this!

    This guy had to had just been jokng around just to get her to react on camera because that is the most simpish thing I have ever saw! You mean these black men, Tyrones, can kill other Tyrones, get incarcerated multiple times, commit the worst acts of crime and survive a street war but he is that afriad of black women???? If this chick had raised her hands on me, that ass would been beaten to a pulp! I have dealt with FAR TOO MUCH abuse from black women and I simply will not tolerate from any (black) woman (or Man).

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  7. What I fear for the black men who live in the feminist hell hole of the west is that, black women are going to just walk up to you and say “YOUR NOT BEING SINGLE” and then just demand and initiate a relationship with you automatically without say so from YOU. You will tell her to get lost, tell NO, and in her mind you are already in a relationship weather you agree or not!

    See, Right now it is the calm before the storm, the storm being this whole #Swirl mountain movemnet going on. Black women are in deep denial that Non black men or most especially white men are looking to be with black women to the poing of shaming white men for not being with black women. This is like the Anime Naruto, where there is a Ninja Clan known as the Uchiha clan. The top Members of this clan can use a Genjutsu (something like a illusionary spell) known as “Izanami” in which the person who is trapped in this move they stand helpless lesss while the person’s mind is trapped inside an “event”, the “event Plays a loop, over and over and over again and there is no escape. The ONLY way to escape is that if the trapped person admits their failure in something.

    Let’s give an example in this, A black women, is under the Izanami spell, she stands there like a zombie but in her mind she his constantly chasing white and non black men only to be rejected. Her feelings are hurt. Suddenly another non black guy appears, and she pursues, and gets rejected agian. and then another guy, and then another rejection. There is no escape and the only way out is to admit that:

    N O O N E W A N T S T H E M ! ! ! ! !

    Only then will she finally break out of the spell. This is exactly what is happening to black women right now with this Swirl movement. They simply just cannot comprehend or understand that no one, not even the simps are chasing them anymore. The minute they finally realise that, is when it will be hell for thinking black men. Black women will chase and condemn bblack men for not being with them, and will do the dirty little things to hook up with them.

    A simple act of kindness from black men will immediately iniatiate a relationship between her and that black man in her sick mind! but it does not end there, the Dick militia of the people’s republic of Blackistan will make sure to be there and enforce the communist party Law to force you or beat you to death, as told by Angry Mangina and BSG in many of his videos, in the sexual marketplace socialism branch of the communist government. Black men will be FORCED and SHAMED like never before by all from blackistani society to the point that black men will have to LIE and say that they already have a girlfriend or are already married. In fact, I even fear that there will be instances where black men could be forced married by means of a gun pointed to his head! It will be reveserse Bridge kidnapping of ancient Mongolian Culture where thinking black men are kidnapped by simps and forced to marry women with STDs, 9+kids, drugged up, psycologically and mentally ill, violent and aggressive behavior!

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    • Me and other thinking black men will never let that happen we are not weak limp wrist bastards who can’t stand up for themselves

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  8. Her insecurities are showing. She’s threatened that they’re other women out here outside her ghetto community that will treat that man with honor and respect. One of the reasons why these women throw out insults saying, “No other woman wants you” and “You can’t do any better”. SYSBM.

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    • Yeah it seems as if these chicks are moving from trying to trap dudes with babies (which never really worked) to straight up gorilla pimping to keep a man. lol

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  9. Angryman is mad that nobody is going back to the hood to was these dishes lol.

    whenever men like him try that old shaming language aka “u juss mad dat big booty brenda didn’t pick u in haa sckhool maine!!” I will refer them to this video. NOBODY is bitter that we missed out on this garbage. They just mad because they are stuck paying that child support.

    All these simps who call these women queens are suffering from domestic violence like this simp in the video.

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    • Angryman can stay angry. He messed around with the scraggle daggle – so he has to pay the price.

      Brothers – heed this lesson and avoid the scraggle daggle, lest you may suffer the fate of Angryman.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • @Verbs

      When you do finally roast this fake Black simp, could you do it in the style of the Book of Tyrone? It’ll piss him off even further.

      The Tale of AngryMouse – A SYSBM Warning For That Ass.

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  10. Pookie and Ray Ray strike again:
    Father Of 2 Parkland Shooting Survivors Is Shot And Killed In Robbery

    “Deputies said that after taking the money and leaving the store, the man returned and shot Ali, who was taken to the Broward Health Medical Center and pronounced dead.”

    The fool who did this was no doubt the product of a “strong and independent” single black mother. This shit isn’t going to end until the government decides to stop paying for it. Once the government stops subsidizing (welfare) BW’s bastard baby making ways and starts throwing pookie and ray ray into prison when they don’t pay child support this will begin to end. You can see his face pretty clearly in the video so he will probably be caught sooner than later and locked up for life/executed, but we all know some hoodrat probably has another bastard bun in the oven as we speak to replace him.

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    • And who knows how many bastard babies this fool made himself. The cycle just continues. In any case, I hate niggas like this. You got the money. Why go back and kill the man? These animals don’t value life at all. And I hate referring to black people as animals, but for some, I really believe the word applies. You have to be an animal to wantonly take another’s life.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        Exactly and to think when I was a teenager I use to feel some sort of sympathy for these IQ challenged thugs. You’ve to treat animals like this just like you would treat a dangerous animal at a Safari Park. You must keep them enclosed and stay several feet away from them. Do not look them directly in the eye or make any sudden movements. Having a weapon or pepper spray on you is also advised.

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  11. Wow! This post is right on time. Sherri Shepherd’s own son, who’s 13 years old, said that be prefers white girls ’cause black girls are mean. He’s 13 years old and autistic and even he can see the writing on the wall when it comes to today’s black female.

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  12. I keep tellling young Black Men (18-26) that Black Women are only interested in the physical aethethics of Black Men. If you are not 6′ foot + tall, Big Bronco Buster Dick, muscular with a 6 pack, half thug/half intelligent (Yeah…lets make that make sense), and making over 100K a year, BLACK WOMEN DO NOT WANT THEM. They crave a certain archeotype. If you are not these things, you are the BETA-PROVIDER. Especially if BW have children.

    Black Women pick the dregs of society because (1) they are what Black Women think is “Alpha”,(2) they have NOTHING of value and worth going on for themselves,(3)Most are DEPENDENT upon a woman (which is sad af),(4) they are used to seeing women “running the yard”,& (5) these niggas are SO UNINTELLIGENT & “SIMPLE”, their dialogue in a relationship is similiar to a toddler’s cartoon. Also, many BW are just as unintelligent and dense as their counterpart.

    Black Women want control and power in the relationship. Even if that means assisting the current partner in bad habits, lifestyle choices, and financial strain. They want someone who kisses their ass and worship that stink twat under that sweaty flesh apron. Also, someone to be a child support victim as well as someone to assist with their unruly brood. The ONLY MEN they “Love” are the Men they FEAR. I’ve seen this occurence play out several times in my family and in other situations.

    Black Women only respect destruction and VIOLENCE. Notice when “Flacco” bust her upside the head with a sturdy fist or butt of the pistol, she becomes a victim, soft, and “feminine”. That’s when she fears for her and her childrens safety. This only shows to what level it will go & what Black Women are willling to deal with in regards to “functional” relationships. In fact, I also tell the Gen Z you can’t have nothing tangable with your average Black Woman.

    To most Black Women, having a comfortable, peaceful, non-stressful life is “Boring” & “Lame”. Most Black Women think of being a “Wife” is a fools errand and BM are made to serve her. Being civil and cordial is weakness. Having standards and morals is above their said ego. Their lack of feminity, cognitive awareness, empathy, social skills, and personality make them overall terrible and very unbearable to deal with on any level.

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  13. If you get mixed up with a scraggle daggle, this is the only way you’re getting out of the relationship:


    Another case of a quean-instigated incident leading to another clean-up man being removed from the gene pool.

    Brothers – think about it.

    Reason #20000000 to avoid the scraggle daggle.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  14. These broads have lost what little common sense they had. Reason 432,893,901,301 to avoid dealing with these whores. You try breaking up with one of these fools, only to be told you’re not single? Bitch please. I honestly with more Arab and middle eastern men would deal with black women. They would be put in line so fast, it would melt their weaves.

    As we all keep saying, anybody who is dumb enough to go and deal with these comtimanted, std riddled, baby making whores deserves what ever misery that decision brings.
    I also suspect that as more black men say fuck this, and leave more black whores will go out of their way and to fuck up their lives.

    Keep the wall up gentlemen

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  15. Black women are so classy and feminine. I suppose that the woman in the video is the epitome of a strong black woman. Any black man who doesn’t want to deal with that woman is afraid because he can’t deal with a strong black woman.
    Is there any debate at this point, among any black men who have a brain, regarding just how destructive, confrontational, combative, violent, and mentally ill the majority of black women are?
    This whore actually threatened to destroy this man’s life, and I guarantee you he is still with this bitch. I actually tried to bring out the truth regarding the nature of black women (I should have known better) to some Negroes online, and of course I was met with the same old tired ass shaming tactics calling me gay, my mother’s black, Whitewomen have sex with animals, Whitewomen are infested with lice, black women are this way because of white supremacy……
    It’s these black men SIMPS who continually allow black women to get away with this bullshit. I would rather die alone than ever have to put up with the type of attitude displayed in this video. And what type of man just sits there and let some bitch smack him on his head and threaten his life, and the negro just sits there and takes it?
    Oh yeah, the typical Negro has been raised to believe that black women simply behave this way, this is just how they are, and as Blackmen we are supposed to tolerate it.
    I literally cannot stand the majority of Negroes.

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    • Those are the negros who are punch drunk on nasty black pussy. They have never been with any other type of woman, and so they believe that this horrendous and dysfunctional behavior is just normal, and something is wrong with them if they don’t accept it.

      These whores full well know the second that man gets with another woman that isn’t them, most will never come back. Which is why they beat them down and shame them pretty much from birth, and even that is slowly beginning not to work.

      These chicks are in for one very rude awakening once shaming tactics finally no longer work. Period. At that point they’ll have no choice but to change their behavior or continue to cannibalize each other.


  16. Gentlemen,
    While your feeling of empathy for a man who looks like us is admirable, it is unnecessary.
    I remind you all, that this man would not HESITATE to throw any one of us under a bus for his…..babies momma (getting out using slang meant for white slave owners to use when describing blacks). His fate is his sealed and their is NOTHING you can do about it.

    Consider this, we are all on a Star ship, and we’re invaded by the BORG. We take heavy damage but CAPTAIN VERBS come up with a plan to save us and just before we’re about ready to re-take the ship, this man in the video above is cut off from us. Cornered by a drone, he is pumped full of BORG nanobots. We all know what happens next. There is nothing you can do but eject all remaining BORG from the ship,including the doomed shipmate and move on. In short…..
    …fuck that CUCK, he’s dead Jim.

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